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Meteor Triple Header

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Yet more progress towards AIRBRUSH day!

masked the leading edge stripes with 6mm tape along the wing leading edges, and marked them at 3mm intevals.


Then I cut the tape with 1mm gaps by rolling the scalpel around the leading edge. What a job - and aiming for tails tomorrow.


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And another night of slicing masks. This time I measured and marked the masks before putting them on the models.

That graduated piece of masking on my cutting board is about to go onto the the tail of the model pointing away. The other 2 models have similar already applied.


And one episode of Sharpe's Challenge and several glasses of wine later, I had removed the shaded bits from the tail masking, and done similar for the fuselage stripes.


Enjoy - I didn't!

Since, I've masked out the anti-dazzle panel, and put some selotape over the cockpits.

There will be a Day of the Airbrush this wekend.

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Fingers crossed for no bleeds! I got a sore back just thinking about doing all that fiddley masking.

The day of the airbrush was today - pressure turned right down, to hopefully avoid bleeding. They're all out in the shed setting now, whist we go to my mum's for tea.

See you all later.

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Here's wishing you all the best that the airbrushing turns out OK.

3 at once you have my respect, I rember trying that kit a number of years ago, it won and made a perfect landing - in the bin.

I only have one bit of advice. When they come for you, go quietly. :winkgrin:

Looking forward to seeing the end results.



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Today was The Day of the Airbrush.

And here is how it turned out. I mixed some grey with the silver - for a dull finish.


Masking was removed MUCH quicker that application!


2 minor areas where masking removed the orange - being repaired by brush.

Here is a close up of a single model for your examination.


I'm VERY pleased :lol:

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There was a HUGE sigh of relief as the masking came off!

Now for some closeups of the airframes - I've just masked and painted the radomes on each.

This model unmasked perfectly - requiring no correction afterwards.


This model has a correction to the centre stripe on the nearest engine.


This model has a correction to the 2nd strip down on the empenage


To paraphrase Churchill - this is the end of the beginning.

Now for the finishing off.

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Results of an evening doing decals:


Namechecks for John, Grant and Dad'sLad for sending me their spare decals - enabling this build of WS774 - thank you all :partytime:

I'll put the numbers under the wings tomorrow night - maybe.

On reflection I'm really rather pleased with the colour of these models.

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A little more progress - but no photo this time.

Underwing numbers have been applied, as have the D letters on the tail.

Last night I painted the intake lips black, and the

boundary over the canopy. Hoping to get canopy on tonight - and more photos!

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Intending for completion tomorrow.

Another evening of intense modelling effort tonight, (after watching Kirsten Dunst in Wimbledon) - I've applied the 3 cockpit decals that lead down to the kick-in footholes, and painted the undercarriage tyres.

Here's the final incomplete photo:


Next for the finished project!

You might have noticed from some of the earlier background photos, WS774 didn't have the belly tank or drop tanks when I saw her. I'll probably assemble the drop tanks and put them with the models - but not the belly tanks.

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Declaring completion! :yahoo:

Here's the line up of groupbuild models - and even I can't tell them apart on this view:


Now 2 photos of each model, starting with the one at the left, and moving right.

Left model:



Centre model:



Right Model:



It's been fun - but this is Tim signing off for the time being. :)

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