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Found 451 results

  1. ?'ve just bought the Academy C-97A in 1/72. I was wondering in is possible to convert it in a Civil B-377 thanks
  2. Afternoon All! Second entry into this GB. I'll be a bit slow at making a start on this one - working on a few other bits too at the mow. Have the Eduard mask set already and some pre painted etched belts on their way over in the post. I'll be doing the box art markings so that it fits within the time frame needed for the GB I've been having a read over some the previous WIPs on this kit on here. From what I can gather based on what I've read here and on the IMPS link that has popped up a lot - I'm thinking it should be interior green through, with no bronze green around the pilot area? Couldn't find any info on the bomb bay colour - interior green is called out in the AM instructions or should it be zinc yellow / insignia white etc? Any thoughts? This will the first time I've build any of the re-boxed Accurate Miniatures kits so looking forwards to it. Aaron
  3. Academy is to release in 2019 a new tool 1/144th Rockwell B-1B kit in the MCP (Multi Color Parts) serie - ref. 12620 Source: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235047967-academy-catalog-2019/&do=findComment&comment=3218086 Box art V.P.
  4. Hello everyone, here comes my second entry for this group build. A Super Etendard with spotting the 100 years of French naval aviation livery. As you can see I was crazyenough to order PE-parts again but no masks. This is going to be fun. The kit itself is not overlz complicated it is currently also the only Etendard readily available in 1:72 so my choices where slighly limited. the Syhart decals are as always a joy to the eye however if the Delta Ramex La Fayette is anything to go by,they will be quite fiddly to place. I also have a question for the seasoned modeller. How do I make sure I have the perfect transition and don't get any colour bleeding around the thin yellow line - the line is provided as a decal. My idea was to paint everzthing black, place the yellow decal and then mask the hell out of it, with flexible masking tape. but mazbe someone has a cleverer solution?
  5. MMZone from Korea, moxingfan & Model Bar from China report about a not yet officially announced 1/35th Boeing AH-64A Apache by Academy - ref.12129 Some reliable sources say it'll be just a rebox from the old Hapdong Tech/Kangnam/IMEX kit (link). Sources: http://mmzone.co.kr/mms_tool/mt_view.php?mms_db_name=mmz_forum&no=370385 http://www.moxingfans.com/new/news/2020/0327/7533.html https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6579272654 https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/stkofi5ecsdmhaahtm1i.html https://www.hlj.com/1-35-scale-ah-64a-apache-south-carolina-ang-acd12129 V.P.
  6. Luka

    1/72 B-17F advice

    Maybe a simple question to ask, but I just can't figure out by reading some of the online reviews; which is the best B-17F in 1/72? The obvious candidates are Academy, Hasegawa and Revell. Any Britmodellers out there that have some good pointers for me?
  7. After planning to build an airplane after a while spent pretty much exclusively with 28mm wargaming figures and armor, me and my friend decided to tackle this lovely kit from Academy in a parallel build starting on May 1st. Dalibor's build can be seen here: My original plan was for this to be straight out of the box build, however one thing lead to another and here's the (for now) complete list of aftermarket detail set: Quickboost Flaps Quickboost Ejection seat Eduard PE Zoom set Aires Exhaust nozzle Master Model pitot tube (not pictured, currently in transport) The plan is to build this as the second decal option out of the box - VF-103 Sluggers BuNo 150303/AJ-201 | USS Forrestal 1964 The flaps are pictured after I've already cleaned them as this was a bit of a worry - managing to cut them clear and not breaking/destroying them in the process. In the end it turned out to be a walk in the park and tehy really look ace. Next step will be the actual removal of the flaps that are part of the wing. So this is it for now. Tune in tomorrow for an update of the first day spent with this lovely kit.
  8. Academy is to release in 2016 a new tool 1/72nd Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet "VF-103" kit - ref.12535 Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234994031-academy-catalogue-2016-online/ V.P.
  9. After the F-35A (link) Academy is to release in 2020 a 1/72nd Lockheed-Martin F-35B Lightning II kit - ref. 12569 Source: http://academy.co.kr/1aden/site/01_academy_kor/notice/2020_catalog.pdf V.P.
  10. Me 262 build starts here! I started this build on Sunday 28th August. I've cleared up my environment so I'm free to make models once again, although it has been some time, so I thought I'd brush up on my skills again before I finish/ruin that harrier! So far I've been working on a mister craft hawker hunter which is near ready for paint and the aforementioned Airfix harrier which I've been dabbling with...... So, on with this build.... I decided it's going to be fast and from the box! A few parts make up the nose section and wings the fit is excellent, the wing/fuselage joint just clicks in, as does the cockpit assembly. This area was a bit fiddly! I superglued the console to my finger and I lost the control column to the carpet monster.......which, on a clean wooden floor is some feat.... (Oh yeah, there is also a big glue finger print melted into the port wing. Once dry I sanded this up. Looks ok now..... Glad I chose to practice!!,) After getting bored of searching for the missing part I picked out a few colours and laid down some paint.....first use of the gun in a while! Felt goooood! Went to bed, woke up, found the control column. Happy days. I used tamiya paints; German grey for the cockpit. RLM 02 for the undercarriage legs, doors and bays. Me262 round 2....... Cockpit. Some parts of this type I'm unsure of, I couldn't help but look for some pics to see what you should have here. Clearly seatbelts and seat cushion are missing. Also the gunsight is missing. There are a few more little details but I want this to be quick! The piece of foil that holds headache pills has a light embossed pattern. I've read about using this for belts. Why not have a go? It took longer than expected! Cut with a steel rule and scalpel, the "belts" were fixed with superglue. Seat cushion from styrene sheet, rounded a bit with a file so it looks more ummm, cushiony? Painted with games workshop acrylics. Browns on the cushion and bone for the belts. A few (because they were nearest) Airfix acrylic colors were used in the tub for switches and dry brushing. Tamiya flat black for the dials and green for the rediscovered control column boot. Looks ok. A fairly accurate representation of what should be. Except for the gunsight. Not sure about building one yet, I wanted a quick build. Sidewalls could do with something GAP filling... It should be fairly straightforward, looks to be parallel. Maybe next time? The fit of the tub assembly to the fuselage is excellent, it just snaps in... No glue! I just tacked it in with superglue. Me262 Weight and Luck! According to the instructions you need 5-8g in the nose. I found some appropriate sized weights. This time I'm using little screws, this turns out to be a lucky find! The small screws are about 0.5g and the big screws are about 1g. I could only fit two screws in the nose, so I had to remove the cockpit, that's the lucky bit, I'm glad I just tacked it with super glue. I got 8 small plus blu tac between the bulkheads, and I can fit 2 large into each engine nacelle. That's enough! This time I used the scalpel handle and blu tac to form a counter balance, just add screws! Me262 cockpit 2. I had to remove the cockpit to get some extra weight in! While it was out....... I broke the instrument panel off, by accident. While it was off....... I thought I'd add some of the wiring which can be seen through the glass... I discovered this detail while looking for the cockpit references. This took ages but I advanced my skills my a bit. I made some little instrument backs from the spares box, drilled some holes for the wire which was sprayed yellow and everything was superglued into place and trimmed to length with cutters. Then the panel complete was refitted to the tub. I think the wire was too firm for the task, I must try and get some lead wire. That's it for this part! Too much time wasted here....now time for the engines. (Pic to follow......)
  11. The Mighty "JUG" P-47 Thunderbolt by Academy 1/48 Hello and welcome to a build I have always wanted to build. I have loved the P-47 ever since I played this. back in the day at the arcade in Cradely heath. ( part of the royal cinema ) I have never had a P-47 in the stash or known much about it but I picked up a dank old kit last time I visited "Parabellum" in Birmingham's Jewelry quarter. the box looked a bit war torn but the picture on the cover had me smitten. what a picture!!!!!!. I have been gathering info all day and have started some work that I will post up later as I gotta walk the hound right now. I do hope that you will join me on a Jugtastic adventure that will definitely involve some photo etch, some scratch building and a whole lotta fun. Take care and See ya'll later on for some update action. All the best and as always. Happy modeling. Johnny
  12. Greetings to all, Here is the Academy P-47D Razorback Thunderbolt I built a number of years ago. I used the True Details resin cockpit and Aeromaster “Pacific Thunderbolts” ( Sheet #72-008 ) to dress the Jug. I remember that I used Model Master Metalizer Aluminum spray can paint on it. I have since “graduated” to AK Interactive Extreme and Alclad paints for my natural metal finishes. I primed the airframe first and then applied the colors first. After masking the colors to the required sizes, I simply sprayed the Model Master over everything. I also used metal tubes ( I`m guessing 0.6mm size ) for the wing guns. The decals went on without any issues. I weathered the subject with washes, paints, and chalk pastels. Highly recommended!!!!! THANK YOU in advance!!!!! Remain healthy, happy, and safe my friends!!!!!! Mike
  13. Academy is to release in 2019 a new tool 1/72nd Grumman F-14A Tomcat "VF-143 Punkin Dogs" kit in the MCP (Multi Color Parts) serie - ref. 12563 Source: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235047967-academy-catalog-2019/&do=findComment&comment=3218086 Box art V.P.
  14. Good evening. Another one flies from the bench to the cabinet..... IIRC, the Academy kit is a reboxing of an old Haseawa kit, but with engraved panels. Even the terrible navy blue plastic is the same. I built it OOB, except for a set of resin wheels (those included in the kit resembled a pair of Mud Terrain BG Goodrichs, fine for a Land Rover, but not for a plane). I used a set of 5" HVAR rockets and bomb from my spares box, as those included in the kit were a mere rubish. This time, I used Testors' enamels...got a few bottles with are still in very good condition, so why not...... Hope you'll like it....Best regards from Tenerife...!!! IMG_20200405_202540[1] by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr IMG_20200405_202531[1] by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr IMG_20200405_202520[1] by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr IMG_20200405_202844[1] by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr IMG_20200405_202509[1] by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr IMG_20200405_202627[1] by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr
  15. Academy is to release a 1/48th North American F-86D Sabre Dog "ROKAF" kit - ref. 12337 Plastic Monogram/Revell ? Source: http://www.academy.co.kr/6q/board_news_main.asp?pMenuId=BOARD00002&pCode=12112&pCategory=NEWS5 V.P.
  16. After the 2019 programme (link) here's the first Academy newsletter of the year. Source: http://www.academy.co.kr/6q/board_news_main.asp?pMenuId=BOARD00002&pCode=12089&pCategory=NEWS2 The aircraft kits pages - 1/72nd - ref. 12567 - Boeing F/A18F Super Hornet "VFA-2 Bounty Hunters" - 1/72nd - ref. 12569 - LM F-35B Lightning II "VMFA-121 Green Knights" (Italeri rebox ?) - 1/144th - ref. 12621 - Tupolev Tu-160 "Blackjack" (Zvezda rebox ?) V.P.
  17. I have posted a photo of this model in another thread, but never in RFI. I built it a few years ago, soon after the kit was released. As far as I can remember, the only things that I added, apart from kit stowage, were the missing rivets on each side of the hull, and the canvas dust cover around the main gun from tissue soaked in dilute PVA glue. I had previously built a 1/72nd kit of the Grant from a Polish company, whose name escapes me, and I used the painting instructions from that kit for this build. The base colour was sprayed, but the brown cammo was brush painted, as was the white surround. The black was applied with a paint pen. One other thing that I've just remembered is hat the tracks (WE210), came from a Dragon Sherman lll kit. Thanks for looking. John.
  18. Hello guys, here's my most recently complete modem, Academy's bf 109G-2 in 1:48. Decals were from Cartograf.
  19. Hello guys, continuing with my building spree, I'll start a Bf 109G-2 from Academy. This kit is actually the Hobbycraft one, and comes with Cartograf decals.
  20. Hello and welcome. Here's my first finished kit this year, Academy's new offering in a livery from circa 1984. A real pleasure to build despite the few little shortcomings. Academy #12563, Aires seats and exhausts, Reskit wheels. Hataka LGG over black surfacer. Decals from MYK/Furball/Hasegawa/kit. Duet pictures with a Hasegawa kit built in 2018.
  21. Re-enlisting with the Navy, with this Academy Helldiver Bought in 2006 for £10.99. Parts Building an overall blue option
  22. I am hope someone here can answer this for me. Regarding the canopy in the 1/72 F-86 Sabre kit by Academy. It looks like when they took over the molds from Hobbycraft, Academy changed the canopy, adding detail that Hobbycraft had not. Is the Academy canopy correct for an RCAF Sabre? or would one stick with the Hobbycraft version? Is Academy's canopy type specific to an USAF F-86? or would other Nations have the same layout?
  23. Good evening guys, I present you my most recently completed model, Academy's 1:48 Ta 183. The kit was originally from Amtech.
  24. Afternoon all, Probably a well discussed subject and apologies if it is, but I'm just about to start another long term stash resident and am hoping for some ideas on a homegrown fix for the jet exhaust size/shape issues. I seem to remember seeing someone, somewhere doing a modification to the kit parts or did I dream it, anyway I'm struggling to find it again, I'd be grateful if anyone can point me in the direction of the thread or alternatively any information on the process. MTIA Mark.
  25. These three guys have moved between the workbench, the shelf of doom and back again for many, many years. I recently decided that I'd get them back to the bench and make an effort to get them finished. One each from Airfix, Academy and Matchbox. I'd decided years ago to finish the three of them using an Almark decal set for three Battle of Britain aircraft, each displaying variations in finish. The Airfix kit is not the current kit but one from a few years ago with the trademark rivets. If I'd started this more recently I would have taken down the rivets but as these were started years ago I'm just going to press on. Here are the first few photos.
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