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Found 6 results

  1. The late Mick Bell produced over 400 high quality drawings and plans of military vehicles, mostly trucks but also including some tanks, military buses, aircraft recovery equipment, tank transporters, in 1/76 scale for use by modellers and vehicle enthusiasts. Since his death in 2007 these have not been readily available. His son has now made these drawings available again as high-resolution digital copies which are free to download. Website URL - http://mickbellplans.com Each drawing has its own page, showing a low-resolution preview of the drawing, with a link to the full-size high-res image. The pages are categorised by country, and are also tagged with vehicle manufacturers and types. An index of the plans available can be found on this page http://mickbellplans.com/2019/06/15/index-of-all-drawings/ P
  2. My main modelling interest is 1940. As I've discussed elsewhere, what started as just an interest in operational aircraft on all sides during the Battle of Britain has spread to cover the whole of 1940 and all the aircraft that flew operationally in western and northern Europe during that time. Photographing individual model planes is all well and good, but I always have an eye on potential dioramas and photo "set dressing". Like the aircraft modelling, it's getting a bit out of hand, and the nerd in me is always trying to pin down accurate and correct vehicles for the period I model. Hence the growing RAF MT fleet. Incidentally, MT stands for Mechanical Transport, not just Motor Transport. The RAF MT section included all kinds of self-propelled vehicles, including railway locos and stock, not just things with internal combustion engines. Pedant mode off! Refuelling and Maintenance by Heather Kavanagh, on Flickr No airfield would be complete without refuelling vehicles. Fordson tractors were commonplace on RAF and FAA airfields throughout the 1930s and into the 1960s. I've got two Fordson N tractors, built from Flightpath kits, one of which I've added a cabin to. At the back, one tractor is hauling a Flightpath towed fuel bowser, followed up by a Matador Models Albion AM463 refueller. I wish Airfix would give us a 1/72nd kit, as they've already done it at 1/48th! A couple of Airfix Brockway towed bowsers, one for oil and one for fuel, with the top manifold hoses and connectors added. The Bedford MWC is pretty much OOB Airfix. It was left over in the box and looked lonely. General Service by Heather Kavanagh, on Flickr The RAF, like most branches of the military, used all kinds of general service vehicles. Moving a squadron from one location to another could involve anything up to fifty vehicles of various sorts, some of which would have been "borrowed" from a central pool, but most of which would have been already available. A pair of CMC resin and cast metal Austin K3 3-tonners show typical workshop and GS bodies. An Airfix Bedford MWD is accompanied by an Airfix Standard Tilly. I made a tilt frame from brass wire, just for a change, and decided to paint it in the pre-War RAF blue-grey. Airfield vehicles only really got overall dark green, then dark earth disruptive patterns, during 1940 as hostilities increased. Trucks and refuellers that were likely to be caught out in the open were usually the first to be camouflaged, but it wouldn't have been unusual to find an odd vehicle still in pre-war livery. The Austin Forlite is an Ace kit, which is sold as a British Army staff car. I painted it as a civvy car, probably owned by one of the squadron pilots. Crash Crew by Heather Kavanagh, on Flickr Finding accurate kits to represent the typical RAF crash and emergency vehicles has been a labour of love. From the left, a Crossley IGL FE1 6x4 3-ton crash tender, Crossley FWD 4x4 crash tender, Standard Light Ambulance and Austin K3 3-tonner 4x2 fire tender. The Crossley FWD is an MMS cast metal kit, and technically a little late for my period. Happily, it contained some spare castings that have found their way into the FE1. This is a proper "bitsa" kit-bash, using a resin bonnet, front wings and wheels from some obscure resin Crossley IGL kit, married to an Airfix Austin K6 Emergency Set chassis and running gear, and various bits and pieces cobbled together. It's a little tall, mainly due to the size of the tank on the rear, but it looks enough like a proper airfield Crossley to suit me until I find a kit to replace it. The ambulance is a scratch-built body, using the old Gerald Scarborough plans, on the Airfix Standard chassis and scuttle. At the end, the Austin, another CMC resin and metal kit, represents the typical wartime fire tender that would have been found on larger established airfields to deal with incidents on the technical site, accommodation areas and even outside the airfield boundaries if they were the closest fire service available for civilian incidents. I have several more odd kits to put together to give me some more typical early war vehicles, which I will add here if I get round to them soon. I really ought to start researching properly into the vehicles found on Luftwaffe airfields in occupied France. Thanks for looking!
  3. I have recently ordered the Academy B-29 in 1/72 and I want to put it onto a base with some figures und vehicles. For the vehicles I intended to use this upcoming Airfix set (http://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/vehicles/military-vehicles/usaaf-8th-air-force-bomber-resupply-set-1-72.html) although, as i want to build either the Enola Gay or Bockscar, I can`t use the bomb truck, but are the other vehicles apropriate? Also: What figures could I use? I thought of the Airfix or Preiser kit. Do you have other suggestions? Thank you in advance Levin
  4. New Revell Monogram Kits Now In Stock RVM0394 - Revell Monogram 1:72 - Gato Class Submarine £99.99 RVM1987 - Revell Monogram Snaptite 1:24 - Ford GT £13.99 RVM4197 - Revell Monogram 1:25 - 72 Olds Indy Pace Car w/ Figure £29.99 RVM4329 - Revell Monogram 1:24 - Porsche 918 Spyder £24.99 RVM4361 - Revell Monogram 1:25 - '59 Cadillac Eldorado Hardtop £22.99 RVM4370 - Revell Monogram 1:25 - 2013 Camero ZL-1 £23.99 RVM4378 - Revell Monogram 1:25 - Porsche 914/6 2n1 £24.99 RVM4379 - Revell Monogram 1:25 - 2014 Mustang GT £24.99 RVM4397 - Revell Monogram 1:25 - Corvette Stingray £24.99 RVM4398 - Revell Monogram 1:25 - 2013 Challenger SRT8 £24.99 RVM6732 - Revell Monogram 1:25 - Rat Fink w/ Diorama £22.99 RVM6899 - Revell Monogram 1:24 - Jinx Express £20.99 RVM7824 - Revell Monogram 1:32 - Lacrosse Missile and Truck £34.99 RVM7861 - Revell Monogram 1:32 - Panzer IV Tank £19.99 RVM7863 - Revell Monogram 1:32 - Sherman A1 Screamin' Mimi £23.99 Visit the website for more Information. www.creativemodels.co.uk Follow us on Facebook for all the latest news https://www.facebook...eativeModelsLtd Thank you Creative Models Ltd
  5. One of the few models where I have not added any lights to. I really had a close look but I did not think I would have the patience to add any with such little space to work in. So this is the finished article. Despite the pictures it does have a glossy sheen to it but I need to study and work harder at improving that side of things. Looking at KonaDawgs finished kit I lost heart, as his finished model is amazing. I've never had the patience regarding polishing and have tried a few short (cheap) cuts but it seems I will have to invest in the decent materials and just sit and polish and buff, sit and polish and buff, sit and polish and buff,sit and polish and buff......... The good thing is that I am getting used to airbrushing and the final body coats are looking acceptable. So, hopefully on my next build (the 1:24 scale Revell Schlingmann HLF 20- possibly with working lights) I may perfect the polishing side of things. Anyway, thanks for viewing my pictures and I look forward to any feedback.
  6. Someone, somewhere, sometime (pretty sure it was on Britmodeller) mentioned a book on the RAF's vehicles, it was long oop and fetched a high price on eBay and Amazon when it came up. Like an idiot I didn't bookmark the title or add it to my Amazon wish list. I've found "RAF Ground Equipment Since 1918", but I cannot find a title for the vehicles book. Can anyone help?
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