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Found 89 results

  1. Howdy all, I am a new member here and just getting back into modeling after a 20 or so year hiatus. I am open to any critique, tips, tricks, etc. Cheers! On the workbench at the moment is the new 1/72 Academy F-14A Tomcat, but I will be building a (D) version as Academy has supplied all the necessary parts for almost any version you want to build. I will also be setting this one up for in-flight display. This is not an option OOB and will likely provide some challenges, but should be fun. First up is putting the cockpit together. Nice amount of detail and decided to just use paint rather than the supplied decals for the instruments. Cockpit coming together. As I am building the F-14D I utilized the alternate dash panels provided in the kit. Cockpit assembled into the nose cone. This kit really goes together beautifully with hardly any fuss. Major sub-assemblies completed. Also bought some resin pilots and bang seats as the kit does not come with pilots and this will be displayed as in-flight. Starting to come together. Most seams are non existent. The interior side of the intake trunk will need some cleanup. Now to figure out how to piece the landing gear doors closed. Gear doors in-place. Will need a bit of putty and sanding but came together better than expected considering it wasn't designed this way. Vertical Stabs and various weapon pylons are in place. And this should bring us to current. Weapons loadout - 2x 2000# external tanks, 2x AIM-9M, 3x AIM-54, 2x GBU-12, and Lantirn Pod. That is one plus to the Academy kit, they have supplied so many different parts for displaying almost any Tomcat version you would want. Including various weapons and targeting pods. Thanks for taking a look and as always, I welcome any feedback!
  2. Academy is to release in 2019 a new tool 1/72nd Grumman F-14A Tomcat "VF-143 Punkin Dogs" kit in the MCP (Multi Color Parts) serie - ref. 12563 Source: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235047967-academy-catalog-2019/&do=findComment&comment=3218086 Box art V.P.
  3. Finemolds is to release a 1/72nd Grumman F-14A Tomcat kit and a dedicated weapons set - ref. FP30 & FP-31 Release expected in December 2017. Source: http://www.finemolds.co.jp/iroiro/2017THS-new.html Reports as being the "Air Graphix/FineMolds" F-14D kit with changed parts: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/958331-finemolds-mg-789-2015-grumman-f-14d-tomcat V.P.
  4. Hello and welcome. Here's my first finished kit this year, Academy's new offering in a livery from circa 1984. A real pleasure to build despite the few little shortcomings. Academy #12563, Aires seats and exhausts, Reskit wheels. Hataka LGG over black surfacer. Decals from MYK/Furball/Hasegawa/kit. Duet pictures with a Hasegawa kit built in 2018.
  5. F-14D Upgrade Sets (for AMK) 1:48 Eduard Brassin After much delay the AMK F-14D was released (reviewed here), and here we have some rather nice detail and upgrade sets to go with it from Eduard, who have a long history of first rate resin and Photo-Etch (PE) sets for those hungry for more detail in their models. As usual with Eduard's Photo-Etch (PE), small resin and Mask sets, they arrive in a flat resealable package, with a white backing card protecting the contents and the instructions that are sandwiched between. The larger set arrives in the new shallow Brassin cardboard box, with the resin parts safely cocooned in bags, and the instructions folded around acting as padding. F-14D Seats (648535) The Tomcat is a two-seater, and both SJU17A NACES seats (AKA Martin-Baker Mk.14) are supplied in the set with additional resin parts for the canopy breakers; seat cushion; umbilical, and a full set of pre-printed PE seatbelts, pull-handle and leg restraints. The instructions include painting guide with Gunze Mr Color call-outs, and after main painting the stencil decals are applied for the ultimate in realism. The seats are identical, so applying the seatbelts in a slightly different pattern will assist with realism, giving the impression that the crew have just departed for the mess. F-14D Wheels (648530) Kit wheels are generally in two halves, which means you have the resultant joins to deal with, possible mould-slip issues on single part wheels, and sometimes less than stellar detail due to the moulding limitations of styrene injection technology, especially in the tread department. That's where replacement resin wheels come in, with their lack of seamline and superior detail making a compelling argument. They are also usually available at a reasonable price, and can be an easy introduction to aftermarket and resin handling, as they are usually a drop-in replacement. In this Brassin set you have two highly details main wheels with separate brake detail and a duo of smaller nose wheels to cope with the harsh carrier landings. You also get masks for the hubs/tyres to cut perfect demarcations. Upgrade Set (491053) Two frets are included, one nickel plated and pre-painted, the other in bare brass. A complete set of new layered instrument panels, cockpit wall and side consoles are the primary parts on the painted set, with new rudder pedals and floor skins; boarding ladder; chaff & flare boxes; refuelling probe covers; slate end skins; canopy internal structure and rear-view mirrors; fold-down foot pegs for the pilots; slime-lights on the nose and sides; additional vents with backing fans, plus a set of delicate, detailed afterburner rings to slip inside the two exhaust trunks also supplied. Seatbelts STEEL (FE1054) The new ultra-thin and bendy steel frets are becoming common in the Eduard line, and if you aren't going for the resin seats, you can get the PE from that set separately to improve the kit parts with pre-painted belts; anti-flail leg straps, and ejection actuation hoops Tface Masks (EX673) Supplied on two sheets of yellow kabuki tape, these pre-cut masks supply you with a full set of masks for the canopy, with compound curved handled by using frame hugging masks, while the highly curved gaps are in-filled with either liquid mask or offcuts from the background tape. On the second sheet there is another set of canopy masks tailored to fit the interior of the glazing so that you can paint the interior and give your model that extra bit of realism. It's especially useful on kits of this level of detail, as it will simplify painting enormously. Review sample courtesy of
  6. No it's not a joke. Great Wall Hobby (GWH) is also preparing a 1/48th Grumman F-14A Tomcat kit - ref. L4823 Sources: http://www.moxingfans.com/new/news/2018/0928/5025.html https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5896435363 V.P.
  7. F-14D Mask (D48009 for AMK) 1:48 Galaxy Model Our friends at Galaxy Model have been beavering away making this useful set that includes other items rather than just masks. They’re taking a leaf out of their own book and adapting their Tamiya Tomcat set for the new AMK kit, which we’ll get to shortly, we promise. This set arrives in a ziplok bag, and under the cover sheet you will find a glossy A4+ sheet of instruction that uses photos heavily, which is a very good thing IMHO. You also get two A5 sheets of pre-cut kabuki tape masks with numbers printed in red next to each mask part. There’s also a clear transfer sheet of sticky-backed plastic that you can use to carefully place the masks without puckering or stretching them, which is another deft touch. Penultimately, there are two small pieces of a semi-reflective sheet that is tailored to fit the front windscreen panel, which has a particular sheen that is replicated by the coating on the sheet, with a choice of smoke grey or gold deposition, so check your references. This will do a lot for the realism of your finished canopy once applied. Finally there is another small bag containing a turned brass pitot tube and angle-of-attack probe, which are excellent bonuses in this useful set. The masks go further than just a comprehensive set of canopy masks, adding masks for the walkways on the intakes next to the canopy, vents just aft of those, more at the base of the twin tail fins, air brakes, the gun port under the nose, intake lips, the tail feathers for the inset sections between each petal, and a comprehensive set of masks for the weapons with stripes for the JDAMs, “corset” masks for the GBU-31 JDAMs, plus fin base masks for the AIM-7 and AIM-9 Sidewinders. It’s details like these that will both speed up your productions and make for a better finished article with crisp clean lines if you burnish the masks down properly. Conclusion I have a lot of respect for Galaxy Model’s sets, as they’re clearly designed by modellers for modeller, and think of the helpful things to assist us in making better models that other companies often don’t. They’re excellent sets. Extremely highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  8. Hi Here is my latest build done for the "In the Years I was born GB" 1975 - Operation Frequent Wind - First F-14 Cruise Grumman F-14A Tomcat Hasegawa 1/72nd with Verlinden cockpit
  9. Hi all, Some advice needed. I was in the process of removing some maskol from the clear plastic canopy of the tomcat I am working on. Being a bit impatient I decided to use some Mr Tool cleaner to spedd up the process. Big mistake. Some sort of reaction took place and to cut a long story short, the canopy is FUBAR. No way to recover it, the plastic has just messed up completely. I have been working on this tomcat for months and so I am understandably freaking out! The model I am working on is a Hasegawa F-14A 1:48 tomcat, model number 51508, as seen here: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/48-hasegawa-14a-plus-tomcat-special-1854032403 This model was made in 1989 and so the chances of finding a "spare" canopy sprue for sale anywhere is virtually zero. Hasewaga do not seem to have a presence for replacement parts? Is this the case? Does anyone know where I might be able to get a replacement canopy sprue for this model? I don't want to have to fork out for a whole new model just to use the canopy sprue! (But ultimately, if I have to, I probably will, as I have laboured on this model for a long time and it looks great). Thanks in advance.
  10. So, I started this model back in 2017, lost interest and left it half built. I came back to it a month or two ago, completed the building of the kit and again lost interest. However I managed to finish it a couple of weeks ago now. Had some problems with fit, notably the canopy, the rear side joins near the burner cans and the sparrow missiles. Decals were another problem here and there, particularly on the Phoenix Missiles, for some reason after I had them on the missiles almost all the stencil data decals came off and rolled up on me as I was trying to handle the missiles to apply microset (or is it sol? The red one)! Lost the 2nd vane on the dorsal area also, I was so close to not losing any small parts! I also managed to scratch/damage some of the MRP insignia white paint I put down, during handling, whilst painting (and possibly decalling), I'm calling it weathering/bird strike! There is some oil weathering on it, but you can't really see it in these photos, and it didn't turn out quite as good as on my Airfix 1/72 A-4 Skyhawk (although I fogged the canopy on that one so hey ho). If I were to build this kit again, I'd buy a Master brass pitot for the nose (I had a terrible time with the kit supplied part, it still isn't attached properly or straight!) and try to get the canopy to fit nicely, or fill the gap, before painting commenced... Due to limited space, and my camera not being very good I found it quite awkward to get the photos I wanted and I'm not really sure why, so these are the best I could do at the time... Thank you for looking.
  11. Excuse the kitchen worktop. Nearly completed the Tamiya 1/48 F-14A, having used Eduard PE cockpit,Brassin jet exhaust and Furball Sundowners Anthology decals. Not happy with the gap between the nosewheels, I will work on that before completion. I’ve not posted for some time now, hope you like the work.
  12. In November 2013, AvantGarde Model Kits (AMK) generated some buzz announcing a new tool 1/48th Grumman F-14 Tomcat kit project for 2014 ( http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234950051-avant-garde-2014-list/). Most of the rumourmongers - including myself - considered this project as dead. But some hours ago AMK has changed its Facebook introduction picture. The new one - rather grainy! - is a F-14 Tomcat taking off full AB. A sign or not? Time will tell. Source: https://www.facebook.com/avantgardemodelkits/photos/a.321594134672087.1073741835.279694855528682/485385101626322/?type=1&theater That said in my opinion a new tool 1/48th F-14 is like a new Me.109 or Fw.190: not necessary! To be followed. V.P.
  13. This is my latest build: a Tamiya's 1/48th scale F-14D Tomcat. It's a great kit, with superb fit and smart assembly, i had lot of fun building it! Kit built OOB, with some details from Eduard PE and KA Models exhaust nozzels. Painted with Gunze's Acryl Paint (h-307, H-308, H-337). So, let's start the photogalley: Ciao Ale
  14. F-14D Ejection Seat (648471) 1:48 Eduard Brassin Tamiya's new(ish) F-14D in 1:48 is the current high-water mark for the modeller in quarter scale in terms of quality and finish, but moulded-in detail can always be improved in by resin parts due to their flexible moulds and ability to render the finest of details with deep undercuts. This set does just that for the focal point of almost every F-14D, the cockpit. As usual with Eduard's resin sets, they arrive in the new Brassin cardboard box, with the resin parts bagged inside along with the instructions and another bag full of Photo-Etch (PE) and decals. The Tomcat is a two seater, and both SJU17A NACES seats (AKA Martin-Baker Mk.14) are supplied in the set with additional resin parts for the canopy breakers, seat cushion, umbilical, and a full set of pre-printed PE seatbelts, pull-handle and leg restraints. The instructions include painting guide with Gunze Mr Color call-outs, and after main painting the stencil decals are applied for the ultimate in realism. The seats are identical, so applying the seatbelts in a slightly different pattern will assist with realism, giving the impression that the crew have just departed for the mess. Conclusion The most visible aspect of the cockpit is the seat, so unless you're planning on putting pilots in your model, this is one of the easiest and most effective methods of giving your Tomcat a little extra zing. Review sample courtesy of
  15. This is Grumman f-14A Tomcat. Very old kit Revell/LS. 1/144 Scale. Decals VF-1 Wolfpack, USS Ranger. pic upload
  16. Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=310&l=en V.P.
  17. This is my first completed build of the year, it was built as part of the Grumman GB. This build was originally planned to be a Hasegawa F-14D with Aires Cockpit and Avionix’s “Bombcat” Update/Conversion kit. But as luck would have it I won the monthly raffle at my local IPMS and took home Tamiya’s awesome new 1/48th F-14D!! I can’t rave enough about this model, it’s truly beautiful and without doubt one of the nicest models I’ve ever built. I add a couple of extras to her just to finish her off. The OEM wheels are rubber/metal and rubber wheels only look good for a year or two before they start to perish. The ejector seats and exhaust cans just lack detail when compared to the rest of the model and sort of let it down, so they were replaced. For such fine detail throughout the model I needed a paint to capture this and Mr Paint Acrylic Lacquers are just incredible!! They go on so fine straight from the bottle and give a perfect finish. Best of all you don’t loose detail, in spots there are 18 layers of paint and the detail is still super crisp, I so love this paint. The only let down on the whole project was the decals, they were a bit old and for the Revell/Hasegawa model, which I found didn’t fit or line up correctly in a few very noticeable spots! But in the end I’m super happy with the results, I know I’ll have to build another one of these models, maybe an F-14A next time. Model: 1/48th Tamiya Grumman F-14D Tomcat Paint: Mr Paint (main) and Mr Hobby, Tamiya Acrylics, Model Master Metalizer Lacquers Extras: KA Models – F-14D GE Exhaust Nozzle set Quickboost – F-14 Ejection Seats Quickboost – F-14 Wheel set SuperScale Decals – F-14D VF-31 CAG Operation Freedom Iraq Thanks for looking and please enjoy.
  18. F-14D Upgrades (Tamiya) 1:48 Eduard Tamiya's new F-14A in 1:48 caused a stir in the modelling community due to their reputation for high quality kits, and rightly so - It's a lovely kit, and now we also have a top quality later F-14D model to play with. Here comes Eduard to make it better with another host of resin and brass sets! As usual with Eduard's Photo-Etch (PE) and Mask sets arrive in a flat resealable package, with a white backing card protecting the contents and the instructions that are sandwiched between. F-14D Interior (49933) Two frets are included in this set, one with nickel plating and pre-painted details, the other in bare brass for the constructional aspect of the upgrade. It included sidewall skins for the two cockpits; replacement rudder pedals; highly detailed side console skins that require removal of the moulded-in detail, as does the instrument panel replacement for pilot and RIO. Other details include switch panels on the sidewalls; small structural details; a hoop for the windscreen with built-in grab-handle, matching hoop on the canopy front with rear-view mirrors, canopy closure details with retention hooks and another hoop with mirror for the RIO, plus some additional details in the rear bracing panel. Zoom! Set (FE933) This set contains a reduced subset of the interior, namely the pre-painted parts that are used to improve on the main aspects of the cockpit, as seen above. Whatever your motivations for wanting this set, it provides a welcome boost to detail, without being concerned with the structural elements. Seatbelts STEEL (FE934) The new ultra-thin an bendy steel frets are becoming common in the Eduard line, and if you aren't going for the resin seats, you can get the PE from that set separately to improve the kit parts with pre-painted belts; anti-flail injury leg straps; ejection actuation hoops, and additional seat controls. Exterior (48970) A large fret of natural brass includes a host of additional detail to improve on the base kit, starting with the landing gear, which is given additional small structural improvements, hosing on the legs and inside the bays; structural elements; bay door details including the transparent part in the centre of the nose bay doors; a number of grilles for the exterior of the airframe; upgrades to the main bays including their covers; belly pylon end skins; mating surfaces for the wing mounted pylons; exhaust details for the included weapons; a very detailed crew access ladder replacement, for which you will need some lengths of 0.4mm rod for the rungs, and additional parts for the arrestor hook. Engines (48969) The title of this single fret of brass is a little misleading, as it contains nickel-plated parts for the afterburner ring; a small fan behind a grille in the airway; A series of small grilles that are found around the airframe, and an external replacement skin for the nose gear bay door. Quite a mish-mash, with some duplication from the exterior set. Masks (EX624) Supplied on a sheet of yellow kabuki tape, these pre-cut masks supply you with a full set of masks for the canopy, with compound curved handled by using frame hugging masks, while the highly curved gaps are in-filled with either liquid mask or offcuts from the background tape. In addition you get a set of hub/tyre masks for the wheels, allowing you to cut the demarcation perfectly with little effort. Masks Tface (EX625) Supplied on a sheet of yellow kabuki tape, these pre-cut masks supply you with everything above, but also give you another set of canopy masks tailored to fit the interior of the glazing so that you can paint the interior and give your model that extra bit of realism. It's especially useful if you have also bought the interior set, as it will simplify painting enormously. Review sample courtesy of
  19. OK, here goes my version of the popular Tamiya F-14A Tomcat. I'm doing it in the markings of VF-142 Ghost Riders in their 1981 low-vis scheme from the old Microscale Decal sheet 48-217. Controversy and confusion kick off right from the get go! Microscale, with their usually vague painting instructions contradict each other in how the jet should be painted! I thought an ancient copy of Scale Aircraft Modelling June 1983 Vol. 5 Number 9 page 403 may have been of some help.................... ..........but the article seems to copy Microscale's instructions! The problem here is that I believe both Microscale and Scale Aircraft Modelling have got it wrong in their illustrations. The scheme in question appears to be the then brand new (for 1981 that is) low visibility blue/grey scheme of FS. 35237 top, FS. 36375 mid section and FS. 36495 underside. This very scheme has been slightly better documented by a couple of VF-143 Pukin Dogs Tomcats as seen below. https://deskgram.net/p/1825662876444855523_3230508708 So, the search began for any colour photos of Bu No. 159452. My initial search, several months ago, found nothing. But a more recent search uncovered a very poor quality colour image that seemed to confirm my hunch. https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1048472 But, there are still unanswered questions! If anybody else is able to source any more colour photos of this particular jet I'd really like to see them. Anyway, so on with the build....... The cockpit is good enough out of the box. All that really needs adding is aftermarket seats. I'll be adding Quickboost seats from set number QB 48-754 for the EA-6B Prowler. As far as I'm aware they are the same seat as fitted to the early F-14A Tomcat, and you get 4 seats obviously, so enough for 2 Tomcats! I'm trying to build the kit in a way that avoids as much masking as possible. So I have painted the inside and outside of the nose section before gluing. This way I'm hoping I won't have to mask off the cockpit and undercarriage bay. Part number H6 the cockpit frame was painted Tamiya XF-85 Rubber Black, then dry brushed with light grey. This will simply slot in to place once the nose section is finished. An example of ease of use and speeding things up a little can be seen here with parts D18 and K1 and K2. I assembled K1 and K2 then glued them to D18, then went about cutting off the antenna and cleaning up the join line. Doing it this way made it all a lot easier to handle. Next the unit will be sprayed FS. 36495 and glued directly to the model. The panel on the side of the jet was filled with a styrene and Tamiya glue mix, then sanded. Perfect! Also take note of the fuselage mold line that needs to be removed prior to painting! More filling required on the nose section. This time using Mr Dissolved Putty. I really like this stuff and can highly recommend it. Also, there are two more sections of mold line that need to be removed. As indicated by the black marker and red arrows.............. On the intake ramp parts I glued part E13 to part D4 whilst holding parts D4 and E10 together (not glued) with mini clothes pegs. This aided painting later on. Parts G56, A5, A6 and B12 were all added to the lower fuselage section as well as the two E13 & D4 glued parts. This entire unit was then painted Stynylrez white primer. K14 and K15 were glued to their respective intakes and sprayed Stynylrez white primer. This section (not glued yet) is a drop fit onto the lower fuselage section. Such is the quality of Tamiya engineering! Next will be completing the front fuselage section and painting the lower fuselage FS 36495 in its various sub assemblies. Cheers Richard.
  20. Hobby Boss has just re-released its Tomcat kit (link) as 1/72nd Grumman F-14A Tomcat "VF-1 Wolf Pack"- ref. 80279 Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=1445&l=en V.P.
  21. Hello colleagues modellers I would like to introduce to you my third F-14 from Tamiya 1/48. I built this model for Ted Rutherford who flew with him. Of the accessories, I only used Eduard's RBFs and seats. Fightertown Decals.
  22. Hello! One more model. Tomcat from Italeri in 48th scale. OOB.
  23. This is my entry for the gb, a classic Hasegawa 72nd scale. I've not yet decided the livery and the kit to build: a VF-1 bird (with specific kit) or a VF-31 tomcatters build (in this case, i will choose the Atlantic Fleet kit). Hope to post some updates soon...
  24. Hello one and all, I have been meaning to join a GB for a while now. I was going to enter the P-51 STGB, but typically I couldn't find my decals for the aircraft... anyhow, I was looking at this one thinking that I don't own anything that I could use - yeah, I was a wee bit wrong there. A quick check of the stash proves I have about 15 x F-15's, a few Intruders, a few Prowlers, a Hawkeye and a Greyhound. After checking with Tempestmk5, I know what can and can't be entered into this GB. So lets go! So I can not build the F-14's I have for Ace Combat, however I can build an F-14 from a film as it actually flew! No not THAT film, I'm starting with an F-14 from "The Final Countdown", never seen this film. Has anyone else? Is it worth watching? As far as I understand it, the F-14 on the cover is based on an VF-84 F-14 and not the one from the film as they have *MUCH* larger stars and bars beacuse - film plot? I also have the below... Now the Dragon F-14 is complete and utter garbage, but the F-18F is pretty decent. So I will replace the F-14 in this kit with an extra F-14 I have from Revell, which I have built before and loved the kit. See below... Please excuse how terrible the finish is, I built this on my return to the hobby 6-7 years ago. I remember enjoying building this kit then however. Depending how far I get I also have these to add.... You can see the decal option for "The Final Countdown" there as well. Now this is where the fun happens... the "others" I will bring to the table. I said I also have a Hawkeye and Greyhound to add to the party. However I can only build one, I know Enzo will come straight in and say "Build Both!" but unforunately that isn't possible as the Greyhound kit is a conversion for the Hawkeye and I only have one Hawkeye (for now). Pictures below... Now the same as the F-14A/D, I have also built the Hawkeye before. This was also upon my return to the hobby, but I am still pretty happy with the end result. Ignore the dirty black line, I was playing around with preshading with a sharpie. It didn't work... Then we have the Prowler and Intruder... I recon these two will have the most interest... Just trust me, there is two Prowlers and two Intruders in that box... infact there is alot of plastic in that box. Now the eagle eyed amoung you will have spotted the goodies next to the box... yes I have lots of goodies for these birds. See below! I do have a thing for Domi's stuff over at Retrowings - his stuff is sooo good! I only have enough for one Prowler but three for the Intruder (I have a single kit laying around somewhere). The ALQ-99's where purchased for a Growler kit, but i can use them here as well. Strange question - are the Prowlers wings the same as the Intruders? I mean for the wing fold bits. So while I am build at least 2 F-14's... not sure what else to add next... Hawkeye, Greyhound, Prowler or Intruder? Hopefully I can get at least one of these ladies finished as my record in GB's isn't fantastic. Oh forgot to add that I also have two Dragon carrier decks to add *IF* I get the time. Now that I think about it, I have about 5 boxes of the Wildcat from Sweet... Kind Regards, Dazz
  25. I’m not sure if I got a thing for the F-14 when I bought this kit, or I bought this kit and developed a thing for the Tomcat, but either way, the Airfix 1975 edition was the first Tomcat that I built and one of my earliest models. I bought it with my own hard-earned pocket money but because my folks expected me to save, I pretended that it was a Christmas prezzie from a classmate and I finished it on Boxing Day. Things have changed on the kit buying front since then, I’m bit more upfront and when the ‘Boss’ said, you’re having too many parcels delivered and I can hardly get in your man cave, I suggested she didn’t go in there. Someone donated this kit to me (like I needed another addition to the stash....) It represents a very early Tomcat and I suspect that Airfix were really keen to get a kit out at the time. It’s got the shape right for sure, the swing wings and connected glove vanes would have been a big gimmick, the all moving tailerons less so but fragile, the cockpit very basic. I decided though not only to build it straight away, but do so from the box, as per the instructions. As it turned out, I did add some things I knew should be there, like the nav lights, tinted windscreen, glued the wings swept and the gloves vanes shut and had to fabricate the RIO’s instrument panel which was missing, but in the main, it is no frills and just as Airfix gave it to you. I was quite impressed with the decals TBH, they were in register and easy to handle and I even made a few of those stupid mistakes that I made as a 12-year old. Sorry about the photo quality, bit of a rush. Anyway, enough from me; Wolfpack Baby...
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