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Found 21 results

  1. Right lets get into this: I will be basing my build on this Whirlwind XN358 (for more info check out my blogger (look at my about me) Its a reduced weight whirlwind which is kinda snazzy I am using the Airfix HAS.22 kit to do this build, and i am trying to do an interior, which is proving difficult. I have used a food container (one that you buy from the shop with food) instead of plasticard as this kit has no representation of a floor/bulkheads. It is proving very difficult as interior pictures of the whirlwind are hard to find. The textures on the wall and floors are simply foil rubbed against surfaces in my house, the sound proofing (sides and ceiling) is made by using my chromebook and the floor diamond plate using the handle of my blade. It is very messy at the moment but will be neatened very soon You might notice that 'stuff' in the nose, don't worry, its not the guts of a rat, its blue tack and some thumbtacks to create some weight The other side, not neat but when all the equipment and is closed up it should be less visible You can see the floor here, i have actually removed this now and relayed and more flat one.You can see how much i had to modify the cockpit shape, (i have another whirlwind in the stash) and surprisingly it lines up perfectly with the original piece Here is all the things that need to get modified/removed with marker.
  2. Hey guys and girls, This is my rendition of Whirlwind HAS.7 ' XN358 '. (With the help of navy Wings i have found a lot of info on her) I used the Airfix HAS.22 for this conversion...not aftermarket parts were used, just scratch built (first conversion) XN350 , built in 1960, served for 771 squadron at HMS Osprey, Portland. She had her ventral fin removed, tail rotor drive shaft cover removed along with wheel brakes and various things from like unneeded avionics. She was used was turned light weight to increase lifting capacity for the ASR role. This test was never an official test. Before long, she was converted back into conventional HAS.7 standard. She stayed in her markings until moved to 825 NAS in July 1960 where she was painted a grey and orange (like most ASR helis of the time) Later she was moved to 824 NAS in DEcember 1961 until 1963and stayed in the 825 marking. In 1963 she was taken to RN AMS Seafield Park...another move to the lee dump in 1980 until she was taken to the fire dump at RNAS Yeovilton (5 miles from me) in 1981-1982. I would like to do the other renditions of her in the future, but for now i have done her first state With some earlier models, a pair of lynx I can see where i can improve on (for a conversion with no after market parts its pretty good ) Thanks for looking, Rob
  3. Finally able to complete the second of my RAF Rescue helicopters after the superb RAFDec decals arrived. XJ409 was delivered to the RAF in 1959, serving in the rescue role as an early HAR2 before conversion to HAR10 standard in the mid-60s. The old Airfix kit dated from even earlier, with 1958 printed on the inside of the ancient Whirlwind HAS22 fuselage. I added a bit of detail in the cockpit and cut the side windows so they could be open, but that was about it. I just wish Airfix would make an HAR10!
  4. I thought I'd do at least one more yellow chopper for the time being, to display with the Wessex. The Whirlwind looks a bit simpler to build, though will probably end up needing lots of scratch building and mods to make it represent an RAF one. If I remember correctly I think I bought this kit from a stand at the Shuttleworth airshow in 2018. It looks basic! This is what I'm attempting to create. Any Whirlwind experts out there who can give some advice? It doesn't look too different to me. The door is moulded shut so no scratchbuilt cabin interior this time. I'll use some of the left over Wessex decals for the 'Rescue' titles, etc. Not my photo, I'm not that old! Mods remove it if it breaks copyright, it was just a random Google image search, no credits.
  5. The Trumpeter kit finished as the shabby HE+V from the well know photo, mostly OOB with just the radio mast moved to match the position on the original aircraft, and the bomb racks omitted as they don't appear on the photo. This was mainly a trouble free build as I didn't try to correct the kit's well publicised errors or add anything extra - if you like that kind of thing check out Sprueloose's WIP - the main issue came when I tried out the Alclad Klear Cote Gloss. For whatever reason, this never dried and was still tacky well over a week later, I had to go over it with some standard Windsor & Newton just so I could handle it, but by then it was too late, there was a lot of dust stuck to it. The Henschel HS129 that I built in tandem also suffered this, so this is one bottle that will be going to the back of the shelf; the search for a really good gloss varnish continues. Chipping was done using the Vallejo chipping fluid, the real aircraft was even worse, lets say this represents it a couple of weeks before that photo was taken... If some of the markings looked painted on that is because they are! First time I have done this, and the Montex set proved pretty easy for squadron codes and serial number, the roundels and fin flashes are decals though from the excellent Xtradecal sets
  6. Hi, Just a quick question on the major external differences between the RN Westland Whirlwind HAR9 and the RAF HAR 10. Did the RN HAR 9 have the under fuselage recess for a torpedo like the earlier HAS 7? I know the RAF HAR 10 did not have this feature. I'm planning to convert the Italeri H-19 into a HAR 9 as used in the Antarctic on HMS Protector. Any help with this question greatly appreciated. Cheers, Joe
  7. In 1943, the Westland Whirlwind was being withdrawn from service, one factor being lack of support for its Peregrine engines - together with the need to maintain two engines per airframe compared with the single-engined Typhoon intended to replace it. However with development of the Typhoon taking longer than expected, an interim solution was needed to support the second front expected to be opened in France in 1944. The remaining Whirlwind airframes were therefore re-engined with Bristol Mercury XVs, which were in plentiful supply and could provide enhanced performance running on 100 octane fuel. As the radial engines were air-cooled, the radiators could be removed from the wing roots making more volume and weight available for fuel tanks. The wing hard-points were strengthened, to allow carriage of two 1000lb bombs. Finally, the new MkIII IFF was fitted, the rod aerial under the starboard wing replacing the previous tailplane-to-fuselage wiring. Enough aircraft were re-manufactured to equip 263 squadron, which flew as part of 2nd Tactical Airforce over France from February 1944, until finally replaced by the Typhoon at the end of that year. ... Well, it could have happened anyway! Based on the venerable (if that is the right word!) Airfix Whirlwind, with engines from the old-tool Blenheim IV, spare propellers and spinners from the new Spitfire I/II and bombs from the Bomber resupply set. Following my reading of the regulations for D-Day stripes, and 24" wide stripes on the wings of twin-engined aircraft, as well as the 18"-wide fuselage stripes. I kept the sky band forward of the tail, and assumed the squadron codes would be re-painted over the stripes. Decals from a variety of sources, including some of the original airfix ones which had stood up pretty well for a 1980s-era kit. and a few more photos here: Westland Whirlwind FB.2
  8. Westland WS-55 Whirlwind HAR Mk.10, XD163, C/n. WA20. At the Helicopter Museum, Weston-Super-Mare. Pics mine. Originally built in 1954 at Yeovil, Somerset as a 12-seat transport helicopter. XD163 is of particular significance as it was not only converted from an earlier mark of Whirlwind, but was in fact in its earlier life the first Whirlwind delivered to the Royal Air Force, and was the first Whirlwind Mk.4. It first flew in April 1954 and operated with the Far East air force. In 1962 it was delivered to Westland's factory for conversion to Mk.10 standard. As the 36th production conversion Mk.10 XD163 first flew in February 1964 and allocated to 2FTS at the Central Flying School helicopter wing Ternhill in 1966. It remained there until 1979 when it was retired and placed in storage at RNAY Wroughton. The aircraft was subsequently transferred to the museum in April 1991 where it was restored and is now on display.Info from the The Helicopter Museum website
  9. I decied to build the whirlwind after all. I dont do highly detailed models so losing the etch is no big deal I might even find it again it must be in a box somewhere. Donar kit and the converson kit sprues Marked out ready for cutting The nose is going to need some filler to make it akk join up nicely I will keep the door shut Next up get rid of the cooling grills I will use the red and blue/grey colour sheme supplied in the kit It will look nice along the HAR10 I have already. I have the kits and bits to do the MK7 and HCC12 which is what I will be doing after this one. Cockpit and grill next Rodders
  10. Hello, I'm presenting my recently finished Westland Whirlwind Mk.I, built as part of the "The Battle of Britain" competition on Polish "Scale modelling with passion" forum. I used Eduards PE's and scratchbuilded some details (eg. moved antenna mast onto the canopy to represent early production variant). Hovewer, I am aware, that not all of the issues of this kit were corrected. All the markings were painted using masks (as you probably know, the decals in this kit are of low quality...). The model was painted using Tamiya and MrHobby Acrylics. You can see all the models built during this competition at this link: http://www.pwm.org.pl/viewforum.php?f=797. Hope you enjoy, Artur
  11. Hi, Next archive bird - Westland Whirlwind of 263 Squadron RAF, September 1941. This is an Airfix kit, mould form late 1970s, mostly OOB work. I was intending t do here very devestated paint, following well a photo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No._263_Squadron_RAF#/media/File:Whirlwind_Mk_I,_263_Sqn_Exeter,_in_flight_over_West_Country.jpg But this was just an attempt... Comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  12. Hello all, Im interested in building a 1/72 Whirlwind set in Borneo during the 1960s, but my main problem is I don't know the first thing about the Whirlwind really. This is the sort, Im not sure what type of Whirlwind those are, I do note that they have drooped tails and I haven't seen any photos from Borneo without. From what little Ive seen, I know this will take some converting. The only Whirlwind kits I can find at the moment are the old Airfix ones, but they have straight tails. I understand the Italeri H-19B has the right drooped tail but I also understand that they have become hen's teeth. I saw that Heritage Aviation sell a Tropical Nose for a Whirlwind, would that be suitable for Borneo? So, in the current kit climate, where would I begin? Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you, Conor
  13. As a child of RAF Chivenor I have built a small collection of Hunters & Hawks in 1/72 & 1/48 scale, but I have a big hole in my collection and that is the 22 Squadron SAR Helos. I did attempt a HAR 4 a few years ago with the aid of RAFDECS sheet but it didnt turn out too good. The HAR 10's were a daily sight where I grew up in Braunton next to the base and during the summer they could be seen plucking grockles out of the sea at Croyde & Saunton!! Anyway, this is not so much a WIP but more a look at what i did as the model is pretty much finished but I dont want to clog up RFI with progress pics. I recently picked up a job lot of four unboxed Airfix Whirlwinds for a tenner (bargain!), I sold a couple and thought i'd attempt a MK10 conversion with one of the others. I picked up an Airwaves MK10 nose on ebay and set about chopping the kit up to see if it would fit! I only attempted the most obvious changes ie the nose and the bent tailboom, I expect there are more suble differences that I hadnt noticed but i'm sure somebody will! :-) I'm not expecting this to be 100% accurate but just a bit of fun really and if I can end up with something that looks a bit like a 10 in the cabinet i'll be happy!! First up, heres the helo I am modelling with the aid of RAFDEC sheet and some spares for the serial XP350. Photo taken by my brother on Braunton Burrows sometime in the late seventies I think. Here's the sprues and extras. This mould is dated 1950 something and it shows, pretty basic with minimal interior detail and lots of rivets! First thing to do was chop the nose off, I measured the width of the Airwaves nose and the kit fuselage and it was pretty close, only problem was I had to remove the whole of the front end from under the windscreen to get the resin part to fit. Next up was the tail, I cut it in rougly the right place and then cut the boom at aprox the right angle to get the drooping tail, may have gne a bit too far but if I'm going to all this trouble it may as well notice!! I also had to remove the faring between the boom and fuselage and re-build this out of plastcard. Managed to get the boom back on with a lot of filling & sanding and the nose is taped on, so far so good! I'll add some more photos when finished.... And heres some more old pics of 22 at Chiv... http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/72577-chivenor-sar-old-photos/
  14. Westland WS-55 Whirlwind HCC Mk.12, XR486, C/n WA418. The Mk.12 was the first production example built in 1964 and one of only two VVIP aircraft built for the Queens Flight. The interior was fitted with special soundproofing, luxury fittings, chrome trim and a high gloss exterior finish. During it's operational duty the museums example was piloted by HRH Prince Philip, and The Prince of Wales. XR486 Joined the museum collection in June 2000.Info from The Helicopter Museum Pics mine.
  15. This is my version of Trumpeter's Westland Whirlwind. The kit assembles pretty straight forward but is sparse when it comes to decals. I went ahead and cut out the area behind the seat bulkhead and added a radio tray and a couple of instrument boxes from the spares box. It's a pretty tight fit but adds just enough detail to make it a little interesting. The decals in the kit are thick so I decided to use some others from old sheets. Had to make up plane numbers because that's all I had so the livery is fictitious. I guess the bottom line is the cockpit is green and it looks mostly like a Whirlwind.
  16. Hi all, I recently picked up a job lot of four unboxed Airfix Whirlwinds for a tenner (bargain!), I sold a couple and thought i'd attempt a MK10 conversion with one of the others. I picked up an Airwaves MK10 nose on ebay and set about chopping the kit up to see if it would fit! I only attempted the most obvious changes ie the nose and the bent tailboom, and slightly enlarged tail fin. Anyway, sort of HAR10 of 22 Squadron RAF Chivenor 1970's Short WIP here to see how it happened and this is how it turned out... And here she is with a HAR2 of 22 Squadron Chivenor 1950's Cheers Simon PS: accuracy issues have been raised and dealt with in an adult manner the WIP thread, thanks to Colin (Heloman) and others for their input!!!
  17. I am considering building a Whirlwind as a Royal Navy version, possibly the HAS.7 or HAS.9 (maybe both) but I am not aware of either of these in plastic kit form. Can anyone advise me what is available, presumably a basic kit plus aftermarket stuff etc., in order to build these aircraft? Also grateful for information on where to obtain these, if available. TIA Mike
  18. This is my second entry: the older release of the Whirlwind. First released in 1958 it was replaced by a new mold in 1978, also by Airfix. This one would also qualify, as there are more recent kits by Pavla and Special Hobby. It was built when I was a kid and survived with almost all the parts intact because it was glued with a multi-purpose glue that doesn't dissolve the plastic. My purpose is to build it as accurate as possible (taking the plans from the Kookaburra booklet as guide) without resource to resin or PE. You may compare bellow the main parts of the older and newer Aifix releases. The later kit has less parts - 34 vs 37. I'm not sure if I will go for the civil registered aircraft - the first prototype is also an option. I have an almost entire week to decide. Carlos
  19. Hello all! I "won" the right to pay for an Italeri H04S-3 kit, which is apparently a Canadian variant of the friendly-looking H-19, and thus, by extension, some sort of weird cousin to the Whirlwind. My question to all of you is, how hard is it to get a Whirlwind from this kit? Do I need to buy the HAS.7 or HAS.9 conversion sets from A2Zee, or am I good building a HAR.3 right out of the box? And does anyone, anywhere, make decals for a Whirlwind serving in MUSKETEER?
  20. HPH is preparing a 1/32nd Westland Whirlwind resin kit Source: http://amg.cdc.cz/kat125.html V.P.
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