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Found 32 results

  1. Finished towards the end of 2018, this was a kit that I'd had in my stash for close to 10 years. Had held off on building it telling myself "one day, when I get better at this hobby and won't make a mess of it". Finally got tired of waiting and just bit the bullet. As I recall, the build was relatively trouble-free and I really enjoyed seeing it come together. I built the Austrian Air Force scheme because it was the only one available from the box, I did not manage to source alternative decals in time. Since then I've managed to get my hands on the more recent boxing by Hasegawa, this time with Swedish markings - can't wait to build and paint that one! This is a completely OOB build, weathering was kept subtle as I read somewhere that the Austrians kept their jets pretty clean. As always, thanks for looking
  2. Hi, Here is my Hasegawa J35F converted into a J35B from F18 Wing that was located just south of the capital Stockholm. The plane represents R57 from the Swedish Air Force Acrobatic Team 'Acro Deltas' back in 1964-65. The early J35Bs were then finished in a bare metal finish. Some after market from Aires, Eduard and Mestro Models was used togheter with a scratch built bang-seat, as the early J35 had no parashute built into the seat. The metal finish is made with different shades of Aclad II and the rest is painted with Gunze and Valejjo and weathered. The superb decals are from Twobobs. Thanks for looking Cheers! /Fred
  3. Here's my Saab J35A Draken "19", of Flygflottilj 13, Swedish Air Force, NorrKöping, Sweden, early 1960s. It's the Miniwing resin 1:144 kit which I built in 2010. The kit was completely painted and varnished with brush. I used Humbrol 27002 Polished Aluminium for the main metallic finish and dry-brushed Humbrol 56 Flat Aluminium along panel lines. The markings are sadly poor because of the decals which Miniwing used to have. I had no alternative replacements so had to make do with them. Thanks for looking and comments are welcome. Miguel
  4. Good morning, well, after a "little" break (house building, lost mojo.....) i´ll get back - here´s my latest model Saab Draken J35 XD in danish service Eduard Kit Eduard RBF tags Coastal display case Tamiya Colors i hope you folks like it, happy i´m back at the modelling bench! Cheers, Oliver
  5. Well, it's finished! A most coulorful addition to my cabinet.. For the build look over here:
  6. My new project is a bit more colorful.. Maestro, I decided not to use this.. life's all about choices.. easy, this one.. although I ended up using a Quickboost seat with belts already fitted.. not the correct IP for a Danish RF-35.. a piece of plastic to allow better fit.. XMM Air intakes with Fan, just because one can.. Seat in Alclad 101.. Eduard Color Self Adhesive PE.. tainted to a darker and better looking dark green FS34079.. first colors.. seat is finished.. cockpit is now dull.. with some scratched cameras inside.. droptanks in progress.. resin intakes, a moderate amount of TLC required.. this antenna was not on a Danish RF, another one was, supplied by Hasegawa too.. the gun bay inserts didnt quite fit, probably because of the resin intakes or my fault.. extra work.. a shear-out lock made from copper wire.. the wing can be made to fit very nicely! the vertical stabilizer doesnt quite fit perfectly.. typical RF nose with 6 scratched cameras.. I love this shape! I dropped the nose on the floor.. the hardest to reach cameras needed to be glued again..l I broke open the nose carefully.. good, this will fit later.. WIP.. some additional work on the gear.. you get the picture.. made from brass wire this time.. et voila.. still not to my liking.. neither are the gun bay inserts.. after some CA glue/talcon powder and TLC..better!..
  7. Hello, The one and only kit I've managed to finish this year. 1/72 Saab J35J Draken: kit by Revell, photoetched by Eduard, Maestro Models pitot tube, Vallejo paints. Decals are from the kit with the exception of the large numbers on wings that were painted with home made masks. Thanks for your comments.
  8. Hello, I’m a new member of this community and I’ve decided to start my first “in progress” topic. Honestly this decision was boosted by the very nice feedback I’ve received after posting one of my models here. The subject is “a Swedish Draken”. I have to admit that I’m not an expert neither on this flying machine nor on Swedish aviation but the memories of my early beginnings in plastic kits are strongly connected to the 1/100 scale Plastikart Draken. That was a different era, today the hobby looks more like OEM work but I do not regret it (I’m old, with job wife and kid and free time should be used efficiently, isn’t it? Too much talk, what do we have? The Revell/ Hasegawa kit (as you can see in the picture) and few “supporting” products: photoetched set and canopy masks from Eduard and turned brass Pitot tubes from Maestromodels. I do not want to spend a fortune on this subject so apart from the listed above, paints and stuff only my limited abilities will improve the model. What do I want to do? … the perfect Draken, of course. Honestly, a lot less. Just a Swedish version in “grey colours and bright orange numbers” As I said I’m not an expert so your support is highly appreciated. If you know something please say it here. I’ll try to transfer all that info into my model. Let’s start with my (first) questions: 1. Any know issues regarding the geometry of the kit? 2. My experience with Revell decals is mixed – are the decals in this boxing of any use? Do they respond to the “setting stuff” or I have to consider aftermarket decals? The big number on the upper wings is not an issue as I’ve already decided to replace it with masks and paints. 3. I’m considering Vallejo Model Air paints for this; any known recipes for the two grey shades out of Vallejo Model Air range? Venceremos, mack NB: for the moderators; considering the documentation component of this build thank you for moving the topic to a different category if you consider necessary.
  9. Three new ex-Hasegawa re-boxings with Saab J-35, Macchi MC.202 Folgore and Harrier GR.7. by Eduard in 2016. Source: http://www.eduard.com/store/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2016-02.pdf V.P.
  10. next new-tool 1/72 kit from Hasegawa is a Draken III: http://hlj.com/product/hsg28/Sci and Bandai already released 1/72 transformable Draken III this month: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10394143
  11. The Hasegawa Draken is one of those kits that is just a joy to build: accurate form, good fit, great surface detailing. This one is augmented with Eduard J-35 Draken details (mainly cockpit and wheel wells) and masks. The downside with Hasegawa kits of this era are the decals: thick, with the white rendered in ivory and the Draken is no exception. I had been planning to build this as an Austrian J-35O (with an IPMS Austria decal sheet) until I picked up the Flying Colors Aerodecals J-35F/J decals. This sheet is a big improvement on the kit decals and enabled me to build this as a J-35F2 in the original Swedish camouflage colours, which look good to me. The Rb28 (Hughes AIM-4D) missiles are from a Hasegawa weapons set. I know the trailing edge control surfaces should be angled slightly down but I can live with it and I’m happy with the overall result. Chris PS The khaki green looks a lot browner in these photos than it does in real life, even though they were taken in natural light!
  12. We've got some new special offers in stock right now. The big new is that we have Eduard's Draken back in cheap but before I could say anything someone has bought all bar 1 of them! So if anyone wants a 1/48 Eduard Draken for only £29, you best be quick! We've got some more cheap Eduard Spitfire Royal Class sets in, for only £35 each! Other offers include the Eduard 1/72 Bf110C-6 Ltd Ed kit and 1/48 Bf110C Profipack. We also have a Trumpeter 1/72 Su-33 on offer too, plus more paint sets! I forgot the Trumpeter 1/700 HMS Queen Elizabeth (1941)! thanks Mike
  13. Hi Guys, I will be building a 1/48 Hasegawa Saab Draken. The box is the special version of the Austrian version. I will build it in the colours of a Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) F-35 Draken. This is the Ground attack version.I have some extra parts to go with it. Here are the goodies that will be used: Aires set 4374 J35F/J cockpit set Aires set 4390 Draken reconnacance conversion Eduard set FE417 J35 zoom set Finemolds set AC-90 Pitot tubes & AOA probes in metal Maestro set K4804 Jettisonable tanks x 2 Maestro set K4806 Jettisonable tanks x 2 Maestro set K4827 Danish Pylons x 6 (not arrived jet) Maestro set MMK4834 Saab WDNS Draken nose Maestro set MMD4803 decals for some Danish Drakens Quickboost QB48188 Air scoops Let the pictures talk. The box. And the spues. And now the extra goodies. And the decals used. As it is not recommended to do a party model, I will use some of the decals of this sheet to make a ground attack version. And the last two pictures are for the Hasegawa armament set's that I am going to use for the bombs and Bullpulp rockets. I have also ordered a set of danish pylons. That I will pick up next week at a friend. Cheers, p.s. just found out that the after market tanks are the wrong ones. I have ordered a new set.
  14. Platz is to release a 1/144th Saab J35F Draken kit - ref. FC-4 Source: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/blog/160513 V.P.
  15. The Hasegawa Drakens are beautiful and easy to build kits. Despite that it has taken me about six years to finish the first one - this, the Austrian J35Ö Draken. Apart from a Quickboost resin ejection seat the kit is built OOB. As usual I used Xtracolor sprayed freehand for the main colour scheme. I just wish there were more Draken colour schemes to choose from. Jens
  16. Hello!! Here's one of my models. it's hasegawas set in revalls box. It's easy in assembly. The only thing that surprised it back part. It is very, very poorly connected to the fuselage. It was necessary to undermine, customized, putty. In assembly I used Aireses cockpit set and photo etching set of Eduard. The model was painted Tamiyaand MR Hobby paints. Weathering- oil dots and washes.
  17. Being a Draken addict, the old heavily weathered Danish Drakens have always been among my favourites. They are really hard to resist! More pictures: http://www.flickriver.com/photos/alfblume/tags/draken/ However, I have only built one, a RF-35 in 1/72, as a testbed. But this is a tiny one. Now it is time for a larger one! And this time it will be the fighter version F-35. The build is based in the Swedish edition of Hasegawa's terrific kit, but with the Danish/Austrian fin tip. Decals and pylons are from Maestro: I started with Aires' resin cockpit, and added scratch-built Danish instrument panel. Since this is my sixth 1/48 Draken, I am pretty familiar with this kit. So the main assembly went pretty fast. Normally Draken had closed airbrakes. However, I originally started this build in 2008, but never finished it due to a serious attack of AMS... Before that, I had spent lots of hours detailing the wheel bays with Eduards photo etch set which almost drove me mad. I also cut out the holes for the air brakes. So now i decided to finish them in a half-open position. One of the few problems with this kit (the gun cover parts and the air intakes being the others) is the fit of the nozzle. But following a tip from a fellow modeller, I first glued the nozzle on the upper body half, and then glued the body together- which gave a perfect fit! The small fins on the outer wings were the same length on Danish Drakens, while the Swedish ones had different length. Next step is sanding, mounting pylons and antennas, and soon it is time for primer.
  18. This little experimental aircraft was built to test the idea of the double delta wing that was planned for Saab Draken. The wing was in 1/2 scale, which meant that this was a really small aircraft. The model is a resin kit from Czech company Planet models. Here are the parts: Few parts should mean an easy build. And it is. But fit of the nose and air intakes are poor, which meant lots of sanding and puttying. But still, there are few parts, so although fit is poor, the build is pretty quick. One hour later, most of the model was finished:
  19. This one may look strange, but the camouflage and colours are actually correct! The first Drakens were delivered in bare aluminium, but in 1961, Swedish Air Force painted a number of Drakens, Lansens and Tunnans in different patterns of green and blue, to find a substitute for the traditional Swedish camouflage in green with blue-grey undersides. One was even painted blue with green stripes! Someone might remember this ones from the old Revell boxart: Since this was the first production version, J 35A, a few modifications had to be made. One of them was a slightly different seat (the "normal" seat to the right). J 35A-C had shorter air intakes, so the long Hasegawa ones were replaced with short ones from Maestro Models: The nose also had to be a bit sharpened due to that early Drakens lacked radar. Scratch-built FOD covers were added to add interest. Also note the different fin tip on the pictures above (from Maestro Models) and that the radome was grey, not black. The lack of radar also made the instrument panel quite different (this one also came from Maestro Models). The pattern was more simple than on later Drakens... ...and the underside was painted quite a different - and nice - way: A few additions were made to the landing gears. For instance, different wheel sides on the main wheels (also from Maestro Models). Thanks for looking!
  20. Here is my small contribution to the group build. It's the new resin kit of the SAAB 210 in 1:72 from Planet Models. SAAB 210 was a test aircraft build by SAAB to test the unique shape of the coming Draken in the air. First flight was in 1952 and the results of the testflights were promising. It was modified a couple of times and flew with at least three different configurations of the air intakes. This kit represent the first version with the short nose and intakes all the way up to the nose. The SAAB 210 was called the Draken (KIte). Later, when the "fullsize" Drakens appeared the SAAB 210 was renamed Lilldraken. It's a small kit of a very small aircraft so it should suit me just fine as a quick and easy build. There are not many parts and they seem to be cleanly moulded. It really is a small version of the Draken. Here is it next to a 1:72 Hasegawa J 35F that I have in progress as well. The Planet kit is not the first kit of the Lilldraken. I also have the Dujin resin kit in my stash. The quality is nowhere near the Planet kit. I'm not surprised that I haven't built this one even though I have had it in my stash for many years. There is definatly something wrong with the resin in my kit... Note that this is of the later and final version of the intakes and nose. Back to the Planet Model kit. I'm going to start removing the parts from the blocks tonight. Hopefully the parts will fit as nice as they seem to do... Andreas / Rudolf_Filip
  21. Finally, I have managed to finish this project that I started almost three years ago. For years I have wanted to build one of the last Drakens in Swedish service, especially those which were not painted grey but kept the old blue/olive drab camouflage even after the J modification - apart from the nose and exhaust cone that were re-painted. In fact, this individual, 10-52, was the last camouflaged Draken to fly. I have used Aires cockpit and wheel bay set, Aires exhaust and plenty of photo-etch from Eduard, including the ladder. Plus pitot tube from Master and some scratched details. WIP thread here. Weathering was made with lots of techniques; Salt, multiple layer painting in slightly different colours followed by sanding, pre- and post-shading, dry pastels and dry-brushing. The decals are a mix from Hasegawas, Flying Colors' roundels, RBD Decals, Eurodecals and my spares box. I have tons of Draken decals... You might think that it is over-weathered. It is not. These were really weathered and dirty, especially the underside. Thanks for watching!
  22. I started this build a few years ago, and progress has been extremely slow. My ambition is to build Draken number F 10-52, the last blue/green Draken in Swedish AF. Most of the airframe is really weathered, apart from the nose section and the exhaust cone which were modified and re-painted when J 35F became J 35J. Most of the modified Drakens were painted grey, but a few remained blue Airliners.net image removed Solo's great work on this individual gave me inspiration to start again, I am using Aires resin cockpit, exhaust and wheel wells, and parts of Eduard's exterior photo etch (but not all, I started with the Big Ed PE set on another Draken, but almost went mad... But first, the cockpit. Seatbelts are still missing, but the rest is finished. ...and suddenly the whole model was finished and ready for painting! I started with the extremely dirty underside: And then the upper side. In the beginning, Drakens were olive drab and dark blue. However, after a while the blue turned lighter and also a bit green. After 10-20 years the green almost turned turquise. So after priming with Tamiya aluminum, I started with some pre-shading and then a thin layer of the blue: After that, I added spots of thinned light grey and black: And after that, some salt... Almost finished... After that, I painted the olive drab in almost the same way.
  23. Pictures by Sven Harjaek taken at La Bourget museum Paris. J 35A 35069 of the Swedish Air Force.
  24. This year I had to make a choice between Waddington or Fairford. My long journey from Cornwall to Lincolnshire was a last minute decision but worth it as I was also able to spend a few nights with my son in London:
  25. more or less finished finally! some fast pics, more, in hopefully sunny Austrian Skys to follow soon build thread: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234943730-saab-105oe-sk60-trainer-172-decals/?hl=saab hope you like this small little bugger!
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