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Found 98 results

  1. In the Czech Modelforum it's mentioned that after the 1/48th MiG-21, Spitfire and Bf.109 families, Eduard has as long term project the North American P-51 Mustang in the same scale. Wait and see. Source: http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=68170&start=5865 V.P.
  2. And Bronco Models is the most original 2019 kit prize winner with... No, it's not a joke. Bronco Models is to release a new tool 1/48th North American P-51D-25-NA Mustang " Red 3" PLA Air Force - ref. FB4010 Bronco and Mustang Sources: http://www.moxingfans.com/new/news/2019/0809/6153_2.html http://www.moxingfans.com/uploads/allimg/190809/1_190809163831_9.jpg V.P.
  3. This thread on building and comparing Airfix P-51 kits really got started in the P-51 STGB just finished this year, where I managed to complete 'Fool's Paradise IV' using the first tooling Airfix kit. I have continued on but since I intend to keep this WIP thread going for some time, I'll include this first build here as comparisons will be made later. For 'Fool's Paradise IV', I've got the Red Stripe Bag 'boxing'... The kit comes in silver-grey plastic, only 30 parts. Raised detail outside but absolutely zero detail inside the cockpit area, other than two pins for the pilot to perch on. That said, the pilot has gone AWOL so I'll need to set up an 'office' that will tempt him back. All the gen on the 'North American P-51D Mustang' - I fancy doing a check on how this lines up with the wealth of reference material made available here. Ditto for the colour scheme given for this particular aircraft... Stand assembled (!) - needed the holes in the base drilled out slightly to get the pins in. Prop spindle into the rear of the spinner/prop (meant to be the 'cuffed' version?) - looks like a much larger hole but if you push the spindle in, it seems to locate into a smaller hole inside. Checked for 'spin' in the dry fitted fuselage halves, of course. Main wing halves assembled and I will be doing this wheels up so undercarriage doors fitted - pins at the top of the doors (there for location if wheels down) were removed as per the 'locate and cement' instructions. Also, the 'strut' across the inboard edge of the wheel wells needs to be removed to let the large inner doors mate up. Stabilisers fitted to the fuselage halves. Large undercarriage doors fitted to the fuselage halves - curved corner forwards to match up with the cut-outs in the wings. Dry fit of the wings was very good. Exhaust stubs fitted to the fuselage halves - they seemed to be along one edge of the 'carrier' plates and I put these so they are along the lower edge of the raised area on the fuselage Drop tanks assembled - I'll need to check that 'smooth' tanks, i.e. without the horizontal seam, are correct. The canopy will show up the yawning hole beneath once the fuselage halves are together so doing something about that will be the next job The 1974 tooling should get mentioned - I managed to lay my hands on one of those as well, 'Cripes A'Mighty'. Cracking on with the ancient kit, I really had some great fun creating some of the missing detail: There is a hole for the tailwheel but no well for the doors. The tailwheel will be up so I cut out the space for the kit doors and glued them in each fuselage half. Will save me making a mess of scribing. For the airscoop, I thinned out the intake mouth and cut in a bit under the fuselage to create the idea of separation from the fuselage underside. For the exit from the airscoop, the aircraft will be in flight, with the moveable exit door 'closed' (so I'll scribe in) but there is still an exit hole which does not fully close up - all part of the 'jet' exit assisting speed, I think. Internal surfaces / rad etc. made up from plastic card. There is also an oil cooler exit underneath 'the doghouse' so I cut a hole in (from looking at the details on some of the excellent build threads in this GB) and put some internal surfaces in using plastic card. Once the fuselage is together, there is a bit of surface shaping detail to go on. Empty coaming area at the front of the cockpit formed from thin plastic card. Floor, seat with cushion and IP made up from plastic card - In a moment of inspiration, after cutting the provided seat pegs off the fuselage interior, I trimmed one of them to act as the seat headrest. Assorted gizmos attached to the sides of the cockpit, hoping some of them look like throttle and flap controls. Radio deck behind the seat made up from plastic card and block. Fuel tank filler (?) is courtesy of a q-tip shaft - looks massive. I think the IP may need to come forward a bit so the pilot can see the dials but hopefully some paint will lend a bit of credibility to this lot. Stick and gunsight will be added later. Paint applied to the cockpit with some red and yellow thrown in to make it more interesting. In the background, 'Cripes A'Mighty' is keeping pace. Why didn't Airfix put the drop tank joins on the sides rather than the top and bottom? I had a brainwave to put seams on the drop tanks using thread - the thread held in place then extra thin cement run along it to soak through and stick to the plastic - one done and let's see what it looks like under paint. The cuffs on the propblades weren't too prominent - it just looked like big thick blades hitting the spinner. I used a file to try to show a change in curve / boundary where the prop blades enter the cuffs and where the cuffs come down to the spinner, as in the pic below. I'll work on this as things progress. Wings, tanks and aerial mast are on and seam filling well advanced! I've built up the coaming at the front of the cockpit so that will need more shaping when it is completely dry. On the underside, I've put in some plastic sheet to try to get some better shape around the main air intake and the oil cooler outlet. Humbrol 14 'French Blue' is on the spinner and nose but will be masked back and either 66 or 155 Olive Drab put on the anti-glare strip. For the NMF, I'm trying brush coating 191 'Chrome' - looks good in real life and I'll try Silver on the control surfaces to give a bit of variation. Canopy frame painting is in progress, stick is ready to paint and a pilot has been found. More painting in progress on the ancient P-51D - got the Olive Drab anti-glare strip masked off and using Humbrol 155 (a bit greener than 66). Canopy frame, pilot and stick painting in progress and I've done the rudder in 11 Silver since it is a fabric covered surface - thankfully, you can see a difference in shade to the rest of the fin which is my version of NMF. Those old transfers have been given a coat of Liquid Decal Film so fingers crossed..... Pilot and stick are in and I added a rudimentary gunsight using a piece from the kit sprues. Canopy frame painting is complete. Prop blades have their yellow tips. I dotted in the fuel tank filler caps on the wings and port fuselage in red and there was an adjacent detail on the port fuselage which I think is perhaps a coolant or oil filler cap (black). I scribed in a channel behind the cockpit to represent the rail on which the 'hood' slides back. Canopy is now on and this gives a good view of all the key transfers - all behaved beautifully except for the star and bar below the starboard wing. Matt Cote on the prop, spinner, anti-glare strip, exhaust stubs and gun barrels and Satin Cote everywhere else. Wingtip navigation lights were 'dotted on' with the flat end of a small drill bit. I wasn't sure at first but to the naked eye, the Humbrol 14 French Blue is a pretty good match for the blue of the decals. Starboard side view.... The Humbrol 191 has done a decent job of masquerading as NMF. You can't see it here but I had to 'draw in' the front air intake below the spinner with a thin black marker as no detail was provided by Airfix on this kit. Exhaust stubs were given a dry brush with darkened bronze to give a hot/burnt look. The shrouds around the stubs could have been given a darker shade to distinguish from the NMF of the surrounding cowl panels. View of the underside with recognition lights under the starboard wingtip. I also put some black on the intake grilles under the nose - Airfix just have a set of raised dots there rather than holes. No oily stains or sooting around vents or gun barrels on as yet. One of the wing tanks has picked up a bit of grit while the paint was wet but I can give that a smooth off later. Engine run! I think I can call this finished now. I really enjoyed this one and it was engrossing getting into all the P-51 details. The P-51 really is a clean looking aircraft - I'm a confirmed fan, now. While the paints were out for 'Fool's Paradise IV', I took the opportunity to keep 'Cripes A'Mighty moving along. Should be able to get the fuselage closed up now but want to do a bit more detail around that 'doghouse' exit again - I'm sure it doesn't fully close while the aircraft is in flight. More progress on Cripes A'Mighty - looking underneath the fuselage, again, there is no radiator and oil cooler outlets - there are some handy panel lines to work to though and there is the newly arrived 'new tool' kit to compare with. Prop and spinner assembled and fuselage closed up with stick and pilot in. Stabilisers and wings on - good fit all round. Tempting fate by putting on the radio mast at this stage - its broken once already when coming off the sprue. I'm fitting the bombs rather than the long range tanks, just like the box art. Bombs in Olive Drab but requiring some red bands? Exhaust stubs painted and on - makes painting the surrounding shrouds a bit easier for me. Fuselage seams to be sanded and those big grooves along the top flap/elevator joints maybe need some filling. On the underside, I carefully cut out the doghouse exit - I've seen film now of P-51's in flight with the rad door fully closed and there is still an open outlet showing so I'm confident with this mod. However, I managed to cut and make the moveable rad outlet using the plastic already there. Some plastic card fitted inside to fill the gaping hole exposed. Also, card and small bar inside the wheel wells which lack any sort of detail. The rad inlet is molded properly this time showing separation from the underside of the fuselage. Insides painted - used Interior Green in the wheel wells before I remembered that most modellers are doing this in silver - must check this out. I have done the inside of the undercarriage doors in silver. Here's something interesting, I compared the canopy from the 1974 kit with the one on Fool's Paradise IV which we thought was giving that kit the 'cartoon' look - it's the same length but not so tall and with a smaller windscreen section, I think. Looking at the two kits side by side, the subtly lower canopy on Cripes A'Mighty does look better. There are two canopies supplied with the 'new tool' kit so one of them might end up on Fool's Paradise IV. Insides of the wheel wells repainted in Aluminium and part invasion stripes applied to the underside. I've also added in an oil cooler outlet again, trying to follow the 'panel lines' on the kit. Came out a bit oversized but at least it is there. Got the invasion stripes painted on on the fuselage underside - 18" in real life so used 6mm masking tape. Filled the large channel where the upper wing sections locate to the lower and the wing and stabiliers join to the fuselage. Last look in the cockpit before the canopy goes on. Masking in place for the spraying of the NMF. NMF is sprayed using Rustoleum Metallic Silver and leaving to dry before taking the masking off - hopefully no fingerprints!!
  4. Hi guys and girls I'm back again this time with a mustang. I wanted to do one in a British livery and also try out some metallic paint for the first time and opted for the AK xtreme metal range. I used the black base, polished aluminium an aluminium left it about a day and a half. It was dry to the touch so picked it up to carry on and after a few seconds the paint seemed to start to go soft thus ruining the paint job, so rubbed the areas back and tried again. All was well until I tried to mask off panels for the variation and ruined the paint again. After about 4 attempts I have a finish that's ok if you dont get too close haha. I snapped the port side tailplane off twice and the antenna was just a blob of flash and was unsalvagable so was whittled out of a match stick. The aftermarket wheels which stated, they were for Airfix didnt fit as they have small round holes and the kit legs have a block shape which snapped when the wheels went on. To be honest the whole undercarrage part was a struggle for me, I have clubbing off the fingers and it's a challenge I can tell you. Anyway enough with the things that went wrong, fun build, it'll stay in the display cabinet as long as it holds up lol. One word on the Xtradecal X72131, either they are wrong or I have messed up. The roundels on the wings state to have the small ones on top and the large on the bottom. Hopefully I'm right. Here it is..... Thanks for having a look, Stay safe. Dave.
  5. Revell is to release in 2017-2018 a new tool 1/32nd North American P-51D Mustang kit - ref. 03944 Source: http://www.kitreviewsonline.de/revell-neuheiten-fuer-das-jahr-2017/ V.P.
  6. Hello guys, with my Mig 3 finished, I decided to start my fourth Mustang in 48 scale. I'll be using Barracuda decals for the P-51D CY-G. The description on the history section indicate the pilot flew two aircraft with the same registration but with different builder numbers. What differentiated both aircraft was that one had D-Day stripes and the other not. I'll be building the aircraft that didn't have the stripes (because I'm lazy). Still, since I don't trust the nose checkerboards to conform the nose profile, I'll be masking and painting the nose checkerboards. This will be a fun painting project.
  7. Is there anything definitive on the colour of the sides (outer) of the P-51B Mustang radiator flap? The vent that lowers at the rear of the fuselage. Searching on the web and BM have drawn a blank. various possibilities occur to me; Same as the underside (neutral grey for the plane I'm modelling). Zinc Chromate, either straight (yellowish) or mixed (interior green). Silver, either NMF or doped. Cheers,
  8. Hi Folks, Probably a simple question for the Mustang experts out there (maybe @gingerbob?)... Should the top engine cowl have a panel line down it? It would be good to know before the paint goes on. Many thanks, Oops - I meant to post this in Mustang Chat, but got it wrong! Can you move it for me please Patrice? @TEMPESTMK5
  9. Hi all, I'm appealling, I hope, to the many Mustang experts that frequent BM. My question is about the putties panel joints and did maintenance depots continue to maintain the putty after WW2, through the Cold War period (hence this forum)? My real interest is those aircraft that made their way to Latin countries. I made a statement in one post recently that post-WW2 this putty wasn't replaced after majot overhauls but the truth is that I have no evidence to support this. I hope that somebody knows :). Thanks in hope! Martin
  10. Meng is to release a " cement-free assembly" 1/48th North American P-51D Mustang kit - ref. LS-006 As original as a new tool 1/48th Bf.109, Spifire or Fw.190 kit... Be more ambitious: think about a family of 1/48th N.A. F-82 Twin Mustang! Sources: http://www.meng-model.com/new.php?id=664 https://www.facebook.com/195290177250981/photos/a.200850930028239.42784.195290177250981/1093237537456236/?type=3&theater Eduard 1/48th Mustang family in project... http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234974169-148-north-american-p-51-mustang-family-long-term-project-by-eduard/ HobbyBoss easy assembly Mustang: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234922415-p-51d-mustang-iv-hobby-boss-148/ V.P.
  11. Source: https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2231688117100227&id=1854784001457309 V. P.
  12. I really expected that someone else would have entered this one by now I bought this one just the other day specifically to fill the gap If I remember correctly after all so many years this is possibly the first Matchbox kit I built when Matchbox first got plastic models into the shops Back then I built it as Dooleybiird and I wanted to do it again, and I shall but not with the kit decals. A previous owner has cut the decal sheet, some Dooleybird decals are missing and although this sheet looks fine in the picture some of the markings have micro sized cracks through them I can save a few of the decals with LDF, but I'll buy the Model Alliance decal sheet which has Dooleybird on it; https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ML72113 Some of the Matchbox parts are poor in design so I'll replace them with better parts from my parts files. The parts to change include the wheels and drop tanks [although I may leave those off and alter the wings to build it 'clean'] Back later; I have some Hawker Tempests, Sepecat Jaguars and a couple of other Matchbox kits to do yet
  13. With the Mustangs GB starting up, I realized I have two unfinished sitting on my shelf. They’re actually around 95% respectively 99% finished but somehow I have spent years not managing to get the last decals up and do the final grooming. There is even a thread: The unfinished ones are Swede’s Steed and Short Fuse Sallee. Let’s see if the peer pressure here can make me finally finish them.
  14. A 1/48th N.A. P-51D Mustang. More tomorrow. Source: https://www.facebook.com/officialairfix/posts/10154504386816271:0 Oh no. I would have preferred... (blablabla) For the record: Meng soon to release new tool P-51D: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235009127-148-north-american-p-51d-mustang-by-meng-box-artcads-release-2016/ Eduard 1/48th Mustang family in project... http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234974169-148-north-american-p-51-mustang-family-long-term-project-by-eduard/ HobbyBoss recent easy assembly Mustang: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234922415-p-51d-mustang-iv-hobby-boss-148/ etc. https://www.scalemates.com/search-solr.php?fkSECTION[]=Kits&q=North+American+P-51+Mustang+P-51D+1%2F48 V.P.
  15. Hello folks - now this: With all the buzz about that new P51 kit from eduard, I thought I’d pop this one from the stash and get this oldie but still a goodie made. After my last 2 builds being nmf, I thought I’d do one more - hopefully using the lessons learned and expanding my alclad chops a little further. Also going a scale bigger to 1/48 - more plastic making more fun I hope. It will be nice doing a larger model after so many 1/72s - detailing those smaller models can be hard on the eyes..! (Maybe there’s a part of me that wants this built so I can justify buying the eduard one!!! ) In spite of its age, this looks like a pretty sweet kit. I’ve got some aftermarket: A big sheet of pe, including interior, precut masks and some resin wheels - all from eduard. I’m planning on doing petie 2nd - the scheme from the box art: I’m a sucker for nmf and blue schemes so this suits me fine. This image will be my primary source - as you can see she’s a well weathered beast with lots of nice tonal variations on the blue nose and airframe- I’ll be looking to recreate that. I understand that this plane survived the war and still flys today - on her 3rd engine:) But mine will be a portrayal of her dirty grimy wartime years. Of course this means using the dreaded Tamiya decals - I did shop around for some aftermarket ones but the good ones all seem to be sold out - maybe because of that aforementioned kit release. Into the build! First job was sticking some pe onto the pilots seat: I went about adding some details to the radio boxes at the rear of the cockpit. I drilled some holes for the wires and glued them in - used different gauges of copper wire. I looked at a few references for the placement of these - which pointed out some big inaccuracies in the kit but not to worry. I made an oxygen line by wrapping some small wire around big wire... First time I’ve tried this and it came out okay I think. I attached some more pe to the side walls: That green is what eduard thinks is correct for usaf interior green. Maybe sometimes it was that colour but I’ll be using a different shade so this is getting painted over. The hose was installed - I used some crystal clear to create the plugs for this - not very successful but it will do... I had already primed the surface with some Tamiya fine so I was now ready for some paint. I mixed up some tamiya flat green and flat yellow - also some interior green and some Olive drab to get this shade - Then lightened it with more yellow to do some highlights. I used a lighter shade on the seat bulkhead as some references showed that this was a lighter shade of green. The black head rest area was painted with Tamiya rubber black - then dry brushed with a light grey colour. The back section was also painted with rubber black and dry brushed in the same fashion - I also hand painted the frame with the same interior green color as before. The floor of the cockpit was painted using different shades of brown and rust colours from Vallejo model colour - more of a nod to wood grain as opposed a full wood grain finish. This will be covered with chipping medium and then a dark grey to simulate the rubber floor. Some details on the radio boxes where painted.. And lastly a quick dry fit to see how I’m going: So that’s it for the first few hours work With the bigger scale I have to get used to a slower pace but I’m very much enjoying it so far. I’d be keen to hear from anyone who’s built this to see if there’s any issues to be aware of - but from what I can gather it’s supposed to be more or less hassle free. More to follow soon. Thanks for checking in. Cheers John
  16. Air show at the Santa Maria Airport (KSMX), California, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the P-51 Mustang, 27 October 1990. N51HR (44-63542) "Sizzlin' Liz" NL151DM (44-13250) "Ridge Runner" N71FT (44-13105) "Strega" N51PR (43-25171) "The Believer". Another from the Super K stable. Thanks for looking, Sven
  17. With the application of the decals, a radio mast, and the finished spinner, P-51D Mustang “Twilight Tear” (named after the 1944 Racehorse of the Year) is complete!
  18. P-51D-20 & CAC Mustang Upgrade set & Un-cuffed Props 1/48 Red Roo Models The upgrade set (48178) is designed for Airfix kit though there is no reason it should not fit others. This provides parts for the IFF system and rocket rails. One of the main benefits of this set is the research and information about the differences in these aircraft and how to correct them. The picture used above is for illustration only. The stubs for the rockets are in cast metal which the modeller will need to trim and clean up. There is also a new radio in resin and some wire. RAAF Mustangs deployed to Korea used both the British 60Lb rockets and the American 5" HVAR ones. The propeller set (48123) gives us 4 new un-cuffed Aeroproducts blades used by the CAC Mustang and the P-51K. Some kits may need the modeller to make adjustments to the spinner holes to fir these blades correctly. Conclusion These are some interesting sets from Red Roo. Highly Recommended for an accurate Aussie Mustang. Update Set Prop Blades Review samples courtesy of
  19. Brengun has just released a 1/72nd North American P-51 Mustang Mk.I kit - ref. BRP72031 Source: http://www.brengun.cz/e-shop/1-72-plastic-kits-28/mustang-i-1459 V.P.
  20. An air show at the Santa Maria Airport (California, KSMX) celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the P-51 Mustang, 27 October 1990. The intention was to put up a formation of 50 Mustangs, but they fell short and filled in the fly-by with a few other North American Aviation products. NL6175C (USAAF serial 45-11558), "The Healer". Super K refers to the air racing stable of Joe Kasparoff. NL286JB (45-11483) "The Best Years of Our Lives" N63810 (45-11367), ready for paint. NL327DB (44-84860) "Lady Jo" N2869D (44-84390) "Section Eight" N51TC (44-75009) "Rosalie" N8677E (44-74865) N72FT (44-74494) "Iron bottom". Nice coat rack. Thanks for looking, Sven
  21. Air show at the Santa Maria Airport (KSMX), California, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the P-51 Mustang, 27 October 1990. N64CL (44-74423), Clay Lacy Aviation. NX6168C (44-73704), Thunderbird 25 N2051D (44-73454) "This Is It!" N6526D (44-73415), Pegasus Racing Team N1040N (44-73210), "The Miracle Maker". Super K group. NL151D (44-72777) NL44727 (44-72739) "Man o' War" I either missed getting a side view or I lost that slide. Here she is at the MCAS EL Toro open house in May 1983... N460V (44-72192) Straw Boss 2 Thanks for looking, Sven
  22. Hello All, It's been a long time - Sweet's 1/144 P-51B/C modified to a RAF recon Mustang. Thanks for looking. Ian
  23. A model I´ve been wanting to build for quite some time, Yeager´s last Mustang. This was my second Mustang, but my first one painted in an overall natural metal finish. It´s the Italeri rebox of the Hasegawa 1:48 P-51D. The model was first coated with white, and then the metallic colour was brushpainted over it, so it could have a nice grip on the surface. Many thanks to @stevehnz, @Giorgio N and Scott van Aken from Modeling Madness for their help regarding the Repliscale decals. They were an absolute joy to work with, being thin but not fragile, and sticking permanently once I pressed firmly over them with a kitchen roll. The only exception were the checkerboards, which were too big and had to be painted. I also had to add a spreader sprue just in front of the cockpit, otherwise there would be a gap between the wings and the fuselage.
  24. Hi all. Here is one of three Mustangs I have been working on in this WIP thread. Cheers Jimmy
  25. Hi all. Here is one of the Mustangs I have been working on in this WIP thread. Cheers Jimmy
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