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Found 16 results

  1. Giddey to all! This is the Lancia Beta Montecarlo Turbo Group 5 the old ESCI Kit. It has very good details, but is a little bit difficult to build. Modifications: Added headlights, mesh at the front of the rear spoiler, air hoses at the front brakes, grid at the turbo air intake. Hope you like it! Here an interesting link to the real thing:https://www.girardo.com/car/1981-lancia-beta-montecarlo-turbo-group-v_0/ Cheers Andreas
  2. Dipped in and out of this model over the last six months. Now working at home so took the opportunity to finish. First rally car and first time creating a semi-diorama - quite happy with the results. Decals were pretty fragile so took a while and a few tears here and there! Used the following items for the car: Hasegawa 1:24 Lancia Stratos HF '1977 Safari Rally Eduard 1:24 Red Sabelt harnesses Additional windscreen and side windows Studio 27 detail up set A few images pre-rally with weathering only! Thanks for looking :-)
  3. Hello This project is going very slowly. I hope this post motivates me more to finish it. The engine compartment has worked well so far: Cheers Andreas
  4. here are the pic`s of my Lancia Delta S4: here is the pic of the corrected exhaust manifold I used a very thin mesh from a teabag This kit is incomplete, all parts of the upgrade/detail set are missing. an interesting link to the real car: https://www.girardo.com/car/1985-lancia-delta-s4-corsa-group-b_0/
  5. Giddey to all! The Lancia 037 is the best RWD rally car ever built! Lancia was one of the most innovative car companies. I am a Lancia fan, and it is really a sad story what happened to them. Chrysler and Fiat smashed the label. Here some pic`s of my second build Lancia 037, the late "evoluzione" version. More Info about this car? look: https://www.girardo.com/car/1984-lancia-037-rally-evo-2-group-b-2/ Want to see them all together in action? Klick here: https://youtu.be/mXgWWNJVdYA thanks for looking! Regards Andreas
  6. hello here is my next build the Lancia Stratos Pirelli : scratch build parts: cheers!
  7. Hi all, Here's the kit I'm going to build to represent the year of my birth... The Stratos was first introduced in 1974 but 1975 was the first full year it competed in. The car I'm building is the "Red Chardonnet" one on the box art, that won the Tour de Corse Rallye (Corsia Rally) in 1975. Chardonnet was the name of the privateer team and the car was driven by Bernard Darniche with co-driver Alain Mahé. I believe Chardonnet also had a second, blue car that year as well. Hopefully it won't be a difficult build in terms of large decals / complicated colour schemes.
  8. 3Ro Italian Truck - General Service 1:35 IBG (35052) The Lancia 3Ro was a 4x2 Heavy truck built by Lancia in the 1930s and 40s for military and civilian use. The Ro and 3Ro were the mainstay of the transport service of the Italian Army. The 3Ro had a lengthened chassis from the Ro having a 4.3m wheel base. Like may military trucks the chassis could have a general/troop carrying chassis, a tanker versions, repair shop versions, AA gun versions and even an SPG version. With the cab cut away and lower sides this could carry a 90/53 gun or a 100/17 Howitzer. During the dessert war the Germany Army commandeered a lot of these vehicles as well as ordering them direct from the factory which was still in German controlled Italy after the Italian surrendered. After WWII the truck remained in use with the Italian Army, the last ones being retired in 1964. The Kit The kit arrives on 18 sprues of grey plastics, two small clear spures and a set of tyres. The plastic is the familiar hard type IBG uses and is crisply moulded. Construction starts as with a lot of IBG kits with the wheels. The main body of the tyre is moulded as one part with the hub and sidewall separate so that there is no seam on the tyre itself. Next up the engine is made up, this is not overly detailed, but has enough parts for an accurate representation to be made. The transmission and rear axle is also made at this point. Next up the main chassis of the truck is made up. The two main side rails are connected by the various cross members, and additional parts are added. The leaf springs are added, and the front axle is made up and added to its pair of springs. The transmission is added in and the rear axle added, these can then be joined with the propshaft. The spare wheel and its carrier are added to the rear of the vehicle. At the front the engine can now be added along with the radiator. There is a gear box to add to the front which looks like it is for manually starting the vehicle. The wheels can now be added to the appropriate axles. Work can now start on the body. The seat for the main cab is built up and added to the cab floor. The gear leaver and handbrake lever are then added. The cab is then built up around the floor pan. This can then be added to the main chassis. The bonnet is then made up over the engine. The front wheel arches are then added. Just before the rear body goes on the exhaust is added. For the rear body the kit comes with two options. There is an impressively moulded one part rear body which can be fitted to the floor, a tailgate can then be added. If you want an open bed then the parts for this are also supplied. Here were have two separate sides and all the parts to recreate the frame structure which is under the rear tilt canopy. Once the bed is on fuel tanks and the battery box are added. Markings A small decal sheets provides markings for three trucks, 1. An unknown unit. 2. LII Artillery Group, North Africa 1942 3. Unknown unit, Tunisia 1942,43 Conclusion This is a good looking model of an important Italian transport asset during WWII. These truck were also used by the Germans, and the allies where they captured them. It is good to see kits of this type which were not front line vehicles becoming available. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  9. And so here it is as promised in my Lancer build. Pic of what I'm starting with: For those that haven't followed my Lancer I wont be building the Acropolis Version depicted by the box top. It be Monte car I's a knocking into shape. (Title gives it away a bit ) Although I have a couple other Hasegawa Delta's in the stash this is the first I'll be building. Therefore like with the Lancer i'll leave the suspension till last to gauge wheher the ride height needs lowering. Given Hasegawa's history with these rally kits I'm fully expecting it'll need a couple mm taken out but you never know lol. There's quite a bit to drill and sand on the body shell. Even had to fill a couple marks after removing the moulded on side indicators. The body is currently under it's first coat of primer and may even get some white on by tonight. I assembled and painted the rollcage: I did deliberately miss that small section. After all I did have to hold it somewhere haha. Next up was removing the moulded on detail from the instrument cluster. Some very creative use of a needle file and sand paper was needed lol. Not the best pic but it's hard to photo lol: I've painted the interior tub too: I have read in an Abarth book written by ex Abarth staff that all the cars they built featured grey interiors, but all the pics I've seen of these cars seem to show them either unpainted or maybe it was a silver/aluminium colour paint So I just went with Humbrols 56 Aluminium lol. Strangely there were some large recessed parts on the rear spoiler that I haven't seen on the real car so those have been filled: That's all so far. Thanks for looking. TTFN Ashley.
  10. Ok so I've finally managed to get this finished, well almost anyway lol. Whilst taking the pics I realised I'd forgotten the add the licence plate decals and the headlight beam ones too Oh well they're easy to add later lol. The WIP can be found here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235004250-lancia-hf-stratos-1975-rally-san-remo/ So here she is: And with her sister's on the Ledge of Lusty Lancia's As always comments, questions etc most welcome. TTFN Ashley
  11. Ok so I've called time on this build. Those that followed the WIP will know the trials and tribulations I've had with this kit regarding the decals and although the plan was to weather the shell a bit, I've just lost complete interest now that the assembly has actually finished. WIP thread here for those that are interested: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234998842-lancia-delta-hf-integrale-1993-monte-carlo-rally/ So anywho on with the pics: The kit was the Acropolis '93 kit and when I brought it, it came with replacement decals from Shunko. Luckily when the kit arrived I noticed the decals also allowed you to build the '93 Monte Carlo car, which I much preferred anyway; as well as the fact that Hasegawa doesn't supply the correct gravel wheels used during the '92 and '93 seasons. They just give you gravel tyres to fit on the tarmac ones. So I raided a spares and repair Delta I have for it's slick tyres and it's window piece too in the end lol. I also lowered the suspension 3mm in the front and 2mm in the rear, as even though the kit is supposed to be Tarmac spec using the same parts as all the other Deltas, the ride height is way too high. As always comments and such are welcome. TTFN Ashley.
  12. Right ok so as some of you may know I posted a topic in the discussion area about removing old decals as I wanted to update an old build. Well this is said build. Built a number of years ago and I've never been happy with the result. For a start this is the Revell boxing of the Hasegawa kit. Now whilst this rebox is better that the other Revell reboxes because it includes the metal antenna and the mudflap material, it is also majorly flawed in that the scheme depicted by the decals is for the 1983 Acropolis rally. 1. is doesn't include the Rothmans rally sponser on the plates and 2. the kit is tarmac spec not gravel. I was also not happy with my finish on the kit as the decals needed a bit of fettling on the front curves and inevitably tore and I ended up with areas were the white of the body showed through. In an attempt to incorporate this into the model I proceeded to chip away other areas of the decals to suggest stone chips. But I neglected to weather the kit so the effect wasn't great. Plus still it was in tarmac spec with slick tyres and that just wasn't right. So I've always known I was to eventually strip this kit but I didn't have any interesting decals to update it with. Until recently when I got these: It's a Jolly Club car for the 1983 Tour de Corse but is interesting for not having the typical Jolly Club green and orange striping. So I've proceeded to strip down the kit. I used watered down brake fluid to remove the decals and it also peeled the black enamel paint on the window frames. However is didn't touch the Humbrol spray I used on the body lol. There are a couple of chips in the paint around the front grill but as the plastic is white underneath it isn't noticeable. I'll also be adding the Hasegawa etch set to the kit seeing as Hannants was selling them at £3.20 and I needed 7 sets pmsl. I'll also need to convert the kit to Evo1 spec as Hasegawa only tooled the evo2 engine TTFN Ashley.
  13. Happy to say the Lancia 037 is now complete, The kit itself is not bad, however if i do another i will be purchasing the hasegawa, this is still a nicely detailed kit from revell. as some may have seen in the WIP, i have made a few modifications to the kit, Made my own rear grill and air vent grills, Cut the rear bodywork out to have the engine on show and a little engine detail. as always room for improvement. Thanks for looking Sam
  14. Hi Guys! Went a bit Lancia crazy this christmas and from the other half unwrapped 3 Lancia kits: Delta Stratos 037 Currently working on the Stratos which is near completion but i am going to do a WIP on this the 037. Here's a sprue shot of the kit which is a Hasegawa re boxing under Revell. I wont be using the martini decals so if anyone would like to buy them please PM me.
  15. Hi Everyone, Just finished this: the 1/24 Lancia Stratos by Hasegawa. I decided to build it as a kind of privateer car that would compete in the historic rallys and not a scale replica of a certain real rally car. Hope you like, Sam
  16. Here I show you a fast assembly kit, as this Italeri Autocannone. I built it some time ago, but didn't photograph it until recently, when I got to the beach early and made pics without crowds and curious tourists! in it's ambient, it looks much better.... hope you like it. You can see more pics plus a review in my blog; http://toysoldierchest.blogspot.com/2013/07/italeri-autocannone-3-ro-with-9053-aa.html
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