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Found 15 results

  1. US Army Vehicle Markings 1944 (9781612007373) Casemate UK There are certain vehicle markings everyone is familiar with, the White US Star for one. However there are may more markings on military vehicles which the casual observer knows nothing about at all, from unit code letters, to tactical markings, through to bridge weight, and even during this time period debarkation codes for the invasion of Europe. Using a combination of historical photographs, and colour diagrams this publication looks at all the markings seen on US vehicles o the period. The book also looks at the camouflage used on these vehicles. The Book is split into the following areas; 1. Arsenal of Democracy - Looking at the US diverse production of all vehicles for the military. 2. The Communications Zone - That area away from the front line in operations, including re-supply and support units. 3. Organization of the US Army - Looking at the specific equipment allocated to units of the US Army. 4. Common Markings - From registrations, to National ID markings and usage markings. 5. Unit Markings - Army regulation AR-850-5 defined the markings for units. Also looks at USAAF vehicles, and tactical markings. 6. Camouflage - This looks at different camouflage patterns suggested. The book is hardback 254mm x 203 mm and 160 pages long. Iti s full of black & white photographs, a few colour ones and may colour diagrams of vehicle markings. The printing is first class. Conclusion This will be an invaluable resource for the modeller of US Army vehicles during this time frame. Very Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  2. Hello everyone got a question on a relay chain here. SWMBO has a friend in Oklahoma that was digging up info from the Tulsa Air & Space Museum, and found this photo and caption of a Boeing B-47. The planes serial is 42100 in U.S.Navy markings. With a big McDonell-Douglas corporate logo, pound-sign , & Oklahoma university football helmet ? A closer cleaner view shows us this. which enlarged gets this ? Anyone have any info or general knowledge of the aircraft history. Possibly why its got the strange nose art ? Also why it was seconded to the Navy and McD.-Douglas ? Any info is appreciated as always ? Dennis
  3. I'm planning a future build of a Wellington (Mk.II) and am trying to find out some info on the markings so it will be as accurate as possible. Were the serial numbers and codes painted on in standardized colo(u)rs, or did they vary by squadron? I just bought the Revell (1/72) kit and it shows the serial in red, but I have also seen images of the serial in white. I have only seen the codes in a white/off-white color. Also, what is the correct location for the serial number? I've seen some examples with it placed on the vertical stabilizer, but others have it placed on the fuselage near level with the horizontal stabilizers. In case this differs by squadron, I am focusing on 158 Squadron when based in Driffield. I have the serial number and code for the plane if that makes any difference. Thanks, Bill
  4. Instruction for spraying insignia and markings. Basic material in my case: Montex masks and Tamiya masking material. Model: The Tempest from SH in 32. Preparing the masks, so that you find later on the correct position again. Make the right and left side easy distinguishable. Positioning for marking I recommend spraying the individual markings before the camouflage. It is easier and avoids masking over too large areas. You save a lot of masking material! After the camouflage is done, you continue with roundels and flash. Red color is first done. The small masks can be easily positioned, big ones are too complicated for repositioning! In my case the ID strpes too. So you may avoid decals. No silvering at all. Weathering is also more easy! Happy modelling
  5. Ok so Im considering restarting work on my oldest shelf queen. Its an old Monogram PBY-5 non-amphib. I started in 2003. Im doing it in RAAF camouflage. Im doing a night harassement Catalina. Similar to the Black cats. I know the colors are RAAF night, RAAF Dk. Ocean blue, over Matt black. I equate the colors to EDSG, USN non spec. Sea blue, over Matt Black. I know Red Roo do a decal set for the plane Im doing, however Ive been waiting 3 years and can never seem to scrape the $ together. It would eat about 6 months budget up in one purchase. What i really am looking for and need is. 1) Roundel and code sizes in inches or CM’s ? Outer diameter ? Inner circle diameter ? I can convert these to 1/48th. So i can make masks. 2) Placement locations - all 6 or just upper wings and Fuselage ? 3) Roundel Colors ? Which Blue is best over the white ? 4) What kind of antennas besides the standard radio wires would they have carried ? Similar to USN or RN? Or completely different. Im not sure if i should use the search antennas included in the kit that mount under the wing ? Any help or info. someone can provide me moves this project closer to completion ? I did recieve info pertaining to the camouflage patterns, and colors about 9 months ago when i queried about that. Which went along way to moving this along. Thank you in advance. Dennis
  6. Hi, BAC 1-11-479 (ZE432) was repainted with the ETPS logo in large letters on the forward fuselage. Does anyone have any ideas of the two colours used? It looks Gold ,with a grey shadow, but I'm certain someone must know the true colours Dave
  7. I just got through looking at these videos of 112 Squadron Tomahawks; very interesting footage showing rearming and refueling, plus some lighter moments. I never noticed before that on some of the Tomahawks, the sharkmouth did not extend all the way to the base of the spinner backplate, as you can see a small band of the undersurface color. The last clip shows 112 Sq. Kittyhawks. If these have been posted before, I will be happy to remove them. I hope you enjoy looking at them. videos via You Tube. Mike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7RUpsJyuok https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4kuWJmcApo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Zp_UCvA3_I
  8. Here's a question on an older kit that I hope someone will be able to answer for me. Can anyone tell me what the Royal Navy markings that are in the kit? I cannot locate an instruction sheet online for the kit that would illustrate it. Have three of the West German Sea Kings, a Flying Tiger, and a USN SH-3 waiting in the 'wings'. I always passed this particular kit by, because of the yellow plastic (I guess I am lazy) and I do not model RAF generally, not knowing that there were RN markings inside. I concentrate on building mostly naval air subjects (USN, RN, RN, RAN). Always thought that at least the green plastic in the West German was easier to cover with greys. I think I even have an old Airfix kit that I bought for the decals! I know about the Heller Sea King (same kit) with the 814 NAS decals. Now if I can find a MODELDECAL Set 49 or Model Alliance 72121 for a decent price I'd be happy. Thank you!
  9. Hi! Anniversary of Operation Musketeer/Mousquetaire/Kadesh/Suez war is approaching and I have been thinking about building one of more colourful aircraft taking part for a start. French F-84Fs and RF-84Fs, with various stripes and squadron badges, fit this description nicely. From gathered material I figured out about the identification stripes (single yellow stripe with black outline until the end of October, yellow-black stripes from 1st November on) and from available articles and books I learned about not so uniformed reality of improvised use of yellow paint on Cyprus, planes wearing both types of stripes and white, dark gray and possibly even blue stripes. Still, what bothers me the most are supposed Israeli markings on French fighter-bombers and reconnaissance planes, based in Israel. Israeli markings had been mentioned in several publications and there are plenty of colour profiles of both Thunderstreaks and Thunderflashes with stars of David, but I have not seen a single photo of the actual aircraft with such markings. In fact, all the photos of French planes in Israel bases show them marked with standard French cocarde. Any thoughts? Cheers Jure
  10. A fun site, not really for experts but more for children, i think. Sorry for clogging this otherwise very accurate resources section! But i think it can be a nice read for a modeller who is stalling on a build for example. Here is: A beginner's WWII aircraft camouflage and markings guide. (there are a few mistakes however, sorry but i have no connection what-so-ever with the site so cannot change anything about it) http://www.fritzthefox.com/camo_guide.html Also, a funny speculative article about the F-35 versus the spitfire, the EE Lightning against the spitfire, and other dissimilar warfare ideas. http://www.fritzthefox.com/f35_vs_spitfire.html Or google "fritz the fox". Regards, Johnny.
  11. BushBrit66

    F-84F Bombs

    Hi I think the bombs in the Monogram kit are M117 versions. Any ideas on the markings on these babies? Not a lot of pics around with the Streak bombed up Cheers sean
  12. Schlactflieger


    Does anyone know what camouflage and markings were carried by the swordfish that attacked the Bismarck?
  13. Were the roundels on pre-war Hurricanes in bright or dull read and blue? According to an article in Model Aircraft Monthly November 2005 covering early Hurricanes, it says "An RAE Note on Camouflage Painting of Aircraft dated 19 March 1936 gives the revised form of roundels as being Yellow, Dull Blue, White and Dull red..." Is it known if Hawker used the new dull colours or kept using the bright colours? I am asking because the roundels on the Xtradecal X72193 covering Fabric Wing Hurricanes has all roundels in the bright colours. Is this correct? Interestingly, the new Xtradecal sheet on the Blenheim has all roundels in the dull colours. Any insights are much appreciated. Cheers, Peter
  14. Below please find a photograph of a Lancaster GR.3 I'm trying to reproduce. It's still some time before I get to the painting stage (I've got the wings on the fuselage, but the fuselage still needs some work - I know, I should have waited until the fuselage was done before attaching the wings, but I couldn't wait!). However, it's never too early to think about how I'm going to reproduce this wonderfully-filthy machine. I have my questions and comments added to this picture and I would definitely like anyone else's input regarding this. The overall scheme is simple - just the typical postwar maritime scheme of Medium Sea Grey over White. It's the dark areas that confuse me - exhaust stains, deliberately painted black, or the white overcoat worn away to show the black paint from the original Bomber Command scheme (I assume they just painted over that scheme, instead of stripping it off, then repainting it - those postwar years were somewhat austere). Thank you very much in advance for any help! Best Regards, Jason
  15. I started this as a thread in Work in progress. I am suprised that our usual Guru's haven't come to the fore. So I am do "repost" in the discussion section in the hope that it involes some reponse. ..Sailor' Malan's Spitfire that he flew with 74 Squadron in 1940, ZP-A (K9953)...I have Southern Expo 70th Anniversary decal sheet which shows a Sky Blue. Now we all know that the Stadard 1940 Scheme started of as Black/White and the went to Type S (Tamiya XF-21). What is the correct underside colour for Malan's Spit? Hope to hear some replies soon Regards Sean
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