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Found 20 results

  1. Antonov An-2, pics thanks to Graeme H
  2. Antonov An.225 Mrija (04957) 1:144 Revell Beginning life as an enlargement of the An-124, the An-225 was developed to carry the Soviet Buran Space Shuttle, which obviously wasn't to be a long engagement, and after a period in mothballs, it was re-engineered to be used by Antonov for carrying oversize loads, which it now does all over the world. There is only one airframe in existence due to the expiry of funding during construction of the 2nd airframe, which after more than a few false-restarts, only now might see completion to be used by another carrier in China. It holds a few world records for wingspan of an operational aircraft and for carrying the heaviest single load. The conversion of the An-124 involved lengthening the fuselage and wings to accommodate another two engines, and of course the number of wheels and gear legs were increased too to spread the load around, with the innovative "kneeling" nose wheel arrangement that makes loading cargo through the front visor an easier task. Its first commercial flight involved transporting four main battle tanks, a task that gives an idea of the huge capacity in terms both of volume and weight that this monster has. It has been surprisingly active, as its capacity and cost hits the right spot on more occasions than you would think. It also pinched the title of largest cargo plane in service from the American C-5 Galaxy, which it is fairly substantially bigger than, even in 1:144. The Kit This is a re-release from Revell of their completely new tool. At first look it might seem an odd choice when you consider that there is only one airframe extant on this blue marble of ours. That said, it is a stunningly massive monster of a gigantic behemoth. Seriously though, if you've ever seen this aircraft at a show or in the air, it will have made an indelible impression on your retina, as your mind struggles to comprehend just how large it is. The same thing will probably cross your mind when you admire the box on the shelf of your local hobby shop, or when it arrives at your front door. It's a big'un with the box measuring 43 x 60 x 12cm, and yes. It's also a top-opener, which is nice. There are only seven sprues of white styrene, plus one of clear parts, but with the exception of the clear parts, they're pretty large sprues, and there are a lot of parts. The boxing is very much a paired down version of the original kit, there is no separate nose, no interior and no landing gear, indeed a stand is now included to display the model on. First impressions are excellent. The quality of the tooling is very fine and crisp as befits a 1:144 model, with lots of detail.. The breakdown of the parts also shows a great deal of thought has been put into the construction and long-term welfare of the model once it is on display. Construction begins with the interior structure that will support the massive kit, there are to bulkheads and a linking part. The tiny cockpit is a single part that is painted up and attached to the top of the roof at the front, while another spacer is fixed to the roof toward the rear of the assembly. At this point the fuselage is still open aft of the wing leading edge, which is closed by the large T-shaped insert that has a sturdy spar applied to its inside, and includes the inboard upper section of the wings for strength and to prevent any tricky seams being pulled open by the weight of the wings. At the rear another spar is installed in the tail to accept the empennage later in the build. The canopy is fitted at this point too, sliding in from the front. A similar insert is fitted under the fuselage straddling the main gear bays. As already mentioned, the upper wing root is a single part that spans the fuselage, and has a stiffening spar fitted to stop the model's own weight from pulling it apart. The upper wing panels are attached to the end of this centre section, with a portion of the spar and a U-shaped mating surface also helping seam integrity. This is all then hidden away by closing up the wing using the full-span lower panel, which is repeated on the other side, with clear wingtip lights added. The Mrija's angled H-tail is next, with the upstands and the horizontals made up from two parts each, fitted together over the aft spar to obtain the correct angle, with the uprights perpendicular to them, as shown in a scrap diagram. The two dorsal humps over the wing roots are made up from two parts each and applied to the surface on their raised positions. At this stage the 225 is looking like the world's biggest glider, as the wings are devoid of engines, of which you must now build six. The internals are identical, so with the fan, trunking and intake lip added together, they are inserted into the six external housings and pylons that are all different, so take note of which construction step each one represents with a mark inside the pylon or similar. Each wing also has six flap actuator fairings, which are two parts each and again fit in only one slot on the wing, so be careful not to get them mixed up. With those in place, the engine pods are added to their recesses on the wing, locating with two pins for additional strength. As this is the in-flight option has all the bay doors fitted flush. After a few aerials are fitted on the nose, additional drawings show how the two open options should look once complete. Markings One airframe in existence, so there's one scheme, right? Not quite, this decal sheet has markings the airframe wore 1992 to 2007, and the slightly different ones 2007 to 2008 The decal sheet is very long, as it has a set of cheat lines, they are printed for Revell by Cartogrf (designed by Daco), with good registration, sharpness and colour density, with a thin gloss carrier film cut close to the printed areas. The only thing that I will mention is that the yellow in the Ukrainian national markings is printed as orange for some reason? Conclusion It's hard not to be impressed by this kit, and not just from a point of view of size. The quality of the tooling is excellent, the level of detail is first-rate, and the engineering expertise that has gone into creating it is impressive, demonstrating a desire for the complete model to sit on your shelf for years to come without concern for it pulling itself to pieces under its own weight. Splendid! The price-point represents good value when compared to other similar-sized kits, and what's included improves that further. If you have the space in your stash and/or on your shelf, there's nothing holding you back, and even if you don't have the space, when has that ever stopped us? Extremely highly recommended. Revell model kits are also available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit or
  3. Antonov An-181 Handiwork, this is a development of the An-24 designed for aerial cartography. Pics taken at The Ukraine State Aviation Museum Zhulyany, Kiev. Pics thanks to Dave Haskell.
  4. Antonov An-26, NATO reporting name Curl. Pics thanks to Mike Costello taken at The Polish Aiviation Museum, Kracow.
  5. An-225 Mriya 1/144 I've seen a few attempts at this but haven't seen one finished yet so I've decided to take the plunge myself. The most obvious way to do this is to purchase 2 An-124 kits and extend the fuselage and wings. The tail will obviously have to be scratch built. I'm already waiting for the 124 kits in the post. However I've decided to build the core of the model using 2-d prints. I've estimated the fuselage length at 1/144 scale about 53.62cm, and that is the exact size that I will print off for the side profile. Theres also some fuselage sections which will come in handy to build up those extensions The tailcone is different to the 124. concentrating purely on the fuselage I'm estimating this is where it ends tidied up the diagram and printed out to size Looks like a scratch build from this but i want to make sure that the core of the model is strong enough so parts can be added gradually - its going to be heavy and BIG! The fuselage profile isn't exactly the same as the 124 so this also gives me a better idea.
  6. Antonov An-30 Clank, this is a development of the An-24 designed for aerial cartography.Pics taken at The Ukraine State Aviation Museum Zhulyany, Kiev. Pics thanks to Dave Haskell.
  7. Modelsvit is to release in 2016 a 1/72nd Antonov An-70 kit - ref.7206 Source: https://www.facebook.com/136603423173762/photos/pcb.530194830481284/530194780481289/?type=3&theater V.P.
  8. Hi all, There really is no hope for me and my ever growing stash! In January I added the F-Rsin A300-600 (Monarch Airlines), a Welsh Models Bombardier CRJ-200 and now this Pas Models 1/144 Antonov An-32. I've loved the An-32 since being a kid, the engines look so out of proportion with rest of the aircraft, it looks a bit bonkers, so I thought I'd share some photos of the kit. Regards, Darren
  9. I had posted this project in the Aircraft RFI a week ago. I'm guessing it fits the bill for this forum too. My apologies for the repost. Cheers, Alex. The Antonov An-2 was widely used in Russia, and neighboring countries. A hardy, easily maintained, Short-Takeoff-Landing aircraft, it proved to be a life-line to many far flung rural communities. This little vignette is supposed to reflect the aircraft in that vital role. Thanks for watching! Cheers, Alex.
  10. The Antonov An-2 was widely used in Russia, and neighboring countries. A hardy, easily maintained, Short-Takeoff-Landing aircraft, it proved to be a life-line to many far flung rural communities. This little vignette is supposed to reflect the aircraft in that vital role. The Build: There was some minor scratch-building attempted on the aircraft: The cabin door was molded closed, so it was opened and a basic interior was created before joining the halves together. The engine was detailed a little as it's visible thru the front. The kit was missing the prominent wing-flap hinges, so they were created from 0.5mm styrene sheet. A bi-plane without rigging is no bi-plane at all, so despite the 1/144 scale, it was worth the effort. The cockpit frame was created with decals, unfortunately that area is one of the weaker points of the build. The rest of the scene is scratch built. The base was made from epoxy-putty, with real stones,graded sifted soil and match-sticks for the fencing. Static grass and colored saw-dust was used for the ground cover. Twisted wire and brush bristles dusted with colored saw-dust made the conifer trees. The chocks, access ladder and crates were built from stretched sprue, styrene sheet and choice expletives. Barrels were just bits of sprue. The man and dog were made from styrene sheet and stretched sprue. The man measures around 1cm in height, and had me cross-eyed for a few days after making him. On to the photos! Thanks for watching! Cheers, Alex.
  11. Brand (KUM)? - is working on a 1/144th Antonov An-178 kit - ref.? Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1011908745513189&id=100000822191722 CADs V.P.
  12. In no real order other than by aircraft type kinda... my 2015 with a little bit of 2016 thrown in, but will note by the 2016 photos! It's been a good year I must admit, and I've only been abroad once to Switzerland 'spotting' for the day.... All Russian/Soviet/Ukrainian/Eastern European types as these are my all time favourite.... Hope they are of interest! and two from tonight (07/01/16) taken at East Midlands...
  13. Not a common sight in the UK, I actually went down for the two Hungarian Air Force An-26's but when I arrived LZ-FLA (seems to be a bit of a resident at Birmingham at the moment...) was sat in a great position.... The two HuAF 26's brought over musical instruments for some reason... (obviously getting played somewhere) I couldn't get over during the day and seeing as I like a night shot or two... I ventured over late one night. Hope they're of interest. x3 An-26's at Birmingham, LZ-FLA, 603 & 407 HuAF by Radleigh Bushell, on Flickr x3 An-26's at Birmingham, LZ-FLA, 603 & 407 HuAF by Radleigh Bushell, on Flickr x3 An-26's at Birmingham, LZ-FLA, 603 & 407 HuAF by Radleigh Bushell, on Flickr
  14. Hi all, I am soon going to be attempting an AModel AN-32 in the current grey (greenish grey all over) scheme. I am not sure what the best Humbrol equivalent is and wonder if there is anyone out there who knows? Thanks a lot. Best regards, Martin
  15. Amodel is to release a 1/72nd Antonov A-40(KT)prototype flying tank using T-60 kit - ref.72202 Source: http://hobbyterra.com/product/antonov-a-40-kt-prototype-flying-tank-using-t-60-amodel-72202.html Box art V.P.
  16. After working on this kit for the past eight years, I've eventually managed to finish this off ! I'm sure that I made it harder than it should have been but frequent trips to the "loft of shame" didn't help the poor thing. Enough reminiscing - here are my photos of Roden's 1/72 An-12BK finished off using one of the schemes from the Authentic Decals sheet 72-09 In spite of my best efforts to wean myself off the civvie stuff, I couldn't resist a scheme with a cheat-line. Thanks for looking. mike
  17. A few recent photos of some of Russians finest! I apologise in advance for the excessive amount of photos. EW-394TI An-12 by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr An-12 nose dive.. UR-DWF by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr UR-DWF An-12BK by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr UR-DWF An-12BK by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr UR-DWF An-12BK by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr An-12 nose on.. UR-DWF by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr UR-DWF An-12BK by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr UR-DWF An-12BK by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr and then a quick dash over to East Midlands for a rare Russian An-26, RA-26142, not knowing UR-CJN was on the ground too. First two shot through a fence and I was ridiculously tired so these aren't the best, not forgetting light was dropping very quickly! UR-CJN An-12 by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr RA-26142 An-26B by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr then I made the choice of sticking on my 100mm prime for the An-26, using 12,800iso to give me a faster shutter speed, I wish I'd stuck my x2 teleconvertor on now though giving me a bit more reach. RA-26142 An-26B by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr RA-26142 An-26B by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr Then as I was leaving I tried once more for this using a different spot. Hasn't come out to bad, but not the sharpest. UR-CJN An-12 by Totallyrad.co.uk, on Flickr Until next time, thanks for looking.
  18. Antonov AN-2 Detail Sets 1:48 Quickboost for HobbyBoss We have here another five sets released by Aires, in the Quickboost range. This time for the Hobbyboss Antonov An-2 to give it that extra bit of detail that can really make a model. The modeller can use as many or as little of these sets as they see fit and they don’t have to buy a big set, not all of which may be used. Each item/s are contained in a poly sleeve that Quickboost regularly use with a card backing. Not too much protection then, except that most of the parts are on their moulding blocks and protected by solid uprights. The Engine (QB 48 542) It contains the single ASz-62IR 9 cylinder single row engine. The moulded detail is very nice including the cylinder cooling fins, bolt heads and other details on the crankcase. The modeller will still need to add the wiring harness and other details, but it is a good base to start from. Cowl Flaps (QB 48 533). If you’re going to change the engine you may as well change the cowl flaps too. These well moulded examples have really fine trailing edges and are moulded in banks of three so they shouldn’t tax the modeller too much with fitting. Air Intakes and Oil Radiator (QB 48 534), provides a very nicely moulded set of three air intakes, each hollowed out for that correct look. It also provides a replacement oil cooler radiator. Each end is hollowed out to the radiator and the radiator even has the grid pattern moulded onto it. Each part is easily removed from the casting block and shouldn’t take more than a few swipes of a sanding stick to clean up. Exhaust (QB 48 535), contains a direct replacement exhaust and fairing. The exhaust is nearly hollow all the way through giving a great look along with the very thin sidewalls. Floodlight (QB 48 543), contains three replacement floodlights, each beautifully moulded right down to the bulbs. All the modeller has to add is a lens for which a drop of Klear or Glue N Glaze. Conclusion Quickboost seem to be really knocking these small but very useful sets out. The Hobbyboss kit is already very nice out of the box, but these sets will add that little something extra to enhance the model. Highly recommended. Review samples courtesy of distributed in the UK by Hannants Ltd.
  19. Hi everyone Finished this at the same time as my 757-200. It is the fantastic revell kit. I started this 3 years ago, messed it up back then by spraying way to much paint on it and it was slung into the box. I decided it was time to reserect it of the stash and i got to work sanding of the old paint and here are the results. Its all hand painted, i still havent got any paint.... Well enjoy the results! Thanks Bradley
  20. Antonov An-12, pics from Graeme H
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