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Found 146 results

  1. So my matchbox mystère build has got to the point where there is going to be lots of “waiting for things to dry” so I’ve decided to start this to fill the gaps was going well cleaning parts for the figure but went down hill on the bike with a dose of “ amazing jumping PE “ - need to scratch build replacements now Anyway that’s it for today will pick up again tomorrow evening
  2. Here I present another recent kit to be completed in my household . Built by my father, airbrushed by me, final touching ups by my brother. The airbrush started stuttering and I ended up mostly covering up everything, to which my brother had to fix. Not very convinced by this, but anyway, my brother and my father likes it so here it is;
  3. Hello folks, Here will be my first GB, a nostalgic and hopefully not too embarrassing foray back into modelling (that doesn't involve n guage railway track). My first kit related memories are from the very late 70's. After moving house my Dad found a couple of boxes of kits including a bunch of made up ones he shared with me for my model railway layout. (I've rediscilovered them recently, albeit worse for wear). After he built a few more himself from his rediscovered stash we were visiting my grandparents in Bridlington and he went into a shop we later frequented often, Cropper's Models, who had numerous old stock items of Airfix, Novo and Frog. These were pretty cheap since I'd consider them with my £2 'holiday money', (especially the bagged Airfix Trackside kits). Dad would sometimes buy 1 or 2 kits as a bit of a nostalgia thing, partly getting me interested, and one day gave me an old battered Frog Skua to have a go at. I recall the canopy must have been hell for the pilot, fogged up and draughty at the same time! I certainly developed an intetest in the aviation art from the older boxes over time, I can even recall being a tad dissapointed at getting a Heller-Humbrol Focke-Wulf 190 branded kit with a photo of the model on the box, nothing like the Bombs Away! artwork of Roy Cross Hopefully this explains the fond nostalgia for these older kits, treasured shared time with my Dad which cannot be re-visited. He's still with us, but after a stroke and wheel-chair bound things are more of a challenge. I'll be taking the kit to show him once I'm done though! . I've bought one in the gold token box which I remember and am researching the colour schemes at the moment before a foray to get paints! https://www.flickr.com/photos/188996048@N07/shares/3Lc987
  4. Well I started back up again as the Northern Australian build up has started for this coming Wet Season and in the last few weeks we have seen about a 100mm at both of our rural properties here in Darwin as the dry/ fire season was a little loose and crazy is probably a bit of an understatement to say the least. Will post some footage and pic’s down the track. Anyway my plan of attack was to complete for this year was too finish of the J Class, Minelayer, the two L Classes and the Cruiser. Before starting some DKM ships, but I have no cans of Sovereign Colourcoats 507c to finish of my RN ships and I don’t have a micro saw to tart up my DKM ships. So the choice got narrowed down to a couple of Wiff’s but can’t find hardware on Shapeways aka Radars and Missile etc, so I had a look at paints and bits and pieces laying about with a bit of reading along the way. So the Illustrious Class Carrier hit the W Balderstone, Sons and Co Shipyard. I’m hoping to base this build on one of the Carriers around late 41 to early 42 in the Indian Ocean/ SEA Area of Operations. Including the one that hit a wee rock during its work up in the West Indies at the time. The first lot of pictures will be on the heavy side as I have been a bit busy with some DVA stuff and medical appointments also the RWC got in the way as well. Note none of my 3 teams got to the final Ireland, Wales and the AB’s. So here goes, First off I have drilled out a number openings the blanked out by using a number of drill bits by hand using a pin hand drill and then using a file. I got a little bit loose with the file and to use some modelling bog/ putty and after it cued over night some gentle filling and sanding. I’ve adding some .2mm, but mainly its .4mm plastic card as it seems to be the right thickness and created a bit of depth and shading by placing longitudinal strips which were section off. At the stern I had to a bit of bog to seal up the gaps around the quarter deck. (See below) I started this yesterday this part of construction. The first of many sectioned beams and a lot of sand with a little bit filling has gone on to attach this wee piece of card. Once it was dry fitted and happy with it I then wack it with a bit super/ CA glue. This part is going a tad slow and maybe 1to 2 pieces a day. (See below) Today’s main effort was fitting the spaces/ beams or whatever the are called around the bottom end of the Illustrious Class Carrier and I’ve bog up the very end bits which I will attack tomorrow for an hour or so. (See below) I never thought I would be doing advanced modelling techniques that this stage as I’ve only got back into modelling 24 so mths ago. I hope I do this model some justice along the way and hopefully do a period style B&W photo shoot once I have do the other models on those dark days in 42 in the SEA area of operations and what could’ve been if all dices fell the right way?
  5. Hi all, Since my Whirlwind build I've realised I'm developing an interest in the more unusual & esoteric types used by the RAF during WW2. The Martin Maryland fits this category perfectly, so I procured myself one of Special Hobby's. Although in relatively limited use by the RAF, this type saw action in North Africa, and also in the defence of Malta as a reconnaissance and light bomber (eventually replaced by the Martin Baltimore). Interestingly the type was also flown by Adrian Warburton DSO & Bar, DFC & 2 Bars DFC (USA). Whilst a Pilot Officer involved in the defence of Malta he became the only RAF pilot to become an ace whilst flying a bomber aircraft, due to the virtue of the aircraft's wing guns - interesting man and story. Special Hobby's kit is subtitled 'Warburton's War' - the decal options allow for 2 of the aircraft he flew. Here's the box art depicting one of them, which was a French machine reassigned to the RAF following the fall of France: The sprue shots: Detail all looks pretty encouraging - I'll see about some light scratchbuilding along the way . Transparent bits plus resin (including 28 separate cylinders for the Wasp radials - count them): Decals (which look excellent): I've also procured a set of Montex masks (a must for that glasshouse!) I've chosen to build this as AH284 of 39 Sqn RAF, North Africa 1941. Here's a purported shot of the actual aircraft (copyright Australian War Memorial): This appears to show the aircraft in temperate camouflage, but the kit option is thus: I'm preferring the desert scheme, so as I cannot find any compelling evidence to the contrary I'm going to go with the kit! Anyway, I'm off to give the sprues a good wash in soapy water, and on with the build soon after! Thanks for looking, Roger
  6. Hello peeps. Well, uk is in lockdown and I am working from home. In between work I will get some bench time. So time to have a play with an experimental aircraft. I bought the PM ho 229 from Tornado models in Birmingham and I set about engraving the panel lines and was all set to start until I managed to break the canopy.....The canopy was broken beyond repair and I couldn’t find a replacement and asked the good folks here for help getting a replacement. Then the very generous and superb gent @dogsbody kindly offered me the pioneer kit all the way from Canada. Blown away by his generosity that kit has now arrived and I will be building the pm kit and pioneer kit side by side. It will be a slow build but thanks to mr dogsbody (who I owe a pint to when all this blows over) I have crash moulded a new canopy. Here is the wonderful box art of the pioneer 229. It will be an adventure! At least the pioneer parts seem to fit. The pm one..........stay safe and enjoy the ride as I build both of these side by side.
  7. Hi All, Here's my attempt at Special Hobby's Martin Maryland, presented as AH284 of 39 Sqn RAF, North Africa 1942. I do not have any reference pics for the aircraft in the desert scheme as presented, so it's a bit of a 'what if'. I fought this kit kicking and screaming through the latter stages, and found it all a bit of a struggle with poorly fitting parts (particularly the engines). Here's the WIP thread : Despite all the trials and tribulations I'm not displeased with the final result - it has undeniable 'shelf presence' and I'm glad I gave it a crack. Anyway, here she is - comments and critique welcome as ever: Here's a couple of shots with a Blenheim for scale: Thanks for looking, Roger
  8. Hello all, I show you here this combo build, built by my father, airbrushed by me, some mud finishings by my brother. First proper airbrushed model kit we make, without needing any major brush correction. The airbrush is either tricky to use, or we bought the wrong one . Seems almost impossible to airbrush fine lines slowly. Anyway, I guess practice makes perfect, if one has the patience for it. This is a very tricky kit, one of those that there is hardly any piece bigger than a coin, and the unbuilt model is a bunch of micro sprues. One of those kits that it would have been probably forever in the stash if it wasn't for the lockdown . As the tracks ended up looking rough, we opted for mudding the tracks, come to think, the first really mud cladden kit we build. Small hatches open and close, rockets and cases are removable. The kit is made for France 1944, and the soldier is a random german bought in a lot.
  9. guys can anyone point me in the direction of german life rafts resin or otherwise looking for the kind that are along the hanger of scharnhorst or in front of the bridge of prinz eugen thank you gary r
  10. My slightly late entrance to the party! My plans to start this first thing this morning utterly failed, so this will mostly be done tomorrow i think! Starting nice and late in the day with hopefully a bit more done in the early hours. Obligatory start time shot quite a bit of flash! will have to get rid of this before i give it all a quick prime in the sunshine! Current thinking is to do this in either a Czechoslovakian or Soviet livery, with 3 bladed props and wheels (i have sneaky plans for the 2 bladed props on another long stalled project) Will pretty much all be OOB although i may add some vague detailing into the non existant interior....time permitting! Bits all laid out on the table for a tidy up and then prime Any idea what this is? Cant see it numbered on the plans and it doesnt seem to correspond to anything on the plane........just a bit more free plastic in the box? Will add another update after some food and when more progress is made!
  11. Hi All, Here is my attempt at Trumpeter's 1:48 Westland Whirlwind. I modelled it as HE*F 'Bellows Argentina No.2' of 263 Sqn RAF, based at Colerne in Jan 1942 (aircraft pictured at Charmy Down). This aircraft was the Squadron Commander's, who at this time was Sqn Ldr Thomas Pugh DFC, who was later killed in action in 1942 aged 23. Here's a couple of shots of the actual aircraft. (image copyright IWM). I wasn't happy with the accuracy of the Trumpeter kit or the decals, so this was my first serious foray into scratch building. Here's the WIP thread if anyone is interested: A brief summary of improvements and additions as follows: - Scratchbuilt cockpit and IP (the kit cockpit is about 4mm too shallow, and the pilot's seat a park bench) - Addition of rollover brace to pilots seat and reworking of the rear cockpit deck area to allow an open canopy - Relocation of the radiators 2mm inside wing - Addition of wing position lights and antenna mount to transparent components - Removal of incorrect wing fillets - Use of Montex mask set for national markings and insignia (Trumpy decals were incorrect colours) - stencils and Squadron Leader's pennant scrounged from the spares box - Replacement of kit wheels with Barracuda resin (or at least they will be when they arrive!) Anyway, here she is: For all its faults the Trumpeter kit goes together well, and I've enjoyed the experience of scratching the cockpit and the other minor improvements - a big shout out to @bigbadbadge for all of the invaluable reference material (thanks Chris!). Finished in a mixture of Mig, AK Interactive and Tamiya acrylics. I will add some before & after images of the Barracuda wheels in place once the snail mail package eventually arrives from the UK! Anyway, I hope you enjoy - thanks for looking, Roger
  12. Hi All, Happy Easter! I'm straight into my next build, which will be Trumpeter's 1:48 Westland Whirlwind. I was inspired to get hold of this kit after reading Niall Corduroy's history of this interesting type. Although used successfully in its limited service as a ground attack fighter, the Whirlwind was essentially a victim of supply chain restrictions (production of the RR Peregrine engine was choked in favour of the Merlin), and was eventually withdrawn from service in 1943. I'm going to build P7116 of 263 Sqn, as flown by their commanding officer. The attached photos show the aircraft at RAF Colerne in Winter 1941/2 - at that time the CO was Sqn Ldr Thomas Pugh DFC, who was later killed in action in 1942 aged 23 (image copyright IWM). So here's the box art: And the sprues: I'll be building mostly OOB, but I picked up a set of Montex masks - Trumpy's decals are riddled with errors, and the colours look 'off' to me too: I'll be finishing in the standard DG, OG & MSG - it appears that this scheme also had yellow wing leading edges so I shall add these. I may also chuck in a couple of 250lb bombs from the spares box. It also appears that Trumpeter have omitted to include a rollover brace, gunsight and rear view mirror, so I'll scratch these. Does anybody know any other significant shortcomings of the kit? Happy to hear about these before I get too deeply into the build! Thanks for looking and stay safe, Roger
  13. My dear Friends, this is my last lockdown work! It seems that I have to remain all this month closed at home, so my preferred hobby is the only thing I can do. This time I have just finished a Tamiya 1/48 scale F4U 1 Birdcage Corsair flown by the ace 2nd Lt. James N. Cupp during the Pacific Conflict. Previously this airplane was flown by 2nd Lt. Kenneth Walsh, another ace of this conflict, and was White 13, but was quickly repainted and assigned to Cupp as White 7. I tried to make it this Corsair really used, faded and battered as they were during the Pacific War and I tried some new, for me, scratching solutions. It partially worked, as I am moderately happy with the final result. Anyway this is the result: IMG_20200509_172634 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200509_172449 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200509_172511 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200509_172525 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200509_172704 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200509_172758 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200509_172844 by Franco Segato, su Flickr Thank you, and any suggestions are always welcomed.
  14. Hello all! I got impatient waiting for bits & pieces for my ongoing Whirlwind build, so what better solution than to spank out a lovely Jug! I used Tamiya's excellent kit as a base, but the aircraft were both US options and I really wanted to complete a SEAC aircraft. I therefore got myself a set of Xtradecals' excellent Yanks in Roundels Pt 4. The model was completed as the aircraft shown - RS*B of 30 Sqn RAF based at Chittagong, India, March 1945. Here's a cracking shot of the actual aircraft (copyright IWM): Anyway, here she is: Here's a final one shown with a Mustang just to show what a brute this aircraft was: Painted in a mixture of AK Interactive (MSG & DE) and Tamiya (DG) acrylics. The kit was the usual Tamiya fall together, blah blah, with Eduard PE for the cockpit. Now - where's that Crikey?! Thanks for looking, Roger
  15. My dear friends goodday, this is my last lockdown work. I used a Hobbyboss model a had in my stash and build just OB. I just improved a little bit the folding wing area and added the pilot seat belts from spare parts I saved from previous works. I tried to reproduce a TBF 1C in Atlantic scheme camouflage as used in January 1944. The box offers to chose what to install inside the bay area, from a torpedo, 500lb bombs 250lb bombs or an auxiliary tank. I added this last item as I thought at an extended Uboat research in the Atlantic. I hope you liked, but any suggestions are anyway welcomed, I'm still learning to improve my painting skills. 00000IMG_00000_BURST20200418111652848_COVER by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200418_112448 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200418_112743 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200418_112730 by Franco Segato, su Flickr 00000IMG_00000_BURST20200418111943041_COVER by Franco Segato, su Flickr 00000IMG_00000_BURST20200418111901648_COVER by Franco Segato, su Flickr 00000IMG_00000_BURST20200418111740276_COVER by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200418_112613 by Franco Segato, su Flickr Thanks for your visit. Franco
  16. This collection has taken around two years to complete due to only having access to a workshop on an irregular basis. Each kit took just under a week. German Fighters: Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-8 Anton Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9 Dora Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10 Gustav Messerschmitt Me 262A-1 Schwalbe American Fighters: North American P-51D Mustang Republic P-47M Thunderbolt British Fighters: Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XVI Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XIV Hawker Tempest Mk.V Bonus Russian Fighter: Yakovlev Yak-3 All the aircraft are in 1/48 scale and are primarily by Eduard and Tamiya, with Airfix supplying parts for the Spitfire XIV.
  17. Hallo again This is my first full interior kit. So, I hope to get along. Does anybody have good sources about this recovery vehicle? I am very pleased for any information. Stay health. Happy modelling
  18. It was started in 2014. After getting about 1/3 finished, I sat her aside for another project. In early 2017, I resumed work on the model and around the end of February, I took her out to the Cameron airport for a photo session. I messed up the stretched sprue radio aerial loading the model up for the ride out there and just managed to get it back in some sort of shape, of course never as good as previously though. (Go figure…) It’s painted with Testors 1/4oz. square bottle flat black, and faded with Humbrol dark gray 32 mostly, as well as a few other grays. I tried out a bit of oil-paint dot filtering on the lower engine cowls but the 45 year-old oil-paint and my lack of experience didn’t help. The exhaust staining is Model Master intermediate blue, dirtied with pastel chalks. As always, I used my Paasche Model H, powered by CO2, for the airbrushing. I drybrushed the paint damage with Humbrol MetalCote unpolished aluminum and used a silver pencil here and there. The cockpit barely shows so I made seatbelts/harnesses from tape with home-made lead-wire buckles. The exhaust flame shields were made from Evergreen sheet. Let’s see, gun barrels and exhausts were drilled, and tires sanded for a change, . Lead wire brake lines were added with furnace tape clamps. I sanded down the wing light “lenses” and carved out a concave lens with my motor tool, filling that with silver. Overall, she turned out a pretty fair “four-footer” and looks good with her RAF warbird mates and sister Hawker planes in the display. But please, no more Hobbycraft kits for a while…
  19. Good evening, colleagues! The world's first transport helicopter, the production of which can be considered serial. It was developed and manufactured by Focke-Achgelis, founded by the notorious Heinrich Focke. The Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 helicopter was designed exclusively as a military aircraft, capable of transporting small groups of military personnel, as well as patrolling areas with difficult access and to attack submarines - in fact, this aircraft was the first in its category to effectively cope with submarines. In total, from 1942 to 1945, about 20 vehicles of this type were built, some of which served in Transportstaffel 40 (TS / 40). Model of the Ukrainian company AMP. The kit first appeared on the market in 2018 and belongs to the short run category. The elements of the kit demonstrate a very decent performance class - they are distinguished by good detail and the level of elaboration of external surfaces. Casting is clear and clean; no serious defects were found. A high degree of study of the most important assembly sites - the BMW Bramo 323D-2 Fafnir engine is shown in great detail here, although after assembly it is very difficult to see it, the interior of the crew cabin, as well as the complex tubular structure of trusses supporting rotors. Painting masks included, plus photo-etched plate. The decals contain fragments of the marking of three helicopters from the aforementioned Luftwaffe compound. The assembly was a pleasure, excellent abutment of parts, although the abundance of thin, delicate parts did not forgive wrong movements. Deca thin, perfectly fit to the surface. There are some errors in the assembly instructions, especially for the rotors, but in general an excellent set. Paints used by Mr. Hooby, Valejio. Lucky Mr. Hobby. The rotors on the model are removable. At the time of the photo shoot, they were delivered incorrectly, found only when processing photos. Enjoy watching. Sincerely, Mikhail.
  20. Right. So this is my first proper build thread. I started this kit in October, but never really got around to taking WIP photos before some of the basic structures were in place, so we begin this thread as they say "in medias res". After having a lot of fun with Academy's Warspite, I figured I'd have a go at Trumpeter's Hood. It is a very interesting, but also challenging subject as no kits are 100% correct. I therefore set my self the challenge to build a kit that would address some of the most glaring omissions on the original model, but I also wanted to build a visually interesting model, so some details would be left intentionally wrong, such as boats not being covered with canvas, and a few other odds and ends. For reference I decided to use the 1/200 Pontos upgrade set, as I believe this is supposed to be the most accurate set on the market, and Pontos provide many excellent quality pictures on their website. The parts I am using are so far: Trumpeter 1/350 Hood Lionroar PE set (New turrets and upgrades for the superstructure, among other things) Eduard Photoetch (Excellent detail, and also contains the proper framework for the catapult supports on X-turret) Wood deck from Pontos 4" guns and bridge equipment sets from North Star Models Brass masts and Pom Pom barrels from Master models 3d printed boats from Micro Master However this has turned out to be a somewhat frustrating build with lots of things not going quite according to plan. First of all the fit of the upper and lower hull weren't great. After some sanding and filling I got a reasonably smooth seam. For a bit of extra detailing I decided to try and simulate the layered hull plating on the lower hull using the masking tape and spray paint technique. Not overly succesfully though, as some flaking occured when removing the masking tape. I contemplated sanding everything down again, but opted against it, as I wasn't sure I could get the results I wanted. Instead I decided to try and mask the imperfections during painting and pass it off as weathering. Another challenge arose from the Lionroar upgrades for the superstructure. Unfortunately the photoetch bulkheads aren't that great a fit, which caused some weird issues when adding the boat deck on top. Some filling and bending resolved most of them, but not all solutions were particularly elegant. As mentioned I have been using both Lionroar and Eduard photoetch. The Lioroar set is a bit crude in places and the Eduard set have some estremely fine details, which are made from steel rather than brass for enhanced durability. However I have found the railings to be a real pain to work with. They are better scaled than the Lionroar set, but they bend extremely easily when you accidentally touch them and have proven very tricky to bend back into shape. The result is railing that looks rather wobbly in places. Terribly frustrating! The final challenge so far has been with regards to the main hull color. I mainly use Vallejo acrylic, where Mirage Blue is supposed to be fairly close to the correct dark blueish grey she wore in 1941. After a few tests i found that this color looked too dark on the model to my eye. I wanted something lighter, and slightly less blue, that would give me better contrasts once shading and weathering had been applied and really bring out details. However I have had a hard time finding a color that looked right to my eye. The main issue is that this is a large monochrome model, and if you do not add some color variation it just ends up looking rather dull on the shelf (camo working a bit too well I suppose). In the end I have been mixing Intermediate Blue and Light Grey in various shades and highlights usind an airbrush. The result looks promising, but it is going to be a real challenge to touch up any painting mistakes later on. The real fun with this kit has been the scratch building and trying to correct some of the errrors on the kit. After studying the 1/200 Pontos upgrade set I decided to leave the main hull mostly as it is and instead focus on the superstructure. the bridge and conning tower was rebuilt many times during the Hood's long service, and the result is a real mess of weirdly placed platforms, gangways and splinter shields. I omitted some splinter shields, as those would make the model almost impossible to paint and instead tried to get some overall shapes closer to the original. Other issues would require surgery on a level I wasn't confident I could pull off, without destroying the bridge completely, so I left those as they were. The aft superstructure and pom pom platform saw some significant changes as well. I filled in all the windows, as these were usually covered with canvas, and the Pontos set actually have portholes here instead. I am not sure this is 100% correct, but it looks better than the original. The Pom-Pom platform was lalso owered, which also looks more balanced in my opinion. Finally the masts were replaced with brass, which I think looks a lot better. First coat of paint on the hull, showing the failed attempt at hull plating, and some weathering experiments to cover up the worst mistakes. A bit of touching up and some oil colors will hopefully improve things somewhat...
  21. Hallo again Here I build now a Panther A from HB in 1/35. Actually, the kit is nice, good mold. With Zemerit from plastic sheet and etched parts too. So, it will be a build straight from the box. After a Tiger I E and a Tiger II B it is my third of the new German tank designs. Today I did plastic work with Zemerit, since it is first time I have to do with it. So, the next days will bring a lot of new interesting modelling activities. Happy modelling
  22. Hi All, Here's my attempt at Airfix' Defiant MkI, built as PS@V of 264 Sqn RAF Martlesham Heath, June 1940. Here is a nice clear photo of the aircraft (image copyright Imperial War Museum): Built OOB except for the addition of Eduard seatbelts and Masks. Finished in a mix of AK Interactives acrylics (Sky, Dark Earth) and Tamiya (Dark Green). If you're interested the build thread is here: Anyway, on with the photos - hope you like it. All comments & critique gratefully received. Thanks for looking, Roger
  23. Hi All, I'll be building Airfix' original Defiant MkI as PS@V of 264 Sqn RAF Martlesham Heath, June 1940. Here is a nice clear photo of the aircraft (image copyright Imperial War Museum): A shot of the box: I'll be completing this OOB, with the exception of Eduard harnesses and masks. Here's the sprues (part painted already!) The cockpit builds up nicely - I did drill out the slot to accept the harness (just visible). After drybrushing, chipping and an oil wash: I used the kit decal for the IP over the moulded IP. Here it is after lots & lots of Microsol: And after picking out the instruments with Micro Gloss: I'm not displeased with that result - it looks okay at normal scale, at least! Here's the cockpit located in the fuselage with the turret deck fitted: And finally, buttoned up - all located very nicely with no awkward fit: That's the extent of progress for now - thanks for looking! Roger
  24. Hi there! This is my first output of 2020. Bf-110E2 in 1/48 scale from Dragon Models. A very nice kit with tons of detail. Fitting was not an issue. Built OOB. Oil drums and Jerrycans are from Bronco. A highly recommended kit!
  25. Here's my latest completion, Eduard's superb Typhoon V. This aircraft was flown by F/Lt Remi 'Mony' van Lierde, a Belgian national flying as 'B' Flight commander with 3 Sqn from RAF Newchurch in June 1944. This shows the real aircraft (image copyright World War Photos). Of interest are the Belgian national colours on the spinner, and the invasion stripes painted 'around' the national insignia and squadron codes on the fuselage - I have attempted to represent both. Hope you like her - thanks for looking! If you're interested you can find the WIP thread here... Thanks, Roger I made a bit of a pig's ear of the fuselage invasion stripes which had to be repaired with a hairy stick. I'm going to blame the 'erks' who painted the stripes - acceptable get out of jail card? Just for fun, one with my recently completed Airfix Mustang IV. Two formidable aircraft from different theatres of operation...
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