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Found 9 results

  1. And here, at last, pictures of the beast in it's finished form. A quick resume' first though. The Star Wars Slave One ship has always looked like a Hovertank to me. I managed to get one cheap 'with parts missing' from kitsforcash. A cut'n'shut job on the lower hull gave me the basis of the tank. The spares boxes & two cheap Airfix Tiger tanks gave me the rest. The figure is Rolf. He is the tank commander. A little short for 1/48th perhaps, but he is only about 18. He was in an Aircraft kit long ago. I just wonder, how noisy would this thing be? Forget stealth! The skirt is Tiger Tank tracks. No points for spotting the Panzerfaust, a common item in the kreiger world. I think the radiator behind Rolf was originally a non slip surface. Frontal armour was added. Well you would wouldn't you? The main bit is 1/24th Typhoon. Just above the Harrier thruster (now a steering nozzle) in the bin, is spare skirt. (Always useful) (fnar) Last weekend I did a final mist spray of rattlecan white primer. Maybe I should have done another close up of the rusty exhaust. The gun is metal. I can't remember what it was originally used for. Yes, the step by the radiator is bomb fins. The Cowcatcher on the front is another bit from Slave one. The Tiger engine decks are obvious. That's a Stalin wheel in the middle of it. Oh yes, Airfix Matador roof and Panzer IV idler wheel. Other bits ex spares box. (Or Tiger). I forgot to include pictures of the underside and all it's lift fans. Too late tonight, I'll add them tomorrow. Thanks for looking. As always, comments etc are very welcome. There is a WIP thread in the obvious place. Cheers Pete
  2. You either know about the Kreiger universe or you don't. I do and I like the mechanical side of it. I also enjoy scratchbuilding kreiger stuff, even though I have a stash of the Hasegawa kits. My favourite is the Falke and it's variants. And this is yet another of my builds along those lines in 1/20th scale. Basis of the build is parts from a Revell 1/32nd P-38 bought as an old build some time ago from another BM member. The central unit is a part started Porsche 911 Speedster bought from Kits for Cash. The Anti Grav units are half ping pong balls (12 for about 3 quid on line). The GPU was a small Japanese van. The figure is from a Tamiya F1 figure set. Various other bits came from the spares boxes. Images (at last) via imgur. I'm not the best photographer though! Overall view. Helmut is trying to fix the Falke. GPU plugged in Here you can see the fan unit on the side. Ex Airfix Porsche 917 built circa 1971. They slot into what was the u/c bay. Hence the colour scheme. Oh, Flug, German(ish) for fly, is Gulf backwards) Helmut is touching up the sensor here. Don't tell him it's a P-38 elevator mass balance. Underside rear. The rusty thing is a P-38 turbo supercharger to exhaust the anti grav unit. And the fwd anti gravs use 1/32nd resin Stuka night exhausts. The cannon was an undercariage leg. Central filter? was 1/24th typhoon. The engine (1/32nd Phantom exhaust) plus other bits. Plus Helmuts' test box. (Tamiya F1 kit) Seat and belts (tape) the quilting is milliput. Obvious here is the Porsche rear end. The flappy jobbers are ex Airfix 1/24 Typhoon engine bay panels donated by another BM member. The ladder is various bits. The GPU is perhaps overweathered? (ahem) Again bits of Stuka form the exhausts which I've sort of tried to emulate Tiger tank exhausts. Ignore the elastic band, glue was setting! Comments are welcome. I'll stick some WIP pics up if it helps you to visualize the process.
  3. EDIT JUNE 2018 - To see pictures please google sternail. Any pictures of the ship in a garden are of this build. There is also a photoshopped image of the ship with clouds in the background. Yeah, thanks Photobrokit. Pete And there's more! This one I built about a year ago, I think. There are, In the Ma.k universe, Two types of Sternail. Both Space going and operated by the opposing sides. One is large & grey, The other smaller & white (usually) So far as I know, there are only a few of these around. The small white one can be had as a garage kit (I think) But this one has to be scratchbuilt, using the few bits of information on the net. It ended up at 65cm long. So, This is a 1/35th scale, Single seat spaceship (The door is on the left side. Yes, those are Russian tank turrets at the back. This is as close as I could get to the original by Kow Yokoyama. The other models aren't armed, But I built this for my mate John and he wanted missiles. Now, Ma.k is part styled on WW2 Germany. (Markings, some shapes etc) So, Based on the Rucksetz? used by the Luftwaffe to add weapons to say, Fw190's, I 'bolted on' a couple of homemade ones. Actually a modded blue steel & a TSR2 missile! Pictures are by Johns wife, Maria. Many thanks. (Photobucket wouldn't do all of them to 640x480 for some reason?) The basic frame is model boat type wooden strips. Add a 1/48th F15, The Turrets, Drop tank halves for the hump, Various other bits, LOTS of filler & plasticard and hours of rubbing down & painting. Markings are a deaths head near the bow, Then a German Tornado sqn badge. the blue & white stripes are because John is a Scot. As always, Comments are welcome. Pete
  4. Given the interest in my completed builds I thought that maybe someone out there might want to see just how I come up with these things. This one will be a small walker built using whatever I can find amongst my redundant kits & bits boxes. No prizes for guessing the origin of any of those bits! I can tell you I started with a SMER 1/48th Swordfish that I bought years ago just for the floats. I chopped off the tail section and added a Wessex nose to the front. Engine unit goes on the back and tank bits on the side along with (I think) Buccaneer drop tank halves? The grey part on the right will go under the main body and was tank mudguards. The odd bit in the foreground is ex 1/24th Fw190. Next we move to a rear shot. You can see that I'd used an Otaki? Fw190 cowl to cover the Swordfish cockpit and the cowling now contains that 190 gearbox piece inside an oval ring which was part of the air intake from a muscle car. You should also make out the cupola with it's ring of vision slots and some grey tank bits along the sides. At the front I added a kubelwagen engine bay and binoculars with a crashbar. And a grey hatch has appeared on top of the nose. next up is a side view showing another tank bit added to the side. One either side actually, and at the rear bits of Sherman suspension have gone on to add interest. On the extreme right you might make out a chrome wheel which will be the pivot point for the main body and which fits into the cutout that you may just see under the body. In the foreground, meanwhile, is what I think is an Airfix Boeing Vertol cockpit floor. I have two of these which will be modified to become the feet. (I've had these for over 40 years!). And finally for now you get a better view of that wheel (From an ancient drive by wire remote control car) That and the grey bit will go on top of the white box you can see. In the foreground are what will become the upper pivot points for the legs which will go either side of the white box. The pictures aren't the best, I only have a little Nikon (fnar!) but my fumblings may inspire someone else to have a go at this subject. It keeps me going, and there aren't any rivet counters to criticize you! More soon (I hope) thanks for looking. Pete
  5. Here are some more that I've built over the last few years. Like the original they are all based on a car with aircraft bits added from the spares boxes or kits obtained cheaply. Another desert Falke variant, this is to 1/48th and started life as a Porsche 911. Intakes are B-26 1/48th. The gun is the inside of a permanent marker pen, engine is bits with a truck wheel on the end! Yes, those are Tiger tank turrets, over 40 years in the spares box! Now they are swiveling thrusters. Next, inspired by Pacific based Corsairs etc, this one is Airfix Jaguar based with P-38 intakes as per original Falke. Next, NOT a Falke variant. This is a true bitsa. Fuselage P-38, floats Swordfish, outer wings F-15 tailplanes! Pacific island based, anti shipping aircraft/ground effect flier. And, if you have fliers, you will need SAR. And who needs rotors when you have anti grav units? Based on a BO 105 (already used in the kreiger universe), the intakes are He 219, tail unit He219 (ish) Hope you found something you liked. I've been meaning to post these for ages! Thanks for looking. Pete
  6. As requested, here are some more of my scratchbuilds from the maschinen kreiger universe. An earlier build of mine, sternail, can be found on here by using the search box at the top of the page. Oddly, the ma.k universe has two ships called sternail. The first here was inspired by the LUM Camel. The body was built from the caps of three deodorant cans. The cockpit is a pencil sharpener. Legs are a balsa and plasticard sandwich. The feet came out of old hardrives. Everything else is from bits boxes. Next up, this one was inspired by the Heinkel UHU (ish) Again the cockpit is a pencil sharpener while the main fuselage was a 1/20th F1 car. The swiveling rocket motor here on the side was another type of pencil sharpener and the radome on the spine was a make up compact. Other parts are from the spares boxes. Pencil sharpeners? Here they are in their natural state. About 30p each, bulk bought in Riyadh. Nest one is based on a cheapo Russian helicopter kit bought decades ago along with part of a missile for the tail, I added drop tanks and the green bits are ex Nimrod sonar buoys. And then we come to the Jaeger Sau (fighting pig). Based on a Hasegawa submersible model which I turned upside down. The ring of fuel calls around the back was a child's bracelet I found in the street. There is a long probe on the RH side. That was a Smirnoff swizel stick but is now a linear accelerator with an ammo feed at the rear. If you look closely you'll see the carb setup from a Kubelwagen on it. More Nimrod sonar buoys are fitted too. The two sensors on the front are mounted on B-17 ball turret swivels. The black 'aerial' was a rotor blade. In a secret location in Lincolnshire.... Finally, this may not be very clear as yet but is the latest WIP. This will be another walker and is based on a SMER 1.48th Swordfish. Plus yet more bits box bits. Hope you enjoyed this lot and thanks for looking. Regards Pete
  7. My first RFI on here for some time. I'm enjoying scratchbuilding variants of the Falke and other kreiger universe machines. Mostly because I'm cheap, and have boxes of spare parts! I do have the real kits but somehow this is more satisfiying. Basic kits were a Revell 1/24th Ferrari and a pair of RAH-66 Comanches. In the last shots you can see the xmas baubles used for the anti-grav units, the 'intakes' for these are halves of missiles. All other bits are random spares. Scale will be about 1/35th. Anyway, comments etc are welcome. Main view, I moved the main anti-gravs to the rear to aid maneuverability a smaller one would be in the bulbous nosepiece. The 'engine' is part of a Shuttle booster rocket with added greeblies. (Including 1/35th binoculars) Close up of the nose. The guns are the original tail lights with added tube. The Comanche fans would aid in combat. Underside. The rocket tubes are homebuilt, the NLG 'foot' is from an old FROG Blenheim while the strut is from a motorbike kit. Those exhausts to the rear are quickboost for a Ju87. Better shot of the tubes and exhausts. The 'intakes' for the anti grav units are halves of a missile from a Typhoon. In the raw. Parts origins obvious now eh? Thanks for looking. Pete
  8. Thanks to the nice comments on my Falke variant post, here's another one I built back when I was in Saudi. It didn't take long and was fun to do. The legs and base are from Japanese robot kits. The nose is B-25 strafer and there are a couple of model aircraft engine cowlings in there. This one now lives in Bahrain along with my Sternail build (search sternail on here) and others I built over there. The idea is that it is a robot used for reconnaissance. The SAFS figure is 1/35th The yellow paint speckles give an insect like theme and were achieved by using an old spraycan that was 'sputtering'. Thanks for looking Pete
  9. I've been asked to put these on here, So I hope you like them! I've taken basic models/objects and adapted them to fit the maschinen kreiger universe. The first one I finished last week. It was a 1/30th scale walker from Aoshima, brought back from Japan. It looked a bit 'Fairyland' to me so it was told to tighten up & be more butch. I did take prepaint pictures so you could see where bits came from. Dunno where they went! So, It's Aoshima + Schwimwagen & tank bits with spares box add ons. The Panzerschrek & their carriers are homebuilt. Now in the background you can see a weird thing with tubes. The Ma.k universe contains a hovertank called Nutrocker. The kit isn't too cheap. The original was made from kitchen spoons! This is my version. It was a computer mouse. The tubes are a nod to the Sherman Calliope. They were lollypop sticks. The intake on the top here (with the yellow stripe) was 1/24th Fw190. The back. Again the bit with the stripe was a Spitfire tropical intake. The exhaust was just bits. The two cupola's were 1/24th truck wheels sanded to fit the curve of the body. The tubes, as you can see, do swivel up for firing. Camo is late European WW2 German. Over exposed but you can just see the Tamiya 1/48th Beaufighter crewman inside. So, Here they are together, Different scales but same unit markings. Ma.k uses WW2 German ones. While we're at it, I got a Star Wars AT-ST half built from a Britmodeller a while ago. Guess what I did with it? The right 'eye' Is the end of an Enterprise engine.the left is ex Nimrod. Weapons from various kits, Hoses from guitar wire. And I added various other bit box bits. Plus that camo again This one and the Maus (Hovertank) are a couple of years old now. A rear view. I re-engineered the mech bits. Upper left is an Airfix skyraider radial! Finally, Side by side, The two walkers. I hope you've enjoyed seeing them. As much as I enjoyed building them. I do have more. Thanks for looking. Comments/likes/dislikes/queries etc welcome. Pete
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