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JB Models Saladin Mk 2 Armoured Car

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Thanks, Dave. It's a very Volvo turret on that Humber, isn't it. It's even odder after I meddled with it at lunchtime and added a few more bitsy things to it. I ground out the spotlight with a round milling bit - actually TWO round milling bits, as I tried to resemble some paraboloid inside it :)

I am working on a Scorpion tonight ... long story!

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I finished adding all the little bits and pieces last night, except for the optional screen that goes over the glacis ... I can't find a photo of that anywhere, so I'm leaving it off, at least for the time being.

The two aerials that are supplied appear to me to be a tad on the chunky side. I would replace them with brass wire, but I'm not sure what diameter the actual aerials should be.

There was a small sink hole in one of the headlights. These were very fiddly to attach, by the way!

In the process of finishing off the construction, I knocked one of the axles off. Before I reattached it, I drilled a hole in the chassis and in the axle, and reinforced the joint with a piece of wire. In retrospect, I should have done this with each of the 6 axles. Next time ...

Now the real fun begins - painting and weathering in earnest :)

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Loads more details to paint (and maybe fabricate - I'm not pleased that the towing eyes are solid lumps). Some weathering already done, lots to do. Wheel nuts painted red, but some boo boos there that need touching up.

State of play in pictures below:






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Thanks for the encouragement, Paul. I think I would do things differently next time. For example, the mantlet flat armour plate was obviously difficult for me to get flat. I would have been better-off by cutting off the main gun and coaxial machine gun and sanding the whole plate flat, or replacing with plastic card. The wheels, as I mentioned, should have all been reinforced with a metal post (wire), and the aerials may look better as wire. Rear-view mirrors could be added quite easily from wire and plastic card. I might do that yet, but the odds of that surviving a transatlantic crossing aren't great. It's quite purposeful-looking, though, isn't it?!

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It's quite purposeful-looking, though, isn't it?!

Not 'arf. You are obviously a very harsh self critic! For those not in the know, the pics on your screen are coming out several times life size. One thing that struck me on a trip to Muckleburgh is that these vehicles are actually quite small.


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Right, well I fabricated a few details this morning, and I'm not finished yet :)

I removed the towing eyes on the glacis and replaced these with 0.3mm diameter Evergreen rod.

The off-side tail light has been removed, and replaced with foil. It's not PE, but it will do as a cheap substitute.

I added a lifting ring to the gun barrel near the mantlet, again with 0.3mm rod.

Consulting photographs, I'm struck with a detail I hadn't noticed before ... the turret armour is welded with overlapping plates. What a PITA. I will address this properly on a future build of this model. For this one, I hope to represent the appearance by masking the plate forward of the join, and spraying Tamiya smoke on the plate behind it.

Two lifting eyes are to be applied to the rear sides of the turret, and a couple of other details ... all being well, I should finish this by Sunday night.

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Did a bit more on this tonight, after I had done some studying of the patenting process (yawn).

In the process, I found a couple of flaws in the kit, and my modelling. Anyway, I added a rod to the extreme rear of the upper superstructure of the hull, and a strip of 10 thou card a couple of mm in front of that. I also added some rod to the rear of the lower hull side, and some details to the rear hull plate.

Apart from the details noted in the previous post, I'll add a machine gun travel bracket and some mesh over the air intake grille. So, not finished tonight ... maybe some time this week, though!

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As requested:

Here is the off-side rear quarter. Note foil replacement tail-light bracket. The "registration" plate now looks distinctly overscale, and I'll replace that with Plastic card, with foil bracing. The exhast shroud can be seen to be flat on the bottom. In most of the pics that I've seen which show this, it has a round profile over the forward part of it. Foil will come to the rescue here:


For comparision, here is the near-side rear quarter view. Note the chunky tail light assembly, which would be perfectly fine if you didn't want to waste time. However, you will also note the stepped join between the rear hull and the rest of the model. This was so distinct that I didn't question it, until I noticed that it should be flush. D'oh! Knife and file to the rescue here (later!):


Towing eyes on the glacis:


Small cross-section details on the rear upper superstructure (beneath rear of turret):


Couple of details added to the rear hull plate and lower hull side:


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I realise that it's odd to be adding reference URLs this late in the piece, but as this is my build, therefore reasonably unconventional, and also due to the fact that this is a pretty good reference linky (but note that the vehicle is horribly underloaded):


And another:


Bovington's Saladin (one of four subjects of the decal sheet, and the source of the spurious muzzle-lump):


Duxford's Saladin:


Resurrected Saladin:


Camouflage-netted Saladin:


How Much is that Saladin in the Window? 14,500GBP


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Every day, in a little way, it's getting better and better.

Yesterday, I cleaned up that bad joint at the near side rear quarter that is a manifestation of the parts beakdown. I also prepared a plastic card addition for the lower hull front plate. I don't know if I did something wrong in the assembly - I don't think I did, but this item needed a 40 thou card used like "applique armour" to "fill the gap". I took pics and will up upload later.

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