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Found 45 results

  1. My entry will be ZE967, a Tornado F3 of 23 Squadron, based at RAF Leeming. This Hobbyboss kit was purchased at least five years ago and it's time it was built: The Xtradecal sheet covers this airframe, Mosquito FB Mk VI (Mediterranean Theatre GB), Lightning F6 (Interceptor GB?) and two Phantoms (RAF Leeming and Falkland Islands) - the latter are part of my own KUTA build. The Tornado won't get started for a couple of weeks at least as I'm also building two Phantoms for the Vietnam GB.
  2. My entry for this GB will be the Tamiya Mosquito FB Mk VI, finished as HJ675 "YP-V" of 23 Squadron. This squadron was posted to Luqa (Malta) in December 1942 with Mosquito NF II aircraft but transitioned to the FB Mk VI shortly before moving from there to Sigonella (Sicily) in September 1943. One flight of the squadron was also at Pomigliano (near Naples) for most of the same period before 23 Sqn moved to Alghero (Sardinia) in December 1943, staying there until May 1944 when they moved back to England at Little Snoring. Apart from an Eduard cockpit etch this will be built OOTB, though I might invest in a set of masks as there is rather a lot of glass! I've just finished reading "The Red Eagles - a History of 23 Squadron" but will need to re-read the section covering their time in the Mediterranean to decide exactly which weapons to use on this model. As I've two Phantoms in the Vietnam GB and have just entered the Tornado GB, this one will probably be a few weeks before any real progress is made. Oh yes, there's also the Interceptor GB where another two 23 Sqn aircraft may well make an appearance!
  3. Morning all, Xtradecal sheet 72-113 is for Hurricane IIc's, one of the options is BP588 coded RS-X of 33 Sqn RAF, at Benina, Lybia in late 1942. The aircraft is in the standard desert scheme except for the codes and the spinner. The codes are given in black, which is unusual but is there anything to substantiate this? Secondly, the spinner is shown as red for the forward half and black for the rear half, again this is unusual but is it substantiated anywhere? I've tried Googling for images of the aircraft and I get a lot of pictures of built models or profiles. While these show the black codes the spinner is either all red (which would be the standard colour scheme), or black. As @Troy Smith says, never trust a profile without a photo. I quite like the red and black option though
  4. Well, here is my first participation in a group build! Having been "Furloughed" by my employer, the "Leg Iron" decided there was alternative employment available "around the house", thankfully, the council has closed the tip and all non essential shops have also put the shutters up, which left little to do but show her the email from work which stated "You are not to carry out any work"! Awesome! So here she is, my entry in the Group Build! The venerable Revell Lancaster! I`ll only be using the stencils from this decal sheet. Lots of nice grey plastic, I have an Airfix Lancaster in the stash but I am saving that for conversion to a Lincoln (Once Blackbird models have the conversion back in stock!). I am quite impressed with the quality of detail in this kit, which I picked up for £15! This box of bits has been sitting in the stash for about a year, the Freightdog ASR III/GR 3 conversion, new wheels, Lincoln rudders, a whole heap of intakes, two vacform domes and a hoofing great airborne lifeboat! And finally some decals, there are two Maritime schemes in this set. So without further delay, lets get this show on the road! Cockpit assembly took very little time, although there are a few ejector pin marks that needed filling, I think that even with the huge expanse of canopy very little is going to be visible once the fuselage is buttoned up. I chopped the lower wing at the bend line just outboard of the inner nacelles to correct the dihedral The outer wing was then glued in place, but not down the cut line, the cut extends into the leading edge back as far as the nacelle join, when everything is cured, I shall slip a shim into the gap in the lower skin and this will push the wing tip up and increase the dihedral! The cockpit is assembled, It is a little basic, but I will add a few bits and bobs, trim wheels and the like, and somewhere for the flight engineer to park his backside! I will not however be putting any charts or maps on the navigators table. You might get away with that sort of behaviour in the French air force, but in the RAF, such things as Maps ,Charts and Logs are controlled documents, collected by the Navigator from the Navigation section prior to sortie they would be returned to the Navigation section once back on Terra Firma and following debrief, before the Navigator headed to the Officers Mess for a skin-full of pop to calm the nerves which have just taken a jolly good eight hour hiding from the boyish antics of "Biggles" in the drivers seat So a productive first day, all "Win Column" so far! Ta for lookin` no G! Granto
  5. Well, as I was damn fool enough to suggest this GB, I suppose I better step to the fore! This is a placeholder for my build which will proceed at a glacial pace whilst I continue my studies. My subject is Spitfire XVIe, TB702, GW-Y of 340 (French) Sqn RAF/GC4/2 "Île de France" whilst stationed at Linge-Drope in Germany in April/May 1945 (although one source says as late as July 1945). I'll be using the 1/72nd scale Eduard XVIe Early Overtrees, decals courtesy of Xtradecal. Pictures to follow when I have time. Have fun and welcome everyone.
  6. Rather that return my pile of Storch bits to the garage, I thought I might as well see if I can get another finished model out of them. I think there's a complete kit left: I also have the Xtradecal sheet, which includes a nice Finnish example: It should make a nice companion piece for the Norwegian example. John
  7. I've recently completed the conversion of an AMT KC-135 into an RAF Airseeker/Rivet Joint. I used the Combat Conversions resin set which provides new CFM-56 engines, new nose, cheek blisters and the various aerials and sensors that adorn the aircraft. The decals were from the Hannants' Xtradecal range. Paints were a mixture of Revell and Xtracolour enamels. Regards, Rob
  8. I've not been overly active on modelling for a few months, but last week I got some mojo back and joined in the Nordic Group build (C-47 WIP there). That has spurred me on to get more modelling done in general and so I finally got round to producing this RFI which is one of two 1/72 Mustangs I built for Telford 2019 as part of our "animal theme" club display. The second build is a Swedish J-26, shown here: The model represents an Italian Airforce F-51D of the Aeronautica Militare, based in Italy in 1952. The excellent Xtradecal sheet 72270 was used for the main marking, but all stencil data is from the kit. The model builds up very well apart for some minor sink marks around the wing LE area. It was interesting to build this in parallel with an Italeri F-51D. IMHO both are reasonable kits, with Airfix being a little more state of the art. More on the Italeri build in that RFI when I post it later today. Internals were finished in Tamiya Interior green and black as appropriate. External was Alclad over most of the airframe, with Tamiya acrylics for tyres, anti-glare, propeller and prop hub. Fuselage and some parts of the wings had a Flory wash of mid grey. No WIP was produced as at the time I was building three 1/72 aircraft and a 1/35 "figure" all in the five weeks leading up to the show - an absolute record for me! So @Courageous after much nagging encouragement, and @RidgeRunner, you have both seen them in the flesh, here they are in the RFI................ and I hope you notice Martin, I have fixed the canopy sit! A few fairly close up shots of the interior, some taken during the build: And finally a few shots of this one, with it's Swedish companion. RFI for that will follow in due course. And for those who like me can't resist merlin engined fighter aircraft here are some stable mates. Fear not Griffon fans, I have a number of those beauties to be built over time! Thanks for looking Terry
  9. This is the second of two 1/72 Mustangs built for our club theme build this year, and was built specifically for Telford 2019. The other was the Airfix F-51D, RFI here: Building both together was quite an interesting opportunity to compare, and certainly I was able to use the Airfix internal detail as a guide to scratch building similar for the Italeri model, which lacks any real internal detail, except a rather good I/P. I did take some pictures of the additional detail I added at the time, but can't seem to locate them at the moment. If I do find them, I will share. Meanwhile, some of the shots here show the internals completed, most of the sidewalls are added scratch. The biggest challenge on the Italeri Mustang is the fit of the front windshield. Mine required extensive sanding to thin down the area where it meets the front fuselage, and filling in quite extensive gaps. All painting was done with tamiya acrylics, with top and bottom colours mixed to best match a selection of photo's showing Swedish upper surface green and lower surface gery/blue. The only colour ref I had for the Mustang itself was the Xtracolour instructions. Flory washes were used at the end, although dont really show up mush on the upper surface. Decals came from the excellent Xtradecal sheet X72270. The result is good enough for me eye! So here she is. A very difficult one to catch the colour properly. The actual model looks lighter and greener to the naked eye, and this first shot seems the best representation of the actual model colour wise, as do pics 11 and 12 below. Some detail close up shots And finally another shot with its Italian stablemate Thanks for looking Terry
  10. I finished this model some time ago and only now got around to taking pictures. It’s the Airfix 1/72 rag-wing Hurricane in markings of 73 Sqn in France, May 1940 from the Xtradecal sheet.
  11. Evening all. Here is my Airfix A-4b in 1/72. I used decals from Xtradecal x72151 representing a Skyhawk from VA-106 Gladiators. This one has been 90% finished for months so I’m pleased to finally get it done. This is my first Skyhawk and I’ve got several Fujimi A-4s in the stash. The Fujimi ones look nicer in the box but I’ll see when I get round to building one. Cheers Allan
  12. Early on in the Eclipse project someone said he wasn’t sure you could aero-tow a delta wing. Mark Stucky spoke up. “I know you can because I’ve done it.” He explained that he had aero-towed in hang gliders many times. See Forger’s F-106 in 1/72nd scale.
  13. A group build on A FB page got me started looking at the stash & eyeing a TR-1 kit I picked up a while back. I saw a U-2R take off & display at Mildenhall in the 80s (could well be 85) so I needed to make her a serial number who had at least visited the UK, even if they were never officially assigned to RAF Alconbury. Just to prove a point a U-2S visited a Mildenhall today. Anyway I got the HAS out at the weekend and tried to get some shots as the sun went down & cast long shadows. Hope you like them. And a couple on her own
  14. Been given the go ahead to do my abandoned Phantom I started in last years '60's NATO/Warsaw Pact' GB. Got as far as assembling the main wing (doing an 'in-flight' aircraft, not done this since I was a kid!), and some cockpit bits. I obtained a set of pilots by PJ Products and a pack of Eduard AIM-9D's. I'm aware the RAF used G's around this period and that the D's are externally similar. Also the subject is an often seen photo of XV574 shadowing a Soviet 'Bear', using Xtradecal, erm….. decals. The main thing I have to do is shave off the Electronics whatsit's fairing from the tail-fin, hopefully it'll turn out OK. Hopefully will get on with this in the next week or so, last few things to finish off to our house extension we've just had done, carpet going in next week and bringing the rest of the household 'wares' down from upstairs! The last shot is a bit blurred, the auto-focus on my camera is knackered! Davey.
  15. Joining you with this Hasegawa T-33 Shooting Star kit. Costing me £2.50 from Kit Rescue at IPMS Avon model show in 2014. The kit has decals for the Thunderbirds demonstration team - not going that way. This Heller model from 1995 is the reason why not. Edited 19 April 2019, now has pilots. Today Hepster gave me two very tempting decal sheets. Xtradecal X72-120 and X72-121 which are far more interesting. I'm very torn, between the option with hi-vis red panels, And the two-tone grey option.
  16. Having built the Academy Hunter last year, I've been looking forward to getting the Airfix new release so pre-ordered a couple of kits which arrived in January. I'd also picked up the Xtradecal sheet Pt 3 which has some excellent coulourful schemes on, so decided I had to do one of these, in particular the Tactical Weapons Unit based at RAF Brawdy in 1979. Now it turns out that Xtradecal have the serial number on this one wrong. They claim it is XG223 but in fact it is XG225 - there are several photos of it out there in the net in this scheme to prove it. By the way this airframe now resides at the entrance to the museum at RAF Cosford, sadly not not in this colour scheme The kit itself is a lovely example of modern engineering. The only addition I made was to replace the Martin Baker Mk 4 ejector seat with one I'd already painted up for another build but didn't use. As to the photos, I've been experimenting lately with different lighting set ups to try to improve the quality of the photos with different backdrops and camera settings. I have another kit to build sometime in the future - might try the raspberry ripple scheme from the same decal set... Edit: I've replaced the photos as I realised I had the wrong white-balance setting on the camera when taking them, so the colours were all muddy.
  17. One of two builds that I completed over the weekend. This one had been sitting on the shelf of shame for a little while and was one of my entries for the KUTA GB in November. It has been brush painted with both enamels and acrylic paints and I used the Xtradecal RAF Update 2013 - 2015 set for the scheme. Eurofighter Typhoon FGR.4 ZK353/BQ, RAF 29(F) Squadron, RAF Coningsby flown by Flight Lieutenant Jonny Dowen by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  18. Here is my contribution to this group build. The latest boxing of Airfix`s classic Supermarine Spitfire Mk22/24. The intention is to build a Royal Auxillary Air Force Mk22 from the late 1940s so hopefully qualifies for this GB. Opened up the box this morning to find some sweets included! My plan is to use a Xtradecal sheet for an appropriate aircraft. Just a picture of the sealed contents as no doubt this is a well known kit...…. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X48091 The intention is to do PK613 LA H for 603 County of Durham Squadron R.Aux.A.F at Oulston in 1949. Regards Grahame.
  19. Finally back from my jolly holidays, I guess I'll need to pull my finger out and post my entry for this GB. My plan was to do Special Hobby's super little 1/72nd HAL Ajeet however, looking at the list of aircraft submissions there's a couple of startling omissions which have served the GB well in the export market notably the EE Canberra and Hawker's beautiful Hunter. I've decided to correct this omission with a Billy Bunter as it was referred to in the RAF in the 1980's, I'll be using Revell's great 1/72nd FGA.9 in its export guise as a Singaporean AF FGA.76B. I'll be using the Xtradecal sheet 72-063 to make No.521 of 140 Sqn in the high vis insignia scheme from 1991 as seen here. I've got an old copy of the IPMS magazine from the 1980's which details the differences and where to place the Sidewinder rails. Pictures will be posted at the weekend once I've got myself sorted out and dug out my references.
  20. Here's my 1/48 MV-22 Osprey, Italeri is the only one in this scale but I always thought with a little work it could be made into an operational aircraft. I found some photos of USMC aircraft in theatre that were very dirty and that was what made me put it on the workbench. A little work here and there became a lot more. I reshaped the hump on the wing center, dropped flaps, moved the rudders, improved the cockpit, added seat belts, built bulkheads, life raft, chaff/flare dispensers, hand holds, opened the side door, and remade the windscreen wipers to name a few. Xtradecals make a couple of decal sheets that were essential, tons of stenciling, vents and things with some nice schemes. I was starting to make the rear door gun mount but think I'll get the Black Dog CV-22 set which includes it and also some nice dropped flaps that I'll replace my crudely cut ones with. I can't believe it will be long before a new 1/48 Osprey comes out and wanted to relieve my stash of this big box before that time comes. I had a lot of issues that didn't quite go right so it's one of my models that 'looks better at a distance'. I'm glad I did it and it looks great next to my F-18F and AV-8B on the shelf.
  21. I was thinking how nice it would be if XtraDecal made a sheet of early F.2 and F.3 schemes including the very fetching prototype to go with the 1/48 Tornado ADV kits out there. Their 1/48 RAF Part 1 and Part 2 Tornado sheets and Tornado Stencil sheets are great. So if anyone wants one let it be known here and I will email a link to this thread and hopefully get us noticed. Cheers. F.2 Prototype, 229OCU F.3 229 OCU, 25, 29, 43, 111 Squadrons. Thank you.
  22. Evening chaps hope you are all well! Im having some issues with with decalling up my airfix spitfire mk1a.. I cant get the little devils to suck into the panel lines/trenches! I am using Hannants xtradecal battle of britian sheets and revell decal soft as my setting fluid, the kit has been brush painted in humbrol enamels, then coated with lakeland quickshine (note i had the same issue using astonish!) Im thinking that the revell decal softener isn't compatible with xtradecals? ive used revells decal soft on cartograf and airfix decals and i had no issues?! Seen as i now have a kit with silvered decals that are layed down quite poorly whats my best option please chaps? Buy some micro sol? could i slice the decals with a fresh stanley blade then apply clear? These are the.. Ahem, offenders! Apologies for the slipper and dog eaten carpet in shot! and apologies for my rambling on! Thanks and all the best!
  23. Here is my entry for the RAF Centenary GB. Academy Spitfire FR.XIVe, certainly not the most accurate Spitfire on the planet, but is nicely moulded and a fairly hassle free build. I am certainly on a Spitfire roll on the moment and doing a Far Eastern machine in SEAC colours is slightly different. Looks the business with that big red spinner. Using a smart set of Xtradecal. I won’t be starting for a week or so as have a trip away planned for this week. Some photos. Thank for looking.
  24. Here she is, in her full 1950's glory. The bright decals make it better I think. Not as simple to make as I was expecting, as the Mistercraft kit needs a bit of cutting and sanding to make an F.6, but in the end I thought I'd use one of the Xtradecal options to brighten her up.
  25. Done this commission build over the past two months. Going to the same guy I did the 1/72 He-111 for. Didn't do a WIP for this what with all I've got going on - tomcat & spitfire saga's and then a car & GPMG gun kit... So onto this - not a bad kit. Would be nice to have plastic tires though. I like the IP - was a clear part so I maskol'd the dials and sprayed it in RLM 66 like the rest of the pit. The decal was then sandwiched between the IP and bulkhead behind it. Perfect dials with a nice depth. Kit comes with a fret of etch for some grills & seatbelts/pedals as well as some canopy parts. The only thing I had to add to the kit was a fuel line, scratched from stretched clear sprue and tape strips. Primed in black stynylrez for black basing, then painted entirely in Vallejo - model & metal colour. One or two air shades as well. Yellow done first, masked off then the 76/70/02 all done freehand in that order. Sprayed with a 0.3mm and thinned with Vallejo airbrush cleaner to get the fine demarcation. All the other detail shades - eg primary's in cockpit etc are Vallejo model colour too. Bare metal foil on suspension struts. Decals are xtradecal for the squadron stuff, crosses and stencils from the kit. Xtracrylix Flat for final sheen. It was then weathered with mig ammo stuff. Panel line washes and then oil brushers for fading. Chipping fluid for prop blades. Should all be fairly self explanatory which colours are which but any questions please ask. For scale: Here it is, sorry the pics aren't in any particular order... Hope you like it!
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