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Found 951 results

  1. Hello , Here's my last completed build the old tooling 1/48 Hasegawa Zero A6M5c Type 52, in the marking of 261st Flying Group, in Saipan, 1944. This scheme is a tad original and is documented with 2 photos of these beeing shipped back to the States, on the deck of Aircraft Carrier USS Copahee. Whether it is extreme weathering or field applied overpaint is not sure, I 've been trying to match what I saw on picture .... This is the first tooling of the kit, dating back 1988, with raised panel lines and sparse details. It was scribed, but otherwise, totally out of the box. Used paints are mixes of Gunze and Tamia acryls. Base is IJN dark green, for the darker green (indeed ) and the same color enlightened with 40% Sky. Undersides is Gunze IJN grey. Hope you'll like her. Stef (#6)
  2. Time to start the New Year off with a fresh project, although helping my youngest daughter remodel her house is taking it's toll on the ol' modeling time... This is the first Blue Whale: Anyway, this will be a build of the 1/72 Hasegawa A-3B Skywarrior kit into a model of the very first Blue Whale, the XA3D-1. The Hasegawa kit: will be paired with the Obscureco Skywarrior cockpit set (the A-3A being as close as I could get for the cockpit of the XA3D-1), shown above right. There are some pieces in this kit that are excess to requirement as they are for other "Version" of the A-3, and they are not shown in the above photo. Also used will be the Muroc Model XA3D-1 conversion set: This conversion set has the correct "slanted" intakes, which only appear on the #1 ship, BN 125412. The #2 ship, BN 125413, as well as all subsequent variants, have "vertical" intakes. This kit also gives you a resin "master" for the cockpit, which allows you to vacuform another, should the need arise, as this canopy is different from later variants. There is also a rear gun turret, although the guns and it's controls were not installed on the first prototype. The is also a new nose and pod for the top of the vertical stabilizer. Sadly, I just found out the the Hasegawa kit does not have the correct wheels for the prototype or bomber versions, but instead has the wheels for the other "Versions" that followed later on. I have order a Reskit conversion for the wheels, and a comparison will be shown for the edification of fellow modelers, in due time. I'll begin with a seemingly simple task, installation of the front wheel well that is included with the Obscureco kit. In the second picture of this article, I failed to notice that the wheel well was stuck to the cockpit floor, but I can assure you, it does not go there! Below, it is shown glued to the right fuselage half with just a couple of drops of CA: Picture two, just above shows the fuselage halves being pressed together, to assure that the wheel well sits straight up and down, before properly gluing into place with more CA on the right side. The third picture above, shows the addition of other glue, a thicker, sticky glue, in case the CA ever fails. You may ask me HOW I KNOW THIS. Let me just say, that once a wheel well (or even a cockpit) comes loose after the fuselage is closed up, it will make you feel greatly discomfited! Before anyone posts that they've never had this failure ... yada, yada -- give yourself another 40 or 50 years of modeling without taking this precaution, THEN we'll discuss it! Please note that this mostly only occurs when bonding resin to resin, or resin to plastic NOT plastic-to-plastic, but, you never know with CA. For plastics, I like to melt the dickens out of it with Weldon #3, and rarely use CA to assemble plastic. Next order of business is to install the various components of the Obscureco cockpit, show in the following two pictures: There are a few things to note here. Because of my inability to find even a single photo of the major areas of the XA3D-1's cockpit, I am a little unsure of the pieces glued on, and marked with the two arrows. The upper arrow points to an equipment support bracket that Obscureco tells you where to put, but not how to orient. The lower arrow is sort of an equipment shelf (selected for the A-3A version -- again, as close as I can get to the XA3D-1). Lastly, the "G" marking shows the area where gun controls would normally be installed on a version with the tail turret, were the guns and controls mounted. Next, a view of the cockpit from the rear: In the above photo, the arrow points to the A-3A Bombardier/Navigator station selection from the Obscureco kit. Again, stations for other variants are provided in the kit. Anyway, because of my lack of photos, if anyone out there can chip in with knowledgeable placement on these pieces, or on correct cockpit colors for this version, I'd be grateful. In the absence of further guidance, I'll probably choose the usual black-over-Interior Green selection, although it could be black over black as well. While the later variants come in a variety of colors, the fact that this prototype was built more or less around 1950, before the gray interiors became mandated, give one pause to think. If you KNOW, please help! Well, at least it's a beginning. More soon, I hope! Ed
  3. Not content with having the B58 and TSR2 on the go together I've got some spare drawers in my modelling desk and I have been waiting to build Airfix's GR7/9 kit for a while and while I was ordering the weapons set for the B58 I found the Hasegawa AV8B Plus II kit so that was ordered as well. This should be an OOB for both so I can compare the 2, Hasegawa's is from 2001 and the Airfix kit from 2011. So onto the kits, Airfix first. And the Hasegawa kit Initial impressions are good, the Airfix kit is the usual light grey plastic with slightly heavy panel lines and the Hasegawa has it usual shiny harder plastic with finer panel lines, the newer Airfix kit has multiple LERX parts, better decals and weapons, the Hasegawa kit has only one LERX option and one pair of AIM9's with fuel tanks. I hope to start cutting plastic this week.
  4. Finish no6 for the year is the Hasegawa AV8B+2 Harrier as used by the US Marine Corp. I have been building this one simultaneously with the Airfix GR9 Harrier to see how they compare, see the WIP below. Should have been an OOB build but I found the cockpit lacking detail when compared to the Airfix kit so Eduard etch was used to dress it up but unfortunately most has been lost due to the canopy distortion. Eduard also supplied the AGM65 Maverick and I found the detail on this and its launch rail very nice, much better than any injection moulded weapon in 1/72. The Mk82 bomb came from Hasegawa weapon set no1. Weapon fit was based on one of the many on line pictures of Marine corp Harriers. All paints are Tamiya with an oil panel lines wash and MIG Ammo weathering powder's for the exhaust and gun staining (first time I've tried this technique). The kit builds nicely for the most part with the usual nice fine panel lines that Hasegawa are known for but I found the radome fit lacking and the canopy had a big mould seam to be dealt with. I found the kit indicated colour callouts a bit on the light side so I went with darker greys on the side and upper surfaces. Just need to finish the Airfix kit now. As usual all comments are welcome. And with its earlier siblings, all Airfix, AV8A, and 2x GR3's
  5. As you can see after the RFIs on the PZL P.7 and Junkers F.13 my model making is devoid of themes, fads, eras or types, it just happens..ish. This will be my first WIP on here so a couple of caveats. 1. I am an assembler not a modeller tho I strive for betterment and 2. the choice of kit was part COVID enforced but mostly a clearout of the stash. After the tiny pieces of the PZL and the issues with the F.13, I wanted a straightforward kit with no issues OOB but hopefully with something that piqued my interest, a USP if you will. I considered the Trumpeter Wyvern and Gannet as well as the Arma Hobby Hurricane and Heller 109B before coming across this one which seemed better suited to what I was looking for. A long time ago someone was selling off kits of Japanese planes cheap and this, together with 4 or 5 others , arrived and has sat in the pile ever since. I discovered afterwards that Japanese things don't really rock my boat and, if ever I was tempted, something else came along and I went with that. I was hoping for a Blitzbuild but SWMBO has insisted I take a week off for garden related activities so it'll start slow but I'll try and get it done in a couple of weeks mainly to allow enamel paint (the transfer to acrylic is painfully slow and see the USP below) and polystyrene cement (so much better than superglue) to dry. Its USP? On another occasion back in the mists of time White Ensign were selling off paint cheap and I bought not only the Russian set but also the Japanese and this will be the first time I've used the latter. They have remained pristine in their tins for probably 10-20 years so it will be interesting to see how they fare. I've used some of the Russian set and they were pretty good so heres hoping. I beleive Nick Millman of this parish had some input to the colours so it'll be interesting to see if he, or anyone else for that matter, agrees with my colour selections. Anyway, after this taster, I'll be posting, prob this pm, the box art and my comments on whats in said box. In the interim I have a spreadsheet for my personal use of kits and their reviews as I come across them and this is the relevant part for this kit: "All Zeros have at least 2 mouldings. The latest is distinguished by its high price but also engraved panel lines, nice engines, a well detailed cockpit (for the scale) and are of a modular design. The cockpits have decals for the instrument panel. The canopies are all one piece, so you cannot display any work done in the interior with the kit canopy. Only issue is the top panel of the front fuselage which is of uncertain fit.Not exactly a shake and bake kit but typical of Hasegawa it has fewer fit issues than other brands. Only areas required attention. The front of the canopy didn't meet the fuselage and I used filler to fix it. Landing gear didn't feel stable and to make matters worse I forgot to dry fit the doors. This meant I hadn't notice two of the locating pegs were too long until after I glued the legs to the wings." This seems to have come from the latter of these 2 references https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235070672-mitsubishi-a6m5c-zero-172-hasegawa/ and http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234991676-172-hasegawa-a6m5c-zero-type-52-352nd-flying-group/ Onwards...
  6. So, seeing as the lockdown and social isolation continues, i thought i would grab another box down off the shelf to occupy my evenings. As the titla and tags suggest it is the Subaru Impreza Sports Wagon WRX in 1/24 from Hasegawa. A nice little curbside kit that should go together well. The mouldings lok crisp with minimal cleanup looking to be required. There are a few parts in the box not required as it looks like some Impreza sprues with the Wagon stuff added on top, so the kit bash spares box continues to grow. Included are some window masks for the clear parts which is a welcome touch. This should be another fairly quick build i hope sue to the time avaialble, but i'm still undecided on colours. Any suggestions are welcomed of course. The carpet is likely to be getting flocked in a charcoal/anthracite, but the rest is currently up for the vote. Maybe even some homemade decals are an option (Possibly) Here is the box art and the first load of parts enjoying a coat of primer. Thanks for looking, Coops
  7. Hello all, After building a Lancaster with 'Upkeep' and a Lancaster with 'Tallboy', there's one missing (I'm sure you can guess where this is going), so here is my entry for this GB - Lancaster B.1 Special of 617 Squadron fitted with the monster 22,000lb 'Grand Slam' bomb. On the 19th March 1945, PB996, YZ-C, was piloted by Flying Officer Phil Martin, DFC and bar, on an operation to destroy the Arnsberg Viaduct in Germany. Dropped from 12,000 feet, the bomb impacted the Western end of the viaduct, along with four Tallboys, causing it to collapse. Kit: Extras: Will be using an AML paint mask (it's designed for Airfix kits but fits the Hasegawa kits too), Eduard canopy mask and interior etch. Marking options: The real thing in action, 19th March, 1945: From what I can gather, the only part of the kit that needs altered is the removal of 2 of the 4 rear .303 machine guns, as one of my references has stated that, amongst several other modifications for the carrying of the Grand Slam, the number of guns was reduced to 2 as a weight saving measure. Any other advice from those in the know would be most helpful! Should get a start once I clear the Su-33 from the bench and make some progress on a Spitfire. Cheers Dave
  8. About 6 weeks left and I reckon it's not too late for another entry - or two in this case. A pair of Hasegawa 1/48 Skyhawks. First up is an A-4C. This will be a Naval Air Test Center aircraft, using Two Bobs decals: The NATC used Skyhawks to test ordnance at China Lake in the 60s and 70s so it needs something to test. I found a photo online of the aircraft in question carrying an orange and black Walleye guided bomb, so I'll be using a Daco resin Walleye. Other aftermarket will be a Quickboost seat and Hypersonic corrected nose undercarriage door. The second one will be a Brazilian Navy TA-4KU, known as an AF-1B in Brazilian service. This is the Hasegawa TA-4J with a resin conversion by Phase Hangar. I built an OA-4M using the Phase Hangar conversion late last year - it was pretty straightforward, this should be the same, if not easier, as it's slightly simpler as i don't have to replace the kit's nose. I'll be using Quickboost seats on this one, and decals from FCM. I've made a start already - a bit of paint on the interior, fitted the jetpipes and so on. Nothing that's really worth photographing yet - will post an update soon. cheers Julian
  9. Hi everybody; after a couple of propeller builds, here I am back to a jet, and in 1/72! A few words to introduce this project: almost one year ago, I started the build of a Hasegawa 1/72 F-4 J Phantom II, this one: It was my first serious venture in 1/72 scale, and was a lot of fun. I learnt a lot from all the people who followed that WIP, and one in particular is Gene K; former USAF F4 pilot, he has been very helpful both in terms of technical info on the AC and in terms of modelling tips. Long story short, we became friends an I offered him, as a sort of way to thank him for the great help and as a tribute to his career, to build a model of one of the F4-s he has actually flown. He suggested the subject of this build, and not only that: he has actually donated me the two kits I'll be using for this, plus a lot of extras. Basically, following Gene's guidance, I'm going to modify an F-4 J Hase kit to become an F-4C, with the addition of parts coming from the greatly detailed MONOGRAM kit and a few aftermarkets (and some scratch building, of course ). This thread is going to be co-hosted together with Gene, and we'll go into more details in the next few posts. For now, what I have is: a completely cleared workbench (that is something totally new for me ) the kits Hasegawa parts to be added/modified: Nose sensor Stabs Seamless intakes, Gene's patented method Monogram parts: Tanks, pilons, gunpod etc Speed brakes and arrest hook Cockpit (amazing detail for a 1/72 injected kit!!!) Pilots!! One half fuselage has already been "treated" by Gene prior to sending me the kits, as an example to follow. He has also noted indications on the kit plastic Aftermarkets: Specific decals Stencils; these have been donated by another friend, Silvano (Phantom61 here on BM) AC Profile and most important thing: Now Gene will go into more detail about the project and the aircraft. Enjoy! Ciao
  10. Good day all! Hope you are all keeping well, or as well as you possibly can. This is my latest completion, Hasegawas AR234 B in 1:48. I got this quite cheap as a second hand from my LHS so I also splashed out on a couple of extras. I used the Aires Cockpit detail set along with the landing gear bay set. Both of these sets are exquisite and beautifully cast. The cockpit set is well worth it as the greenhouse style cockpit canopy really calls out for some extra detailing. The landing gear bay is also beautifully produced but unfortunately the gear well door openings are so small you can really see any of the detail. I wish I had taken a couple of pictures before assembly just to show that area off! But alas no, still at least I know its in there! The kit went together very well as you would expect with a modern Hasegawa kit. I hardly used any filler and by careful test fitting the parts went together nicely. My only problem was for some reason I kept picking it up by the nose canopy area which kept cracking the glued joins and caused me great annoyance - but that was only down to my clumsiness though. Paints were all from the Vallejo Air range and decals were the ones supplied by the kit. I did have a couple of embellishments though, I really liked the set up for the recon cameras in the rear fuselage, I couldn't find any examples of the 'B' variant having these fitted but I installed them anyway with the glass panels. A bit of artistic license if you like. Any how this was a nice kit to build and went together quite quick, definitely recommend the cockpit resin set but don't worry too much about the undercarriage bay. Here are the photos... And just to show off the exquisite detail in the wheel wells! There is some there honest guv! This was as good a shot of the cockpit as I could manage! Thanks for looking in! Bob
  11. "SUMMER 1982 - INTERCEPTION" CF-104 Starfighter, Royal Norwegian Air Force, 334sq Kit: Hasegawa F-104J/CF-104 Starfighter (#D16) Scale: 1/72 Aftermarket: Master pitot, Eduard photoetch, Reskit wheels, Vingtor decals Paints: Vallejo Model Color, Model Air & Metal Color Weathering: Flory Models Wash, Mig weathering Products Good kit, a solid choice for 1:72 Starfighter. Early 80's was the last years of the Norwergian Starfighters - conversion to F-16 was already happening. Scratchbuilt display base. Built for Nordic GB. Build thread: Thanks for looking! Comments & constructive criticism welcomed
  12. Incredibly this is my 8th finished model this year. This has been part finished for a good 15 years, but very happy with how it turned out. Only problem was the decals which were very fragile and cracked and shattered very easily. The yellow leading edge markings were especially bad and pretty much unusable. The date on the sheet was 2003, and they've been in the loft for most of the past 17 years so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised...…I ended up raiding the decals folder for some yellow markings from an old Tamiya F-84 Thunderjet Not perfect but pulled me out of a hole. The aircraft is from a training squadron based in Japan so I kept the weathering to a minimum. As she was when pulled out of the loft a couple of months ago And the finished article
  13. Just finished this as a quick build between other projects. Built OOB with box decals for an F-16A of 50th TFW based at Hahn AFB in 1983. Mounted on a piece of rock found ages ago on Redcar beach. I think it is coke slag from the old steel works, but seems to lend itself well as a suitable base Paint is AK real colors, which were a pain and will not see the light of day again.
  14. After 2019 (link)newsletters, the Hasegawa news for January 2020. Source: http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/month/202001/ V.P.
  15. So this is the kit... It's a 2017 rebox, looking online it seems the Hasegawa moulding seems to go back to 1994, though possibly it predates that as it's quite a sparse kit. It seems the kit fantasy livery is based on a a Japanese Manga called "Area 88", I won't be using those - instead I have some aftermarket Flying Colours decals and will have my first attempt at using a vacuform canopy (shown here next to the supplied canopy). I'll probably go for the dark blue/dark green scheme.
  16. Hi guys, I hope you are all well and safe. This project is the old Hasagawa version of the Canadian Hornet, but it lacks a lot of detail and specific Canadian details, like the id light in the nose. I have made the intakes and cockpit from scratch and some part out of the Verlinden update set for the Hornet. The flaps and slats are positioned as the plane is on the ground. This and the scratched intakes take a lot of time to build. Still a long way to go, but the hardest parts are finished. Up to the wheelbays and landinggear. cheers Bas
  17. Isn't this too weird ? I'm linking here the background story from the last year's Sharkmouths GB, for a build I completely failed to even start, that includes a link to another old GB, where I actually finished the same kit, and that thread has all the kit related pics etc stuff. Anyways, I thought the Big Lanc build would benefit from a little 109 being built side by side with it. Or maybe before it... This is the last of my AZmodel Joypack Gustavs. Good to get rid of it, there'll be another Hasegawa Finnish Combo in my stash by tuesday So here we go again, hyvä ! V-P
  18. So for this years first WIP I wanted something smaller than the B17 I've just finished and strangely ended up with 4 Japanese aircraft. First was the Airfix B5N2 Kate, followed by 2 Airfix Zeros from Aldi for £5 each and finally the Hasegawa KI61 Tony I picked up second hand for £8!. I have picked up Eduard seat belts for the Zeros along with new decals, a set of ski's, interior etch and decals for the Tony as the original decals look quite poor and the Kate has the Eduard etch set but will use the kit decals as they are good. IMGA0670 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0673 by neil Connor, on Flickr Decals and belts for the Zero's IMGA0671 by neil Connor, on Flickr Resin ski's, Etch and decals for the Tony IMGA0674 by neil Connor, on Flickr Eduard etch for the Kate So the Tony first, the kit is from early 1990's I believe so fine engraved detail on the outside but cockpit detail is non-existent! Resin ski's and Rising Sun decals look good. IMGA0676 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0677 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0678 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0679 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0681 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0682 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0683 by neil Connor, on Flickr Cockpit as supplied by Hasegawa, a bit basic to say the least. IMGA0684 by neil Connor, on Flickr 8 bits of etch and a piece of 0.8mm wire later, looks more like it.
  19. Good day, Here is my latest project, the Hasegawa FB-111A. Here is a brief overview of the kit............ 1. Main colors used - Mission Models USAF dark green ( FS34079 ), SAC bomber tan ( FS34159 ), SAC bomber green ( FS34201 ), white, Model Master dark gull gray ( cockpit ), Tamiya semi-gloss black ( X-18 ) radome nose cone. 2. Added Master pitot tube 3. Used kit supplied decals 4. Detailed with pencils, Vallejo washes, and paint 5. Added aircrew from Hasegawa Pilot / Ground Crew set ( X72-7 ) 6. Exhaust nozzles painted in AK Extreme Jet Exhaust ( AK 486 ), Steel ( AK 476 ), and Tamiya Gun Metal ( X-10 ) and dry brushed with copper and gold colors. 7. Slats & flaps come in the extended position but I opted to have them in the retracted position. The kit is very well detailed. The landing gears bays particularly stand out for their detail. Unfortunately, the windscreen only comes in the closed position. Because I bought the kit at a model show, the decals had become dated and required a coat of Tamiya Clear to ensure that they would not come apart after soaking in water. I hope you enjoy this colorful swing winger. THANK YOU in advance!!!!!!! Mike
  20. Hi all, so my typhoon fgr4 is on hold for a bit so ahead of what I was planning I have started putting some work in on my kittyhawk diorama. So it's to be 112sqn based at LG91 as it supports the 8th army on its push from el alamein. Only concern is the yellowing of the hasegawa decals and as such I'm in two minds how to go around the markings I have chosen but that's well down the line so I have time to decide? As for now it's onto the cutting and fitting while I await the airfix Bedford and figures from reedoak to arrive.
  21. Hello all, Haven't started my first entry yet, so here's a second Hasegawa's 1/72 Lancaster B.MK.1 - will be marked as either ED763 or DV385, both of 617 Squadron during Operation Catechism on 12th November 1944- the attack to sink the Tirpitz. Loaded with Tallboy bombs, the mighty ship eventually capsized after a number of direct hits and near misses. Kit: Extras: Not much here, just an Eduard mask and etch set. Instead of a camouflage mask, I'm going to try clever putty for demarcation. Decals and paint scheme: Hadn't planned on a second build, but got this for a good price on you know where so will do my best to get both entries completed. Dave
  22. Hello Everyone, Originally I was going to build either the 1/72 Revell Hind-D, F-4U Corsair or Hawker Tempest for this build as I remember how badyly I made them when I was a kid (around 12-13). However then going over the rules, I saw a little bit that a kid is defined as anything before 18 years old and if an older kit was going to be refurbed there was no 25% minimum rule. As I have been repairing/finishing failed GB kits during all these fun and games, I was going to look at the Valkyrie next and this fits the bill as far as I can tell? So onto the story. In December 2000 I started work at the local Safeways Supermarket. As my birthday is late in July, I was one of those unique few that legally left school at 15, so I was always on the young side. Anyhow, I remember buying lots of useless and unneeded stuff with my new found wealth - who doesn't at that age?! I remember finding a new website called "HobbyLink Japan" that would send over model kits from Japan? Result! I remember ordering a few Gundams (Ex-S, GP-03, Double X) and a Super Valkyrie from the Macross series of films/tv shows. I had gotten back into the Anime circles just after school and was enjoying everything I could download on this new technology called "broadband"... kids today will never know the pain of waiting for an MP3 file to download via DC++/IRC (before Napster was even thought of!) on a dial-up modem. I remember watching the Macross series way back when I was a nipper (not Robotech) it was a fansub on VHS that a guy in the street had managed to get. I also remember it being the first "cartoon" I had seen where one of the main characters actually die... that was shock to a young kid in the 80's. Anyhow, back to the model. The Gundam's I built (rather poorly) and where proudly displayed on my shelf as they could be built in an afternoon, however this Hasegawa model was different. It needed to be built like the old Revell/Airfix kits I used to build as a kid. So I dug out all of my old gear and started to build it. Lets just was the desired result was never acheived and the kit was thrown up in the loft for the next ten or so years. Then I met my ex-girlfriends father and he was into wargaming - I remember seeing him paint two Baneblades (from Warhammer 40k) and thinking they where cool, said about the Valkyrie and he said he would look at it. Well things didn't work out between me and that girlfriend and that was that as they say but I did look at the kit again and tried a few bits more with worse results - kit boxed back up and thrown in the loft. 11 years ago I met my current girlfriend and one day we was walking around Lakeside when I saw a shop called "ModelZone". I had a look in there and saw lots of kits on display (I really do miss that shop) and was interested in the Valkyrie again - I may or maynot have seen a Valkyrie in there, I really am not sure. I said to my girlfriend that I was a geek and wanted to get some bits and pieces. I remember buying a Revell 1/72 TA-152 and Revell 1/76 Comet MBT - they came out okay. But my girlfriend surprised me by saying she was okay with my hobby and has supported me with this every chance she could. Fast forward a few years and I am making model kits full on as my main hobby. I take a look at the Valkyrie again and decide to have a crack at it again, I take it apart as best as I can (badly) and then just prime the main parts. Didn't like the kit so threw it back in the box on the shelf. I now have a few Valkyrie kit's in my possession (I think about 8) but none of them are completed as of yet. So I have decided to get this one finished as it has plagued me for near on 20 years now. I hope it is okay to get this kit added to this GB? If not just say and I will probably build the Hind-D (which was going to be done after the Valkyrie anyhow. Picture time! The box art in all of it's glory. You have got to admit that the drawing is very cool and nothing like the finished article that I produced! The parts as you can see where a complete mess. I have squashed one of the leg fastpacks. I have also ruined one of the wings. I have lost a missile pod as well. I am going to see how much I can build with just the bits I have here. Other random bits and bobs. I also have the weapon set for the Valkyries as well so I could bomb up the aircraft. A Macross stand as well! This is turning into 3 kits in one thread! The decals for the main kit and the weapon set. Both have survived the last 20 years relatively intact. As you can see I have alread used some of the decals already. With no idea why, I used the decals for Hayao Kakizaki's aircraft. I probably liked the green, only answer I can think of why. But this time I will use the decals of the main protagonist - Hikaru Ichijyo (the red ones). I have used the cockpit decal, but that is completely destroyed. I have a back up decal I can use. I got this a while ago for another kit, but would work well here also. I will see how things go. I may steal the decal out of the kit these where intending to go to. What everything should look like when I have finished but with rockets and reactor bombs on the wings. The some of the load outs you can have on the kit. For the people wondering how did that thing ever get off the ground, the simple answer is... it didn't need to. It was launched from the SDF-1 Macross while in space where take off weight isn't a problem. This is the kit that the PE was purchased for. If I really need to, I can steal parts from this kit but I really do not want to. I will scratch build as and where I can. This should be fun... wish me luck! Kind Regards, Dazz
  23. Morning all, There is still plenty of work left to do on the Viggen but I though I'd use the remaining time to kick start another kit that's been in the cupboard for far too long! Cheers, Mark.
  24. Afternoon all, Here is another entry into the Nordic themed Group Build, in the shape of the Hasegawa 1/48 J35 Draken built as F-2 '06' of Swedish Air Force Div3/F10. Mostly out of the box with the addition of some Eduard PE seat belts and some Aires Control surfaces. I have used Vallejo Model Air for the top surface colours modified with an oil paint filter and Tamiya underneath with a plain 'dirty' wash. Overall an enjoyable build, but the rear fuselage join is,whilst agreeing that there should be a change in surface continuity is not too clever at all. That being said quite pleased with the paint effects and it should look good displayed next to the recently completed Viggen for the same Group Build. The build thread is here: As always comments and observations welcome, thanks for looking. Cheers, Mark.
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