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Found 1,198 results

  1. Bristol Beaufighter Mk VI Night Fighter, Tamiya 1/48, my latest model which I finished this week. Airbrushed Vallejo acrylics and oil colours for weathering, the base is an old teak wood chopping board with a map section of Crete from about 6,000 feet. I tried a lot of different possibilities to reproduce the "rotating" props. But I guess in the end there is no good way except installing small electric engines. Well maybe next time... Hope you like my Black Beauty a bit - thanks for looking!
  2. TAMIYA 1/35th TIGER I (Frühe) FRIULMODEL TRACKS (ATL-25) EDUARD ENGINE GRILL PE It took me 4 hours to find this GIF and work out how to get it on this page, so you'll forgive me if I don't provide well lit, nicely framed and focused photos of the following: In truth I was having a bit of a laugh, I can't compete with the photos some of you provide, so I've deliberately gone the other way! The glares on the kit box, Eduard package and sprue bags took a good deal of setting up to achieve. Photos of the box of Friuls to come, when I can remember where I put it! Hmmmm. They were in the log basket by the fireplace! I'm guessing they were on the mantelpiece and one of the cats knocked them off! A bit of slug damage will add to the realism. Let's not forget how German Tigers often slipped their tracks, due to excessive slug slime! BTW, If you compare the detailing of the Friul track links to the details on Tamiya's rubber bands, there's barely any difference - the only notable one being that the guide horns on the Friuls are open. (they have holes in them, in other words) Of course, metal tracks hang better and the individual links don't bend (like rubber) around the sprocket and idlers, but possibly the Friuls aren't worth the extra expense. (Whereas my Nashorn's Winterketten Fruils were worth every penny) Waits for the fun to begin. Badder
  3. Next project, a North Korean MiG, using the nice Tamiya kit with Condor decals. DSC_0009 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0010 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0011 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr Gonna build "03" and do it wheels up, as replacement for the long-serving Huckebein on our disply stand. DSC_0001 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
  4. I had lot of fun building the Tamiya's Cat in 48th scale, so... i made my decision: i will build another Tamiya's Cat! This time i will build a colorful VF-31 bird with the iconic "Felix the Cat" carrying a bomb. This is one of my favourite livery on a Tomcat. (just for discussione purpose) The box Decals came from an unbuilt hasegawa kit I ordered some goodies to upgrade my Tomcat, others (wheels, beaver tails and CHIN pod) are on the way to my lab: I hope to start working on it soon, so stay tuned ciao Ale
  5. It took me nearly six months but today I finally got this one finished up. This is the build thread if you want more detail than in this post: It does live up to the Tamiya reputation of being pretty easy to build, the only real difficulties I had was in getting the body onto the chassis but I struggle with that anyway, and with the seatbelts which were just horrible - sticky back paper does not like being threaded through photoetch buckles! This is the first time I've done any photoetch, and apart from the fact that it's so small it was much easier than I expected (seatbelts excepted). So without further ado, here's (probably too many) photos of the finished build. Overall I'm reasonably happy with it - not sure if my skills have moved on from the last 3 builds or not and it's not without its flaws, but feel free to provide constructive criticism or suggestions for where I can avoid issues next time around. I'll kick off with a few shots from around the car And this one is just because I finally got a top-down shot right for a change A few more pics either side or end on Some on the mirror to give an idea of the underside The engine bay - Tamiya have done a really good job of the engine for this one and it seems a shame to tuck it away out of sight under the bonnet And finally, the interior. Not the best pic ever taken of an interior as I was struggling with reflections as this model is fully glazed, but I couldn't let the thread go ahead without Fred featuring somewhere Hope you like it Spiny
  6. Hi folks - hope you’re all enjoying the weekend - I’ve just started work on this little thing: She’s been in the stash for ages - I bought this just after completing the razorback version so it was only right and proper that this would sneak into the build queue. I loved the Razorback - both the build and the finished model - but the nmf that I intend on doing kinda scared me off. Since then I’ve dabbled with metallics on different projects - trying to work out what paints work best and how to apply them - I’ve discovered the wonders of Alclad which I’ll be using on this wee girl - but this will be the first time attempting a proper full metal finish - I have a heap of kits that are crying out for the shiny treatment- so hopefully this will be the first of many - time to pop the cherry I got some after market: Some masks for the canopy- a compulsory item for me these days because life is too short. Some photo etch goodness for the cockpit and some replacement gun barrels- as the kit ones don’t really cut the mustard- I used brass barrels on the razorback but these required some surgery to the wing to make them fit - I’m hoping these will be easier to install. The scheme... well I bought this decal sheet a while back: I thought this bird looked pretty good. Love the pin up and that blue... However when I broke them out when starting this build I realized something. They’re for a P-47 N... not a D like I have. I thought about using artistic license and using them anyways... but just couldn’t get my head around it. One of the things I love about the hobby is depicting real aircraft- however badly, and learning about them - it adds to the richness of the finished piece. Knowing that this scheme was on the wrong type wasn’t going to work for me... So a quick look around on the inter web resulted in me ordering some new decals - they’re 2 weeks away but I can still keep working until they arrive... the 2 schemes in the kit are fine but I wanted something blue - you’ll have to wait abit longer to see the what i ordered... Started on the pit - broke some bits off a sprue: and sprayed them with tamiya xf 5 flat green followed by some highlights in a lighter shade: Then painted In the details- with some dry brushed silver and tamiya panel line washes... I put the eduard instrument panel together- sanded down the kit version and glued it in place... Looks okay I think - I used some other pe around the cockpit sides but discarded most of it - the kit has a decent amount of detail already. The seat got some seatbelts: Again these are quite nice. After supergluing them-in place, they got some panel line wash to dirty them up a little. The completed office. No trouble from the kit as you’d expect from tamiya. The razorback was a nice easy build so I’m sure this will be no different. Thats it for now... thanks for checking in Cheers John
  7. Leftenant Aluminium here with my 1/12th scale titanium and chromoly Suzuki motocross bike of 1970. It is seven inches (17 cm) from nose to tail. The result captures the colourful, exciting, and optimistic outlook of the early 1970s, at least as it seems to me. It is basically the Revell kit of 1974, but with rider (two actually) and modern parts from Tamiya Honda and KTM motocross bike kits. See Building Joël Robert’s Suzuki motocross bike in 1/12th scale: Page on my web site See also my next topic on this site: Mr Moto Cross -- Revell 1/12th scale Husqvarna
  8. Hi there guys, Beginning of this month I decided to start an out of box-build to allow myself to some modelling without thinking too much, setting the Delage 15-S-8 scratchbuild project on hold for a bit. I'll certainly resume that later, so no worries there. Introduction The Honda RA273 was a Formula 1 car from the '60s... not really successfull but it looked beautiful and sounded impressive. I chose Youtube vlogs as a medium to present the build to my colleague modellers. As my daughter participates and she doesn't speak English, the spoken language is Dutch but as long as there is interest I'll put into English subtitles featuring 1) a translation of the written tips and tricks throughout the videos; and 2) a summary of what's happening. These subtitles start from the ninth video! The first eight videos Note: there are no subtitles for the first eight videos but I'll describe them so you know what's in there. In the first vlog I describe the character of the build (out of box insofar a part won't turn out to be ugly... in those cases we'll try to improve on the kit). This first vlog also offers a look into the box and the instructions. In the second video I discuss given reactions, briefly explain how an injected moulded kit is produced and why the parts had best be cleaned before starting the build. The cleaning process is shown. My daughter Karmijn participates. The third vlog discusses viewers reactions as well as a big problem, occurring even before the build commences! The kit is not complete by far. But a solution is found. Karmijn tells a joke and shares her opinion on the kit model. In the fourth vlog I tell Karmijn she's going to get an important role in the build. Selected parts are cut from the sprues and cleaned (sanded). In the fifth vlog the engine block is glued using liquid poly. We see how it's important that the instructions are studied and understood before the glueing starts. Also, a dryfit is always a good idea. The sixt vlog treats, among other things, cleaning and glueing of the rims. In the seventh vlog the parts to be painted white are cut off and cleaned. Some building tips are given (but they are not written down yet). In the brief eighth vlog I explain that the next videos are going to be more brief and to the point. The vlogs thus far were 13-17 minutes each and I think that didn't provide an optimal viewer experience, although it is nice to see Karmijn work diligently. The ninth video In the ninth video all the parts that will need to be painted white are glued insofar possible. The video is much more compact than the previous ones. It's the first one I have subtitled. All conversations have been translated, leading to a lot of work... next videos I'll only add subtitles to summarise the build and to translate all on-screen tips provided throughout the video. What can you do? If you like this project, for example because you enjoy the father-daughter build progress, to see Karmijn improve her skills along the way, or perhaps you enjoy the tips given throughout the videos, then you can help by liking the video on Youtube, write a reaction on the forum or on Youtube, and/or subscribe to our Youtube channel (see text below). Karmijn and I would much appreciate all of this, especially if you choose to subscribe, and it would keep me motivated to keep adding translations to the videos. Plus, you'll get a non-disturbing notification whenever there's a new video. Hopefully you'll enjoy and we'll be able to build a nice almost-OOB racing car! In due time I'll get back to the Delage and/or Honda MP4/6 builds.
  9. With the Charger finished, it's time for me to jump straight into the next project. This one is going to be a much longer project and I expect it will take most of the summer to complete. As usual for me, the kit is going to be pretty much straight out of the box, and is Tamiya's custom Nissan Syline GT-R from 1970. First impressions of the kit are very good, and appear to justify the excellent things I've heard about it. However, as this is going to be my first attempt at using photoetch parts, there is plenty of opportunity for this one to go all pear-shaped. In truth, work on this started back in the autumn when I set about trying to get the body ready. Fortunately, there were no noticeable sink marks on it, and only small, well-placed mould-lines which took only a little removal. This is the body straight out of the box: Needless to say, after a little clean-up, it got a coat of white primer (obvious choice of primer colour since I'm doing this as the white version): After that, it got a coat of Halfords Nissan Arctic White. Not really sure why I bothered though, as the colour is near enough identical to the primer. To think white is usually a nightmare to match, and then I go and pick something which is a perfect colour match to the undercoat But, for completeness here's the body as it was before the winter weather stopped progress: As of today, it has had the decals added (all two of them) to the main body and just wants its clear coat now. Can't say I'm looking forward to polishing it though with those creases - they look like prime territory for burning through the paint. The other sprayed parts have had similar treatment, with the bonnet and spoilers having received their clear coats last weekend. The chassis is body coloured on this one, and it has been bugging me all winter that it just looked too bright in this white finish. So today I've had a go at going over it with a dark grey wash, then rubbing off the wash with an old cloth before it dried (I presume this is the correct way of doing it?) For a first attempt, I'm reasonably satisfied with the outcome, and at the very least it's dulled it down a bit: With all that done, it was time to make a start on the instructions. Not major progress, just the engine block/gearbox assembled and some paint on that, the sump and the engine cover. But at least it's a start... That's where I am at the moment, but that engine cover still needs a bit of detailing prior to fitting onto the engine.
  10. Just finished this one. Out of the box, all Tamiya paints. I'm mostly happy with it, I feel the Dark Earth is a little light in tone. It is the kit recommend mix with a little red-brown added but I think it should still be a little darker maybe redder. Oh well.... Another perfect fitting and superbly engineered model by T.
  11. Hi! I recently decided to rebuild my Tamiya Harley Davidson Fat Boy. It is the kit from 1996, and I built it around 2000. It wasn't the cleanest build to begin with (my skill wasn't sufficient). It was sitting in an open cabinet for some time and even fell to the floor during cleaning, so it was dusty and had some not so clean repairs. It doesn't look so bad on the pictures However, I decided to try to tear it appart and rebuild it. The plan is to rebuild it in the paint scheme of the first year, which is an all-silver paint scheme, even the frame is painted silver. Some yellow trims add a tittle colour. The engine covers will have to be altered. As it wasn't built very thoroughly, it came appart quite well: Many of the parts are already stripped of their old paint. The oil tank and the rear fender brakets will be painted in the body colour, therefore I striped the chrome. The exhaust pipes will be chromed with alclad to get rid of the seams. Maybe I will 3D print the heat covers of the exhaust, which are missing in the kit. I didn't manage to sparate the front brake disc from the wheels without damage, but the brake discs are not very beautiful anyhow. I plan to create replacement parts with a laser cutter. I will also make the engine covers with a laser cutter. That's it so far. Cheers, Markus
  12. Hello all, Managed to actually finish one . Hope you enjoy it. And the same shot in a different light and background. Just cause This kit was great fun to build and half the price of a modern Tamiya release. Thanks for looking in!
  13. NSR500 Mich Doohan 1998, bought 12.11.2000, completed today! Decals Shunko Models, paints Zeropaints, front folk TopStudio. Construction report:
  14. This is my public return to aircraft modelling, after some unhappy experiences I gave it up for a while and concentrated on 1/35 armour. I saw this particular scheme on an aircraft on Flickr a while ago and it got me thinking...... Knowing i had a couple of weeks off this past Easter with not a lot planned & browsing some well known websites i happened upon Tamiya's 1/48 F16CJ. I've seen a few of these built up into quite spectacular models with good reviews of the kits and one or two built into this particular scheme. It is out of the box with some Eduard RBF tags and a Eduard Sniper pod with some masking tape seat belts. The decals are from Caracal and they were superb. It's brush painted with Humbrol enamels, the final colour is a 80/20 mix of gunmetal & gloss black, the weathering is very light, in fact almost non existent as I decided in the end that I didn't want to spoil it with my usual cack handedness at weathering. Considering I started it at Easter it is only just really finished. It was an enjoyable build and went together without any issues at all, good Tamiya all the way, the couple of small problems were my fault and I managed to fix them to a point where I am quite happy with it. It's not your eyes, some of the photos are black & white. Those of you who are F16 experts or rivet counters may want to look away. F16CJ 1 by phil da greek, on Flickr F16CJ 2 by phil da greek, on Flickr F16CJ 11 by phil da greek, on Flickr F16CJ 10 by phil da greek, on Flickr F16CJ 9 by phil da greek, on Flickr F16CJ 7 by phil da greek, on Flickr F16CJ 6 by phil da greek, on Flickr F16CJ 3 by phil da greek, on Flickr F16CJ 1 by phil da greek, on Flickr F16CJ 2 by phil da greek, on Flickr Be gentle now. Phil.
  15. My last finish is this Tamiya 1/48 He219A-7. Only AM set used is the excellent Fug 220 radar antenna from Master Models. Cheers! Nanond
  16. Hi all, Another rollout for me and this time I have returned to an area of interest that I exploited a while back with my F-80, T-33s, F-86Fs, TB-26B and others. That is Latin America. This time I have returned to a machine that caught my eye a number of years ago as she was unusual to me and reasonably colourful. The model – the first of a two-part RFI – shows F-51D “FAB-511” of the Fuerza Aerea Boliviana around the time of her delivery to South American. The photos I have (below) – and they are easily sourced on the web – are stated to be of her upon delivery. I question that given the USAF C-54 and a Herc that sit in the background of at least one image. I therefore prefer to think that she was pre-delivery. I could be wrong! Having said that, there is at least one available image of her in these colours while in service. I built her before using an Airfix kit. this time I've gone for the Tamiya. I know it lacks the dropped flaps and has an incorrect spar but many Mustangs sat with flaps up and you cant see the spar ;). The plus side is the finish of the Tamiya kit, whch is superior in many ways. This was my first effort a few years ago and when I had just got back to modelling: She is ex-45-11453 and prior to going to Bolivia she was, post US military, registered as N5479V and was ultimately sold by Sanford Aviation to the FAB. She was delivered to Bolivia on 10th June 1966. Her Bolivian career ended in December 1977 when she was returned to North America as C-GXUP. Thereafter she became a racer and was finally trashed – poor her – on 12th February 1996 at Palm City, FL after being starved of fuel ☹. I’ll describe more of that in the next RFI – Part 2! In building her I have chosen to vary the panels a little to give a break from a sea of same-tone NMF. It seems that by this time the putties and painted upper side of the wings was a thing of the past. Being a Tamiya kit, and as I said earlier, she did not have the dropped flaps and sadly (and wrongly) my impatience got the better of me and so I chose not to cut them and drop as I should have. Next time! . So, what did I use? Well, here goes …. And it’s not a lot!: Kit – Tamiya F-51D Mustang 1/72 (54) Decals – Blue Rider “Chaco War”, home printed serial, and the kit stencils etc. The rudder was painted. Paints – Humbrol Interior Green (226), Insignia Red (155), Insignia Yellow (153), Gloss Green (??), Metalcote 27002 and 27003 mixes, Humbrol washes. Colourcoats Olive Drab, Matt black, and Humbrol Clearcote varnishes. Washes – Flory dirt plus some swipes of Tamiya Weathering powders A simple build. Here she is: I hope you like her. Now I need to finish my Sabre and get on with the next two Mustangs Martin
  17. Hello I have finished my new 1/72 Tamiya Messerschmitt Bf 109 G6. She was built straight from the box except the wire antenna above the fuselage. I chose the Wilhelm Schillig's aircraft from the 9./JG 54 as I preferred the RLM 24 blue band. This is an easy kit and I could build more. The build will be published in Tamiya Model Magazine French edition. Patrick
  18. Hallo, this is a kit that I bought many years ago and had no courage to start. Originally it should be build as MoviStar machine, but I managed to spoil the decal, so it will be Repsol's bike. Aftermarket decal is from Shunko Models and it is absolute trash. Avoid it! On the positive side is Zeropaints set - absolute joy to work with ))) VG K.
  19. Started this kit back in February and all was going great until I had to paint the window rubbers and start the decals. I made a right mare off it and decided to soak the body in Dettol to remove the paint and decals, this worked great and then I dropped it, breaking the pillars, so I packed the chassis up which was completed and left it for a few months. So last month I purchased the kit again, as well as a Fine Tip Sharpie and some fine paint brushes and started again, this time all went well. There are a couple of things Im not happy with but I enjoyed it in the end, and the decals were not as bad as I expected.
  20. thanks for the helpful response. I got photo uploaded using imgur
  21. Hi chaps. Been away from my bench for too long, one thing and another has prevented me. Found this kit going cheap on hannants website, and I felt a spark, so duely purchased it. I can feel the interest coming back, and thought I'd have a crack at it. Caught my eye, as it's a rather odd looking car, and rather rare in real life. Hope to post some progress in the next day or two. Matt
  22. A bonus day off after the bank holiday so I decided to grab something out of the deep stash and make a start. This is the Jagdpanzer IV/70(V) Lang (Sd.Kfz.162/1) by Tamiya, and here's today's progress so far: JAGDPANZER IV/70(V) LANG (Tamiya 1/35) by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr JAGDPANZER IV/70(V) LANG (Tamiya 1/35) by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr JAGDPANZER IV/70(V) LANG (Tamiya 1/35) by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr JAGDPANZER IV/70(V) LANG (Tamiya 1/35) by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr JAGDPANZER IV/70(V) LANG (Tamiya 1/35) by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr JAGDPANZER IV/70(V) LANG (Tamiya 1/35) by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr JAGDPANZER IV/70(V) LANG (Tamiya 1/35) by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr JAGDPANZER IV/70(V) LANG (Tamiya 1/35) by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr JAGDPANZER IV/70(V) LANG (Tamiya 1/35) by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr
  23. My last finish is this 1/700 IJN Shimakaze from Tamiya. Good kit, it's been fun making her. A pre-painting shot first. Nanond N.
  24. Hello My intention to build the Corsair of Tamiya in 1/32, I delayed a very long time. The reason was that I have a BIGSIN from Eduard. My experience in installing such Brasin components is almost entirely negative to this day. Take the cockpit as an example. Nobody could tell me that it fits or not. A modeler has written a book about it, where the secrets for some money may be explained. The manufacturer has made no test of fit accuracy of Brasin components in the Tamiya kit. This is what the Eduard Helpdesk has told me. After you could even read in this forum, my funny experiences with Brasin Eduard (weapons), I am curious if I can finish the kit then or if I have to throw it away. In the WWW, I have found no one, except the author of the said mysterious book. That is the starting position. · Kit: F4U-1 Tamiya · Eduard 63302 BIGSIN cockpit, engine, wheels · Eduard F4U-1 exterior · SAC Gear · Barracuda Cals cockpit stencils and placards · HGW wet transfrers · Montex Maxi Masks mm32146 Well, if anybody can give me a hint concerning the Brasin items, please let me know. Happy modelling
  25. From Tamiya Blog https://tamiyablog.com/2019/08/video-preview-of-new-tamiya-kits-including-the-1-48-p-38-lightning-and-1-16-remote-controlled-m551-sheridan/ Regards Robert
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