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Found 381 results

  1. Hello Friends, My follow up project to the Great Wall Hobby F-15I Ra`am was the Special Hobby SMB2 Super Mystere. Here are the notable features and my thoughts on the kit......... 1. Built mostly straight from the box. Used 0.6mm brass tubes to replace front pitot tubes under the intake. 2. Used Model Master, Mission Models, and some old ( but still useful ) Polly Scale acrylic paints. 3. Weathered with Flory & Vallejo washes, pencils, paint, and chalk pastels. 4. Depicted from No. 105 Squadron based at Hatzor, Israel. 5. Plumbers putty and small lead fishing sinkers were used to have the Mystere sit properly. 6. The kit supplied decals were excellent and responded well to setting solution. I found the kit to be mostly delightful with a few “fiddly” sections. For some odd reason, I had a couple of issues completely eliminating some of the seams. The kit is very well detailed and with little need for aftermarket accessories. I hope you enjoy this version of the French designed fighter-bomber. Thank you in advance for all of your comments and criticisms. With much respect, Mike
  2. Having recently done a conversion of the Airfix 1/72 kit to an A I thought I'd go again for the group build only in 1/48. Sounds extremely exotic but basically the German government sold two JU87 A-1s to the Japanese for evaluation. I'm building the Special Hobby (I think ) kit which will be more or less oob in three colour splinter camoflauge but with hinamarus (which I ordered from ebay today) the kit, has a nice resin interior and a vac formed canopy. Not too shabby. My main reference.
  3. Hi there! I already had a plan for this GB - but I think I will deviate from my original plan right away. I had a long & hard look on the scandinavian planes on my stash - and the Gnat got my attention. Firstly - it's one of those types that are overshadowed by other types. Such as the Hawker Hunter, which for example RAF chose instead of the Gnat. Secondly - it was purchased at a difficult time and it had a difficult career in the Finnish Air Force, but still managed to serve from 1958 until 1972, despite the purchase of MiG-21's in the early '60's. And thirdly - most importantly - it was one of the first kits I bought when I came back to the hobby last year. I was visiting Finnish Air Force Museum at Tikkakoski and saw the plane there and bought the kit! So I thought it's time for a Gnat to shine too! Here's a Gnat at Finnish Air Force Museum (ilmavoimamuseo.fi/). Livery is 'Kreivi von Rosen' which means 'Count von Rosen'. Count Eric von Rosen was an important person for Finnish Air Force - as he donated the first plane to our air force and as such helped to create it in the first place. This is also the origin of the Finnish Swastika. Count von Rosen's lucky symbol - a blue swastika - was painted on the wings of the Thulin Type D he donated. And here is the kit. Like I mentioned earlier - UK never acquired the fighter version of this type - and Gnat F.1 was actually only used by the Finns, Yugoslavians and the Indians. Finland had total of 11 planes (not including 2 recce variants), Yugoslavia 2 and India 40. India used the type quite a lot and went to license produce it as HAL Ajeet. Back of the box and colour scheme options. What's in the box. Sharp looking decals, very good looking sprues and full colour instruction sheets. Special Hobby kit's I've encountered so far (Gnat & Vampire) look splendid! Main bits. The name Gnat is fitting - the plane is TINY! It looks like a miniature of itself. Couple of nose options, for the recce & trainer variants I believe. Some of the weapon options. That we are not using - just the fuel tanks. Clear parts. Gnat had a particularly strange canopy - the windshield stayed in place and the canopy sealed around it, rather than have separate front part of the canopy as normal. Maybe to improve visibility to have less framing? Not sure. In any case there is both options included in the kit - to display the canopy either closed or open. Closer look at the fuselage, it really looks really nice this kit. And this is the colour scheme we will be doing, 'Kreivi von Rosen'. Colours were basic RAF colours at the time, olive green & grey upper surfaces and high speed silver undersurfaces. Questions, comments? Feel free to join the fun
  4. Hurrah - the scandi gb is finally nearly here! Here’s a placeholder for maybe the prettiest fighter ever IMHO I’ll be starting from Special Hobby’s 1:48 AJ 37 ‘attack version’ Viggen boxing But I will build it as this grey JA aircraft s/n 37442 below with the decals from revell’s kit (and a few JA 37 bits and bobs from the revell also) For three reasons: 1 The splinter camo scheme is way too hard for me to do 2 my last three GBs all had BMF finishes 🥱 3 the gray with the dayglo red looks totally awesome I have a few bits of AM on its way... Resin posable canards metal pitot / aoa tubes And i can see that i’ll need to upgrade the wheels, the kits look rubbish The special hobby kit has PE included and I will perhaps use the stencil data from the special hobby decals. And thanks to the kindest gentleman @trickyrich I have a JA belly canon and fuselage extension for the JA variant winging its way across the world Thanks to @Christer A for sharing his valued expertise in getting this far. I’ve read its a tricky kit to build so I hope I can manage it. There doesn’t seem to be so much detail but the transparent pieces are totally distortion-free. And its surprisingly big! Here’s some inspiration for my own benefit and an example of how i see the weathering. And finally the obligatory sprue shots...
  5. Special Hobby is to re-release its 1/72nd Piaggio P.108 "Quadrimotore" under ref. SH72406 Source: http://www.specialhobby.net/2020/01/sh72406-piaggio-p108-172-boxart.html V.P.
  6. Hi guys, I recently finished the Spitfire VC by Special Hobby, in the boxing devoted to Malta Spitfires. I have read several complaints on the net about this kit, but for my limited Spitfire expertise, it was ok. The only thing I realized a bit too late was that the UC legs are a bit too long (at least compared with Eduard Spits). I started by riveting the kit I choose the markings of BR 112 coded X, one can easily find pics of this plane lying on a beach in Sicily. To represent the famous 'Malta blue', I painted the kit in the Dark Earth, Mid Stone and Azure Blue desert scheme, using Gunze for the upper surfaces and a Tamiya mix for the Azure Blue. On top of that I applied a thin and rather transparent coat of a mix of Gunze H 337 and H 42, leaving the Desert camo slightly visible. There is a patch on the top of the fuselage and also the tail unit who seem not to have been overpainted. The weathering was done with oil washes, India ink pens, and pigments. I hope you will like it, Christian.
  7. Colin W


    Hi Chaps, With great enthusiasm i plan to join this Saab Viggen STGB masquerading as the Scandinavian group build under the New Nordic title. Although i have an Airfix Viggen at the bottom of the stash, I shall endeavour to turn the Special Hobby Viggen into something approaching trickyrich's efforts in the Specialist GB last year. I bought this from Hannants in 2017 so was able able to compare it to the Tarangus kit which was significantly more expensive. Lucky I did because it is the same kit! Another great reason to support your local hobby shop. My last Special Hobby kit was the truly shocking R4 helicopter which hit the bin mid last year. Hoping for slightly better from this one. Since i live here on the outer rim, this will be a resin free build using only a set of 2 Bob's decals bought many years ago, some plans and Milliput. Oh and 200 pictures i took of the one in the Newark air museum. Scheme will be the splinter one. You know what the sprues look like by now. Colin
  8. I got this a couple of weeks ago and rashly dived straight in. I do like Fulmar's and have quite a few done and more than a few in the stash. Although criticised as being a bit slow and not terribly aerobatic, it was a very effective fleet defence fighter. Remember, it was never designed to dog fight against fighters but defend the fleet against long range bombers and reconnaissance aircraft as well as acting as a spotter for gunnery. It did had a long range and could stay in the air for a long time, as well as being a stable and effective gun platform. Fulmars shot down more enemy aircraft than any other FAA fighter so it wasn't a failure and certainly was a major factor in the success of the Malta convoys. A nice set of well moulded sprues, although there is a little flash. Good cockpit and wheel well detail. There is a bit of paint on them already. I did say that I had dived straight in. Nice nice instructions but in traditional SH manner some locations are a bit vague. Clear sprue, a little bit of resin and some etch. Good transfer sheet from Cartograf for four versions I am going to do this version as it's a bit different. Happy modelling to come hopefully. I have also got a masking set. I recall the time it took to mask my previous attempts.
  9. Special Hobby is to release in 2020 1/48th Reggiane Re.2000 Falco kits - ref. SH48204 - Reggiane Re.2000 Falco - Serie 1 - ref. SH48205 - Reggiane Re.2000 Falco - ref. SH48208 - Reggiane J-20 Héja I - "Re 2000 Falco Export Birds" Source: http://www.specialhobby.info/2019/09/news-from-special-hobby-102019.html?m=1 V.P.
  10. Aero C-3A Czechoslovakian Transport & Trainer Plane (SH48197) 1:48 Special Hobby The Aero C-3 was the Czech built Siebel Si 204, which was in turn based on the earlier Siebel Fh 104 Hallore. It was initially ordered by the Luftwaffe for the same role it performed in their service, having its canopy altered to the stepless type, possibly to mimic that of the He.111 that pilots might progress to. As a footnote to its German service a Siebel had the dubious honour of being the last aircraft to be shot down by the Allies in WWII. After WWII Czech company Aero produced almost 200 airframes in training (C-3A), bombardier training (C-3B), transport (D-44) and civilian (C-103) flavours, which carried on in service until the end of the 40s and beyond, while a few airframes soldiered on a little longer in Hungarian service. The Kit Released alongside the German original boxing, this is a new tool from Special Hobby, and although I’d never heard of it until the sample arrived, it has a stubby appeal with its strangely shaped fuselage and blunt glazed nose. It arrives in a standard blue/white themed Special Hobby box, and inside are a surprising nine grey sprues and one clear sprue in a ziplok bag, plus the decal sheet and instruction booklet. The wingspan hits you immediately, as it has surprisingly long wings, and the boxy fuselage isn’t exactly tiny either. The external surfaces are engraved with SH’s usual fine panel lines, and the part count for the detailed internals is also pretty high although some parts aren’t used, particularly on sprue I, which has literally only one part used. Construction begins with the cockpit, which is assembled on a wide floor part with side consoles, centre console, detailed seats on large framed bases, instrument panel and twin control columns, backed by a bulkhead with cloth-covered doorway into the rear of the aircraft. Unlike many aircraft models, the floor doesn’t end behind that bulkhead, but extends all the way to the rear, with a well-detailed radio rack, navigation table, three passenger seats and another bulkhead plus two upstands that make up a luggage bay at the rear. An additional two seats are fitted facing aft behind the cockpit, and the front of the cockpit floor is joined to the main part and finished at the front with the rudder pedal assembly in duplicate. Before this assembly can be hidden in the fuselage halves, you can elect to cut out either of the rear doors, with the missing plastic replaced by a new part later, and you should add the high stowage racks and other detail parts to the inside along with the windows and the wing root caps that prevent you from seeing the attachment points if you have a good view of the inside. With the two halves joined, the canopy can be applied to the stepped front, consisting of the domed nose part and a separate C-shaped canopy, the former having a few small details added inside before it is fixed in place. After this the top of the fuselage is decked out with a number of lumps and bulges that differs slightly depending on its camouflage option. This won’t leave much of the top seam for you to hide, which could well be a time-saving bonus if you plan accordingly. The C-3A has long wings, and these are mounted low on the fuselage, so are each made up from two parts that incorporates the nacelle bulges to which the cowling, exhausts and intake trunking are added, then each one is slotted into the appropriate wing root and is joined by the H-shaped tail, which fits on two smaller tabs at the rear. The landing gear can be left off until after painting, and consists of a sloped leg with integral brace to which two more are added on the sides. The oleo then attaches to this assembly and is bracketed by a pair of gear bay doors and a two-part wheel with smooth tread. There is one under each nacelle as you’d expect plus a small tail wheel with split yoke. Horn balances are fitted to the top and bottom of each elevator, an antenna at the rear of the cockpit with aerial leading to the starboard rudder, a pair of two-bladed props with spinner caps are made up from four parts each, then finally if you have opened up the hatches on the side, the replacement parts are fitted along with a ladder for the larger of the two. Markings There are four decal options included on the decal sheet with four-view drawings in colour at the rear of the instruction booklet, with option D the only deviation from the standard olive green over light blue. From the box you can build one of the following: No.388 US-53 Air School Regiment, Trĕncin July 1951 No.384 AK-4 Instructional Regiment – Air Force Officers College Hradec Králové, 1954 No.363 S-14 Air Force Signals School, Chrudim, 1948 No.unknown Aviation Research Centre, Letňany, 1951 The decals are printed in-house with good register, sharpness and colour density, and include a number of instrument decals for the interior. Conclusion This is a good kit of an unusual (from a British point of view) and interesting aircraft, with some excellent internal detail and some simple schemes that will speed your finishing. If you have a problem with completing kits like I do, one of the Olive Drab machines would make an ideal sanity build, although the camouflaged option is soft-edged and wouldn’t over-face you with masking. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  11. Special Hobby is to release a family of Allison engined 1/72nd Curtiss P-40 Warhawk kits from P-40E to N. Source: http://www.specialhobby.net/2017/02/info-z-norimberku-no2.html V.P.
  12. Newsletter January 2020 Source: http://www.specialhobby.info/2020/01/news-from-special-hobby-012020.html Thread about the 2019 newsletters: link V.P.
  13. Special Hobby is to release in 2020 a 1/48th Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario kit - ref. SH48206 Source: http://www.specialhobby.info/2019/09/news-from-special-hobby-102019.html?m=1 Sword Models is the other company working on a 1/48th Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario kit: link V.P.
  14. There's been several excellent Firefly builds on the forum over the past few years and I thought it high time that I dusted off my special hobby kit and gave it a go myself. I'll be using all the information gleaned from the previous builds, in particular that of Navy Bird who was brave enough to build two Special Hobby kits of these wonderful aircraft as once. Australian Fairey Firefly stickers are pretty hard to come but I did manage to secure what appears to be a more recent printing from Red Roo depicting VX388/207Q (AS5) from HMAS Vengeance and VX385/205K (Mk5) from HMAS Sydney in 1953 latter Korean War schemes. I'm very tempted by VX388 which just happens to now reside at the Camden Museum of Aviation and was the subject of Navy Bird's target tug version. Here she is in Stewart Wilson's excellent Sea Fury, Firefly and Sea Venom book. I also have a hankering to represent a Mk.4 from HMAS Sydney during the late 1940's with a Dark Slate Grey/EDSG/Sky scheme. I have the following airframe in mind which is here being flown by one of my late father's friends, and still with Royal Navy codes. I'd need to cobble together some stickers of course which may be the hardest part of that scheme but I'd also be unsure about cockpit colours, whether it was all black as in the latter marks, or had one or more cockpits in interior green. Still some time to decide. Progress to date has involved separating the resin cockpit components from the pour blocks wearing the requisite gloves, mask and eye protection, and tidying up the fuselage halves. A coat of primer can't be too far away. As this is my first resin cockpit, I might also ask what glue do people prefer with resin - superglue (cringe) or epoxy (messy)?
  15. "Czech wars" is not over. After the surprise re-release announcement from the AZmodel 1/72nd SMB2 kit (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235011686-172-dassault-super-mystère-b2-smb2-by-azmodel-re-release-box-artschemessprues-release-december-2016/ Special Hobby is to release, in cooperation with Azur-FRROM, a new tool 1/72nd Dassault Super Mystère B2 (SMB2) kit - ref. SH? Armements and fuel tanks will be included in the box. Different boxings will offer the opportunity to reproduce the original SMB2 as well as the Israeli re-engined variant. Source: http://www.specialhobby.net/2016/11/super-mystere-172-pripravovany-model.html CADs Special Hobby, do you hear me, true scale modellers need a 1/48th SMB2 kit... V.P.
  16. SMB-2 Super Mystère / IAI Sa'ar (SH72345) 1:72 Special Hobby The Dassault Super Mystère holds the distinction of being the first production Supersonic aircraft in Western Europe. Dassault developed the design from the Ouragan through the Mystère models to the Super Mystère. While earlier models could go supersonic on a dive this aircraft could achieve it in level flight. The new aircraft with its thinner wing and greater sweep angle entered production in 1957 and left French service in 1977. Supersonic performance was also helped by the introduction of an afterburning engine. A Mystère B4 was looked at to replace it, but this lost out to the Mirage III. As well as the French Air Force, the aircraft would serve with the Israeli Air Force and see combat in the 1967 and 73 wars. The only other user was the Honduran Air Force. These again saw combat in the numerous border conflicts they had. In 1973, the Israeli Air Force and Honduras Air Force upgraded their aircraft with a non-afterburning version of the Pratt & Whitney J52-P8A engine and new avionics. In Israeli service these upgraded SMB.2s were also known as the IAI Sa'ar from the Hebrew meaning Storm. The Kit The kit is a new tool from the Special Hobby / FF.ROM collaboration of design & manufacture. The kit arrives on 9 sprues plus a clear one. The detail and quality is what we have come to expect from these companies of late and does not disappoint. This boxing includes extra sprues for the Israeli Sa'ar version and the weapons it carried. Construction starts with the intake. This is full length down to an engine front at its rear. How much will actually be seen is another matter? The top of the front wheel well then fixes to the intake trunking. The rear of the fuselage also gets the same treatment with a full length exhaust finished off with a nozzle. Next up the cockpit is made up. There is the base, to which the instrument panel, sides and rear bulkhead is fitted, the control column is also fitted at this time. Next up the intake trunking, jet pipe and cockpit can all be installed into the main fuselage halves along with the main gear wells. The fuselage can then be closed up. Following this we move onto the wings. These are of a conventional form of left & right wings with an upper and lower half to each. Separate clear wing tip lights are provided which is a nice touch. Once the wings are done, these along with the single part tail, and the two tail planes can be added to the main fuselage. The nose ring is also added at this stage. The main and front landing gear is then built up and added along with the undercarriage doors, To finish up the ejection seat is built up and added tot he cockpit along with the instrument coaming. Lastly the canopy and windscreen are added. The canopy can be modelled in the open position. If underwing stores are required then a pair of fuel tanks, and a pair of short range AAMs, napalm canisters and 250 Kgs bombs are provided. Decals This boxing of the kit gives three choices of markings; 096 from 105 Sqn, Hatzor, 1973. (3 colour top camo with Yellow ID markings). 909 IAI. Ist aircraft to be rebuilts with an ex Skyhawk engine (Brown/Blue Grey camo). 25 from 105 Sqn, Hatzor, early 1970s. (3 colour top camo). All the decals are printed by cartograf so there should be no issues with them at all. Conclusion This is another good looking Aircraft which has been crying out for a new kit. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  17. Last one for 2019. Special Hobby 1/72 Me 209V1. Not a great kit to build Canopy fit not great and getting the landing gear to fit was a struggle, The kit supplied scissor links were way over scale so I made some PE ones. While trying to fit the gear I dropped the kit breaking them off. Those PE bits went into the black hole under my model bench. Decals were really thin and broke in many places. Paint it AK Air series RLM83 blue over black primer. Used SH resin replacement wheels.
  18. Special Hobby is to release early 2016 a variant from the Azur's Vautour kit (https://www.scalemates.com/products/reviews.php?scale=1%3A72&topic=SNCASO+SO-4050+Vautour), a 1/72nd SNCASO SO.4050 Vautour IIN "Cyrano radar" - ref.SH72333 Source: http://www.mpmkits.net/2015/12/novinky-special-hobby-prvni-mesice-roku.html Box art The same in 1/48th... Sigh. V.P.
  19. VAUTOUR IIN "Armee de l'Air All weather Fighter" 1:72 Special Hobby The Sud Aviation Vautour (Vulture) stems from a 1951 request from the Armée de l'Air for a jet aircraft capable as acting as a bomber, light attack aircraft, or an all weather interceptor. The renamed Vautour II would subsequently be built in all three versions, entering service in 1958, and leaving active front line service in 1978. Various test aircraft stayed around through to the 1990's. The aircraft would feature an all metal fuselage with a mid fuselage mounted wing. The engines were mounted in underslung pods. A distinguishing feature of the aircraft was the main undercarriage units on the centre line with outriggers in the engine pods. The Cyrano Radar was originally developed for the Mirage but were fitted to some Vautours for testing and one such aircraft was sold to Israel. The Aircraft would never see any combat with the Armée de l'Air, however it would with its only export customer the Israeli Defence Forces. Israel purchased 28 Vautours and they were used in the six day war and the War of Attrition. In fact the type did score an aerial victory over an Iraqi Hunter. 15 aircraft were lost to combat and they were replaced by Skyhawks in 1971. The Kit The original of the kit date back to the Azur kit which was new in 2011. This kit represents a Vautour IIN two seat all weather interceptor version with the Cyrano radar nose. You get the original kit with the new nose and drop tanks in resin. There are also a good number of additional resin parts including the camera pods under the test aircrafts engine pods. TBH a lot of the resin parts are very small and it looks like it might be difficult to separate them without causing damage. The man plastic parts are good quality with restrained panel lines. Films are provided for the instrument panels, and to round things off there is a small PE fret. To kick things off in the construction depart we start with the cockpit (shock). The two seats are made up each with four plastic parts, and PE seatbelts. The rudder pedals attach to the back of the instrument panel and this is then added to the coaming. The cockpit is then made up with the other side of the cockpit floor being the roof of the front gear bay. The rear bulkhead is added along with the mid bulkhead between the two cockpits. Side consoles are then added to the front & rear pits. The control column is added as are the seats. The underside bulkheads for the front gear bay are added. The front main gear leg is then built up. This is a complicated part with the main leg, upper scissor parts and reaction mechanism all to be built up. The twin wheels can then be added. Once this is finished, the complete cockpit along with the rear main gear well can be added to the fuselage halves and they can be closed up. The rudder is then added. . Once the main fuselage is complete the attention moves to the wings. these are one part in the main for each side with only the inner wing needing a second part. The wings are then added. The engine pods are made up from two halves and the modeller needs to put in the intake, resin exhaust and wheel wells for the out rigger wheels which were contained in the engine pods. Once complete the pods are attached to the wings. The the front gear bay doors and the rear gear strut & wheels are added.. The tailplanes are added (note there are different tailplanes for one of the decal options) along with the POE wing fences, and rear gear doors. The outrigger gears need then to be built up and installed into the engine pods. This is followed by the doors to these pods. Lastly the external tanks and camera pods are added if needed. Clear parts These are clear and distortion free. Markings Markings for 3 aircraft are provided. The decals look to be in house, they are in register, bright, and have minimal carrier film. 306/30-MA, Escadrille 2/30, 1963 357/92-AD 92 Escadre de Bombardement 333/6-QQ Escadrille 2/6 1960 Conclusion An unusual looking aircraft which can should build up well. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  20. In addition to a weekly post on Special Offers, I'm starting a weekly post (unless there's nothing new in stock!) on new and recent releases here @ MJW Models. Everything will be offered at a discounted price and the website link will be after the listings. Kits 1/48 Sword Reggiane Re2005 1/72 Arma Hobby Hurricane Mk I Royal Navy Yak-1 'Expert kit' AZ Models Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 Wilde Sau (pt 2) Ltd Ed. Messerschmitt Bf109F-4 'Marseille Ltd Ed Yokosuka D4Y5 'Judy' Yokosuka D4Y5 'Judy' Nightfighter Brengun Typhoon Ib Desert + Captured Special Hobby Douglas Boston Mk IV/V RAF + Free French Dassault Super Mystere 'Sa'ar' (Israeli AF) Vautour IIN Sword P-80C Shooting Star + IL-10 double kit Accessories Xtradecal 1/48 - Starfighter, Harrier GR.1/GR.3 and Hunter F.4 Xtradecal 1/72 - Starfighter, MiG-17 and RAF Hercules Eduard 1/48 Mask and Zoom etch for the Kinetic F-104G Starfighter and Tamiya P-38F/G Lightning kits. https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  21. Special Hobby is to release in 2018 a family of Armstrong Whitworth Meteor nightfighters kits incl. NF.11/12/13 & 14 - ref. SH72358, 72360, 72363 & 72364 Source: http://www.specialhobby.net/2017/12/sh72358360363364-aw-meteory-nf.html Canopies mould V.P.
  22. Special Hobby & Azur-FRROM are working on a 1/72nd Martin (Glenn L.) B-10/B-12 family Source: https://www.facebook.com/specialhobby/photos/a.579303855843312/747141085726254/ V.P.
  23. Special Hobby is to re-release (link) its 1/48th Focke-Achgelis FA-223 Drache kit as captured a/c - ref. SH48201 Box art was on display this weekend at IPMS Belgium National/Plastic & Steel 2019. And today (13/10/2019) Scalemates reproduced not only the info but also the original Britmodeller © picture reframed without the due credits (link). Britmodeller frequently copied but never equalled! V.P.
  24. After the Dassault Mirage F-1, Special Hobby is to release a complete family of 1/72nd Dassault Mirage III/5 Nesher/Dagger kits. Sources: http://www.specialhobby.info/2018/10/special-hobbys-new-172-mirages-iii-5.html http://www.specialhobby.net/2018/09/special-hobby-pripravuje-modely-mirage.html First 3D renders of MIIIC and CJ V.P.
  25. Special Hobby is to release in 2020 a combi box 1/48th Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XII vs Fieseler Fi-103 V-1 kit - ref. SH48192 Source: http://www.specialhobby.net/2019/12/sh48192-spitfire-mkxii-contra-v-1.html Box art V.P.
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