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Found 15 results

  1. *Record scratch noise You may be thinking, "Hold it right there! This guy isn't a modeler of floaty things! That model doesn't look like its plastic! Hell, we're not even sure if he's a real Yank, or even a person!" And you would be mostly right. I don't typically build floaty things, this model is paper (gasp!) - which I also don't typically build. And I'm only a naturalized Yank with Eastern European roots, so paper modeling is in my blood, To date, I've started several dozen paper models, and finished exactly zero. I used to get Maly Modelarz issues from Poland when I was younger, but most were way too complex for me. In the last couple of years, I have dabbled occasionally in paper, but have always hit some kind of snag along the way. I recently found a paper sensei to help guide me along, and I very quickly learned that a lot of my problems were related to using the wrong adhesives and tools. She also helped me choose a kit that was simple, but would also keep my interest in the long term. You see, even the simplest of these kits are all long term projects because you're not only gluing parts together, you're also fashioning the parts to be glued. And so we come to JSC Paper Models' SS Atlantic Conveyor. The vessel was a container ship launched in 1970, and was relinquished to the Royal Navy during the Falklands War, at which point it was converted into an auxiliary aircraft carrier for harriers and helicopters. It was hit by two Exocet missiles and sank while being towed back to the UK. The JSC kit is a waterline model in 1/400 scale, and includes parts to build the Conveyor in either civilian or military configuration. It also comes with a squadron of harriers, and helicopters, as well as a nice model of the HMS Sheffield. I have a soft spot for merchant and work ships, so I chose to build the civilian version. I also don't find the prospect of folding and rolling itsie-bitsie pieces for a dozen 1/400 scale aircraft the least bit appealing, but that's neither here nor there. But here is the digest version of work from the last week or two. First, the skellington. JSC kits are a bit unique in that most don't have frame parts that need to be backed by heavy card stock to make the skeleton. Instead, they rely on geodetic shapes and the power of physics to give the structure rigidity. Here we are laying down the"keel". Well, it isn't really a keel, since this is a waterline model, but I wanted to sound all maritime right there as you can see, even at 1/400 scale, this model is going to be pretty large. Fast forward a few nights, and we have the nearly completed hull frame. And it looks like its been out drinking.... I was pretty concerned at this point, but was reassured that it was part of the kit design. Also note the "Shoo Gloo" I'm using. Turns out solvent based adhesives work much better on paper models than PVA. Water from the PVA soaks the paper and causes it to become really wavy. This is what ruined all of my previous attempts at paper modeling. Where was I? Oh yeah, the floppy frames are part of the kit design. The kit comes with two decks. The military and civilian versions. The design calls for you to use both, you just choose which one is the under-decking, and which goes on top, depending on the version you build. The underdecking stiffens the frame pretty nicely. Not perfectly, but some of that might be user error. A bit of rolling hills up there. but overall better than all of my previous efforts. Here is the front half of the second deck layer, just dry-fit for now. Evidently, if I do this right, it should come out looking straight. Stay tuned for more, as I learn more. Oh, and if you're interested in seeing the other cool stuff JSC has to offer - here is a link to their well stocked webshop. And Poland's post-office IS shipping out of country once again, so order with confidence. http://sklep.jsc.pl/index.php/
  2. Here we go, my first in an occasional series of classic airliners, and the first 1/144 kit I've built since I was about 13! Thoroughly enjoyable to build, and took surprisingly longer than I was expecting given the apparent simplicity of the kit. I'd handpaint the silver and spray the grey next time, but it's lessons learned ready for the next one! All comments and advice welcome!
  3. I think @Moa is having a good influence on me. Out of all the military types in my stash, I’ve decided to build a civilian plane. It’s also nothing to do with my 1940 obsession, but I thought it would make a nice change. Not that it matters, Best Beloved is some years older than me. When he was still a young chap about town, he made friends with the owner of an Auster Autocrat. We are talking about the swinging sixties, when Best Beloved lived in the outer reaches of East London, also known as Essex, and worked for a firm based in the Medway Towns. To avoid the hack across the Thames, he would occasionally hitch a lift in his friend's plane, and sometimes be allowed to take the controls, though he never held a pilot's licence. Anyway, I am often regaled by his fond memories of times with the Auster. Although we couldn’t find a civilian kit boxing of the type, not a lot was changed from the military versions so we acquired the AZ Model kit at IPMS Telford a couple of years ago. The plan is to build the AOP MkIII in the kit, with adjustments to make the Autocrat Best Beloved remembers. Amazingly, we found two photos of the actual plane, G-AMVN, one each side. Although memory is hazy, we think the plane was finished in aluminium overall, with the serial in blue on the fin and rudder. The black and white photos sort of hint at the wing struts being a different colour as well, probably blue. Sadly, the real Mike Victor November was written off in an accident in the summer of '69 - probably about when Bryan Adams got his first real six-string… Adjustments will include making a second bench seat in the cabin to make it a four-seater, making a new exhaust system as the real plane had a form of muffler fitted, fitting a wind-driven generator to the starboard wing, and a pitot tube to the port wing. Otherwise, aside from paint scheme and lettering, this will be out of the box. I got the Peewit masking set, so that should make things neater. Not a lot to build, aside from the comprehensive cage structure in the cabin. Lots of butt joints for things, though. I guess I’ll need to add metalwork for extra strength. On with the show!
  4. Had no intentions on doing this little kit just yet. Knocked my coffee over and made a mess all over the bits and bobs. Thought I had better start it then. Looks like it will be an easy kit to build Decals and masks Thanks for stopping by for a look. Stephen
  5. Next build once AEC MK1 is ready for paint. Pictures later
  6. Howdy folks, this is for now just a slot keeper, I'll add photos as soon as I get the jest of how to post them. Enjoy the group.
  7. Greetings everyone! Along with my Airfix Spitfire Prototype, I've recently finished this model of the High Speed Spitfire. I've chosen to model it in it's later form, with the radiator removed and the DeHavilland propeller (mainly because that was the easiest way). The modifications are: - Filled panel lines except on the cowling. - Landing gear legs from the Airfix Mk.I kit (since I needed the Tamiya legs, which don't have gear doors attached, for the Airfix one) - Shortened and rounded wingtips (a suprisingly small amount given how different they look) - Removed radiator and filled the hole - Added fairings at the propeller blade tips from styrene sheet - Canopy from Falcon set - Omitted radio mast - Scratch built tail skid - Masked and painted tail number and stripe The WIP is here, shared with the Airfix kit: And now, here it is! The propeller hub was painted using a Moltow chrome pen. It would be tricky to do a much larger area without getting pen strokes in it, but wow am I happy with how shiny this turned out!!! The distinctive short wings: I'm still tempted to polish the surface again for a more uniform shine and to remove spots. The Airfix gear was very easy to attach, once I thinned down the attachment plug slightly. Thanks for taking a look, I hope you like it. Beggsy.
  8. Hello all, I am intending to build the Revell 04478-0389 1/32 kit of the venerable Sud-Aviation SE 3130 Alouette II, but on floats, in civillian livery and markings. The aircraft chosen will be Zulu Kilo Hotel November Whisky (KZ-HNW) registered to Helicopters NZ (HNZ) and has an all-orange airframe with white cabin roof and yellow tail skid. The floats appear in the photo that I have to be white or a very light grey, with dark grey strips. Kit box via Scalemates: The photo of the aircaft can be seen here (via the HelicoptersNZ in the 1970s page from 'Top Birds & Everyfing' on Typepad): Photo copyright Top Birds & Everyfing on Typepad This photo also suggests the basis for a very simple but highly-contrasting diorama. The kit has a relatively large number of parts, (at least compared with the as-yet uncompleted and possibly ill-fated Accursèd Seafire 1/72 kit by Pavla that nearly drove me around the twist in very short order: I have a house brick on standby for that one), even without the bits for the Nord 5210 SS-11 missile system. This kit has been impinging on me off and on for some time now, and this Group Build is the perfect opportunity to do something with it . I have very clear memories from when I were quite small of seeing pictures of Alouette-like helicopters with floats on buzzing about, so I went looking on ye internet, and sure enough, quite a few turned up. The one that leapt out at me was the very attractive (well, to me at any rate) orange, white and yellow HNZ machine. I have read through the instructions (I keep all the kit instructions separate from the kits in my collection - coz I'm weird) and will trundle down to the lockup and attempt to retrieve the kit from the slightly-ordered mound of removalist's boxes that the stored part of my collection lives in, in the next day or so. The floats will be made from fine-celled blue Styrofoam building insulation, which I acquired a few sheets of a while ago for making parts for my flying radio-controlled scale models (last used for cowling scoops for my 1:5 Chippie cowling plug). I still have a lot left. If all goes according to plan I might even be able to float it in the bathtub. So, that's the plan. I also have a Plan B, which involves the Airfix 1/72 Crab Sea King HAR3 helicopter - which needs no introduction to anyone. Another brightly-coloured aircraft, all-yellow this time of course. I'll post again with some snaps once I've dug out the kit. Cheers, Alex. <-- likes the look of the nice grass in that photo above. Being in New Zealand, a sheep probably wouldn't be out of place on the mooted diorama...
  9. Hello I am joining this Group Build with this training aircraft which is the Boulton Paul Balliol. As I have been seduced by the box art of this recent kit made by Special Hobby, here she is in civilian guise. This airplane was used as a demonstrator. First I started to make the cockpit with the metal and injected parts from the box. The instrument panel was made of a picture behind the metal part Next I painted the cockpit with mainly a very dark grey I glued the cockpit in the starboard fuselage half To be continued... Patrick
  10. Well, this morning I shot some spray-can green on the interior bits of my Tiger Moth, so I guess that means that it is officially started. In my wildest fantasies (err, make that relatively tame fantasies...) I'd like to be done by April 2, which is when the next "local" contest is. For normal people that would be simple, but I seldom claim to be normal. My plan is to do a representative civil-paint example- I'll consult the rules to see how faithful I have to be. I'm also aiming to stick as close to "Straight out of the Box" as I can manage, BUT this'll also be my first attempt at rigging a model. I'm anticipating conducting pretty much the whole build through my magnifying desk lamp! To prove that I didn't cheat: bob
  11. GazB

    Civilian Cars

    Had a question for anyone with greater knowledge than myself. Could a 1/24 scale car be passed off as suitable for a diorama where everything else was 1/35, or is the difference too great? I wanted to create a scene that, while not necessary, could involve a police car for some additional visual interest, and fit the theme. Unfortunately, it seems all model police cars are often 1/24 scale, and there are no 1/35 examples. The only 1/35 vehicles that can pass as civilian seem to be variations of Hilux, which doesn't suit what I'm after all that much. Long story short, I'm aiming (in my mind at least) to create a diorama based on The Division. Cheers. Gaz
  12. news from the Aoshima facebook. Link with more photos: https://www.facebook.com/Aoshima.Bunka.Kyozai.English/posts/1072048049472427?notif_t=notify_me_page full list of releases: All Japan model & hobby show announce items - 2015 OCT/NOV/DEC: 4905083014165 [DEC-NEW] 1/24 FD3S RX-7 IV type PATROL CAR JPY 2,800 4905083011690 [DEC-NEW] 1/24 IMPUL 30S (Y31 CIMA) JPY 3,000 4905083011683 [DEC-NEW] 1/24 K-BREAK 18CROWN HYPER ZERO CUSTOM Ver.2 JPY 3,000 4905083010747 [DEC-NEW] 1/24 LAMBORGHINI SESTO ELEMENTO [OVERSEAS EDITION] JPY 4,200 4905083010761 [DEC-NEW] 1/24 LAMBORGHINI SESTO ELEMENTO Detail-Up Parts [OVERSEAS EDITION] JPY 1,800 4905083014172 [DEC-NEW] 1/24 SUBARU SAMBAR FIRE ENGINE JPY 2,800 4905083028544 [DEC-NEW] 1/32 ICHIBANBOSHI FURUSATOTTOKYUUBIN TSUITOU JPY 14,800 4905083010655 [DEC-NEW] 1/350 I..J.N SUBMARINE I-175 JPY 3,600 4905083011423 [DEC-NEW] 1/48 THUNDERBIRD No.4 JPY 4,800 4905083012062 [DEC-NEW] 1/72 CHEMICAL FIRE PUMPER TRUCK (OSAKA MUNICIPAL FIRE DEPARTMENT) JPY 2,500 4905083012079 [DEC-NEW] 1/72 FIRE LADDER TRUCK (OTSU MUNICIPAL FIRE DEPARTMENT) JPY 2,600 4905083017838 [DEC-NEW] ARPEGGIO ARS NOVA 1/700 BATTLESHIP HARUNA FULLHALL TYPE JPY 4,200 4905083017821 [DEC-NEW] ARPEGGIO ARS NOVA 1/700 BATTLESHIP KONGO FULHALL TYPE JPY 4,200 4905083011577 [DEC-NEW] INITIAL D 1/24 RIN HOJYO SKYLINE BNR GT-R(NISSAN) JPY 2,600 4905083011560 [DEC-NEW] INITIAL D 1/24 RYOSUKE TAKAHASHI FC3S RX-7 (MAZDA) HAKONE BATTLE VERSION JPY 2,600 4905083027387 [DEC-NEW] PRE-PAINTED 1/24 LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR LP700-4 MATTE BLACK (FOR OVERSEAS DISTRIBUTION LIMITED) JPY 5,600 4905083011386 [DEC-NEW] PRE-PAINTED 1/24 LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR LP700-4 ORANGE PEARL JPY 5,600 4905083011393 [DEC-NEW] PRE-PAINTED 1/24 LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR LP700-4 WHITE PEARL JPY 5,600 4905083051269 [NOV-NEW] 1/24 LB WALKS HAKOSUKA 4DR JPY 3,200 4905083051276 [NOV-NEW] 1/24 LB WALKS KEN&MARY 4DR 2015 VER JPY 3,200 4905083025864 [NOV-NEW] 1/24 TE71 COROLLA SEDAN 1600GT LATE Ver. JPY 2,000 4905083027332 [NOV-NEW] 1/32 KODAIRA DUMP TRAILER JPY 6,800 4905083051252 [NOV-NEW] 1/32 SHIINA LINE EXPRESS RYOUMAGOU JPY 6,800 4905083010389 [NOV-NEW] 1/700 SUPPLY SHIP MAMIYA&U.S.S SUBMARINE SEALION JPY 3,600 4905083017791 [NOV-NEW] ARPEGGIO ARS NOVA 1/700 BATTLESHIP HIEI FULLHALL TYPE JPY 4,200 4905083017845 [NOV-NEW] ARPEGGIO ARS NOVA 1/700 BATTLESHIP KIRISHIMA FULLHALLTYPE JPY 4,200 4905083012321 [NOV-SPOT] 1/24 AOI OGRE AN-21 AERO BOOST MODE JPY 2,600 4905083005712 [NOV-SPOT] 1/24 AOI OGRE AN-21 CIRCUIT MODE JPY 2,600 4905083005729 [NOV-SPOT] 1/24 NU ASURADAAKF-0/F(2022VE.R) JPY 2,600 4905083007648 [OCT-NEW] 1/12 Honda CB400FOUR JPY 3,200 4905083007662 [OCT-NEW] 1/12 Honda CB400FOUR Photo-Etched Parts&Metal Sticker SET JPY 2,200 4905083008546 [OCT-NEW] 1/24 ROJAM 21 CROWN ATHLETE (TOYOTA) JPY 3,200 4905083008522 [OCT-NEW] 1/24 ROJAM 21 CROWN ROYALSALOON (TOYOTA) JPY 3,200 4905083027325 [OCT-NEW] 1/32 2ND DOKURO MARU JPY 4,800 4905083011430 [OCT-NEW] 1/700 1/700scale BLUESTEEL I-401ARSNOVAMODE JPY 5,900 4905083009758 [OCT-NEW] 1/700 IJN KUNIKAWA MARU JPY 2,800 4905083010303 [OCT-NEW] 1/700 U.S.S AIRCRAFT CARRIER WAS &I.J.N.SUBMARINE I 19 JPY 3,800 4905083010310 [OCT-NEW] 1/700 U.S.S.AIRCRAFT CARRIER WASP PHOTO ETCHED PARTS SET JPY 2,000
  13. At long last I have a 'new' desk which although smaller and lacking drawers/cupboards will at least allow a restart after a too-long break. And what dropped through my letterbox this morning but another early suprise...(although mine is rather more crumpled in appearance) The (not so) mighty Mechanical Horse aka Scammell Scarab which using the kit options would build up to this: I see there is a walkaround (yay!) but only one build thread (aww) so it will fit in nicely as being different to the normal 99.9% of kits seen. Now I just need to get bits and pieces sorted in to place before deciding on RAF, RN or civilian scheme (and another excuse to get to Antics searching the paint stands...whilst ignoring the 'wall of plastic' of course:)) One question/request... Google (and Bing) bring up a few pix of models or museum vehicles in military dress but nothing of real vehicles in action. Whilst I'm still umming and erring on my Dinah build I thought it might look good sat next a 50s or 60s Hunter or Gannet or...
  14. Ok while having a long boring nightshift I have come up with an idea for a GB which could include almost everyone! A South Latin American GB Ok after lots of requests by everyone.....well Steve anyway, I had a think about this and decided to open it up to the rest of Latin America. This GB will now cover anything and everything South American "of the border", as long as it was used there or built there it’s ok. There should be a bit of something for everybody here with all forms of transport covered, both military and civilian, even the automotive crowd with Dakar bikes/cars/trucks So countries eligible; Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Costa Rica Cuba Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador Gaudeloupe Guatemala Guyana Haiti Honduras Mexico Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Peru Puerto Rico Suriname Uruguay Venezuela Plus French Guiana Falkland Islands Martinique ​Saint Barthelemy Saint Martin The are some amazing and interesting subjects available which you wouldn't normally see or think about.....so what do you think? A Lista (the list) 1, trickyrich - host 2, Threadbear 3, MAD STEVE 4, Arniec 5, wyverns4 - co-host 6, Max Headroom 7, Jörgen Stendahl 8, nimrod54 9, Moggy 10, Mish 11, CliffB 12, Col 13, hgbn 14, feoffee2 15, Radleigh 16, Old Man 17, Centollaman 18, somtec 19, modelling minion 20, SleeperService
  15. Hi folks, What is the best source for black fuselage and wing serial code letters for my 1/72nd scale Tiger Moth please? I'm looking to replicate G-ANSM but don't know the actual size of the lettering used or who produces a suitable decal/paint mask in 72nd scale. Any help is appreciated. Cheers, Guy
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