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Found 12 results

  1. VW New Beetle (07643) Easy-Click System 1:24 Revell The Beetle was one of the icons of the 60s and the summer of love, which is kind of weird really when you think of the origins of the original Beetle as the People's Car, or 'Volkswagen' for the Nazis before WWII. There were millions made after the war, and even after production in Germany finished, they were still being made in Mexico until relatively recently. When VW announced they had reimagined the Beetle on a Golf chassis in 1997 there was great deal of interest, and many of the new design were bought, despite it looking a bit bulbous to my eyes. When it was re-designed again in 2011 it became less of a “fun” novelty car, more sleek, business-like and practical-looking than its previous incarnation, taking the design cues of the then-current VW range and incorporating them into its unusual lines. To me it looks a little Porsche-like from some angles, which is no bad thing. The Kit This is a new tool in Revell’s Easy-Click system, and the first thing I noticed is that the bodyshell is painted the same metallic blue as the Ford GT I reviewed a couple of years back. It is aimed at the cross-over point between modelling and play, with the play aspect catered for by rugged design and materials. It arrives in an end-opening box, and inside are three sprues of black styrene plus a floor pan in the same colour, a silver painted grey sprue, a clear sprue, a small blue sprue that matches the bodyshell colour, and a flexible sprue containing four tyres. The final part is transparent red, then there is a sheet of decals and a sheet of stickers for the younger or less-patient modeller. The axles are metal rods with knurled ends, and five screws are supplied too, which is a little against the easy-click aspect, but hopefully everyone has access to a cross-headed screwdriver or two. Construction begins with the floor pan, which has the seat bases and much of the interior moulded in, to which you add the door cards, rear seat backs and the front seat back with inserts to bulk them out. The dash is prepared with a binnacle and wheel, with some of the decals or stickers applied here, then the bodyshell is fitted out with the glazing panel after optional painting of the black edges of the glass, with the diagram telling you to PUSH! In three areas to get it to fit correctly. The clear red insert fits in the rear on a few pins, and the silver front interior with two lenses slots into the front in the same manner, after which you can join the two halves together, putting two screws in the front wheel wells to hold them together. The undertray covers up the underside of the interior and is also screwed in place with two more screws, leaving a spare if you haven’t lost that one yet. A couple of colour call-outs advise painting the exhaust and a few parts of the underside, then you can build the wheels. Each wheel has a nice spoked design in a satin silver paint, which push inside the tyres, overlapping almost completely at the rear to prevent them from rolling off during “hard cornering”. These are then paired and pushed onto the axles once they are threaded through the body, allowing it to stand on its own wheels for the first time. The small blue sprue has the two wing mirrors with instructions to paint the mirror glass silver (or use the decals/stickers) and the stalk black. That’s it done. Markings As mentioned, you have a choice of decals printed by Zanetti, or stickers that are also printed in Italy. The decals are excellent and well-detailed with a choice of various number plate designs, indicator repeaters, vents and other body details to add a little realism to the build. The stickers look equally nice, and some have black surrounds to prevent white edges showing around badges and number plates. There is also a set of showroom style “New Beetle” plates if you wish. As promised, I'm posting below the pictures of the finished article that I put together the other day, now that I've got the decals on. I added a sheet styrene number plate behind the front plate decal, as I thought it would look better than just cutting out the decal and sticking it to the bumper. Conclusion While these kits aren’t really aimed at modellers, there is definitely scope for the improvement of what is a nice basic kit that should last well as a toy. I know for a fact that my son still plays with the Ford GT I gave him and it is still intact as far as I can remember. Highly recommended. Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit or
  2. As a longtime fan of TV shows such as Overhaulin,' Fast n Loud, Car SOS etc I would love to have a go myself. However, I can't weld, I don't have the space or the money and the old joints are stiffer than they used to be and don't like lying down on cold floors, or kneeling, or....) So, after seeing a picture of a Custom VW pickup I had the urge to build one in miniature. I got a Revell VW type 1 Samba kit from Amazon warehouse deals for about 15 pounds with the intention of converting it into a pickup. I put out a request for pickup measurements here on BM and amongst the replies was an offer of a used Hasegawa one from @Marco F. in Germany. That arrived after a few days and I am very grateful indeed for his kind donation. The Hasegawa kit is a type 2 and there are a couple of differences between the kits and also between the real types. Notably the cooling vents on the sides. I managed to get an hour or two this afternoon in the manshed. Lots of measuring, muttering and thinking ensued. Here for your perusal are the results of this. Some of the main bits. The Hasegawa chassis is the grey one. A bit different to the Revell. These are both 1/24th kits BTW. The Hasegawa pickup body. It's been paint stripped with brake fluid but survived very well indeed. Note the Horizontal vents above the rear wheel arch, They're vertical on the Samba. A close up of the two chassis'. The end result will be lowered so I'll need to play with the running gear but I'm not too concerned about the underneath and will call it a 'kerbside' model. As I said, lots of measuring and muttering ensued. As on the real thing, cut lines marked with tape. The kit is for a LHD vehicle so I'll leave it that way. This window section will be cut out of the samba side to go here on the left. The back of the pickup cab will be cut off and there will obviously be a cut across the roof too. I'll need to fit a section of the Samba roof which has a sunroof to be filled, but I like the roof windows so may splice those in while I'm about it. On the RH side this door and the B pillar will be spliced in. I may well put a spacer behind it in what will be the C pillar and then fit the cab rear. So we get four seats/extra stowage but a smaller pickup bed. Marco also sent the dropdown side panels which should fit nicely with one section sliced off. And that's where things will stay until the next time, maybe the weekend, I'll need my brave pills before I get the Dremel out! Back at work tomorrow after over a week off. It was great, but now the real world beckons. Rats! Thanks for looking in, Pete
  3. Hi, to everybody. I’m italian and a big vw fan (i have a couple of mk3) I started 2 years ago the collection of this 1/8 golf GTI (100 issues) only for italian market and the collection is now terminated......my model not (some stop due to work on a couple of 1/8 Delta WRC) I’ve started a tuned/stanced project but i decided to remade it with extra details to add more realism to my model. I work on this model when I'll made some work pause on Mclarem Here the status (i've stated to rework in July)
  4. I have a VW Samba T2 model and have a whim to build it as a custom crewcab pickup. That's lowered, wide wheels and three or four doors. Does anyone have the Hasegawa pickup kit? What I'm after is some measurements such as the height of the bed from the sills/wheelarches etc. Also the length and height of the dropdown side/rear panels. And how big are the vents above the wheelarch? How many ribs are on the pickup bed? Or, does anyone have a scrap/shelf of doom/built but unloved one they want to sell on?
  5. Volkswagen Scirocco 1:25 kit from AMT Some of you may know but I’m a VW fan, having owned many different Vee-Dubs over the years, and still have a Mk1 Golf GTi in the garage for summer fun, and in my time 2 Sciroccos have passed through my hands. The Scirocco was a replacement for the Karmann Ghia coupe and was launched 6 months before the Golf so any teething problems could be sorted before the Golf hit the roads. Although it is biased on the Golfs platform (chassis) it was modified extensively to give a sportier ride, with its front mounted engines, with front wheel drive and sleek coupe body penned by Giorgetto Giugiaro. When I saw the re-issue of the old AMT Scirocco I was very excited, I’ve a stash of VW kits ready to build scale replicas of some of my favourite cars from my past so I could now add one of my ‘Roccos’ to the fleet! The AMT kit comes in the normal AMT style box with a lift off lid, and a box full of plastic. Most is moulded in a light grey plastic, with a clear single piece glazing part, and a chrome sprue, with all sprues being bagged individually. The body comes as a single part with the lower front and rear valances to be added and a separate bonnet. The body is a nice casting and it looks in proportion and the lines look good to my eye. The kit is an early Mk1, with US specification side markers, if you are building a European model these will need sanding off the shell and won’t be too hard to do. The car has the single wiper moulded on the shell and this helps date the car to a 1977 model to convert to an earlier version this can be sanded off and twin wipers added. Construction starts with the engine, slipping my VW anorak on, it looks like the 1.6l petrol engine with the 4 speed manual gearbox. The shape of the engine looks good and the parts are well detailed, a quick look online will bring up lots of pictures to help you add detail should you wish to show off the engine on your model. This kit can be built as either a stock ‘road’ car or as a race car with wide wheels, stripped interior roll cage and body kit. The instructions now split the road and race builds and your spares box will benefit from some left over parts. The car only has a left hand drive dashboard so for a British car some cutting and modification will be required here. The parts for the interior are well detailed with the door cards and rear interior being well done, and the interior tub has ‘rough’ casting to represent the carpets, and the seats are textured to mimic the stitching and pattern on the fabric. For the race car a multi-part roll cage needs making up and a deep race bucket seat is needed omitting the rear and passenger seat. Construction then moves onto the chassis, this is a single part and the underside has all the complex pressings and mouldings found on the 1:1, there is some flash present on the review sample that will need some work around the edges. Again there is optional parts between the race and road here, the race car has a straight through exhaust, exiting at the side, with a more conventional rear exit with silencer exhaust for the road. Construction now starts on the body, under the bonnet the firewall and internal wings are built up, I would glue this into the body before painting, along with the front and rear valances I would also glue the bonnet in place if you want the model closed. This is where the body kit is added if wanted, with 4 wide wheel arch extensions and a big front valance with air dam and spoiler. Finishing off your build are the wheels, some nice VW standard alloys or a big wide set of BBS race wheels topped off with some nice rubber tyres, there are 8 in the box 4 narrow ‘road’ tyres and 4 wide tyres, they all have nice side wall and tread detail. A single decal sheet has the stripes, race numbers sponsor logos and VW badges for the race car along with some ‘Scirocco’ dealer plates all nicely printed and sharply done. Conclusion. It’s great to see this kit back, it will fill a hole in my collection. With the crisp lines of the Scirocco captured and the option of road or race versions should make it more popular. Bad points, other than no right hand drive dashboard nothing! Review sample courtesy of UK distributors for
  6. Waiting for the dimensions of the 1927 Delage I temporarily resumed work on a project I abandoned three years ago, a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle. Revell says it's a 1968 car but the standing headlights and other characteristics do not match that. I'll give a picture summary of the work till now, whereas the recent works will be elaborated on (slightly). The purpose of these new works is to practice the lathe and milling machine for the benefit of the Delage build. The original texts (for a forum in the Dutch language) are extensive. If anyone is interested in knowing more of a certain picture, you're very welcome to ask. I'll use the original numbering. 6. 7. 10. 13. 16. 18. 28. 31. 32. 52. 53. 57. 62. 72. 73. 76. 79. 85. 90. 92. 96. 101. 106. 109. 114. 118. 123. 135. 141. 143. 150. 155. 168. 176. So far for the work done until May 2014. In another post I'll describe the 2017 progress.
  7. We've just received our stock of Belkits highly detailed 1/24 Scale VW Polo R WRC Red Bull Plastic Model Kit! This fantastic kit comes with photo-etched and night race parts included! Available while stocks last, so get your order in early! For full details, see our newsletter here.
  8. Hi Everyone, Here is another of my early builds for 2015. A Revell 1:24 scale New Style Volkswagen Beetle, which was another of my purchases from LSA Models. This is something of a personal project for me as this is the first and only car I have owned since passing my driving test, I will therefore be painting it blue as that is the colour of the car I have. I would also like to create a custom number plate decal, but not sure how to do that. Anyway here are the photos of the box and sprues. Update as soon as I get to work on this kit. Rick
  9. Volkswagen Kübelwagen, pics thanks to Mike.
  10. VW Ambulance as used by the Royal Danish Air Force, Pictrures by Hans J taken at The Danish Air Force at the museum in Ringkoebing
  11. Volkswagen Beetle (aircooled)
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