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Found 50 results

  1. Valom is to release 1/72nd Blackburn Firebrand (new variants) kits http://www.valom.net/?page_id=681 - ref. 72139 - Blackburn Firebrand TF.Mk.5 - ref. 72140 - Blackburn Firebrand TF.Mk.4 And the same in 1/48th M. Václav Lomitzki V.P.
  2. Hello, here's my attempt on Valom's 1/72 Yakolev Yak-7 (Late Production) in markings of 728. IAP, 1943/1944. Decals from the box. The kit includes photo-etched details for the cockpit such as belts and instrument panel and resin cockpit sidewalls and wheels (which I did not use because of serious fit issues). Although similar in the sprue layout, this kit is not identical with the Dakoplast and ICM moldings. It's of short-run nature and needs some TLC to build. Painted with acylics from the Gunze/Sangyo range. All pictures by Wolfgang Rabel of IGM Cars & Bikes. Thanks for lookin' ... best wishes from Vienna! Roman
  3. My second contribution. Valom's recently (re-)released Blackburn Firebrand. A beast of a post war FAA Torpedo Fighter. I have a Mark 2 with a Sabre engine in the stash but until recently haven't seen one of the definitive TF 4 or 5s. I don't know if this is a new release but it's a bit mixed with some sublime engraving and resin but some indistinct moulding and an elderly looking sheet of etch. Although not a success by any matter of means, it is a pugilistic looking beast. Also my father worked on them while in the FAA but I'm not sure whether it was in Squadron service or on one of the support bases. Here's the box There are 3 plastic sprues, not really many injection parts, but certainly all the big parts. Some nicely moulded resin, although this picture doesn't really do it justice. Unfortunately, the top of the control column has gone amiss. A piece of etch and a couple of vac form canopies. Which is why I wonder if it's a really-release as Valom's have been injection moulding canopies for some time now. Nice transfer sheet with transfers for two early liveried aircraft. And a 12 page instruction sheet. I bought a mask set for it as well.
  4. Aviation Art ZM Facebook shows since a few days a Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer artwork. Source: https://www.facebook.com/208070375871052/photos/a.208144655863624.54782.208070375871052/2035886113089460/?type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/208070375871052/photos/a.208144655863624/2125116877499716/?type=3&theater Considering Zdenek Macháček (aka ZM) artworks usually illustrate Valom, Fly and AZmodel boxings it's reasonable to assume that one of these brands is to release a new tool 1/72nd kit of this British STOL transport aircraft. My guess: Valom..update And the winner is Valom To be followed V.P.
  5. Valom is to release in 2016 a 1/72nd Grumman J2F-6 Duck kit - ref.72112 Source: http://www.valom.net/pripravujeme_en.html V.P.
  6. New in the Aviation Art ZM (for Zdeňka Macháčka) facebook page is a Fairey Britten Norman BN-2 Islander illustration. Considering Zdeňka Macháčka is the designer from most of the Valom and Fly kits box art... Wait and see. Some persistent rumours say it'll be a 1/48th kit. Keep my fingers crossed for a 1/48th BN-2 Islander complete family (Islander, Turbo Islander, Defender & Trislander). Just think of the uncredible number of military and civil schemes as well as variants for such a kit! Source: https://www.facebook.com/208070375871052/photos/a.208144655863624.54782.208070375871052/1933958993282173/?type=3&theater V.P.
  7. I'm building a 1/144 Sopwith Pup. This Valom kit requires some serious work to get to my standards so a few weeks of work to keep me busy. Starting with a Le Rhone 9c engine.
  8. Hi All, Here is the 1/48 scale Britten Norman Islander released by Valom in 2018. This is the original boxing finished in the markings of Mount Cook Airlines in New Zealand in 1988. Since the kit and scale were new there were no aftermarket decals so the Mount Cook Flight Seeing decals were home made. WIP thread here in Islander Colin W
  9. It must have been a sudden onset of lunacy after a series of very hot days during the Christmas break in 2017, but I pulled out the Valom Hampden TB1 kit. It’s been two years almost to the day since I started it. Everything that has been said about this kit is true - particularly with reference to the canopies. I managed to finish it, but it is no doubt a model that is best seen from a distance - the canopies are truely awful! Having said that, it does look rather nice in the later afternoon sun (although the hound is wondering what I am doing invading his space). Brush painted with Tamiya acrylics and completed with the kit markings for 489 (NZ) Squadron RAF, Thorney Island, Spring 1942. Build thread can be found here. Thanks for looking!
  10. It must be the recent run of hot days, but despite the tales of woe I have read about the Valom Hampden torpedo bomber I am going to give it a go. Nothing to lose really as I picked it up cheap at a model expo. At the least it will be character building. A box top top shot to start with. As this is intended as an out of the box build, I will be making this 489 Squadron aircraft, although I will be painting it with the Temperate Sea Scheme of dark slate grey and extra dark sea grey rather than the green and brown bomber colours, as I gather that is more likely. I made a start with the instrument panel, more to keep my fingers of my close to complete Beaufort (so I don't rush and spoil it). The panel is a sandwich of a plastic back part, a printed film and a photoetch front. Not done one of these before. I painted the back plate white, stuck the film to it with some Micro Kristal Klear. The photo etch I painted black, and dry brushed with some medium sea grey while still on the fret. I then carefully attached it to the rest of the assembly with Micro Kristal Klear. Looks pretty good to me, although not sure how much of it will be seen through the canopy.
  11. Hi, I did this model some years ago - not so many in fact. It was short after I was visiting UK and in Airplane magazine there was a kind of monography of AW Albemarle showing on one photo a piece of fuselage of rather badly weathered mashine from 295 Squadron. Perhaps I made it too heavy exploited. In painting I followed the profile from this web page: http://www.britisharmedforces.org/ns/ns/raf/nat_albemarle1.htm But now I have doubts about the lettering - should be rather 8Z.A, not 8.ZA sice the squadron code was 8Z not ZA... Is the profile I followed wrong or the squadron made an exception in writing codes??? Here she is: Comments welcome and regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  12. Hi all, I’m happy to report the roll out of my latest build, representing McDonnell NF-101A Voodoo 53-2438 which was used in the late fifties and early sixties as a test machine at Eglin AFB, Florida. At the date of the build she was being used to test aerodynamic “shapes” for the Hayes Industries Prometheus supersonic drone programme. As a very early Voodoo – one of the first pre-production batch - she was simpler than the later fighters and thus for me it meant leaving out some aerials, nose cannons, etc. Other than this she is straight out of the box with the exceptions that I note below. Maybe someone out there knows more about her but my year of searching has drawn a blank! Very few photos seem to be available of this aircraft and so my references have been hard to interpret. I have, as a result, had to use a bit of “Modeller’s licence”, particularly when it comes to the layout of the International Red areas on the wings and tailplane. The most widely seen photo is the following: As key feature of this aircraft was, of course, the drone "shape". This appeared to morph over time and so I’ve build a compromise. Examples of this are: So what did I do/use? Well: 1. Kit -Valom F-101A Voodoo 1/72 2. Aftermarket – seat from Aires, Wheels from Aires 3. Decals – Xtradecal national insignia, home drawn and printed serials etc. Xtradecal black and red lining. Mix of Microscale and kit stencils (the white stencils came from a Super scale F-4 set). 4. Paint – Humbrol Polished Aluminium (27002), Model Master International Red (1775DE), Humbrol Steel (27003), Mixes of 27002 and 27003 for the rear end, Humbrol OD Green (155), Humbrol 147 Grey and others. Humbrol Glosscote (decalling and wash) and Satincote (final) 5. Plastruct card and rod for the drone and under-nose pitot So here she is. I hope you like her. Martin My eyes now need a rest....... I'm leaving the International Red and 'Red-Orange on the shelf for a while . Adobe Lightroom doesn't cope well with dayglo either!
  13. Hi all! Well, I managed to get as far as finishing the first Voodoo :). It has been a struggle, often through my mistakes, but I think I've wrestled her into something resembling the target machine. The background is in the WIP: She really was a typical Valom kit in terms of the build - simple on the face of it but with small, subtle aspects to catch you out. I am very pleased with her, though. What did I do/use?. Well: 1. Kit - Valom RF-101C 1/72 2. Aftermarket - a modified Aires F-101B cockpit, Armoury Wheels set (AW72321), Pavla seat. 3. Canopy masks - from Montel (they peeled off!) and NewWAreMasks (MWAM0140) 4. Paints - Humbrol enamels - Metalcote Polish Aluminium (27002), Metacote Steel (27003), variations of the previous two, Satin white (130), Modelmaster International Orange-Red, Matt Black (33), Grey (140), Scarlet (60), Olive Drab (155), Chrome (191) and others. Satincote as a final coat. 5. Decals - Xtradecal National Insignia, Xtradecal Black Lining, Various stencils from Microscale Voodoo sets, Home printed serials etc and badges. 6. Inners of nosewheel doors made from plastic oblong rod. 7. I made (in truth my father made on his lathe) the jet pipe extensions as the Valom kit, like others is lacking in that area. 8. Panel lining and a little "weathering" with Flory dirt, plus a little Tamiya Weathering Powders (Soot) There's more but I forget!!!! Did I like the kit? Yes, but it needs care and that is why with Voodoo No.2 I got so far and then scrapped it. I built another ;). I have tried to give her a feeling of "use" and therefore she is dirtied to some extent. I hope you like her. She was a Vietnam machine too, named "The Green Dragon" at one time (Modeldecal set No.10): and now resides in store at the National Air and Space Museum, within their Maryland facility. Martin
  14. After finishing the Nieuport I said I would do something other than a ww1 subject. I must truly be stuck on ww1 because I've just started two more. I Fancied the all-white craft of Herman Goering but also really wanted to try some of the lozenge camo. I couldn't decide so I thought why not build two at the same. Not sure which one to do along side Goering's but I can choose that later. First job: The upper wings had considerably too much chord, about 1.5mm which is a huge amount in this scale. So I sanded this off to correct dimensions. Also the wings have recessed rib lines which I of course replaced with stretched sprue, yep every single rib! Once sanded to shape it should look great.
  15. I wasn't quite ready to do more to the Taube (I've done well and want to build my skill before rigging) so I decided to start something else. With the wife away for the weekend I wanted to do as much as I could. Due to this I haven't taken as many progress shots to show you, but most of you know what I'm about now.
  16. Well....just taken delivery of this... intending to convert to this... What could be easier ......new floor and interior, two new photographic windows in the rear door and port panel, make a FLIR setup and get some decals.Simples......(what have I let myself in for this time?) Having flown in this aircraft for 3 years waking most of Teesside and the North East I definitely have a huge soft spot for it, so couldn't resist
  17. Valom is to release a 1/72nd Yakovlev Yak-9 (early series) conversion set for its Yak-7 kit - ref. DSV04 Source: https://www.72news.eu/2019/01/valom-yak-9-early-series.html V.P.
  18. Not the easiest build, instructions a bit vague in places. Represents an a/c of 223Sqn Sudan 1940. Cheers 20181229_170609 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20181229_170554 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20181229_170544 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20181229_170524 by bryn robinson, on Flickr
  19. Valom is to rebox its 1/72nd Fokker F.VIIb.1 kit with Czech AF decals - ref. 72096 Source: https://www.facebook.com/208070375871052/photos/a.208144655863624/2137919979552739/?type=3&theater Box art V.P.
  20. Valom is to release in 2015 a 1/72nd N.A./Ryan L-17A Navion kit - ref.72106 Source: http://www.valom.net/pripravujeme.html See also Constanza resin kit: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234970052-172-ryan-l17-navion-resin-kit-by-constanza-kit-released/ V.P.
  21. 1/144 scale Fokker E.III belonging to Leutnant zur See Gotthard Sachsenberg sometime in 1916.
  22. After doing the 1/144 Albatros I've got the bug for small scale great war aircraft. I will be using the Valom kit which seem like a good base but much work needed. There isn't much other choice in this scale either. Starting with the cockpit...
  23. Finished Valom Albatros. This is my first build of a Valom kit, I don't think this is as good as the others available after studying parts, the kit engine was massively oversized like a church organ. Lots of adjustments had to be made. I will add this to a base but I want to learn static grass to make a good base.
  24. Valom is to release in January-February March 2018 1/72nd de Havilland DH.91 Albatross kits - ref. 72128 & 72129 Source: https://www.facebook.com/www.valom.net/posts/722404797959265 V.P.
  25. Hi BMers. Here I present my recently completed NA FJ-1 Fury using the Valom 1/72 kit, WIP here. Life started with the intention of building it OOB but soon decided to do something a little different with it and turn it into one of the Bendix Trophy race aircraft and fit it with larger 290 US gal fuel tanks. The kit builds up well as long as you remember it's a limited-run kit as the locating of parts is a bit 'iffy', check your references. The replacement tanks were 3D printed by a buddy of mine and secured to the tips using 5-minute epoxy, A little PPP was used at the tank/ wing join, wing root and tail plane/ fuselage areas. The model was then primed with Halfords grey primer and painted with 'Post War USN Glossy Sea Blue' (ACUS35) enamel paint by Colourcoats and finished off with kit decals and Tamiya Satin Varnish. BuAerNo.120350/101 - 2nd Bendix Trophy (Lt Cdr EP Aurand) My thanks go to @Sabrejet, @Tailspin Turtle and others for their contributions. Stuart
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