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Found 80 results

  1. todd8137

    House Rubbish ?

    Hi all After putting out some dustbin stuff this morning i looked in the recycle bin ,and the light bulb came on,I'll include some pics of the kinda stuff i found even a old t bag some drink lids various other rubbish old pegs you see what a mean . so what to build from this pile of stuff i like ww2 mainly but this after some tea and thought will go one of many ways may even find other items that stick out to me this will be updated once or twice a week once i decide on what it will be thanks todd8137
  2. 72modeler

    RCAF aircraft photo collection

    While looking for DH 91 Albatross reference photos, I found this collection. Lots of great detail photos, including a Fortress II (B-17E) with Yagi antennas! Some excellent modeling project material as well as a list of serials for many of the types. I hope you will enjoy looking at them and that this collection has not been posted before. Mike http://silverhawkauthor.com/canadian-warbirds-4-the-second-world-war-trainers-transports-and-utility-aircraft-book_311.html?printable_version=true
  3. A second build thread as I like to switch between projects every now and then. This one I suspect is going to take a while though. The Airfix 1/600 HMS Belfast was the first ship model I ever built so returning to the beautiful Royal Navy light cruisers is a bit nostalgic. After seeing Steven Allen and Andrewas wonderful takes on these ships I wanted to try my hands on these myself. The (relatively) cheap and easy route would be to simply build Trumpeters Belfast kit. But comparing the Belfast to the Fiji and Sheffield, I always felt that the lines on the Belfast wasn't as sleek as the other ships. Thus I recently picked up the Iron Shipwirghts kit. In many ways this will be new territory for me: It is my first resin ship kit and the first kit from Iron Shipwrights. It is also a fairly old and slightly simplified, compared to the highly detailed CAD designed resin kits being created these days. With this in mind I knew from the beginning that this would be a lot more work than a normal injection moulded kit, and that it would involve a lot of scratch building and use of aftermarket parts. Upon arrival I was a bit disappointed by the casting quality though. Some critical parts were completely useless and beyond repair, while others, like the ship props and the Walrus seaplane were missing completely. I wasn't sure if this was a packing error or if the Ebay seller wasn't being completely honest. Either way, I decided to contact Jon from Iron Shipwrights and he has kindly offered to replace the missing parts free of charge. Their casting may not always be perfect, but the customer service certainly is! Still: When working with resin a lot of filling and sanding is probably unavoidable! I did some january sales shopping and this week my purchases began to arrive. The shopping list look like this: WEM HMS Sheffield PE set Master Oerlikon mounts Master Brass masts and yardarms North Star Models 4" guns North Star Models winches North Star Models Searchlights North Star Models HACS North Star Models portholes North Star Models quad Pompoms. 6" guns, some boats and possibly torpedo launchers will probably be 3d print, though I am still unsure exactly what route to go with these. Other than that I will be using a bunch of spare parts from my previous Royal Navy builds. Some critical parts are still missing though, like the radar lantern (inclding platform supports), main battery directors and replacement bollards and fairleads. It seems a bit excessive to purchase the Belfast kit and WEM upgrade set (which definitely contain suitable replacements), but I am hoping that over time it might be possible to obtain some of these things from people who might have spares from their own Belfast builds.
  4. 72modeler

    USAAF-USN gun turret, gun stations

    I had intended to post this with Tony T's B-25J build, but decided to put it here so as to not piggyback his thread. I found this site just now and thought it might be better to post it as a new topic so that more of you would see it and be able to use it for your modeling projects. Some good reference material here. Enjoy! Mike http://www.liberatorcrew.com/AircraftGunnery.htm
  5. Right. So this is my first proper build thread. I started this kit in October, but never really got around to taking WIP photos before some of the basic structures were in place, so we begin this thread as they say "in medias res". After having a lot of fun with Academy's Warspite, I figured I'd have a go at Trumpeter's Hood. It is a very interesting, but also challenging subject as no kits are 100% correct. I therefore set my self the challenge to build a kit that would address some of the most glaring omissions on the original model, but I also wanted to build a visually interesting model, so some details would be left intentionally wrong, such as boats not being covered with canvas, and a few other odds and ends. For reference I decided to use the 1/200 Pontos upgrade set, as I believe this is supposed to be the most accurate set on the market, and Pontos provide many excellent quality pictures on their website. The parts I am using are so far: Trumpeter 1/350 Hood Lionroar PE set (New turrets and upgrades for the superstructure, among other things) Eduard Photoetch (Excellent detail, and also contains the proper framework for the catapult supports on X-turret) Wood deck from Pontos 4" guns and bridge equipment sets from North Star Models Brass masts and Pom Pom barrels from Master models 3d printed boats from Micro Master However this has turned out to be a somewhat frustrating build with lots of things not going quite according to plan. First of all the fit of the upper and lower hull weren't great. After some sanding and filling I got a reasonably smooth seam. For a bit of extra detailing I decided to try and simulate the layered hull plating on the lower hull using the masking tape and spray paint technique. Not overly succesfully though, as some flaking occured when removing the masking tape. I contemplated sanding everything down again, but opted against it, as I wasn't sure I could get the results I wanted. Instead I decided to try and mask the imperfections during painting and pass it off as weathering. Another challenge arose from the Lionroar upgrades for the superstructure. Unfortunately the photoetch bulkheads aren't that great a fit, which caused some weird issues when adding the boat deck on top. Some filling and bending resolved most of them, but not all solutions were particularly elegant. As mentioned I have been using both Lionroar and Eduard photoetch. The Lioroar set is a bit crude in places and the Eduard set have some estremely fine details, which are made from steel rather than brass for enhanced durability. However I have found the railings to be a real pain to work with. They are better scaled than the Lionroar set, but they bend extremely easily when you accidentally touch them and have proven very tricky to bend back into shape. The result is railing that looks rather wobbly in places. Terribly frustrating! The final challenge so far has been with regards to the main hull color. I mainly use Vallejo acrylic, where Mirage Blue is supposed to be fairly close to the correct dark blueish grey she wore in 1941. After a few tests i found that this color looked too dark on the model to my eye. I wanted something lighter, and slightly less blue, that would give me better contrasts once shading and weathering had been applied and really bring out details. However I have had a hard time finding a color that looked right to my eye. The main issue is that this is a large monochrome model, and if you do not add some color variation it just ends up looking rather dull on the shelf (camo working a bit too well I suppose). In the end I have been mixing Intermediate Blue and Light Grey in various shades and highlights usind an airbrush. The result looks promising, but it is going to be a real challenge to touch up any painting mistakes later on. The real fun with this kit has been the scratch building and trying to correct some of the errrors on the kit. After studying the 1/200 Pontos upgrade set I decided to leave the main hull mostly as it is and instead focus on the superstructure. the bridge and conning tower was rebuilt many times during the Hood's long service, and the result is a real mess of weirdly placed platforms, gangways and splinter shields. I omitted some splinter shields, as those would make the model almost impossible to paint and instead tried to get some overall shapes closer to the original. Other issues would require surgery on a level I wasn't confident I could pull off, without destroying the bridge completely, so I left those as they were. The aft superstructure and pom pom platform saw some significant changes as well. I filled in all the windows, as these were usually covered with canvas, and the Pontos set actually have portholes here instead. I am not sure this is 100% correct, but it looks better than the original. The Pom-Pom platform was lalso owered, which also looks more balanced in my opinion. Finally the masts were replaced with brass, which I think looks a lot better. First coat of paint on the hull, showing the failed attempt at hull plating, and some weathering experiments to cover up the worst mistakes. A bit of touching up and some oil colors will hopefully improve things somewhat...
  6. 72modeler

    IJA/IJN aircraft photos

    While looking for photos of the three surviving N1K1 Rex floatplanes, I stumbled across this photo collection; some very interesting photos, many of which I haven't seen before. Nick Millman probably has seen all or most of them. I hope they will be of interest. Speaking of interesting, from what I read, three of the four N1K1 Rex floatplanes shipped to the U.S. still survive- at the NASM in storage, Museum of Naval Aviation on display, and at the Museum of the Pacific War on display. Mike http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=ForumsPro&file=viewtopic&t=14431&start=75&finish=15&printertopic=1

    The Imitation Game.

    Myself and the beloved watched The Imitation game yesterday. Not my usual film by a mile but excellent in every respect.
  8. *Now finished* - RFI: Half way through but is anyone interested in seeing the remainder of this? It's been on the go for months and has been a of a build...
  9. Hi all I guess this is sort of an introductory post to these boards besides the one in the new members section. Anyway: here are a few images of current projects. Most very close to being finished. I figure I'd wait with proper posts on the Ready for Inspection board untill they are completely done and proper photos have been taken. First up: The model that got me back into the hobby after more than 20 years. I came across a cheap 1/350 Missouri at a second hand store . I always wanted one of those big models as a child and at £3 it was too good to pass on. I upgraded the model with Eduard photoetch and a Pontos deck. Lits of firsts, like using an airbrush and oils for weathering, and obvious mistakes were made. But all in all a fun learning process! HMS Anchusa with the WEM upgrade kit. I think I might have overdone the weathering slightly on this model, but I wanted it to look really beaten up as I don't imagine these humble ships saw as much maintanence as the larger warships in the fleet. The Mountbatten Pink was an interesting challenge. The original color made the model very dark, so in the end I decided to lighten it with a neutral grey with just a hint of pinkish basecolor, to represent the sun's bleaching effect on red colors in particular. (Oh and yes: Not sure about that anti fouling paint colorc on the lower hull: I just thought it'd be nice to do something different than red for a change. The radar lantern is also incorrect. It is not firmly attached. I just left it there for the photoshoot, because I think it looks cool. ) My take on Trumpeter's HMS Zulu, using WEM photoetch, and upgraded main armanent from North Star Models and Micro Master on Shapeways. I also replaced the kit's wrong boats with 3d print and changed the main masts to brass for increased stability. A WIP of the Grand Old Lady Warspite with Pontos upgrades Unfortunately I have yet to get sufficient lightig conditions to shoot a good 3/4 view of the larger ship models. AFV Club Type VIIC Uboat with a couple of North Star crewmen. A lovely little kit, although in retrospect the slack on the photo etch cables doesn't look quite right to me...and maybe I should have dusted the model before photographing Oh well. Eboat from the Prinz Eugen kit, using WEM detail. Only upon arrival did I realize that the WEM set isn't really meant for this particular model and that the railings are too short, so I had to experiment a bit. I think a couple of crewmen like on the Uboat would finish it of nicely though.
  10. Dear fellow Britmodellers, just finished this one over the holidays - Dragons 1/72 M4A4 Sherman in British service, Normandy 1944, built from the box with the addition of CMK stowage. Painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics (H304), weathered with artists' oils and pastel chalks, photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. Greetings from Vienna.
  11. Dear fellow Britmodellers, this is Fujimi's 1/72 Opel Blitz Ambulance truck. Painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel.
  12. I was chatting on the forum after posting some pictures of a finished project when I was asked ‘What next?’ I explained that I wanted to do a detailed diorama based around the Revell 1/32 Fw 190 F-8 having been inspired by a diorama on the LSM forum by a gentleman with the on-screen name of Colt6, it’s well worth a look if you’re over that way and I thank him for the inspiration. The comment, 'I hope you're going to do a WIP?" is responsible for what follows! So, what am I planning; the title means ‘Brake over, back to work!’ or at least I hope it does as I used an online translator. It is based around a FW190 F-8 undergoing minor servicing in the field, the crew are taking a break and having a quick game of cards and are caught by the crew chief and pilot. The basic layout plan is this: The main elements will be: · The Revell 1/32 Fw 190 F-8 Kit augmented with: o Eduard Brassin Engine o Eduard Brassin Cockpit o Eduard Brassin MG131 guns o Eduard Brassin Wheels, prop and spinner. · Italeri’s 1/35 Kublewagen · Dragon’s 1/35 Kettenkrad · Verlinden Productions diorama accessories of: o The Luftwaffe Service Cart o The Luftwaffe Power Cart o The Luftwaffe Bomb Trolley · Various other diorama bits and pieces including MB and Verlinden Production figures as well as some scratch built stuff! I am breaking considerable areas of new ground with this diorama and my aim is to show how an average modeller copes (or not!) with something new and challenging. The aim being to encourage other modest modellers to ‘have a go’ and stretch themselves. I have started some elements of this build so I will catch them up in the relevant areas as per Forum instructions. I think this is probably enough for the first chunk though, I’ll be back here soon with the build of the VP elements listed above.
  13. I stumbled upon this website just now, and I thought some of you would enjoy seeing this photo collection; all preserved aircraft and many would make excellent detail references for modeling projects. Mike http://silverhawkauthor.com/warplanes-of-the-second-world-war-preserved-in-the-united-kingdom_456.html
  14. Dear fellow Britmodellers, this is my round-up of 1/72 models built in 2017. Dakoplast Ilyushin Il-4 Revell B-17F "Shamrock Special" Airfix North American Mustang P-51D Eduard Lavochkin La-7 Tamiya Ilyushin Il-2 Valom Yak-7 (late production) Eduard Focke Wulf Fw-190 F8 Trumpeter Wellington Mk.X Italeri Macchi 205 Sword Fiat G.55 Zvezda Petlyakov Pe-8 Eduard Spitfire IXc Academy P-38J Lightning Hasegawa B26 Marauder "Flak Bait" Zvezda Yakolew Yak-3 AZ Model Messerschmitt Bf-109 G2 "Romanian Air Force" AZ Model Messerschmitt Bf-109 G14AS "Italian Air Force (ANR)" 1/72 Sword Spitfire IXe "Soviet Air Force" ICM Tupolew Tu-2 Revell Cromwell Mk.IV 1/72 Amodel Yak-9U Airfix Messerschmitt Me-262 Hasegawa Mosquito Mk.XIII RS Models Airacobra I (Soviet Air Force) Tamiya P-47D Thunderbolt ... and here's the rest for this year ... (new pics added Dec.31st, 2017) ... Heller Sherman M4A2 Division Leclerc Fly Models Ilyushin Il-10 Dragon T34-85 UM (Ukraine Models) M7 Priest 'British Army'
  15. This is a video I found on Youtube, thanks to a post at Hyperscale. Very moving for me. I hope you enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvBfTEPUu24
  16. TheFoolio

    Recommended brand/kit

    I'm just beginning to start painting figures. I have avoided it up until now and stuck to armour, but fancy a change. I'm particularly interested in British WW2 figures. I usually stick to Tamiya and always find their kits to be great quality, but I'm not sure about figures. Could anyone recommend a brand, or maybe even a set, which would be a good starting point? I'm looking for something not too expensive, about £10ish I suppose, but high mould quality.
  17. 72modeler

    2006 Nellis AB airshow

    Just found this- I think there's something here for just about everyone. Enjoy! Love the USAF Heritage Flights! Mike http://www.richard-seaman.com/Aircraft/AirShows/Nellis2006/Highlights/
  18. 72modeler

    RAF photo collection

    Howdy y'all from sunny south Texas! Just stumbled upon these while looking for 25 Sq. Javelin photos for a friend- don't ask me how I ended up here! Some you have undoubtedly seen before, but many are new to me, I hope you enjoy them. Some neat modeling project possibilities, to be sure! (Mike, if this post is inappropriate, please delete it.) Mike https://www.flickr.com/photos/39411748@N06/6362707689/in/photostream/
  19. It was only recently that I came back to plastic models since my childhood as I have my own children now and they are into planes. I've built a few of late and I really needed somewhere to stick them (as well as their bedroom ceiling) and as I have never made a diorama before, I felt it was about time I gave it a try so here goes. Bear with me as it may take me some time as I work full time and have 2 young boys to entertain. I value opinion at any level so please feel free to comment good or bad. The theme is a generic WW2 fighter base/Airfield around early summer 1941 and is going to be as much about developing different techniques and processes as I go along. Hope you enjoy how this progresses. Deano
  20. Hi all, I'm after some assistance please. I have done a fair amount of searching today and my brain is fried with me barely any further ahead than when I started. As well as scale modelling, I play a ww2 miniatures game and figured I would combine the two hobbies. I am wanting a USAAF aircraft to support my Winter American troops. I like that the Americans adorned their craft with nose art as this has the potential to let me create something with a bit of colour on it, compared to the rest of my scale models being their typical camouflage or light grey. It needs to be something with ground attack capability, and flown during the Battle of the Bulge ~December '44 - Jan '45... and of course American. My searching has turned up an engagement during the early days (Dec 17), while the weather was atrocious and had grounded most aircraft. Two P38 Lightnings identified a German battle group with ~3500 men and ~150 tanks in Belgium and these were promptly halted by an attack from P-47 Thunderbolts from 365th and 368th Fighter Groups. The trouble I'm having is finding any reference to what version P-47s these would have been, and what serial numbers would have flown. This is mostly down to my lack of knowledge on the subject, this being the 1st time I have ever researched USAAF aircraft at all. The USAAF structure itself is throwing me, let alone the sheer volume of different aircraft they flew during the war years, and then number of versions of each is staggering. (I'm sure it's not too many more than the R.A.F. but I've been interested in that and absorbing information for a few decades now!) I'm waffling now. The gist is that I'm not set on it being a P-47, and am after a nice kit, with aftermarket decal options for some nice nose art, possibly even push the boat out with some pin-up nose art if I find the right one, but I'd like to know it flew sorties over winter Europe at the end of 1944. Really appreciate any help. Cheers all. James
  21. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Camouflage help

    Ok i know the RAF Dk. Green, Medium sea grey, Ocean Grey was the follow on to the Temperate land scheme of Dark Earth, Dark Green over Sky or a variation of grey. What was the Dk green, Med Sea grey, ocean grey scheme called ? I cant for the life of me remember ? And when the RAF went back to camouflaging jets such as lightnings, Phantoms, Harriers etc. What was the scheme called and were they the same colors or similar but different ? Any help as usual will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Dennis
  22. I am building this kit for inclusion in my first attempt at a comprehensive aircraft diorama the details of which are in the Diorama WIP here. To complement the kit I have obtained the following: Eduard Brassin FW 190 F-8 Set Part 1 comprising resin and PE replacements for: The cockpit The MG131 mount Landing flaps Eduard Brassin FW 190 F-8 Set Part 2 comprising resin and PE replacements for: Wheels Bronze undercarriage legs Engine Propeller Canopy Masks. All of this will be a substantial challenge for me ‘cos I’ve never done it before! My models have utilised cockpit PE and belts but never wholesale replacement of chunks with resin bits! In addition, I’ve decided to open the radio hatch and scratch build the radio. In for a penny……. I have started on this before I decided (it was suggested) I write this WIP topic so over the next couple of days I’ll post my progress so far. I am hoping that the trials and tribulations that I face will help and encourage other not so experienced modellers like myself to have a go. Subsequently I intend to describe briefly how I’ve done things and hopefully the experts out there will say ‘No it’s easier than that try this”. Also, when I hit a wall, hopefully someone will turn up with the wrecking ball! Watch this space.
  23. Another Telford purchase, I'm building this one to break up 1/72 felixstowe build as I like to have a couple on the go at one time. Ive used eduard seat belts and stretched sprue for the wires with a heated pin making the hole as drilling was a bit fiddly. The straps for the pedals are tamiya tape. I'm going to button it up and do it out of the box as the plane in question is unlikely to of existed, I've seen the pics of the nose but it doesn't look as though it was ever used. I'll also add the remote rockets as well as a plausible what if. The plan is to do it as a fighter version and leave the nose in an unfinished state so it looks like it's been bolted on in a hurry (e.g. No camouflage added to it), anyone have an idea what colour that would be I'm thinking rlm 70 or it could also be 02 and even aluminum I guess? The gun sight is mounded in plastic so I cut it off and put a clear piece in. I used the decals for the instruments which went on fine.
  24. Here's my new (let's say ) model of Heinkel 111 P-2. Episode 1 - Review Episode 2 - Fuselage Enjoy!
  25. My grandfather was a navigator on Halifax bombers. One of his activites post war was reading war diaries, many of which were by German authors. I have quite a few, so many that a friend of mine refers to my bookcase as 'the National Socialist Lending Library'. :-D One of the books that I love most in my life is I flew for the Fuhrer. It is well written, accurate, eye wateringly honest (my 1953 1st ed. pulls no punches in his admiration for the Nazi system or his beliefs) and very enjoyable. I am sure most of you on here are aware of it, but for those that are not it is a really good window into the otherside of the air war over Germany and a vivid description of what happens to you when air superiority can no longer me maintained. Much like J.E. Johnstone he is honest enough to acknowledge that his survival was due in part to missing the Battle of Britain. I have re-read it countless times, and along with Desmond Scott's 'Typhoon Pilot' feel it is one of the outstanding books of the 2nd war.