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Found 11 results

  1. Well less then 6 days after I recieved this kit she is as far as I think (please disagree if not) finished. This kit is my first ever completed 1:24 model, and a subject very close to the top of my 1:1 want list. I was offered a 1957 example back in 2008 during a summer trekking the west coast of France, it had been tucked up in a shed for 20 years and although structurally sound there was not 1 panel that wasnt suffering from surface rust. The passenger seat was a bare frame with remnants of a basic cushion, the drivers seat had been covered with a proper heavyweight tarpaulin so was a very grubby mouldy vinyl seat but remarkably intact. As I still have photos of this particular van my plan was to try to replicate it to the best of my ability. She now stands on a piece of ply, static grass covered with a bit of a gravel track surrounded by bushes and a cobbled together typically french rural fence. Hopefully she looks as good as I want her too??? The kit went together extremely well with next to no fettling or filing, a bit of a different story to articles I'd read prior to starting her. Thank you for looking and please any comments will be greatly recieved
  2. hello guys, after a long time without posting here, i came to show my last kits, four C4, my collection is based in the world rally champions, so i did the cars of 2007, 2008, 2009 e 2010. I taked some pictures of the process. first i changed the height of the front suspension I put new tires, because the tires of the kit is too narrow I cut some parts that come injected straight into the chassis I cut the door knobs More work in the bodywork now in the interior the kit don't came with door panels, so i did with cardboard Wheels more details chassi paint decals all ready, two cars are missing tires, my friend will send two me. I'll take more photos of each car separated, and i'll post here in the forum!
  3. The latest plastic model car kit releases from Ebbro are now in stock. The brand new 1/24 Citroen 2CV Pickup and the iconic 1/24 Citroen DS19 accurately recreate the real life vehicles with Ebbro's characteristically high level of detail. For full details, please see our newsletter HERE.
  4. Ok so I decided it best to finish off this build, seeing as it's a Christmas present for a friend. I started the build in September but by early October it was officially stalled. The large gap between the cabin and rear load area floor is liveable but the ill fitting windows chipped away the paint and also I dropped a small dot of glue onto one of the rear ones, which of course has fogged one side of it. That was the point I cried enough. Considering the reputation of Ebbro and the fineness of the Tamiya kit upon which this kit is based, add to that the cost of it. I was thoroughly disappointed with the kit as a whole. It truly felt like a cheap transkit. Upon restating the build I went in with a clear mind and finished it within a week. Testament to how close I was to finishing it the first time around. But again the exhaust system doesn't fit. However it'll likely go unnoticed by my friend, and is destined to adorn a shelf without much further inspection once the initial unwarping upon Christmas morning is dispensed with. Anyway I've probably made the kit sound a lot worse than it is but I defo wont be buying another. I was looking at getting the pickup version when it's released but I'd rather my money go to Beemax or Bellkits who are bringing out excellent kits and deserve to know so lol. Anywho, Pics ahoy: TTFN Ashley.
  5. Hi gents; I thought I might have a change of scenery for my third build for this GB so I chose a car; the ACE Citroën 11CV - in the Gentleman's Scale, of course. The father of my childhood best mates owned one of these - an exotic rarity in the 1970s - and it remains fondly in my memory as a classically beautiful car. I always imagined that one day I would own one myself, but experience proved me a dangerous liability when placed in proximity with motorised transport, so I never actually learned to drive... however thanks to the Eastern European model manufacturing industry I can have one of my own, albeit one too small to fit my fingertip into. I thought it would sit well next to my Armee de l'Air models and as it looks like it will be about an inch and a half long when finished it won't take up much space either. Here it is: The box is... erm, a little more spacious than is strictly necessary: There aren't that many parts and only a few transfers: The instructions include a template for making windows out of clear plastic sheet: I'm hoping to produce a black civilian car, but there appears to be some mould damage or multiple small pockmarks in the plastic on the roof and bonnet; if I can't smooth it out it will look bad under shiny paint, so I might end up doing the French army option. Cheers, Stew
  6. Citroen 11CV Staff Car Detail Set E35-229 ET Models 1:35 The Tamiya kit of the Citroen 11CV Staff Car has been out for nearly six years, and its only now that ET Models have released a small, but useful detail set for it. The nicely produced single sheet of relief etched brass contains the prominent grille with the Citroen logo and surround joined at one edge, so that when folded give a nice 3D representation of the real thing. Also included are a pair of mudflaps that are situated behind the front wheels, the front number plate, rear number plate, for which you will have to carefully remove the light off the kits part and glue to the etched part. The kits rear view mirror and windscreen wipers are also replaced with etch. Conclusion Whilst small, this set adds enough parts to give a lift to the standard kit, particularly the grille and logo. Simple to use, with no major folds required, so would be of use to all but the most novice of modellers. Highly recommended. Review Sample courtesy of
  7. Bonjour mes amis! My first thoughts when asked about La Belle France aren't wingy things (although I thought about a Rafale) or tracky things (although I thought about a Le Clerc). No the first thing I think of is food (and the second thing is wine!). What could be more French than a bread van? (I did briefly contemplate doll's house scale baguettes, maybe later, if we get hungry!) But a bread van on its own would be a bit, well, plain, ne serait-il pas? So I thought it ought to have some company. (Plus at first I couldn't find the Tamiya/Ebbro 2cv van I originally thought of). My LHS had an Ebbro Renault 4 on its shelves, and the R4 was the most produced French car ever, so that fell into my hands. Then some googling showed me they did a van version (chapeau Bengalensis of this parish) and then that the Revell 2cv seemed to be highly regarded. So one of each of those was obtained. But wait, the van sold in the UK doesn't come with the iconic La Poste and Renault Service decals? Pah, then my friends we must order one direct from France, bien sûr. Cherbourg Maquettes did the honours, and helpfully confirmed by email that the desired decals were in the box. Googling to find a French supplier told me that Heller were about to release a hard top R4L with Police markings. More googling suggests this may be a tie in with Ebbro, who haven’t released a hard top but have tooled one, which is available as a spare part. So back onto the internet, and a pre-order has been placed with Heller. Alas, it hasn’t arrived yet, although my card has been charged, so I’m impatiently hopeful. (Those with a memory for French films of the 1980s will perhaps recall that a little blue police car has a brief cameo in Betty Blue). So here’s the cast for this little experience. I’ve never built a car kit before, so be gentle! Pain quotidian by jongwinnett, on Flickr
  8. There are a few reasons for picking this particular kit: I never usually built cars. I've never built a resin kit. I don't think anyone else, so far anyway, is doing one. And finally, it was in my stash. Most of us will have come across a tin snail, but not many will have seen the 4x4 version. (These are not to be confused with the more recent Louis Barbour conversions). The Sahara was made by Citroën in the late 50's and early 60's. It had two engines, one in the front, the other was installed in what had been the boot. I don't know very much more about them other than what can be easily gleaned from the interweb. I believe there are only about 27 of them left. If anyone knows anything about them, or if one can be seen in the UK, please send me a message. This is the Vroom kit which I got secondhand some years ago. The only included paperwork I have is a photocopy of a French publication which has information about the Sahara and some handwritten notes concerning which colours should be used. There are no assembly instructions as such, mind you, it doesn't consist of that many parts. There are some photoetched windscreen wipers, vacformed glazing, chromed mirrors, steel axles and vinyl (?) tyres. So it is something of a multimedia kit. I don't suppose I'll be assembling it as is. There are a few alterations I'd like to make. But I'll research matters a little further before I commit to anything. Also, I'd like it to be weathered, set on a small base and not merely be displayed sitting on four tyres. We'll see..................
  9. Heller Citroen WRC 2010 I thought that as the weather has taken a turn for the worse and that we have rally GB coming up that this car should fit the bill First off is the box shot the decal sheet looks very comprehensive good news aswell i have made a start by cutting out the vents and things like that as they were all moulded in, there a little rough at the moment i would like a little bit of help from some fellow modellers though as i have never done a heller kit before so i dont know how there decals deal with gloss over them also i would like recommendations about the blue paint to use, because i was going to use the same blue i used for the redbull rb6 i finished a while ago but i dont know if that might be a tad dark so im stuck with tamiya ts 51 or ts 15
  10. Hi all! I decided to start posting a simultainus build that I started to keep my motivation and drive going. I apologize in advance to anyone I offend and to the purist. I plan to build this kit in 2 stages. I am still toying with the idea of which tires to use, what colour to paint the kit and which Decals I will be detailing this kit with. Changes will be happening as the build progresses. Enjoy and thanks for viewing! I hope they keep their enthusiasm going all through out.
  11. I finished this recently and i am very happy how it turned out all the red parts of the car are heller decals which work amazingly with micro sol the blue is tamiya ts51 this is the first time i have ever made a rally car so i wanted it to look as rally as possible, again i have never attempted any sort or dirt/mud effect ive noticed in the pic that the racing decal on the rear wing looks weird, looking at it with just eyes it doesnt look any where near as bad, im guessing its the focus or light setting on my camera when i started this the intakes were all moulded plastic so i cut the out and put a mesh fabric i picked up from hobby craft instead also i didnt like the thickness of the antenas so used some metal wire i had laying around any way thanks for looking and all comment welcome
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