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Found 1,357 results

  1. Last November, during the BTE (Best Trip EverTM), along with @CedB, @Terry1954, @Navy Bird, and the Mighty @Procopius, I got to visit the FAA Museum at Yeovilton, and found this prize in the gift shop: While paying for my new treasure, the kind women behind the counter asked if I'd like to have the author, David Morris, sign it for me, he was standing right there! BTE. Here's a pic I snapped of KD431 in the exhibit hall: Hopefully, this one helps me rebound from multiple recent modelling setbacks, we'll see. I was originally going to attempt this in the upcoming STGB, but I'm afraid that it's too big a project to do under a time pressure, please pardon this sinner Dennis @Corsairfoxfouruncle - I'll attempt a RNZAF Corsair in that one. Well, I want to build it as close as possible to how it's displayed at Yeovilton, so that means opening up the panel between the engine and fuel tank, and scratch building a bunch of stuff to put in there. Panel removed with scribing tool, then razor saw. The wide portion of an eye dropper will be the fuel tank. By a stroke of luck, the plasticard I have lying around is exactly half the thickness of Tamiya sprue, so if I glue two pieces together it is the right size to represent the ducting header for the tubes going from the wing root air intakes. I'm not looking for 100% (or even 78%) accuracy, I just want it to look busy in there.
  2. Wasn't originally planning to enter this GB as nothing in the stash fitted, but I just happened to find my self in Monk Bar Models, York before Christmas (if anyone ask I was Christmas shopping for my nephew) when I happened on the following kit, and at £9.99 it would have been rude not to buy it. From memory I probably first built this late 70's or early 80's. The kit was my first 1/35 armoured subject and my first Tamiya kit. I am guessing it would have been originally bought from Beatties in Portsmouth, which was only 10min walk from my Gran's house.
  3. Hi, During lockdown, like most of us, I have made a few models, this gave me a change to hone my modelling skills and try my hand at modeling aircraft. Not my normal genre of model making, usual make restoration dioramas, figures & rust vehicles. I have put them all here, to save starting three individual threads. So here they are my three 1/32 Spitfires. Tamiya Revell - "Aces High" Revell MK. IXc clipped wing Stay safe Richard
  4. Well it's time for a big one - a Tamiya 1/32nd F-4E Phantom with some extras: Rhinomodels Seamless intakes - with free Resin Wheels Avionix Cockpit set Master Pitot tubes Eduard Placards Eduard stencil masks - my personal favorite, as it avoids decal stencils :-) Quickboost FOD Covers - probably just use them for masking when painting Work starts with the major surgery - fitting the intakes. Marked the area that needs removing Then work with a razor saw and sanding sticks and repeated dry fitting and the intakes are fitted. Then work on the cockpit - once again lots of sanding and removing a section of the end and the middle section. The pit is only blu-tac in place to test the fit, but looks good so far. Peter
  5. Since the lockdown started, it seems to be the fashion to go with multiple builds, so I thought, why not. The M51 will continue as it's not far off finished, and I'll do some more on the Centurion, as and when. But as this dropped through my post box a couple of days ago, I decided that I wanted to make a start on the conversion. And this is what you get in the box. X2. It's certainly a very nice looking kit. Gone is the old Tamiya cast metal hull, and this one looks as though it assembles easily. Tamiya include two lengths of metal to give it some weight and a sensible method of fixing it in place. One thing that I did find strange is the fact that the indentations on the forward and rear parts of the track guards have been moulded raised instead of recessed. It's up to individual taste as to whether you correct this. My original intention was to turn this into a Tiran 5, but getting hold of an M68 105mm main gun in this scale is a no no as it doesn't exist, and I didn't want to start scratch building one. So the alternative was to go with and early Tiran 4 as the D10T 100mm gun is included in the kit. I have the Sabingamartin book on the Tiran 4 which has a few profiles of possible candidates. I spoke with Das Abteilung with regards to whether this is possible and there are some pitfalls apparently. BUT, I decided to go ahead with the conversion and try and produce one of the profiles from the book. 100% accuracy might not be there, but hopefully it will look like a Tiran 4. I’ve got both the Miniart kit and the Takom kit of the Tiran 4, so I will be using those as a guide. So I'll be getting this up and running very soon. John.
  6. Yep, your old citroen might do a couple of these moves and some ‘64 chevy imapalas can pull this of as well but to my knowledge only a few tanks can do this. I bought this kit 6 weeks ago on an auction site for a bargain. I’ll have to admit this tank was never on my radar but I liked the shape of it and it’s a tamiya so I went for it. The tank The type 74 was designed to counter the t-62 but it was already more or less obsolete when it came out which surprised me since Japan is a tech savy country. When soviet filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsy filmed the famous highway scene of the sci fi movie “Solyaris” in the early seventies, he went to Tokyo because it looked more futuristic than the USSR (probably among other reasons). But that same USSR was already working on the T-64, T-72 and T-80. Even the Type 90 looks more like a copy of the leopard-2’s that came out a decade earlier. But to me the Type 74 looks a bit Russian with the low sleek silhouette combined with the big road-wheels and dome shaped turret. What sets this tank apart from most others is the way the tracks look, and the exhaust. No rust. Did they use noncorrosive materials? I would find such consideration very japanese. Check the excelent walkaround pics right here: http://www.toadmanstankpictures.com/type_74_camp_iwate.htm
  7. Good day all, hope you are all safe and sound where ever you are. I'm just setting up my page for this GB. Really looking forward to this build and I have chosen Tamiya's epic 1:32 kit of the Birdcage Corsair. I came across the kit just after Christmas and was really looking forward to a later mark as I wanted to do a MkII but due the stock having a great price this was the last remaining and I couldn't turn it down, it worked out at around 60 quid! Now I prefer to model Fleet Air Arm aircraft and they did operate this type of aircraft as a MK I, it never really saw much operational action as it was mainly used as a trainer and was stationed mainly stateside and Canada. This particular build will be of JT190 which was flown by the late Lt Cdr Jack Sewell a FAA Fighter Ace, based at NAS Brunswick in Maine. I still have much to learn about the pilot and aircraft and will hopefully share that over the course of this build. The kit is quite huge and there is a lot of detail in there. Its the first time I've really tackled something in 1:32 so I hope that I can do it justice. I'm building straight out of the box with the exception of a fabric harness (I am assuming that the Mk I's still retained their American harnesses as they were based in US and hadn't really been British-ised yet), I also ordered a set of cockpit label decals to add a bit more depth to the cockpit, they haven't arrived yet so hoping they are not far off. As for the decals, well I haven't had any luck in getting a set in 1:32 so another first for me is painting the markings as opposed to sticking them on, we shall see how that goes! I do have a 1:48 'Royal Navy' and serial letters that work out to roughly the correct size so the serials wont be a problem. Just need to find some colour matching for the roundels. This aircraft was also marked up as '7M' and that will be slightly easier to mask and paint as opposed to any other number/letter combo. Here is the obligatory box top I wont go into every sprue shot as there are a lot of them and this kit has been well reviewed elsewhere on the web so I will save my Flickr size but heres a little selection of parts post washing, there are a fair few to count! It all looks a little daunting at the moment, I just hope I can complete it in time and do it justice, but we shall see. Until later, stay safe! Bob
  8. Tank, Infantry, Valentine Mk.IV Tamiya | 1/35 scale Tank, Infantry, Valentine Mk.IV in 1/35 scale from Tamiya with RB metal barrels and Masterclub metal tracks. Painted with Tamiya acrylics; weathered with, Vallejo acrylic weathering effects, Ammo and Mig Productions enamels; Ammo pigments and dirt from outside. Comments and criticism welcomed!
  9. My next quarantine build is Tamiya's Beaufighter TFX. I'm starting to add some details, and corrections ... The engines with the exhaust pipes, cowl braces, cleaning up the exhaust ring and the flame damper exhaust with the cabin heater pipes (a detail that seems to get missed) Correcting the balance and trim tab linkage, and dropping the elevators ... Adding some detail, brake lines, axle pillow blocks and pivots to the gear. Also flattening the tires and drilling for axles. Rescribing and correcting the wing panel lines, adding the gun close off patches, opening up the oil cooler outlet etc ... and I'm just starting to add fuselage and cockpit dtails ... It should be a fun build, the Tamiya kit is a very nice starting point. The machine I'm building will require stealing the armor piercing rockets from a Mosquito kit for use on the Mk 1b rails from the kit.
  10. Between 1998 and 2008 I owned a number of Honda Preludes; three third generation and one fifth generation model. I've not seen any models of either type although I understand there is a rare kit of the 3rd gen Prelude out there somewhere. This Tamiya kit of the 2nd generation Honda Prelude was picked up from a small model shop in Evesham when I saw it at a reasonable price. The appearance didn't change much between the 2nd and 3rd generation models, although few parts were carried over and an uncle of mine had one of these 2nd gen cars many years ago. The main parts of the body were sprayed dark blue - a similar colour to my first Prelude. It looks a little grainy, not sure if it's supposed to be like that (IIRC it's a pearl or metallic finish and needs lacquer). Engine bay needs another coat, body was united just to check fit. More grain on the boot lid. The instructions call for the underside to be painted mostly the same colour as the upper body. Inner wings will get a coat of satin black and I think there's a silver exhaust heat shield to paint and the petrol tank probably needs some colour too. Interior parts mostly painted, the instructions called for two-tone grey, which again is very similar to the car I owned. I think it was brushed with Tamiya acylics. Bumpers in metallic grey. Not sure how to do the indicators, it's a pity they're just moulded in. Suspension and dash top, pity about the broken tie rod, not quite sure how to fix. Cooling fan reasonably well picked out against the radiator matrix. Engine, I'm tempted to try adding plug leads to bring it to life. I think I experimented with dry brushing silver on the flat aluminium gearbox casing to give it a bit more life, I think it looks OK. Decals and glazing, still in the plastic bag. I think the digital dash (oh so '80s) was for the Japanese market only. Nice satin-finish for the wheels, but they need some black paint to pick out the surround to the "H" on the centre cap. Where now? Finish the body; light rub down, another colour coat, clear coat. details Paint the underside Assemble the interior Assemble the underside Final assembly.
  11. My entry will be Tamiya's 1/48 F4U-1D Corsair with Moto-Tug. Not sure when I will start as I need to finish entry's to 3 other GBs first.
  12. Hello all, Here's my entry another Tamiya 1/48: Haven't decided on which of the schemes to do yet, not that there's much difference between them, but I'm erring toward the box art as I do like a bit of yellow! I have got the Eduard zoom set and that's about it really, looking at the kit its very nice...I don't think it needs much extra at all. Cheers, Mark.
  13. Hello Dears, Did I have mentionned this building ?? The Monogram Dash F has been started in 1988 or so.. Will search where the Bushmasters are stationned at the time, but I think it was Bentwaters... I read a book about the projected nuke war, they told about the Squadron, There was a Mk 7 nuke for each bridge of the Vistule river, would have 3 or 4 eyed fish For god's sake they both stayed quiet or almost, no mushrooms Modifications on the pylon for the Mk 7 The Tamiya one is a more recent start, 6 or 7 years ago I think. She is retro modified, from a dash G to a dash E. Goog kit, I used parts from the Verlinden kit, this kit is just a copy from the original parts, there is a slight difference, almost not noticeable. And some parts from a Heller X-kit, so I believe resin parts are from Renaissance.Don't Know, More to come soon. Thank for watching. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  14. In the end it came down to this one or an attempt at the Sd.Kfz 232 (8 Rad) and this one was nearest the top of the pile. Life is built on such vagiaries, that's what makes it such fun The box. There has to be one, and here it is. I've attemptedto rip off the price sticker but it was obviously applied with a generous helping of extra thin Suspect it was another NE Model Centre purchase - their close proximity and near permnent 20% off deal makes interweb shopping pointless unless they don't have what I want in stock. There are 3 sprues - something I only discovered when one of the figures made a bid for freedom on the way back to solitary. I know the one piece track/wheel set up has attracted more than a little aprobrium amongst reviewers but they weren't blitz building so we can safely ignore them. I shall also be using decals. Once again they are from Toro which experience tells me means they look great but they are very thin, very hard to get off the backing paper, and the ones that don't tear will fold themselves into some 4 dimensional origami which is impossible to retrieve. On the other hand, they cover subjects I want to build, and nobody else does. This is a vehicle from 10 Pułk Dragonów zmotoryzowanych, which was the armoured infantry component of 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade in Holland, autumn 1944. I chose this one instead of the simple one on their other sheet because it has a huge bit of grafitti up the side for me to screw up. Phew. After all that I'm going for a lie down. Battle will commence tomorrow morning. Good luck chaps Andy
  15. Hi all After the Mig 25, I choosed to exist of my stach a different subject. This time, I decided to go to Japan and build the beautifull Ki-61 Hien Tamiya kit. Like all Tamlya kit, it is very well engenired. The try fit show me that it is possible to not glu the wing before the paint. I decided to assemble and paint the fuselage and the wing seperatly and assemble them after the paint. My build start with the cockpit. It is very well detailled and it not need some adds I use the H66 GUnze paint and add a little weathering. I choosed to paint the insignia marks I use the help of a silhouet printer to make the mask I painted the tail in red using the Tamiya paint For the rest of the fuselage, I used the Vallejo aluminium paint. THis paint have the great advantage of being dilluted with water. Now I can start the challenge of the kit : the green spots. I use the C310 Gunze paint but after I spray it, I think this paint is to lighter. But this paint used by Hasegawa for his kit
  16. Next build while in lockdown. Wanted something I could build up and leave complete for painting later. Thought of trying some modern armour so went for this one. Plan is to do it in "urban digital" squares (3x grey) for something different, inaccurate and to test my masking (going to print my own masks too). Probably start the build at the weekend and take it slow (dont think I will do much more than OOTB) 2020-04-06_02-34-36 by Robert Worth, on Flickr
  17. Afternoon all, As a recent convert to making car models I haven't dared put up any finished models but I thought that if I don't I won't improve, so here's my interpretation of Hunt's McLaren M23 from the 1976 Race of Champions at Brands Hatch, my first F1 meeting and bloody cold and wet it was too! It's Tamiyas kit, starting with the Yardley version, modified with new front suspension and various other mods to bring it to the 1976 standard, it's not quite correct for the race as I found some better pictures well after the model was finished and a socially distanced pint to the first one to spot it. I finished this about a year ago and my bete noir is getting the final finish, I'm struggling with the gloss coats and I know that practice makes perfect so be gentle with me! Cars of this era were not super glossy but certainly more than this. Anyway onto the pictures - The bodywork parts don't all quite fit perfectly so I don't want to give you a complete assembled shot and anyway why cover up the details? Dave
  18. Hi All Here are some photos of my Tamiya 1/48 F-16 built up as an Aggressor aircraft based at Nellis AFB. The Tamiya F-16 is about as nice a kit as you can get in 1/48 (certainly better than the GWH F-15E I just finished), but I added some additional details, which if I'm honest probably weren't worth it: Aires F-16C/N Cockpit - although the detail is amazing, the fit of the resin cockpit in the kit was pretty poor. I had to thin down the kit parts so much to get it to fit, so I suspect it wasn't designed for the Tamiya kit despite being sold as such. Also since so little of the cockpit is actually visible I'm not sure all that work was necessary Aires F-16C Wheel bays - again I'm not sure they were meant for this kit despite what the packaging says and since they aren't that visible from most angles I should've probably skipped them and stuck with the kit parts Aires F-16 exhaust nozzle - this was a drop in replacement for the kit parts and is so much more detailed that I think it was worth it! Aside from the Aires resin pieces I also used a mask kit from DN models (excellent) and TwoBobs decals (also excellent). I chose this scheme partly because I found a lot of good photos of this aircraft (85-418) and partly because it doesn't have multi-colour walkway lines so I didn't have to worry about lining up the camo colours with the decals The ordinance under the wings is from Meng, specifically from their recent US Air-to-Air missile sets. These are really nicely moulded one piece missiles, and the decals are also very good. The only changes I made were the blue inert missile stripes which were painted on since the Meng set comes with the yellow/brown live missile decals. The ACMI pod is from the Tamiya kit. The paints were a mix of Vallejo and AK Interactive acrylics - I used the TwoBobs decal sheet to find the FS numbers and tried to match the acrylics as close as I could. The TwoBobs decals were excellent - perfect colour, minimal film and they settled down very well with some decal solution. They were also tough enough to withstand some poking to get them to go into the panel lines. Even the tiny name decals on the canopy are easily legible. They even included the tiny star decal for the HUD surround, With a little bit of decal solution, they conformed to the tail piece really well. The Meng missiles are really impressive for 1/48 plastic pieces - if you are looking for additional missiles I recommend this set. Thanks for looking!
  19. OK so the first of my slightly pushing the rules builds (as approved by the GB gods) is something that doesn't float and doesn't fly and land on something that floats... Where is the naval connection? Well it's going to be ridden by this little resin chap... A member of the USN playing with it, based on several famous photos of Utah Beach on D-Day (or just after), one can only imagine what the guys thought of a remote controlled drone/mine in those days! It should prove a good exercise for me in doing figure painting, something I haven't done a lot of in about 30 years, I plan to do a tiny vignette/diorama with it, I have a tiny base that should suit it and hopefully I can model a bit of sand - not too many parts which is a blessing (given how many other GBs I have on the go currently), but a first for me in using resin. I'll put up some parts photos later, though as I have 3 GBs needing my attention this is more of a holding page for now!
  20. While going through my loft I found some models I put together when I was between about 12 and 16; about 28-32 years ago. I think it's fair to say that my desire to get things finished far outweighed my patience and desire to do a good job. I also found some models that I must have started and maybe even finished at least ten years ago. As I'm new here I thought it might be good to put them all in one thread. My preference is for 1:24 or 1:25 scale kits and I think Tamiya was the easiest brand to get although I have a few others. I tended to get the cars that appealed to me, rather than following any more carefully thought out collecting strategy. The newer ones will come in a while, when my phone has recharged and I've taken some photos. Here are the really old ones, I'm a bit nervous sharing these (warts and all). From left to right (oldest to most recent); Hasegawa Buick Wildcat; Tamiya Porsche 911 Turbo "flatnose" and Tamiya Mercedes-Benz 500SL 6.0 (not sure if that's the correct designation). They were all brush painted, probably with Humbrol enamel as that's pretty much all I could get at the time, from a distance they don't look too bad but up close they're pretty rough. Here's a close up of the Buick; complete with runs, hair in the paint, poor masking and excessive glue. There are similar flaws in the 911, it's also lost the lip to the spoiler and part of the rear suspension. I also had some odd ideas about decal placement. Underneath the Porsche. Probably the best view of the Mercedes. I didn't bother with a test fit so the engine is too high and the bonnet doesn't actually sit properly. That rear spoiler fitting isn't pretty! I'm actually still quite pleased with how the interior looks, main flaw is that driver's side door trim that isn't located correctly. I'm not sure what to do with these. I'd quite like to strip the Buick down and give it a decent paint job. The Porsche, it would be nice to add back the missing/broken bits. The Mercedes, maybe just leave it as it is. I hope you will see from subsequent posts how my skill has improved even if only slightly.
  21. Feeling a bit bored, I ordered these 2 online. Due to me being in an Orange Zone, these were delivered fairly quickly. The Sd.Kfz was cheap and included PE mesh and an aluminium barrel for the 2cm KwK, a nice deal and I felt it would go nicely with the Horch as a desert pair. For the weathering etc, I will be taking special inspiration from John Masters' 222 (I wonder how he gets anything done in that scale... His eyes are going for sure, while his sanity has already thrown up its hands at the sizes of models it has to work with.) The 2 boxes: The box shots: 1st is Horch & 2nd is 222 The light grey sprue is extra drums and Jerry cans. Sprue shots: Horch: 222 Please tell me what you think.
  22. Hey there, I found that I have too many Panther tanks and fancied something else for quite some time and not got to support local hoppy shops. Finally went for KV-1 kits. I ordered the Tamiya kit with the ABER detail bits to get a bit more finesse into this one. The detail ootb ist good but as with many of the RC tanks not overwhelmingly. This most likely has to do with tha fact that you will handle it alot and that might damage too finely detailed models. Still I got the Trumpeter to look for some additional details to add to its´ larger brother. I plan to do texture most of the surfaces with Mr Surfacer 500 for the rough look. Tamiya just has it how to do an appealing box. Fold up the box lid and you get to see a very nice picture together with a windowed box on all the goodies inside. I remember when I was a child and I did that for the first time in the shops, but I never had the money to afford one of these models.
  23. Hey Folks, Started another build (my fourth simultaneous). Sorry for no pictures of the cockpit, was too involved with the others. If I do anything special to a cockpit during a build, I promise pictures. I picked the kit up on Amazon when the price lowered. It was described as 'new'. When it arrived, every single bag inside was opened. Fortunately, everything was o.k. It was a lot of work trying to keep all the details on the fuselage in front of the canopy. Kudos to all who have built a corsair. It is something to consider before building one, which I wasn't aware of. I don't think I should have taken on the challenge yet, my scribing skills are poor. Plus, this is the first time I have used my new red putty and the whole thing looked a mess. I thought it was going to end up on the shelf of doom, until I put a coat of white primer on. Not too shabby looking after the primer. Actually I'm really happy with it so far and the build will proceed!
  24. My entry for this GB will be Tamiya's 1.48 new tool Spitfire Mk.I. I will be building it represent the restored Mk.I currently being operated by IWM Duxford. A couple of birthdays ago, my brother bought me a Classic Wings flight experience of a flight in a de Havilland Dragon Rapide in formation with a Spitfire, N3200 was that Spitfire. It was a fantastic experience to see a Spitfire up close in her natural environment. The Tamiya kit contains decals for this aircraft, all I will need to source are the IWM logo and Duxford name for the nose. Spitfire Mk.I N3200
  25. Afternoon All! This'll be my first tank build in a GB Not built any tracked things in 1/48 before, but was curious to have a play with some of the solid link n lock tracks that Tamiya now have rather than the rubber bands. First impressions, tracks look great but don't like the smaller scale. Maybe it'll grow on me! This also seems like a good test bed to try out some AK rust and streaking pencils I bought impulsively recently. Aaron
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