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  1. Special Hobby is to release a new variant from it's 1/72nd Boomerang kit as CAC CA-19 Boomerang under - ref. SH72426 Source: https://www.specialhobby.net/2020/08/sh72426-cac-ca-19-boomerang-172-boxart.html box art V.P.
  2. This one came as a complete surprise to me: https://www.specialhobby.info/2020/11/news-from-special-hobby-112020.html
  3. Hello I have just finished this couple of Special Hobby Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF. First here is the NF Mk.11 in French colours when assigned to CITT 346 (Centre d'Instruction Tout Temps - All Weather Instruction Center) at Tours AFB in the 1960s. At the time this squadron was the advanced training unit for all weather fighting and was equipped with Meteor Mk.7 & Mk.11 in addition to some SNCASO Vaitour II. Camouflage is Medium Sea Grey and Dark Green, with a little light blue-grey on the radome and to mask a previous unit code.
  4. A-20 Havoc/Boston Dinghy (Q72376 for Special Hobby) 1:72 CMK by Special Hobby The Special Hobby A-20 Havoc has been around since 2007 in various forms, with parts added along the way to create different versions in various operators' schemes. What’s common to many but not all is the prominent ditching survival pack behind the cockpit, which is all wrapped in a great big dinghy that auto-inflates at first sign of water, which is the theme of this upgrade set. It arrives in the usual Quick & Easy green themed package, with the resin hel
  5. RF-84F Thunderflash Ejection Seat (Q48268) 1:48 CMK by Special Hobby We reviewed the Tanmodel kit when it arrived here, and then when CMK’s raft of detail sets came out soon after, we reviewed those here too. I found a couple of sets that had become side-tracked due to the workshop’s state of turmoil, so this one is a little late, but still available from Special Hobby, so it gets reviewed! It arrives in the usual Quick & Easy green themed package, with the resin held in a small poly bag with header card folded over and instructions w
  6. X-15A-2 “White Ablative Coating” (SH32081) 1:32 Special Hobby After Chuck Yaeger broke the sound barrier (officially) in the X-1, the series of experimental high-speed aircraft continued in the shape of the North American built X-15, which began in 1954, with the programme continuing until 1968, and extending to just short of 200 flights of this manned missile throughout many flight-envelopes, collecting data and experience that would be used to great effect in the following Mercury and Apollo programmes, which shared some crew, as well as furthering the understan
  7. Special Hobby (SH) is to re-release its 1/32nd North American X-15A-2 "White Ablative Coating" (link) kit under ref. SH32081 Source: https://www.specialhobby.net/2020/08/sh32081-x-15a-2-white-ablative-coating.html Box art V.P.
  8. After the Dassault Mirage F-1, Special Hobby is to release a complete family of 1/72nd Dassault Mirage III/5 Nesher/Dagger kits. Sources: http://www.specialhobby.info/2018/10/special-hobbys-new-172-mirages-iii-5.html http://www.specialhobby.net/2018/09/special-hobby-pripravuje-modely-mirage.html First 3D renders of MIIIC and CJ V.P.
  9. CAC CA-19 Boomerang 'Jungle Scouts' 1:72 Special Hobby (72426) The Boomerang was a WWII fighter designed and made in Australia by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC). The design stemmed from the CAC Wirraway, this was a licence built North American NA-16 (more commonly known as the Harvard). Australia had realised in the 1930s that Japan had expansionist ideas and would need its own aircraft industry. this is one reason North American were approached to licence build the Wirraway. After WWII broke out and with the traditional supply of aircraft from the U
  10. SK-37E Stör-Viggen Electronic Warfare Aggressor (SH48150) 1:48 Special Hobby The Viggen is a rugged fighter/interceptor that was designed to fulfil a need during the deep Cold War to defend Swedish airspace in the event of an incursion by the Soviet Bloc, and to continue the fight from hidden bases near roadways, which the aircraft could use as makeshift landing strips. It was to replace both the Lansen and Draken, and did so extremely well, endearing itself to aviation enthusiasts as it did so due to its unusual double-delta/canard configuration. It was fitted wit
  11. Despite the recent release of the Italeri's Sunderland Mk.I (review: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=234927542), the Special Hobby Short Sunderland Mk.V project seems going on. Some CAD drawings are proposed in ModelForum: http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=97&p=1362198#p1362198 Future kit reference is SH72162. Wait and see. V.P.
  12. Potez 25TOE 'For France - anytime, anywhere' (SH72407) 1:72 Special Hobby The Potez 25 was a French single engined, two-seater biplane designed in the interwar period and used widely by air forces around the world. A flexible design, the Potez 25 was used in a variety of roles, including as a fighter, bomber escort, light bomber and reconnaissance platform. The TOE variant was originally designed for use in French colonies and featured a Lorraine engine with a deeper belly and extra fuel capacity. Armed with 7.7mm machine guns, it was also capable of car
  13. F-14A & F-14D Wheels (Q72377 & Q72378 for Academy) 1:72 CMK Quick & Easy by Special Hobby Academy’s recent F-14A in 1:72 could always use new detail. What kit couldn’t? The quickest way to improve kit detail is to replace the kit wheels with resin ones that add detail, obviate seam hiding and usually giving the modeller a better representation of any tread patterns on the tyres. You might also get manufacturer’s name, raised tyre stencils and additional hub detail into the bargain, depending on what’s there on the real thing. With these
  14. Sd.Kfz.10 Zugkraftwagen 1t (Demag D7) (SA72021) 1:72 Special Armour by Special Hobby In the decade before WWII, Germany was rearming secretly at first, but overtly once they had publicly thrown off the constraints of the Versailles Treaty. In order to mechanise their military, many different vehicles were required, from large to small, with the Sd.Kfz.10 being at the smallest end. It was based on a hull rather than a ladder chassis, which gave it a low profile similar to that of a standard truck, despite it having a half-track running gear and a pair of steering
  15. I`ve just finished another model for my Falklands collection - 1/72 IA-58A Pucará, A-532, Grupo 3 de Ataque, Fuerza Aerea Argentina, Falklands War 1982. This particular aircraft is well known from photo taken in Argentina mainland before its departure to Falklands (BAM Malvinas, Port Stanley) on 27 May 1982. It took part in air raids on British units in Darwin/Goose Green area on May 28. It was later damaged in ground collision with Pucará A-514 and captured by British at Port Stanley airfield. Later used as training target and destroyed. I tried to recreate the look of A-532 from
  16. Luftwaffe WWII/CS post-war Aircraft Mechanic (F48367) 1:48 Special Hobby Pretty much any aircraft in history would soon become unusable without mechanics to repair and maintain them, and this figure portrays one of those unsung, and often oily folks going about their business. He seems to be on his way to or from a job, walking with a toolbox in his right hand, balanced out by his left leg and arm swinging forward. The set arrives in a Special Hobby yellow-themed clamshell box, with a single pour block containing three resin parts, the main figure, his right arm
  17. Special Hobby Meteor T7 with an Aeroclub camera nose as used by RAE Farnborough, the real aircraft was later used for apprentice training and only the forward fuselage now survives. Pretty much built from the box but with home made decals. Steve
  18. This is the Special Hobby Meteor T7 with an Aeroclub camera nose and home made decals for a test aircraft from the A&AEE Boscombe Down. The stripes on the intakes and belly tank seem to have been very short-lived as most photos don't show them - I bet they were as much fun to paint on the real thing as they were for me! 9 Steve
  19. Brewster SB2A-4 Buccaneer "US Marines Dive Bomber" (SH72303) 1:72 Special Hobby In 1939 Brewster was selected by the US Navy to develop a larger scout/bomber aircraft based on their Brewster SBN aircraft. The new aircraft shared the design platform but had a much higher rated engine. The aircraft was a conventional single-engined, mid-winged monoplane layout with two fixed forward firing 50 cal guns in the fuselage, and two 30 cal guns in each of the wings. The aircraft was supposed to have a rear enclosed turret although this was replaced by a flexible twin 30 c
  20. Special Hobby is to re-release the Azur (link) 1/72nd Supermarine Sea Otter Mk.I "WWII Service" kit - ref. SH72429 Source: https://www.specialhobby.net/2020/07/sh72429-supermarine-sea-otter-mki-wwii.html Box art+schemes+decals V.P.
  21. Supermarine Sea Otter Mk.I "WWII Service" 1:72 Special Hobby (72429) The Se Otter was developed by Supermarine from its famous predecessor the Walrus. As a longer range Sea Plane the main difference is the arrangement of the engine from the pusher as seen on the Walrus to the more conventional puller. The Sea Otter was the last Sea Plane to be designed by Supermarine, and the last biplane to enter service with the RAF & FAA. Despite the prototype flying in 1938 it was not ordered until 1942 with only 292 of the nearly 700 ordered being produced before the end
  22. Newsletter January 2020 http://www.specialhobby.info/2020/01/news-from-special-hobby-012020.html Thread about the 2019 newsletters: link V.P.
  23. This Summer, Special hobby is to release a SB-2 new variant (link) the 1/72nd Brewster SB2A-4 Buccaneer - ref. SH72303 Source: http://www.specialhobby.net/2020/02/sh72303-sb2a-4-buccaneer-boxart.html Box art V.P.
  24. Hi Build in parallele to the Cessna O2 Skymaster, it finished too. The details level is very impressive for the scale. Thanks to the photoetched (for the seat belt and the landing gear cylinder trapdoor) and the hundred decals marks. The kit is a little complicate to build but give you a beautifull plane of this early jet age. Other pics at this address FH-1 Phantom
  25. I hope you don’t mind me joining in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations Group Build with this offering. I am going to build the Special Hobby 1/48 Blackburn Skua using the ‘Norwegian Campaign’ boxing but it will be built as L2927/A of 803 NAS HMS Ark Royal, Mediterranean Aug ‘40. I’ll talk later in the build about why this particular aircraft but for now here are a paltry starting efforts. First off the box and sprue shots. Not many parts.. I thought I would start with the engine. Crankcase, cylinders
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