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  1. USN Deck Crew Set (201748) 1:48 VideoAviation They say being a deck operator on an Aircraft Carrier is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, which is believable, given that there are large chunks of jet and prop-powered metal weighing several tons moving around, getting flung into the air and landing back on. This set of resin figures from VideoAviation contains parts for seven of these folks plus a number of chocks and holdbacks. It arrives in one of their familiar large clamshell boxes with a layer of bubble-wrap surrounding everything
  2. Cold War Starter Set - MD3 Generator & MA-1 Start Cart (208832) 1:32 VideoAviation.com I must say when you see the words "Starter Set" in modelling this is not what springs to mind. his is a new set from VideoAviation which provides aircraft starting sets. The MA-1A gives high pressure air which is fed directly in via the hoses to spool up an aircraft engine. This is provided by a small turbine engine mounted on the cart. The MD3 generator set is a ground power unit. It was designed to provide 28-volt DC 1500 amp, 115/220-volt AC three-phase electrical power f
  3. US Navy ALBAR 15 Universal Towbar (209032) 1:32 VideoAviation.com The US Navy have to move aircraft around and for this they need towbars. The ALBAR 15 is known as the 15 as it is 15 feet long. The ALBAR is also designed for towing aircraft provided with fuselage and landing gear tow rings. The locking pins on the end of the tubes are also used to attach to the standard shipboard crash dollies to provide positive control while moving damaged aircraft supported with crash dollies. The Kit It arrives in videoaviation's standard clear clam-shell box
  4. USAF M-117 GP Bombs 1:32 VideoAviation The M-117 was the standard bomb of the USAF from the 1950s through the 1970s and beyond, and was able to be fitted with differing tail assemblies depending on the job with which they were tasked. These sets arrive in clear clamshell boxes with a card insert and instructions at the front, and the resin parts behind them cocooned in bubble-wrap for their own protection. USAF M-117 750lb Bombs w/MAU-91 Retarded Tail (208532) This set includes resin parts sufficient to build six M117 bombs with the MAU-91
  5. USAF MD-1 Towbar Early & Late (191548 & 191648) 1:48 VideoAviation Our friends at VideoAviation specialise in accessories for our aircraft models such as ground-handling gear and weapons sets. These two sets from them depict the two versions of the USAF’s trusty MD-1 Towbar that debuted in the 80s and is still in use today. The original design was updated to improve the operation of the transport wheels by adding an additional damper and wider wheels and tyres, presumably to improve its handling during transport to and from the apron.
  6. VideoAviation has just released 1/48th MD-1 aircraft towbar resin kits. MD-1 towbar was used mainly by NATO-USAF air forces during the Cold War – Vietnam era. - MD-1 Towbar “Early” Source: http://www.videoaviation.com/ground-support/148-md-1-towbar-early/ - MD-1 Towbar “Late” Source: http://www.videoaviation.com/ground-support/148-md-1-towbar-late/ V.P.
  7. VideoAviation is working on a 1/48th Lockheed F-104 Starfighter resin starter set composed by the Atlas compressor and the Ground Power Unit - ref. Sources: https://www.facebook.com/videoaviation/posts/1717802765016670 videoaviation.com/ground-support/148-f-104-starter-set/ V.P.
  8. US Navy Modern Tow Tractor (198432) 1:32 VideoAviation.com The US navy need a low profile tug to move about on carriers. The current STT (Shipboard tow tractor) is the A/S32A-32. This also provides a mobile platform and fuel source for an engine air start unit the MSU-200NAV The Kit It arrives in videoaviation's standard white box with a drawing on the lid. Inside the tractor body is the main single part which requires no clean up. The rest of the parts are all in separate bags. To start 6 tie down points are attached to
  9. VideoAviation has just released a 1/32nd Schopf U.S. NAVY Modern Tow Tractor Source: http://www.videoaviation.com/ground-support/132-u-s-navy-modern-tow-tractor/ Instructions: http://www.videoaviation.com/?wpdmact=process&did=NDAuaG90bGluaw== V.P.
  10. USAF MD-1 Towbar "Late" (198032) 1:32 VideoAviation Aircraft are incredibly expensive and their engines require regular maintenance, so when they're on the ground it makes a lot more sense to tow them around rather than wear them out. They also don't go backwards very well for the most part, so a tractor is usually used, along with a suitable towbar. The USAF have used the MD-1 towbar for the majority of their fighter aircraft since the 1980s, and are likely to do so for some considerable time, on the basis that it works! Arriving in a clear rectangu
  11. USAF Vietnam Set (191348) 1:48 VideoAviation.com Our friends at VideoAviation have released quite a few figures now, and have recently scaled down their USAF Crew Chief set to my favourite scale, 1:48. In the process they have dropped the "Crew Chief" part (I guess he got demoted) and due to the drop in scale there's a lot more in the box, making this ideal for general crew during the Vietnam era. The set arrives in a clear clamshell box, and is rather well packed with resin and instructions as a result of the upgrade. Inside the box we
  12. SUU-30 (CBU-54)B/B Submunitions Dispensers – Early (197632) 1:32 VideoAviation Formerly known as Cluster Bombs, this Submunitions Dispenser is the early, blunt-nosed variant used in the Vietnam war in large numbers. They contained small explosive units that could be dispersed over a wider area, denying the enemy the area for longer by adding the fear of delayed-action fuses into the bargain. This set contains six dispensers in a clear clamshell package, protected by bubble-wrap and the folded instruction sheet. The front and rear section
  13. US Navy Aero 12C Cart with Ordnanceman & Mk.82 (181148) 1:48 VideoAviation The Aero 12C bomb handling cart is a wheelbarrow-style frame that has two rubber tyres that allow the manoeuvring of munitions on-deck by a single crew-member, or Ornanceman. One or two bombs are strapped in place and pushed/pulled by the one or two handles that distance the crewman far enough away from the centre of balance to make the task easy (enough). There are adapters available to carry other shapes of munitions, but in its basic form it can be used directly with the Mk.82 bomb,
  14. Modern RAF/RN Tractor (181248) 1:48 VideoAviation Made by Schopf, the F59 Multitow tractor is the current weapon of choice used by the RAF and Royal Navy to move their aircraft around the airfield or deck as appropriate. Powered by a 1104D-44T Perkins diesel engine or Deutz TD2011 L04 diesel, they are four-wheel drive with front steering, and left-hand drive due to its European origin. The Kit This is a multimedia kit from our friends at VideoAviation, a follow-on from their earlier 1:72 release. It arrives in a sturdy c
  15. USN Deck crew Videoaviation 1:32 The latest releases from Videoaviation.com are these sets of figures and equipment. Two sets are of US Navy, one with modern figures and a trolley filled with metal cases, the other from the Vietnam era with two figures and a trolley filled with what look like bomb fuses. The sets are manufactured in the standard creamy beige resin which is really well moulded and detailed. [187232] US Navy Deck Crew Maintenance – This set contains two figures, one kneeling, one standing, both with separate arms, heads and a pouch for the knee
  16. Houchin 25Kva Ground Power Unit 1:72 & 1:48 VideoAviation To a great many modellers the mentioning of the name of this essential piece of kit might still garner a response such as "A what now?", but without these unassuming boxes providing an aircraft on the ground with power, technicians and crews couldn't work on the systems without lighting up the engines so that the aircraft could have electrical power. Whenever an aircraft was preparing for flight, or engaging in maintenance, there would always be one of these nearby chugging away and generating t
  17. Thanks onosendai! Videoaviation (http://www.videoaviation.com/) has released 1/72nd & 1/48th Schopf F59 modern RAF/Royal NAVY tractor resin kits. 1/48: http://www.videoaviation.com/ground-support/148-modern-rafr-n-tractor/ 1/72: http://www.videoaviation.com/ground-support/172-modern-rafr-n-tractor/ http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235019686-172-modern-rafrnavy-tractor/ V.P.
  18. US MD3 Generator Videoaviation 1:32 The latest 1:32 release from Videoaviation is of a MD3 Generator set. The set comes in a sturdy cardboard box with a picture of the unit on top. Inside there is quite a lot of cream coloured resin contained in either bubblewrap or ziplock bags. The mouldings are very nicely produced with very little flash and minimal webbing/attachments connecting the parts to the moulding blocks. There are twenty one parts all told, not including all the pipework which is included as uncut lengths. Construction begins with the fitting of the leaf sp
  19. SUU-20 Bomb Dispenser Videoaviation 1:32 The latest release from Videoaviation.com is this, well, what I can only call it a model for that is what is in its own right, of a SUU-20 Bomb Dispenser. Inside the sturdy acetate blister pack are twenty eight parts in the standard creamy beige resin and the instruction sheet. The resin is beautifully rendered, with no signs of bubbles or other flaws. The casting blocks don’t look to difficult to remove, but it will take a razor saw to do the best job on the larger parts. The kit includes the following resin parts:-
  20. USAF Crewchief Videoaviation 1:32 The latest release from Videoaviation.com is this figure of an USAF Crew chief. The figure is manufactured in the standard creamy beige resin which is really well moulded and detailed. [186532] USAF Crew Chief – This set contains just the one figure, with a single piece body standing, and separate arms and head. The figure is in a marshalling pose with hands clenched which indicates brakes on. Conclusion Videoaviation continue to release great sets to add life to your large scale dioramas, and thi
  21. US Groundcrew and Bombs Videoaviation 1:32 The latest releases from Videoaviation.com are these sets of figures and equipment. Two sets are of US Navy, one with figures/equipment and one set of bombs, and two are of USAF, both figures/equipment. The sets are manufactured in the standard creamy beige resin which is really well moulded and detailed. [175632] USAF Crew Chief Vietnam – This set contains two figures, one kneeling, one standing, both with separate arms. The set also includes a five piece flight line extinguisher.
  22. Modern RAF/RN Tractor 1:72 Eduard Although it doesn't say it on the box, this kit depicts the Schopf F59 aircraft tow tractor. Schopf is a German company, formed in the late 1940s to produce vehicles for the mining industry. They soon branched out into the aviation industry, and is now a leading producer of tow tractors, loading vehicles and stair lifts. The F59 is a four-wheel drive tractor designed to for towing for civil and military aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 70 tons. This is another resin kit from VideoAviation, an Italian firm who s
  23. Last Videoaviation kit is a resin 1/32nd Clarktor towing tractor Source: http://www.videoaviation.com/ground-support/132-clarktor-towing-tractor/ Instructions: http://www.videoaviation.com/?wpdmact=process&did=MzQuaG90bGluaw== V.P.
  24. BLU-27 Fire Bombs Videoaviation 1:32 The BLU-27 is a thin-skinned napalm filled fire-producing bomb. They are designed to spread burning napalm over a target area. These firebombs are capable of forcible ejection from high-speed aircraft flying at low levels. The bombs may be unpainted or olive drab with two 76mm (3.00 inch) wide red bands (one each end) painted around the bomb approximately 559mm (22.00 inches) from each end. The number of filler caps and their locations may vary according to manufacturer. The BLU-27 series firebombs contain either one or two filler caps
  25. US Navy Deck Crew Videoaviation 1:32 [165032] the latest release from Videoaviation.com is this set of a USN Deck Crew, a set of five figures for your big dioramas. Two of the set have been previously released, namely the crewmember with chocks and the one with holdbacks. The other three crewmembers, two shooters as a fly operator are all new moulds. The set is manufactured in the standard creamy beige resin which is really well moulded and detailed. Crewman with holdbacks - The crewman’s body, head and legs are moulded as one part, with the arms mould
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