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HMS Belfast

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Thanks all, it was quite a satisfying build, if a little nerve-shredding at times.

The basic Airfix plastic was pretty good really. The fit was a little iffy around the superstructure, but lots of forward planning was the way to go to minimise problems later. The biggest problem by far was the WE instructions, which I've read elsewhere are a bit of an aberration and untypical of their standards. About one quarter of the parts wouldn't have been used if not for one of the ATF forums members posting loads of pics of his build, which I was able to crib from (thanks 'Chippy'). The quality of the product and it's added effect on the model is unquestioned though (1:600 Lewis guns and struts on the Walrus :mental: ).

The other key ingredient was 'Gator glue' which is absolutely fantastic for etch and incredibly strong when dry. it dries clear but shiny although an overall dusting of Xtracrylix Satin took care of that. Hopefully this will be on the table at Telford so you can all take a closer look and see what I've managed to hide with some careful camera angles! ;) .


p.s. I considered weathering, but that was one thing the forward planning didn't account for, and now I can barely handle it anywhere! As for the crew - they'd be bigger than the Lewis guns I suppose.

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