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Found 38 results

  1. As the other topic has tripped the 40 page rule for chat-based stuff (a bit late I know), here's the new topic for posting up details about the latest releases. You can find the old topic here.
  2. Greetings, members of the resistance. Fine Molds 1/48 X-Wing has been brutally tickled into a rendition of Luke's ride. Sadly, Revell's decals don't measure up to the eye watering 70 odd beer vouchers indicated on the box being pixilated, stiff and impervious to anything south of a welder's torch, so the markings were rendered in paint. Notwithstanding the decals, the kit's a ton of fun. Bare Metal foil was used for the oleos. Come in Red 5... Happy days Steve
  3. Happy New Year BM's! May I present, one Revell X-Wing in 1:112 scale: This ones been sitting in my stash for a while and I decided I needed a nice quick and easy build after wrestling with a 1970's Airfix He 177 for the past for months. This is a great little model, the kit is pretty basic and can be built without glue or the need to paint the entire model, only picking out the different colour panels and using the decals. It's very detailed for the scale and very easy to put together. Some minor criticism; the s-foils can only be modelled in the attack position, there is no option to build with landing gear and also, no stand supplied, so I'll have to construct my own. Some more pictures for your viewing pleasure! Critique always welcome and hope you enjoy. Cheers, JB Obligatory scale shot, she's tiny!!
  4. Hello all! I recently purchased a 'Special Red Squadron X-Wing Starfighter' from Amazon, however; it was taking forever to arrive, I even had to re-order it. Thankfully when i was in gamestop i saw a cheap model on the clearance rack. I was a Resistance X-Wing fighter. A simple clip together model for children that makes battle sounds. The same model that can be seen in this older threat from this site... .. I saw that it was a simple model for kids and never intended to be glued, painted, decked out, etc. Challenge accepted. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures or anything before the stage I am at now (about half way done) however you can see from the old thread what it looked like before I have it a white base, black wash and detailing. This is what the fuselage looks like right now (the least finished part) with just the white base and the black wash. Here is the cockpit/R2 (bb8)section. I have had to take a few liberties with this model. As it is a level 1 model and not intended to be super accurate, just enough, BB8's head is largely oversized (also in part to it being the button to push to make the battle sounds) so I am taking it upon myself to reshape and recolor it to make it look like an R2 unit (which in my opinion it already looks much closer too). I have squared out the eye lense and will update you with more progress about THAT challenge. Here it is Thirdly is just a bookmark on my progress. Literally a simply cannon that has all the detail except the battle damage. With this model, as I said before, certain details are ignored. For instance the 4 cannons have the ability to be attached to any of the 4 spots on the wings because there is 2 holes on every cannon. Sounds convenient in theory. Super annoying in practice, because that means that there is a gaping hole on all the cannons. It's okay if u don't get it, just know it's annoying. So I've had to fill those in the best I can, hence the gritty uneven surface on part of the cannons. Lastly the pièce de Résistance << pun intended haha. The wings... of ..my .. X-Wing. Intended to be heavily battle damaged (as they are resistance fighters). I used a nice metallic paint for the engine part and stayed true to the colors of the original, so far. I had to mix my own blue. I wanted it to stand out so that's why there is alot of detail. I find that some of these x-wimg models are great but are only okay to look at. Every scratch I've painted I try to put a story or moment of impact behind it. Please let me know what you think and if you have any pointers (within reason, don't get too critical I put alot into it) thanks again and I hope you enjoy! Top Bottom Back/Side Both parts Close up Engine (with exhaust built up) I'll post back with more pictures after I have more done. Thanks all! Happy New year!
  5. Hi everyone, I completed this one earlier this week. First model in a while (I've painted a few miniatures but not much), it's pretty small, maybe 1:144 scale, airbrushed the black basecoat, but otherwise mostly brush painted. Only posting the one photo of this one here to experiment with linking to photos, but more photos of this one on my blog: http://droidworkshop.co.uk/models/finished-poe-damerons-x-wing-box-scale/ Quite a cool fun little model, its amazing the level of detail that these little kits have. Any comments, criticism, suggestions or feedback welcome. Thanks
  6. Far back in the mists of time an impressionable 14 year old was taken to the premier of a new movie that was to take the world by storm. From the opening scene where a gigantic ship looms menacingly over our heads chasing down the smaller blockade runner to the final triumphant victory ceremony this boy was hooked. Not for me the Kenner toys. I wanted accurate models. What I got in 1979 was something that looked fabulous in the box and, after assembly, I had something that at least looked the part. Later I obtained the book 'The Art Of Star Wars' and found, within, my very first accurate reference. This was for Red 3. I proceeded to paint the visible panels and attempted to replicate the weathering. I also made some early scratch building efforts on the R2 unit to make it look more like the real ArToo giving it a rotating dome and better legs. I also created a rudimentary cockpit canopy hinge from wire. Having looked critically at it for a few years and ,after the success with the Snowspeeder, I feel it is time to breath new life into this old friend. I'm fairly certain copyright prevents me from reproducing the original reference pic here but this was the result of my early efforts that has sat on various shelves and survived, mostly unscathed, a number of house moves. The canopy has been removed, polished and dipped in Klear already. It is drying under cover out of shot. Gaps abound and the guns refuse to all point in the same direction Some missing parts should be easy to replicate R2 not looking too bad but needs a little refining and repainting. The pilot, on the other hand... well... never mind not looking like Biggs it doesn't look even remotely human. Seams filled with liquid plastic (plasticard melted in Tamiya Extra Thin), clamped and braces applied forcing parts to meet where they never met before. I recall that at some point the blaster barrels had departed the wings and had been braced internally with wire. As this left gaps the barrels were re-aligned and more liquid plastic applied. All four now point in generally the right direction. And the port side fuselage seam. There was a 1mm gap here but as there were blobs of old tube glue in it I was unable to bed it down so filled with more L.P. And finally today the seam around the nose cone was filled. Just need to let that all set properly and it'll be ready for sanding, more filling, more sanding........ Thanks for looking in. I'll introduce you all to Mr Canopy later. Phil
  7. Good evening. My rendition of the X-wing flown by Poe Dameron from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, one of the most beautiful sci-fi craft ever designed (in my opinion). This is the Bandai kit with the annoying multi-coloured plastic parts moulded in the colour scheme, making painting both a tad easier and more complicated. I had to glue the wings in the combat deployment to stop me from closing them in temptation and accidentally chip off the paint. The stand is also glued as I broke it while trying to change its position. This was easily the most irritatingly fiddly paint scheme to mask, but it came out 'OK' in the end. It was also my first time using MIG Ammo washes (brown for German yellow on the orange and grey, and stone grey for black on the black); I will now almost exclusively use these due to their quality. I'm still getting used to my new camera, and I can't seem to work out how to get the whole model in the picture to not get blurry. Enjoy!
  8. My first model in 20 odd years - back then I built a few models cars so this is my first effort based on what you can learn on the inter webs - C&C welcome. I'm not sure I've posted the images (from Imgur) correctly -I'm wondering if I should be doing something to restrict the size of the image- please let me know if it looks ok - cheers. Pilot's a bit high in the cockpit, R2-D2is too low... Panel lines are a bit too heavy. Can clearly see the pilot is too high here - I have no idea how this happened grrrrr... A shot that makes my modelling look better than it is... Weathering is not really subtle enough but I was reasonably happy with the effect and I think I can improve on it in future Helmet decals were a pain - even with some Mr Softener - they moved, they crumpled, I was just happy in the end that I hadn't destroyed them. The final result, better than I had expected, not as good as I had hoped. I think I've learned enough that I'll improve second time around and I really did enjoy the build process. Thanks for looking.
  9. Here's a few pics of my version of Red 5, The overall build of the kit has been covered in brilliant detail by the likes of Andy Moore and other folks on here so i'm not going to bore you with it..but if you are on the fence about purchasing one for your collection, then i can highly recommend doing so... the build took about three months..(on and off).. One thing i'd like to add is 'don't get too hung up about the basecoat colours of these ships, by the time you've finished the original basecoat will completely change colour' Anyhoo...here's the pictures.. Basecoat...
  10. The X-Wing's finally finished with today's last minute addition of all new mini Nigel, the mouse droid. Bandai's X-Wing is a great kit, easily as good as all their other releases. The custom finish was down to wanting to do something different to a red squadron fighter (ironic that I painted it red then). The open panels were also done to give it a bit of individuality. The base was my first snow scene, and a bit of a learning curve, using different materials. If I'm honest neither the X-Wing or the base are my best work, and are a bit scruffy in places. I was quite pleased with the astromech though, which recreated U9-C4, the R5 droid I depicted with Bandai's 1/12 kit. (wip here) I'll post some shots of the X-Wing on it's own first, as it's easier to see the details when it's off the base And all together on the base (if you get bored you can always play 'Where's Nigel') Thanks for looking Andy
  11. Last Christmas I received both the X-Wing and the First Order Tie Fighter kits. I'm kind of on a Star Wars building kick at the moment and decided to pull this one out of the stash and get started on it. It is Interesting to note that while this kit can be displayed in flight, there is no pilot figure. With this said, I went to the spares box and found a helicopter pilot that would fit the bill nicely for a Resistance Pilot. These kits are prepainted, albeit not very well. I decided to leave the cockpit as-is and do a little dry brushing to enhance some details. I glued the pilot in the cockpit and pressed the cockpit into place. I began work on the S-Foils and the fit on the some of the parts were less than stellar. I know it's a snap tite kit, but I guess I set my expectations too high for a model kit tooled in the 21st century. There were some pretty big gaps to fill in the panels. Once the filling and sanded were done and the factory paint job left a lot to be desired, I stripped the paint and primed the entire kit with Tamiya Gray Surfacing Primer.
  12. New Revell Master Series Star Wars Kits Are In Stock Now RV15091 This is the Revell 1:48th scale X-Wing Fighter from Star Wars. It is part of the Master Series range which is based on the famous Fine Molds kit, the most accurate kit ever built of this subject. Kit Features include: Molded in white and clear plastic Scale Figures and Droids Landing Gear in up or down positions Display Stand Length - 271mm, Width - 222mm, Height - 141mm Description: This is the most important rebel alliance fighter and one of the most powerful single-seat space ships ever produced. The T-65 X-wing Fighter owes its name to the double wings one above the other that form an X in combat in order to increase the firing range of the pilot. In addition to four high-energy laser cannon the X-wing Fighter has proton torpedoes, deflector shields, hyper drive and a navigation droid. Luke Skywalker prefers this type of fighter. It was used by the young Jedi to destroy the first Death Star in the Battle of Yavin. The X-wing Fighter quickly proved to be one of the most effective military aircraft in the galaxy. The unusual wing design of the T-65 is frequently regarded as the success formula of the space ship. The pair of twin wings remains closed during normal flights under the speed of light. In combat and on entry into the atmosphere of a planet, they can be extended. On the wing tips are high-energy laser cannon that can be fired singly, simultaneously, in pairs or in other combinations. Construction kit for the advanced modeller. RV15092 This is the Revell 1:48th scale TIE Fighter from Star Wars. It is part of the Master Series range which is based on the famous Fine Molds kit, the most accurate kit ever built of this subject. Kit Features include: Molded in white and clear plastic Pilot and Imperial Figures Full Cockpit Interior Display Stand Length - 133mm, Width - 130mm, Height - 157mm Description: Darth Vader used this prototype as the basis for the terrifyingly effective TIE interceptor in the Battle of Yavin. Unlike all other TIE fighters this prototype has a deflector shield generator and a simple hyperdrive. Vader's TIE Advanced is armed with heavy twin blaster cannon on fixed mounts but has no life support systems. The TIE Advanced is characterised by a hull made of duralloy steel, an extended after deck and unique solar cell wings. The Tie Advanced quickly became one of Darth Vader's favourite ships. Like all the TIE ships the prototype has a drive system consisting of twin ion engines. Its solar ionization reactor is reputed to be much more powerful than that of the standard TIE fighters. The TIE Advanced has proved itself in battle, as it is capable of withstanding many direct hits. In addition the pilots' chances of survival were considerably enhanced by the incorporation of a hyperdrive system, which enables the ship to escape from hopeless battle situations. Construction kit for the advanced modeller. RV15093 This is the Revell 1:72nd scale Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. It contains 904 parts. It is part of the Master Series range which is based on the famous Fine Molds kit, the most accurate kit ever built of this subject. Kit Features include: Molded in white and clear parts Scale Figures, seated and standing Landing Gear in up or down positions Display Stand Length - 456mm, Width - 311mm, Height - 76mm Description: This Corellian tranporter is reputed to be one of the fastest and best-equipped ships in the galaxy. The Millennium Falcon may look old and broken down, but continual modifications have made it into something special. The crew has for years consisted of the reckless pilot and smuggler become hero of the rebel alliance, Han Solo, and his co-pilot and technician, the trusty Wookiee Chewbacca. A long time ago Solo won the ship from Lando Calrissian in a game of sabacc. The Corellian transport type YT-1300 played an important role in the destruction of both battle stars and is probably the most famous ship in the galaxy. Inside the ship there is a hyperdrive that gives it almost double the speed of any imperial star cruiser. The heavily armoured Falcon has an illegal bank of sensors that can track distant imperial ships before they are aware of its presence. The ship goes into battle with the most up-to-date imperial deflector system, two quad laser cannon and two disruptors. Construction kit for the advanced modeller. Follow us on Facebook for all the latest news https://www.facebook...eativeModelsLtd Click on the link to see the weekly specials http://www.creativem...ials-c-205.html Thank you Creative Models Ltd
  13. Orangesherbert

    Bandai TFA X-Wing

    Hi. First attempt at a work in progress so don’t expect to much! Not sure exactly what I’m doing with it but its a build inspired by Poo Dameron’s Helmet, Crashy, Skid lid, whatever you want to call it and by all you people on here who don’t stick to the norm and make things look a bit different. So its getting a custom paint job with a Vellejo Metal colours and weathered to an inch of its life. So far its looking a little bit like Poo’s black Xwing, but i hope to make it look it a bit better by the end. Not sure my expert photography helps but here are some pics of my progress so far. Cheers X-Wings Flat Wings Body Poo Stick. Sorry … Poe on a stick. The main bits I’ve already showed, bundled together. Still finishing off the cockpit. Not gone bonkers with it as you will see. And have really struggled with getting the decals to sit their butts down around the intakes.
  14. Following on from the 3D printed TIE fighter I discovered this large X-Wing which I thought would make a great companion. It is a very basic snap kit and the so called weathering that was applied from the factory I think was done by a 4 year old child overdosed on calpol! Not that I was bothered as I was going to give it a full repaint and try some new techniques that I never used before on a model that being hairspray, salt and using oils. I used a lot of fibre optics and LED's, I wasn't intending to go for a screen accurate model, in fact I call it X-BLING LOL!
  15. Poe Dameron's Black One T-70 X-wing | Bandai 1/72 scale Poe Dameron's Black One T-70 X-wing, completed in Tamiya, Vallejo, and Secret Weapon Miniatures acrylics; Alclad lacquers; 502 Abteilung oils; and Tamiya weathering pastels with a custom wooden base. This model was done as a commission along with Luke's X-wing for a fellow in Canada. This kit was a pain because I dislike painting black and the construction is not as intuitive as Bandai's classic X-wing. All in all, I think it turned out well enough on my end (I tend to be pretty critical of my own work) but more importantly, the client was extremely happy with the finished product. A WIP of this model can be found here.
  16. Bandai 1/72 scale X-wing starfighter (Luke Skywalker's Red 5) commission. Finished in Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics; 502 Abteilung oils; and Tamiya weathering pastels. I didn't do a WIP log for this build because it's more or less the same as the one I did in October of last year. I tweaked a few of the colors and weathered the panels a little more but other than it's pretty much a repeat of that build, though I think it came out a little better than my last one. The best thing I changed was using a 3mm clear acrylic rod instead of the supplied flight stand to hold the model. I just wish it was a little easier to source those rods here in the States; to get one at a reasonable price I had to order it from Hong Kong.
  17. Hi, knew here. Yes, i to was sprinkled with star wars magic when i saw the film aged 6. This was the 3rd model on my journey back in the hobby after a 30 year hiatus. (the other 2 are in Aircraft) What can i say about bandai kits that hasn’t already been said. They are amazing kits. When i first saw an x wing i saw a white spaceship with red stripes so thats how i approached my painting, not really into all the bright colours that adorn this model. Really really enjoyed making it, its not perfect (in normal light its to grey, doesn’t really show in the photo’s) and the weatherings not really in scale but i love it and guess thats what its all about. Really looking forward to building another one. (Which i did, a Snowspeeder) Don’t know if anyones noticed or done this, but the sticker masks, the bits that you don’t use, make perfect masks for the canopies! Anyway, all comments welcome. Cheers.
  18. Something WEIRD happened to me today. Like, REALLY flippin weird. So weird that "weird" should be in italics. I'm posting pictures of a COMPLETED model. Mark this day on your calendar folks, I know I will. Click the link to check out the full build. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235001750-bandai-t-70-black-leader/ 20160607-MJS_4704 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20160607-MJS_4705 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20160607-MJS_4701 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20160607-MJS_4697 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20160607-MJS_4695 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20160607-MJS_4714 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20160607-MJS_4716 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20160607-MJS_4706 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr Kill markings painted on using an old Verlinden scribing template as a stencil. 20160607-MJS_4724 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr Clear resin navigation lights courtesy CMK to replace the solid plastic ones that come with the kit. 20160607-MJS_4732 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20160607-MJS_4742 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20160607-MJS_4750 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20160607-MJS_4766 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr A cool accident in this pic. The light hits in just the right way to make the NAV lights look like they're actually lit up. 20160607-MJS_4777 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20160607-MJS_4799 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20160607-MJS_4814 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr Not enough photos? OK! Too many? Too bad cause here comes even MORE! 20160607-MJS_4821 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20160607-MJS_4829 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20160607-MJS_4830 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20160607-MJS_4834 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr The design for the base was inspired by Poe Dameron's helmet. 20160607-MJS_4836 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20160607-MJS_4841 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20160607-MJS_4845 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr Solid plastic barrels replaced with fine brass tube. 20160607-MJS_4843 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr 20160607-MJS_4846 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr Interesting little fact about this piece. Only about five decals were used in total and they all were on BB-8. The X-wing itself has zero decals and as a result, zero clear coats. That's a first for me. Thanks for looking! -matt
  19. X-Wing Bandai 1/72 Yes, I know. Another Bandai X-Wing. You've got my permission to yawn and go off to read a more interesting post. For what it's worth, I'm going to try and do something a bit different with it. There's been some great X-Wing builds on Britmodeller, but rather than do another Red 5 or other Red Squadron ship, I'm going to do this one in a non-movie scheme and maybe give it a few modifications too. I won't bother with the usual sprue shots as everyone knows these kits by now, so I'll just jump strait in. As with most builds of this sort that I start, I've got no idea what direction I'll be going in. I just tend to go with whatever seems like a good idea at the time. In that vein, I decided to start by removing a panel on the upper starboard wing to show some internal detail underneath. The centre panel on the wing extends right back to the trailing edge. I didn't want to remove a section that big, so I marked a new panel line, scribed it, then cut it out On the underside of the wing, I thinned the plastic to create a lip to which I added some thin plasticard framing. The separate insert panel that covers the underside of the wing will need chopping up, as I'll only be using the outer tip and the section that forms the leading edge. I'll make a new plate to go under the cut-out section, and add some general plumbing and wiring. I'll build the model grounded with the wings closed, so I don't have to worry about neatening the underside of the wings which will save time I'll probably be removing other panels on the wings and/or body, and I'd like to make some mods to either the engines or the guns. I'll see what ideas pop into my head over the next few days. As far as colours go, I'm currently thinking of something red based. I've got a couple of schemes I'm working from at the moment, both from the animated Star Wars series. The first being a red and white scheme worn by the prototype B-Wing featured in Rebels The other being a red/black scheme on a transport from The Clone Wars These are just general ideas, I won't be reproducing them exactly. No hurry to make a decision though, as there's plenty of building to do first. Andy
  20. Starting with the interior of the cockpit, I painted it using various Vallejo greys, drybrushed it with some Tamiya metallic pigments, and then picked out some details. I also painted Poe using a mix of red and orange Vallejo paints for his flight suit and then free-handed his helmet. After priming the entire model with Alclad grey primer, I gave everything a coat of Tamiya German Grey (XF-63) with a couple of drops of Flat Blue (XF-8) added to it. A thin, splotchy coat of NATO Black, which despite it's name is actually a very dark grey, was added on top of the German Grey base color. These two colors make the "undercoat" of the model and is what will be showing under the paint chipping. I used a torn piece of foam to apply Vallejo Liquid Mask along the leading edges and anywhere paint chipping would accumulate. Once that was dry, I gave the entire model a light coat of Flat Black (XF-1) mixed 2:1 with German Grey, which served as the final "black" paint. Some of the metallic bits on the S-foils were painted with Tamiya Gunmetal (X-10) and the laser canon tips, barrels (painted after I took this picture), and engine nozzles were painted with Alclad Aluminum and given a little discoloration with Alclad Pale Burnt Metal. In addition to painting the fuselage and S-foils, I masked the canopy and gave it coat of Alclad Aluminum, sponged some liquid mask on it, and then a little bit of Alcald Dull Aluminum to give it a worn look.
  21. Well, here we go. Finally have enough done to warrant my first post in my first WIP here. This is also my first time back at the bench in over a year. And this is my first personal project since... my Tamiya P-47 many many years ago. Time to shake off a lot of rust. This is a little out of my comfort zone. I don't do much sci-fi. And I've only dabbled in 1/72 maybe a half dozen times in my life. It's so much smaller than 1/48! I mean, look how tiny BB-8 is! FYI, the body detail was sanded off as I want to position his head on an angle. And since his body is on a sphere, all I need to do is adjust the placement of the decals on his body when the time comes. Seemed silly to cut off his head an re attach it. untitled by _m_sinclair, on Flickr Since this is a Star Wars kit, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to add my own "greeblies" to this X-wing. A great way to add a little extra detail and help make it my own. I went looking through old kits. But due to the small scale I quickly realized that my collection of photo etched detail sets was the way to go. I even found a supply of fine solder wire I probably purchased ten years ago and never touched. Till today. I also drilled out a vent (maybe, who knows) and added some very fine etched screen. Why? Because it looked right. untitled-2 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr More random etched pieces added where it looked appropriate. Some came from an Aber King Tiger set. Other pieces are from an old Verlinden Humvee set. I also used a fine drill and added the appearance of fasteners all over the ship. Just another way to add a little more visual appeal. This is the bottom of the fuselage.I had planned on adding some antennas like what you see on current aircraft. I was thrilled to discover the kit already has two! They just needed a little sanding to thin them down to make them look just right. untitled-3 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr I removed Poe's head and angled it to make it appear he is looking at something. Likely need to add a little filler to clean up the neck area. untitled-4 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr I made a small pitot tube and attached it inside one of the intakes. I figure since the ship flies in atmosphere frequently it might make sense to have one. And if you don't like that, just call it a random sensor. untitled-5 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr Same as the fuselage. Various bits of PE. Fine solder wire and a fine drill used to replicate fasteners on different parts of the S foils and engines. I expect the lower engines will be more visible so I added a little more detail on them. untitled-6 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr One of the "top" engines detailed on the right. untitled-7 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr This time it's one of the "bottom" engines on the right side. untitled-8 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr Oh how I missed you. untitled-9 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr Got some primer on just to see if anything needs cleaning up. untitled-10 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr untitled-11 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr Looking pretty good so far. Still early days though. And I am immensely rusty! untitled-12 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr This kit is amazing. By far the best 1/72 kit I've ever seen! The cockpit detail is better than many 1/48 aircraft kits!These intakes are fabulous. untitled-13 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr So this is where she stands as of now. untitled-14 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr I do apologize for the blinding white background. Haven't done this in a while and need to pick up some coloured paper to put in the photo booth I threw together today. Oh and if you haven't seen Andy's X-wings, get your butt over there now! Stunning work. Thanks for looking. -matt
  22. Morning all, I've received a Bandai X-Wing and TIE for Christmas and, being on such a massive Star Wars binge at the moment, can't wait to get stuck into them. My only issue is knowing what colours to paint them. Reading around, there seems to be a bit of a conflict of opinion, but I'd appreciate any further suggestions for both the interior colours and exterior greys on both fighters. Thanks in advance, Shaun
  23. T-70 X-Wing Fighter Ralph McQuarrie Concept Bandai 1/72 The T-70's done. A quick(ish) build painted in the colours from Ralph McQuarrie's concept artwork. Surprisingly, I didn't think it was quite up to the standards of Bandai's previous releases. Not a bad kit at all, just not quite as good as the others. Despite that, I'm sure I'll get another one to do in the movie scheme. The wip can be found here Thanks for looking Andy
  24. After becoming slightly obsessed with the new Star Wars movie, i decided i wanted to actually be IN it as a character, unofficially of course. So i needed a ship.. a Starfighter to Bounty Hunter and Smuggle my way accross the galaxy! I love the new T-70 X-Wing esp the new wing design, but i wanted something more individual than just a re-colored one. I love Lamborghini's and Ducati's and after looking at an Aventador.. a light bulb went on in my head. This isnt an ordinary X-Wing, cockpit forward, based on a lengthened Lamborghini Aventador roadster, now a single seater with Ducati wing Intakes. It will have a segment of Millenium Falcon style engine on the rear, with the main fuselage tapering up/down to meet it. Lighting planned for Cockpit, Engine nozzles & front guns.
  25. T-70 X-Wing Fighter Bandai 1/72 I ordered this from an ebay seller a few weeks ago, and it's just turned up. It'll be a slow burn build as I'll be fitting work on it around other projects, but I'll put up some sprue shots so you can see what's to come. It's not giving too much away to say that it's easily up to the high standards of Bandai's earlier releases. There's only three sprues for the T-70, plus a forth for the base. Everything's exceptionally crisp and sharp with some incredibly fine detail on some of the parts. Sprue A has most of the fuselage parts, and is the one sprue that's moulded in multiple colours (that's one of the small niggles with this kit, which I'll get on to later). You also get the pilots and BB-8. One point to note, like the X-Wing (and most SW fighter, really) it's surprisingly small. The main fuselage section is about 12.5cm, which will go up to around 15.5 with the nose attached. To put that in context, it's just slightly longer than a Mig-15. I think, because of the elongated profile, it looks larger on screen. Wingspan's about 15cm. Sprue B has the wing parts.This has a slightly different set-up to the original X-Wing in that the split is down the centreline of the wing so that, when opened, the leading edge drops down and the trailing edge moves up. The parts are moulded with an opposing upper and lower wing on each half, the two halves just push together and remain posable. Sprue C is moulded in a silver grey which is a bit swirly in places, but the detail is still very sharp. This has got the landing gear, the alternate canopy frame, BB-8's compartment and a few engine details. The last sprue is the base. This is essentially the same basic base that comes with all these kits, in this case with a sand dune texture/colour. Wing close up Inner wing detail panels Upper fuselage Fuselage side panels. This is where I have a bit of an issue with Bandai's policy of moulding parts in colour. The blue stripe that runs down the side is moulded as a separate piece, meaning it can be installed without painting should you wish. The problem come from the fact that the other blue sections, such as the dashes on the wings, only come as decals so, since you'll have to use the decals or paint the remaining blue sections, it makes the inclusion of the moulded blue parts somewhat redundant. If the blue sections hadn't been included, the whole of the side section could have been done as a single piece. Cockpit parts. There's some nice raised detail here, best painted, as the included instrument panel decals aren't great The pilots are probably Bandai's best yet. No funny, extended arms here (the one on the left isn't a dwarf, he's just sitting down) And, of course, you get a mini BB-8 Those big split engine intakes are very well done with very deeply moulded detail The split canopy is moulded in clear. There's a couple of flow marks in it which I've found in some of Bandai's other clear parts. It's not quite as prominent as it looks in the photo. You also get a slightly pointless glassless canopy frame, should you wish to pretend they fly around in space with no windows. You get the usual Bandai choice of stickers or decals Some are well printed, some aren't. If you look at the silver decal for the canopy frame, you can see that they can print a decent solid colour, so why then do they print some in a dot pattern that looks awful. Hence the reason it's best to paint the cockpit detail. BB-8's marking are also a bit pixely, so I might try painting those too These are the decals for the leading edge of the engine intakes, and if you want to paint the silver and blue parts rather than use them, Bandai do provide the small detail markings separately, albeit not enough, you get four of the blue diagonal marks when you would need eight. You do get enough of the little white triangles though This may not be a problem for me though, as I might not be doing this scheme. For any that don't know, the design of the T-70 was heavily influenced by the original X-Wing concept art by Ralph McQuarrie, and I think it might be fun to paint it up in the colours from his illustration Andy