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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm off to Bovington tomorrow for the day, as my step father wants to have a look through the archives for family tree research, meaning I'm going to have most of the day, so if anyone has any requests for photos let me know and I'll see what I can do for you It won't be DSLR quality, but the camera on my OnePlus 6T is more than decent.
  2. Took delivery of this new kit today, mainly for its decal sheet as want to use the vf-14 tophatters markings included in it on a new academy kit. I’m not going to go in depth about how good/bad the old esci kit is. That’s not what this post is about. Decals! The decal sheet is quite nice and well printed. One strange thing which is the same as the recent GWH kit is that the brown live motor missile bands are more of a dark metallic gold? Anyways, when looking at it more closely and some of the crew names, particularly the Aardvarks bird, I noticed that some of them seemed ‘familiar’ but couldn’t quite work out why. These ones circled here - Then I remembered a build review of the Tamiya 1/48 kit a couple of years back. The author did a Vf-114 jet but changed the modex so needed crew names to suit. He didn’t know nor could discern from pics what they were in real life, so home printed some with himself & his friend as pilot and the rio. http://www.hyperscale.com/2017/features/f14atamiya48dwa_1.htm I guess when Italeri were doing their research and looking for markings they must have took these as verbatim and copied the names without reading the text of the review... That bloke and his mate are now famous! Cheers, Tony
  3. One of my favourite YT channels for naval history Drachinifel just featured a slightly longer than the standard 5 minute guide - at two and a half hours - about the A6M Zero. During the originally for 30 minutes planned talk, a well researched picture is created dealing with common misconceptions and myths, used tactics, development and more. Research drawn from known good sources such as Nick Millman and Richard Dunn, but also many more. A list of sources is included in the comment section, well worth the time!
  4. Hello All, I mostly model aircraft and railways and am utterly clueless on ships... I am hoping to build a model of the ship my Grandpa's was on; HMS Dianella which was a Flower Class Corvette. I have managed to find a rough service history and two or three photos via Google and the Imperial War Museum but other than knowing enough to be fairly sure none of the Flower Class kits are quite right for me, I have nothing which helps me know where to start. Are there any good reference sources which would help with drawings or good photos from a few angles? I expect with the nature of the subject that there will not be anything on the Dianella specifically, but with it being a fairly mass produced type of ship I guess that there will be some guidance on what the ships tended to look like if made at certain yards between certain dates? Thank you in advance for any help on this. (and for letting me into your mystical watery section of BM)
  5. Are there any short nosed hawks at all with the digital cockpit? Im building an rc model shortly when i get over a proper dose of the flu, i have a kit that has standard t1 nose but would like to build it with the digi screens in the cockpit, i will convert if necessary but if i can get away and save myself a couple of weeks work i will
  6. On a rare occasion I do finish a model. This time it came out like that: (some last adjustments:) and here we go: Ok, enough. Off to the scrapyard Full story can be found here http://www.kampfgruppe144.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3271. Short story: Panel lines (Matchbox-style) were removed, some brass bits from upcoming Shelf Oddity set added. And then there was miserable process of filling and sanding and filling and sanding and filling and sanding and filling and sanding and... which seemed to have no end. But finally I got to dust off my airbrush. Metal parts are AK Xtreme Metal (easy and foolproof). Kit decals turned out to be excellent (save for NACA tail band), panel lines were reinstated using pencil and shaky hand and this is it.
  7. Having learnt a lot from browsing the Britmodeller forum, I thought I should return the favour by outlining the planning and building stages I'm going through to create my model. I hope it's interesting and helps others to approach their modelling tasks. I hope to build up this topic with a series of postings over time. I'll start here with a bit of the history leading me to this point. My Dad served as, amongst other things, an air gunner with Bomber Command during WW2. He earned his DFM from 30 missions. 29 of them he was a mid-upper gunner and one a tail gunner. The tail gunner trip was to Peenemunde - to bomb the V1 /V2 research station. The other trips included several to Berlin and a round trip to Cannes. You can imagine he has a few stories about incidents on different missions, as well as life generally. It was his 94th birthday the other day and we talked over a fair bit. After taking Dad to London to see the Bomber Command Memorial, I decided I wanted to make a model of one of his aircraft. Dad's operations were with 76 Squadron, flying from Holme-on-Spalding-Moor. I knew from talking to him that the Halifax aircraft he went on ops in had Merlin engines, Dowty undercarriage, rectangular tail fins and the later perspex nose as well as, I was pretty sure, H2S. This made them the Mk V Halifaxes. Squadron records confirmed that they were Mark V, but bizarrely my Dad's log book says in the header they were Mk IIs. As that header is in the same ink and hand as that of the officer signing off the log, you would expect it to be right. As a double check, I looked up every serial number from the log book in the production records - these confirmed them as Mk V in every case. It just shows that you need to check all your facts. To emphasise the point about research and validation by cross checking: I have gathered various books and photos to inform my build and get the details right. I will be making two models. The first is a practice run to get my skills up - it will be the Matchbox kit and represent the one he was in over Peenemunde. The second, for a diorama, will be the aircraft he was in most, depicted for the Cannes op using a newer Revell kit with some after market amendment. There don't seem to be any photos of either aircraft, but the latter was LK646 part of the same batch as LK640 - an aircraft whose photo has been much published. The largest print is in Bruce Robertson's Halifax Special. There is also a colour profile of it in Osprey's Halifax Squadrons. The only bit of the Osprey colour image I was put off by was the old style tail fins. My understanding was that manufacturers were putting the late fins on by then. The photo misses the tail off. My Dad tells me that LK646 arrived with rectangular fins and that 76 was fully rectangular fins on main operational aircraft by that point. I will put dates and details in a future post. Well, I showed the colour LK640 to my Dad, thinking the only difference he would highlight would be the tail fin. No, he also listed the absence of an H2S dome; the need for a Vickers k gun in the nose; and, a perspex blister aft of the H2S dome, which he used for watching out for fighters from below. So, even very close in batch numbers from the same manufacturer, the details can vary markedly. Further, most relevant photos suggest that the aircraft code letters appeared on the undercarriage. I would have planned to put them on my model if Dad hadn't said they weren't on his plane. That's a preliminary post from me, my first on the forum. Future post should add detail and show how my builds get on. Cheers Andrew
  8. Hello everyone! I've been doing some 1/1 scale modeling on my home lately so my smaller scale projects are waiting, mostly Heinkel He 111 that I started.. :] But the problem is I can't keep my hands off of some plastic so I decided I should do a quick and simple build, and my build of choice is Stearman Kaydet by Revell, 1/72 scale.. :] Now, I need your help! What I would like to know is what kind of weathering, exhaust stains, mud splashes, paint chipping and general extended usage deterioration could one see on one of these planes back in the day when they were extensively used? I wouldn't mind overdoing it a little bit, just as long as it is in correct places.. Any photos you may have, suggestions, anything would be helpful! :] Also, many pictures on the internet show the different propeller color/material..I'm guessing the original used was wooden, and the later restorations feature metal propellers? Anyway, type in question is N2S, known as the "Yellow Peril", with the tail number/registration as shown on the picture below.. I'm not sure where and on what kind of runway this particular unit was used, maybe that could be a factor in deciding proper weathering too.. Any help is very appreciated! :]
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