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Found 22 results

  1. My next build is Airfix's 1:72 Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk.V. I was lucky enough to receive this kit for Christmas, and am looking forward to the challenges of the build. The kit contains a very detailed instruction booklet, and decals for 2 aircraft. Several of the decals are rather large (which worries me slightly due to silvering), so I may carefully cut them down. There are 5 detailed grey sprues and 2 clear, these are very clean with little to no flash and help make this look like a great kit. There are two colour schemes for this kit, the Coastal Command version pictured on the box, and The British Overseas Aircraft Corporation. My son has chosen The British Overseas Aircraft Corporation scheme of 1942, which has no rear or nose guns or glass. I plan to make this an out of the box build, using Vallejo acrylics throughout. I hope to learn more about this aircraft along the way.
  2. Ready for inspection is my 1:72 Airfix Armstrong Whitworth Whitley GR. Mk.VII. This is a straight from the box build, built with gear down and doors open. The only variation is that I have used Vallejo acrylics in place of the recommended Humbrol. The kit went together with relative ease, and has a nice amount of detail. Thanks for looking.
  3. look 'ere 'tis.....BEA looks super smart https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/pictures-ba-turns-back-time-to-1960s-with-bea-a319-456281/
  4. Hasegawa pretty much released this little gemstone of a tiddler at the same time that British Airways retired their Trident fleet and took delivery of their first 737-236. The kit carries the same registration as BA's first (G-BGDA) which was delivered by Boeing in December 1981. That makes the kit 38 years old and like most of that age, the decals have had to be re-lacquered. The port side of the fuselage had lost its shape in storage and what looks a simple task, proved very difficult to join and make into a decent continuous profiled tube. Having just completed my 1/200 Hasegawa Negus L1011, I felt it an appropriate time to get this other Negus livery kit put together. That's as far as I have got for the moment. This kit make the Airfix 1/72 BE2 kit look big !
  5. After a longer break ,I am back with a few builds I finished since last november. First to start with the Concorde in the huge 1/72 scale,this was a re-release of the old Heller kit with new decals.The kit itself is unchanged. After reading a few reviews about the kit being not the best in terms of fitting,I hesitated for quite a while to start it and I left it on the shelf. But finally I thought I give it a go and see what I can achieve with it. Well,the issues are there but Revell provides very good instructions which show where the problem areas are. First I planned to go with the movable nose but the clear parts were very brittle,so I decided to glue it in. Being such a huge model,I thought the landing gear could use some extra details so I made hydraulic cables and binders out of copper wire. Also the flaps were installed in a slightly lowered angle,like they were when the Concorde was standing at the gate. Besides the nose,I experienced not much other issues,the kit went together quite well. Paints are my usual mix of Tamyia Pure White out of the spray can and other colors are Revell and Testors enamels . The decal sheet is enormous and provides marking options for all of BA's Concordes. Once finished its a huge model and I had some difficulties finding a decent space to place her,let alone getting some good pics... Hope you like her
  6. G-BNWA was the first Rolls-Royce powered Boeing 767 to take to the air. She was delivered to British Airways in 1990 and is still going strong at the age of 28 although I believe retirement is due later this year. Sister aircraft G-BNWB actually joined BA first but in terms of first flight date Whisky Alpha is BA’s oldest aircraft. Back in the summer of 2016 she took me from EDI to LHR and the enjoyable short flight reminded me that the current BA livery wasn’t represented in my collection so I dug out an old Revell kit and here is the result. The Revell Boeing 767-300 was the kit that really got me started with airliners about 25 years ago. It isn’t without its flaws (mainly affecting the engines) but it’s still one of my favourite airliner kits and forms the basis of a good model. It’s one of the few airliner kits where the fit is good enough for me to depart from my normal “stick it together and mask it” building and attach the wings after painting. The build is pretty much OOB apart from some correction to the pylons on the Revell RB211s. For absolute accuracy these need total reworking but I contented myself with fixing the more obviously visible errors ahead of the wing. I also added strakes to the engines and a few small fairings to the fuselage. It was necessary to tweak the panel lines in a couple of places to accommodate the eight door layout. Paint is Halfords Appliance White, Fiat Capri Blue and Racking Grey with Tamiya and Revell metallics. Decals are by TwoSix and Authentic Airliners with Scaleliners corroguard. Thanks for looking and as always constructive criticism is welcome. Dave G
  7. Hi all, my first post here, just wanted to share my in progress BAC/Aerospatiale Concorde, currently at the main paint stage. This is actually my first airliner, having only done fighters up until now in 1/72 scale, but it won't be my last, after this comes a Lockheed L-1011 Tristar, in the same livery. Hopefully at least. Enjoy the photos for now Turns out I haven't worked out to add an attachment yet! I'll keep working on it...
  8. Hello, Today I'm posting another commercial airliner, my Zvezda 787-8 in the British Airways Livery. Like my last post, this build also includes a video! Hopefully, you enjoy the pictures and the video!
  9. Airfix BAC 1-11 500ED. Two-Six British Airways 'Landor' decals. Ok, so if you want a beautiful, accurate 1-11 500 then you need to get hold of the Authentic Airliners resin kit. But I got this out of the stash and thought I'd have a bit of fun improving it and converting it from a short bodied 200 series 1-11 into the stretched 500 series. I've thouroghly enjoyed it from start ti finish, and have a second 500 under construction as well now. Lots of work with sheet plasticard undertaken, full build log Here The main changes were extended fuselage, extended wingtips, new wing fences & flap tracks, engine pylons, engine hushkits, and a reshaped nose. The decals from Two-Six were superb and a delight to use. A plus is that the sheet covers all BA Landor 1-11's incluing the short bodied 200's, so if you don't want to do all the extending work, you can just do the wing fences, flap tracks, and nose. I chose to do G-AVMO which was preserved at Cosford for many years and is now at east Fortune in Scotland, very fitting really as it was named 'Lothian Region'. Enough words, here is the completed conversion. And 'with something else' - another 1-11 500, this one a Welsh Models Vac with Two-Six BEA decals. Thanks for looking. On with the second conversion now, which will be in BEA Red Square finish, to show the BEA/BA 1-11 500 in its first and last schemes. John
  10. This is a quick fun build to finish the month after putting a lot of effort into a Lynx. I'm not sure where my current enthusiasm for airliners has come from, but I am enjoying building them, even if the large white surfaces are still a bit of a challenge for my brush painting skills, especially over grey plastic like this one. A British Airways Trident was the second aircraft that I ever flew in (the first was a Wasp), back in 1980. Tridents used to do the shuttle run from Edinburgh to Heathrow, making good use of their advanced zero-visibility automated landing systems ( a world first at the time) to keep running when the other airlines (in those days British Midland and B-Cal) came to a halt. This is the old Airfix kit of 1966 vintage (mine was an early 1990s re-issue), pretty much out the box. Cockpit windows are a little dodge and would definitely benefit from filling and a decal, but otherwise it is a nicely fitting kit. Of course it has a number of accuracy challenges, not least the cabin window layout, lack of wing to fuselage fairing and the wings are too straight. But unless you know all about Tridents, you would never guess! I altered the nose wheel to be offset to one side and used Krystal Klear for the cabin windows (with a black "screen" behind them), which seems to have worked really well (although a couple of them haven't fully cleared yet). Otherwise, what you see is what you get in the box! FredT
  11. First ever Group Build entry so be gentle on me! Took advantage of this kit being £6 on Amazon, the box shows why it's so cheap Current update on build: First time I've built a conventional airliner so this should hopefully be easy, all out of the box with BA decals too
  12. Hi all, After building a Thomson 787 I decided to take the plunge and build an A380. It's still very much work in progress, you will notice parts missing but as my second build I'm quite pleased with how it's coming along. I have made the model without landing gear as I intend to build a stand for it, I just think it looks cleaner. Most the paint I used was Humbrol hobby Spray, apart from the wings which are Halfords Ford Polar Grey (the poor pic quality doesn't do the Halfords spray justice) BA Blue was Humbrol hobby Spray Midnight Blue Please excuse the picture quality, I will get round to Hi res when it's finished PROBLEM I ripped my Flight Deck Decals, does that mean I have to spend £12 on a brand new set? The one that came with the model in the Airbus House Colours wasn't good enough. Thanks
  13. This is my latest build, Zvezda's 787. I used the 26 Decals set for the livery, and I can definitely reccomend it!
  14. The generous response to my Lao Central SSJ-100 has encouraged me to post another RFI, this time the F-RSIN Trident 3B. I usually have five or six builds at different stages but for some reason I tend to finish them in pairs. The Trident was the other half of the pair with the SSJ. I used the plastic version of the kit which went together well. F-RSIN have really caught the character of the aircraft, particularly the kink in the wing and the various lumps and bumps underneath. The only accuracy point I picked up was the shape of the centre intake which was too sharply triangular compared to photographs. Plastic strip, superglue and Milliput plus a few minutes of carving and filing took care of that. To my eyes the cabin window decals look slightly too big but unless you take the expensive option of sacrificing a TwoSix sheet there really isn’t a suitable replacement. I sourced alternative “British” titles to align better with the windows but I'm still not 100% happy. They came from an old Flightpath sheet intended (I think) for a Tristar. The registration had to be G-AWZJ on which I had my one and only Trident flight (GLA-LHR) shortly before she retired in 1985. It’s also the only time I’ve flown in a rear-facing seat, a strange experience rather like being on an airborne train. Since I’d never previously been on a Trident I was unfamiliar with the aircraft’s idiosyncrasies and I still remember getting slightly concerned by the length of the take-off run at Glasgow and the looming possibility of a very large splash in the Black Cart Water. Needless to say Zulu Juliet unstuck in her own good time and the rest of the short flight was great. Happy memories! Thanks for looking and as always constructive criticism is welcome. http://SAM_0127 by David Griffiths, on Flickr http://SAM_0130 by David Griffiths, on Flickr http://SAM_0122 by David Griffiths, on Flickr http://SAM_0124 by David Griffiths, on Flickr
  15. Hello all, I'm currently embarking on a long term project to build all of BA's current fleet available in plastic (though I have given up hope of a 777). I recently asked for some help in the modern civil forum and thanks to the help and advice in that thread I decided to pick up a Zvezda 767 at Telford. Kit decals and RR engines in place it was time t start the build. First up some sprue shots, the Zvezda kit is very nice with crisply moulded details. The decals are from Two-Six and are very nicely printed as always.
  16. Hello everybody. Since I have some time available I thought it would be nice to share my latest airliner with you. It's the Revell A320 (of course) in 1/144. I started it with target to paint it as Cyprus Airways, I had even printed my own decals for the livery, but resulted being painted as British Airways. Decals were given from a friend and are for the A319 BA Revell kit. Some are missing, some did not lay well, but it's not that bad.
  17. Hi everyone This is my Revell Concorde It has to be said it is one of the worst kits i have ever built. The Airfix Concorde is more enjoyable!!!!!!1 But im pleased with the result. Its a nice little 1/144 kit. I hand painted it for one, ran out of paint in august and havent got any since......... The windows are from RichW. Thanks Everyone
  18. Hi Everyone This is my Revell 1/144 Concorde. It was a pig to build in the fact i broke the wings off once and nose off twice when it tried to fly..... The landing gear where a nightmare as well. Overall i thought it was a rather poor kit, but it does look nice...... The kit is hand painted, theres a few more details to fo, then im done. I have windows on the way from Richw. Thanks Bradley
  19. Hello, Photographed my Revell Concord today in interesting Autumn light: setup thanks for coments! Exdraken
  20. Hello Everyone I would like to do a British Airways 787-8, but im unsure what colour to do the engines, it seems to be mixed. Some people seem to thin k they will be white, others think blue. Does anyone know what colout they will be? Thanks Bradley
  21. 3rd build, hopefully not being too optimistic here!! This will be progressed when there's nothing I can do on the DC9 and VC7, the main object of this one is the conversion ot the fuselage into a cargo 747, and shortening the stretched upper deck back to it's original configuration. The rest of the kit looks like a straightforward OOB build, with possibly some scribing round control surfaces as there doesn't seem to be any difference between these and the panel lines. Decals look excellent and areby Two Six.
  22. madaboutmodels

    Saab 2000

    Hello Everyone Im used to seeing the Eastern Airways Saab 2000 fly into Norwich Airport, i have always wanted to build a model of this but have been unable to find a kit. I had forgotten about finding a kit for a while until i noticed a photo of a saab 2000 in British Airways livery, they have leased one of Eastern, i am a huge sucker for anything BA. As a result i have found the urge o find one again, so does any one know of a saab 2000 kit on the market, resin, vac or injection? Thanks Bradley
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