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Found 619 results

  1. It's time to start my next build of Italeri's desert Italiana. The Sahariana was specifically designed for desert use based on experiences with Scout and armoured cars. It's a very attractive and purposeful looking machine but a bit different from British and German equivalents. There's definitely a touch of Italian style in it. On one sand coloured sprues that's nicely moulded, crisp and clear with little signs of flash or seams. It's a fairly modern kit, according to Scalemates, it's an Italeri new tool from 2007. Straightforward instructions over a few pages and a nice transfer sheet sheet for two vehicles (just different registration plates), including a very neat little dashboard panel and an Italian flag for over the engine cover. Painting instructions in the instruction sheet and on the back of the box in typical Italeri style.
  2. I wasn’t going to do a WIP for this one as the plan is for a fairly simple out of the box build of an elderly kit. But after another thread discussing US recce phantoms, I thought it might be an idea to share the way that the Italeri kit goes together. This is my second build of this kit - the first was an Alconbury RF-4C in wraparound SEA camo and a chisel nose. Anyway, this is the box, with my current fleet of spooks in attendance It isn’t as nice as the more modern a Phantom kits like the Revell / Hasegawa FGR2 - more in line with the old ESCI kits. Quite brittle silver plastic but the finished kit will fit in fine with the fleet. The cockpit is a little narrow compared to the others. You can’t swap the canopies between the kits. So there is a limit to what after market designed for other kits would even fit. First big job is to rescribe the panel lines. This is still underway. And the raised lines need to be taken off. Rescribing is down to everyone’s personal preference. I never used to do it but have started to recently. This kit will need some filler & sanding so much of the surface detail would be lost anyway. The cockpit detail is far from the worst I have seen. I usually like a resin seat, but I will stick with the kit here & just paint and add seat straps. The side panels are raised on the kit and come with decals so will look ok. The rear cockpit bulkhead needs some scratch bits adding though. This is the Aires set And this is what you get in the kit So finish the rescribe & work on that pit. The plan is for a splinter camo Luftwaffe jet, with the kit decals. So 35+43. I know that is 35+77 but you get the idea
  3. And here´s my dad´s next project. After the Hungarians recieved D Stukas, the B models were used for training and transitioning. DSC_0005 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0014 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0015 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
  4. Hi all, I just joined the forum after finding lots of useful info on Coastal Forces here. I bought the Italeri Vosper MTB kit mostly on a whim, fancying building a kit and assuming a larger scale would be easier to pick up, though I now appreciate that the smallest part in any kit will be similarly sized to the smallest part in any other kit. Anyway, I have picked up some tools and glues and have made a start on parts which I’m fairly sure I can carry on with without firmly committing yet to which boat I will actually portray. The only thing I am certain of is that it will not quite be OOB. On the strength of the many recommendations throughout coastal forces builds on here I picked up a copy of Coastal Craft History Volume 1, and I plan to choose a specific boat from the many diagrams based on whichever colour scheme and weapons configuration most sparks my interest. I also ordered the horse drawn Breda, just for options, but it will probably end up fitted (minus the horse) I remain tempted by the Griffin detail kits, mostly for the additional weapons offered, but as I have never worked with photo etch before I think it may be beyond my skill level at this stage. Once I have figured out a photo host I’ll post some pics of my meagre progress. Lewis
  5. The next Italian kit pulled from the stash is this. Initially designed as an anti aircraft gun, like the Flak88 it was also used as an anti tank weapon. This is is a simple kit comprising of a single sprue of not many pieces. The plastic is softish, not quite as soft as the old Airfix polythene figures, and it does sand, albeit it needing a fair bit of heft. And it is crisply detailed but I do worry about whether solvent will glue it together. And another sprue with 8 crew. Same plastic and it's just as well it sands as there are seams and moulding pips aplenty. Simple instructions on the back of the box, although the painting details for the figures are nice. It shouldnt take take long to build but it'll be good practice for another Italeri dragged from the stash.
  6. Ok, maybe too late to finish in time, but I was so kindly invited I did't want to ignore it completely… As I just finished my latest project I can start with some very tiny. I'll try to convert this: into this: The famous MD 500 from the eighties TV series "Magnum, P.I."
  7. Although I've got a few aircraft that would be suitable for this build, Martlet, Swordfish, Seafire, Sea Hurricane, Maryland, Albacore, Fulmar, I've already built a few of them in the past few months, apart from the Maryland and Albacore. The Maryland is a taxing build and my Albacore is a Magna Models resin kit that will need loads of work. So I've had a look at my AFV stash and found a fair few of different kits, especially some Italeri Italian armour. So here is a first one.
  8. Having finished my Tamiya Chieftain it has been sugested that my next project should be the Italeri M32 which is in the stash. If anyone knows of anything I need to be aware of please shout out. Box and sprue pictures as soon as I liberate said kit from the loft insulation. Thanks for looking in - work starts soon Roger
  9. Hi there Just finished this today over on the He-111 GB. No resin was harmed during this build but sets of Eduard masks were used for the glazing. An ambitious project in real life but not very successful. When the V1 fired up at night it must have been seen for miles around. Regards Toby
  10. Hello, Here's my just finished 1/72 Italeri Merlin HC.3 in 28 Sqn markings, using the kit decals and a few from the Revell reboxing. Bit of a mixed bag, this kit. It has nice surface detail, but it also has the typical Italeri issues like vague detail on parts, errors in the instructions etc. I used the colour call outs from the 1/48 Airfix kit, which seemed more accurate than the Italeri ones. Painted mostly with Humbrol paints. Sadly my usual light I use for model photography has died, so the pics are a bit meh. Time to invest in a photo booth, me thinks. Thanks for looking, Pete
  11. Hello everyone, I'm new here and my English is poor. In order not to bore me, I start with a workshop. This is not my first model, I have already built a few. I like Italian machines very much. Model MC.205 "Veltro" in 1:48 scale with a few accessories.
  12. Hi there I bought this a few years ago and I am hoping for some advice here on BM for alternative colour scheme for this build. A few years ago I built a Zwilling, the panel lines were scribed and very thin masking tape was put on the spinners to make the rough spirals. On with the pictures. Regards Toby
  13. Italeri is to release a new tool 1/32nd MRCA Tornado GR.4 kit in 2018-2020 - ref. 2513 Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235015790-news-italeri-2017/ V.P.
  14. I've been thinking of doing some USAFE stuff in 1/48 for a while now, and after a recent holiday to Suffolk, including a rather hot walk in Rendlesham Forest right up to the old fence at Woodbridge (and the obligatory trip to LN!) what better way to start than with the legendary A-10 Warthog. After some excellent advice on this site, I decided on the Italeri one. I'm sure all the kits have their pros and cons, but this seemed the best for my subject. Of course I'll need to find the right decals as this Hog will be a Bentwaters bird from circa 1986/87. WR tailcodes a must! Nice box art, and some decent looking stuff on the sprues. Euro 1 colour scheme. All major camo colours I'll use rattle cans for. Overall grey first, then the greens ... Big decal sheet with plenty of detail and stencils! I'm always pleased to see cockpit instrument decals too, much better than my hamfisted painting attempts.
  15. Good evening, This has to be my best completed kit to date. Italeri's 1/72 Short Stirling Mk.1, purchased for 30£ a few years back from a hardware store in Cornwall. A kit I've wanted to completed for some time but slightly deterred by it's complex appearance in the box. Finished out of the box, using Tamiya Acylic paints, I have tried to replicate the build as best as possible using the limited information available on this aircraft type and in an appearance that represents a well worn and used example. An extra few coats of Halfords Primer were applied in order to reduce the heavy panel line detailing, and aside from the obvious mistake of failing to paint the edge on either side of the canopy the corresponding color, the fit was generally good. I attempted to install the engines to the cowlings after paint, but ended up butchering the engines in order to fit, which has also resulted in some of the photo etch bending. The instructions on the kit is also missing placement locations for some photo etch and part numbers. Faults aside, this is a brilliant kit of an aircraft sadly no longer in existence, yet played an equally valuable role along side it's better known successors of the Halifax, Lancaster etc...
  16. Well what else could a Minion do? I tried to resist for as long as possible but I am a truly weak willed Minion at the best of times, and as we all know this isn't the best of times! So in the ebst Minion style I reached into the stash and pulled out a BANANA!!! No not a large bendy yellow herb but a 1/72 Italeri Piasecki H-21 Shawnee or as it is usually referred the "flying banana". I really like the early helicopters and this has long been a favourite of mine, in fact this will not be the first time I have built one as I built a RCAF machine in a rather fetching red, white and blue rescue scheme. this time around I shall be building her as a USAF machine assigned to the flight test centre at Edwards AFB as my model clubs theme for this year is "testing times" and as it was my idea I thought I needed to build something else along the theme, I have built an AV-8B and am part way through a B-57E already ( really must finish that!) so this will join the line up. As usual lets start with box and contents shots; And the decals, some of which will come in handy; Now as I said I am still building for a model club theme so I intend her to end up like this; https://www.helis.com/database/cn/41702/ Now it might take me a week or so to get started as I have other projects to finish and two GB's to co-host with another on the way so don't go expecting rapid progress, or any at all to start with, but I am looking forward to this one. So until I get started, poopaye! Craig.
  17. Well, after totally ruining my 3 month build of the Italeri Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza (see below), it's got hidden away in a box until I can pluck up the courage to look at it again without crying. I've decided instead to have a go at spoiling a different Alfa kit I have in my stash instead, an Alfa Romeo 179C. This next build will probably be of the 179C that was driven by either Mario Andretti or Bruno Giacomelli back in 1981. My original plan was to have an Alfa Romeo racing car from the early days and one from nearer to today. Unfortunately, due to my ham fistedness with an airbrush and unfortunate accident with a Q-tip (do NOT ask!), its now just going to be the later car! As per usual, I'll be totally ignoring the order of build as advised in the instructions and so will probably end up with lots of containers all awaiting detail painting! I'll be using Zero Paints to apply the finishing colours but first a lot of research has to be done as I'll probably be adding and amending parts as I go along if the 8C was anything to go by! Build progress photos to follow - when I actually do make some progress!
  18. SR-71 Blackbird Jet Nozzles (MDR4859) 1:48 Metallic Details We were treated to a 1:48 SR-71 in 1982 thanks to Italeri, and it has been rereleased over the years in many boxes from a number of manufacturers, most notably Testors and Italeri, but also Tamiya as one of their cooperative ventures. Its age makes it ripe for detail upgrades, and there have been many, but this new jet exhaust set from Metallic Details is quite special, utilising the most modern mastering technology we have – 3D Printing. The set arrives in a card box, and inside are eight resin parts in separate bags, plus some clear foil to keep things safe during transit. Each exhaust is made up from four parts of exquisitely detailed resin parts that have such fine detail and tight tolerances that the two parts that arrive slotted together appear as one until you pull them apart. If you applied too much glue or paint, you may spoil the fit. The forwardmost part of the assembly depicts the rear of the engine face and the afterburner ring, which are deeply recessed and finely cast. That slides inside the exhaust trunk, which mates tightly with the next part, together making the inlets that partly surround the trunk, and it is these two parts that are handed due to the arrangement of the inlets. The final part is the exhaust nozzle, which is deeply ribbed inside and each petal is finely riveted, another masterpiece of design work. Each set of parts makes up one trunk, and care must be taken to ensure that the Left and Right marked parts are correctly positioned for accuracy’s sake. Careful painting in metallic shades will show off the detail, and let’s be honest – the detail is fabulous, as can be seen below in the detail shots. Conclusion Metallic Details continue to excel, and every time I open one of their sets to review, I’m astonished by the level of detail, finesse and fit that is included in the box. Mind-boggling stuff. Extremely highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  19. The 1/72nd secret item from the catalogue 2019 (link) is a new tool Lockheed-Martin F-35B Lightning II - ref. 1425 It's Halloween today... Sources: https://www.italeri.com/en/article/777 https://www.italeri.com/uploads/news/cDrllBUBxBek9FXxcMAV35oH9gczdzte2VMQmy7s.pdf https://www.facebook.com/ItaleriModelKit/posts/3256928964379701 test build V.P.
  20. A close inspection from the soon to be released 1/32nd Italeri's Mirage IIIC sprues pics (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234975571-132-dassault-mirage-iiic-by-italeri-box-artdecals-release-late-september-early-october/?p=2112443) show clearly the typical MIIIE wheel brakes as an option. A new variant in view? Time will tell. V.P.
  21. Hello (Again) Everybody, this is my F35A, another gift ( I had a good birthday this year ) and this one was much closer to my normal taste. This was going to be a quick bash together and paint as a distraction from the intricacies of the Arado. I tried everywhere I knew to obtain paint masks for the RAM panels but to know avail. I decided that painting them without masks was beyond my patience and skill levels, so I have completed this one as 'representative' as an operational version. My apologies to the purists out there. Built straight out of the box and painted with Tamiya acrylics. As usual all comments and criticisms are welcome. Thanks for looking.
  22. Probably mad given some of the brilliant Wessex builds here on Britmodeller, but my first entry into this GB will be Italeri’s 1/72 Wessex, built as a Royal Australian Navy HAS.31b. Here is a look at the box and contents: This will need some work, lots of ejector pins: The kit comes with a set of Aussie decals from Ronin, but I also have this set: haven’t decided yet which ones I will use. I also haven’t decided on how much, if any, interior detailing I will do, depends on whether I pose the side door open or closed, but I am going to have to add the window to the door and make the existing starboard window smaller. Wish me luck. AW
  23. Here is my Wessex built for the Helicopter, Autogyro and STOVL group build. Italeri 1/72 kit representing RAN Fleet Air Arm 817 Squadron no. 813 operated from HMAS Melbourne. Decals from CtA set no 7 “Aussies over the Seas”. Scratch built cargo sling, Doppler radar and weapons carrier pylon, fuel tank modified from a suitable sized tank from the spares box. Tail rotor blades were cut off and reattached the right way around as Italeri have them back to front! Thanks for looking. AW
  24. As follow on to the 2019 thread. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235050263-italeri-2019-catalog-new-reissue-repop-rebox-etc-in-2019/ The Italeri 2020 catalog should be available in late January. Wait and see. Announced in January 2019 and expected in January 2020 is a re-edition from the Fujimi 1/72nd North American F-86F Sabre "MiG Killer" + Super Decal - ref. 1426 Source: https://nowosci.plastikowe.pl/aktualnosci/zapowiedzi-italeri-grudzien-2019/ Box art V.P.
  25. As you will see from the photos below this build is over the 25% rule so I have asked for permission to add it to this Group Build for a special reason. This kit used to belong to a fellow kit Modeller called Donald John MacKay, who lived locally in Oban and was a good mate of @Scimitar . Donald passed away recently leaving his family with an extensive stash of both books and models from a lifetime of collecting and @Scimitar real name Richard was a great help to the family in enabling them to get proper value for the items. This kit and others Donald never finished were rescued from the rubbish bin as the family were clearing the house. I have asked Arnold @Arniec for special permission to join this GB with this kit to finish it as a tribute to Donald. Arnold has been kind enough to allow the kit to join the GB, for which I am especially grateful. Many thank Pat
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