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Found 1,075 results

  1. Dear Friends Christmas was good for progressing my Focke Wulf projects. This is the Tamiya 1/72 kit with Resi-cast PE And Brassin wheels Oh and brass MGs and cannon from Master I think? Markings are for JG6 who I think were ex-bomber pilots hastily converted to fighters Hope you like it? Andrew
  2. Silver Fox

    1/48th Panzer IVH

    This is just a placeholder, as I'd completely forgotten signing up for this one two years ago!. Anyway a quick trip to Halifax Modellers World resulted in this little marvel. Due to Christmas and an Airfix Blenheim I'll not get much done this year but This is my start of 2019.
  3. Scargsy

    HobbyBoss Panzer IV B

    Hi all, So I thought I'd start a thread for my build - I'm intending to build this (once it arrives): HobbyBoss Panzer IV B, kit no. 80131 I've also got some crew as I think it helps with the scale, though I'm not sure about my painting skills: Depending on time, etc. I was thinking I might make a little diorama with some "Battle of France" themed stuff - with some French infantry / AFV, but that will depend on how much of a glue bomb the Panzer turns into
  4. Hi everybody; last August I was in California for a big family holiday/vacation and, among other things, I got the chance to visit the The Flying Leathernecks museum in Miramar, right next to the Marine Corps Air Station and just outside of San Diego. After the visit, we walked into their gift shop and my youngest daughter insisted on buying this kit, so that she and I would have built it together once home. Was I supposed to disappoint a 9 years old cute little girl? Not really! So I bought it and, after finally completing my 9 months build of the Italeri A-10A Thunderbolt II, I got started with this: Here's the airframe on display at the Flying Leathernecks: and there's an excellent walkaround of it from Bill Spidle on PrimePortal: http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/bill_spidle4/f4d-1_139177/ Since my daughter is actually participating into the build, it will be mainly OOB, even though I already have in mind a couple of ... improvements to be done along the way. Anyway, the kit looks pretty simple, only two sprues plus the transparents: The windshield and canopy are crystal clear form the box, but having recently experienced how tough and resistant to masking (even when leaving the masking tape on for a loooong time ... ) the Aqua Gloss coating is, I dipped them in it and left to cure overnight: This is the scheme I'm going to go for: it's a Marines airframe, of course, as a tribute to the museum and the great time we all had visiting it. Here's the decal sheet: although admittedly, one of the improvements I have in mind is to cut my own masks for most of them I hope you'll enjoy the build, please feel free to add any comments/pointers/tips any time Ciao
  5. It`s an old Tamiya kit with Aber`s muzzle and Eduard`s PE set. Painted with Tamiya, Mr.Color, weathered with Mig`s stuff mostly. My first AFV model and I`m sure not the last - It`s been sooo much fun. I hope Sherman purists will spare me for all the mistakes I`ve made. The commander`s figure will be repainted - I`m not happy with the result. I`m also planning to make a base for it.
  6. Hello all, Another build for the GB, this time Tamiya's 1/48 F-14A in the markings of VF-41 'Black Aces' during their final F-14 cruise as part of Operation 'Enduring Freedom' in October 2001. BuNo 158612 is quite an interesting airframe - it was the first production F-14 delivered to the Navy in 1972, serving at Patuxent River for a number of years before being passed to VF-201 then to VF-14 and finally VF-41. It saw service during Operation 'Allied Force' , Operation 'Southern Watch' and 'Enduring Freedom.' The jet dropped 17 LGBs over Afghanistan before being scraped in February 2002. It was also one of the few jets that, instead of the standard TPS colours, was painted overall 'Medium Grey'. Kit: The necessary parts to make a late A model (minus the wing glove ECM blisters and TCS pod) are included in the Tamiya F-14D kit and Tamiya have decided to sell these sprue a individually to allow the modeller to buy the parts without forking out for a full kit. Well done Tamiya. The required sprues are below: Extras: I'll be using a Quickboost TCS pod, Quickboost Seats, Hobbydecal pitot tube, Furball walkway decals, ECM blisters cast by @Shaun, Flying Leathernecks vinyl masks (for the intakes) and Fightertown decals. I'll be arming the model with 2x AIM-9, 1x AIM-54 and 1x GBU-24, the latter of which will be from Hasegawa weapons set D. A small number of GBU-24s were dropped during OEF, with VF-213 dropping 4 and VF-41 dropping 2 in total. Due to the size, only one was carried and they were used against caves and bunker complexes. Decals: References: Dave
  7. Hello all, Here is my recently completed 1/48 Tamiya F-14D Tomcat in the markings of VF-213 'Black Lions' during their last cruise with the jet in 2005 - 2006. The build thread is here BuNo 164602 was delivered new to VF-124 in 1992, before being transferred to VF-2 in late 1994 and eventually to VF-213 in 1997. The jet saw combat in Operation 'Desert Fox' in 1998, 'Enduring Freedom' in 2001 and 'Iraqi Freedom' in 2003, when it expended the squadrons' highest volume of ordnance - a mixture of 31 JDAMs and LGBs. The jet was retired in 2006 and I believe remains in storage at AMARG. Extras used included a set of Quickboost seats, a Master pitot & AoA probe and a GBU-38 from the spares. The ROVER antenna was made from a styrene sheet. With my other Tamiya F-14D: Thanks for looking. Dave
  8. Hello all, Here is one of my entries for this GB - Tamiya's wonderful F-14D in the markings of VF-213 'Black Lions' during their last Tomcat cruise in 2005/6. BuNo 164602 was delivered new to VF-124 in 1992, before being transferred to VF-2 in late 1994 and eventually to VF-213 in 1997. The jet saw combat in Operation 'Desert Fox' in 1998, 'Enduring Freedom' in 2001 and 'Iraqi Freedom' in 2003, when it expended the squadrons' highest volume of ordnance - a mixture of 31 JDAMs and LGBs. The jet was retired in 2006 and I believe remains in storage at AMARG. Kit: Scheme: Extras: I'll be using Quickboost NACES seats and a Master brass pitot tube. References: The jet itself: Dave
  9. Been a lucky boy this Christmas and ended up with a few Tamiya 1/20 F1 kits Haven't built an F1 car for years, so I thought I'd start with the oldest and hopefully easiest (plus I've got red paint ) Nigel Mansells Ferrari F189 Typical Tamiya quality, but loads of pre painting. Got engine assembled tonight with just a bit of paint touching up to do tomorrow to get rid of gluey finger marks
  10. Ozzy

    Panzer in the east

    I've been looking forward to this build, here's my kit I've got some figures to go with her From Tamyia and Dragon. Not sure how I'm going to display her, I will keep you posted.
  11. I hope its ok to join this party a little late? Being inspired by Enzo Matrix’s Buffalo Mosquito thread in this group build and a bunch of exciting images on the interweb: I would like to build a coastal command Mozzy. I have this Tamiya 1:48 FB VI in my small stash which will fit perfectly for such a build. I have been lurking on the forum for a while now but am an inexperienced modeller, having done it a lot as a kid (a loooooong time ago) and have recently returned to the hobby now with a couple of builds under my belt (with varying degrees of finesse shall we say) so this is my first WIP so be gentle with me and excuse my lack of terminology and experience but i figure i’d like to contribute and have a lot of fun with the build. It’s not going to be a rivet counting exercise but i hope it turns out ok with a little luck. A canopy mask set i purchased with the kit a while ago. i have also ordered a photoetch set and a coastal command squadron 333 decal set from hannants which i’m awaiting to arrive. maybe rf 769 (KK · P) could fit the bill (the kit has relevant decals already but i think it would be cool to customize the scheme a little) (i dont own the copyright to the image above it is posted while i'm asking permission) (i dont own the copyright to the image above it is posted while i'm asking permission) so here we go! I started the kit this evening labelling the sprues for ease of use. I then joined the forward sections of the fuselage to the aft sections with some extra thin, (adding the cockpit door and tail wheel mudguard, after taking the photo) (i intend to have the undercarriage down and door and bomb-bays closed). and I gave everything that needed it, a good coat of tamiya XF-71 airbrushed without primer. so thats where we are. no muck ups so far! wish me luck!
  12. Tamiya 1/35th NASHORN Pachyderm packs a punch First off, a HUGE thank you to @Ozzy whom, for reasons known only to himself, thought to gift this Nashorn to me. He did say, however, that he remembered the birth, life and untimely death of my previous Nashorn, and 'felt sorry for me'. I'm paraphrasing there, and putting words into his mouth, but hey, that's the gist of it. Humbled by his generoustiy and thoughtfulness, I have delved into my stash and am donating a boxed Tamiya 1/35th Cromwell to his Models for Heroes work. Prologue. I originally entered this GB, intending to have a second go at a Nashorn, with full PE, but I discovered that the price of said model had risen by 30 percent in the past 2 years, from over 30 quid, to over 40 quid, and the full PE has increased in cost as well, taking the total to over 100 quid! That was too rich for me. I decided then, to fall back on Tamiya's Golden Oldie, StuGIV and uprgade this with PE and PE zimmerit - a lot of PE, but still a fraction of the cost of the full-beans Nashorn. Ozzy's kind gift though, has ressurrected the Nashorn, and, after much deliberation and studying of the interweb, I have realised that the full beans PE isn't worth the money anyway. There are no PE parts for the gun itself, and really, the only 'worthwhile' parts are for the ammo boxes. And the racks inside those boxes are (in my experience) a bit of a pig to make. The kit's gun barrel is pretty good, requiring only minimal 'de-lousing' and is nice and straight, so I won't bother with a metal replacement. The tracks are pretty good too, so I won't be bothering with an upgrade there either. This Nashorn then, will be OOB. In honour of my previous NASHORN, RIP (Rest In Pieces) I shall be sticking with the winter camo. This time, however, I will NOT be using hairspray 'juice' and bicarb for snow effects. 'Tis this, I believe, combined with a final rinse in warm water, that caused the orginal to begin to fall apart in my hands, and prompted the 'absolute' falling apart due to sudden, repeated, and violent impacts against the hot water tap. Finally, 'Pachyderm' is a term most often associated with elephants, but it does encompass any thick-skinned, hoofed mammal, including elephants, hippopotamusessesses, and rhinoceri. 'Nashorn' (for those who don't know) is German for 'Giraffe'. No. Really. It's not. Good luck to all in the GB, and even if you don't get to finish on time (I may well be one such person) PLEASE DO STILL VOTE! Badder
  13. I'm putting this here meantime as a placeholder: MW1 by John Walker, on Flickr I'll be back soon. John
  14. Hi Folks I managed to pick p the Tamiya Perkasa at Telford, thinking being it would make a good comparison with the WWII boats I've built. Many of you will know the Perkasa along with three others was built for the Malaysian Navy. This was a spin off from the Brave Borderer/ Swordsman which got me wondering . . . . . Is it possible to convert the Perkasa to Borderer? Modifying above deck would seem ok but there seems to be conflicting info about the hull dimensions. I have found that there is a difference in the depth of the transom platform Borderer 2' 10" Perkasa 4' 4.5". Your thoughts and info would be appreciated Kev
  15. Arniec

    Sturmgeschutz IV

    Hi Guys, Here are some pictures of the model I want to build for this GB. I don't know if I will finish it, but I will try. I am having lost my model mojo for a few months now and hope to get it back with this build. It is a old Tamiya kit, with the only a extra metal gun barrel and maybe some rubber track from a different kit. the box front the content and the metal barrel. There should also be some zimmerit on the model, but haven't decided if I will do that. Cheers,
  16. Hey there guys. I just picked up the new 1/48 scale Spit Mk 1 kit (#61119) today and it has some very nice features for interwar years Spit birds. If you plan to do a 1938-39 model Spitfire, here are some features which I think will be a nice surprise for you.: Pre-war ring and bead gun sight- Using a combination of some styrene and included photoetch, this is the first 1/48 Spitfire I have seen which includes the ring and bead sight. When I did my Interwar 19 Squadron bird years ago, I had to cobble something together. Two pronged fork pitot tube- Again, it wasn't around when I did my build. Granted Tamiya isn't the first to do this style of tube as the Hornby Airfix 2015 Spit Mk I kit (A05126) also included it. But it is nice to see Tamiya noticed it as well. Gun heater exhaust vents in the wings- This is something I have never seen on a 1/48 Spit kit. Early Spitfires tried to use exhaust gas heating to keep the .303s from freezing in flight. Heating ducts were installed along with an exhaust port in each wing. Tamiya put those into this kit! The wing mount holes are flashed over for those who want to do BoB aircraft. But, it is nice to have that option in this kit! Unarmored glass windscreen- Tamiya did the windscreen un-armored with the simple frame. Two versions of armored glass can be installed over the top of this for WW2 birds. The shape of the windscreen looks beautiful and at a nice petite thickness for pre-war birds. The pre-war marking option is for K9906 of 65 Squadron, FZ-L from 1939. It has the later more traditional style bubble canopy and the 3 bladed Jablo prop. There is some debate about whether the Munich Crisis camoed topside aircraft had an all aluminium underside as the kit depicts of whether it had gone with the black/white wing paint (making sure to leave the control surface undersides aluminium if you go that route). Early square spine antenna- The antenna mounting for the early and late style antennas is very robust and designed to help eliminate a glue stain. The square antenna mount looks great and is less prone to flexing than the Hornby Airfix one. So, you can do the kit out of the box for a pre-war Spitfire easily. Now if you want to do one of the earliest birds, such as the 19 Squadron Duxford Spits from 38-39 you are on your own for the Watts two-bladed prop and the flat canopy. But the 2015 Airfix Spit Mk 1 and the earlier Humbrol Airfix Spit kits provide the prop to scrounge. The Hornby Airfix Mk I also includes the flat top canopy, but it is a bit too thick to use properly if you intend to pose it open. So I recommend acquiring a Falcon Spitfire vac canopy set for the sliding portion if you wish to go that route.
  17. bull-nut

    Waltzing again

    So it turns out that trying to get a build done in a short period of time, over the festive period, when you have young children in the house doesn't work too well, who would have guessed? Instead I will transfer my Matilda II to this GB and see if I can get it done by the end of the month. For reference, the original build thread is Here With the new year out of the way, and work calming down after the festive rush, I drilled out the hole in the mantlet too 2.5mm, and inserted a length of plastic tube to serve as the 3" Howitzer barrel, I think I got the length right, but it may be a little off. After priming with Army Painter Desert Yellow, I gave the top of the side armour panels a coat of Tamiya Red, This serves as the base colour of the fording lines, which I masked with narrow strips of Tamiya tape: The rest of the model, including the big, cast track guards, were sprayed with a Tamiya mix of SCC13, mix ratios courtesy of Mike Starmer. I also sprayed the resin track links with a mix of Tamiya Dark Iron and Brown in roughly 1-1. Assembly of the track runs has commenced, I'll try to get more done/updated tomorrow.
  18. Wow I hadn’t thought this GB would come around so quick! I have way too many GB’s on the go at once but this was one I really wanted to join. This is one of my all time favourite aircraft……even if Tom Cruise “flew” one! I’ve only ever build older 1/72ndscale Airfix versions and have always wanted to build a big beastie to be part of a “Swing Wing” collection. I was super lucky in finding this one, Nup it's been replaced full of goodies and even white metal/rubber wheels, though these will be replaced. ….which some nice person happened to have included the Aires Cockpit set.. and so has this.. and Quickboost wheels all for a price quite a bit cheaper than some of the other Hasegawa F-14’s on evilBay. the wheels stay Plus as my usual I wanted to build something different so I acquired an Avionix’s F-14D Bombcat conversion set. ...and not using this either Plus some Super Scale decals for a VF-31 CAG aircraft. Yeah still using this I won’t be able to start on her straight away, but once I get a couple of the other builds out of the way…….
  19. Weird the random thoughts that occur to you and were you are when it happens, right ? - sitting at the traffic lights in-town this lunchtime and realised that in forty-eight years of building plastic models, I have NEVER completed a German WWII vehicle, not once, been pretty close, but never actually finished one. So… time to change that, I think. I bought Tamiya’s Marder IIIM (35255) a couple of weeks ago, and have made myself a promise… this time I’m going to finish what I start. Please stick with me as this could take a while, but this time, this time I’m going ‘all the way’. Ian.
  20. bigfoot

    Tamiya easy 8

    My new project, although this is a slow burn as it has to contend with my 7 month old son! I'm building the M4A3E8 depicted in this photo below as its a bit of an unusual subject (photo used for discussion only). The unusual things that have attracted me to building this are the use of empty jerry cans as additional armour, the early style turret and the the angled plates on the suspension bogies. I've never seen this last detail in any other photos of HVSS suspension shermans or can find any information mentioned in books or online about their purpose. If any of the experts on this site know their purpose, please let me know! for the build I'm using the Tamiya easy 8 as the base kit but with numerous additions. The main issue with the kit for this build is that it has the late style turret with the oval loaders hatch so I've used a dragon turret from their M4A3 76 kit that I've previously taken the lower hull from for another project. I've also used parts from an eduard PE kit and a DEF model barrel. ive cut away the fenders, these will be replaced by PE fenders so that I can wire the cans to them. The footsteps are also missing on the original tank so I've not added these and will be adding details to this area. the original photo doesn't show the barrel style, so given that it has the early style turret, I've used a barrel with thread protector to match that and make my E8 a bit different to the usual ones you see. I've added the stowage rails around the turret to match the photo and used mr surfaced 500 to add the cast detail back in in the joins. I added the strange angled plates from pcard with some meng bolt heads. next job is the fenders to add.
  21. Hi everyone, this is my first WIP on this site... I'm already some weeks into this build so no real 'in progress' pictures. I don't have too much time for modelling so my focus lies on building rather than taking pictures on the go. But now I found some time and thought I share some pictures. The kit should be well known, its the 1/350 Tamiya Tirpitz. I got it as a present from friends last year for my birthday and used the time to obtain some goodies for it: the eduard big ed set and a wooden deck from a chinese companie I do not know... So here we go: bridge assembly upper bridge full bridge assembly: and with radars all radars: funnel: scratchbuilt interior: ...aaaaand how little you see when the funnel cap is attached... I don't want to imagine how it looks after painting... At least I know its there! Now the hangars, first the only WIP I can show: side hangar before and after PE both done: big hangar: Now the big pieces: and everything together so far... looks like theres more brass than plastic and next the wooden decking... there are many issues with that... for example 1 easy to fix problems where eduard replaced the 'balconies'... 2 Big problem where eduard corrected wrong fittings on the deck... I still have no idea what to do with that... maybe fill in pieces out of sheet to simulate hatches... 3 Huge problem where shields where moved to the correct positions... see also the first picture of the wooden decking aft of the 2nd tower in front of the bridge... I dont know what to do... as shown on previous pictures eduard provides etched decking but I know my painting skills will never be good enough to stand up to the real wooden decking on the main deck... Any input is highly appreciated. Thanks for looking Konrad
  22. Also on the bench just now is Tamiya's superb 'Easy Eight' Sherman, easily one their very best kits and IMHO right up there with their T55 in terms ease & quality of construction. So not going to linger on the build except to say it was an absolute joy and all done in just three evening sessions. So straight in to some photos of me slapping some paint on it: Tamiya grey primer straight from the rattle-can. Acrylic satin black as a base-coat. Tamiya 'Deck Tan' on the facets that will get the most fading from sunlight & weather. Ammo of Mig dark OD base coat. Ammo of Mig acylics modulation which looks very stark just now but will calm-down a lot as the washes, filters and weathering are added layer-by-layer. As ever thanks for taking the time to look and / or comment, more later in the week hopefully. AFN Ian.
  23. Evening All. This could be a slow, long project. And its my first WIP, so who knows what's going to happen! Just started the 1/48 Vb from Tamiya. I got it cheap in Hobbycraft on impulse whilst waiting for the missus to decide why we went in there... Originally I was going to do one of the kit options but I've never been a big fan of that green and grey combo. Much prefer the FAA EDSG and Slate Grey, or the far east schemes. But as a stalled 1/24 Spitfire is eventually going to be a Malta Spit I wondered if there was some good aftermarket decals for the Tamiya kit. Had a look in Hannants but nothing shouted out at me, then I got to looking at the can of worms that is colour schemes for Malta planes.... My slightly deranged brain then had a cunning idea. Instead of getting the colours right, and the markings and the correct fit, why not do a mini dio of the painting process? Half a dozen bods with brushes painting different parts of the plane? Then the fizzing grey slush in my head had another thought. They're all doing this, say over a desert camo, but they're all using different shades of paint! What could go wrong? So there's the idea. The plan is to paint the Vb in desert camo then have bits of each wing, fuselage and the tail possibly in different over painted colours. I'm sure I'll have a ton of questions for the Britmodeller collective brain with this, first would be, any idea where you can get some good Mediterranean style 1/48 ground crew? Haven't seen much on t'net. Anyway, whilst this was going on, I've made a start on the pit, and for some reason the pilot? Not sure how he can fit in this but we'll see. Tamiya interior green with oil washes, bit of everything for the pilot. Needs a matt coat then we'll see if we can get this show on the road! Cheers for looking Geoff
  24. Here are a couple more spitfires finished over the last few months. Aircraft and figures are all ICM except for the Tamiya MK V and are built OOB with some aftermarket decals in places .
  25. Was walking along a night flea market in Pattaya, Thailand when I came across an old man selling this kit. Of all the places to have found a kit. Managed to buy it for about the equivalent of GBP8. It seems to have all the parts but the decals are gone. Some of the parts have been cut from the sprue but it seems all there. Now wondering what to do with it. Should I build it? I mainly do jets. Have to stencil and spray the decals though. Too bad the fella is not selling a 1/48 F-14 or something.