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Found 10 results

  1. I was given this kit today by my team at work as an early birthday present. It was such a lovely and thoughtful gesture that, despite vowing not to start another build until I'd completed one that I'd already got in progress, I've decided to make it a project to get it built in the course of my week off next week. I'm sure the Airfix Jaguar E-type Open Two Seater needs no introduction. I built one of these in my adolescence and so I'm quite keen to go back and have another bash at it. It seems somehow appropriate that the bits come in a plastic bag, even if they are contained within a cardboard box. Limited set of decals but they look pretty nice. And the parts themselves, very much a case of "flash! Aaargh!" As recommended by the instructions, I've given the parts a wash in warm, soapy water. I'll leave them to dry overnight before attempting to start the build properly. I'm not quite sure how to tackle this build as you can't assemble the body without also assembling most of the interior and suspension. The various parts of the body don't seem to mate terribly well, so it's going to be a challenge to get it all together to paint. I'll probably use an airbrush rather than spray cans and I think I'll go for green, rather than the red finish that the box art suggests.
  2. This is the P-51D Mustang by Airfix in 48 scale. It was a joy to build this kit. I used Vallejo acrylics (mainly olive drab and neutral grey). The decals came from SuperScale decals (no48-1065). There is a mistake in the decal sheet instructions, since they make 'ol flak joe' walk towards the tail of the aircraft. I had my doubts if that could be corect. Some searching on the internet showed that in fact he was walking in the direction of flight. Hope you like the Mustang. Regards, Gerben
  3. These three guys have moved between the workbench, the shelf of doom and back again for many, many years. I recently decided that I'd get them back to the bench and make an effort to get them finished. One each from Airfix, Academy and Matchbox. I'd decided years ago to finish the three of them using an Almark decal set for three Battle of Britain aircraft, each displaying variations in finish. The Airfix kit is not the current kit but one from a few years ago with the trademark rivets. If I'd started this more recently I would have taken down the rivets but as these were started years ago I'm just going to press on. Here are the first few photos.
  4. My Lansen having gone faster than expected, I am waiting for some paint to arrive so I thought I might make a start on this. I built it when it first came out in the early 1970's and remember it being a simple kit. The cockpit is non existent, being just a crude seat and pilot, so I will have a go at detailing it a bit, having bought a resin seat.The kit has markings for 2 machines, one from F 13 wing and another from F10 with lots of yellow squares. I have never been certain if they were normal markings - I have read somewhere that similar markings were used on Lansens but only during exercises so wonder if the same applies here? As usual with my builds I like to give a little background history as I know there are one or two out there who know as little about the Draken as I did - I suggest everybody else skips this bit. As ever all info from Putnam's Saab aircraft so anybody wanting to correct or add to it - please feel free. Saab's first purpose built jet, the J29 Tunnan was entirely conventional except for a rather fat fuselage, and the next warplane they built, the J32 Lansen was perfectly “normal” to look at, but the supersonic J35 Draken (Dragon) was totally unconventional for the time, being given a “double delta” wing like nothing before, and perhaps nothing after as well. The concept was tested on a purpose built machine known as the Saab 210, which had a similar wing to the Draken, but tested various nose and intake layouts – this is one version. At least one other had a longer nose I believe. In April 1952 the Swedish Air Force ordered 3 prototypes of the Saab 1250 project as the Type J35 Draken, and the first flew on October 25th 1955, powered by the same RM 5A licence built RR Avon as fitted to the J32A Lansen. Delivery of the initial production A model began in late 1959, fitted with the more powerful RM 6B variant of the engine. 90 were produced, but from the 66th onwards changes were made to the rear fuselage to incorporate a new afterburner and a retractable tailwheel to allow high drag "nose up" landings to assist in short field operations apparently. Top speed was Mach 1.5 Starting in 1962, 75 of a new version the J35B were delivered with improved armament and radar, followed by 120 improved J35D with more powerful engine and improvements in radar, fuel capacity and a new rocket ejector seat. The C version was a 2 seat trainer and the E was an unarmed recce version, and the ultimate version was the F of which 230 were built entering service in 1965. This was basically a D version with a completely new electronics fit to allow it to fire licence built versions of the Hughes Falcon missile instead of the Sidewinder of the early versions, of which more during the build. Top speed was in excess of Mach 2. A number of F models were later upgrade to the J with changes to electronics and weaponry. The Draken was primarily a fighter but had limited ground attack capability, particularly the ones exported to Denmark, or so I believe, and as such was a replacement for the J29 Tunnan rather more than the J32 Lansen, which was replaced by the Viggen multi role aircraft I think, but may be wrong? Early versions were NMF and very late ones Grey but I will be painting this in the "Blue/Green" camo. So I had better do a bit of research on cockpit colours before I go any further. Cheers Pete
  5. Hello all; I normally stick to Allied air forces but this paint scheme has been a bucket list for a while and I finally had a go at it. The full story of the multiple approaches and repaint can be found on my site. As usual, comment and corrections welcome. Cheers; Mark.
  6. So I gather that this GB is all about finishing shelf queens... I also see the 25% rule doesn't apply, so I have a number of models that fit the bill, ranging from still in assembly to finishing off the decals. This is one that just needs decals, weathering and all the little bits and adding. Hope no one minds me putting up a few entries, I have a number of projects I'd love to get on with. There's the original WIP thread ^^ And this is what the model looks like now.
  7. A relative recently gifted me an Airfix 1/32 17 pounder kit. Over Diwali I decided to do a full speed build of it. Sorry that there are no photos of the WIP, but my camera's SD card got corrupted. Many thanks to Tim (@Tank152) for the various items he sent me that greatly helped while building. I will weather the kit when I am home for winter vacations in December. Please give any advice that you fell will help improve the kit.
  8. Hi Everyone, Here is another project for 2015, this one has a deadline as it is another commission build for my step mum's birthday in April. She is from Cornwall originally and has heard about the Penlee lifeboat tragedy in 1981. She has always liked my previous lifeboat build, which is the current Penlee Severn class lifeboat and so I agreed to build another one for her birthday. I will be getting a display case for the lifeboat as soon as it is completed. Thanks to cmatthewbacon for sending me the kit, I will be donating to the RNLI as soon as the build is completed. We agreed this in lieu of any payment for the kit. Anyway here are the photos of the kit as I have primed it. First update will be following soon as I really have to get a start on this build. I'm hoping to improve on the way I built my previous lifeboat. Rick
  9. Here's some pics of a big scale Airfix Mk. I I'm building. I have the basic paint on, and the decals have just been finished. Next up will be weathering and so forth. Paint is Tamiya Sky, RAF Dark Green 2 and Gunze Dark Earth. It's a good kit to build, though it does show it's age. I am building this on commission, and I ordered the recent Airfix boxing. I'd forgotten I have an old 70s era boxing of this kit. About halfway through the build, I "discovered" that old boxing, and compared parts. It is amazing to see what time does to a mold. Still, quite builadable and quite fun. (Although I am hoping Airfix decides to do an updated 1/24th scale Spitfire someday!) I added a few aftermarket parts- a seat, control column and undercarriage lever from Gray Matter Figures. (http://www.greymatterfigures.com/) The rest is OOB. It's built gear up, as the customer wants it to hang from his ceiling. To facilitate this, I split the rubber tires in half, and it fit pretty nicely.
  10. Kit manufacture: Airfix (club boxing with Harrier FA.2) Scale: 1/72 Type: Harrier GR.7 Extras used: Tape seat belts, not that you can see them. Paints and colours used: Tamiya Dark Sea Grey (on top), Xtracrylix Dark Camo Grey (underside), Tamiya mainly elsewhere, Citadel Silver and Gunmetal for the metal bits! Weathered with Flory Dark Dirt, Glossed with Alclad and Matte coats were with Xtracrylix. The build is mentioned here, in very little detail: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234964266-airfix-148-seafire-fxvii-plus-special-guests/#entry1684720 So this is a Harrier Gr.7 scratch built out of milliput, Vallejo filler and Tamiya putty. I filled the gaps between the fillers with the Airfix Harrier Gr.7 kit (old tool). This is one of the first models I started when I got back into the hobby 2-3 years ago, and has only now been finished. As it was the old tool, I decided I'd use it as a practice kit (filling, sanding, weather etc), but encountered so many problems, it frequently got placed on the shelf of doom... In truth, the fit was actually pretty good over all, but where it didn't fit, it was a nightmare (air intake, wing roots underneath), particularly the canopy with was too wide. I must commend Airfix though, I broke the first canopy trying to squeeze it onto the model; they sent me a replacement FOC in the post within 2 days. Top work that. I left some missiles off, basically the weapons were an additional item to the original tool of this aircraft (I guess) and as a result did not fit on any of the pylons. The weapons that are on there I drilled out and fitted with a tiny copper rod, but I lost interest by the time I got to the missiles.... So, here she is, tips and constructive criticism greatly appreciated. I think the one thing I did learn from this practice kit was that if there is a nice, new tooled, highly praised kit (Airfix, Revell/Has) for just a couple of quid more, don't bother with the old one! But I'm fairly pleased with the end result. Many thanks, Val
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