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Found 45 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm quite far through my Memphis Belle build in 1/72 and I'm having a dilemma. I'm not sure I like (I might hate) my OD. It's worse when I think about it to when I go back to and see it again, but thought I'd get some honest advice from you lot before I continue... I know there are lots of variations and I know that sun bleaching and fading took its toll overtime but I think it looks too dark. Considering the work I will have to do, to re-spray a lighter colour, with decal masking (oh god) and repainting the medium green camo, I'm verging on not! I've taken the pictures in various light, so, what are your thoughts please?
  2. Figured I'd start a thread for my B-17 that I've been tinkering around with for a month or so now. I've been an on and (mostly) off modeler for the past several years but doing a 1/48 B-17 has been a project I've been researching for a number of years now so over the past 10 years or so I've acquired most of the detail sets for the Monogram kit and and attempted to start that last year but I think I tried to do too much with it and my modeling skills weren't quite where they needed to be to turn that kit into what I had in mind so it got stashed away. Then around Christmas I saw HK came out with a 1/48 kit and after doing a little research I sprung for it and am quite happy I did. Yes, there are a couple inaccuracies like the rear fuselage being slightly too fat and the out engine nacelles sitting a tad high but those don't really bother and quite honestly after having the kit in my hands, I don't think they'll be all that noticeable when the model is finished. The ultimate goal for me is to build a diorama with this. I've done a fair bit of research on the particular plane I'm doing and the history of it is pretty interesting. One such part of that history that I plan to capture is a particular mission in which it had two engines knocked out by flak over France and it had to make an emergency landing at RAF Thorney Island. So that will be challenging but I'm up for it. The plane comes first though. I plan on going slow with this and will be going over the top detailing wise when you take into account what can actually be seen but I've always wanted to go all out on a B-17 and I don't have many other kits I plan on building so I have no problem spending some money on aftermarket bits. I'll start by pointing out the parts of the kit that aren't accurate for an "early" G. 1.) The radio room gun would not have been enclosed on early Gs. The set up was much the same as an F with the hatch open and the gun mounted on a ring that slid back and forth for storage. 2.) The wing tip tokyo tank vents were also not present on early Gs. These were added later and from the pictures I've seen, the two vent version located more in the middle of the wingtip seemed to be more common. 3.) The outer ball turret supports, parts V17 and V18, are incorrect for a G. Fs had the spherical housing over the support but Gs did not. I'm not sure how I'll tackle that yet. 4.) This isn't really an inaccuracy, but the antennas were not a one size fits all deal in that all planes had them....referencing prototype photos is a good idea for these. But all in all I'm really liking the kit and its been pretty fun so far. I'm starting by making the major modifications. The plane I'm building was the last B-17G-25-DL built which was the first production block to incorporate staggered waists windows, so I filled in the kit opening with sheet styrene and carefully cut out the new opening. It's just rough so far and I till need to enlarge it height wise but at least its there. Once the fuselage is closed I'll have to re-rivet the area but that shouldn't be too difficult. MRB_7054 by Matt Bourke, on Flickr MRB_7050 by Matt Bourke, on Flickr I also cut away the elevators from the horizontal stabilizers so I can reposition them in the down position. The other main mod that I think will go a long ways towards having a more accurate looking plane is lowering the landing gear. This photo is post-mod, but both the lowered and raised gears were modeled fully extended which would not be accurate for a plane on the ground. I cut away the entire torsion link assembly since they were undersized anyways and then made a cut at the top of the oleo flush with the collar and then removed about 2.5mm of material if I recall correctly. I was eyeballing prototype photos and I think this looks good for an unloaded aircraft. I then squared up both pieces and then drilled out the center of each piece then CA'ed a piece of brass rod for a strong, solid joint. I replaced part of the torsion links with pieces from the Monogram gears and still have yet to replace the oleo scissors with some styrene. Landing Gear by Matt Bourke, on Flickr Right now, my focus is on the cockpit. Like I said before, I'm probably going over the top but detailing like this is therapy to me and I enjoy it. The center throttle quadrant left a bit to be desired so I've modified it a bit by cutting away the bottom front of it then gluing in some styrene and shaping it into what it should look like. The back part of the top was also cut away and replaced with a portion of a True Details console as I liked the 3D detail better than the kit and also better than what Eduard offers for photoetch. Speaking of Eduard, the sides and top of the console as well as the floor of the cockpit have PE pieces which look pretty good to me. I still have to add all sorts of lever but that will come later. The control columns for the pilot and copilot will also need a little work since I'm not too big on how they look. Center Console by Matt Bourke, on Flickr The seats were next. I tried my hand at using Milliput for the first time to make the seat cushions and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I still have some areas to clean up with a file but they're done for now too (they're not glued to the armor yet, just stuck on with blue tack). Seats by Matt Bourke, on Flickr That's all I've got so far. I'm currently tinkering with the sidewalls. I cut away the half relief oxygen canisters and will be replacing them with Resin2Detail tanks. I'm also trying to replicate the fabric covering on the sidewalls with some aluminum foil. As for markings, the plane I'm doing is "Man O War II" from the 91st BG. The 91st memorial website was down for a while but just recently got back up so right now I'm sifting through the daily mission reports trying to learn more about the crew. If you click on the flickr link, I've included a brief history of the plane in the description for those who are interested. The first "Man O War" lasted only one mission but the 2nd was a bit luckier and managed to complete 77 missions before being shot down. I'm modeling it in late April of 1944 (before the red tail surfaces) when it had between 20-25 missions to its name and was still being flown by the original crew. Original Crew of B-17G-25-DL "Man O War II" by Matt Bourke, on Flickr
  3. This is a placeholder till I complete some of the builds in virtually every other GB that running at the moment ! The aircraft and kit need no introduction from me, it was pride of place on my bedroom ceiling with Jerrys attacking from one side and Japs from the other, suspended with fishing line and drawing pins. I wonder if Mrs Jockney would be amenable to allowing this one to go on our bedroom ceiling.... Heres the kits, love the box art, good luck everyone Picture from Scalemates Cheers Pat
  4. Kit: Revell (Germany) B-17G Decals: Lifelike, Kits World Paint: Alclad, Gunze/Mr.Hobby Interior shots here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234921988-boeing-b-17g/ A full detailed build review will be featured in the next edition of IMPS Austria's "Panorama" Magazine. Thanks for looking. Roman
  5. BIT O LACE The original Airfix B-17 Flying Fortress kit dating from around 1962. Bit o Lace, a classic kit that no doubt everyone over a certain age will remember. My aim is to build the model up as neatly as possible while keeping the original look and feel of the kit, I want the finished build to be neat but still easily recognisable as the 1962 Airfix kit. This will include. 1) No after market goods. 2) A tiny amount of scratch building. 3) The possible use of scrap and spares, most likely for small parts such as guns. 4) Retention of the riveted surface, although toned down. 5) Inclusion of as many character parts as possible, such as aircrew. 6) Retention of the kits historical inaccuracies. 7) Minimal weathering with fresh paintwork. If I finish this build in time then I plan to follow it up with an old Airfix B-29 Superfortress build . The kit cost me a tenner but comes with very stagnant conservative 1980's box art. I much prefer the original box top myself. The parts. I have done a bit of dry fitting and it actually looks like a much better kit than I remember. As far as I can see all the parts are there but two of the props are broken.
  6. When: 20.10.2018 to 20.01.2019 With the recent arrival of the new Airfix kit and a good supply of Revell, Academy and Hasegawa kits already available in 1:72, oldie but goldie Monogram G in 1:48 and the HK monster in 1:32 scale, isn´t it high time to have the B-17 single type group build at Britmodeller? @old thumper can dig up a Matchbox one . I don´t even start to list the options there are for these builds... As 2017 will be the year of the jets, why not counter attack with quadruple props in 2018?! Regards, 1) V-P 2) old thumper 3) wamwig 4) PhantomBigStu 5) Arniec 6) specky 7) theplasticsurgeon 8 mungo1974 9) DaveJL 10) modelling minion 11) Romeo Alpha Yankee f.k.a. TrojanThunder 12) jrlx 13) tonyot 14) S48 15) JOCKNEY 16) rob85 17) SleeperService 18) Sgt.Squarehead 19) Sabre_days 20) Sobby_23 21) RJ-WobblyHands 22) pizzapaolo 23) Graham77 24) Rafwaffe 25) DarylH - thank you! 26) Enzo Matrix 27) tomprobert 28) Thom216 29) TonyTiger66 30) Harrywilliams 31) Rabbit Leader 32) stevej60 33) DJJunis 34) DaveyGair 35) neil5208 36) MarkSH 37) Canso65 38) Tweener We're going in!!!
  7. Today i saw in my favourit model shop a special/limited of Airfix 1/72 B-17. On box is round sticker and on box are added two NMF B-17. With - pin ups. One is a classic Vargas girl, in light nightdress and second is here a full naked - or with blue panties. Both pin up nose arts are VERY GOOD printed, very very detailed... For me is a B-17 a symbol of USAAF and American life style... Don´t forget - Esquire, Playboy or Penthouse coming from U.S.A.. (Yes, i know, in WW 2 exist a Esquire only - and here was a pin up girls.) American warplane from this time must be - BIG, SHINY and with BIG Pin Up, especialy when it is a bomber. Many airman in WW II was very young, why don´t speak - a "Virgin Mochitos" and they flying, fight, kill and die on Sky over Europe. Many never have a Girlfriend, many have Wife and Baby... They flying with Big Shiny Bombers over Germany or Japan - With Big naked pin up girls painting with full frontal nudity - topless, with bare buttocks - and Very Sexy. When i was a boy, and i live in post - communist era Czechoslovakia a symbol of USA in WW2 for me was a Memphis Belle Bomber, from famous 1991 movie. On one side with a Ginger telephoned with her lover, on other side a really BIG blondie with big - breasts... (t.t.es, b..b.s). And today - i saw on this new L.E. B-17 - a small sticker, with B/W photo and text - This camo isn´t suibtable for person under 21 years !!! YES !!! TWENTY ONE !!! I read this for second, third... - no this isn´t a dream - really !!! I know, when you under 21, you can´t drinking.... in US... But - you now you can´t - in our internet - youtuber - rap and i-net celebrity - who often build it´s glory on big breast a big buttocks - build a 70 years old bomber, flying in WW 2 post-teen Airmens.... I´am shocked ! In my country on end (before fall of Communism) was on three MiGs and one Frogfoot attack Airfplane pain (for very short time) a WW 2 style pin ups.... In MiG´s Topless, one too in negliché, and Anča (Annie) on Su-25 (Never flew with this Nose arts) have big bare butt - in this time, when regime colapsed it was a symbol of rebelion, agains puristic regime, who censored nudity... And now, in 21 century, in England, was really pin up (1cm long) not suibtable for 21 old persons ? YOU KIDDING AIRFIX ?! In 21 years have many people first Kid ! Are in half time of University (2-3 year), and in WW 2 was many of this guys who flew pin ups decorated bombers and fighters - DEAD !!!! In past time i read a memory of one british Lancaster pilot - I was 18, i can flying with twin engined monster in night over Germany and kill peoples -and naturally - be killed - but i can´t drink and drive car ! What is bad on nice young - and naked - girl ? Especially when is she only painted on Airplane - on - after 75year later - printed in decal sheet ? Two years Playboy banned nudity on it´s magazine -and now are nudity back - because Playboy without nudity isn´t playboy and topless or naked girl isn´t porno... AIRFIX - Please - removed a text from box of L.E. B-17... it is a SHAME ! BIG SHAME !!!! Be normal !
  8. I got this kit as part of a spares / scrap joblot on Evilbay some time ago and despite some damage and a couple of missing parts thought it had potential so was worth rescuing. The aircraft is a B-17C Flying Fortress Mk1 with RAF Coastal Command, servings in Nuts Corner, Northern Ireland 1942. It was built for the recent B-17 Single Type Group Build here on BM, link below. Here it is finished, biggest kit I've built for a long time, let me know what you think cheers Pat
  9. I confess to spending much time (waaaaaaaay too much time) appreciating so many fine projects from others but not finding any time at the workbench... until this B-17 group build came along. It's about time some worthy cause inspired me to dust off the toolbox and break out the brushes. I have several of these Monogram 1/48th Fortresses in the stash but I'll just start with one until I'm sure I can still do it. Besides, this finally gives me an opportunity to use all the reference pics I have been shooting -- so far I am up to 33 on my "Personally Photographed B-17s" list (and counting!). I realize virtually all the Forts today are restored and shouldn't be trusted blindly, but it's nice to have good clear shots at my disposal with some common sense. Anyway, on to the model! I will be building to represent my grandfather's plane: B-17G 42-31582 Ol' Scrapiron. He flew 30 missions with the 447th BG out of Rattlesden starting with the Group's toughest day, April 29, 1944. Just to see if my vision was still up to building models, I traded my bifocals for the Optivisor and started with the engines. A little rough at first, added some brass wire... - Then the wires were trimmed (left) and painted (right) and some wash added and a bit of engine oil form AK - I am not concerned that one wire should enter the top front of the cylinder and the other goes behind. I figure at this scale the cowling will take care of that. Here's a bit of the look I was going for (my pic of B-17F 42-29782 Boeing Bee here in Seattle) or this shot of B-17G 44-83735 Mary Alice (or whatever she is painted as these days) that I took during a trip to the IWM Duxford back in 2008. ---------- That's all for today. I look forward to seeing everyone else's progress for the next few months and hope I don't embarrass myself along the way.
  10. Time to stake my place in this STGB as I signed up for it earlier this year. I do like the B-17 but I don't have any completed ones in my collection and that is something I need to remedy. I have 5 kits in the stash in the form of Monogram's 1/48 classic B-17G, 2 X Academy/Italeri 1/72 B-17C/D's, Airfix's new 1/72 Fortress Mk.III and the subject of this build, Revell's 1/72 B-17F. I don't have a box for it, no big loss with Revells' useless end opening boxes, but here are some shots of what I do have, all of which is still sealed in it's cellophane packaging, starting with the instructions which also has the original decals included; And a shot of a couple of bags of still sealed sprues; Now I do like the options in the kit, at least one of which is already being built in this GB, but fancied doing something a bit different so I bought this set from DK Decals; As it says it has markings for 16 different RAF/RCAF B-17's ranging from early Mk.1's right through to Mk.III's in use at the end of the war. There are a couple of Fortress Mk.II's (the RAF designation for the B-17) and I'm torn between either of these Coastal Command options (8 and 9 on the instruction sheet); And these two options in use by Bomber Command for jamming purposes (10 and 11 on the sheet); I do like option 8 a lot but it has different windows in the nose than those provided by Revell in their kit so I might stick to either options 9 and 10, we will see. I am in the middle of building a Tamiya 1/48 Beaufighter at the minute so progress will not be dramatic to start with but bear with me as it is one I really do want to build. Thanks for looking in and any and all help with the build is gratefully received. Craig.
  11. It is the first B-17 loss in that has crashed in occupied Europa. I had a hard time finding at photo of the accual plane, manage to get at not very sharp clip from youtube. 90.Squadron RAF WP-D/AN 525 "D-DOG" 08.09 1941 Crew: F/O David A A Romans (RAF)- P/O Frank Gordon Hart (RAF)- Sgt. John Brown (RAF)- Sgt. Peter Barnard Corbett (RAF)- Sgt. Robert Henry Beattie(RAF)- Sgt. Walter George Honey(RAF)- Sgt. Henry Merrill (RCAF). Their target was "Admiral Sheer" wich was in Oslo for repair. Plane shot down by Jacobi and Steinicke of 13./JG.77 in their bf.109T-2. https://ktsorens.tihlde.org/flyvrak/bygland.html Cheers Jes
  12. Hi all, My last build for 2018 is a Revell 1/72 Boeing B-17F which I have finished as an RAF Fortress Mk.II operated by 206 Squadron in June 1943, in fact on 11th June whilst flown by Wing Commander R.B. Thomson she attacked and sank U-417 South East of Iceland but was herself brought down by return fire from the U-boat. All the crrew of the B-17 were rescued 3 days later by an RAF Catalina after a US Catalina crashed trying to rescue them, the US crew were rescued a few days later. The Revell kit is excellent and has great interior detail from the box but I have had to scratch build the ASV aerials for the nose and under the wings from brass rod, they are not perfect but they look okay to me. I used decals by DK Decals which are excellent and went on with no issues at all, I just wish their instruction sheets were bigger! Anyway enough waffle here are the pics; I've built this as part of the ongoing (and excellent) B-17 STGB which you need to check out as there are some great builds going on there. For those of you interested here is a link to my build; Thanks for looking in and as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. A Happy New Year to you all. Craig.
  13. Hi all, I am currently building a Revell 1/72 B-17F as a RAF Fortress Mk.II (FA704 serial number) and have got to the point where I need to add the nose glazing but looking at pics of Coastal Command Fortress' I see that some have an ASV aerial protruding from the glazing as well as other aerials under the wings. I have a couple of pics of FA704 but these do not show any aerials, I know they may have been re-touched by the Ministry to hide their presence and I have a feeling that the nose aerial was fitted. What I need to know is if the nose aerial was fitted and if so does that mean that the wing ones were fitted too? I have seen a couple of profiles (I know!) which show a full set of aerials but am obviously unsure of how correct they are. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Craig.
  14. Morning all! Whilst up at Hack Green, the not so secret Nuclear Bunker, just west of Natwich in Chesire for the "celebration" of my 38th year of being ejected into this world, I spotted this unusual variant of an RAF B-17. I'm guessing it was adapted for the Royal Oberserver Corps during the late 1940's early 50's. Maybe an idea for someone to adapt a B-17G? DSC_1839 DSC_1840 DSC_1841 DSC_1842 DSC_1845 I hope I managed to get some decent shots? There was also a fantastically HUGE model of a Shackleton when you enter the bunker too. DSC_1847 DSC_1848 Also, on gaurd duty, a nice little Jet Provest. DSC_1850
  15. I would like the build the Academy B-17C in Coastal Command colours but wanted to know if these aircraft were covered in antennas like the Whitley and Sunderland ? The picture below (2nd one down) does show any and there are none in the kit. Any assistance greatly appreciated cheers Pat
  16. Reading various books about the B-17s, I got the impression that machine guns were removed between operations for cleaning, maintenance etc. Yet I cannot remember seeing a single photo showing "unarmed" B-17!! Is it because such airplane is "less attractive" for the eye or there is some other reason? Of course the same applies for other similar aircraft: B-24, B-25, B-26...
  17. Available 2Q 2013 ref. 01E04 Source: http://www.pacmodels.com/news.php And in German langage (HK Models .de page???) and not yet available in the homepage English version, the first testshot - not prototype - pics! Wingspan: 78,79 cm, Fuselage lenght: 98,80 cm... http://www.hk-models.de/index.htm http://www.hk-models.de/p2_04.htm Don't forget HK Models has a 1/32nd Avro Lancaster and a Gloster Meteor IV in project... V.P.
  18. Hello All! Happy holidays and all the best in the new year. Thought I'd post some pictures of the subjects I got done this year. The B-17 is Revells in 1/72. Seen before. All the rest are 1/48. The Airacobra is Eduards weekend addition. The Hurricane and Stuka are both Airfix kits. Enjoy the pictures and all comments are welcomed. All the very best in the new year. Don Junis
  19. Airfix have just released their 1/72 Messerschmitt Me262A-1A Schwalbe and Boeing Fortress MK.III kits featuring brand new moulding! Available in-store now and at the RAF Scampton Airshow this weekend!
  20. The EAA's B-17G just flew over my house. Its going to be here for a few days at the local airport giving rides. Im hoping to get over there and getting some photo's to upload today or tomorrow.
  21. Good Day All, Here's my rendition of Revell's 1/72 B-17 F. All in all it's a good model but there are a few challenges. The ball turret has several frame lines missing which were added. Also the fit of the two clear parts is not the best. The engine push rods were way out of scale and were replaces as well as adding ignition wiring. The blanking plate for the chin turret for the G model doesn't fit well at all. Quite a bit of time was expended to get it blended. You have to modify the tail guns to fit in the tail interior. The tail clear part was marred with interior tool scratches and had to be polished out. I did OK with it but next time we'll look to use the Pavla alternate though it wasn't great either. The ammunition boxes for the waist guns just did not make sense for an F, they were abandoned. Next one I will have to scratch them The ammunition boxes on the ball turret interfere with rotation and the ammunition feeds really need to be replaced. The pilot and co-pilot seats reminded me of recliners..they were modified. Eduard bits were used for the instrument panel and throttles...excellent product. I dipped the nose glazing in Future (or Pledge floor care here in the Stated now) to get it as clear as possible because it is very thick. Pavlas wasn't great either. I took quite a bit of time to blend the clear front windows and associated panel lines into the fuselage. I'm OK with it but I think Ill do better on the next one. It is painted with Vallejo acrylics as I no longer use oils except for washes and weathering, I do not spray them anymore. Kitsworld decals were used for the artwork. The kits national insignia were used as they were the correct size. The Kitsworld national markings for the wings were undersized in my opinion. Tom Probert gave me some very useful information on painting the interior...thanks so much. It was about 18 months when I asked for it Tom..better late than never. Well onto the pictures. As always all comments are appreciated. All the Best! Don ps: Yes that is the new Airfix 1/48 Stuka B-1 in the background. But that's for another post...LOL!
  22. Hi all, Came across this interesting and (for me at least) unusual scheme on a B-17F and wondered if anyone can shed any more light on it. http://www.americanairmuseum.com/media/27435 I would like to know what the second colour used for the camo is, I assume its medium green blotches on the olive drab but I'm not 100% sure, there also seem to be some areas in different colours such as the stbd tailplane and the control surfaces on the wings. Now I know some of this can be explained by weathering, such as the control surfaces, but I'm not sure about the others. If anyone has any more pictures of the same aircraft or others in similar schemes I would be very grateful to see them. Thanks in advance. Craig.
  23. Greetings, styrene surgeons! Found these sent to me this morning- hoping this is the right location for this post- if not, Adm. please relocate! Some excellent early and late B-17F photos, as well as B-17G's, B-24's, and assorted WW2 types; some very famous examples scattered here and there, but I have not seen most of them before in other publications. I hope you enjoy them. (Sure wish the photographers had future model builders in mind when they took the photos- serials and codes would have been a real blessing!) Mike https://www.pinterest.com/pin/323977766931388450/?utm_campaign=homefeednewpins&e_t=b1ea75f7bb3b4e44b3750d519a4ead25&utm_content=323977766931388450&utm_source=31&utm_term=5&utm_medium=2025
  24. Hello, this is my 1/72 Revell B-17F, dressed as "Shamrock Special". Built from the box with the help of Eduard masks. Painted with Gunze acrylics. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel of IGM Cars & Bikes. Thanks for your interest. Best wishes and happy Easter Holidays from Vienna! Roman
  25. B-17E/F Update sets & masks - For Hong Kong Models Kit 1:32 Eduard The Hong Kong Models kit is a good one, however Eduard are along as always offering their update sets for the kit. Here we have 6 sets for the Bomb Bay, Bomb Racks, Engines, Landing Flaps, Undercarriage and Seatbelts. There are also a two sets of masks, on for the E model and one for the F model. Bomb Bay (32400) This is one large brass fret. As the title would suggest the set provides new parts for the bomb bay as well as the bomb bay doors. The modeller will need to supply some 1.5mm square profile in addition to what's in the set. Bomb Rack (32899) This is one brass fret, and one coloured fret. As the title would suggest the set provides new parts for the bomb racks, as well as lugs and vanes for the bombs. The coloured parts represent warning and other placards. Engines (32397) This is one brass fret. As the title would suggest the set provides new parts for the engines, mainly in the form of a new wiring harness, but also includes other detailing parts for items which will be seen through the cowls. There are some detail parts for the superchargers and some of the cowl flaps. Undercarriage (32399) This is one brass fret. As the title would suggest the set provides new parts for the undercarriage. A new interior is provided for the tail wheel bay as well as detail parts for the tail wheel leg. New parts are provided for the interior of the main gear wells as well as detail parts for the main gear legs. Flaps(32398) This is 2 very large brass frets which provides flaps for the kit. Some of the ribs are already attached which need to be bent into position, some need to be added individually. Some work on kit parts is needed. Seatbelts(32897) This small fret provides a full set of coloured seatbelts for the aircraft. These are the new Steel belts from Eduard. They are etched from 0.1mm sheet, which looks like stainless steel because it doesn't rust, these new belts combine the best of both worlds. The resulting etch is thin at around 0.06mm, and the paint that has been applied after etching is included in that thickness. The paint itself seems to be more flexible too, and the designs have added details such as shadows printed near buckles and joints to give an added depth to the design. They appear less susceptible to fatigue and will stand up to repeated movements, and can be posed much more realistically due to the ease of bending of the surface. The paint is also a lot less likely to flake off at a sharp bend, which is a worry for standard PE belts. Masks(EX543) Each set is supplied on a 4 sheets of yellow kabuki tape, these pre-cut masks supply you with a full set of masks for all of the clear parts on your chosen B-17 model. E Model F Model Conclusion These sets will enhance an already impressive model. Recommended. Review samples courtesy of
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