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  1. Hi all, My first build for this GB will be the 1/72 Sword RT-33 in USAF markings. The USAF got one of these from the Philippine Air Force in 1961, to use over Laos to help provide the Laotian government with intel on the Pathet Lao and the Viet Minh in northern Laos and along the border with North Vietnam. Naturally, this whole project was a bit hush hush, but there's some info in the book "Tactical Reconnaisance in the Cold War" by Doug Gordon. A link to the pages about this subject here. As mentioned, I am using the Sword kit which comes with everything you need, incl
  2. Boosting the Carrier Air Wing with this Sword 1/72 TF-9J Cougar. Performing as a USMC Forward Air Controller. Parts. This is the Vietnam option.
  3. Just a quick update to say that we are still here and still trading (well just about!). Sales have taken a dramatic slump since lockdown was eased but we're just about limping along, still sending out what orders we have as quickly as ever and everything is still discounted. We've got a new credit/debit card processing option on our website by Stripe, for those who can't or won't use Paypal. You can still of course use Paypal, send a bank transfer or request an invoice (to be paid by card). We've recently got most of the ICM 1/48 German Bombers in stock plus the latest
  4. Dear All, Further to my previous post on Merlin Seafires and my intention to build all 3 versions,1B, IIC and III I've just managed to buy the Sword Mk III / SW72084 late boxing which, with all Sword Seafire and Spitfire kits, are like hens teeth these days. I've read the excellent review of this kit on Hyperscale by Mark Davies (below) which confirms my initial thoughts that the kit is excellent with the only obvious error being the lack of panel lines on the wings showing the wing fold. http://www.hyperscale.com/2014/reviews/kits/sword72083reviewmd_1.htm
  5. What should turn up on my doorstep but a Sword 1/72 Avenger AS.4. Nice kit: very happy with it and construction underway. Sword have had a pretty good stab at the interior but some of the detail is a bit clunky eg shelves 3” thick. Does anyone have any photos of what the interior of the rear cockpits really looks like please? Photos of the other turretless FAA variants (AS.5, ECM.6) equally acceptable! Thanks in advance. PS Have already had a look at the photos of the FAAM Avenger ECM.6 in Walkrounds.
  6. I'm really pleased with this one. Nice kit, bit tricky in places as no locating pins on most parts but goes together fine and good detail. Part of Sword's Reggiane 1/72 boxing and first one I had attempted so looking forward to the others now. Only one marking option per kit included in the 6 kit boxing, this is Reggiane 2001 of Tenente Agostino Celentano, 150a Squadriglia, 2 Gruppo Autonomo. San Pietro di Caltagirone, May 1942
  7. I really like the austere look of the 1980s-vintage Hawker HS-125 CC.3 in RAF service, painted gloss white overall and a roundel blue cheat line, similar to that shown on the Matchbox cover-art of the CC.2. To do justice to the type requires kit-bashing using two different generations of kit: the 1974-vintage Matchbox of the -600, and last year's Sword model of the -800. Sword's kit offers many details that can be cobbled onto the -600 to turn it into a -700 jet, such as the engines, underwing details, and possibly the landing gear. As others on this board have pointed out, the Matchbox kit
  8. Hi everyone, Not been posting RFIs for a while for various reasons. No time to take photoes, no sunny weather to take good photoes, no time to write articles... Now it's time to change things so I'm presenting here the photoes of my latest model I just finished this week. This is a very well known Jet Provost, but not an Airfix kit which has been invading RFI section recently. I've gone the other way and challenged Sword kit of T.5. Not much aftermarket or scratchbuilding applied. I had Pavla MB mk.4 seats, Reskit wheels (main wheels only as their front w
  9. Good day to all, This is number seven for the year, the Sword F3H Demon. Here are the highlights I found of the kit............... 1. The kit is tricky to assemble. I spent considerable time dry fitting before applying glue and bonding parts and sections together. 2. I added metal and brass rod to shore up and strengthen major sections such as the wings to the fuselage, landing gear, horizontal stabilizers, and weapons pylons. 3. There are no alignment pins for the fuselage and the ones for the wings, pylons, horizontal stabilizers, and landing gear are la
  10. Hi. I'd like to join with this Japanese fighter. I started it last April, then I just stopped modelling...I think is time to start again
  11. Hallo again The EE Lightning from Sword is a kit, which is not the finest, but good one to advance for a nice model. I built the Lightning already in 1/33 from paper. A long time ago. Now, here I started with getting the main groups of the a/c right done. The wing, very unusual in shape and cross section. Here at the trailing area, where the ailerons are, I had to fill in some styrene, to prevent a remarkable difference, not flush at all. The intake as a group I finished. Here I could do inside all necessary grinding. I will paint the cone, mask it and afterward the rest in
  12. With one Seafire finished and two just about done, and my 'high speed' Spit on its way, I thought it time to start another in my Seafire stash reduction project. The Mk XVII or Mk17 was a development of the Groffon engined Mk XV which introduced the bubble canopy to the Seafire family. It served post war with a number of front line squadrons and was delpoyed on carriers as well as a number of training and second line squadrons. The kit pretty much follows the usual Sword Spitfire/Seafire approach with a common wing and most other parts with fuselage half mouldings de
  13. My second contribution will be this Sword Seafire MkIII Two liveries offered, one a D Day spotter of 885 NAS in the temparate day fighter scheme with D-Day stripes and in the more traditional temperate Sea scheme of 809 NAS on HMS Stalker in 1945' presumably in the Indian Ocean. The box is full of plastic. It looks like it's the sprues from a MkV Spitfire with a new fuselage and wings, along with the other parts for a Seafire. The instruction sheet is about 8 pages long but the build looks like other Sword/Adm
  14. SWORD 1:72 F-2H-2P Photo Banshee One of my more recent purchases. I'm currently working on Hobby Boss's F9F Panther and thought it could use a friend. Colour schemes. This will be a Navy bird, most likely. Decals. By Eduard, as it seems. It's a short run kit, for sure. Not saying that is a bad thing - I mean the details are pretty nice for the most part, but you can also see that there will most likely be a lot of sanding & fitting included.
  15. Hello Here is my 1/72 Sword Grumman TBM-3W in colours of Flotille 6F Aéronautique Navale in 1954. At the time this unit operated around Afrique Française du Nord for maritime navigation surveillance missions. This kit is easy to assemble and the decals came from a Model Art sheet and the kit sheet. Patrick
  16. Hello all. During 'Lockdown' I have made a concerted effort to reduce my stash. I have rattled off a number of ships (to varying qualities), a helicopter, a number of other subjects, and it was only a matter of time before I arrived at my favourite subject, the EE Lightning. I have lots built and lots more in the stash, so it was only just that I tackled one. I have built a couple of Sword Lightnings, and that helped me no end and I planned for a number of potential tricky sections. Seeing @giemme building his wonderful two-seater also helped and I have to say I unashamedly borrow
  17. Sword is to rebox its 1/72nd Republic P-47N Thunderbolt in a 2in1 kit - ref. SW72121 Source: http://swordmodels.cz/en/home/140-sw-72121-p-47n-2-in-1.html V.P.
  18. I seem not to have put my name up for this but I'm in, especially with this Lockdown going on. Swords' Seafire IIc looks a nice kit, hopefully it'll build well. I did a Mk XV a while ago and the main wing gave trouble but got a reasonable result. Davey.
  19. As well as the Vigilante, I want to offer a WW2 tech project. From a choice of many, I've settled for this Sword AEW Avenger. This my second Sword build, my 8th Avenger. Parts: Having done all the wartime schemes, this grey Canadian option grabbed me, Decals.
  20. Second of three Harrier builds. This is the Sword boxing of the T4 trainer finished as WV 268 from 899 Naval Air Squadron in 1992 based at RNAS Yeovilton. The kit is finished in the 899 NAS 50th Anniversary Markings, transfers for which are in the boxing. Overall its a decent kit with some resin and an awful lot of etch. I felt every time I got somewhere I had more etch to stick on, including some which were practically microscopic. The intakes aren't very good as they don't have the dropped down doors, only closed as in flight. I replaced them with a set from Pavla but it took an
  21. Recently completed my 1/72 Sword RF-84F Thunderflash. Went with the RNoAF markings in the kit. The decals in this kit were superb, with loads of miniscule stencil markings. The original engraving was very fine so I re-scribed everything. Added some canopy locking mechanism latches from an Eduard F-16 etched set. Used a little cars lens for the landing light & added the rod actuator for the nose leg. Drilled out the gun ports. Mig acrylics & Vallejo Metal color Aluminium underside with a Mig enamel pin wash. Royal Norwegian Air Force RF-84F 51-17053
  22. I finished this towards the end of last year, but have only just got around to taking some photographs. Swords excellent rendition on a Harrier T.Mk.4. More or less out of the box, but I did open up the upper auxiliary doors on the intakes as the kit parts were moulded in the closed position, which isn't accurate for an aircraft that is parked up. I used Vallejo Model Air paints and kit decals. I picked this scheme as it was the temporary arctic scheme. I painted all the upper surfaces in the usual green and grey, then overpainted the green with white on the areas visible from abov
  23. Here is my Reggiane Re.2000 from the Sword kit. Overall an OK kit, fit wasn't too bad though fitting the engine in the cowling was a pain. Pretty much OOB, though I did risk cutting open and thinning the canopy (after first checking a vacform replacement was available! Supplied decals are TechMod ... which I have a love/hate relationship with ... beautifully printed and very thing, not a hint of silvering, which could have been a real problem with the clear areas on the national insignia. But a real pain to apply - all too easy to fold one over on itself, which is pretty much unrec
  24. Just wandering through the forum and came across this GB, what a great idea Seems like an ideal time to finish off the lightning I started in the Trainers GB which failed at the end due to a missing part I've got a Peugot 206 WRC to finish, then the Lightning should be a good project over Christmas to finish off Just got to remember where I put it safe now Shouldn't be too hard as it's not small Ian
  25. Hello all, For my next Lightning (I always have a Lightning model on the go), I have decided to try my hand at some shiny metal finishes, and a two seater version. I have on hand the Sword 1/48 T4, and a set of Xtradecals for 226 OCU. The kit is certainly a decent representation of the type, but is also a little basic in terms of fit. There is a substantial amount of flash, ejector pin marks and seam lines. However, with some patience (in short supply) I think it will make into a decent model. Box and aftermarket decals The kit decal
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