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Found 69 results

  1. Hello all, This is my version of Mini-Art's T-60. Pretty much built out of the box (just added the ignition wires). Resin figure is from Evolution Miniatures. there is definitely something about is winter whitewash camouflage, when I start on one of those I can't stop weathering.
  2. On the 28-29 September, Over 2 days the Tank Museum will be inviting exhibitors from across the UK to exhibit their models throughout the Museum. Boats, Cars, Plane, Trains, Military Vehicles and, of course, Tanks! Book online for reduced prices. Annual Passes are valid for this event. https://www.tankmuseum.org/whats-on/events/bovevt67366 Over two days, see a wide range of models and buy your own! Exhibitors and traders throughout the Museum. Model boats, cars, planes and trains - and, of course, tanks! Models and modelling paraphernalia on sale, suitable for novices up to the experienced modeller Demonstrations from traders throughout the day Tank Museum volunteer modellers will give you expert tips and tricks Please note: due to the nature of the event, there will be a limited number of Museum tours and talks taking place throughout the day. Some of the indoor exhibits may also be obstructed from public view. We still have available spaces for Traders & Caterers! https://tankmuseum.org/whats-on/trade-exhibit
  3. Well, I've decided to try a WIP of my new M1A2 SEP TUSK (or Abrams Acronyms ). So far I've assembled components for the lower hull, minus the wheels, some components on the upper hull and turret, the reactive armour on the skirts, and the main gun. I then masked off the appropriate areas and gave it a coat of Rust-Oluem Terracotta effect for the anti-slip coating. Came out better than expected, but I think I'll need to lay some primer over it soon since the little grains in the paint seem to flake off fairly easy. Anyway, here's some pics of my work so far. That's all I've got for now
  4. Before the Birth of the MBT Western Tank development 1945 - 1959 ISBN : 9788395157585 Kagero via Casemate UK The Main Battle Tank or MBT that we know today is really a product of the 1960s and has come a long way form the tanks we finished WWII with. During WWII the tank and armoured formations came to fore in movement warfare. The allies had many light and medium tanks but few of what we would call heavy tanks, and even super heavy tanks. These were being developed to the end of the war with the British A39 Tortoise and the American T28 which were more guns than tanks due to the lack of a traversing turret. The Americans ended the War with the medium Sherman and the M26. The T28, and follow on T29, 30, 32 & 34 were quickly side-lined as impractical, and the M26 was upgraded to the M46, and the hybrid M47. The M47 being an effective combination of a proven hull and a new better turret. The M48 would follow and while it had initial problems it would turn out to be an excellent combat vehicle. The M48 would be followed by the M60 which would be the US's first MBT. At the same time the last US Heavy tank the M103 was withdrawn from service, though in reality the tanks had failed to meet the Army's standards and most of the production went to the USMC. In the UK we had ended the war with the Many US Shermans, the A34 Comet Cruiser Tank, and even some Churchill tanks. The A41 was designated as Heavy Cruiser tank back as far as 1943 , this was further developed into the Centurion. This would prove to be a very adaptable design and in various marks would go onto serve until it was developed into the Chieftain in the late 1950s. The Chieftain would be Britain's first main Battle Tank, and would see the disbandment of the last British Heavy tanks the Conqueror. The French would again try to go their own way, and the first post war tank the ARL44was not so much a design as a hodge podge of parts using existing technology. It was not a success and disliked by crews. In fact the French used them alongside a regiment of reconditioned Panther tanks! The Americans funded the AMX13 under MAP but would not fund the AMX50 and the French had to accept M47s under MAP. M47s were also issued to the re-formed West German Army though the tanks were disliked by their "experienced" crews. The book is A4 softcover in format and 108 pages long, It is illustrated throughout with black and white photos, there are also 10 pages technical drawings, 10 of colour pictures and six pages of colour tank profiles. Conclusion This book will give the reader an understanding of Tank development post WWII which lead upto the MBTs we see today. Highly Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  5. So there I was wandering round a lovely model shop in Porthmadog in that there Welsh Wales looking for perhaps the new Tamiya 1/48 Churchill or perchance the Airfix 1/48 Hurricane. And there was this oddly named kit... Emhar? Never heard of them. But cheap enough and then I remembered this upcoming Group Build and thought this will be a nice simple build to make up for my abject failure to complete my Sherman II for the M3/M4 Group Build and before I know it I'm pushing my filthy lucre into the hands of the gentleman proprietor. And it's going to need a couple of figures so... ...these from Eb*y. So let's have a look in the box. Don't like the look of those tracks. But the superstructure looks cleanly moulded. So clock is ticking let's stick some bits together. OK, first impressions. Parts have little flash on them,plastic is a little softish and prone to tearing. The instructions are not the best (basically a series of exploded diagrams). Everything fits together pretty well. Here we go...
  6. My last work: Merkava Mk. IIID (Hobby Boss) 1/35 tank Regards
  7. Hi guys, here's my second attempt at model making, the Tamiya 1/35 Tiger 1 tank. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmggUQwj I initially intended to paint camouflage scheme used by panzer regiment in Italy September 1943, but couldn't perfect the fine airbrush technique for the two-tone colours. So I had to re-spray in desert scheme. I tried using Vallejo model air paint, but found this too thin to work with. The final finish was using Tamiya XF acrylic paints, which I found great to work with.
  8. My first attempt at model making. All comments and advice on improving my painting technique, are welcome. https://www.flickr.com/gp/140541791@N08/2y6p81
  9. My 1:35 tank series (2017)
  10. Here are some pictures of my completed model. this was made straight out of the box. I dirtied it up as though in service, though only nice clean parade ones have been seen. Used Humbrol enamels sprayed over a base green, then a pin wash to bring up the line work and details, then used mixed W&N artisit pastels ground up to dirty it up a bit. pressed on with a stiff brush end. The ZVEZDA model goes together with little filler needed, only a bit on the flat panels at the front of the turret. Even at 1/35th there are tiny parts for the optical and radar systems. Tracks were strips of flat links, glued with superglue, not always fitting well. prefer rubber ones. Engine side grilles stand off grid panels are very difficult to fit on to the various tiny supports, I just used a lot of super glue there. T14 Tank T14 Tank T14 Tank enjoyable make. Transfers were very good but not used. Wheels were painted black for the rubber, all the rest spray painted then dirtied up. OH!, and the empty bottles on top: the crew are inside, sleeping of six bottles of wine . ZZzzzz.
  11. Hi guys, here is Panther Ausf. D from Academy I've finished recently. It's the first element of the Eastern Front diorama I'm working on. I've made some alterations to the original moulded model like open hatches replicated in resin or the side skirts made of thin sheet of brass. No crew for now, they will come later. Thanks for viewing
  12. Hi, So this is my T-34/85. The story behind this model is the tank has been taking some heavy hits from ze Germans (seen by the deep gouges in the armour) and they were unfortunate enough hit a landmine, destroying the left track and leaving them stranded in the thick mud, leaving the crew no choice but to open the hatches and leg it. Let me know what you think - constructive feedback always welcome Tanks for looking (Pun intended, I'm sorry)
  13. Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam ISBN : 9781612005327 Casemate UK The US Marine Corps is fairly unique in that where ever they operate they generally rely on their own Air Power and own support elements including heavy armour, today operating the M1 Abrams in this role. Vietnam would seem a strange place for tank battles with its mix of jungle and paddy fields but the USMC tankers would serve with distinction. Vietnam was a war like no other, it had historical aspects, political aspects, and moral aspects. It was the first war to be shown almost live on television beamed into peoples houses on a nightly basis. From a history point of view units frustratingly kept incomplete records unlike other wars. We think of this as the air war with hueys dropping in troops accompanied by fast jet air strikes, with B-52s carpet bombing the countryside. Tanks though were used surprisingly a lot in Vietnam, though the tankers themselves were often frustrated that hard won lessons of tank/infantry cooperation learned in Korea and WWII were overlooked by their senior commanders. While they often worked in familiar roles; Vietnam also placed tanks, guarding outposts, in convoy protection, road blocks, and working in villages. Despite the challenges of a war which had no real front lines and was often more brutal in its fighting, while being hampered by Senior Commanders & politicians the tankers of the USMC fought in the Sand Dunes, paddy fields, villages, jungles, mountains, and historic towns of Vietnam with distinction. The book is divided up into 7 chapters; Two Thousand year of war (History of Vietnam) 1965: Taking Measure 1966: The NVA moves South 1967: A growing momentum 1968: Crisis and Decision 1969: On the Ropes 1970/75 : Withdrawal and Final Spasms This book is a reprint in an A5 softbound format by with 293 pages with one section of black & White photographs. The author Oscar Gilbert is an ex Marine himself and winner of the 2016 General Grenne award for outstanding non fiction for his book on USMC Tanks on Tarawa (Also available through Casemate). This book really is also a companion to the Marine Corps Tanks Battles in Korea we reviewed here. Conclusion If you're interested in The Vietnam War, Tanks, or the US Marine Corps, this is an interesting book on an interesting subject that should give you some hours of entertainment, and remain on hand as a reference for the modeller or historian. Luckily Vietnam has not been as forgotten as some other wars, however the role of the USMC tankers has largely been ignored; not so now. Highly Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  14. Marine Corps Tank Battles in Korea ISBN : 9781612005317 Casemate UK The US Marine Corps is fairly unique in that where ever they operate they generally rely on their own Air Power and own support elements including heavy armour, today operating the M1 Abrams in this role. Korea would seem a strange place for tank battles with its mix of mountains and paddy fields but the USMC tankers would servce with distinction. In Korea initially the US Marine tankers were thrown into defending the Pusan perimeter. He hastily formed tank crews were put in new M26 tanks through which they only fired 4 main rounds rounds in training. However as in a many things it came down to the me more than the equipment. Most if not all of the officers and senior NCOs were WWII veterans, both active duty and reserves. Indeed the leader of the Pusan defence 2nd Lt Sweet was a former enlisted man, wounded at Pearl Harbour and then a veteran in Tanks at Guam and Iwo Jima. Newly qualified members while not veterans were inspired by these men and the traditions of the Corps. For the USMC tankers the war in Korea became defined by three phases; To kill enemy tanks in the defence of Pusan. To stage the amphibious landing at Inchon. Laterly to provide support and mobile artillery of the infantry. The book covers these and other areas of the war in eight major chapters. Repeating History: The unexpected war. One Company's War: The Defence of Pusan The Master Stroke : Inchon & Seoul The Lowest Circle of Hell: The Chosin Reservoir Encirlement Deliverance: The Chosin Reservoir Beakout Lives for real estate : Offensives & counteroffensives 1951-52 Backs to the River - Jamestown Line 1952-53 Warriors Depart: Armistace & Withdrawl. This book is a reprint in an A5 softbound format by with 293 pages with two section of black & White photographs. The author Oscar Gilbert is an ex Marine himself and winner of the 2016 General Grenne award for outstanding non fiction for his book on USMC Tanks on Tarawa (Also available through Casemate) Conclusion If you're interested in The Korean War, Tanks, or the US Marine Corps, this is an interesting book on an interesting subject that should give you some hours of entertainment, and remain on hand as a reference for the modeller or historian. Korea has for too long been called the forgotten war, and these USMC tankers probably forgotten more than most. Highly Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  15. Whilst looking for images of early Shermans in the British Army I stumbled across this image of a tank called "Sheik" dated 29 September 1943 according to the Imperial War Museum (which also hosts the image) this tank was operated by the Royal Scots Greys and is pictured in Italy. The camouflage scheme looks interesting, can anyone tell me what colours I am looking at? It almost looks like a homage to "Mr. Blobby". That looks like Mt. Etna in the background which would make this Sicily rather than mainland Italy? As mainland Italy was invaded on 3rd Sept, I'm guessing this is a posed photograph for publicity/propaganda purposes? Do any other images exist of "Sheik"? Looks very err "modellable" which model Sherman is she? Sherman III?
  16. So during my refurbishment of my Tamiya M1A2 OIF, I decided to put to use the additional decals out of my Dragon M1A2 SEP kit. Unfortunately, those decals are not referred to in the SEP set at all (in some instances the instructions refer to decal numbers that don't exist, or incorrect locations in one case (I'll never trust Dragon instructions again tbh). Through a long and arduous search I've managed to procure some imagery to add the markings (APU for example), but others are almost impossible to find, since the only vehicle shots showing the hull seem to be devoid of markings. I added the 'Fuel' markings near the caps (Tamiya hull seems to have an extra cap so I could only mark three). Does anyone have access to the markings instructions from the Dragon M1A1 AIM kit? These seem to display the locations of these superfluous decals. I've got the bulk on, but still need to know where to place certain 'No Step' ones (added two the driver's hatch), as well as soe reading 'Read Warning Beneath' and 'Engine Service' as well as some small 'Lift Here' ones. Hugely appreciate any assistance with this one. Also, if anyone knows what the white serial number markings provided (with a white circle out line and two dots inside it) are, that'd be a huge help. Thanks. Gaz
  17. Ok still kind of new to modelling having only made 2 planes! I started this a few years ago then took a big break from new hobby. Recently got back into it and finished this! First attempt at weathering. Maybe a bit too far. Have a diorama base I bought for it so will work on that now as well as my eurofighter Hope you like it!!
  18. So, the 8.8 Flak is awaiting a sprue so, behold the half built glory of the T28/95. Im going with it being about 40% done as there are a lot of road wheels to make and quite a few sub assemblies. Heres what it looked and looks like now An this is what my kit is like now.
  19. I started working on T08A2 / R3000 spider tank from Ghost In The Shell movie a year ago. For those who haven't seen the movie - I would highly recommend, it's one of the best sci-fi anime movies. Scale 1:20 (roughly ) One of the biggest problems that I had from the start was non existence of blue prints, or actually anything that would be close to that. That's why scale is approximate So for "blueprints" I ended up with a few things: Screenshots from the movie Smaller resin model from ebay, which isn't proper quality Someone actually made a model from that kit on this forum: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2214-spider-tank-r-3000/page-3?hl=gits Someone made a 3D digital model, which I managed to aquire. It isn't very accurate, I would say it follows movie almost... So yeah, none of these were precise. Actually, even frames from the movie sometimes contradict itself. To make matters worse I wanted to make a model which could move, so following sizes and strength of mechanical components had to be taken into consideration as well... Initial idea was to make the shell from a styrofoam, but during last year I bought a 3D printer, which came very handy when making these complex shapes.
  20. Since I'm new here I might as well start showing off some of my work! Tamiya 1/35 Tiger I (Early) built OOB and brush painted with Tamiya acrylics as Tiger 131 as she appears in the Tank Museum (complete with attempts at mimicking the damage left on the real 131). I completed this just over a year ago and still remember it being a lovely build with no issues. Looking forward to building more armour in the future both from Tamiya and some of their equally high quality competitors. Enjoy! Andrew
  21. Welcome to my latest build. As I have been in the mood for building military kits lately, after building the Leopard tank and transporter, I thought it only fair to build something British. I settled for the Challenger as I have always liked watching it in action (on TV) and it seemd to be ahead of its time and stylish and will stand alongside the Leopard nicely. As before I am also using some photoetch but my patience with all of the tiny fiddly bits are testing me (I'm also fed up with super gluing my fingers together and to my head and tea cup). The actual kit is quite detailed really, so PE may not have really been needed. The main parts I wanted were for the rear engine vent grill but I have found some of the extra PE detailing useful in some areas (lights, barrel, etc) so it may have been worth it after all. I hope you enjoy following this build and appreciate all comments, tips, etc. Here goes: The Box Suspension and wheels assembled. Looks like an upside down woodlice......... First coat of the camo to the base, as well as the rear fuel barrels, etc. PE grilles fitted and the front lights sections. Front light PE parts fitted.
  22. I'm getting into russian tanks in a big way, I'm going to work through a few, starting with this one. I like all the boxy armour stuff. Some sprue shots. Some PE Yep, those tracks again. At least the bag is more robust than the Chieftain's was. Took a while to work out that this is actually Sprue M, not a second sprue E. I like the subtle waves they molded into these plates Glorious turret and rubbery bit. correction to instructions, a bit weird. I made a start, the underside is nocely detailed, the wheel legs are complcated little things, with many small parts. I spent so long down here looking for A7 that it qualified as a valid part of the process worthy of a photo. No luck. The part just vanishes, no sound to idea how far it bounces... Wow! I lost this small handle for another model about 6 weeks ago! More wow, Takom somehow knew I would lose this part and included two spares! In fact, there are two spare drive sprockets on the sprue too? Takom included a pair of polycaps with the kit, but don't refer to them anywhere on the instructions? They look like they fit inside the front idler wheel but the peg the wheel fits onto is very short. Takom are crazy. With the wheel legs done (it is wheel legs right?) onto the hull top, which is split into three, presumably for versions. Just checking ahead to see what the instructions say about the tracks. These are the same 'instructions' as the chieftain, in other words, 'Here's a bag of links that don't clip together, good luck, brave modeler'. Cheers!
  23. GazB

    Abrams Late-80s

    Hi, I have some questions regarding the variants of Abrams around in the late-80s, specifically 89. Ordinarily I would presume that the Army had access to the M1A1 at this time, but I've read that the M1A2 entered production in about 86. Obviously it's not the one we're all familiar with, with the round CITV. My questions are: are these dates correct? And if they were in service did the M1A2s have any specific external differences at this time compared with the M1A1? Second, did the M1A1s or A2s of this period have any form of commander thermal sight, specifically the box version, or was it left with the cap? Any help would be appreciated Gaz
  24. Hi For those who have followed the build of my Faun Tank Transporter here this is the chosen tank kit which I hope to use with the Faun. I have also bought the photo etch kit which is really for the Tamiya build but it seems to all match up with the Revell kit. I have made a small start cutting out some openings:
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