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Found 215 results

  1. After the 1/48th kit (link), strong rumours say Zvezda is preparing a new tool 1/72nd Petlyakov Pe-2 kit - ref. 7283 Source: https://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=模型类新闻&ie=utf-8 V.P.
  2. Hello, friends! While the clear coat drying on my Hind E, I decided to start a new - and very unusual for me - build. I choose this kit just because I like the shapes of that tank! Also, my wife asked me to build something not aircraft-related and I got this box during the pre-sale from ARMA-MODELS.RU with some additional features: the brass barrels, brass wire, photo etched set, two paint jars (4BO and Whitewash), antennae, an air horn and the Fido (Sharik). So, here is the box: A lot of the stuff inside: The Runner A: The Runner B: The Runners C, D and G (ah, I noticed some ejector pin marks on the tracks): The Runner F: An instruction sheet, the color call-out and the Runner E with a clear parts along with the decals and wire: And finally, some additional aftermarket upgrades: I think I need to start from cutting the tracks off the sprues, so that’s all for today!
  3. Zvezda is a to release a new tool 1/72nd Sukhoi Su-57 "Frazor" kit in 2019 - ref. 7319 V.P.
  4. My proposal is to build two Tiger I's in 1943. Both carried turret number 123. These are the kits that I'll use. A quick view of the plastic ...
  5. Having stuck my main Tiger build in the STGB gallery, I find myself with an almost manageable work load so the obvious answer was to start another model. I'd mentioned this one in chat but no one took the bait so I was left with no option but to build it myself. As far as I can find, the Soviet Union provided four MiG-17 Fresco A in 1971 that the Sri Lankan air force used as ground attack aircraft during the insurgency. I'm going to portray one of these aircraft as it looked whilst still in service in 1984. The kit is a Dragon reissue, right down to the box art. It is either a nice little kit or unbuildable rubbish (due to being vastly underscale) depending on which review you choose. Since options for the early, non-afterburning small air brake version are thin on the ground it will have to do. The box: The sprues (so nearly singular). Wonder if the later versions ever saw light of day? That would explain the split fuselage. And the decals. I've not found any evidence for the air brakes being part red so mine won't be which saves a major headache trying to match the colour. Andy Back in my (dis)comfort zone
  6. Zvezda is to release in 2015 a 1/144th Ilyushin Il-76MD "Candid" kit - ref.7011 Source: http://scalemodels.ru/news/8359-katalog-zvezda-2015.html V.P.
  7. Hi all - here are a few pics from my current build. I am going 'full detail' on the excellent 1/72 Hind E kit from Zvezda. I have interior PE from North Star Models, exterior PE from Ace Models, resin wheels from Armory, the JakB-12.7 machine gun and Duas probe from Master, and the Hind stencil decals from Linden Hill. I'll be doing the kit decals option from Mahlwinkel, GDR in 1993 as I like the look of the 'classic' Hind clover-leaf camo. I'll be pushing my scratchbuilding skills to the limit as I have opened up the hydraulics block (see pics) and also aim to scratchbuild the APU and air conditioning piping below the pilots cockpit on the port side. All the kit compartment options will be built 'open' including the engine bays, main gearbox and troop cabin. I have 2 excellent books on the Hind (the 'Yellow Series' book by Jakob Fojtik and the HT Model book) to help me. Photos show progress so far, I'm aiming to detail up as many parts as possible before painting. Hope you like.
  8. In the framework of the recent toy tradefair Mir Detstva 2017, held at Moscow, Zvezda is reported having announced a "surprise" new tool 1/48th aircraft kit for 2018. Bets are open La-7, Fw.190... To be followed. UPDATE : IT'S A YAKOVLEV YAK-130 "MITTEN" https://vk.com/wall-29859496?own=1&w=wall-29859496_2175134 Source: https://vk.com/wall-29859496?own=1&w=wall-29859496_2000050 Source AlexGRD: http://master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=100171&sid=b7252e4ad3d849de8e26c4c009281a81 V.P.
  9. Zvezda's next Flanker is a 1/72nd Sukhoi Su-30SM "Flanker-H" - ref. 7314 Source: https://vk.com/wall-29859496?own=1&w=wall-29859496_2259338 V.P.
  10. Here is my completed Zvezda 737-8 Max in WestJet livery. I chose this scheme as I had flown with them when I was positioning on an internal flight when I was Cabin Crew from Toronto to Halifax. The kit is OOB with the decals from DrawDecal. The kit itself is a great build, and fits together really well. I really like the extra details on the LEAP engines with the 2 part fan blades. I wish I had brought some window and cockpit decals from AA, but I had already applied these before I had found out about them as I am still quite new to the hobby again. The paints used were Halfords Appliance White for the fuselage, and engine nacelles. Wings and horizontal stabilisers are Revell Light Grey 371 with Revell Silver 90 leading edges. The decals went on really well, and the only thing to adjust was the slight trimming to fit on the tail and winglets. I like the new WestJet Scheme they have brought out for the 787 and would like to make a model of this in the future. As always thank you for looking and any feedback is always greatly appreciated. Alistair
  11. I'm building Zvezda's re-pop of the Dragon MiG-17 Fresco A in another GB in aftermarket markings but... One of the kit options is for an aircraft of the NVAF and it depicts the machine that caused the US's first air to air casualty of the Vietnam War, an F-8 Crusader, on 3rd April 1965. A couple of months later I showed my face and things would never be the same again for so many people on three continents Couple of place holders while I wait for the postie to deliver my second kit, these are the box and sprue shots from the other build. It's 25 years old now but still builds easily and quickly. Incidentally, the new Airfix MiG-17 featured in their Workbench article today. Looks good, but it's the after burning version with the big air brakes so there's still a place for this kit for early Frescoes Andy
  12. I have to make a confession first, I never finished a scale model of the Bf 109 So time to change this. As I had the three new kits in my stash, why not to do a "comparative" build of them. They are from largest to smallest box - Eduard, Tamiya and Zvezda. Upon opening the boxes, the Eduard box looks rather empty. The Tamiya box looks to have more in it. And the Zvezda box is full up to the rim! But this is a bit misleading as several frames are from the older F model. There are plenty online reviews of the three kits and they are all reasonably favorable. According to them, the Zvezda kit which is based on their F model lacks in details and looks rushed. Eduards Mk.II kit is now in 1/48 at last, but still has some shape issues. And Tamiya with the latest addition looks to be another shake the box kit to build it. So lets start the comparison with the wings. As can be seen, there is a slight variation in wing span. The Zvezda wing is actually a bit shorter still as it isn't casted with the dihedral in place. Here a close-up of the two bulges and the difference in shapes And here the a picture how these two bulges do look. Lets move to the top of the wing. Here the length diffrence is now more visible, with the Zvezda wing about 1mm too short. And the comparison of the undercarriage bulge. To compare the fuselage is a bit tricky due to the construction of the engine covers. The Eduard fuselage is maybe placed a bit too forward. Considering this, they are equal in length. Also note the different shapes and sizes of the bulge under the horizontal stabilizers. And these bulges on the real aircraft. It looks there was a bit of variation on the real aircraft too. But there are differences in the representation of maintenance panels. The res circle show the missing panels. I believe Tamiya has one too many, Eduard is correct and Zvezda has some missing. The Tamiya instructions have this to say about the panels above and the bulges below. And here the other side. The two bulges are very noticable on the Tamiya kit, very tiny on the Eduard kit and none existent on the Zvezda kit. Here a close up. One known issue with the Eduard kit is the fuselage height. In comparison with the Zvezda kit, it is 0.6mm too high. Comparing the Zvezda and Tamiya fuselage results in a perfect match. I am sure that all three kits will result in very nice models of the Bf 109 G-6. The Tamiya kit looks to be the easiest build. Eduard has some nice details and Zvezda needs a bit of work. My goal is to have the three models built in similar finishes prior painting. That means that I will rivet the Zveda and Tamiya kit. I may use after market parts for the wheel and exhaust which would also correct the other problem on the Eduard kit, the too wide opening for the exhaust. My next update will be a comparison of the cockpits ready for painting. I won't use the Eduard PE parts in the cockpit to have a fairer comparison. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers, Peter
  13. Hi All, This post will have several first's in it for me. This is the first time I have completed a Zvezda kit and the first time I've used Vallejo model air paint. I thought this would make it an ideal model to be the first I share on a forum. The kit went together nicely with no major modification or extra parts used. I am however a little less happy with the Vallejo paint. I wanted to try them since they now offer a range of colours that match various flanker schemes nicely. I found however that they were harder to airbrush and get the thinning right. Often, they would feel slightly rubbery after drying. I thinned them very slightly with tap water which may have been the problem but if anyone else has experienced this or has any other tips on using Vallejo model air they would be greatly appreciated. What do you think of the finished model and do you have any tips on how it could be improved? (please excuse any subpar photography) Thanks br60066
  14. Well another week, another finish for the 11th of 2019! Another "production" plane I get asked for a lot. Used the absolute honey of a kit from Zvezda and it was finished yesterday but I needed to let the Mr Color Super UV CUT III varnish ( never get tired of typing that!) harden a bit before a trip to the photo studio. So all in 5.5 hours over 6 days with mild use marks (guns and exhaust) and very light pre-shade to pop Zvezdas delicate panel lines. Sits nicely with my Spit & 109E I think. Used Mr Color/Surfacer 1500 throughout and just did a light dusting of the matt varnish ( did get tired of typing the whole name) to get the sheen that Luftwaffe birds allegedly had. The spinner was a mask cut by my super accurate Cricut Air 2 and decals from a Skys sheet but you'll need the Eduard Royal 190 boxing for details of where to put them as Sky don't tell you despite supplying corrected blue 13s. Man I'm digging this building models thing, I actually gave up the chance to take an Extra 200 for a spin today so as to finish photography for this and for me thats something big, nothing usually gets in the way of Anil K flying! WIP here, Pretty pictures here, Thanks for tuning in Anil
  15. I am currently working on this Zvezda Boeing 737-8 Max which will be displayed in the WestJet livery registration C-GRAX. This kit is excellent and the detailing is brilliant. The fuselage was Primed using Halfords White Primer, and then sprayed with Humbrol White Gloss Paint. The wings are painted using Revell 371 and Revell 90 for the leading edges. I have just assembled the ‘Leap’ Engines which have gone together really well and have great detailing, they have been primed ready to be painted/glossed. Will add further photos and updates as the build progresses. Thank you for looking and any comments are greatly appreciated. I have got on with a bit more work on my 787-8 Max over the last few days. I have attached the Landing Gear, painted the horizontal stabilisers and nearly completed the Engines (just a few more coats of varnish and the inlet rings to attach). Engines have been painted using Halfords White Primer and then coated with several coats of Humbrol Clear Varnish Coat, inlet rings Revell Silver 90. I am very much looking forward to applying the decals to this model. I have started applying the decals to the model now, and as always with Draw Decals they go on really well. A little bit of trimming was required for the tail decal, and for parts of the Winglets. Once again thank you for looking and any comments and suggestions are always welcomed. Alistair
  16. Like the MiG-15 in 2018 (link), Zvezda is to rebox in 2019 the old Dragon Models 1/72nd Mi-17 "Fresco" kit - ref.7318 Source: Zvezda catalog 2019 Original Dragon box - ref.2512 - link V.P.
  17. Hello Britmodellers! Finally, I’m finished this excellent and well-detailed kit from Zvezda. I’m not planned to post the pictures in RFI and even the WIP sections, but it can be interesting for some of us. It’s not a Class A build... Let’s look! The starboard side: And the port side: The front view is good and the disadvantages is not so noticeable: Hats off: The other side: Zvezda provides us a very detailed engine compartment OOB: The main rotor is very detailed, too: The belly has a nice details, I like how it looks slightly weathered: Let’s take a closer look on the aft side: And the nose section: The navigation lights are from the clear parts. The starboard: And the port side: That’s all for now and there is a WIP thread, for those who interested: Thanks for looking!
  18. Hello Britmodellers! That’s me again... Actually, I don’t intend to start this WIP thread because it’s a very slow and experimental (again) build. I open this box from time to time and work for 20-30 minutes - so don’t expect the regular updates. But let it be here: It’s a well-known kit, I bought it a few years ago during my hiatus. It’s a first boxing and when I looked at this I just can’t resist: I was amazed how detailed the kits are today (I can’t touch any about the ten years)... I immediately started work with a kit, but my perfectionism stopped the build and all was stored in the box. Last spring I followed the @CedB‘s thread during my work on a Voodoo: ...and I decided to look inside the box: the cockpit was practically done - why not to give it another try?! It’s a some kind of a patriotic build, as a some time ago I purchased an odorless acrylic paints from Zvezda: The colors are not so bad, except the metallics - OK, let’s try to get the best of them. Also I purchased an exterior PE set from Microdesign and the resin wheel set from ARMATA-MODELS.RU: Some subassemblies are done and some parts are in the progress now: The cockpit was done a year or so ago: And I was ready for an engines installation: An engines and the VR-24 reductor dry-fitted at the moment: That’s all for today, thanks for watching!
  19. OK, time to start my thread, I'm snowed under at present with models, work, and my garden, but I've been so looking forward to this, I'm building a 1/35 zvezda king tiger henschel turret, no zimmerit, when I bought the kit, probably 2 years ago I found on opening the box the Hull bottom was horribly warped, twisted , I actually started work on attempting to straighten it during the panzer gb, using boiling water a hair dryer and a razor saw around some of the suspension arm inserts, to relieve some of the twist, on the inside of the hull, I can report its a 95% fix, the other 5% I'm hoping will be sorted upon bonding the upper and lower hulls together, the kit is actually dragon molds originally, early, granted, and basic, Scalemates helped to identify it so I Could spruce the old banger up with a couple of pe sets, I'm unsure of the scheme, I'll be doing I like the ambush camo and I did notice the knight on the horse, that's already being built in the gb, progress is expected in fits and starts at first, some pictures Cheers
  20. Let rest from MiF building Project inventory: Seats and cockpit:
  21. A Bofors 37mm from Ace, 40mm Bofors on an English carriage and a Flak 36 with the latter two from Zvezda. A quick little project between one that wasn't and one that probably won't be.
  22. Hi all, Been away for a long weekend so not had much of a chance so far, so this is a last minute entry. Quite literally. Two Zvezda Tanks - The PzII and the M3 Stuart. This was tea before I started - Linguine with Seafood... PZII built. It's only 5 parts though.... And the M3 is completed too - That was double the parts count at 10. Primer has now been applied and is now drying as I type this. More as it happens. If there's time.... IanJ
  23. Hello Folks. I Want introduce my new model and first completed model this year. This model was built under the impression from book about Roland De la Poype the French pilot & the hero of the Soviet Union . Best regards. Michael.
  24. The new Zvezda offering of a Russian T-28, Box art to start with ... Decided to base this build on a T-28 captured by the Finns (just to be awkward ) After much searching, decided to base this on Tank number 102 of the 1st Infantry Division. Not much information for this vehicle, apart from the one pic below I snagged of the 'tinternet! What I could glean was the 1st Infantry Division fought in East Karelia during the Continuation War in late 1941 Making a big assumption here, but going to say this tank would have been captured during the Winter War that started in Nov 1939 Looking at the kit, and again on limited research, I would say this is a T-28 Model 1937 Here is the pic ... I would say the white coat was applied before insignia, and probably by brush. For me, I dont have the skills to fully represent this, but I will endevour to emulate So far I have been purely building and i am a long way from completion Initial thoughts on the kit: Plastic is soft and waxy ... Use a fine sander or you eat into the plastic very quickly (as I have found!) ... Also, make sure you wash with warm soapy water, get rid of as much waxy\grease as possible, so base coat not affected! Quite a lot of detail, but a lot will be lost once the is build complete (i.e. between the tracks once covers added, and over the engine fan) The kit can have awkward fitting problems (especially with the hull 'roof') Quite a few injection holes, luckily most will be hidden, so do not need attention Anyway, onto the pics ... Stage 1 ... Stage 2 ... Laters
  25. Hi everyone, My latest completion for 2019 is Zvezda's Yak-130 in 1/72, a very nice kit of an attractive little aircraft. Physically the model is OOB with Begemot providing the decals and Peewit the canopy mask. Paints are Colourcoats ARG03 Africa Korps Tan Yellow and Humbrol 103 Cream for the upper surface whilst I used 65 Aircraft Blue for the underside. The cockpit is all Humbrol - 175 Hellgrau for the base with 124 Petrol Blue (both long discontinued) for the instrument panels whilst the MFDs are 85 Satin Black. Various Humbrol colours were used for all the details. Unfortunately the Begemot roundels were a bit out of register on the sheet I bought, particularly the fuselage ones and there were a few errors in both the placement of the markings and recommended camouflage pattern. I did a bit of hunting around on the 'net and found THIS thread on the Yak-130 on what's called the ForcesDZ forum which was an immense help in determing the correct colour demarcation and marking placement, although I still made a mistake with the fuselage roundels! The forum is primarily in French with some Arabic but it seems like a good source for info on the Algerian armed forces . Now for the pics: Comments and feedback welcome! Mike.
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