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Found 78 results

  1. Modelsvit has announced new design and molds 1/48th Messerschmitt Bf.109C-1 & D-3 kits - ref. 4805 & 4806 So at first sight nothing in common with the recent AMG/Dora Wings kits (link). Time will tell. Source: https://www.facebook.com/modelsvit/posts/2317027111899660 V.P.
  2. Modelsvit is to release in 2018 (?) a 1/72nd Dassault Mirage IIIE kit - ref.72045 Source: https://www.facebook.com/136603423173762/photos/pcb.530194830481284/530194780481289/?type=3&theater V.P.
  3. Source: https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2231688117100227&id=1854784001457309 V. P.
  4. After the Su-17M ( ), Modelsvit is to release a 1/72nd Sukhoi Su-17M-3 "Fitter-H" kit - ref. 72047 Source: https://www.facebook.com/modelsvit/posts/1859368934332149 Box art V.P.
  5. Modelsvit is to release a 1/48th Yakovlev Yak-9DD kit - ref.4804 Source: http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=68170&start=6390 V.P.
  6. Modelsvit has announced a new design and molds 1/48th Bell P-63A Kingcobra kit - ref.4815 So at first sight nothing in common with the recent Dora Wings Kingcobra kits (link). Time will tell. Source: https://www.facebook.com/modelsvit/posts/2317027111899660 V.P.
  7. Modelsvit is testing the 1/72nd Antonov An-225 Mriya/"Cossack" kit concept. Source: https://www.facebook.com/modelsvit/photos/a.1859368940998815.1073741830.1854784001457309/2094262810842759/?type=3&theater V.P.
  8. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    Tupolev Tu-22KDP Blinder

    Oh no! Yet another WIP from that opinionated northerner ... When I was a teenager I travelled to the Museum of Flight at East Fortune, east of Edinburgh just off the A1 many times with my dad and for the Air Training Corps' regional level aircraft recognition and model competitions. In the corner of the main hangar (it's all changed now - the main hangar has been redesigned to house their Concorde) was an old fashioned model shop front display with vintage kits in the window etc. In a display cabinet next to it were many built models and one shelf had a number of Soviet bombers including a silver Tu22 Blinder. I had already bought the Esci Tu22M2 Backfire kit from the now long-gone Brian Sherriff model shop in Aberdeen when out shopping with my mother and was fascinated by these big Russian bombers - many of which looked like something straight out of Thunderbirds. At the time there was no internet, only magazines with adverts for companies like Maintrack Models, Contrail, Formaplane etc and my dad and I scoured these for the Blinder kit. We drew a blank, and eventually dad wrote to the museum to ask about the model on display. The museum wrote back to tell us the model had been donated by someone who told them he had scratch built it. Sod. I had built (not very well) several vacuum formed kits including Formaplane's Nimrod but felt scratch building was well beyond me. To be honest I didn't even know where to get drawings to begin. Fast forward a while and I picked up an Italeri Tu-22 from Wonderland Models in Edinburgh. I had largely moved away from 1/72 scale in general and was mostly building 1/48 piston engine aircraft. The kit is still in my stash. I lost any interest in building it when I learned it was beyond redemption accuracy-wise. Much more recently again I happened across Flankerman's WIP and RFI threads for the much newer and much more accurate Modelsvit Tu22 and was impressed. It may sound a bit hypocritical but I'm not very good at buying model stuff online - it's much to easy to see the total in the shopping cart and then close the browser and forget about it. I happened to find one new at Telford last year for just over half the price Hannants want for them, and having seen how nice a model it builds into in the aforementioned thread, I bought it. My clubmate Alistair was browsing with me when I noticed these and is apparently easily led. The seller had two of the Tu22 kits. I bought mine and after a look in the box and a "should I? shouldn't I?" discussion with me, but really with himself, we returned to the seller and Alistair bought the second of them ... I also picked up the Barracuda Studios resin wheels and exhaust cans for it. I haven't much to show for it yet, but have made a start, plagiarising as much as possible from Flankerman's thread. I assembled the 3 ejector seats (16? parts each) and then sprayed them with RLM65 (Merrick and Kiroff light blue RLM65, not Eagle Editions turquoise RLM65) which sort of looked close enough to the photo of the real seat on Flankerman's thread. I need to add some seat belts. I also don't like how dark and yellowed this new phone camera seems to capture everything. I may revert to my old phone for this photographing malarkey. Next, I set about joining the fore and aft fuselage parts. These fit really well - IF you give the lap joint some attention before gluing. I have had a modelling chisel as part of a set which until now I'd never had a use for - but it's ideal for opening out the "female" part of the lapjoint such that the wall thickness remaining to the outside of the fuselage is reduced allowing the male part to fit in without causing the female part to stand proud causing a big filling, sanding and rescribing headache. The joint was then reinforced with a strip of 10thou. You can see at the bottom of the fuselage I what I mean about opening out the lap joint a bit. This allows the outer diameters of the fore and aft fuselage parts to align very well indeed. Now this will horrify some zealots, but that fit is infinitely better than I have yet to achieve on the much worshipped Tamiya 1/48 Corsair kit's inner and outer wing panel joints. Unfortunately the fuselage bulkheads are indeed too large to fit inside the fuselage, and the degree to which is not something which can be bodged around. I didn't take photographs of that sub assembly yet, but the current task is reworking the internals to fit.
  9. After the M-17 (link), Modelsvit is to release in 2018 a 1/72nd Myasishchev M-55 Geophysica ("Mystic-B") - ref. 72055 Source: https://www.facebook.com/modelsvit/posts/2099415386994168 V.P.
  10. After the Yak-9DD (link), Modelsvit is to release in March 2019 a 1/48th Yakovlev Yak-9T kit - ref. 4807 New variant with a.o. a new wings sprue and paint masks. Sources: https://www.facebook.com/modelsvit/photos/a.1859368940998815/2277002095902162/?type=3&theater https://hobbyterra.com/product/1-48-model-kit-yak-9t-anti-tank-soviet-wwii-fighter-modelsvit-4807.html V.P.
  11. With apologies to everyone in the other two GBs I'm currently involved in (KUTA and Grumman), this is the one I've really been looking forward to since the Airfix GB finished. I think it's because the three builds I've been contemplating - a Neptune MR.1, SAAF Turbo Dakota, and this - are all exactly the models I want to be building right now. So I'm starting with this one and may well get onto one of the other two before this GB ends. In any case, my plan is to do all three within the next 12 months, since they all fit multiple GBs in the next year. Which one to start with was a bit of a dilemma for a while, until I realised that the Tu-22KD fits the bill. I've been wanting to build this kit since I bought it, but also been procrastinating over it, and this GB is the kick I needed. So it's the Tu-22 first. It's not the most obvious maritime patrol aircraft to choose. But the Tu-22KD's main role was anti-shipping warfare - in WWIII its role would have been to attack carrier groups with the Kh-22 (aka AS-4 Kitchen) missile, with either a conventional or nuclear warhead (it occurs to me this could have been a good fit for the proposed armageddon GB) and in the cold war they apparently regularly practiced targeting carrier groups in the North Sea. It also ticks a lot of my boxes - a big, idiosyncratic Soviet design, and also one of those kind of cold war designs that seems to represent a transition between the early jets and modern aviation. Here's the kit, from Modelsvit in 1/72: It's pretty typical of a modern A Model/Modelsvit kit - quite nicely detailed, some nice surface detail in particular, and most definitely short run (e.g. no locating pins and a fuselage which comes broken down into more pieces than the likes of Airfix would have. But the likes of Airfix would never give us one of these). According to the box top there are 320 parts for the aircraft and 28 for the Kh-22, which I think comes with a trolley to display it separately but mine will be semi-recessed under the fuselage (a bit like a Soviet Blue Steel). And here's the aftermarket stuff I'm going to use - Barracudacast wheels and afterburners, Amigo resin intakes, decals from Authentic Decals (sadly the most interesting markings are for other versions though), and New Ware masks: Can't wait to get into it - roll on tomorrow!
  12. The following model was seen this morning at Lviv exhibition: Beriev Be-12 1:72
  13. Hi, folks! So, as I promised, it is time to continue! And when to begin the continuation of the construction of the MiG-21, if not 21.12? Of course, from the point of view of numerology, it is better to start building the MiG-21 Fishbed 12.21.2121....but by this time, I'm afraid, the plastic Modellsvit may already crumble into dust! I feel that many on the Britmodeller are melancholy for this model, so I will be that doctor from the text* of this song Nol "Chelovek i koshka"(Zero "Man & Cat"): So, cockpit progress: The question is almost from the Matrix! Brown: or Black: tablet... ...mmmm..ejection seat? Cockpit not a finished, before assembly cockpit, there are still many improvements. ......to be continued.... _______________ * - "The doctor's coming, coming through a snowy plain, He's bringing people a healing powder. The man and the cat will take the powder, And sadness will recede, and melancholy will go away." full text translate: https://lyricstranslate.com/ru/chelovek-i-koshka-человек-и-кошка-man-and-cat.html B.R. Serge P.S. Besides for the MiG-21, in this topic there will probably be some music, a little cooking, a little cat, a bit of life history, and a bit .... I still do not know what else a bit will be ....
  14. Hi, All! So, let's go! As they say: "Rrrrrr.......Must crush capitalism! ...Rrrrrrr!"(c): What would you be sure of, the model is not started: As I wrote, in the Ukrainian text on the box and Modelsvit's instructions, both versions indicate how "the USSR Air Force 60's" in the English translation is not! B.R. Serge P.S. Almost Sunday....OK...19 minutes how Monday on my clocks... .....to be continued....
  15. Modelsvit is to release a 1/48th Curtiss-Wright XP-55 Ascender kit - ref. 4808 Source: https://www.facebook.com/modelsvit/photos/a.1859368940998815.1073741830.1854784001457309/2171200763148963/?type=3&theater See also: https://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/p-55/p-55_walk.shtml V.P.
  16. Hello, this is my not so little seagull, featured in ModellFan 2017 10, was quite a bit of work, more than 160 hrs. i love the bird
  17. Just finished - after a bit of a fight - the latest 'BIG MiG' from Modelsvit........ the MiG E-152-1.... Usual fare from Modelsvit - excellent panel detail, large sprue gates, superb decal sheet, canopy masks and etched fret - a complete package. I had trouble getting the fuselage halves to close up around the cockpit/intake trunking - but won in the end. The dummy K-9 missile are painted to look like AIM-7 Sparrows. Business end of the massive Tumanskiy R-15-300 turbojet. This latest MiG joins my others in this range of huge MiG interceptors from Modelsvit.... More photos and the parts sprues are here.. Ken
  18. replicant

    Tu-22KD 1:72

    Hello mates, after a break now some new stuff. I made new pictures for the Modellfan Mag 11 2018.... I will bring again other models too Cheers, Tom
  19. Modelsvit is to release in 2018 (?) a 1/72nd Tupolev Tu-14 "Bosun" kit - ref.72041 Source: https://www.facebook.com/136603423173762/photos/pcb.530194830481284/530194780481289/?type=3&theater V.P.
  20. Seen the Kiev Scale Models Fest 2015 at the Modelsvit stand a 1/72nd A.I. Mikoyan E-152A "Flipper" kit - ref.72028 Source: http://www.greenmats.club/topic/494-modelsvit-анонсировал-еще-несколько-новинок/ V.P.
  21. Modelsvit is to release a 1/72nd MiG I-75 kit - ref.72029 Source: https://www.facebook.com/notes/modelsvit/modelsvit-catalogue-2017/1866182310317478 V.P.
  22. Time to add some meat to the GB As usual, I start with cockpit... What a heresy! One should start with something beautiful, like X-22 missile, for example. I'm planning to display it separately on a dolly, the kit suggests such an option Evidently, this is a short run kit so dry fitting, puttying and sanding are the ingredients of enjoyment
  23. Look what Santa brought.... the latest 1/72 scale kit from Ukrainian manufacturer Modelsvit... the Sukhoi T10 Flanker prototype. Excellent box art showing Bort 'Yellow 10' - one of two options in the box. Top and bottom fuselage halves - with delicate engraved detail.. Ogival shaped wing parts - totally different to the production T10S 'Flanker-B'. Plus fins and tailplanes. Engine nacelles for the Al-21F engine fitted to the prototypes. Nose gear, mainwheel bays and cockpit parts. The sprues now have part numbers moulded on next to the part - a useful development. Main undercarriage parts and wheels. Jetpipes, compressor faces and afterburner flameholders - all neatly moulded. 2 X R-27ET plus 2 X R-27ER missiles - as fitted to these prototypes. Crystal clear canopies - both open and closed options. Early K-36 ejection seat - made up from 26 parts !!!! Decal sheet - note the two instrument panels - one for the plastic panel, one for the etched brass option. Etched parts - plus the plastic IRST ball. The clear perspex is for the etched HUD !!!! I didn't photograph the self-adhesive masks - which contains masks for the wheel hubs as well as masks for both inside and outside of the canopy !! Back page of the 12-page construction booklet. This is a fantastic kit from Modelsvit - crisply moulded with delicate engraved panel detail, plus etched brass parts and canopy masks - a truly comprehensive package. Ken
  24. Modelsvit is to tool a "exclusive" 1/72nd Dassault Mirage 4000 kit for French shop Bassin-Maquette - ref.72052 Release in 2018 Rumours say there's also Mirage G or G-8 as well as a Mirage IV in project. V.P.
  25. Just finished - the excellent 1/72 scale T10-10 Flanker prototype from Modelsvit....... This really is the best yet from Modelsvit - crisp moulding with nice engraved panel detail, etched brass parts, self adhesive masks - a complete package. The anti-FOD guard on the nosewheel is realistically done - with a separate wheel and the guard in two halves - unlike the one-piece moulding on some Flanker kits. Spot the difference - first and latest Flankers - T10-10 and Su-35S........ More photos - build and finished model - here. WIP thread - here. Ken