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Found 1,434 results

  1. Here we are then, this old beastie. M48 1 by phil da greek, on Flickr There is a WIP on here if you care, but for those pressed for time this is going to be part of a larger project inspired by Kyochi Sawada's photograph of Lt. R Horner USMC and his platoon sheltering behind a Patton on Tran Cao Van Street in Hue on 1st February 1968. A little artistic licence here and there but trawling through the interweb of Patton photos I think this is fairly typical. As always it's brush painted in Humbrol enamels (a 50/50 mix of 155 & 030) and weathered in Humbrol 070 with a touch of white for variation and finished with Winsor & Newton Galleria acrylic varnishes. There's a little bit of aftermarket bits and some odds and ends from the spares box. M48 - 34 by phil da greek, on Flickr M48 - 41 by phil da greek, on Flickr M48 - 31 by phil da greek, on Flickr M48 - 36 by phil da greek, on Flickr M48 - 28 by phil da greek, on Flickr M48 - 30 by phil da greek, on Flickr M48 - 39 by phil da greek, on Flickr M48 - 40 by phil da greek, on Flickr M48 - 35 by phil da greek, on Flickr M48 - 38 by phil da greek, on Flickr M48 - 32 by phil da greek, on Flickr M48 - 29 by phil da greek, on Flickr Thanks for looking in.
  2. After my dad found new tast in race cars after pausing with them 30 years and his Heller Talbot Lago turned out ok, he already starts the next car and now I dare to do a WIP DSC_0006 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
  3. My recent and other current builds all seem to have been (or still are!) a bit finicky, and I'm hankering after something nice and straightforward. Hence I'm going to start my Tamiya Bf 109 E-3; I've got the Xtradecal Luftwaffe Battle of Britain sheet on its way, and I'll be building one of the yellow-nosed schemes from that sheet.
  4. Hi, here goes another bird in 1/72. This time the beautiful Mosquito. Not the best kit from Tamiya, in particular the fit at the back of the engines with the wings and the connection between wings and fuselage, but at the end it looks OK. I've spent sometime with the paint job and trying to do some subtle weathering. At the end I've enjoined the built so much that decided to get the amazing 1/32 scale version from Tamiya that I'm planning to build in the near future. Cheers, Jorge
  5. Great little Tamiya kit with excellent fit but without much surface detail, so I've added the rivets. Cheers, Jorge
  6. My take on the Tamiya 1/35 US Navy PBR 31 Mk.II Patrol Boat 'Pibber' (35150) This quick build was enhanced by the use of the Eduard PE set 53010. A smashing kit and one I heartily recommend! That is all. Dave
  7. My entry for this GB will be the Tamiya Mosquito FB Mk VI, finished as HJ675 "YP-V" of 23 Squadron. This squadron was posted to Luqa (Malta) in December 1942 with Mosquito NF II aircraft but transitioned to the FB Mk VI shortly before moving from there to Sigonella (Sicily) in September 1943. One flight of the squadron was also at Pomigliano (near Naples) for most of the same period before 23 Sqn moved to Alghero (Sardinia) in December 1943, staying there until May 1944 when they moved back to England at Little Snoring. Apart from an Eduard cockpit etch this will be built OOTB, though I might invest in a set of masks as there is rather a lot of glass! I've just finished reading "The Red Eagles - a History of 23 Squadron" but will need to re-read the section covering their time in the Mediterranean to decide exactly which weapons to use on this model. As I've two Phantoms in the Vietnam GB and have just entered the Tornado GB, this one will probably be a few weeks before any real progress is made. Oh yes, there's also the Interceptor GB where another two 23 Sqn aircraft may well make an appearance!
  8. Hi, This one is mostly about taking part in this remembrance of the BoB. I'm not that great a builder. I'm keen to finish at least one model. Later on, I might return with another build like a Hurricane Mk I or Eduard's new Spitfire Mk I. This is the "old" Tamiya Spitfire, the copyright says "1993". Seems like yesterday... The decal sheet is from Fündekals. As you see, lots of Mk I's can be built using this one (11 of them BoB Spitfires). The .pdf with the instructions can be downloaded from the site for free. https://www.fundekals.com/spitfiresPart2.html I'm planning to build this one as R6775 "YT-J" of No 65 Sqn, flown by Jeffrey Quill during his time with 65 Sqn in August 1940. Cheers, Stefan.
  9. Yep, your old citroen might do a couple of these moves and some ‘64 chevy imapalas can pull this of as well but to my knowledge only a few tanks can do this. I bought this kit 6 weeks ago on an auction site for a bargain. I’ll have to admit this tank was never on my radar but I liked the shape of it and it’s a tamiya so I went for it. The tank The type 74 was designed to counter the t-62 but it was already more or less obsolete when it came out which surprised me since Japan is a tech savy country. When soviet filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsy filmed the famous highway scene of the sci fi movie “Solyaris” in the early seventies, he went to Tokyo because it looked more futuristic than the USSR (probably among other reasons). But that same USSR was already working on the T-64, T-72 and T-80. Even the Type 90 looks more like a copy of the leopard-2’s that came out a decade earlier. But to me the Type 74 looks a bit Russian with the low sleek silhouette combined with the big road-wheels and dome shaped turret. What sets this tank apart from most others is the way the tracks look, and the exhaust. No rust. Did they use noncorrosive materials? I would find such consideration very japanese. Check the excelent walkaround pics right here: http://www.toadmanstankpictures.com/type_74_camp_iwate.htm
  10. Hi everyone I know its another Tamiya Spitfire but after seeing @shortCummins rather splendid build I thought I'd show mine as I'm pretty close to where John is with his build. I should say that I started this back in 2018 and for some reason or another I lost interest and put it to one side but now I'm building for my best mate who has been a real rock to me over the past few months and who has a thing for Spitfires. So my plan is to build the Spit and incorporate it into a diorama, I have an Austin Tilly and Willy's Jeep going Spare plus a 1/32 Pilot and ground crew any here is where I'm at... Cheers everyone and stay safe Iain
  11. Hello everyone, I haven't posted here for a while but thought I'd show something I made recently and I think some of you might find it interesting. A while ago I made this Tamiya Pz IV but recently I wondered how hard it would be to put a servo within the tank to make the turret move. You can see the model in the image below. I have also uploaded a YouTube video showing the movement which can be seen here: It looks normal from the outside but below you can see the internals. I have used an Arduino Nano microcontroller to control the servo. The code I wrote generates a random angle to turn the turret to, rotates the turret and then waits for 2 seconds before generating another random angle. There is a little on/off switch hidden on the underside and the 9V battery fits perfectly within the chassis. The body of the servo is attached to the top half of the hull with wooden skewers and hot glue, it's not pretty but it works. And the arm of the servo is glued to the seat on the turret, so as the arm of the servo moves, the turret rotates. The movement is a little jerky as the servo was only cheap but I think it looks great regardless. The only down side is that the Arduino Nano takes a surprising amount of current so the 9V battery only lasts for about 2 days with moderate usage. I am planning to use an ATtiny85 microcontroller which should use a fraction of the current. A very cool upgrade would also to use inducting charging circuits to wirelessly power the electronics. The transmitter could be placed in the scenery and the receiver placed at the bottom of the floor in the tank. (https://thepihut.com/products/wireless-charging-module-5v-1a?variant=27740714769) The images below show the internals. (ignore the cut out on the chassis, that was a previous failed attempt but can't be seen due to the the spaced armour plates) Thank you very much for looking. Please let me know what you think Regards Shaun
  12. My new project, although this is a slow burn as it has to contend with my 7 month old son! I'm building the M4A3E8 depicted in this photo below as its a bit of an unusual subject (photo used for discussion only). The unusual things that have attracted me to building this are the use of empty jerry cans as additional armour, the early style turret and the the angled plates on the suspension bogies. I've never seen this last detail in any other photos of HVSS suspension shermans or can find any information mentioned in books or online about their purpose. If any of the experts on this site know their purpose, please let me know! for the build I'm using the Tamiya easy 8 as the base kit but with numerous additions. The main issue with the kit for this build is that it has the late style turret with the oval loaders hatch so I've used a dragon turret from their M4A3 76 kit that I've previously taken the lower hull from for another project. I've also used parts from an eduard PE kit and a DEF model barrel. ive cut away the fenders, these will be replaced by PE fenders so that I can wire the cans to them. The footsteps are also missing on the original tank so I've not added these and will be adding details to this area. the original photo doesn't show the barrel style, so given that it has the early style turret, I've used a barrel with thread protector to match that and make my E8 a bit different to the usual ones you see. I've added the stowage rails around the turret to match the photo and used mr surfaced 500 to add the cast detail back in in the joins. I added the strange angled plates from pcard with some meng bolt heads. next job is the fenders to add.
  13. After the detailed (and it must be said enjoyable) build which was the Fiesta, time for something a little simpler. Or a lot simpler to be exact - as I understand it Tamiya's Porsche 961 started life as a radio-controlled car before becoming this snap-fit model. Probably simpler that I would buy nowadays, but this one left the shop and was originally built by my younger self somewhere in the very early '90s or possibly very late '80s. The car itself is the one which ran at Le Mans in (if memory serves correctly) 1986, and has one of the simplest racing liveries you're likely to come across on a modern racing car. So it's another restoration job which I can just relax with before going onto the next new-build. If I'm honest, I wasn't planning to do this one just yet, but I came across a set of decals in Switzerland on ebay during the depths of lockdown and that gave me the impetus to get it started. This is what I started with: As you can see, it's a bit grubby and the decals are past their best (actually, the decals are much worse than the photo implies). So, into some water and the ultrasonic bath went the body, and before long the old decals were removed. Of course, that revealed just how much the plastic has yellowed where it was exposed to the sun when I displayed it all those years ago. One thing which gives away it's R/C heritage is that the windows are firmly attached to the body in the factory, so I've had to mask them over to (hopefully!) avoid overspray. Running a scalpel around the edge of the windows allowed me to shape the window masks, fingers crossed I didn't dig into the plastic. Having cleaned up the mould lines and fitted the clips to the inside of the body (not sure why they needed to have separate clips to connect to the chassis, but I presume it was for added robusteness when used as an R/C car), it got a layer of Halfords White primer. This time around, I tried putting the panel wash on after the primer rather than the colour coat: The panel lines don't look as obvious after the colour coat (Halfords Nissan Arctic White) is added, but I don't feel that they're as consistent this way. It's not that they look bad, more that I prefer the look when the panel lines have gone on after the colour. Obviously, it's not just the body which needs painting, so does the chassis. And this one has the potential to be a pain since it's black on the underside and white on top. First of all I painted the chassis Halfords Satin Black, then masked off the underside ready for the white. Having sprayed that, I was pleased to see that there wasn't much in the way of overspray, and nothing of any importance. And then I noticed I'd completely missed a strip on the front left wheel well Yesterday, that white was sanded off and had the first brush coat applied (not bothering about spraying as it's not going to be noticeable when finished, just need to get near). So that's where I got in the pre-build preparation for this one. Going to be quite simple, and relatively quick one for me, but hope someone likes it.
  14. I had an old tool Tamiya Spit, which seems relatively straightforward so I looked for decals as the originals are no good. I saw the Possum Werks decals that covered the dogfight that ended in both Dundas, his wingman PO Paul A Ballion and Maj Helmut Wick, Luftwaffe top scoring pilot and Group Commander of JG 2's demise. Perfect, 2 subjects in 1 go, I click buy.....then I looked at the date of Dundas' final sortie....28 Nov 1940......after the official battle dates....not wanting to feel the wrath of the GB moderators, I looked to use the decals as much as I could...no records I could find of Dundas flying X4586 or R6631 before 30th Oct so counted out both on the sheet. With Helmut Wick he was promoted to Major just before the end of the battle, but who knows if his aircraft was repainted by 30 Oct.... I digress - I looked at the records of aircraft that John Dundas to decide on an aircraft to model. One that stuck out was R6915, Dundas flew it as PR-U on 9 Oct and claimed a Bf110 probable kill, as well as being injured in the leg by a cannon round. He was then to be awarded the DFC. The aircraft is still around on display in the Imperial War Museum in London. ''Eleven days later Dundas claimed a probable victory against a Bf 110, after a battle with German aircraft six miles north of RAF Warmwell at 16:30. Despite firing a 12–14 second burst at the enemy fighter, he did not see it crash. During the battle Dundas was hit in the leg when a cannon round exploded in his cockpit, but flew again the next day. The Spitfire Dundas flew that day, R6915, still exists, having been preserved by the Imperial War Museum. By 9 October 1940, his score stood at 10 and he was award the Distinguished Flying Cross.'' Using the various sets I think I can get the right decals. Any pearls of wisdom ref the old tool Tamiya kit build please let me know - should it be the 'blown' cockpit? Also any more specifics about R6915/PR-U ? Kit - pilot does seem quite big compared to the airfix and Fujumi characters! Montex masks and decals Build research and plan! Got the bits off the sprue and cleaned up No head armour so I grabbed the airfix part and some plasticard to replicate! Nor perfect but hey it will do, will have the pilot in and hood closed Primed using Stynlrez - thought I would try it....bizarre put 30 psi through my Iwata Neo .3 needle, but it came out ok then clogged up and was a bit messy cleaning up.....results are good, but I do like the Mr Paint Laquer pre mixed or Mr Surfacer 1500...Will prime the prop and pilots in white for ease. As I have copious builds (see more on Maj Wick to come!) mt plan is to get all the bits off the sprues, prime, then paint interiors/crew together to save time, paint and airbrush cleaning! Things will then progress as whatever pace takes my feelings towards various subjects.... Any top tips v welcome ref this old tool and subject matter!
  15. I've been somewhat remiss with my group builds this year, with none competed. Hope this will break my duck "This" is a Somua S35, captured and taken into German service. The example I plan to build here will be one used for anti-partisan operations in Yugoslavia. My base kit will be the Tamiya example (is there another?) supplemented by DEF Model resin & PE components to try and improve on Tamiya's offering and add German specific modifications. (Actually it is three DEF model sets in one boxing) The box tops... The sprue shots And the after market stuff ... The DEF AM stuff MTO / Yugoslav theatre decal options: And, my reference source
  16. Retrieved from storage in the loft.... Is this "Big Ugly Fat Fellow" And the contents Let's face it, this is surely the iconic aircraft subject of Vietnam, represented by Tamiya's 1/100 scale B-52D that spans a mere 560mm or so when built. And no, I have no idea what I'm to going do with it once constructed Three markings schemes but only one that seems to fit the Vietnam time frame - Airframe 56-0604 based on Guam in April 1968. Searching for information about the airframe found this little nugget - "56-0604 11-5-72 Landed at U-Tapao. 333 external damage areas. Using horizontal stabilizer from 55-097. Estimated time in commission (ETIC) 2-1-73" Sounds like it was hit by a SAM-2, anyone know anything else about this? I'm off to do some more research..... IanJ
  17. Dear fellow Britmodellers, this is my 1/72 Tamiya P-51D converted to F-6D, using Quickboost resin lenses (QB 72234). Painted with Gunze acrylics and Alclad II lacquers. Markings from Aeromaster, with special thanks to @Sky Keg who provided the decal sheet. Represents an aircraft of 10th TRG, 12th TRS, based in Italy in 1944/45. Wheels from CMK. All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. Thank you very much for your interest. Greetings from Vienna! Roman
  18. Hello, New day and a new challenge. Just having finished a Sea Vixen after a series of aircraft I thought I had better dust off a Tamiya HMS Price of Wales that I have had gathering dust and start with a new challenge. I haven't done a plastic ship for many many years so time to make a change. Previous ship building was a wooden HM Brig Supply by Jotika. However over to heavy metal and my first conundrum is do I do this as per the kit, or do I add in photo etch. I have used some on the aircraft and that is fiddly enough but this seems to be an order of magnitude up from that. Any suggestions over what to use without driving myself to distraction and never finishing ?
  19. Hello Dears, Did I have mentionned this building ?? The Monogram Dash F has been started in 1988 or so.. Will search where the Bushmasters are stationned at the time, but I think it was Bentwaters... I read a book about the projected nuke war, they told about the Squadron, There was a Mk 7 nuke for each bridge of the Vistule river, would have 3 or 4 eyed fish For god's sake they both stayed quiet or almost, no mushrooms Modifications on the pylon for the Mk 7 The Tamiya one is a more recent start, 6 or 7 years ago I think. She is retro modified, from a dash G to a dash E. Goog kit, I used parts from the Verlinden kit, this kit is just a copy from the original parts, there is a slight difference, almost not noticeable. And some parts from a Heller X-kit, so I believe resin parts are from Renaissance.Don't Know, More to come soon. Thank for watching. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  20. It's not that I have enough models on my workbench currently, let's start one more! I mean, why not - it's not like one more is gonna do any difference So I was rummaging thru my dads stash once more and he had like three or four Tamiya Beaufighters there. One he had already built and says it's very good kit to build. Which I don't doubt, it's a Tamiya after all. So I snatched one for this GB - my build will be a beautiful Bristol Beaufighter Mk.VI in sandy colours. We have a deal with my dad, I can build pretty much anything from his stash, but I must return it to him once I'm finished. Beautiful box art. Also this is the scheme I will be doing. Box contents, decent amount of plastic but not too much. This is the paint scheme, Malta 1942. It will be a fighter bomber version, so with a rear gunner. Not sure what kind of load out is appropriate - maybe rockets?
  21. I made a throwaway comment at the end of my Blitzbuild about tanks being easier to build quickly than my carrier or the Horch I did at Christmas as they are basically a couple of boxes and some tracks with none of the time consuming internals to build and paint. I therefore have a moral obligation to put my money where my mouth is with the quickest build I can manage of a vanilla T-34. This is the victim this time. Picturre stolen from Scalemates as my box is still somewhere between here and Japan (but in the opposite direction if you see what I mean). As it's an early one it will be in 3B rather than 4BO (dark green rather than olive). It would be nice if there's a camouflaged version on the decal sheet, even better if I could find evidence of one used in the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran as the Russian vehicles involved sported a great 3 tone tiger stripe scheme. More when I have something concrete to show. Or plastic, that would be better, yes? Andy
  22. This old beastie, I think we all know her & she needs little introduction on here, dare I say a Tamiya classic. M48 1 by phil da greek, on Flickr M48 2 by phil da greek, on Flickr This is the beginning of what will almost certainly be my most ambitious modelling project in my 40 odd years of sticking plastic together. Having been in uniform all my life I retired last year at the grand old age of 52 and am now working through the stash and the list of ideas (in between all that other stuff that life throws at us). The build is inspired by Kyoichi Sawada's iconic black and white photograph showing Lt. R. Horner USMC and his platoon sheltering behind a Patton on Tran Cao Van Street in Hue on the 1st February 1968. If I can find a display box the right size then there will be two M48s and a number of figures, probably Bravo 6 as they fit the bill. This won't be a recreation of that photo but something close, as also seen in the movie "Full Metal Jacket". On with it then, being Tamiya it goes together pretty well, there are a few odd gaps that need filling with white plastic card here and there which I believe has to do with the plan for Tamiya to motorize everything. A couple of pics............. M48 3 by phil da greek, on Flickr Straight out of the box, nice and clean with a few seams to clean up and refine. M48 5 by phil da greek, on Flickr Some undercarriage detail and some white card filling in gaps that would allow the daylight to shine through. Once painted and weathered you'll never know. M48 4 by phil da greek, on Flickr Bottom detail is complete, the wheels are being prepared seperately as that's how I like it. She's going to be brush painted, prepped in matt black and then overall is going to be Humbrol 155 with an appropriate dirt on top. It's not going to be fast but you are welcome to jump in with any thoughts........................................
  23. Hi all, second attempt to upload photos of second lock down build. Cockpit opened with razor saw, seat belts Tamiya tape and offcut PE, which while rough close up are better than the Tamiya decals, I think. Working on Arma Hobby Hurricane which completes my 172 BoB set and have a stash of 1/48 Eduard late model spit, Revell Hunter 1/72 to be built as FR10 and a Phoenix 1/72 T38 grasshopper (ancient Vacform and definitely one for later....). How is it stash grows faster than kits. anyway here it is and criticism welcomed.
  24. Good day to you all from glorious Nova Scotia! Hope you are all doing well. This is my latest release, built as part of the Corsair GB which finished last month. Although I did manage to get it up in the gallery, it wasn't 100% finished so here she is in her (technically!!) finished glory. This is the Tamiya 1:32 Birdcage kit, done up as a Fleet Air Arm Corsair Mk I JT190 of 1837 NAS, based on the Eastern board of the US. This particular aircraft belonged to Squadron CO and Fighter Ace Lt Cdr Jackie Sewell DSC RNVR. Ultimately the aircraft claimed his life during a training flight when he collided with his Senior Pilot S Lt David Watson RNVR in JT198 over Yarmouth, Maine. Both pilots lost their lives and they both now lie at rest at the Military Cemetery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The kit was built more or less from the box, I added some fabric harnesses as they looked better than Tamiyas steel versions which aren't very flexible. I also added some cockpit stencils to add a bit of realism and interest to the standard cockpit. Points to note on the aircraft. JT190 didn't have clipped wings as it was a US based training aircraft, it also retained US harnesses and didn't have the rear view windows common in most Birdcage Corsairs. The aircraft is displayed having been pushed back for maintenance hence the tail wheel is meant to be reversed! The engine is a thing of beauty and really should be displayed so left the cowlings removeable. I added some ignition harnesses to the engine from wire. The insignia markings are painted, which was a great journey of discovery! The Royal Navy JT190 was from Xtradecal and I used the kit stencils. The internal paints were Mig Ammo, external were Vallejo for the sky, Model Master Gunship Grey from the EDSG and my own mix of Olive and Green for the Slate Grey. I used very fine thread for the aerials (if you can see them!). I think the weathering is slightly heavy but I am claiming artistic license for that! I also took liberties with the flaps which by rights should be stowed and the cowling flaps are closed where they should be open but the detail looked too complex and time consuming for this build! All that is remaining is the tape for the gun ports and also on the nose cowling there should be some sealing tape but I couldn't decipher the exact layout so left this out This kit was a truly wonderful build, the parts just fell together and the joins were nice and tight. In fact id anything didn't fit right it was down to me not fixing it in properly! If you want to follow along the build the link is below. Now the pics! JT190 in glorious technicolour (with a backward tailwheel!) And finally the Lt Cdr Jackie Sewell who inspired this build, RIP. Bob
  25. Hey Folks, Started another build (my fourth simultaneous). Sorry for no pictures of the cockpit, was too involved with the others. If I do anything special to a cockpit during a build, I promise pictures. I picked the kit up on Amazon when the price lowered. It was described as 'new'. When it arrived, every single bag inside was opened. Fortunately, everything was o.k. It was a lot of work trying to keep all the details on the fuselage in front of the canopy. Kudos to all who have built a corsair. It is something to consider before building one, which I wasn't aware of. I don't think I should have taken on the challenge yet, my scribing skills are poor. Plus, this is the first time I have used my new red putty and the whole thing looked a mess. I thought it was going to end up on the shelf of doom, until I put a coat of white primer on. Not too shabby looking after the primer. Actually I'm really happy with it so far and the build will proceed!
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