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Found 42 results

  1. Hello, here's my attempt on Valom's 1/72 Yakolev Yak-7 (Late Production) in markings of 728. IAP, 1943/1944. Decals from the box. The kit includes photo-etched details for the cockpit such as belts and instrument panel and resin cockpit sidewalls and wheels (which I did not use because of serious fit issues). Although similar in the sprue layout, this kit is not identical with the Dakoplast and ICM moldings. It's of short-run nature and needs some TLC to build. Painted with acylics from the Gunze/Sangyo range. All pictures by Wolfgang Rabel of IGM Cars & Bikes. Thanks for lookin' ... best wishes from Vienna! Roman
  2. Finally, let me show something too! The theme is (to me personally the most beautiful WW2 aircraft) the MiG-3 with UBK gun pods that was shot down in the fall of 1941, although there is no information on this aircraft. I based the model on the data provided by the famous Masimo Tessitori on his page ( https://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/mig3/shotdown5/shotdown5.html ) and I won't go into a much more detailed story about the apparatus itself. The model itself is already well known and is the original 1/48 ICM cast. I finished it around 2015 (started 4/5 years earlier), but just now I found it appropriate to take a picture of it: (and to dusted it). As I have listened to all sorts of things over the years, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised! Despite the strange break down of wings, I had no major problems fitting! The level of detail is at an adequate level and with a little effort it is possible to raise model to a higher category. But to be true, not so new Trumpeter's MiG-3 is better for the class, but IMHO ICM is holding water pretty decent! The paint job is free handed airbrushing and the top greens are Humbrol 151 (or the new 226, I'm not sure but in any case FS34151), and Humbrol 91. The lower mix is Humbrol 65 + 47 in 1/1. Yellow 5 is brush painted. Weathering is a combination of dry pastels, oils, watercolor pencils (silver, green and gray). I had terrible problems with the airbrush because it functioned as a single action gun due to the faulty nozzle. Pardon me for such long story and for the bad photos (and the amount of them)! Hopefully next time it will be much! From https://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/mig3/shotdown5/shotdown5.html
  3. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's the new 1/72 Zvezda Pe-2 in markings of 34th Guards Bomber Regiment, Leningrad, December 1944. I built from the box with addition of Mini Art defense guns. Painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. The new Zvezda kit is excellent in detail and fit, comparable to Tamiya offerings. Alternative parts enable you to build aircraft of different production batches. 5 attractive color options are included, 4 Russian, 1 Polish post-war. The kit decals perform exceptionally well. I really enjoyed building this model kit and can recommend it to all modelers with an interest in Russian WW2 aircraft. Thank you for your interest in this topic. Best greetings from Vienna!
  4. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's the new KP Ilyushin Il-2M, a re-box of the Smer kit with new parts added. Painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. Hope you like my result, best greetings from Vienna! Roman
  5. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 Special Hobby P-40K in Russian markings. Built out of the box, painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. A full build review will appear in an upcoming edition of Scale Aviation Modeller International. With best greetings from Vienna, Roman
  6. Having acquired my first airbrush earlier this year I wanted a quick, easy build and simple colour scheme as a training exercise and also to use some decals from my stash. I decided on Hobby Boss' easy build P-39, which despite its name did not go together particularly well, there were gaps in the nose joint and also where the tailplanes attached that required filler and sanding. The canopy looks to be too low and the framing was so indistinct as to make masking very difficult, I ended up masking the entire forward section and painting the frames on by hand. The only changes made to the model were the addition of some seat belts from wine bottle foil and I drilled out the end of the 37mm canon in the spinner. Decals are from AeroMaster set 72-037 Stalin's Kobras and portray the aircraft of Major V F Sirotin of the 17th IAP, an ace credited with 26 victories and the award of the HSU. As you can see from the strategically placed blob of bluetack under the nosewheel its a tail sitter, despite packing the nose space with bluetack. Thanks for looking AW
  7. I am a thoroughly irrational modeller at times. In particular, I'll buy kits, then buy some more kits to practice on before I build the kit that I bought in the first place. For example, I bought the Eduard Rockin' Rhino boxing of the Academy 1/48 Phantom, something of a dream kit for me. Then I bought a 1/48 A-7 and a 1/48 A-6 because I felt I needed the practice on external stores. And an Academy Phantom to make sure that I have a dry run. This kit is not quite on that scale, but I pulled it out of the stash because I was thinking about buying a resin engine for another kit, and this has a well detailed styrene engine for me to practice on. I've been trying hard in the last few weeks to resist the pull of the novel, but I'm weak! (But I know I'm not alone...) So, this kit comes with a good rep, and a heck of a lot of parts. I like the looks of the Pe-2, it's a very graceful airframe: Zvezda give three marking options, though as often seems to be the case with VVS subjects, there's only one basic scheme. I'm leaning towards the first, from the 12th Guards Dive Bomber Regiment, but no decision needs to be taken just yet as there seems to be no difference in the build process or the basic colours between the options. In any case, the build starts, appropriately enough, with the detailed Klimov M105 engine. The M105 is similar to the Merlin: a V-12 liquid cooled engine rated at around 1,000 HP, like the early Merlins. This is one of those "kits within a kit", and must have 30+ components, most of them on this sprue: Plenty of very fragile looking parts that I can have fun trying to remove cleanly. But the interior parts make this look simple; there are over one hundred parts to put in. This is going to take me some time... I must finish by apologising for the awful pun in the thread title
  8. Hello Everybody ... This is my take on a VVS lend-lease Hurricane built for the Brits abroad G/Build. It doesn't represent a specific unit/aircraft. It is my interpratation of a well used Hurricane IIB in Soviet use. I opted to paint it in winter white wash. Specific mods include the replacement of the 8 core .303’s with the heavier Soviet guns, the associated panel lines, & the RS-82 Rockets and Rails. Without further talk I present my white Hurricane. I hope this passes muster. Please feel free to question, comment, or joke. If you’d like to see the WIP please follow the link. Dennis
  9. Well after having watched all the excellent builds on here and having acquired a couple of Airfix's excellent new B-25's and having also finished my Harrier for the Hawker GB I thought it was only right that I finally join in with a Mitchell of my own. I am still unsure as to which scheme she will be finished in, I have the new Xtradecal sheet which has some very nice schemes on it and one of my reference books comes with decals for several options including a B-25C or two which were based in the Pacific. What I would really like to do is a Soviet one in temporary winter scheme but finding decals for them is impossible as the Authentic Decals 1/72 sheet is out of print and nowhere to be found but I might try to make some up from the spares box, I have plenty of red stars so that isn't a problem but the individual numbers and markings might be an issue. As either choice is the same mark I don't really need to choose until I'm about ready to apply some paint, and even then they both have the same basic OD over NG scheme. Anyway here are the usual box and contents shots. And a couple of references I will be using. Thanks for looking in and as usual all comments and help will be gratefully received. Craig.
  10. Dear fellow Britmodellers, this is Fly Models' 1/72 Ilyushin Il-10, "Soviet Service", built from the box. There have been a few comments about accuracy issues on this kit in the 'Rumourmonger' thread : In my humble opinion, the nose section looks undernourished, being about 2mm to slim and lacking the distinctive curavture of the original. The windscreen sits a bit too high, about 1mm. The placement of exhaust rows does not match plans either. Despite these issues, the kit builds into a well-detailed replica and does look like an Il-10 to me. A detailled build review will be featured in an upcoming edition of Scale Aviation Modeller International. The model was painted using Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. All photogrpahs by Wolfgang Rabel. Thanks for your interest, greetings from Vienna.
  11. Hello and thanks for your interest, this is my attempt on RS Models 1/72 Airacobra I. The export version was called P-400 and is identical to the P-39D series. The kit was problematic, suffering from incomplete mouldings, damaged clear parts and generally poor fit. This is the best I could get out within the 4-weeks timeframe I had. The model was painted with Tamiya & Mr.Hobby acrylics. Decals from the box, representing a machine operating in the Murmanks area, winter 1942/1943. I'd like to thank fellow Britmodellers Troy Smith and Fernando as well as Mr. Gerhard Pomp from Vienna for their valuable help in research. A detailled build review will be featured in an upcoming edition of Scale Aviation Modeler International. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel of IGM Cars & Bikes.
  12. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 Tupolew Tu-2, built from the ICM kit. This model kit was orginally released in 1997, and while being sufficently detailed, it looks a bit crude compared with today's industry standards. I built from the box and painted with Gunze acrylics according to a color profile provided by fellow Britmodeller Learstang - thank you very much for your valuable help, Sir! I used the kit's decals for the individual markings, the Red Stars come from a Begemot sheet. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel of IGM Cars & Bikes. With kind regards from Vienna!
  13. Dear fellow Britmodellers, I just got my 1/72 RS Models P-400 Airacobra (#92181). There is one Russian option(Red 60) provided. The caption below reads "Winter 1942/1943". RS instructions quote "Silver" overall for the colors. Shouldn't this be actually White - as it did operate during Winter time? Suggestions are most welcome. Thanks in advance, Roman
  14. I'm pretty unhappy with Vallejo's Russian & French colours, has anyone else had the same issues? In all the images the dark blue grey for French fighters' upper surfaces, as part of the 3-colour scheme, is just a touch darker than the grey used for the underside. However Vallejo's 71.005 is a slate grey, giving no contrast with the green and dark brown. Again, with Soviet planes, their AMT11 and AMT12 should be mid greys? Nope! Vallejo's 71.304 & 71.308 are both really dark. In fact there's little difference between them. My Lavochkin LA-7 looks really cool, but in a Batman kind-of-way.
  15. Hello and thanks for your interest. Here's my 1/72 Zvezda Yak-3, built with the addition of Eduard photo etch, Rob Taurus vacu canopy and Begemot decals. Represents a machine of 303rd Fighter Division, 3rd Belorussian Front, East Prussia, April 1945. Painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. With kind regards from Vienna, Austria Roman Schilhart
  16. Dear fellow Britmodellers, this is Zvezda's 1/72 Petlyakov Pe-8. I picked this kit from an IMPS swap meet many moons ago, for a very reasonable price (around 15€); that's what led me to believe it was either an old mold or a re-box of the Amodel kit. I was surprised to find out that this is a modern state-of-the-art tooling with fine surfaces and sufficient details. Eduard provide paint masks, which I used, given the plethora of small windows and turrets. I used aftermarket decals from AML, which I had bought 3-4 years ago. Their products seem to have a lifespan similar to fresh milk. I have had serious problems with their decals before, and it was troublesome with this sheet as well, with some of the stars and slogans exploding into dozens of fragments when trying to slide them off their backing paper. In the end I had to use what was left, therefore my model has a combination of silver patriotic slogans and white-bordered-stars (which I took from an old Propagteam sheet that worked well). The model was painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. This Pe-8 is currently my biggest 72 scale model, even dwarfing the massive B-24 Liberator on my shelf! To give you an idea of its size, I parked my recently finished 1/72 Italeri Macchi 205 under the wing: All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel of IGM Cars & Bikes, thank you.
  17. Hello and thanks for your interest, here's my 1/72 Sword Supermarine Spitfire IXe in markings of 26. GIAP, Leningrad, April 1945. Photo etch from Brengun, metal gun barrels from Master, decals from AML ("Lend Lease Spitfires Pt.1", #72018). Painted with acrylics from Sangyo/Gunze. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel, IGM Cars & Bikes. To represent the overpainted British Roundels, I tried a new technique: I painted a Black disc the size of the Roundel before applying the main airframe colors. Now there's only a soft shadow line visible. Best wishes from Vienna! Roman
  18. Dear fellow Britmodellers, there's been a couple of Eduard 1/72 Lavochkins around here, recently. May I add another one to the growing collection? This is "White 23" from 2nd Sqn, 2nd GIAP, “Mongolsky Arat”, operating in spring 1945. The model was built from the 'Profi Pack' which includes paint masks and photo etch details. I replaced the pitot tube with a piece of wire. The spinner of Eduard's kit is slightly mis-shaped, resembling a "kremlin tower"; this was substituted with a resin item from Hungarian manufacturer SBS Models. Painted with acrylics from the Mr.Hobby range. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel of IGM Cars & Bikes. Thanks for your interest!
  19. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my latest model kit, 1/72 Tamiya's Ilyushin Il-2M. Built with the addition of Eduard photo etch. Painted with colors from the Gunze/Sangyo range. Represents a machine from 566th ShAP, Leningrad 1944. On Tamiya's decal sheet, the red/blue fuselage symbol seemed slightly oversized. As this marking variant is also supplied with Eduard's 1/72 Il-2, I used the smaller symbols. The model is missining it's aiming device on the nose; the small photo-etch part had disappeared when I arrived at my photgrapher's place ... All pictures by Wolfgang Rabel of IGM Cars & Bikes. Thanks for your interest, best wishes from Vienna Roman
  20. Hi, Exactly month ago I started thread on construction of three models of Polikarpov R-5/R-Z family. I thought, that I am prepared to this work but soon it appeared, that I was deeply wrong. More is in mentioned above WiP part of Forum. The surprise was how seriously one have to change shapes of R-Z by Special Hobby. Next two kits were Apex (Encore,....) R-5 and old vacu MPM R-5. Today I finished first of this set of three. This is Polikarpov R-5 (originaly light bomber and recce plane) converted to transport variant called often "Limousine". Polikarpov R-5 was a Soviet countrpartner of machines like Potez XXV, Breguet XiX perhap also British Hawker Hart family (but larger). The model is scratch conversion of R-5 by Apex. No part of kit is left nod modified. The fuselage is reshaped not only in rear part where closed canopy is installed but also the engine was reshaped. The wings and tail had added ribs and were reshaped folowing drawings given by M.Maslov in his monography of R-5/R-Z family. The painting scheme is taken from a photo published in this book. It is described there "R-5 transport, Eastern Front, winter 1944". I have found the same photo in Net described "Leningrad front, winter 1941-42. However the form of red stars (their out lines) sugget second half of war. Below wing there are transport containers for two or three (I do not know it exactly) each. This eng. P.Grokhovskij design, originaly for 7 troops below each wing. The first flight was done with living 14 people as passangers...(instead of initially planned sand bobs ). Grokhovskij designed it for offensive tranport of troops, but I think that here it was use for evacuation of wounded. Here is result: I hope to present next two in reasonable future... (Edit 2017: I did ) Comments welcome and regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  21. Dear fellow Britmodellers, after more than two months abroads, I'm happy to report back from my workbench. Here's a piece of "Classic Plastic" I had started at the end of last year - the 1/72 Ilyushin Il-4 Long Range Bomber. The original moulds of this kit were produced in the mid-1980s by East German company VEB Plasticard. The same kit has been available in re-boxings by Revell, Master Modell and ADP. It's a kit of typical 1980s standard, with raised panel lines and some rather chunky details. I did replace the main defense guns with metal items from Mini World. I was intending to fit a metal gun in the nose as well, but the opening of the clear part was much too wide, so I fell back on the kit's plastic part. I also replaced the plastic handrail on the left fuselage side with a piece of wire. I received two boxings of this model kit from an IMPS member at a swap-meet; some of the small parts had broken off the sprues and were missing. However, I was able to complete one model from the parts I found in the box. As the kit's decals were very old and thick, almost like stickers, I used an aftermarket set from AML ('Il-4 Over The Reich'). Depicted is an aircraft from the 3rd Long Range Bomber Regiment, operating in winter 1944/1945. Sadly, the decals were beyond their lifespan. The bigger items (the patriotic slogan and the red stars for the fin) broke into a puzzle of pieces when slid off the backing paper. I did my best to cobble them together, using some free-hand touch-ups with Red paint on the stars. The decals also left ugly glue-marks around them, but being fragile as they were, I did not dare to wipe over with a cloth, as I usually do. So, the build ended up a bit messy and won't win any competitions, for sure. Still, it's a nice addition to my line-up of Soviet WWII aircraft. Maybe someday a manufacturer will provide us with new moulds of the Il-4? A new Pe-2 and Tu-2 would also be most welcome! The model was painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics (H72 Brown, H303 Green, H85 Black Gray) using Haarder & Steenbeck Evolution airbrush. Thanks for your interest in this topic. All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel of IGM Cars & Bikes - thank you! With kind regards from Vienna, Roman
  22. Hello, this is Czech manufacturer Brengun's new-ish 1/72 Yakolew Yak-1, Series 2, 1942 production. This kit is a little bit more expensive then your average short-run model - you'll find out why as soon as you open the box. It contains a very nice photo etch fret with finely detailed parts for the interior, the landing gear covers as well as lower wing surface panels. The box offers three decal options, all of them in the usual (and rather unspectacular) Green/Dark Grey scheme. I used Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics for painting, choosing H303 for the Green and H331 for the darker colour. According to the 'scale effect', I used H331 Dark Grey (with a drop of White added for the faded effect) instead of Black. The fit is unproblematic, all the interior bits go into the fuselage without extra work. You'll have to sand down the wing roots a little bit, to make the upper wings click into place without tension. While the Yak-1 is a rather unspectacular aircraft, I'm quite happy that Brengun provide us with an up-to-date rendition. All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel (IGM Cars & Bikes). Cheers from Vienna!
  23. Hi fellow modellers, this is Revell kit modified to a Soviet Hurricane, what mainly comprised upgrading the armament to Soviet standard. Complete build report is included in coming publication, more information here: http://www.valiant-wings.co.uk/pre-order-airframe-extra-no6-1862-p.asp Cheers Libor
  24. Hello and thanks for your interest, here's another Lavochkin La-5FN from Kovozavody Prostejov. "Yellow 8" was flown by pilot P. Rakov in summer 1944 (according to kit instructions). I used photoetch parts (for dashboard, seatbelts and landing gear covers) from an old Extratech set. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel.
  25. This is my first ever participation in a GB, and although four months is a long time, I'm a slow builder and the time frame coincides with peak work period, some planned holiday, and a probable job search, so spare time is likely to be very limited on occasions. Plus, it's summer! So, bearing that in mind, I've opted for this kit as my initial contribution. It's the relatively new Airfix moulding, packaged with VVS decals in the Airfix Club kit from a few years back. I built the Flying Tigers P-40 last year for my son's ceiling display, and I don't recall any major issues with the kit, so it should be a straightforward OOB build. The challenge for me will be to do the winter whitewash. It's not something I've tried before and I'm a wielder of hairy sticks, so I'm not feeling too confident. The kit decals depict White 58 of 20 GvIAP, with a scheme absolutely plastered in whitewash. The info on Massimo Tessitori's site (http://mig3.sovietwarplanes.com/lendlease/p-40/tapani/p-40b-c/58khlobystov.htm) has the whitewashing rather more restrained, and on balance I prefer that both aesthetically and as I can at least see the research underlying that scheme with my own eyes. I believe box and sprue photos are traditional at this stage, if only I could get photobucket to work properly, I would post. Maybe tomorrow it'll behave...
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