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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Britmodellers! After more than 15 years I feel an overwhelming desire to build a model again... Let’s start with this one: For this build I chose Tamiya and Gunze tools. I think it would be an interesting work and yes, I’m a hand brusher The work starts from the cockpit. I decided to use a PE parts in combination with the decals. This is my first work with PE and it was a great experience, all is done quickly and fun: Another view:
  2. I just couldn't stop myself so here is a small selection from a very early morning visit to the 11st FIS, Texas ANG at Ellington ANGB, near Houston, Texas. This was the first visit of our trip. What as start! . At that time they were participating in the William Tell event at Tyndall AFB, Florida. 58-273 you can see below was heading to Florida to join the team there. I hope you like them as much as I "doo" ;)! Martin
  3. RidgeRunner

    Early morning at Ellington

    Hi all, Inspired by the recent Voodoo build photos I thought I'd put up a few 'Doos. These are from my second visit in October 1980. As always this was an early visit to the base. Many machines were active and transferring to and from Tyndall AFB where William Tell 1980 was in full swing. Martin
  4. Many thanks must go to Darby on this one for his advice and heads up on some tricky parts on this model. So here is the Revell 1:72 F-101 Voodoo in Oregon National Guard scheme. Lesson learned with this one..DO NOT use acrylic varnish on enamal it ruins a prefect paint job!
  5. Hi, here's my latest build, built for a GB over on Flory Models. Nice kit, not great instructions. built SFTB with Gunze paints and a Mig Ammo grey washUntitled by bryn robinson, on Flickr Untitled by bryn robinson, on Flickr Untitled by bryn robinson, on Flickr Untitled by bryn robinson, on Flickr Untitled by bryn robinson, on Flickr Untitled by bryn robinson, on Flickr . Lost a bit of mojo towards the end, but that's down to me. Anyway thanks for looking. FF
  6. So I had started a Kitty Hawk Voodoo (there: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234961637-kittyhawk-f-101-a-voodoo/?hl=voodoo)and wasn't satisfied with how it was turning out (and as the poets from Nashville Pussy sing, it's everybody's fault but mine, of course (*)). So I decided to trat the poor thing with Jeremy Clarkson favorite surgical instrument (a hammer) and reduced it to a pile of very tiny little bits. Then I bought another box and, in the wake of my Phantom FGR2, had a go at it. I started last Thursday and tried to improve from last time. Soooo... I decided to neglect the instructions and assembled each nose half separately. It's not very clean, but nothing that can't be fixed with sandpaper and putty (and it's much much cleaner thant what you get when you follow the instructions). I was wise enough not to listen only to my Y chromosome and followed the instructions for the front wheel well and front gear leg. The cockpit, using both the photoetch and the decals: The airbrakes and their world famous sink marks: The fuselage is almost whole (but the radome is not glued on). Still not that clean, but hey, that ain't no scoop... The refuelling probe housing si puttied: The instrument panel, done using both the photoetch and the decal (it worked for the consoles, so...). The fuselage is whole, the nice sink marks on the sides are puttied. The belly of the beast: No problem for the wings, at least on the upper surfaces. Our sink marks have been cleaned: A bit of putty is needed on the wing lower surfaces to fuselage joins, but nothing dramatic. Really? The tail is reasonably well behaved. Under the nose, putty has been sanded and the panel lines are waiting to be rescribed. The nozzles need a bit of work... But turn out OK. It's paint time! Nose is Gunze gloss black, antiglare panel is Gunze olive drab and the rest is Alclad semi matt aluminum. Now on to the decals. They leave quite quickly their backing up sheet, but once in place tend to be quite stubborn. So before applying any decal I applied some soapy water with a hairy stick. I didn't cut the decal, it was like this on the sheet! The upper surfaces are complete: The fuel tanks: We're almost done with the decalling: And now, I'm very sad to say my fuel tanks seem to suffer from pancreatic cancer. I didn't make that up, it's written all over them: To be continued... S.
  7. Being a big fan of the USAF 'Century Series' jets of the 50's I was delighted when KittyHawk models announced their new 1/48th scale McDonnell F-101A/C Voodoo and 15th July 2014 my kit arrived thanks to the always reliable MJW Models. I started it immediately with lots of enthusiasm but it turned out to be a hard slog for various reasons so now six months later I can report it almost finished. Two have already been featured on BM thanks to Jurek Greinart and Sebastien so I am not the first. As always I am not a 'premier division' scale modeller, I tend to work in fits and starts based on enthusiasm levels for the half dozen models I have on the bench at any one time and I have a low attention span. So, how did she turn out? This kit was a challenge to say the least (more later) but the end result is a large and impressive aircraft dating back to 1960. I chose to build my Voodoo as an F-101A Voodoo serial 54-1446 operated by the 91st TFS / 81st TFW out of Bentwaters in Suffolk, East Anglia. The KittyHawk kit gives the modeller four decals options and initially I was going to go for the showy F-101C serial 56-0007 with very 'hi-vis' yellow markings however I had a painting disaster so I went for the more subdued blue markings. Now pleased that I did. I do have to say that I am proud to have completed this kit, when the first reviews came out I remember that one well known reviewer commented that this Voodoo was 'unbuildable' and, yes, she was a challenge for various reasons but I have built her! The sun came out for a short while this afternoon so I decided to take these photos to show off the Humbrol 27001 Metalcote 'Matt Aluminium' which has gone on well and shows off the Voodoo's unique lines. This build is not quite completed because I have lost the ejection seat! Not sure how I managed that, it must be in a box somewhere, I did consider taking a seat out of a previously built old Monogram F-101B but little point in breaking up that model for one seat. A few visible faults, the nose cone has a very poor demarcation between the black and aluminium, the nose gear is tilted slightly backwards and you can see where the entire nose section forward of the cockpit broke off at late stage in construction! The view from the rear is perhaps a little bit better, one of the strong points of this kit for me are the distinctive afterburner cans which make her look exactly like the earlier F-101A/C models. Several commentators have compared the KittyHawk kit unfavourably with the earlier Revellogram F-101B however the cans in that kit are quite primitive compared to these. One very weak area was the airbrakes, these have to be filled in with large amounts of filler then sanded down and if you are like me and detest filling/sanding this is a serious down for this kit. Please to say that I seemed to have overcome this hurdle fairly well and the airbrakes don't seem to attract too much attention. I understand that AM replacements are available if needed. So, knowing now what I know, would I buy this kit again? Oh yes! Without hesitation. Perverse it might seem but I really had a sense of satisfaction when I put this together - faults and all - and if you look at the build and say 'That's wrong' or 'What were you thinking' I humbly agree, the faults are all mine, but I really got a kick out of tackling this beast. Looking forward to the RF-101C 'Long Bird' later this year, the ultimate Voodoo. I would seriously look at purchasing replacement airbrakes as well as a cockpit detailing set to replace the decals supplied with the kit So my last photo... Now where could I have put that ejection seat? ;-) Michael
  8. Ghostbase

    HU56 'Corroguard' Fail

    Have been quietly working on the new 1/48 Kitty Hawk F-101A/C Voodoo, bit of a challenge to say the least but satisfying for all that, least until I decided to apply the main colour. Despite the instruction in the kit which show a shiny NMF I decided to try to match the dull aluminium colour that most photos taken of Voodoos at RAF Bentwaters show back in the early 60's. I read somewhere that the aircraft were painted in 'Corroguard' and the nearest Humbrol equivalent is HU56 Aluminium so I set up the airbrush, stirred and shook the tinlet of paint, and thinned it to a ratio about 1:10 with Humbrol thinners. The intention was to spray the undersides plus the tail fin first, then the top surfaces as a second spray. Unfortunately all did not go well. The tail fin shows that where the HU56 went on well it looks very good however there are speckled areas. The view of the main body/wing under surfaces shows worse: And just to really add to things there seems to be a 'tide mark' along the fuselage! Not sure what is causing this. Maybe I didn't mix the paint properly (the tinlet was several years old), maybe I am not cleaning my air brush properly, maybe I am being too ambitious and trying to cover too much surface area, perhaps in doing so I am 'drenching' the area with paint. Not sure what to do now. I still have the top spray to do yet so I could apply a very light sandpaper then respray the affected areas. If that shows no improvement then it is Mr Muscle and start again I guess Michael
  9. Hi everyone, I've finally managed to clean up the last of my Arizona shots from 2012 before I go onto the ones I took in California this year. Below are various guardians and memorials I found during my trip around AZ: F-4E Phantom II by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-4E Phantom II by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-4E Phantom II by tony_inkster, on Flickr RF-4E Phantom II by tony_inkster, on Flickr RF-4E Phantom II by tony_inkster, on Flickr RF-101 Voodoo by tony_inkster, on Flickr RF-101 Voodoo by tony_inkster, on Flickr RF-101 Voodoo by tony_inkster, on Flickr RF-101 Voodoo by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-86D Sabre by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-86D Sabre by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-86D Sabre by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-100 Super Sabre by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-100 Super Sabre by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-100 Super Sabre by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-100 Super Sabre by tony_inkster, on Flickr
  10. It started as a way of getting the modelling mojo back after some kind of saturation with the Shackleton. Bad move, bub... It started so well: The fit of the center wasn't perfect, but seemed good enough: Then I tried to put the cockpit assembly inside the front, and things went ape digestion by-product. The tub, once in place, made the two fuselage parts to spread. I didn't want any of that, so I had to remove the alignement pins in order to get the tub in place: But the tub didn't go all the way to the top of the fuselage, and prevented the wheel well to sit in its right place. I removed the alignement pins from the bottom of the tub and gave said bottom a hefty sanding: I sanded the top of the wheel well and quite a bit of the bottom too, for it to stay in place and to conform to the fuselage "cheek". I glued one of the cheeks before installing the well. Now, I've seen the bottom of the front fuselage doesn't align with the bottom of the center fuselage. Interesting times to come...
  11. Hi everyone, I am currently on a Voodoo streak and would like to build a couple of F-101B interceptors as well as one (or two) RF-101C reconnaissance aircraft. These variants are covered by Revell and Hasegawa/ Frog respectively. Now, after spending quite a few hours in front of the computer there are a couple of issues that I hope some of you might help me clarify: 1. I always thought that the Hasegawa RF-101C kit is one and the same with the Frog one... Well, in a very nice article on Hyperscale someone commented that Hasegawa itself boxed two slightly different kits over the years so I am wondering: did they use the Frog kit at the very beginning and later (let's say the "Sun-Run" boxing) offered something different? Not too different from what I can gather but some tweaked panel line or camera opening?! 2. I ended up quite liking the silhouette of the F-101A/C single-seaters with their radome and everything... I know Airwaves did a resin nose for converting the RF-101 into an F-101A/C. However, as pleased as I am with the details on Revell's F-101B, the RF-101 kit(s) I find frustratingly dull and so the question here would be: aside from the two-seat cockpit and the different engines [exhausts] are the airframes of the F-101A/C and F-101B basically the same in terms of dimensions and cross sections? I thought about removing the plastic from the upper fuselage around the cockpit from an RF-101 and grafting it onto an F-101B, thus solving the single-seat canopy issue and retaining the wealth of surface details from the Revell kit in order to obtain a "genuine" F-101A/C. What do you reckon?
  12. Resin F-101B Voodoo Cockpit Pavla 1:72 for Revell Kit Revell rereleased their kit of the Voodoo last year. This strange yet likeable aircraft was a two seat derivative of the Voodoo designed around the fighter intercept role. Key features of this aircraft were the two seat cockpit and extended afterburner sections which 'hung' out of the rear of the aircraft. This set offers a significant improvement to the kit cockpit. Moulded in light grey resin, the tub has noticeable improvements to the side consoles including throttles and more detailed switch panels. Both front and rear forward panels have very detailed instrument faces and the ejection seats are works of art including harnesses, seat cushions and complex framework / ejector rails. I'd recommend some dry fitting of the tub into the fuselage halves as traditionally, some filing of the resin tub may be necessary to get everything to close up correctly, but everything else should be quite straight forwards due to the minimal parts count. Conclusion If you're a fan of the Voodoo, adding this to your build will offer a big improvement over the kit parts. The detail is quite stunning. Review samples courtesy of
  13. Pics taken by Darwin from the Combat Air Museum in Kansas