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Found 429 results

  1. Good evening all, as a long term resident of the UAE I thought it would be appropriate to build a ‘local interest’ subject. Here is my Hawker Hunter FGA.76 from Sharjah Air Base in the 1970s. It’s the Academy kit with replacement resin cockpit and wheels, Aeroclub jet pipe and aftermarket decals. Paints were mixed by eye to match photos. Hope you like it! Chris
  2. Evening all. Was given this kit by my father about ten years ago while in my early teens. Made a fairly reasonable start to it considering my age at the time: The only parts that have been touched are in the below image, with the rest having been left on the sprue: The cockpit is fairly nice but I may invest in a replacement bang seat, because, as many will know academy modelled a 1/48 scale aircraft with a 1/72 seat... As the decals on this are naff I will be purchasing some Xtradecals to depict this aircraft: This will he started once I have completed my builds in the P-40 and Film etc GBs. Wish me luck! Ash
  3. After the 2019 programme (link) here's the first Academy newsletter of the year. Source: http://www.academy.co.kr/6q/board_news_main.asp?pMenuId=BOARD00002&pCode=12089&pCategory=NEWS2 The aircraft kits pages - 1/72nd - ref. 12567 - Boeing F/A18F Super Hornet "VFA-2 Bounty Hunters" - 1/72nd - ref. 12569 - LM F-35B Lightning II "VMFA-121 Green Knights" (Italeri rebox ?) - 1/144th - ref. 12621 - Tupolev Tu-160 "Blackjack" (Zvezda rebox ?) V.P.
  4. I've been building the Academy Bubbletop P-47 Thunderbolt "Eileen" in 1/72. I quite fancied the checker cowling but the decals wouldn't wrap around properly and also the problem I've found with some other Academy kits is that the decals won't even stick to the surface. I'm thinking of getting some aftermarket decals though they are around the same price as the kit purchased. I was thinking of painting a white band around the cowling though this would be more suitable for the Razerback P-47. Has anyone on here any experience with this kit? and how did you successfully get the b&w checked cowling? Another thing, looking at photos should Eileen have a black rudder? This kit does not show this.
  5. After the F-35A (link) Academy is to release in 2020 a 1/72nd Lockheed-Martin F-35B Lightning II kit - ref. 12569 Source: http://academy.co.kr/1aden/site/01_academy_kor/notice/2020_catalog.pdf V.P.
  6. After the B-1(link) in 2019, Academy is to release in 2020 a new tool 1/144th Boeing B-52 (variant ?) Stratofortress kit - ref.12622 Source: http://academy.co.kr/1aden/site/01_academy_kor/notice/2020_catalog.pdf V.P.
  7. Academy is to release in 2019 a new tool 1/72nd Grumman F-14A Tomcat "VF-143 Punkin Dogs" kit in the MCP (Multi Color Parts) serie - ref. 12563 Source: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235047967-academy-catalog-2019/&do=findComment&comment=3218086 Box art V.P.
  8. With the arrival in the stash of the new Airfix Spitfire XIV I decided to dispose of my old and bloated Academy kit. Since I had a spare Airfix Mk.22 fuselage I decided to bash the two together and come up with this! While it has a couple of shape discrepancies (mainly around the tail) it at least looks a bit more like a Griffon Spit should!!! Thanks for looking, Chris
  9. This is the 1/72 Academy version of the F-14A finished in the colours of VF-51'Screaming Eagles'. Built completely OOB and painted using MIG acrylics. Finished last year but only just photographed. Not entirely happy with the overall finish but as this was a very cheap ebay find I'm not unduly worried and just put it down to experience
  10. 1st completion of my current Guadalcanal phase, next up is Airfix F4F-4 Wildcat but in the meantime here is my Academy PBY-5A, was the Black Cat boxing but was not inspired by a black catalina so got some Guadalcanal Starfighter decals 72-139 which had references for this PBY as the first to land on Guadalcanal. Really nice trouble free build overall, totally out of box. First time tried to vary the colours with some pre-shading, came out quite nicely but not sure photos show it too well. And of course for the 4th time in a row, not enough weight in the nose so some white tack need on front wheel With some friends in the cabinet...
  11. F-35A "7 Nations Air Force" 1:72 Academy The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, sometimes also known by the name of the American led multi-national Joint Strike Fighter program to which it owes its existence, is a fifth generation multi-role aircraft. The Lockheed X-35 prototype first flew in 2000 and went on to win a competitive process ahead of the rival Boeing X-32 design. There are three variants of the F-35, the A, which is the conventional land-based strike fighter, the B, which is the navalised VSTOL model equipped with a lift fan, and the C, which is the navalised cat & trap variant fitted with arrestor gear and a larger wing. Although the programme has its critics, there is no doubt that the F-35 is potent aircraft, packed with cutting edge technology, the latest avionics and weapons systems and low-observable design. It has two internal bays that can be used to carry munitions, as well as six external hard-points for when stealth is a lesser consideration. Despite being a relatively new design, the F-35 has been well served by kit manufacturers. Italeri produced the X-35 and then the F-35A, while Fujimi, Hasegawa and Kitty Hawk have also produced kits. This kit from Academy was first released in 2013 and was moulded in multiple colours. The box top of this version suggests it is still moulded in multiple colours, but unless there's something wrong with my eyes, the contents suggests otherwise. The other difference between this version of the kit and the original version is the inclusion of markings for no fewer than seven different users of the F-35A. Regardless of their colour, the parts are all nicely moulded and surface detail is fine and dandy. In common with most kits of modern, blended wing aircraft, the fuselage is split horizontally with the wings moulded in place. The cockpit is composed of a tub, control stick (side mounted, like the F-16), and eight (yes eight) part Martin Baker Mk.16 ejection seat and instrument panel. As well as fitting the cockpit inside the fuselage, the large ordnance bay and landing gear bays must also be fitted in place, as well as the engine air intakes. These parts are nicely detailed and moulded, but parts are provided to build the aircraft with these bays closed up if you can't be bothered to paint all the fiddly bits. If you do finish the model with the bay open, it has plenty of structural detail and pylons are included for the supplied ordnance. The external pylons are also present and correct, which is a nice touch. The landing gear is nicely detailed, with the main gear legs made up of four parts each. The wheel hubs are moulded separatelt from the tyres and are nicely detailed. The tyres have flat spots moulded in place. The horizontal tails are one-piece affairs, as are the vertical tails. The engine exhaust is a two-part jobby which just slides in through the opening in the rear of the fuselage. A full range of ordnance is provided, including: 2 x AIM-9X air-to-air missiles; 2 x AIM-120C air-to-ai missles; 2 x GBU-31 2000lb JDAM; and 4 x GBU-38 500lb JDAM. All are really very nice indeed and will easily old their own against aftermarket resin items. The canopy is nicely moulded but it would have been nice to have a tinted version, like the odd but appealing Fujimi kit. As you may have guessed by now, seven options are provided on the original decal sheet: Republic of Korea Air Force 18-001, 17th Wing, Luke AFN, Arizona, USA, July 2018 United States Air Force 14-5106, 34th Fighter Squadron, 388th Fighter Wing, Hill AFB, Utah, USA, October 2017; Israeli Air Force 901, 140 Squadron, Nevatim Air Base, Israel, December 2016; Italian Air Force 32-01, 32 Stormo, 13 Gruppo, Cameli Air Base, Italy, February 2016; Royal Australian Air Force A35-001, 75th Squadron, Williamstown Airbase, Australia, March 2018; Royal Netherlands Air Force F-001, Leeuwarden Air Base, Netherlands, May 2016; and Royal Norwegian Air Force 13-5087, 331 Squadron, Orland Air Force Station, Norway, November 2017. All of the aircraft are finished in overall dark grey. The decals themselves look thin and glossy and full markings for the RAM are included. Conclusion Kits of modern aircraft such as the F-22, F-35 and PAK-FA tend to be relatively simple affairs due to the relatively simple design of these aircraft. This can make them - dare I say it - a little bit boring to build. This is a nicely detailed kit however, and with the internal weapons bay and the full range of ordnance, it provides pretty much everything you could want to built a really nice replica of an Lightning II. The inclusion of decals for the RAM is also pretty helpful. Recommend. Review sample courtesy of
  12. At Nürnberg Toy fair 2013. 1/72nd Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II by Academy - ref.12507. Source: http://www.primeportal.net/models/thomas_voigt7/academy/ V.P.
  13. F-86F-30 Sabre 67th FBS, 18th FBG Korea Recently completed and last for 2019, is this fighter-bomber variant of an F-86 Sabre using the 1/72 Academy kit. Built mainly OOB but with scratch built bomb pylons, resin bombs and a mixture of kit and DIY decals. WiP here: Thanks to Martin ( @RidgeRunner ) for helping with the decal fonts and stuff. Thanks for looking. Happy Christmas to all. Stuart
  14. Hi Guys, With the completion of the Seafoxes, I thought it was about time for another Sabre, namely a fighter-bomber variant from the 67th FBS, 18th FBG in Korea. The plan is to represent this aircraft (as good as any) from Ospreys 'F-86 Sabre Fighter-Bomber Units Over Korea' reference book. Having already built a small number of early Sabres, I don't envisage much in the way of problems as I haven't got to worry about back dating the wings. So this is a 6-3 wing, so I've got to check the wing fence position is correct and being a FB, will have to get my bomb and tank pylons correct. These birds could carry a 1000lb or two 500lb bombs, so I need to check if their was a dedicated wing for the 1000lb'er? Paint job is NMF with a pretty black/ red/ NMF nose. Decals shouldn't be any problem really except the 67th Sqn badge: Fortunately, a model buddy has fixed the skew and stuff and resized it for 1/72 but yet to print the decal. Kit of choice for this build is the Academy F-86F, No. 1629, if you're interested. This is a prequel and will be a slow start as I also want to get my SH-2 on my works bench. Any comments are welcome. Stuart
  15. This is my 1/72 Academy MCP F/A-18F Super Hornet done up as a line jet from VFA-122 Flying Eagles. This is a much delayed surprise Xmas gift for my brother, an aerospace journalist in London, who in 2012 was lucky enough to be taken up for 30 mins in the back at the Farnborough airshow. A blog about it can be found here - n.b. his pilot was actually from VFA-106 Gladiators. The Academy kit was simple to assemble, v well detailed and largely pain free apart from the forward fuselage join just below the windshield and the rear fuselage of which the top half is too wide - I should have put a spacer across to ensure a better fit. The kit was painted with Italeri Ghost Greys, MiG & Vallejo varnish and weathered with enamel panel line washes. I probably overdid it on the paint and varnishing... if you look closely obliterating some of the nice detail around the maintenance hatches. Decals were a mix of those from the kit, Eurodecals USN stencils and home made decals for the squadron codes and tail design. The kit decals were quite thick but I definitely learnt something new in preparing my own decals. This will go on a Coastal Kits base. To start with, here is the lucky blighter in the cockpit: The best side - decals worked the best on this side. With some photographic evidence. Thanks for looking! Neil
  16. After the 2018 edition (link), here's the Academy 2019 pdf dowloadable catalog http://academy.co.kr/1aden/site/01_academy_kor/notice/2019_K2932.pdf Source: http://www.academy.co.kr/6q/board_news_main.asp?pMenuId=BOARD00002&pCode=11685&pCategory=NEWS1 in MMZone : https://www.72news.eu/2018/12/academy-catalogue-for-2019.html http://mmzone.co.kr/mms_tool/mms_tool.php?mms_db_name=mmz_review V.P.
  17. Ahhh done. No complaints with a kit I purchased for under $10. It's about my skill level. I'm working on my 3rd Hellcat from Eduard, and it's going to take some time! All paints are MRP except for Tamiya clear coat. OOB 'wif' based on about 5 different Hellcat pictures I printed for guidance
  18. Finished photos follow. You can follow the build here: Comments are welcomed as always. Ran
  19. Hello my last work : and the real one : thanks for your comments.
  20. Fist post for some time, but here is my Academy 1/48 scale Mig-29A painted and decalled to depict the final flight of the Czech Air ForceMig-29 by Vaclav Vasek. Paints used were Hataka acrylics cold war Mig-29 set airbrushed, decals from LDecals and the pilot/seat was from Aerobonus Base is a HobbyCraft frame with Uschi van der Rosten Soviet Hex Airfield print and added grass.
  21. Lt Victor Kovaleski was a pilot with VF-161, flying F-4Bs from USS Midway at the tail end of the Vietnam War. In January 1973, 6 months before I was born, he had a bit of a mixed week, achieving two "lasts". On 12 January 1973 Lt Kovaleski, with Lt(jg) Jim Wise in the back seat, was flying F-4B 153045 on a combat air patrol. Kovaleski and Wise were vectored to intercept a VPAF MiG-17 flown by Liu Kim Ngo. After a brief dogfight, Kovaleski got into a firing position and blew the MiG-17's tail off with a Sidewinder. Luu Kim Ngo got out, but his parachute failed to open. This was the 197th and last MiG kill of the Vietnam War. Two days later Kovaleski was flying F-4B 153068 with Ensign F.H.Plautz in the back seat when their aircraft was hit by 85mm anti-aircraft artillery. The aircraft began leaking fuel and they ejected. Kovaleski and Plautz were both rescued. This was the last US aircraft lost to enemy action in the Vietnam War. So Victor Kovaleski achieved the last MiG kill of the Vietnam War and was flying the last US aircraft shot down in the Vietnam War, both in the same week. I'm going to build one of the two aircraft involved in 1/48, using the Academy kit. I haven't decided which one yet - I have a Furball decal sheet which includes both of them - one the one hand the last kill seems like the greater achievement, on the other hand at least nobody was killed when 153068 was shot down. But I'm not going to start for a couple of weeks, and I won't really have to decide until I get to the decalling stage, so I've got plenty of time to decide.
  22. Hi all, this is just a place marker for the time being. I am still floundering in the Frog GB and time is running out. I should not even be wasting precious minutes typing all this! Anyway, I will attempt to build the Academy 1/72 P-40E, which is a lovely kit. A few photos: And I am adding a couple of aftermarket goodies, as I cannot stand the shape of the Academy spinner, and the wheel wells are far too shallow for my liking! I am planning to start this build after October 6th, upon completion of the Frog GB. Actually looking forward to build a P-40. It has been a few decades since the last one I built. Cheers. JR
  23. Hi This is the third of my backlog of models for RFI. I needed something 'easy' after building the Revell Inc MIG-21 so opted for a Hurricane IIC from Academy. This is my first Academy kit and I found it an enjoyable build. I built this straight OOB, only correcting the serial number. The decal for the 3 Squadron RAF example is shown as ZB464, but should be Z3464. I am a long way from mastering weathering so this Hurricane looks as if it has been in hard battle for some time and not been subject to any cleaning. Thanks for looking. Graeme
  24. Morning Folk's,back in 1972 when I was just settling into my second year at comprehensive school every night the news was full of doom and gloom about the state of the country,the Middle East and some far of war in Vietnam,think Vietnam air war and the Phantom will always come to mind. Academy's kit is of the famous Showtime 100 the mount of Randy "Duke" Cunningham and his RIO Willie Driscoll on a return from a strike on Haiphong they got into a bit of a scrap.https://theaviationgeekclub.com/showtime-100-vs-colonel-toon-the-most-epic-1-v-1-dogfight-in-the-history-of-naval-aviation/ The kit was given to me by my eldest most parts off the sprue but not started with the Airfix build going well I think there's time for this one.
  25. Hello Phantom Phans. This WIP is for the forthcoming Brigade Models conversion set for Academys F-4B into the prototype F4H-1. I have obtained from Kevin a pre production test shot of the mouldings as seen at SMW this year. This does not include canopies or decals as they are not ready yet. Availability of the set should be March next year. Kevin has agreed to add a second seat so later small radome aircraft can be built. Any changes for this will be up to the modeller, as the main purpose here is for a first flight aircraft. Also, there are no instructions (I suspect I may be writing them now). Onto what you will get. This first picture shows what you get. This first pic shows the parts, except for canopy, decals, and the pitot probe, which I do have. This pic shows where to cut on the wings (for the perforated airbrakes) and the fuselage. Close up of the wing where the airbrake goes. Note that either the wing can be cut, or alternatively, the resin part could be used as a master to drill your own holes in the wing. Here is a close up of the fuselage cut point. And the cut made. Another part that needs cutting is the forward under fuselage (part F40) The resin intakes and the kit trunking is being joined. Some fettling may be required for a perfect fit. Airbrakes being sorted. Airbrakes fitted. Note that the gap is my fault, not the kits (my cutting skills still need work). First look at the front fuselage. The black parts are kit parts. They mate to the resin perfectly. That is all for this introductory part. Ted
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