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Found 1,228 results

  1. Hi all, As the title suggests, this is a follow-on build of Bolivian F-51D Mustang “FAB-511”. My previous write-up as part of the earlier RFI tells her story. Now she is depicted later in life and in the colour scheme adopted up to the time of her retirement and eventual sale to Canada, to become C-GXUP. She went on to be a racer in the USA and eventually her sad demise came in 1996. I believe (if you believe some reports) that some of her parts went on to other machines. In these colours, albeit a bit ragged by this time, she returned to the North and looked as follows: Photo: public domain I think this was taken at Great Falls, Montana. I had a few issues with her, not least of which was my hock when I removed the canopy mask yesterdaya and found a mass of green spray inside the windscreen! It meant disturbing my fairly neat settling of the windscreen (with Krital Klear) and polishing out the offending paint with Tamiya Polishing Compound. I also lost the ventral cover for the cooling system and had to rob one from a donor Airfix kit. I also wrestled for a fair while with the Uschi line. A word of warning - the DrawDecal decals are not fit for purpose really. They are way too pixelated. What did I do/use? It should be noted that ArmyCast recently included this machine in a recent decal release. The sheet contains a wide range of Mustangs but care should be taken. Not all the decals and/or colour profiles are correct. See my next Guatemalan Mustang RFI. Kit – Tamiya F-51D Mustang 1/72 (54). The dropped flaps are from an Airfix F-51D. Decals – ArmyCast flag (ACD 72 034) and serial, the kit stencils and warning markings, sharksmouth from the DrawDecal sheet for Cavalier F-51D C-GMUS (72s-P51-82). The Unit badge is home printed. Paint – Colourcoats Dark Green (ACUS20 ), Vietnam Mid Green FS24102 (ACUS19), Vietnam Tan (ACUS18 ) and Vietnam Gray FS36622 (ACUS17). Humbrol Scarlet (60), Black (33). Additionally, I used a variety of paints for the interior, lights, prop etc. Final coat of Humbrol Satincote. Uschi line for the aerial Weathering/Panel lines – Flory dirty, Tamiya Weathering powders, Prismacolor Silver pencil and stippled Humbrol Silver (11) for some chipping/wear I hope you like her. On to the next one ...... Martin
  2. Okay, let's give this one a go! I'm going to build the Tamiya T-55a, straight out of the box (sort of) It looks like a typical Tamiya kit. Look at all that tamiyary goodness! Here's the "sort of" bit.
  3. Happy Saturday Folks. It's been a while since I actually splashed any glue or paint in anger & whilst reading the 'modelling stage fright' thread - I suddenly realised I've actively been avoiding starting anything - in case I don't finish it. So to use a well worn phrase this will hopefully be yet another 'mojo restorer'. My 'stash' has been getting a little out of hand recently, with a birthday last month and too many shopping sprees on amazon I seem to be compiling too many boxes that aren't getting opened. So I've had a good rummage through the cupboard and pulled out the Tamiya 1/35 German 3 Ton 4x2 Cargo Truck - alternatively known as the Opel Blitz. I nearly fell into the 'trap' of trawling the internet for references and finding too many 'superior' quality builds that are way above my skill level - thus defeating myself at the first hurdle. But - I did spend last night looking at 'real' vehicles and found that the Blitz is a proper 'movie star' - appearing in countless war movies. It's never the 'hero' - but an important 'character actor' non the less. So here are the usual box and sprue shots... OK - that sets the scene - plenty of stuff to play with - wish me luck.
  4. Hi chaps. Been away from my bench for too long, one thing and another has prevented me. Found this kit going cheap on hannants website, and I felt a spark, so duely purchased it. I can feel the interest coming back, and thought I'd have a crack at it. Caught my eye, as it's a rather odd looking car, and rather rare in real life. Hope to post some progress in the next day or two. Matt
  5. So after kick starting my modelling again with a little 1/72 Fw-190 I've decided to tackle one of the 1/48 scale planes in my stash. I'm using Tamiya's well regarded 1/48 scale P-51D kit. I'll be using some third party decals (From Lifelike Decals) to represent the particular aircraft in question (linked below to avoid any copyright issues) http://www.warbirdregistry.org/p51registry/images/p51-4463807-2.jpg So last year I built up a Spitfire Mk1 with a lot of effort put into scratch built detailing and I'm aiming to do the same here. The Tamiya kit is quite simple out of the box surprisingly. I started with the cockpit as per generally accepted practice... There is good detail here but plenty of scope for improvement. Most of the detail is actually molded into the fuselage sides, as such suffers from being quite shallow. Using a pile of reference pictures I found on the net of some hyper detailed flight sim models (they obviously did their research) I set about improving the overall 3D look of the cockpit and adding various missing details and doodads. I felt a bit apprehensive at first carving away the nicely molded (if shallow) detail but soon got into the swing of it. I made decision to stick with the relatively shallow looking sidewall structure though, as trying to fix it would require cutting away all the detail and starting from scratch. The goal anyway wasn't to get absolutely accurate, but at least represent the busy-ness of the real deal. The end product is probably going to be quite anachronistic with regards to the instruments anyway. Here is the right hand side sidewall. Almost all the Tamiya molded detail was cut away and replaced or modified in some way. The switches are all formed from lengths of copper wire glued into drilled holes and cut to length. The oxygen hose is a length of copper wire wrapped tightly with lead wire. There is also a little hand crank to be fitted still but I'll do that after the increasingly daunting task of painting all this up... Left sidewall. Similar story here. The jutting out thing is the flare pistol barrel, which I struggled with for a bit, it's a bit overscale overall but I'm happy with it. There is a flare case I molded from Milliput yet to be fitted. The round knobs on the throttle quadrant were also made from Milliput. Cockpit floor and IP. Oddly enough Tamiya don't provide a IP decal for the instruments. I've had to order in some Airscale 1/48 scale instruments for this, Given how long stuff takes to arrive on our shores I'll probably be held up a bit when I get to this point. And finally the missing bits off the sidewalls, the crank made out of tiny slivers and punched discs of styrene and the Milliput molded flare case. It's my first try with the stuff and an overall average effort but good enough given it's size. Next up will be the seat, rudder pedals and the area behind the cockpit with the radios and battery.
  6. Hi all, So I'm here now with my second armour build after my Kubelwagen which kick-started my slide over to the AFV section as I'm normally found in the aircraft forum. This time I went for another fairly simple kit by Tamiya - only this time decided to go for a tank - the Panzer II. I really enjoyed this kit and had absolutely no fit problems - I'll definitely continue to do more armour builds and have already added a few to the stash including a Tamiya Panzer IV and the new Airfix re-boxes of a 35t and a Stuart. So here's the pics and as always your feedback is appreciated especially as I'm new to AFV builds: Thanks for looking Kris
  7. I'm continuing my history of F1 in 1/20th scale but I skipped the 80's and went right to 1992. After the Tyrrell 003, which I don't think is the most beautiful F1 car, to what is my favourite F1 design of all time, the McLaren MP4/7. The overall shape is so pure - no extra winglets or aerodynamic furniture and one of the most iconic liveries of all time. This was built right out of the box with the exception of the tobacco decals which were the "Museum Collection" set that I ordered from Hobby Link Japan. The Marlboro part of the decals were fine, but the orange parts of the decals were way too light in my opinion. The Tamiya decals had the McLaren logo in the orange/red, so I ended up cutting down the McLaren chevron into the Marlboro flag shape to use alongside the cockpit. The kit went together pretty well for the most part, and I built this as a curbside as I won't be displaying it with the engine cover removed (see below). The engine is in there, but all in semi-gloss black. Issues I did have were mostly related to the side vents. Tamiya molded them as separate pieces, but I found it difficult to glue them in and get a consistent panel line all the way around, especially since you have to fill the edges along the bottom. I ended up pretty much filling the whole thing until the panel line was just visible, but when I cleared over the paint and the decals, it completely disappeared - it looks like one continuous piece instead of the changeable size vent insert that I believe they used that year. I used Tamiya masking tape for curves to paint the red sections and it worked pretty well, although there's a little bit of bleed in the pointy parts where the tape overlapped. Overall, Im happy with the result - just a few nitpicks that I hope I'll improve on with the next model - I'm jumping right up to 2017 with the Tamiya SF70H. I'll go back and fill in a few blanks like the 80's and 2000's after that one. I just got the Tamiya 1986 Williams FW11 that will look good next to this one. The paint is Tamiya white and a custom mix for the orange. After looking at 100 photos online that all looked different, I ended up just trying to match the colour of the original Tamiya decals. Clearcoat was again using Mr. Color GX100 with the levelling thinner although this time I thinned it to 1 part clear to 3 parts thinner. It flowed very nicely, but with the weather being quite cold, it took a while to fully cure. I ended up leaving some of the parts for 10 days before sanding and polishing. I also thought I'd share how I'm displaying the models so far. I've been building shadow boxes out of poplar and then mounting the cars vertically in the frame. I created some graphic panels to sit behind the model with a large year displayed. At the bottom, a technical panel has the manufacturer logo, driver name, car dimensions, engine type and output etc. I thought it was a cool way to see the visual differences in the cars from decade to decade, and to see the changing overall sizes and engine output over time as well. I also like the way they feel like scientific specimens preserved for future generations to learn about. Thanks for looking, comments and critiques always welcome. Martin.
  8. Following on from making the two-stage Merlin nacelles, this thread picks up the rest of my Mosquito build. I thought I'd leave the previous thread mainly concerned with the nacelle conversion (and the grubby business of sales ). After various modelling distractions by way of X-Wings and tanks, (plus life in general), I seem have rediscovered a little mojo for the Mossie so things are moving again. A few photos to recap progress to date... Master for the nacelles: ...and cast in resin Dry fit to the wing: ...attached and blended in Scratchbuilt Gee boxes for the cockpit: ...wired and painted Hopefully some actual progress in the next post! J.
  9. Foxbat

    Ethiopian T-55A

    I will be attempting to fettle Tamiya's latest T-55A into something very like the tank in the second picture in this BBC news report from 2001. T-55 leaving Eritrea More pictures later, in the best traditions of news bulletins. Andy
  10. Hello all; It's been a while, but I ask you to consider the offering below for feedback and critique. As usual, the full build up description and (shameless plug notwithstanding) description of its history and context can be found on my site, Making-History.ca Onwards to the pics... Thanks for looking! Cheers; Mark.
  11. Hey Guys, Here's my Tamiya P-51B, finished in the markings of Lt. Col. Everett W. Stewart during's time as part of the 355th Fighter Group when it was based at RAF Steeple Morden in Cambridgeshire. The kit went together beautifully as per all Tamiya kits, and it was painted using a mix of Mr. Colour and Tamiya Acrylic. The decals are from AMDG Decal's 'Yankee Merlin Roars!!! Part III' set and were of good quality, they went on well and were incredibly thin, requring only a slight helping hand with decal softner around some more complex shapes. Weathering was along the lines of 'used but not so abused'. I wanted to show a machine that was well used and that had picked up a few dings and dents but not too excessive. I achieved this with a mix of pre and post-shading, thinned oil paints for the panel lines and a metallic watercolour pencil for any chipping. I finished the model with some airbrush weathering effects before sealing with Xtracolour's Enamel Matte Coat. Rounding off for me however was having the ability to take this out to the actual former RAF Steeple Morden. Luckily I live across the border in Bedfordshire, and the base is a quick 20 minute drive away. At Steeple Morden not much of the original base survives, only a few nissen huts and the occasional segment of perimeter track that the farmer's found useful, luckily however an impressive memorial has been erected nearby where some of the technical and administrative buildings originally were, so I was very privelaged to be able to take some pictures of my model on the base of which its real-life counterpart would've served. Many Thanks for looking guys! Sam
  12. My first WIP, and I’m stepping in the ring with this, Tamiya's brand new P-38G Lightning. Inside the beautifully designed box you get a sumptuous kit without a fussy mix of materials - just plastic, all of it crisply moulded and finely detailed. I don’t think I would’ve chosen to build a P-38 without all the superlatives being thrown at Tamiya’s new tooling. However, it’s a fascinating subject, and part of the fun of building kits is the research it can lead you to. I’m going for the P-38G, Rex Barber’s legendary ride in Operation Vengeance, one of the longest interception missions in WWII. It seems to be widely accepted that he was the one who shot down Admiral Yamamoto’s Betty, although the controversy surrounding this is worth reading about (https://modelairplanemaker.com/2019/08/09/tamiyas-1-48-p-38-lightning-and-significance-of-miss-virginia/). Not only is it a compelling story, but the plane itself offers so many opportunities for weathering - a fun part of building Pacific theatre subjects (I sound as though I’m talking from experience, although I only have a Corsair under my belt so far). I'm hoping to get close to the beaten look of Barber's plane, complete with its lattice of marks left from the packing tape it was shipped in. I'll be building this OOB, apart from an Eduard seatbelt that might arrive one day (how about it, 1001modelkits?). The cockpit has a wealth of detail, and slips together with the kind of fit for which Tamiya are rightfully celebrated - ie. perfect. I've heard that a more authentic colour for the interior would be closer to RAF Interior Green, but this is art and not life, and I wanted the punch of the yellowish green called out in the instructions. All the details were painted by hand. I gave the IP decal blobs of gloss coat over the dial faces - a nice pop against the Nato black of the panel. The tub sits in the fuselage snuggly; every part of the build reminds you of the level of engineering in this kit. I just hope I can do it justice. Thanks for your time!
  13. The last thing that I said in my WIP in December last year, was that I would put it into RFI as soon as I’d done a couple of figures. Well, 10 months later, here it is, but with just the one figure. The figure is part of the Master Box set for British and Commonwealth AFV Crew, but with the head exchanged for one from a Verlinden set for British Tankers. Fortunately, he had his mouth open, which fitted in well with the actions of the figure. The tank is one of the early Centaurs, taken from storage to use on D-Day. I’ve depicted it earlier in the year around April while they were conducting exercises. There is some disagreement as to which battery Seawolf belonged to, 3 or 5. Even decal manufactures can’t agree, so I’ve gone with 3rd Battery. I made the base to loosely represent a sloping harbour wall so that it would show off the moveable suspension swing arms and the Fruilmodel tracks. The only other things that I’ve added since the WIP are some stowage in the open bin, and a compo rations box with some tins in it on top of the left rear track guard. The WIP can be found here; So that’s another shelf queen done and dusted (literally). Thanks for looking. John.
  14. Hi all - Here's my latest - Tamiya's P-51D in 1/48 - An enjoyable build although as ever, Tamiya's decals put up quite a fight. The kit is old but still top quality - it goes together very nicely - My one issue is the way the canopy is attached - with no framing where it meets the plastic. I added scratch built details to the wheel bays, used a Eduard PE cockpit interior with additional parts - also Eduard resin wheels. Painted in Alclad and Tamiya arylics - weathered with oils, enamel washes and pigments. WIP build is here: Thanks for watching Cheers John
  15. With the Charger finished, it's time for me to jump straight into the next project. This one is going to be a much longer project and I expect it will take most of the summer to complete. As usual for me, the kit is going to be pretty much straight out of the box, and is Tamiya's custom Nissan Syline GT-R from 1970. First impressions of the kit are very good, and appear to justify the excellent things I've heard about it. However, as this is going to be my first attempt at using photoetch parts, there is plenty of opportunity for this one to go all pear-shaped. In truth, work on this started back in the autumn when I set about trying to get the body ready. Fortunately, there were no noticeable sink marks on it, and only small, well-placed mould-lines which took only a little removal. This is the body straight out of the box: Needless to say, after a little clean-up, it got a coat of white primer (obvious choice of primer colour since I'm doing this as the white version): After that, it got a coat of Halfords Nissan Arctic White. Not really sure why I bothered though, as the colour is near enough identical to the primer. To think white is usually a nightmare to match, and then I go and pick something which is a perfect colour match to the undercoat But, for completeness here's the body as it was before the winter weather stopped progress: As of today, it has had the decals added (all two of them) to the main body and just wants its clear coat now. Can't say I'm looking forward to polishing it though with those creases - they look like prime territory for burning through the paint. The other sprayed parts have had similar treatment, with the bonnet and spoilers having received their clear coats last weekend. The chassis is body coloured on this one, and it has been bugging me all winter that it just looked too bright in this white finish. So today I've had a go at going over it with a dark grey wash, then rubbing off the wash with an old cloth before it dried (I presume this is the correct way of doing it?) For a first attempt, I'm reasonably satisfied with the outcome, and at the very least it's dulled it down a bit: With all that done, it was time to make a start on the instructions. Not major progress, just the engine block/gearbox assembled and some paint on that, the sump and the engine cover. But at least it's a start... That's where I am at the moment, but that engine cover still needs a bit of detailing prior to fitting onto the engine.
  16. I had lot of fun building the Tamiya's Cat in 48th scale, so... i made my decision: i will build another Tamiya's Cat! This time i will build a colorful VF-31 bird with the iconic "Felix the Cat" carrying a bomb. This is one of my favourite livery on a Tomcat. (just for discussione purpose) The box Decals came from an unbuilt hasegawa kit I ordered some goodies to upgrade my Tomcat, others (wheels, beaver tails and CHIN pod) are on the way to my lab: I hope to start working on it soon, so stay tuned ciao Ale
  17. Hello to all, After the amazing saga my last build has been (a vintage race car, the Fiat 806 Corsa at 1/12 Italeri, see if interested the summarize here: https://www.google.fr/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=6&ved=0ahUKEwif_vra5cnXAhUGuhoKHYo9BJIQFgg4MAU&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.britmodeller.com%2Fforums%2Findex.php%3F%2Ftopic%2F235028933-fiat-806-corsa-112-a-true-to-original-replica%2F&usg=AOvVaw35SjHJwOHWiadD7NM-4lu3 ), I begin a new build, very different (I am used to alternate a vehicle and an aircraft up to now). Of course, many builds have ever been dedicated to the Tamiya P 51D Mustang, especially on Britmodeller... I saw particularly the Squibby one, begun very recently and very nice, that will be definitely a source of inspiration. But as every build is different and personal, I decided to dive again in the Brit bath! I must precise too that I will take a good part of my inspiration in the great Juan Manuel Villalba DVD, for which I made the translation in french for the subtitles. Juan is a very famous modeler and a real gentleman, who learnt me a lot in model making and photography, he is a master and a friend, even if we couldn't meet up to now (we live far away one to the other one, pity...). Before beginning the build, a word of history: John Brooke England was born in 1923 at Caruthersville, Missouri. His service number was O-739263 and he joined the 362nd FS of the 357th FG in April 1943 as a 1/Lt meaning that he was part of the original cadre that left the ZI in November 1943 for the UK. He was promoted to Captain and then to Major. He took command of the 362nd FS on 25 August 1944, while he was only 21. He served two tours with the 357th FG for a total of 108 operational missions giving a total of 460 hours combat flying time. He was the second highest scorer in the 357th with a total of 17.5 victories. England finished his second tour and rotated home on 26 January 1945. He remained in the service after the war and was killed in an F-86 crash in November 1954 in France. I began my build logically by preparing the parts of the section 1 and some other ones, placing them in a box with compartments, that I got in the Italeri's kit (one of the best part of this kit, definitely ): N.B: I just made the photo, so the radio compartment is ever begun... After the parts preparation, I began the cockpit by removing some details to replace them by new ones (arrow 1, and the radio). I didn't use the Eduard P.E part 47, too thin, and replaced it by 0,3 mm thick tin wire (arrow 3) I must precise now that, differently with Juan, who made the radio by total scratch (amazing), I used the very recent Eduard photoetched set for Airfix kit (ref. 49853), that I had to adapt to the Tamiya kit: N.B: here too, I just made the photo, some parts have been removed and ever used. The screws on the side were made from very small portions cut in 0,2 mm thick tin wire (Juan cuts in stretched plastic). The tabs come from another Eduard PE set. N.B: I had to adapt the A 17 Tamiya part to the Eduard 42 one, smaller (for Airfix) and accidently, I cut a portion of the floor and radio support. Of course, I will do the necessary correction... IMPORTANT: I have decided (lately, I had to edit my posts) to number the pics: - the assembly pics will be numbered in yellow - the docs will be numbered in black (white if the background is black). The different versions (enlargements, fe) of a same doc will have a letter a, b, c... after the number. So, it will be easier to mention a pic in the debates we should have. GLOSSARY: this glossary will refer to the numbered docs. Of course, it will be actualized along the way... - 108 gallon paper tanks: 20a, 23, 23a, 94, 94a, 95, 96, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 119, 128, 129, 131, 132, 133, 134a, 137d - radio compartment and fuselage tank: 1, 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 2, 3, 4, 4a, 4b, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9a, 10, 11, 12, 15, 26, 30, 65, 66 - outside, rivets: 90, 97, 97a, 97b, 98, 98a, 98b, 99, 101, 102, 103, 103a, 104, 104a, 117, 118, 137b c d, 138a b c, 139 - gear strut and wheels: 23a, 23b, 106, 106a, 120, 134a, 137b - tail wheel: 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 130, 138b - John England: 24, 24a, 24b, 24c, 25, 106 - joystick: 46, 49b, 62, 70, 71, 72, 73, 75, 76 - Missouri Armada: 20, 20a, 21, 22, 23, 23a, 100, 106, 118 - left panel: 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 57, 58, 58a, 59, 60, 60a, 74, 84, 85, 88 - right panel: 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 88 - pedals: 52, 79, 80 - cockpit floor and details: 46, 46a, 47, 48, 48b, 49, 49a, 49b, 61, 62, 62a, 64, 67, 68, 69, 70, 80, 81, 82, 83 - seat, seat support, cushion and seat belts: 5, 5a, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 18a, 30, 31, 32, 33, 33a, 34, 35, 36, 37, 37a, 38, 39, 40, 137c - instrument panel: 87, 88 - canopy and rail: 18a, 18b, 19, 27, 28, 29, 89, 90, 91, 91a, 92, 92a, 93, 101, 118, 137a - radiator area: 77, 78, 86, 137d, 138a - helix and nose: 104, 106, 118, 134b - landing gear wells: 138a N.B: Lately, I have abandoned the idea of numbering the docs, for several reasons, among others : - some docs that I first considered as very important had finally to be not good. It is the case for example of the ones showing the rivets lines 97 and 98. - it is difficult (and sometimes unfair) to decide that such a doc is more important than another one. - numbering the docs is time consuming and we can refer easily to a doc by mentioning the post#. - small and small, a lot of docs and infos have been brought in the thread, which has turned in a real reference one, thanks to the contribution of experts on the matter. Thank you for your comprehension, I hope you will enjoy the thread...
  18. Tamiya 1/24 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec
  19. Hi all, I’ve been on a bit of a 1/48 ww2 fighter run where I’m trying to complete all my favourites. This one is Tamiya’s Mk.1 Hurricane where I chose to depict P2831 ‘LE.K’ flown by R.J. “Dickie” Cork of 242 Squadron based at RAF Duxford, August 1940. I chose this squadron since it was known as the ‘Canadian’ squadron. Everything is out of box except the Xtra decals. Thanks for looking.
  20. I examined my logs - and 99% of my builds so far were non-jet. The single jet in the list was built as a present to my Dad, so I have no jet on any of my shelves. What better choice for a first jet built for my shelf then the iconic X-1. I picked this one a while a go, and while I have the Eduard 1/48 kit as well, this one grabbed my attentions due to its clear parts and internal structure. So here it is: Very very simple, not to many parts and they are soooo small (I promised myself to never build another 1/72 without a VERY good reason) Clear parts were dipped in Future. The fuselage parts were a challenge as I dip into the bottle itself. First plastic cut and glued: The balance weight ball is a nice touch: It's too late for airbrushing tonight - so this will be it for today. Comments are welcomed as always Ran
  21. Hello, it has been a long time since my last post on this great forum, but life is sometimes just too hectic to build models. But I've managed to finish this one off in under 7 months. Tamiya F-16C block 25/32 kit, with some extras: Aires F-16C/D wheel bays 4439, F-16C cockpit set 4364 and F-16c block 25/32 exhaust nozzle. Wheels are resin ones from wheeliant, armament and bombs are brassin items. I added Master pitot tube and angle of attack probes and HGW RBF tags. Model was painted with MRPaint colors, weathered with ammo products. Enough blabbering, here are the photos.
  22. My last finish is this 1/700 IJN Shimakaze from Tamiya. Good kit, it's been fun making her. A pre-painting shot first. Nanond N.
  23. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 Tamiya P-47D Razorback, built from the box, with decals from Xtradecal. The model represents "R3-G" of 410th Fighter Squadron, 373rd Fighter Group, based at St. James, France, in August 1944. The model was painted with various shades of Alclad II lacquers and Gunze acrylics. All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. Thank you for your interest, best greetings from Vienna!
  24. Hi everyone. One of my favourite aircraft is the P-38 so I was very excited to hear Tamiya released a 1/48 version. In fact I was so excited I bought a Pre-release version off EBay as I couldn’t wait for it to hit the stores. I have to say that this is by far the best engineered kit I’ve seen. My modelling skills are still lacking so I don’t do the kit justice, but trust me when I say that the darn thing just falls together perfectly. In the hands of a more experienced modeller, I doubt there would need to be any sanding, filling...etc. It really is that good. The kit comes with 2 variations; 339th FS, 347th FG, 13th AF 39th FS, 35th FG, 5th AF I chose to depict the P-38G assigned to Capt. Bob Petit of the 339th FS/347 FG, Kukum Field on Guadalcanal in 1943. Thanks for having a look.
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