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Found 263 results

  1. Zvezda is to rebox for the Russian domestic market only the Revell's 1/144th Tupolev Tu-95 "Bear" kit - ref. 7015 Sources: https://www.facebook.com/Zvezda.ModelKits/posts/2709770682459052 https://zvezda.org.ru/catalog/sbornye_modeli/aviatsiya/poslevoennaya_i_sovremennaya_aviation/sovetskiy_strategicheskiy_bombardirovshchik_tu_95/ V.P.
  2. Zvezda is to release in 2020 a 1/72nd Lockheed C-130 Hercules kit - ref. 7321 Source: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235061306-zvezda-2020/ V.P.
  3. Next project, another wheely thingie. It's Zvezda's GAZ Tiger-M with "Arbalet" remote control weapon system. Boxtop Inside is a sturdy top opening cardboard box Inside the box we have 6 sprues of grey plastic and one sprue with clear parts. Sprue A Sprue B A second sprue B - on both sprues B are parts that will go into the spares boc Sprue C - two times in the box Sprue F Clear parts, decals and metal foil stickers for the rear view mirrors Mesh and the tyres - the tyres have prominent mould seams running along the center lines, these will be hard to come by Paint instructions for two versions Finally a peek inside the instructions booklet This seems to be a nicely detailed kit and should be a straightforward build. Hope to show you some progress soon! Have a nice day Nick
  4. Hello I have finished the 1/72 Zvezda Sukhoï Su-57 kit. I have chosen No 511 prototype as it has likely operated form Russian bases in Syria and I have found a couple of pictures of her. The build is easy as with every new aircraft kits form Zvezda. On the other hand there is nothing for the pixelated camouflage except a wrong scheme on the instruction sheet. So I used my Silhouette Portrait to make masks and get a better camouflage scheme. Both colors came from the Tamiya Lacquer Paint range and how I saw them on the available pictures.. Patrick
  5. Zvezda is to release in 2020 a 1/48th Ilyushin IL-2 Shturmovik kit. Source: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235061306-zvezda-2020/ V.P.
  6. Zvezda is to release in 2020 a 1/48th Mil Mi-24 "Hind" kit. Probably the start of a family of Mi-24: D/V/P etc. Fingers crossed. Source: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235061306-zvezda-2020/ V.P.
  7. One of the many activities before, during, and after the classic Battle of Britain period was the continuous effort of the Luftwaffe to disrupt shipping and try to stem the flow of supplies into Britain via convoys. Right after the French Armistice, 22 June, to 10 July 1940 aerial skirmishes occurred over the English Channel between RAF Fighter Command and the Luftwaffe, operating from airfields in German-occupied Belgium and France. The aerial battles gradually escalated as German operations moved to destroying Channel shipping—termed the Kanalkampf phase—and then Fighter Command defences in what became known as the Battle of Britain. On 29 July 19:25, III./StG 2 Ju 87s led by Gruppenkommandeur Walter Enneccerus sank the destroyer HMS Delight 13 nautical miles off Portland. The ship was crippled and on fire, as the Stukas left the scene unchallenged and the sinking Delight made for the coast off Portland. The destroyers HMS Vansittart and HMS Broke rescued 147 men and 59 wounded but 19 of the crew were killed. The burning vessel remained afloat until 21:30, when there was a large explosion and it sank. The Admiralty withdrew all destroyer flotillas from the Channel and ordered no convoy to sail the Channel in daylight. Kit: The Zvezda 1/72 Ju-87 is allegedly a snap-kit, but suitable for normal building and an acceptable alternative for the Airfix Stukas. Sprues & decals, contains the Stammkenzeichen for a 9. staffel StG.2. Only closed canopy, so no need to go completely mental with addons - this will hopefully be a simple build (should be nice after the four uberdetailed Spits) There's a weird pattern on the upper wings? anyways: The paint is on the shaker, and the airbrush is soaking for a deep clean. Onwards!
  8. Shenyang J-5 (MiG-17 'Fresco-A'), '2310', pilot Pham Ngoc Lan, 921st 'Sao Do' FR, Noi Bai, 3. April 1965 'First Kill' This early Shenyang J-5 (license built MiG-17 'Fresco-A' by the chinese), number 2310, was flown by Pham Ngoc Lan on the 3rd of April 1965 when the first recorded VPAF kill was achieved. This happened over Thanh Hoa province and Pham Ngoc Lan claimed to shot down a F-8E of VF-211 flown by Lt Cdr Spence. But in fact, Crusader was only badly damaged in this incident and Spence made an emergency landing at Da Nang. - - - - - - Kit: Zvezda Soviet Fighter MiG-17 "Fresco" (#7318) Scale: 1/72 Aftermarket: Master pitot tubes & guns, Eduard brassin main wheels, Eduard PE Paints: Vallejo Model Color, Model Air & Metal Color, Tamiya Lacquer Weathering: Flory Models Wash, Mig streaking effects Decent all-around good kit from Zvezda (originally from Dragon). I did enjoy the build, no big issues. Built for Vietnam GB Build thread: Airfix MiG-17F in the background David and Goliath.
  9. Zvezda 1/35th surprise release in 2020. All bets are off. Source: https://www.facebook.com/Zvezda.ModelKits/posts/2665811490188305 Mi-24 "Hind" ???? or most probably (sigh) as the "Hind" are just in the image background another bin on wheels or tracks (re-sigh)? ZSU-23-4 Shilka ? V.P.
  10. Hi All, I recently tried to remove a flaw from the canopy of a Zvezda 1/72 mig-29. Unlike most other manufacturer's clear parts, the canopy seems to be made of a softer, more flexible clear substance. I guess the thinking would be that it's less prone to cracking. However, this makes polishing it up nearly impossible. I've tried a few techniques that work on other manufacturers parts, but with no success. The canopy just stays a milky white colour. The best I can think of describing this is to imagine trying to polish a piece of hard nougat to a mirror like finish. I had a look at another Zezda kit I bought, the Mi-24, and the parts seem to be of the same rubbery material, and holding them up to sunlight they reveals less than impressive levels of clarity. Has anyone else had any issues with Zvezda clear parts? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Wouldn't feel right going through a whole whirlybird GB without at least one appearance from this Russian manufacturer who chose their own route to cancelling torque reaction - who needs tail rotors when you can have twin counter-rotating mains? No idea when (if?) I'll get to this one, but I'm laying down a place holder to give me some impetus to at least have a go. Kit is from Zvezda with a striking painting of the crew mid-rescue. The box doesn't mention the type beyond Helix D but Wiki came up trumps, it's the Ka-27PS, a dedicated SAR version of the original Helix A ASW helicopter. Inside the box you get the full original ASW kit, plus an extra sprue with the new parts needed for this version. Decals are for two versions, the box top one belonging to the Russian Navy's Northern Fleet, and one from a Russian Government rescue service in exactly the same scheme but with a big banner on the door instead of the saltire and polar bear markings carried by the navy. I've had a read of the instructions and there's nothing too taxing in there until the final stage where the twin rotors come together. Think I'll just work through and burn that bridge when I get to it. Andy
  12. Hello, This is my latest build. Superb kit with wonderfull livery. I love it!
  13. Zvezda is to release in 2015 a 1/72nd Junkers Ju-87B2 Stuka kit - ref.7306 Source: http://scalemodels.ru/news/8359-katalog-zvezda-2015.html V.P.
  14. Hello there! So here we are again with a "trip report" and whats the story? in 2017 my former employer airberlin went bankrupt. Very soon it was clear that easyjet was about to aquire most of the operation out of my homebase Berlin (TXL), so that was the only company i wanted to work for in Berlin - and lucky me got a job with ezy in 2018. When i started flying again i met a lot of new people and one of the first contacts is now one of my best friends. So to cut a long story short, his first flight as a pilot on a commercial aircraft was on G-EZAM, which will be the plane built. Challange: it is his birthday present, so i have only time until mid of August. Some of you who might know me will quickly see the dilemma haha I decided to go for the Revell A319 and started a week ago. instead of cutting a zvezda 320 or revell 320 neo, which are the better kits for sure, allthough with some weak spots as well. Never the less i will steal and copy parts of those kits. I wont be able to sort out all issues, but actually most of them. Basically i will fix all major items and only leave small inaccuracies - at least that is the goal. its all just limited to the time i have To start off i sprayed the fuselage halves in black, never did this before, i thought i could give this a try, the white plastic inside might be too bright. Now the first major thing is: i wanted clear windows all the way... since the shape of the Airbus windows is only a 100% correct on the zvezda A321, i had actually the worst window shape of all kits with my revell choice. I got a stripe of electrical tape (glue side is glossy) on the outside and filled the windows from the inside with clear resin. once i come back to the fuselage these will be masked with correctly shaped masks, made by my own. Results with the resin are perfect, i expected troubles here, but all worked fine. Got all the bubbles out with my vacuum pump.
  15. Zvezda is to release in 2020 a 1/48th Sukhoi Su-57 "Felon" kit. Source: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235061306-zvezda-2020/ V.P.
  16. In 2020 Zvezda is to release a 1/144th - Beriev Be-200 Altaïr kit - ref. 7034 Source: https://vk.com/zvezdamodels?w=wall-29859496_2488861 V.P.
  17. Il-86 Detail Set (MD14439 for Zvezda) 1:144 Metallic Details The Ilyushin Il-86 is a wide-bodied airliner thathas the NATO codename Camber, which has four engines and can carry over 300 passengers. Zvezda have kitted it in 1:144 with the initial boxing coming out in 2006 with more than a couple of reboxings, and the occasional appearance in a Revell box into the bargain. The set arrives in a resealable foil bag with backing card that has the two Photo-Etch (PE) sheets taped to the front, and the resin parts stapled in place in a small ziplok bag. It is a comprehensive upgrade to the detail of the kit, with a large number of parts spread over the two sheets and small resin parts. It begins with the four engines, which each have a new intake fan made up of three layers and individual blades that should be tweaked to replicate the angle of the real thing, with a tiny resin bullet added to the centre of each one. The nose gear is upgraded with brakelines, hub rims and small resin parts, while the bay doors are replaced with new ones from in-scale brass folded into shape. The main gear has a replacement scissor link folded to shape, brake lines, hub-cap centres and brake details, with new gear bay doors and hinge parts added for extra realism. The bays themselves have additional PE cabling added to the roof on each side, then the captive bay door on the main legs are replaced with a new PE part with attachment points also supplied. The exterior of the airframe isn’t left out either, having many blade antennae, nose light surrounds, replacement wing-fences, AoA probes, windscreen wipers, and flush-mounted vents under the nose and tail. Conclusion The detail provided is exemplary and will bring the kit up to a new level, with instructions that guide you through the whole process. Having a spare of the resin parts will also help in case one pings off into the ether. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  18. Continuing the lockdown builds with the fresh Zvezda kit of the A350-1000. I'm aware that Aeroflot has (and only will have) 350-900 and I initially planned a conversion, but it turned to be way too complicated than just shorting down the fuselage so I went with a kind of 'what if' Aeroflot 350-1000. Pas decals livery fitted fine but the livery turned out to be not so simple as I expected. I had to copy the decals for the tailcone masking of grey/blue border (second time lucky). The kit fits very well except for the cockpit windshield which fits horribly wrong. Probably should have gone for the decal one. Gone through every airliner modeller's trial and error of masking the windows with a silicone masking liquid ended up quite bad. Never again. Other than that it's an enjoyable build, highly recommended. *THAT* winglet two of my last build together, as a random coincidence they're exactly the same length 1/144 and just 40 cm apart in real life Cheers, Steve
  19. Hi everybody, I have finished my GAZ Tiger recently, a very nice kit from Zvezda. It was a joy to build, with a very good fit of the parts. Colours from AK interactive, slight weathering with pin/panelline wash, a bit of oil wash, drybrushing and pigments. Build log: Now on to the pics. Thanks for looking! Have a nice day Nick
  20. With the RUFE done and humming with its motor driven propeller its time for the next time. I had a chance to drive to the storage and pick a couple of kits. The A-90 was not on my list but did catch my eyes when looking for something that can be built quick but also can be complicated/AMS'd to a diorama. I don't have any water/gel materials - this will have to wait till they lift the lock-down and the financial situation will be a bit more clear (no shopping as of now) - so it will be a kit only venture at this stage.
  21. Zvezda is a to release a new tool 1/72nd Sukhoi Su-57 "Felon" kit in 2019 - ref. 7319 V.P.
  22. Starting a new build, thought it might get interesting. Hopefully I'll get some relief after building some Eastern Express 'no fit no sense' kits. This is called the ultimate kit with the flaps, gear and even opened door options, so I'll try to go with the flaps down/doors closed/struts compressed config, decal windows, nothing too fancy. It's a total mess in the box, an unidentifiable pile of leading and trailing edges, total of six engines (in case what?) 3 IAE and 3 CFM, probably due to technological reasons for conversion from A320 to A321. Any advice is welcome while I'm sorting it out. Decals are from aerodeka.ru website, they're completely new to me and I'm excited to check them out. But the guy was nice enough to me to make A320->A321 Niki livery conversion at no cost, we'll see. Cheers, Steve
  23. Good afternoon all, The latest off the production line: Zvezda's 1/144th scale Boeing 777-300ER finished in Emirates' livery using 26-Decals. This kit is by far the best airliner model I've ever built - it fell together and it's the first time I've ever built a model where not even the tiniest bit of filler was needed. Detail is also very good and a huge step up from the old Minicraft Triple Seven kits. 26's decals were a pleasure, too - all in all a very enjoyable build. DSC_0018 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr DSC_0010 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr DSC_0021 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr DSC_0025 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr DSC_0023 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr DSC_0007 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr DSC_0027 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr DSC_0004 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr Best regards to all, Tom
  24. Hi all - here are a few pics from my current build. I am going 'full detail' on the excellent 1/72 Hind E kit from Zvezda. I have interior PE from North Star Models, exterior PE from Ace Models, resin wheels from Armory, the JakB-12.7 machine gun and Duas probe from Master, and the Hind stencil decals from Linden Hill. I'll be doing the kit decals option from Mahlwinkel, GDR in 1993 as I like the look of the 'classic' Hind clover-leaf camo. I'll be pushing my scratchbuilding skills to the limit as I have opened up the hydraulics block (see pics) and also aim to scratchbuild the APU and air conditioning piping below the pilots cockpit on the port side. All the kit compartment options will be built 'open' including the engine bays, main gearbox and troop cabin. I have 2 excellent books on the Hind (the 'Yellow Series' book by Jakob Fojtik and the HT Model book) to help me. Photos show progress so far, I'm aiming to detail up as many parts as possible before painting. Hope you like.
  25. I suppose you're all familiar with this striking artwork by Wiek Luijken for Osprey Publishing, which adorns the cover of their book of the Ju 88 Kampfgeschwadern in North Africa and the Med: It's nothing less than L1+AM, the long time ride of Joachim Helbig, the most famous aircraft of the most famous pilot/commander of the most famous bomber unit of the Luftwaffe south of the Alps. It's been said to log more than 750 combat flight hours and a total of more than 1000 flight hours, before getting destroyed on the ground due to aerial bombardment. Enough "mosts". This plane is definitely good for a ship-killer. It's combat record against 8th Army should qualify her as a tank-buster too. Probably spent several hours recceing for targets too. But a nightfighter... definitely no. I'm jealous for all you half-blind scale guys and the variety of pre-Jumo J engined Ju 88:s you're given by ICM. In the proper scale we have the very good Revell Jumo J- versions, but backdating them to A-5, D-2 and C-4 is practically impossible. So we have the Zvezda early A-4 kit, that is almost as difficult to backdate, and the out-of-the-box A-5/A-17 which is unfortunately getting very hard to find. But! ! I bought a Zvezda A-4 kit and got the surplus A-5 parts from a fellow Britmodeller's A-17 build, a very big thanks goes to @Mikemx! So Zvezda A-4 kit + Zvezda A-5 parts + Eduard masks + Humbrol enamels + AIMS and Revell decals are my way to go. Can't wait to get started - though I have a Revell A-4 to finish before that in the Maritime Patrol GB. Good to have a deadline! Best regards, V-P
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