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Found 7 results

  1. my first built for 2019 , enjoy : Voilà voila
  2. Hello to all, after the vintage race car Fiat 806 Corsa 1/12, my last build, and the american classic car Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible 1957 1/25, I am happy to present here a very different model: the nice Yakovlev Yak 3 Eduard at 1/48. The decision to build this kit comes from my indescriblable enthusiasm for the great Juan Manuel Villalba's "Guide du maquettisme aéronautique" (Histoire et collections ed.), in which, through others, the famous modeler dedicated several pages to a wonderful Yak 3 (everything this man touches turns to gold, imho). My build began in april 2016 and finished in july of the same year. I decided to follow the steps of the master, and came in contact with him (he is not only a great artist, he is also a delicious man, of an extreme kindness). He replied patiently to all the questions I had (and I had many...), and with the book and his hints, I learnt a lot. I would like so much to meet him, we are regularly in contact by mail, but pity, we live so far apart... To be honest, I must say in this build, most of the ideas were not mine but his ones (he would say the contrary, and that definitely, it is my personal work, he is so kind...). I was most of the time just trying to reproduce what he had done before me. I am not ashamed to say that, Woody Allen was also influenced by other directors, before finding his own style (I am a fan). Well, let's leave Juan (he is so modest, he would be embarrassed if I go on...) to see the pics: I will begin with a few photos, screen captures from videos found on YouTube, of the real aircraft, on a restored version: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and now the build. My pics will follow logically the steps of construction. Just a word about the kit: except the decal sheet, of quite poor quality, this Profipack Eduard kit is excellent. I have been so critical (rightly) about the Fiat and the Chevrolet, it is fair and important to say too when a kit is very good... Of course, if there are questions, I will reply with pleasure...
  3. Yak 3 Pilot and Radio CMK/Special Hobby 1:32 CMK/Special Hobby seem to be releasing lots of useful little sets, much like Quickboost do. These two sets are meant to be used with the Special Hobby 1:32 Yak 3, but really the pilot, set F32 318 could be used for any Soviet aircraft. The pilot is constructed from four parts, the body, including legs, separate arms and head. The strange thing is, that the model doesn’t really look to be in a running pose. I’m sure once assembled and glued into position it will look fine, but I think you could actually use him in a more photographic pose, with his right leg propped up on a chock or something. The radio set, Q32 276 is a nice simple item, which you just need to cut away from the moulding block, paint and glue into position. Conclusion These are another pair of nicely moulded sets. The pilot will take some careful painting to bring to life but will make a useful addition to a diorama. The radio is very simple, but effective to be added to the kit. Review sample courtesy of
  4. Yakovlev Yak 3 detail Sets Eduard 1:32 The Special Hobby Yak-3, reviewed HERE is a great kit in its own right, but there is always room for improvement, and Eduard always seems to find that room. They have now released three individual sets to adorn the kit with extra and improved detail. As with most sets of this type some of the kit details will need to be removed before the etched parts can be added. Detail Set (32891) Contained on two sheets of relief etched brass, both about the same size as each other, one is unpainted whilst one comes pre-painted. The unpainted sheet contains items The pre-painted sheet provides the modeller with a variety of coloured knobs, levers and trim wheels complete with separate chains, new auxiliary instrument panels, plus replacement dials for the side panels. The main instrument panels are also pre-painted complete with the instrument faces on the back plate. A little dab of aqua clear will give them the appearance of glass fronts. Also on this sheet are a couple of foot plates, cable from the joystick and additional sidewall detail. The unpainted sheet contains brake hoses of the main undercarriage legs, along with a new bracket and gland, new panels for the main gear door interiors, new cabling for the main gear bays. The tail wheel doors are replaced with etched items, although you will need to provide a small length of plastic rod for each door. The radiator outlet door is replaced, the etched part being fitted with two brackets and also requires two plastic rods from the modellers supplies. The two large grilles are fitted to the front and rear bulkheads of the radiator bath to represent the radiator itself. Seatbelts (32892) This small fret of brass comes pre-painted and only contains three parts, the shoulder straps which are joined at the top and the tow separate lap straps. Being made of very thin etched steel, they are easily manipulated to shape and require no further assembly, just fit them to the seat and away you go. Flap Set (32394) This single sheet set is to be used to completely replace the kits flaps and the flap bays. You will need to carry out a fair bit of surgery in the kits flap bay area to remove all the detail and thin the skin down. The bays include the roof and forward bulkheads, all the ribs, and flanges as well as the multiple flap tracks. The flaps themselves are also detailed with ribs which need to be carefully folded into position, along with the outer skin panel. The end plates are then attached and the flaps fitted into position. Conclusion This is certainly a fairly comprehensive array of details for what is already a very nice kit. With plenty of care and patience they will make a great kit into super kit. The advantage of have separate sets is that the modeller can pick and choose how much, or how little detail they wish to add. Review sample courtesy of
  5. A few years ago a friend came across a stash of boxed plastic model kits left behind by a Russian trade delegation at some kind of trade show. The Russians abandoned the boxes, saying to my friend "take what you like" and so he bought home as many as he and his wife could carry. Once I took up model-building in 2013, he gave me a selection of these freebie kits so I could practise model-building with them. While they were as rough as guts, they taught me a bit about sanding, filling and all the basic modelling skills. So here they are. First up, there are three different Yak 3s, all in 1/48 scale. All the writing on the box is Russian, so I don't know who makes the kits, unfortunately. The decals were old and crumbly, but I found some after-marker decals on eBay and used them up on the three planes I practised on. The Yak 3 was reportedly a very capable fighter, highly manouvrable and not to be underestimated in combat. To give you an idea how rough and basic the kits are, two pix That's one whole Yak 3 kit, and these are the nasty propeller castings. Next plane is a twin-engined light bomber/utility/transport plane, the Yak 6 (in 1/72 scale). Same as with the Yak 3, the box was all in Russian. FInally, a Polikarpov R5, a late 20s/early 30s military plane used in various roles, including reconnaissance and light bombing, which was used in the Battle of Kalkin Gol (Russians v Japanese), in Mongolia, in 1939. They were still in use in WWII supporting the partisans, especially at night (it was too slow for daytime work). It was powered by a 47-litre BMW engine, built under licence by the Russians.
  6. Hi guys, I will be building the Eduard 1/48 Yak 3. It is one of the weekend editions. here is a site where you can see the kit http://www.scalemates.com/kits/106060-eduard-8456-yak-3. I will replace the cockpit with a resin version from vector. I also have a set of resin wheels, saved from a old La-5 build. I believe they were from True details. I will start the build later. Pictures will follow later. Cheers
  7. Hi, Since I have not menaged to finish new model in this weekend I took few old one and dust off them giving also ne coat of varnish (Vallejo by brush). First two are old Yakovlev (Jakovlev?) fighters - Yak 1A by ZTS Plastyk (the same model as Mastercraft or Mistercraft) and Yak -3 by Heller. They are from ...1994 . BTW - I was trying to involve my older daughter and son (that year they were 13 and 11, respectively) in construction - they help but somehow daughter did not found any fun in this but son found... Anyway - the painting schemes are not from box - Yak 1 M is of A.L. Golubov, 18 istriebitielnyj Aviacyjnyj Polk (Fighter WIng?), 1943. The Yak -3 is of French Normadie-Niemen group (1944-45). Comments welcome and regards Jerzy-Wojtek Yak 1: Yak 3: sorry for magnification of my finger...
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