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Found 29 results

  1. I've always liked the Javelin, possibly my favourite post-war fighter. One of the most interesting versions was the FAW8 with its short nose and offset radome. Only two squadrons flew this version, no.. 41 sqn at Wattisham and 85 sqn at West Raynham, before they were withdrawn in 1964. For this model I used the Mistercraft 'FAW7' with a Freightdog FAW8 resin nose and decals from an old modelling magazine that were for sale on ebay. Here is the WIP: Any comments or advice always welcome!
  2. Hi comrades! This is my take on Javelin. The build is here Many thanks to @Antti_K for his help! His subject knowledge and modelling skills are fantastic! Hope You like the weathered look of this machine. Thanks for looking!
  3. Hi comrades! My next project will be Javelin in 48th. I'll use aftermarket - Eduard brass (and, yes, probably I'll replace all tiny aerodynamic fences by brass), Armory wheels, Master brass pitot and Quickboost intakes/antennas. I plane to paint the roundels (They are huge, and mast conform to problematic surface...). Specific variant - probably XH893 with bug on the tail. Any advice on the kit problems? How are the Airfix decals? Any application problems? Any tips are welcomed! I'm still on the "plumbing" stage - sand and polish all the "tubing" before painting.
  4. Gloster Javelin WT836 5th Prototype This was built from the original 1950s Frog kit. I suppose I could have e-bayed it or kept it in the attic for 20 years but I went for a nostalgic simple build instead. I bought this for £12 at the Farnborough Modelfest last year. When questioned about why it was only £12, the trader said that they were ‘not uncommon’. Well I hadn’t seen one for about 50 years so I was more than happy with the price. As far as I remember I was given one of these for a birthday when I was about 10 or so and I’ve no idea what happened to it. It was great to build it again. No messing about with correcting inaccuracies (that would have taken a long time) but I decided those ridiculous rivets had to go. I just carried out a little scribing of panels on the wing upper surfaces to relieve the big areas of smooth plastic, added some jetpipes, filled the big gaps between parts with Milliput and that was about it. I kept the original Frogmen and the non-existent undercarriage bays to retain some of the character of this thing. The kit decals were completely shot so I replaced them with Xtradecal and Modeldecal generic items. When I was putting on the paint I was about to blast the undersides with High Speed Silver when I discovered that the Javelin prototypes were Medium Sea Grey underneath. Overall it looks a bit like a Javelin but I think this was a later issue kit because there is an attempt at a kinked wing leading edge – I say ‘attempt’ because it was done without increasing the wing chord at the tip which has left a partially done kinked wing. Chris
  5. What we're gonna do right here is go back. Way back. Back into the early 1960s. And judging by the standard of the decals and plastic I don't think the kit is much newer! I've always had a fascination with the Javelin, from my favourite RAF era, mid 50s to mid 60s, when aeroplanes were real, with proper colours and markings and we had more than three squadrons of fighters. I'd love to have seen these beasts howling over Norfolk. So, the basic kit: And it is quite basic, I want to try this one out before I do the much better Airfix kit. The decals are terrible. Not only do they look basic but they appear to be cracking, I think they'll just break up on soaking, so to the aftermarket I will need to go. Either that or use the Airfix 64 sqn ones and then aftermarket decals on the newer kit. Does anybody know of a decent set of 1/72 Javelin decals? What on earth is all this!? ... Hoping to get some inspiration for markings from this superb book. Anyone have any advice, especially on the decals?
  6. A last minute decision to use the kit decals after the Model Alliance set on eBay crept beyond £12! The kit decals were slightly cracked through age, but fortunately didn't break up in the water. After serving with 25 sqn, XH905 flew in 33 sqn markings until November 1962 when the unit was renumbered 5 sqn and moved to Geilenkirchen in Germany. It was based here until 1966 when the Javelin wing disbanded. It's remarkable how short the service lives of some front line fighters were in those days! I built this one OOB apart from adding the tiny aerial on the tailplane, and painting the control panels as the decals didn't include any. Colours are satin DSG spray, Tamiya XF-81 green and silver spray from Halfords (!). The kit was generally good apart from excessive flash on some sprues, but fitted together reasonably well for the most part, I just needed a lot of filler for the wing roots. So here she is, Javelin FAW.9 XH905 of 5 squadron ... I'd love to get better at this (more realistic looking models), so all comments and ideas for improvement welcome!
  7. Hi everyone I wanted to share with you all of my builds I've completed since coming back to the hobby. First up two of my favourites. Airfix 1/72 Avro Shackleton AEW.2 WR966... ....and next up Airfix 1/48 Gloster Javelin FAW Mk9 XH903 ... I'll add a couple builds over the next few days. Cheers all Iain Link to Pt.2
  8. I have been a big Javelin fan for over 30 years. I guess you can easily imagine my enthusiasm when Airfix announced their new 1/48 scale kit a couple of years ago. Actually this will be my second "big" Javelin and fourth to my collection. This kit is one of the best Airfix has ever released. It's very accurate in detail. This project actually started some 20 years ago when my friend visited Hendon and brought me this. It's a post card originally painted by Dugald Cameron. It has been hanging on my wall ever since. The "Tiger Stripes" of 60 Squadron looks very good along with the black wing tanks with lightning flashes painted on them. So good that I built the Airfix 1/72 scale FAW.9 without further references. But did this paint scheme really exist? We have all heard about "artistic freedom"... Thanks for the Internet I have been able to collect a reference library about the Javelin. Couple of years ago I found a small photo on Key Publishing's aviation forum that showed eight Javelins on the ramp at RAF Tengah. Some aircraft carried these specially decorated wing tanks. Unfortunately the photo is so small that no details can be verified. I then contacted the gentleman who shared his photo but no better quality prints existed. I also contacted 60 Squadron and their archives have three more photos on the subject. It became clear that Dugald Cameron was right all the way when he stated that 60 Squadron Javelins carried these black tanks at 1967 and after. Finally this year a new book about Javelin was published by Michael Napier. There is one photo in the book where the Javelins are taxying at Tengah after a fly past. Now I had all the "evidence" I needed and it was time to choose a particular aircraft. So this build will be XH766 "E" of No. 60 Squadron some time between June 1967 and May 1968. I chose XH766 simply because I have enough good quality photos of her from every angle. This will be very much "straight forward" build as the kit is excellent. I will show you also some extra detailing that is missing from the kit. So wellcome aboard everyone I started the work with the front fuselage. There are two round holes on the nose gear well walls. Photos show that they were covered with round panels which I cut from thin styrene sheet and drilled holes around the edges (0,3 mm) to replicate the screws. Note also the two small "bumps" on the panel just forward of nose gear bay. These are the base plates for "Violet Picture" azimuth aerials and missing from the kit. I also used my Tamiya Pin Wise to drill holes around the AI bay hatch edges. The radome was filled with 9 mm pistol bullets. They are good for modelling purposes because you know their weight exactly. Mine are 10,4 grams each. Instruction booklet suggests that 25 grams is enough but I loaded the nose with some 40 grams; surely 25 wasn't enough. Eduard provides a PE set for Airfix Javelin. I used only the pilot's instrument panel. As you can see this is the last cockpit version (the extra ILS on the left corner). This goes well with kit's cockpit which has five large knobs for cockpit lightning under the starboard side wind screen panel. I decided to sand the instrument panel to bare metal and paint it with RLM 66 (a mixture of Humbrol 33 and 34) but leave the actual instruments as they are. An interesting detail is the yellow pipes running between the pedals. Something that is visible on preserved aircraft. Javelin's cockpit is a pretty black affair. Most of the knobs are either dark brown or satin black. So be careful with red and yellow... The cockpit was illuminated by UV lamps and all markings were painted with fluorescent paint. Because this is a FEAF Javelin I also removed the "Gee" indicator from the rear cockpit and replaced it with scratch build ADF set. Here are the starter "bullets". The compressor blades are pretty crude but they are only visible with a torch so I didn't replace them. However I added the starter's exhaust pipes from plastic rod. When viewed from front the starboard side pipe should point at "four o'clock" and port side at "eight o'clock". Or other words: they should point slightly down and towards the service bay below the rear cockpit. Thank You for reading so far and see You next time Antti
  9. Hi guys, I will be building the 1/48 Airfix Javelin. It is already started, but just. So it will be under the 25%. I have just started the cockpit and some parts are of the sprues, but noting more. It will be build out of the box. I might get me some seatbelts or some resin seats. I have also got a sheet from Xtradecals Javelin part 1 (X48-125). I think I will make the 5 Squadron Javelin. Pictures will follow later. Cheers
  10. I realise I've already got a diorama and a plane as works in progress but they've both gotten to a point where I need to go top up my paint supplies. So... I've dragged another kit out The intention was to just make it as it comes but first steps have been to: - Steal some suitable pilots from the spares box and fashion sprue ejection handles - Section off a bit of nose to hold some ballast - Download pictures of the underbelly tanks to try and scratch them - Order a fresh batch of other potential distractions
  11. Here is my Javelin FAW.9R XH766 of No. 60 Squadron. I hope You enjoy reading the short aircraft history and watching the photos. "Echo" was originally built by Gloster and upgraded to a FAW.9 in November 1959. From August 1960 XH766 served with No. 64 Squadron as "Echo" until a further modification to FAW.9R standard started in September 1962. She returned to RAF Duxford during November the same year and continued serving with No. 64 Squadron still carrying the letter "E". XH766 was then "shipped" (dates and method are not known) to the Far East and transferred to No. 60 Squadron. The exact dates are maybe lost forever; according to the "Movement Card" she was transferred to 60 Squadron in October 1964 as "Tango". However she was photographed at RAF Kuching (Borneo) during May 1964 already in the colours of 60 Squadron. As "Tango" She saw some action near Lundu when on 16 May 1964 crewed by Plt Off B. Todd and Flt Lt G.T. Hall an Indonesian launch was made to obey the Halt command given by a Royal Navy vessel. Records mention "An impressive low level beat-up". When No. 64 Squadron took over the responsibility of the Kuching and Labuan detachments 60 Squadron gave all their FAW.9Rs to the new "owner". "Tango" was transferred to 64 Squadron 28 May 1965 becoming "Echo" once more. No. 64 Squadron finally disbanded at RAF Tengah and on 16 June 1967 "Echo" was transferred to 60 Squadron for the last time. Before this on 10 June 1967 a massive 16 Javelin formation (both 60 and 64 Squadron) flew around Singapore Island for HM Queen Elisabeth's birth day. XH766 was the lead aircraft crewed by the both Commanding Officers (M.H. Miller and B.E de Iongh). The "new" FAW.9Rs of 60 Squadron were put in alert almost immediately; HQ FEAF instructed the squadron to deploy four Javelins to RAF Kai Tak. On 22 June 1967 M.H. Miller led four aircraft to Hong Kong. Did "Echo" participate in these detachments (called "Gas Iron")? I don't know. Finally in the morning of 1 May 1968 XH766 took the short transit to RAF Seletar and was SOC the same day and eventually scrapped. "Mind your head I'm bringing the hood backward..." Here are the drop tanks I have been talking about. They look...striking won't you say Some photos together with the real thing. Finally few photos that were essential to this build There are three(!) more photos in 60 Squadrons archive that show the decorated drop tanks. The photos seem to be extremely rare. And then there is this; pay close attention at 0:42 Best Regards, Antti
  12. Hello all One of my recent completions, the marvellous Gloster Javelin from Airfix. I did this one in the scheme of XH903, which is on display at the Jet Age Museum not far from me, here in Gloucestershire. I did offer to donate this to the museum to sit alongside some of the other models they have on display there, but no response at all from them, which was disappointing. Anyhow, this beast just manages to squeeze onto my display shelf, so at least it's on display somewhere. This is quite a heavy kit when done, with a fair bit of nose weight required, so I thought it was worth getting a metal undercarriage set from SAC. Also tried scratchbuilding seat harnesses from Tamiya tape for the first time as there aren't any supplied with the kit's seats. Airbrushed in a mix of Tamiya and Mr Hobby acrylics, weathered with some oils and Flory Dark Dirt wash. Posed it with everything open just to show all that lovely detail. My only complaint would be the quality of the decals, the roundels in particular wouldn't settle nicely into the panel lines despite repeated attacks of Microsol - any other issues were of my own making. Overall though a great kit and a pleasure to build. Thanks for looking Adam
  13. Good evening gentlemen, yes I do have a serious weakness for the early british jets Cheers from Czech rep. Andrew
  14. Just seen advert back cover Military Modelling, advert for a new tool Gloster Javelin, I imagagine they mean FAW.8/9. From Mister Craft in 1/72nd.
  15. Javelin FAW9R XH892 at the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum Flixton, pics mine.
  16. FAW.9 XH897 pics thanks to Martin. Aircraft at the Imperial War Museum Duxford.
  17. Afternoon All, Last night I finally sat down and opened the Airfix 1/48 Javelin with a view to starting it. Additionally, I also opened the AlleyCat Mk7 conversion kit as my dad worked on them when with 33 Squadron in 1958 at RAF Leeming and RAF Middleton St George. Specifically XH838, which he photographed on the flightline shortly after delivery. This is where the problems arose. I understand from the AlleyCat instructions that I need to insert piece for the Mk7 gunports, as I am not doing a missile carrying aircraft. That leaves me with another insert, which I don't think I need, and a long panel for the outer/upper wing. Is there any change in the shape of the outer/upper wing from Mk7 to Mk9? From the sources I have at my disposal I thought that the Mk 9 as basically a Mk 7 with re-heat, Firestreak missiles, and the re-fueling probe. Do I need to incorporate this item into my build? Any help would be grateful. Regards Andy341
  18. Hi all Here is my latest finished build and the newest aircraft in my military aircraft in Yorkshire collection. Its a Javelin FAW.4 of 72 Squadron based at RAF Leconfield in 1959 its the Airfix Javelin FAW.9 converted using the very nice Alley Cat conversion set which I picked up at the nationals a couple years ago, and a pair of Master pitot tubes as I was very sure I'd end up snapping the kit ones. I have to say this kit has been one of the nicest 48th Airfix kits I've ever built, its right up there with the Lightning. Sorry about the quality of the pics but I struggled to get some decent lighting, and ive added one of my FAW.4 with a friends FAW.9 so you can spot the subtle differences between the two. Right enough waffling on with the pics. Hope you've all enjoyed this build from me, I know I did. ScottC
  19. Hi everyone My Gloster Javelin... Thanks for looking Iain
  20. Evening everyone Whilst I'm making for things to dry on my 'Stang I thought I'd make a start on my Javelin. Not much to show yet but I've made a start on the cockpit by adding some spare resin bits to represent the throttle, and other various levers... And I've been working on the bang seats... Still a few bits to add to finish them off but I'm pretty happy with how they look for my first effort Yours aye Iain
  21. The dream comes true. Gloster Javelin 1/48 - ref. A12007 Source: http://www.airfix.co...lin-148-a12007/ Obviously a FAW.9R. I like the details as the airbrakes and the dedicated ladder. Hope soon injected 1/48th Supermarine Scimitar, Fairey Gannet AEW and Blackburn Firebrand... V.P.
  22. Pitot Probes and Refuelling Probes 1:48 Master[/size] We've received another batch of these superb items for Master Models. Their reputation continues to grow with some of the best turned components you can buy. They are all packaged in the standard small flat packs with card headers which help protect the components. Inside the parts are all in separate bags with an overturned flap to keep them from falling out, although the probe ends are so fine they could easily have pierced the bags. Once fitted the modeller really needs to be careful when handling as they will take someone’s eye out, and we wouldn’t want that. The quality is well up to their usual standards and I would love to see the lathes they’re turned on. All items are in 1:48 scale. [AM-48-098] - This set contains two pitot probes designed for the Airfix Gloster Javelin as direct replacements, although the modeller will have to drill the holes out to 1.0mm. [AM-48-099] – Similar to the Javelin set, in that it contains two pitot probes, but these are for the Airfix DeHavilland Sea Vixen so are in fact smaller and even finer than the Javelin items. The location holes will need to be drilled out to 0.5mm. [AM-48-100] – This set is slightly different in that it contains not only a pitot probe, but also the refuelling probe tip and is designed for use with the Airfix Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer both of which require having the location holes opened up to 0.5mm. [AM-48-101] Designed for the Heller Dassault Mirage IV, this set is the only one that doesn’t include a pitot probe. Instead it contains a beautifully turned refuelling probe and like the other sets the location hole will need to be opened up, this time to 1.0mm. Conclusion You really can’t fault the way these parts are designed and produced. They make excellent replacement for the styrene kit parts which can rarely match the finesse of these items, to produce a much closer scale look. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  23. I'm building the Airfix 1/48 Javelin, and I've come across a detail that I can't identify. I've found enough photos of it to replicate it on the model, but I'd like to know what it does. It's a tab or prong that protrudes from the wing surface, and is guarded by one or two wire guards. It looks like it hinges from the forward edge to lie flat. It's too far outboard to be a landing gear or flap position indicator, and it doesn't seem to be on early marks that didn't have vortex generators. Does anyone know what this is? Other than a thingamajig, gubbins or whatnot . I was a KC-135/FB-111A mechanic back in the late 1970s, so it bugs me not to know what it is! Thanks! Peter
  24. Plenty of Airfix 1/48 Javelins have been built recently. And there are many more to come. No wonder, this is an amazing kit. So here is another one underway. I thougt that the cockpit was a bit too oversimplified. But when finished, it looks OK to me. I added some cables, but the rest is OOB. Painted with Tamiya NATO black and dry-brushed. Well... The rest is not much to show, you've seen it before, So straight on to painting. Here with a coat of Johnsons Klear: As you can see I didn't use the probe which in my eyes destroys this great aircraft's beautiful shape. The weakest part of the kiit to me are the main wheel wells, which could have had some more detailing. So I added a few cables. That's it for today. Next update will probably be in the RFI section.
  25. Gloster Javelin FAW.8 XH992 pics from Phil Chapman (Vulcanicity)
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