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In 1974, the Royal Air Force took delivery of their first Tomcats. The first squadrons equipped with the ‘cat was 43rd and 111th squadrons, where it replaced McDonnell Voodoo FAW.2s.


Overall, Tomcat F.1s were similar to U.S. Navy F-14As, and could carry the same armament of Phoenix , Sparrow and Sidewinder missiles. They didn’t have any reconnaissance capability, as the RAF didn’t think it was necessary when they had both the McDonnell Voodoo, SEPECAT Jaguar and the BAC Eagle.


Later, when the F-14B (F-14A+) based Tomcat FR.2 came into service, reconnaissance capability was added.


The Tomcats are still in service with the RAF, the most numerous type today is the Tomcat FGR.3, with the Tomcat FA.4 entering service.


By 1993 all Tomcat F.1s had been converted to FR.2 or FGR.3 standard.


The model shows a Tomcat F.1 from 111th Sqd, RAF Leuchars, Scotland , in 1975.


The load is 4 Phoenix , 2 Sparrow and 2 Sidewinder missiles and the internal gun. This was known as the heavy load. On most normal patrols over the North Sea, the load was 1 Sidewinder, 3 Sparrows (later Sky Flash) and 1 Phoenix.


The decals are from Xtradecal sheet X003-72, Phantom FG 1/FGR 2. 43 Sqn; 111 Sqn Camouflaged. The fuselage roundel and the tail flash came from a Revell Tornado GR.1 kit. The stand is an Airfix Clear Stand.


Enjoy mates!


The "Anytime, Mate!" logo is ©Andy Mullen and used here with his permission.

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loved it..........on every level ! :clap2:

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Oh that is just so wrong!...quick, go post it on ARC!...ha ha ha...marvellous!...:D

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Really looks the part Martin in that Green & Grey B)

In reality we were actually offered F-14s in the late 70s, but it was roundabout the time that the USN was having all those flameouts with their TF30s and so we ran away screaming like a girl. That and it was ridiculously expensive. And would have endangered the whole MRCA program.

Of course, don't forget their use in the first Gulf War!



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Neat stuff!

Anyone thought of going in the other direction? With the F-15's falling apart, doesn't the USAF need a less expensive replacement than the F-22, and a more capable and less outdated a/c than the F-16? Something like the Typhoon, for example....? EurofighterUS F-36 Typhoon, anyone? :evil_laugh:

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