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Found 1,739 results

  1. Hi comrades! Here is my next NMF project. IAF Mirage #45. This fighter is special because his unique kills - one Lebanon and two Iraq (Most of the IAF kills were against Syrian/Egypt aircrafts). This specific jet finished his career early (1969-70) in training accident. The kit is the better kit available today (IMHO), with some aftermarket - Armycast wheel wells, Res-kit engine and wheels, Eduard etch (bigger than OOB). Underwing stores will include two 500l tanks only. Let's start: So far I assembled the engine (MUCH more detailed and delicate than OOB), installed the resin wheel wells (with some additional wiring) and assembled the wing. Next - cockpit!
  2. Basically complete, perhaps some rigging and mirror to finish.
  3. A couple of months ago i thought about what to choose as my 1st WW2 plane when a friend gave me this Airfix' Spitfire & Eduard Cockpit as a gift, so descision was made. Since it was the first time i was using a resin cockpit and being only my 4th model at all you confidently can say i'm still a novice in scalemodelling and not everything worked out as smooth as planed. Although i spent quite a bit of time to dryfit & thinning the cockpit several times it was unruly to snuggle in the fuselage when it was time and only with some force and cut offs it worked out, well, lesson learned next time i will do it even more thoroughly. BTW the Eduard Resin Cockpit is a beautiful little mode by itself. Another issue were the numerous paint lift offs by Tamiya tape which really were a pain especially when happens on the edges to the multicoulerd insignias..... One thing i found a bit odd was the landing gear construction by Mr. Airfix, honestly the person who developed this must have been in a joker mood and should be sentenced to glue it A Thousend Times! My first glueing attempt was rewarded with a decent flop down and Mj. Levines Spit laid on its belly...... I add a bomb which was part of the kit and scratched the bomb holder from Evergreen and add the plumbing though i have no idea if Mj. Levines Spit ever carried one so it's a little '' What If '' factor but i find it looks sharp on a Spitfire. In the end i'm pretty happy that i struggled through this build an have this elegant WW2 fighter in my collection. All the best for you current builds! Hans Since not many of the cockpit is visible one enclosed in the fuselage here some snapshots from the building process.... Mj. Levines worn out seat...-.. The kit part were not very convincing so i made ones myself... Not many will be seen later but i know it's there.... I originally painted this in Sky since i first was going for another Vb. Spitfire with a different camouflage...
  4. Decided to do the "Yellow 10" with the Eduard kit and most probably do the other known D-13 "Double Chevron" with the already in progress HB kit. DSC_0012 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
  5. Eduard leaflet for May: http://www.eduard.com/store/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2016-05.pdf change digit in link for older issues
  6. I did pretty well for Christmas (we modellers are easy to buy gifts for!) and had two lovely looking 1/72 Eduard models waiting under the tree! Having just about finished an old Lanc I decided to take on the FW190 A-5 first to "cleanse my pallet" and get something made relatively quickly. The kit comes with photo etch and masks for the canopy so I'll be building it straight out of the box. I'm still pondering which scheme to go for and will save that decision until she's closed up and wings are on. Progress so far is to get the cockpit together. I sprayed a coat of rlm66 and then added the pe with super glue, so far so good and everything fits beautifully. Next step is a coat of varnish then a bit of weathering. Thanks for looking!
  7. New Eduard Erla G-10 already in da house and started. DSC_0005 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0006 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0007 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
  8. In the Czech Modelforum it's mentioned that after the 1/48th MiG-21, Spitfire and Bf.109 families, Eduard has as long term project the North American P-51 Mustang in the same scale. Wait and see. Source: http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=68170&start=5865 V.P.
  9. Resin Missiles & Pod Sets 1:48 Eduard Brassin Eduard’s excellent Brassin range of weapons gets bigger each month, and here we have a raft of different weapons and pods for you to feast your eyes on. As is now usual with Eduard's smaller resin sets, they arrive in the new shallow Brassin cardboard box, with the resin parts safely cocooned in bags, and the instructions wrapped around, doubling as padding. Each set contains decals and Photo-Etch (PE) where appropriate and has a painting guide included in the instructions. PAVEWAY I Mk.83 Slow Speed LGB Thermally Protected (648480) This larger set is in a double-tall box due to the size of the parts and consists of 16 resin parts. From these you can build two of these Laser Guided Bombs which are made up from the main body with the textured thermal coating on the explodey part. The tail unit fits on a keyed lug in the back of the body, and four steering vanes are added to the intelligent part of the bomb, inserted into little holes. At the front you can either glue a covered-up seeker, or one that is ready to fly, remembering to check your references if you’re not sure about the angle of the dangle. You’ll need to drill some 3.5mm holes in the rear of the tail for accuracy, and some 0.9mm holes in the seeker heads to put them in place on the nose. AN/ALQ-71(V)-2 ECM Pod (648491) A Vietnam era pod and you can build two with different nose cones as there are two bodies included. There is also a choice of three tail cones, either flat, pointed or rounded, with one of each provided. One nose cone has a choice of two types of blades for the spinner, while the other has a smooth nose cone. There’s a choice of blade antennae fitted to the underside with suggestions given in the instructions, plus two lugs that slot into the top. AN/ALQ-71(V)-3 ECM Pod (648492) Another Vietnam era pod used against SAM missiles, this set has a common body and two choices of nosecone, two shackles and a choice of antennae that were fitted depending on the requirements of the mission. One nose has small blades on the spinner, while the other has a simple aerodynamic fairing. A few small lengths of 0.3mm wire from your own stock will be needed to link the smooth nosed cone to the body, so remember to have some handy. The blades have a few suggestions included on the instructions, plus scrap diagrams showing painting and decaling. AN/ALQ-87 ECM Pod (648493) Made by General Electrics, this is an active ECM “barrage jammer” pod that is fitted externally to the carrying aircraft, and was used in the Vietnam era. There are three variants included in the box, and you can build two of your chosen type from the set. The common tail part has a resin shackle fitted to its top, then you choose one of the front sections and apply the second shackle. The noses available have a flat tip, a small spinner with two tiny resin blades, or an aerodynamic cone, and they could be fitted out with various external antennae as the mission required, with plenty of these blade antenna included and a scrap diagram showing which could be fitted where, but check your references for complete certainty if you can get good enough pictures of the pod and antennae. AIM-132 ASRAAM (648506) The Advanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missile is a modern replacement for the Sidewinder that is being used by a number of Allied forces due to its advanced electronics that improve its accuracy in the short-range envelope. This set includes resin and PE parts for two missiles, with four rear-mounted steering vanes, a clear seeker head, and PE exhaust ring to its streamlined body. SUU-14 Dispenser (648507) More Vietnam era weapons, this time in the shape of a submunitions dispensers often carried by Skyraiders amongst others. Inside the six tubes were lots of bomblets of various types that were rather nasty, and were pushed out backwards by a piston within the tubes, so remember to put the exposed ends at the rear. You get four sets of tubes with hollow barrels, with a nose thimble and PE attachment ring added at the front (the closed end). The yellow bands tell you it’s live. Conclusion There’s such a range of weapons available from Eduard now, and with the new packaging they’re more compact, so cheaper to transport and easier for us modellers to store, whilst being a little better for the planet if you remember to recycle the boxes. Detail is excellent throughout and casting is flawless as usual. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  10. Capt. Claude J. Crenshaw, 369th FS, 359th FG, 8th AF, East Wretham, United Kingdom, September 1944 Eduard Kit, OOB. Painted with Ammo Acrylic Silver and Gunze Super Metallic SM01,weathered with pigments and oils. It's a really nice kit, with a couple of niggly bits, and just watch the parts off the sprue. I had a few parts that had fallen off the G sprue, and all the canopies had fallen off, and had to contact Eduard who sent the missing part quickly (i completed the model by borrowing from another kit, but the replacements have arrived so Kudos to Eduard). Built thread available here Peter
  11. Shackleton MR.3 Update Sets (For Revell) 1:72 Eduard After a few decades waiting, Shackleton lovers were treated to a range of new kits recently and Revell’s MR.3 is amongst the latest, as reviewed here. Eduard's new range of sets are here to improve on the kit detail in the usual modular manner. Get what you want for the areas you want to be more of a focal point. As usual with Eduard's Photo-Etch (PE) and Mask sets, they arrive in a flat resealable package, with a white backing card protecting the contents and the instructions that are sandwiched between. Airframe Upgrades (73690) Two frets are included, one nickel plated and pre-painted, the other in bare brass. A complete set of new layered instrument panels, side consoles and crew seatbelts are the primary parts on the painted set, with new rudder pedal skins; throttle quadrant box; control column upgrades, and external parts are also supplied. Externally there are vents; trim actuators; gear bay skins and bay door details; antennae; raised panels; windscreen wipers and even radiator skins for inside the engine nacelles. Zoom! Set (SS690) This set contains a reduced subset of the interior, namely the pre-painted parts that are used to improve on the main aspects of the cockpit, as seen above. Whatever your motivations for wanting this set, it provides a welcome boost to detail, without being concerned with the structural elements. landing flaps (72693) Eduard landing flaps use an ingenious technique to achieve excellent true-to-scale flaps using few parts, and requiring the modeller to simply remove the kit flaps from the wing, plus scrape the areas thin to accommodate the thickness of the completed bays. Each half of the two flap sections (bay and flap itself) is constructed in the same manner, by twisting and folding over the attached ribs to create a 3D shape, with extra parts added along the way. The bays glue to the inside of the upper wing and the longer one is split by a new PE wedge, then the three flap sections attach to the rear wall of the new bay with a strong mating point. Repeat this for the other side, and you're almost done. The bays have 0.9mm rods passed through them, which you will have to provide yourself from your styrene stock, and various lateral ribs are fitted toward the end. Masks (CX553) Supplied on a sheet of yellow kabuki tape, these pre-cut masks supply you with a full set of masks for the canopy, with compound curved handled by using frame hugging masks, while the highly curved gaps are in-filled with either liquid mask or offcuts from the background tape. In addition you get masks for the side windows and a set of hub/tyre masks for all the wheels, allowing you to cut the demarcation perfectly with little effort. Review sample courtesy of
  12. A little late to the show I would like to join with the second of my Ju 87B's from Eduard's delightful 1/44 dual combo. I built the first one in desert colours for the MTO last year and enjoyed it a lot. This time round I am going to to the Condor Legion markings. I have a possible plan to build a Stuka in similar colours in 1/144, 1/72 and 1/48....not all for this GB though. The part count is, as expected, pretty low. If past experiences are to go by it will go together fairly easily...its the painting that tricky. Cheers Dave
  13. Hi all, I’ve mentioned her in a number of posts as a parallel to my many Mustangs and finally I have got her to the RFI stage . It hasn’t been through any difficulty - although I had a couple of accidents - but simply because I built up too much of a pipeline of builds, with four or five models sitting part built. As a result, my enthusiasm waned for this and a couple of others, sadly. Anyway, enough of all that, here she is. As you can see, she is a UTI MiG-15 “NATO: Midget” (CS-102?) as operated by the Force Aerienne de la Republique du Mali (the Mali Air Force). Reports state that she was the only one delivered as part of the Mali MiG-17F acquisition in the mid/late-1960s. The UTI (probably Czech-built), which seems to have arrived in the early 1970s, and the Frescos equipped the Escadrille de Chasse (Fighter Squadron) based at Senou Air Base, Bamako. Eventually this fleet was replaced by the MiG-21bis/UMs and they were all put out to “grass” (more like sand) at Severe Air base, near Mopti in the early 1990s. With reports of only one UTI delivery it seems that “TZ-366” still survives as a gate guard at Senou, now marked "TZ-001" I built her straight out of the box apart from the decals. I elected to guess how she was when operational. She was a pleasure to build, despite the multitude of small parts to remember and then install! In the process of getting her to together I forgot the nose weight and despite dripping in as many small fishing weights as I could after fuselage assembly she still sits on her tail. I have therefore had to resort to a rod support. I opted for Blue Rider Bolivian decals as they were much better than the kit offerings that I had from the old AZ MiG-17F kit. The tail roundel, however, needed some surgery as the green centre was proportionally larger on the real aircraft (see below). I therefore used the centres from larger roundels and overlaid them. The paints are a complete guess. I trawled paint charts and finally decided on a mix of Colourcoats, which gave me (I feel) the right balance of colour. (Credit: Jacques Guillem) So, what did I use? Well: 1. Kit – Eduard UTI MiG-15 (Profipack 7705) 1/72 2. Decals – Blue Rider Bolivian roundels from the Chaco War set, stencils from the ArmyCast set and home printed serial adapted from the AZ MiG-17F decals. 3. Paints (all enamels) – Colourcoats Pale Blue Grey (ACSM01), LVA Camouflage Beige Sand (ACD03), KLu Whisky Four Aquablauw (ACD09), Gris Blue Fonce (ACF05), and MiG cockpit blue mixed with greys, plus Humbrol Silver (11) and a variety of other Humbrol enamels. Finished with Humbrol Satincote. 4. Weathering and Washes – Flory Sand, Prismacolor Silver pencil and Tamiya Weathering Powders. 5. Aftermarket – Uschi standard line for the wire aerial I hope you like her. Martin
  14. I've become infatuated with Eduards Spitfire (probably a bit too much) lately and that got me thinking. Would it be a good idea to chop the Griffin of the Airfix XII and marry that to an (preferably Overtrees) Eduard VIII airframe? That way you'll get a lovely detailed XII, with a sliding hood that isn't made in one piece and looks a bit weird. Or am I trying/thinking too much, since the Airfix XII is a quite fine kit anyway? //Christer
  15. 1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed family project was finally officially confirmed by Eduard http://www.eduard.com/store/out/media/InfoEduard/archive/2015/info-eduard-2015-01CZ.pdf (english version soon) MF, bis and SMT versions expected first
  16. So..... I'm a serial starter. I have like 12 kits being worked on.... Send help..... I bought this kit at the 2019 RIAT, so after a short stay in my stash this kit will be replacing my shelf of doomed Airfix Fw190 A-8. Anyway, on with the build! The parts It's hard to believe how many parts there are in a kit in this scale. This is my first Eduard kit, and it looks like I'll be buying more if my mind survives this build. I also gave a Spitfire to do somewhere in the stash. Detail is insane Nice clear parts. Interestingly, they're quite different from the Airfix kit, which I'll post comparisons to later. And the bane of my model existence. This is why I will go insane building this... Photoetch. The cockpit First of the etch parts on, probably never to be seen again once the fuselage is sealed up. Having added all the unpainted etch parts, I painted the cockpit tub in RLM 66 grey. Prepainted instrument panels were then added. Because the carpet monster keeps trying to eat all the parts and I keep on misplacing photoetch, I made a photoetch square where all those parts are put. Seatbelt time... I don't know what I did wrong, but when the seatbelts are attached the seat didn't fit at all... I ended up trimming down the etch parts to make it fit. The stick was added and the cockpit tub was complete
  17. Eduard is to rebox with add ons the Revell 1/48th MRCA Tornado GR Mk.1 "Gulf War/Desert Babe" kit - ref. 11136 Expected in March 2020.Source: http://www.kitreviewsonline.de/eduard-pressekonferenz-in-nuernberg/ V.P.
  18. Eduard is to release a new tool 1/48th Sopwith Camel kit - ref. Source: http://www.kitreviewsonline.de/eduard-pressekonferenz-in-nuernberg/ 3D render V.P.
  19. Having a spare Eduard (Kinetic) F-16 available from the Ltd Edition "Top Falcons" boxing, I'm going to use spare decals from the "NATO Falcons" boxing and build it in the 338th Sqn "Tiger Meet" scheme as worn at Kleine Brogel in 2009: This probably won't get started for a couple of weeks but will post the sprue shots when I do commence. Before that I need to get a coat of metal on my two Mustangs! Mike
  20. Eduard is to release from late 2020 or early 2021 1/48th Hawker Tempest Mk.II kits Source: https://www.eduard.com/out/media/InfoEduard/archive/2020/info-eduard-2020-01.pdf V.P.
  21. Started this today After 4 hours work Peter
  22. P-51D Mustang Resin Updates (for Eduard) 1:48 Eduard Brassin You can always add more details to any kit, and the Eduard kit is no exception and Eduard are on the ball with a few additional Brassin sets containing some impressively crisp resin. Exhaust Stacks (648485) A new set of resin exhausts for your kit with additional detail and well-defined hollow tips that are a straight forward drop-in replacement for the kit parts. Wheels – Oval Tread (648503) We reviewed most of the tread types here recently, but this one slipped through, so here it is. You get two resin main wheels with deeply recessed hub details, separate sopked hub caps, a tail-wheel and a set of kabuki tape masks to simplify painting. Hamilton Standard Propeller Cuffed & Uncuffed (648487 & 648488) Each set consists of the four blades, detailed rear spinner and spinner cone, the central hub with keyed openings to insert the blades, short axle, and small sheet of tiny Photo-Etched (PE) circles to fit to the recess in the tip of the spinner, and you get three in case you lose a couple. To ensure that the blades are set to the correct angle a small jig is included that holds the boss while you glue each prop blade in place with super glue. Choose the appropriate set for cuffed or uncuffed, and remember to have a 2mm drill to deepen the hole in the back of the boss to 5.3mm. Cuffed (648487) Uncuffed (648488) Review sample courtesy of
  23. P-51D Upgrades (for Eduard) 1:48 Eduard Brassin We’ve got Eduard’s new P-51D Mustang at the top of the heap in 1:48, and they’re filling all those remaining holes for the super-detailers with additional sets of Photo-Etch and masks, plus resin sets, which I’ll detail in a separate review. P-51D Upgrade Set (481000) This fret of bare brass contains detail parts to upgrade the kit in the cockpit and around the airframe. Starting with the aft compartment with skins for the boxes, additional parts for the sidewalls, rudder pedal skins, a new brass seat to optionally replace the tubular framed kit one, or to upgrade the bracing struts at the sides and top. In the gear bays there are additional hoses and clips to retain the bay doors when closed, with more hoses and oleo-scissors on the legs themselves. In the radiator bay there are new skins for the radiator cores and an additional internal structure with oval grille, with a new cooling flap at the rear. In the nose there is an insert that fits into the two options for the grilles under the nose, either mesh or perforated. Seatbelts STEEL (FE1021) STEEL seatbelts are etched from thinner material, which improves realism and flexibility in one sitting. Coupled with the new painting method that adds perceived extra depth to the buckles and other furniture by shading, they are more realistic looking and will drape better than regular brass PE. Tface Masks (EX663) Supplied on a sheet of yellow kabuki tape, these pre-cut masks supply you with a full set of masks for the canopy both inside and out, with compound curved handled by using frame hugging masks, while the highly curved gaps are in-filled with either liquid mask or offcuts from the background tape. In addition you get a set of hub/tyre masks for the wheels and formation lights, allowing you to cut the demarcation perfectly with little effort. Decals (D48033) If you need some extra National Markings for your US P-51D then Eduard supply these as a separate decal sheet. These are printed in house by Eduard and should pose no issues. Review sample courtesy of
  24. Eduard is to rebox in June 2020 the hasegawa 1/72nd Martin B-26 Marauder kit - ref. Source: http://www.kitreviewsonline.de/eduard-pressekonferenz-in-nuernberg/ V.P.
  25. Next in the Eduard's Spitfire family is 1/48th Supermarine Spitdfire Mk.V kits Source: http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2020/Eduard_PK_AT/22.html V.P.
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