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Found 9 results

  1. Another of 2019's builds which has helped fill my top shelf with Spitfires as good liqueur should. 9 of 12 using Airfix 1/72 Mk. I/II/Va kit, Others are Hasegawa's Mk.VIII & IX kits. Additions include PE seat belts and 3D Kits Spitfire Mk.II conversion kit. This provided new seat, control coulomb, coffman starter bulge and Rotol spinner/propeller. Painted with Mr Surfacer 1000 and Mr Color lacquers for all else. Decals are a mix of kit insignia, 3D Kits nose insignia, name and serial number. I replaced the sky lettering with Micro Decals, these are my go to for code letters. Also used same makers dull red decals for gun port covers. They're super thin, had super adherence and don't bleed through the underlying colours. Panel wash with acrylic Windsor and Newton, streaks using AK interactive streaking mediums. Chipping using Tamiya silver lacquer with sponge. Thanks for looking.
  2. While the satin coat dries on my Israeli 'FrankenSpit' I will push ahead with yet another, switch brands and go north to Sweden in the early days of the Cold War. Here are the initial offerings from the box... The bird is blue...sorry for the terrible photo. Sprues...not the level of detail I have become used to with the AZ moulds, but decent and should be a fun aircraft to build. The decals look awfully nice with excellent register and plenty of stencil data. Since this is a photo-recon aircraft and unarmed, and kept by the Swedes, It will be a clean job, all stencils in place. Very little wear and tear for this one. A bit of exhaust should suit it fine. I'll prime it this evening and perhaps start in on some the of the smaller bits. --John
  3. My first post on britmodeller and my second 1/48 scale model from Airfix. I'm going to be brush finishing this model with humbrol enamel paints and will be updating this topic a couple times a week I hope all of you enjoy and I look forward to some feedback from you guys thanks ! This the colour scheme I choose for the finish with the 24 yellow nose cone and 123 extra dark sea grey on top with a Number 90 beige green and 135 satin vanish mix for the underside of the model ">http:// I also have some Sprue pictures and a picture of the paints themselves ">http:// ">http:// paints ">http:// Thanks for having a look And I'll be starting the build soon
  4. Hello BM'ers... Despite my efforts to lurk around here and say nice things about the works of plastic engineering joy you so often produce, it's been a good 7 months since I've had any chance to do any modelling myself. Life has a habit of getting in the way, and boy did it ever... Anyway, I finally got the chance to stick some things together and slap some paint on, and as it looks like I might (!) have a bit more spare time to improve my rather lacklustre skills, I thought I'd have a run-up 'quick-build' before tackling an Eduard 1/48 Spitfire IX. As such, I dragged an obvious choice out of the stash and had a bash at this lovely little kit. The build itself was very enjoyable, presenting few problems other than those of my own devising. Everything snaps together very easily, and the outline of the kit looks somehow 'right'. This was, as I say, a run-up build, so I didn't modify anything and didn't exactly hang around (3 days from box to shelf, plus a couple of days curing time) - so wail at the lack of drooping elevators, gnash teeth at the black panel wash and guffaw at the overall 'over-done-ness' of it all. Painted with Mr Colour, weathered with gusto (and oils). Lack of pitot tube thanks to cack-handedness and gaps in the floorboards! Thing is, I had a terrific amount of fun building this, and in honesty I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out... Anyway, go easy on me as I'm but a novice at this kind of thing! On with the pics: 1/72 Airfix Spitfire by als_models, on Flickr 1/72 Airfix Spitfire by als_models, on Flickr 1/72 Airfix Spitfire by als_models, on Flickr 1/72 Airfix Spitfire by als_models, on Flickr 1/72 Airfix Spitfire by als_models, on Flickr 1/72 Airfix Spitfire by als_models, on Flickr Thanks for looking!
  5. Hi All Here's my Spitfire which I want to share with you. It has some firsts for me, first time using an airbrush and first time weathering and washing panel lines. Obligatory 'upside down on tamiya pots' photo: Oh no! Giant killer cat! Hope you enjoy, best wishes, Danyel
  6. Here's my build of the classic Airfix Plane, the early re-release of the Spitfire IX. Pros; good overall shape, good parts fit. Proper long air intake, proper shock links on the u/c. Cons; interior a throwback to the 70's, four spoke wheels! Possibly a few bumps missing off the cowling... There may be others, i.e. I'm not sure the late type tailplanes are right for this particular plane, and there is controversy over those wheel bumps in the upper wings... Let's get cracking, then, Grommit. Grinding out the 4x2's moulded inside the fuselage. Interior is from a scrap Revell Mark V. Grinding down the sides of the bulkheads to fit in the thicker Airfix Fuselage, adding a seat cushion and reinforcing the (by now fragile) instrument panel bulkhead. Although as everyone knows, Spitfires didn't have floors, the Revell one is useful... Handy thing about Spitfires, you can stick the fuselage together and put the interior in from underneath! All test fitted, painted, floor shortened. I added some rudimentary (i.e. crude) bits in the cockpit sides to represent, if that's the word, throttle and flap lever quadrants. In it goes. Make sure the canopy will fit over all this stuff... it does, in doing so noticing that very little can be seen through it... Airframe together and it looks like a Spitfire, here's how to avoid Droopy Tailplane Misery... More once I get my bench back!!
  7. Helloo fine folk of Britmodeller, I trust I find everyone well? If I may, I'd like to share a few images of a recent completion. Whilst on holiday in Derbyshire a few weeks ago I stumbled on a new tool boxing of the Spitfire Mk IIA by Airfix. It was at a very reasonable £4.99 which seemed to be good value and, since I'd spent the week enjoying building the new tool Airfix Gnat I thought I'd take the plunge. I have to say that I'm very impressed by Airfix. They seem to be trying very hard with their latest releases. This kit offers two build options with alternative parts and decals plus a comprehensive set of stencil decals included to boot. The parts are very crisp and in general the fit was excellent. I did need a touch of filler on the underside and I confess I had to gently adjust the wing fit but all in all everything went without a hitch. I used Xtracrylics for the upper surface cammo and found an old pot of Sky that must have been included in another kit that I had at some time or other. For the weathering I used some Lifecolor weathering stuff and pastels. (I'm not keen on spraying the LifeColor weathering inks as they seem to clog the airbrush but they do give a nice oily/smoky look.) The photos were taken outside under natural sunlight. I gather that there has been much discussion over the panel lines with the newer Airfix releases. For my part, I think they are a might heavy but that's just my particular preference. I'm guessing that there are many modellers who love the engraved panel lines as they will certainly hold a wash well. Given that these panel lines are quite prominent, it's difficult to take photos in my favourite style which give the illusion of a real aircraft in this scale. However, that did n't stop me having a go. The first job was to source a suitable backdrop. I remembered that I'd taken a plain landscape at Duxford one year so I printed it up on a sheet of A4 paper then stuck it to a flat board. I plonked the Spittie onto a length of ply in front of the backdrop and arranged a tripod to hold the camera. The results are ok but they don't look that convincing. I resorted to software trickery......
  8. Back to the seventies guys just finished my paper round thrown the raleigh chopper in the yard and rushing in the house to throw together the new airfix spitfire Vb from box to windowsill in an hour!built old style brush painted on it,s stand.Original boxing newer decals originals too far gone thanks for looking.
  9. Photo Etch Set for Airfix Spitfire F Mk. 22 (self adhesive) 1:72 Eduard Airfix’s Spitfire F Mk.22 was something of a surprise when it was announced last year, as most modellers were expecting another one of the wartime marks of the famous fighter. Nevertheless, the kit was warmly welcomed by the modelling community as it combined detail, buildability and value in one tempting package. Now Eduard have turned their attention to the kit with a set of photo etched detail parts. As with many of their sets, this package from Eduard is comprised of two frets. The first contains pre-painted, self-adhesive parts, mainly for detailing the cockpit of the kit. The second is a plain fret which contains a host of parts for the rest of the airframe. Among the goodies on offer are a new multi-layered instrument panel, a gun sight, rudder pedals and a new seat complete with armour and harnesses. The cockpit sidewalls also benefit from a host of additional details. Also included are a couple of panels for the rear fuselage and details for the under-fuselage radiators and the oil cooler. The landing gear benefits from additional details including replacement scissor links and brake lines, and the landing gear bays are similarly appointed. Finishing touches include various aerial and other fine details. Conclusion Although the base kit from Airfix is very well detailed for the scale, this set from Eduard will help to give the kit enough of a lift to elevate it to the next level. The only thing that could conceivably be missing is a set of flaps (these were included with the set for Airfix’s Mk. I Spitfire) but other than that this set can be thoroughly recommended. http://www.eduard.com/store/Eduard/Photo-etched-parts/Photo-etched-set/Aircraft/1-72/Spitfire-F-Mk-22-S-A-1-72.html?cur=1'> Review sample courtesy of http://www.eduard.cz'>
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