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Found 330 results

  1. Hi All, My next project is Eduard's 1:48 Westland Lysander. I have read much about this kit, not all good! I picked up the 'Limited Edition - RAF & Finnish Service' edition. Here's the box art: On opening the box you are presented with 4 sprues in Eduard's hard, light grey plastic and one transparent sprue: There are also three comprehensive (and very fiddly looking) PE frets: There are five marking options, four RAF and two Finnish (including skis, mark you ). Here's the very comprehensive transfer sheet: I'm going to model as this aircraft - V9289, a Lysander MkIIIA flown by 357 Sqn RAF, formed in Didri, India in February 1944. The aircraft specialised in agent infiltration into Burma, Indonesia and Malaysia and also provided support to local resistance groups. Here is a photo of the actual aircraft: As you can see there is a heavy degree of weathering and fading. I'm going to try my hand at the hairspray technique for the first time, so we'll see how that goes! Anyway, on to a good study of the instructions - this one could be tricky! Thanks for looking, Roger
  2. The Supermarine Spitfire requires no introduction. In my opinion, together with the Messerschmitt Bf 109 and the Mitsubishi A6M "Zero", is probably the most famous and recognisable plane of WW2, and certainly the most beloved one. I'm presenting the Mk. IXe variant. The Kit from Eduard is fantastic with great fit and detail for the scale probably one of the best I've done and I totally recommend it!. As you can see in some photos the canopy is broken on the starboard but I have already contacted Eduard and they've organised a replacement which is on its way. I'll take that opportunity to replace the antena which looks a bit out of scale. PL124, No. 312 Squadron RAF, B-10 Airfield Plumetôt, France, June 1944 Czechoslovak pilots flew the Spitfire Mk.IXe for the first time during the Normandy landings. Czechoslovak RAF squadrons were re-armed with low-altitude Merlin 66 Spitfires because these had underwing bomb racks and were more suitable for operations over the Normandy beachhead. The first unit to get the new Spitfires within No. 134 Wing was No. 312 Squadron, which received the aircraft on June 11th, 1944. The E-type wing Spitfires served with the wing till July 3rd, 1944 when the F and HF.IXc machines arrived and the LF Mk.IXe were passed on to other units. Photos of PL124 show that the quick identification black & white bands were not fully painted on the fuselage. The black stripes are missing. Note the dark, probably blue, rudder tip.
  3. Concurrent with Operation Vittles (the Berlin Airlift) was the RAF's "Operation Knicker," or "Plane Fare," which helped immeasurably to keep the people of Western Berlin reassured of the West's commitment to them. Unlike the USAF, the RAF was extremely strapped for resources from its worldwide imperial commitments. Its war-weary C-47s soon were joined by Yorks, Hastings, Tudors, and a hodgepodge of civil aircraft under short-term contract. Fortunately, Ernest Bevin, Britain's best foreign minister of the postwar period (in my opinion) had the strategic foresight to give this operation the high-level backing needed. The model is Airfix's superlative kit of the Dakota, and I started it at about the same time I began the C-54, but finished it much sooner. It gave me almost no trouble at all, and I enjoyed it for its straightforward construction and beautiful detail. Paints are a mix of Vallejo metallics, with a flat finish, to achieve the simple overall silver paint scheme the RAF was using then. I mixed some white with the Vallejo black gloss undercoat to lighten it somewhat, and simply masked off the deicer boots before I applied the silver mix. These were war-weary aircraft and had their share of lumps and bumps! Mine is from 46 Squadron.
  4. I offer these pair of RAF fighters for inspection. I bought them a couple years ago in an Aldi store for about £4 a piece including the acrylic paints and brush.. Starter Kits ! They were fun to make and my partner ,who is a teacher ,uses them for children as part of VE Day celebrations. The kids do drawings of them and use the planes to get their cammo schemes something like the original! the decals are quite thick and I painted then too thick.. but hey they amused me and they get to inspire some lively and creative minds!
  5. Help.... Just picked up one of the Revell 1/48 "Special" Typhoons, but.... I actually want to do it in RAF Colours and not the Luftwaffe "Baron Spirit" special decals that are provided in the kit. I have picked up (finally) a set of Xtradecal's with the 2015 specially painted Typhoon in the colours of Flt Lt Eric Nicolson (GN_A), however, what is missing is a set of stencils. Does anyone know of any decal producers that do a set of RAF Typhoon stencils? I hope to pick up another in the next few months to utilise the additional markings on the sheet, so in addition to this, does anyone know of a source for the stencilling on the weapons as used by RAF Typhoons? Many thanks
  6. I've just started a build of a F-4 Phantom II to be done in the all blue scheme as worn by XT899 of 19 Squadron in 1991 (?) My questions are about what it carried underneath Firstly, I'm a numpty when it comes to various missiles etc carried by jets. I can recognise an AIM-9 Sidewinder type but an AIM 7 from an AIM-120 AMRAAM, uh, no On to the 19 squadron Phantom. Most photos show it with an auxiliary fuel tank (aka a 'drop' tank) under each wing. I presume these would be mounted on the outer wing hard points, as 1. some photos show it with a pylon (blue painted) on the inner side of the tank. On this pylon, some photos show what looks like the front of 1 or 2 Sidewinders, mounted side-by-side, but some photos show more of the length of these 'missiles' and they appear not to have any fins, so what might they be? 1a. is the pylon a TER with just the sides being used? A photo of XT899 from overhead shows it with Sidewinders on this pylon (a white one), two side-by-side, but no tanks on the outer stations. The rounds appear to be live ones. Although this pylon is white it seems to be the same type as the one painted blue 2. Some side on photos seem to show it having a larger auxiliary tank under the belly. Would this be correct? or am I just seeing the other wing mounted tank? 3. What would it have carried in the under fuselage missile recesses? 3a. If it carried missiles what type would they have been? 3b. if it carried any missiles would they have been live or inert? All help and advice appreciated
  7. Hi all, Whilst my university dissertation looks at me disapprovingly for continuing to make models whilst there are a wealth of research papers on the enlightening topic of geological passive margins I will write this post as a brief introduction to the build. I bought the Revell Tornado F3 kit 3 years ago and started it around that time. Due to other commitments it has been an ongoing project for far longer than I would have liked, but in that time I've learnt a lot about airbrushing and the weathering processes primarily from YouTube when I ought to have been studying! I'm considering it as my first 'advanced build' where I use complex airbrushing techniques and oil washes to make the kit look suitably weathered so any advice or criticisms is welcome. I made several mistakes in the build right the way from sanding to re-scribing, painting and weathering not that it is all entirely my fault. There are some fit issues with the kit around the engine intakes, lower rear section of the fuselage and I still have to get my head around fitting the flaps in the down position in combination with the under-wing pylons (anyone with experience please say how you did it as the dry fit highlighted a severe issue). As a result the kit is by no means perfect but only having returned to modelling recently after a long hiatus and it being my first advanced one I am overall happy with the result so far. I am sure that some of you when the kit is done will notice the inaccuracy of a Falklands War Harrier pilot shoved in the back cockpit to act as the radar operator but he has been painted as best as possible to resemble a Tornado crewman, money on the student budget for resin figures is tight afterall. The kit is nearly done but I will post some progress photos in any case. All that's left to do is fit the final parts, leave the oil wash to dry for a few weeks, seal the paintwork and wait for the PJ production figure to arrive. Having learnt from the experience of building this kit and loving the Tornado I intend to build the GR.4 'Farewell' Revell kit as a tribute to the plane of my childhood alongside all the other kits and restorations I have on the go at present. Any feedback is always welcome, enjoy the photos. All the best, M
  8. Hi all, Back again this time with the Airfix fgr.2. The build went ok tho there was an awful lot of mold seam lines that had to be taken care of and that front portion of the canopy was a bit of a bad fit. I tried to sand it down but it was getting a bit thin and feared it was going to break on me, plus my filling skills need a bit of work. The decal are from Xtradecal. The 2 that sit on the fin tip rwr antenna are way to big and has to be trimmed down and is now 9 squares across and not 10. Chose to do it in the 19Sqdrn scheme for XV422 which accidentally shot down an RAF Jaguar although I believe that it was in the green/grey colours. Painted with Tamiya on top and nose, Xtracrylic bottom and AK Xtreme metal for engine end. I also tried salt weathering for the first time but didnt go 2 mad on it hopefully. Well here she is, hope she meets the approval of the experts. If not then I will take it and destroy it. . As always, thanks for having a look. Dave.
  9. I like the music of Cole Porter, and one day maybe a week ago the words "Night and day..." lead in my mind to a Group Build idea. I knew the Lanc STGB proposal is alive and kicking, and atm just two short of becoming a Future GB. Maybe this could be done like some of the Mega-GB:s as DeHavilland + Mosquito, which was a success? Edit: That´s history now! But to the point: Night and Day GB. The Allied combined bombardment campaign to defeat the Axis and its industrial heart and logistic veins. Why not bleed their air force white too, conveniently along the way. Achieve this with British by night, Americans by day, hammering the enemy Night and Day. Adding Little Friends as they came along, from the early Spitfire escort reaching the Netherlands to Mustangs all the way to Berlin and back. Not forgetting the photo recon Mosquitos, Lightnings and Spitfires that brought back valuable information about the effects of the bombing. Assembly ships and Pathfinders too, of course. And the Dambusters! On the other side of the table, Jagdwaffe, with anything they ever could send up in the air to defend Das Reich. Night and Day. The wild boars and the tame ones. Rocket firing dayfighters to break them up and ones with antitank guns to do havoc in a tight combat box formation. The Schräge Musik, btw, that's jazz. A lot of metal in the air too, known as the notorious Flak, so the German AAA and ground radar equipment are eligible if that's your interest. And the night fighters chasing other night fighters, the choices are endless...less...less... So how'd this sound for 2020 Edit: 2021 or 2022? 1) V-P the host 2) MarkSH 3) Col. the co-host 4) Antoine 5) Corsairfoxfouruncle 6) Rabbit Leader 7) Arniec 8. trickyrich 9) Ol' Scrapiron 10) CliffB 11) Silenoz 12) Wez 13) TEMPESTMK5 14) Mottlemaster 15) Hockeyboy76 16) JOCKNEY 17) specky 18) Peter Lloyd 19) Valkyrie 20) Muddyf 21) Redstaff 22) BerndM 23) PhantomBigStu 24) Paul821 25) alt-92 26) ...
  10. Im looking for info as far as colors ? Were they white always ? Or did they get painted grey or green at some point ? I have seen photo's in museums of the green/grey. Also when did the RAF start carrying the Radar guided Martel and TV guided Martel ? When they carried the TV guided Martel i know it used a datalink pod, does anyone have specs for the datalink pod ? Any help is appreciated ? Thank you in advance. Dennis
  11. Hello all! I'll be doing the superhero option starting tomorrow. As usual, I'll be using my geographic location to get a head start, it's Satuday in just 4 hours here in Melbourne. This time, I've got my hands on the Airfix 1:72 Gnat: I'll be building the scheme on the box-top. At some point I may have to build this thing again in the Hot Shots colours, but not this time, I've just restocked my red and white paints and its been a while since I built something colourful. I'll also be joined by @emily who somehow has let me drag here into another one of these things. Her kit came with 2 in the box....and they're similar colours to the gnat.....and small..... This may turn into a double-blitzbuild!
  12. Hello all; Here's my latest completion. Flown by S/Ldr E. M. Mason on 15th February 1942 on his last sortie. I've taken some artistic license with the aircraft codes, electing to code his aircraft E M rather than using the FZ squadron code No. 94 Squadron was using at that time. As far as I'm aware there aren't any pictures of Mason's aircraft - the squadron having been issued the Kittyhawks only two week prior. I may be right, I may be wrong but I think this marking suitably commemorates his final aircraft. I tried to replicate a hurriedly field applied paint scheme. For reasons of preference, and because it's possible, I painted the underside in Neutral Gray as opposed to light blue. Admittedly it was possibly more likely to have been blue, but there's evidence (photographic mostly - see the main site for explanation) it could have been NG. Besides, I like being a bit different. There's very little weathering as this airframe had only a couple of weeks' use before being lost. Known issues include: the canopy moved around during the photo shoot; the three way connection for the antenna lines isn't very clean; it bugs me that there's the tiniest bend in the gunsight! Otherwise comments and observations are most welcome. Cheers; Mark.
  13. Hello all, This is the first time I've posted a WIP to Britmodeller. I happen to have 3 copies of the 1/48 scale Revell Ventura kit, one being the early PV-1, the other two being the RAF Ventura II boxing. Originally, I wanted to build a South African Air Force Maritime patrol Ventura, but this soon mushroomed into the RAF Venturas, one of which would have a 4-gun Boulton – Paul turret. The desired outcome is one RAAF Ventura with a 4 -gun turret in the Temperate Land Scheme, a RAF special duties Ventura with Dark Earth / Light Stone / Night scheme, and a SAAF PV-1 in Dark Sea Grey / PR Blue or Sky paint, and Vokes filters. Differences between the versions: Type Operator Nose turret Engines Other Scheme PV-1 SAAF solid none Vokes Filters External racks DSG / Sky / PR Blue Ventura II RAAF glass 4-gun BP DE / DG /Sky grey Ventura II RAF glass 2-gun BP DE / LS / Night Project plan: Source new decal sheets (castle and springbok) for SAAF Ventura. Obtain an additional set of propellers to replace the incorrect ones in the PV-1 boxing. Swap PV-1 upper turret mount with one of the RAF Venturas, and blank this off for SAAF build. Convert the bomber versions to single pilot operation, add detail to the W/Op compartment on all three. Add details to the bomber version noses. Correct the engine nacelle fronts, add Vokes filters to the SAAF build nacelles. Install the Boulton – Paul turret in the PV-1 upper turret mount, add to the Aussie Ventura. Source an ADF football for the SAAF Ventura. Plunge mould some teardrop bubbles for the Bomber Venturas. First, an overview of the kit(s) Decals sourced from MAVdecal in South Africa. I don't necessarily adhere to the build process in the instructions. It's a man thing, so bear with me! I re-profiled the Nacelle fronts , just to see what they looked like! The one on the right has been re-worked.
  14. Hi all. Here is my third and last "Corona-Modell" as I´m back at work since last week. It´s the "Expert Set" edition of the very nice Arma Hobby kit in 1/72 scale. Only weak points are the guns and exhausts. I choosed the all black BE500 LK - A, flown by 87th Sqn. Ldr. Denis G. Smallwood. Daniel
  15. Hi, I am new to the scale modeling. Currently I am working on three different projects (2 1/72 Eduard RAF Spitfires and a 1/48 Kinetic HAF F 16). I am pretty familiar with modern jets (camo and variants), but I have almost no idea on WWII airplanes. So, as the theme says, I would like to ask what finish did the RAF Spitfires have MATT or Gloss? I am building two Mk XVIs one with PRU scheme and one on standard day fighter scheme. As you can see I am trying to paint the airplanes with different wear grades. The day fighter was in service for more time.
  16. My build will be Spitfire XXI LA200 ‘DL-E’ of 91 Squadron from the Special Hobby boxing. One of the Thoughts that has stuck with me are those that died immediately after VE or VJ Day after surviving the war, and whilst doing my research I came across the story of the death of Geoffrey Kay from 91 Squadron. My contribution will be the aircraft he flew and died in on 12 May 1945 trying to copy a manoeuvre in a Mk XXI from a display by Alex Henshaw to 91 Sqn at Ludham the Day before. Some background from this Page: https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/research-reveals-tragic-spitfire-deaths-just-days-after-war-was-over-1-3945922
  17. Here are my two Jaguars that were worked side by side. The Revell Disbandment 'Spotty' Jaguar GR3A of 6 Sqn, XX119 from 2007 and a Hasegawa Jaguar GR3A of 41 Sqn, XZ103 from 2005 which was the display aircraft for that year. The 'Spotty' Jag was built OOB, the decals were hard work and took a lot of Micro-Sol and touching after afterwards to fill the gaps. Despite the reservations of attempting this, it's not turned out too bad. The 41 Sqn Jaguar was also built OOB apart from the correct aerial behind the cockpit and has Model Alliance decals applied. Both were painted mainly using Xtracolor and Humbrol enamels and finished with a Humbrol Satin Cote. The only difference was the tail on XZ103 which was a pearlescent white that I got the local car parts place to mix for me. The picture doesn't quite do it justice but there is a slight sheen in the correct light.
  18. Three from last year and my first attempt at a resin kit, all 1/72. AZ Models de Havilland Chipmunk T10, WG407 of 9 AEF, RAF Finningley, 1977. The old Airfix North American Harvard T2B, FX432 of 500 Sqn, RAuxAF West Malling, 1952. Finally, the Simian Stuff resin Grob Vigilant T1, ZH196 of 633 VGS, RAF Kinloss, 2011. All three built OOB using Humbrol, Revell and Xtracolor enamels.
  19. Here is a very old Hasegawa Sabre that I bought from a 2nd hand dealer just before it closed. As it was a very old kit, there was no detail on the undercarriage so I decided to use an old Airfix stand, added a pilot to make it 'in flight'. I decided to finish it as a 92 Sqn, RAF Linton-on-Ouse from circa 1955. Modeldecal decals were used and the pitot probe and drain added, simple kit but the paint job and the decals turned out not too bad.
  20. Hi gang, I have tried AK Real colors and I am satisfied with their easy airbrushing. But as usually, are colors rather correct ? Or out of any range ? I believe that RAF/FAA/USAF and Japanese are okay, since Nick Millmann was involved, I guess that also RLM shades are okay due to Jurgen Kiroff. But what about others ? Russian, modern an other nations ? If not, are there any generally acceptable paints in general for particular nations ? Thanks for your inputs...
  21. Hi all. With the Spitfire complete, I've changed scale, era and propulsion method and have gone to the recent 1/72 Airfix FGR.2 Phantom with a few extras. It'll be built with kit decals of the white tailed aircraft while it was working out of RAF Mount Pleasant. I'll replace the kit lumps that are supposed to represent Sidewinders with the much nicer versions from Eduard. I love Adam Toobey's artwork. I've got a bit done on it already however I've hit a bit of an 'ugh' moment. The cockpit is fine out of the box as the cockpit will be closed however the intakes are annoying and fiddly. The left and right halves of each intake are okay, it's the outside fuselage shoulder piece that is frustrating. The ejector pin marks have been filled with talc and CA. You might be able to see in the image where I've removed some material to help it fit. It needs a little more but frustrating to do nonetheless. Has anyone else had problems with the fit in this area? The fiddly fit of the intake shoulder The lower wing section also has part of the forward lower fuselage which has an awkward seam that needs to be to cleaned up. This will have to be done after the intakes are installed. Sadly there's no swapping assembly steps here. I'm unsure if I'll get a resin replacement set for the burner exhausts as the sprue attachment points are smack bang in the middle of some nice rib detail.... Cheers, Mick
  22. Been away for awhile, very busy the last month or so. Picked up the rather nice Eduard 1/48 Bf 108 which I would like to finish in RAF colours. I would like to build it as DK280 (see http://www.coltonhistorysociety.org.uk/wiki/index.php?title=WWII_Plane_Crash_in_Colton_July_1944) which from my browsing around on the internet appears to be dark green and dark earth camouflage on top, yellow undersides. I think I can source the main markings from my spares, the question is what roundels to use? From the photos I have found it looks like Type A under the wings, Type A.1 on the fuselage. What about the top of the wings - would they be Type B? Thanks in advance!
  23. Just a test run of a basic model so the decals are all from spares and I’ve left the serial off rather than waste my stock on a first try Designed in Fusion 360 and 3D printed
  24. Thought you guys may be interested in this. It's the story of non-British pilots in thr RAF by the Sabaton History channel.
  25. Ok I'm calling this one done! Trumpter 1/32 Harrier GR7 Piero's Resin: Nose, Pylons (1A,7A & 4) BOL Rails and AN-ALE40 faring Custom 250gal Resin Tank fronts Tim Perry CBLS 100 Revell Matra 144 SNEB Pods Resin BL755 Cluster bombs Flightpath CBU87 B/B & AIM9L AQN Rounds Eduard Cockpit and External Photoetch Decals from spares box, Airframe or custom printed Resin Wheels, Mk12H Seat Be gentle, first "proper" build after 10 year modelling hiatus! And yes, I did work on the original A/C, now if I could just remember which pilot had his name on the side i could wrap it all up!
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