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Found 98 results

  1. So, time for another V Bomber RFI. Anyone surprised at this point? This time not one, but two Vulcans, and a little smaller than I'm used to. These are Cyberhobby 1/200 kits, quite nice and thoroughly enjoyable despite a few odd flaws. Definitely recommended. I chose to do XM607 from Black Buck 1 and XM595 in soft edged camouflage over white, at a slightly earlier point than the decals in the kit represent which just meant omitting a few things. Quick list of pros and cons for the kit of anyone's interested: Pros: .Easy, quick build with little to no trouble .Mostly good quality moulding and acceptable fit .Intakes designed to easily accommodate camouflage schemes .With minor corrections looks like a pretty accurate vulcan considering its scale .Not much bigger than a 1/72 Spitfire so fits nicely on a shelf .Includes optional pilots and open hatch .It's a Vulcan Cons: .Misleading and inaccurate paint and decal guide, best to know your vulcans .Odd extra pitot tube which needs removing .Too many wheels on the nose gear (easy fix) .Inaccurate intakes .No conventional bomb bay in the blue steel box .Inaccurate blue steel missile in the blue steel box (fixed in the Falklands one) .Incorrect Radome lines similar to the old Airfix kit So anyway, here are the models: XM607 and XM595. A few filtered images at the end. XM595 ^^my favourite image of this one And there's the real thing, not a perfect scale replica but close enough right? (I did get the tail camouflage pretty wrong though) XM607, with Black Buck equipment. Hopefully close enough to how it was on black buck 1. Need to do 558 some day in this scale as 558 is synonymous with 607 to me, they're the only two complete Vulcans I've had the chance to see together. And now as promised the filtered versions ^^ favourite version of this image Upcoming V Bombers ideas include the new tool 1/144 Trumpeter kit in a similar scheme to my XM595, I have a real soft spot for that scheme. I'm tempted with more of these small Vulcans as I'd like to build one as an early silver B1 with a pure delta wing. XA889 most likely. I also want to build another Mikromir Victor B1, candidates for airframes include XH648 (the Duxford Victor), XA918 in white as a tanker, XA917 in silver (although this requires modding the canopy and the outer wing leading edge, and a Victor B1a in white. Later this year I'll do a 1/72 Airfix Victor K2 as XM715. I've got an ongoing Airfix Valiant WIP but that's postponed until I figure out the primer issues I'm having with that.
  2. Hello Modeling friends. A project I've been working on over the last 6 weeks. It's in a final stage, where only little details are missing, but of a lot work still has to be done. That might sound familiar. Finish line is near. Build can also be seen on Armorama - Once more unto the breach - Campaign. The Sd.Kfz.251/7 and trailer are loaded with goods, are on the move. Second time I build the Sd.Kfz.251/7 Ausführung C. It's a fun kit and the theme allows a lot of personal input. Not the first time I build a Bronco Models Kit, but I've become a big fan of them lately. The Vulcan Motorcycle kits are my most favorite builds of the year. Almost finished is the K800 Zündap, in the works his little brother the K500. With some TLC it is a potential GEM (I don't know about Lion Roar or GWH yet). Some pictures taken today The Zündapp K800 is not on this series of photos. Decals drying and needs some touch ups. I marked the areas of damage / rust to be added on the Sd.Kfz.251/7. A little experiment I think that will work (show that later). The builds will come with a base / diorama / setting. Plans worked out, but no hurry with that. Maybe a next episode, otherwise it will be posted in Read for Inspection. Hope you like it so far. Happy modeling and have a nice day. Robert Jan
  3. Approximately a year ago, I started the Airfix vulcan, a notoriously bad kit, now I have decided to continue making it and fix some mistakes. Here's some of my progress. Sanding down old and rough paint One wing fully painted. someone special is in this picture
  4. Last year I went to Solway Aviation Museum in the Lake District. It has many great aircraft such as a Canberra, Vulcan B.2 XJ823, Lightning and many more. Hope you'll enjoy them friends. @Adam Poultneyhere's your tag. Jet provost Reg. No. XS209 EE Lightning Reg. No. ZF583 Phantom FGR.2 Reg. No. XV406 in what seemed to be a new paint job Percival Sea Prince Reg. No. WP314 Gloster Meteor NF.14 Reg. No. WS382 Hawker Hunter F.51 Reg. No. E425 (under restoration right now) De Havilland Vampire T.11 Reg. No. WZ515 And now, for what you've all been waiting for! Avro Vulcan B.2 Reg. No. XJ823 She's a beaut' ain't she. Now, the cabin. Here is the cockpit in all it's glory! Unfortunately I couldn't sit in the pilot/copilot seats as sadly there has been a history of idiots stealing and vandalising. However the navigator/bombardier area was very nice as well, surprisingly comfy Now, moving onto the Canberra T.4, Reg. No. WE188 I was allowed to get in her cockpit as well, quite interesting and a lot more spacious than I expected, although would be quite uncomfortable with 3 seats in there. Last picture, but an interesting one. The worlds last original Sikorsky-built S.55 Whirlwind, unfortunately, she's in quite a bad state right now. Hope you found this interesting.
  5. I've spent the last year reacquiring lost modelling skills, and I think I'm ready for a BIG project... ...with a little help. And to be honest, I feel some trepidation. Me, an unwashed Yank building a Vulcan?!? I may as well be putting a TSR-2 in USAF livery. Anyway - If anyone has a photo of a Vulcan farther along rotation, I'd appreciate it - especially closeups of the gear. I'd like to model the photo below, but with the landing gear a bit more "up". I think I'll use acrylic rod (X4 with LEDs) to hold the aircraft over a base of blurred runway. This is going to be a slow build, because it's important to get this build right. image pulled from some site. I'll be happy to pull it down if necessary. Major parts marked, scored and removed from main sheet parts arranged, along with a few articles I've saved over the years. Let's do this!!! Items in the bottom right will be molded in resin, since weight-bearing is no longer an issue. Comments and advice are definitely welcomed.
  6. So I've finally gotten around to buying a Vulcan, the Airfix 1/72 XH558 boxing. Any advice on the notoriously difficult kit? Are there any in depth reviews that tell how to build a good model out of it? I've heard that the engines are inaccurate for XH558, which I don't plan on building it as anyway, which Vulcans are they accurate for? Finally, what aftermarket upgrades are useful (I know there are seamless intakes available), and where can I get them from? I'm not too bothered about the cockpit as it will be hardly visible The less chopping up and resin surgery I have to do the better.... I have never used resin upgrades for a scale model before
  7. Here are the first four aircraft built as a project to represent aircraft associated (by me) with Filton airfield from the 1960s until the airfield's untimely closure in 2012. There will be more to follow, with an F111 and Concorde in the pipeline. All aircraft will be built in 1/144 scale, which is a little limiting but does mean the collection will not take over the entire house. More pics and details of the individual builds to follow. Some aircraft associated with Filton airfield in the 60s and 70s by jonbru0903, on Flickr From left to right in the picture above we have: G-AXLR, the VC10 test bed for the RB211 engine, initially designed for the Lockheed Tristar; D-BABC, the third prototype VFW-614 based a Filton for a few weeks as part of the development programme for the Rolls-Royce/SNECMA M45H engine; XA903, probably the third best known Vulcan, used for testing the Blue Steel missile among other things prior to arriving at Filton to be modified to carry the Rolls-Royce/SNECMA Olympus 593 engine for Concorde. Later it also tested the Turbo-Union RB199 for the MRCA/Tornado; Finally, on the right, G-AMPO a DC-3 used in the communications and transport role, primarily in relation to the Concorde flight test programme based at Fairford. Some aircraft associated with Filton airfield in the 60s and 70s by jonbru0903, on Flickr
  8. Hello, This is my rendition of the early Vulcan B2 XH556 depicted as in No.230 OCU Finningley, ca 1962. The pic of the original is shown below. The Pit-Road/GWH kit and excellent Fundekals decal set inspired me to tackle the Vulcan subject. To portray the early B2 airframe the kit had to be backdated a bit - the nose cone and a tail-tip antennaes as well as in-flight refuelling probe had to be removed. Hopefully the coming GWH Blue Steel release will make things easier. The by-product of this build is the ShelfOddity PE set. MrColor GX Cool White and GX100 Super Clear III lacquers, which allowed for easy surface polishing, made the painting a relatively straightforward task. Finally – a big thank you to Leszek lejgo_inc for taking the photos. The mind-boggling task of preparing the final pics was my share. Beginning of 1960s, RAF Finningley. Waiting for the sunrise. The overall view. The bottom side – airframe from 230 OCU depicted here just started getting dirty. A couple of details. Thanks for viewing and best regards, Marek
  9. Today I was at the North East Aircraft Museum, where Avro Vulcan XL319 is, interesting for reference pictures as you can get very close to it, some of panels are loose, and of course the tail is in a bad state after it tipped up in snow in 2010- you can see some of the internal structure. One of the staff there said that Airfix called them a few weeks ago because they wanted to come and get scans of the Vulcan... surprised they want to go for XL319 rather than an airframe in better condition, such as XH558 or XM655, unless they are scanning multiple. New kit being worked on confirmed? (Airfix if you're reading this, I'd like to pre order 5 )
  10. To save having to buy yet another Vulcan, I was wondering how far gone a model has to be before it can be resurrected, and what techniques are involved? I have an old model Vulcan still in my old bedroom at my Dad's house, which I made about 25 years ago! As such, it is terrible, and fit only for plastic recycling. Or is it? ... I'm sure I read somewhere if you put a model in the freezer it breaks the glue so you can take it apart again? Also, how do you remove ancient Humbrol enamel paint, is it even possible? Not sure I fancy soaking it in a bath of turps! Just sandpaper then respray? I was thinking of using it as the base for my B.1 conversion. Otherwise respraying as a wraparound camo Vulcan circa 1980. Any tips on how to restore kits this old?
  11. Hey guys, So I'm giving the submarine spree a rest and in the words of John Cleese, now for something completely different. I've always liked the Vulcan, and I live relatively close to a dispersal airfield of the Vulcan up at the former RAE Bedford. It's an iconic aircraft and so in the traditional fashion I've decided to plunge into the hole of the classic Airfix Vulcan, turning 35 years old this year! With it I've got hold of Wolfpack Models landing gear and update set, as well as Flightpath's photoetch set. I'm deciding against working too much on the cockpit because I've seen a few Vulcans made up and to be fair apart from the access hatch and maybe a glint of a few things inside you don't see much detail. I'll still be drilling through the two portholes though but the interiors black so nothing'll really be seen. Work so far has been minimal, and I've been looking at a few schemes. The idea I'm going with is one of the Anti-flash white ones from 617Sqn. Something about the three lightning strikes on the tail fin just makes the Vulcan look right, and the paled out scheme just encompasses all of the 1950s-60s Nuclear Fission fun! I chose XL360 because she's in preservation at the Midland Air Museum and tbf its a nice round number. I've begun by doing the simple-ish bits of the build and I've clamped the air intakes together with enough force to implode a small planet. The fit is relatively poor along the seams as the two ends meet at slight angles creating a slight V-Shape, but that shouldn't be too hard to fill (those wolfpack intakes are looking pretty good right now..) and I've primed a trunk already just to see where I'm at with it. I worked at it by squeezing humbrol filler into an (expendable) pallet and using an (also knackered) flat brush to thin it down to the consistency of plaster. I then painted it along the gaps and sanded it back again. for this I used a thick paint brush handle wrapped in sandpaper. I'm getting there slowly with it but I still need to bridge the gap between the two halves of the intake on the divide, where, right at the front there's still a slight indent. Meanwhile I've been working with the front undercarriage bay. It's simply just 4 pieces, but the detail is sublime. Painting it Humbrol 34 (White) I then picked out various pieces with black paint and coated it in smoke. It looks a little dark in the images but that's just the poor light. Finishing the bay off, I left the majority of it white because most of the wire trunking was painted over and so were much of the lesser replaced through maintainence areas. One striking thing I did note from the reference photos however (XL360 specific thank you very much, the highlights of building a preserved Vulcan!) was a bundle of wires travelling from the rear wall of the bay from what looks to be a format of junction box. I replicated this through using a small gauge black wire . The holes were funnily enough there but there wasn't any instructions to include the wires. Finally, I've been working on the cockpit, as said I'm not really putting too many hours into this as 1. It's all black and 2. No windows or access hatches are big enough to get a full view of the inside. Thus I'm just simply going to spruce up the entrance hatch. The cockpit thus far has been the simplest bit! Enough of me waffling! Thanks for looking Sam
  12. XL443 was delivered to 83 squadron at Scampton on 8th Oct 1962, fully equipped to carry Britain's nuclear deterrent, the Blue Steel and painted in anti-flash white. The aircraft remained with the unit until being flown to Woodford on 7th September 1965 to receive a retrofit with upgraded radars and sensors, etc and repainted in green/grey camouflage for low level operations. The aircraft continued to serve with the RAF until April 1983. More photos tomorrow ...
  13. Now I have a couple more Vulcans to make, it's time to do one in the iconic, sinister, glorious and beautiful white. Only one Vulcan survives today in this anti-flash white, XM603 at Woodford. Because of the jetpipes in the Airfix kit, I'll need to make this as one of the later XM-serialled Vulcans with 301 engines. (I'm saving my Freightdog jetpipes for another one in glossy grey/green with red, white & blue roundels at some point). The ECM box on the fin will need to go, and the TFR thimble. I think beyond that the kit should be ok, just sprayed with satin white all over.
  14. Here’s my interpretation of the old Airfix Vulcan. A bit of a dog of a kit but with a bit of effort I think it builds quite well. I rescribed it as best I could and did a bit of creative licence to fill the empty wheel wells; I got the kit cheap because it didn’t have decals so I replaced them with the Xtradecal camouflaged Vulcan sheet. I like this particular scheme and the sheet has enough stencils for another full build plus lots of squadron markings allowing you to get up to half a dozen aircraft out of one sheet - that’s value. There’s still a bit of snagging to take care of - I want to redo the nav windows as they look a bit naff at the moment and there’s a couple of aerials I’ve snapped off already, but apart from that it’s pretty much done. The main problem is finding somewhere to display it. I’ve photographed it on QRA on top of my coal bunker - it nearly ended up in pieces thanks to a rogue gust of wind and the massive wing area. The panel lines are a bit on the deep side but I’ve tried to minimalise that with light touch weathering, on top at least.
  15. Finished at last, after a ten month build, and my first RFI. I really wanted to do this kit justice as the Vulcan is my favourite aircraft. My first encounter was in the early 70's when as a 9yr old we moved to Pontefract, Yorkshire and I remember the daily flights of Finningley's Vulcans over the town. Then there was the Vulcan scramble I witnessed at the 1977 Finningley air display to mark the queens Silver Jubilee. Anyone who has seen a Vulcan scramble will remember the sound waves travelling through your body and the ground shaking beneath your feet. The Vulcan was and still is, awesome in the truest meaning. I last saw XH558 flying at the Yorkshire air show at Church Fenton last year. I admit now that I had a tear in my eye as I watched it fly away for the last time until it was out of sight. So as you can appreciate I really wanted to do this kit justice, abs make it as accurate as I could as my own personal tribute. Hopefully I've achieved that. I started by rescribing the whole aircraft before I even began to glue anything together. I thought that it would be easier, then it would be a job of cleaning it up to make sure they meet when the parts were joined. I did think that I'd scribed them too deep, but looking at it now I'm happy with the results. Then there are the corrections to be made to the kit to accurately depict XH558 as she is now. First job was to remove the TFR radome off the tip of the nose. And at the other end, the cooling air intake (the elongated box) that fits on the right hand side of the tail is not fitted to XH558. I've also hollowed out many of the various air intakes and made the ducts inside the splitter plates inboard of the air intakes. I replaced the engine jet pipes with resin replacements. The kit comes standard depicted with Olympus 301 series engines and XH558 is fitted with Olympus 201's, the 201 jet pipes being narrower and longer. The other thing I wanted from the outset was to display her wheels up in a way that shows off the iconic Vulcan wing shape. I also wanted the underside to be clutter and hence stand free, so I had the idea of brass tubes up the exhausts and thanks to a friend who made the wooden base I have managed to achieve it. If anyone is interested, the work in progress thread is here - Vulcan WIP Here are the pictures I've taken so far. I managed to get some outside today as well. Hope you like. And finally here's a couple of pictures of her in her new home in pride of place. Thank you very much for looking, hope you liked it. Mark
  16. Anyone fancy a go at this? Vulcan XL319, in 2010 with snow overload. Or the recovery 10 days later.....
  17. Hi guys West Middlesex Model Club was contacted recently asking if someone could build an Airfix Vulcan for a guy who used to be a flight engineer on these before the Black Buck missions. He had been bought the kit many years ago and he has never got round to it. For some crazy reason I put my hand up and volunteered. I must be a glutton for punishment and it has been maybe 20 years since I last had a go at one of these. I will probably end up rescribing the beast as the horrible raised details will not survive the clean up required. I know this kit has many issues quality and accuracy wise which I am not fussed about. Really looking forward to a quick build and getting to the paint stage which I am looking forward to. Hopefully I can do a good job on this. Looking to mount on a wooden base at the end. I will need to do some research for a hard stand concrete base replica thing to mount to the wooden base. It could be interesting finding one big enough. Childhoodmemories. IMAG1442 by Mark Inman, on Flickr Here is where things are so far. IMAG1443 by Mark Inman, on Flickr Not much left in the box. IMAG1444 by Mark Inman, on Flickr Filling and sanding in easily accessible areas. IMAG1445 by Mark Inman, on Flickr
  18. Hi guys Here is the Airfix Vulcan I recently finished. I built her for a guy who's dad used to be a flight engineer on these before the Black Buck missions of 1982. He had been given the kit by family but never got round to building it. My club West Middlesex were contacted back in July 2016 asking if someone could build this for him. I volunteered as I built one as a kid and wanted to see how she would turn out by today’s standards. At this point I had no idea of the life tribulations that would come up as the build progressed. Everything modelling stalled from October 2016 until March 2017 because we moved house followed a month later the birth of our second child. Roll onto November 2017 and around 110 hours of work, she is finally finished. I decided to build XM607 from Black Buck 1. The aftermath was the famous picture of a string of craters including the single crater on Port Stanley’s runway. The build I was given free rein on this to do and add what I felt the build needed. The first job was to completely re-scribe the entire kit. This took an age but was well worth it. The kits raised details were optimistic to say the least considering how much sanding and filling is needed to get her decent. For aftermarket items I purchased the Master metal refuelling probe, 26 decals cockpit masks and Freightdog’s “Gods of Sea and Fire” decal sheet. Next we had @gazza l offering his stunning homemade turned brass exhausts. These are exquisite and really draw the eye when viewing from the back. Lastly @Jason provided the AN/ALQ-101 ECM pod from his spares box. The aircraft was painted with Gunze. WIP Here Thanks for looking. DSC_7998 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8001 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8005 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8006 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8007 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8014 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8017 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8029 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8032 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8033 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8035 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8036 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8040 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8041 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8042 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8043 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8044 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8046 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8049 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8050 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8053 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8057 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8062 by Mark Inman, on Flickr DSC_8067 by Mark Inman, on Flickr
  19. Morning all, Obviously 617 Sqn carried Blue Steel on their Vulcans when they were wearing Anti-Flash White, but did any others equip with it before they transferred to the grey/green/white scheme? I'm going to reboot my old Airfix Vulcan at some point and want to do a Blue Steel bird in AFW but would prefer something other than XL321... I've tried google and searching here but haven't come up with anything yet - bit I know there's plenty of repositaries of Vulcan knowledge on this forum! Thanks in advance.
  20. These are from a while ago, before the final decals turned this anonymous Vulcan into XM602 of IX sqn, circa 1978. I'll post those later in the RFI section. I think the underside grey may be a bit too dark, though I used 'light a/c grey'. I feel compelled to do a white Vulcan next, then maybe a wrap-round camo one!
  21. Many years ago I made an Airfix Vulcan, which still lives (just!) on top of a wardrobe in my old room at my dad's house. It's in a poor state now, with a wing hanging off from glue failure, a snapped probe and very badly painted in innaccurate grey/green camo, along with peeling decals. I know it may be beyond help, and so much easier to just buy another Vulcan, but where's the challenge and achievement in that? So, does anyone have any tips on rescuing this old kit? Does it need a soak in warm water to remove the decals? How best to repaint it? I was considering an all over satin white and make it into an early Blue Steel white Vulcan. Would this work or would I need to remove all the old paint first? (In which case it may be a challenge I shirk!)
  22. Lord Riot

    White Vulcans

    Good evening Does anyone know which of the XM-serialled Vulcans sported the anti-flash white colour please? I'd like to make the Airfix 'XH558' kit as a white one, but it'll need to be an XM serial because of the 301 style jet pipes on the kit. I read recently that some later Vulcans were delivered camouflaged and never wore the white scheme. Is there a list anywhere that shows which were white? I think the latest example of a white one I've seen is a photo of XM604. Can anyone recommend the best aftermarket decals for this colour scheme too please? Thanks!
  23. Good evening, first proper build post from me on the forums! Well it all started after a trip to the Midland Air Museum in Coventry where I got the fantastic chance to get inside an Avro Vulcan and see what it was like inside, and by god what an aircraft! I wish I had taken a lot more photographs but thanks to a thread that I found on the forums prior to joining, I found a nice walkaround inside of the cockpit. This was then followed by an enquiry to the Vulcan To The Sky Trust and after they gave me a few pages of the crew manual showing the details of both the front and rear cockpit, they also suggested getting a book which included the manual and infinitely more in-depth images. (The Vulcan Story 1952-2002 by Tim Laming) And so it began, all made of plasticard with the seat cushions made of milliput. Obviously there is still A LOT of work to do I think it is coming along nicely and the 3 panels shown at the end were made today with clear plastic used to serve as the ground scanning radar screen and a few dials. Thanks for that, cue the images! Sam And so after an hour of fannying around with Google+, Flickr and now Photobucket, the photos now work!
  24. This is my first build on the site, so it's in at the deep end with the Airfix Vulcan. I'm about 18 months into my rekindled hobby (after a break of about 20 years). I have recently invested in an airbrush and this will be my third airbrushed model. I am also going to re scribe the kit (only the second kit I've attempted this on). Other than that it's going to be pretty much standard kit. I've got a VIP tour of the real aircraft booked for mid April, so intend to take lots of photo's to assist with the build. This is going to be my big build for the year, taking my time, dipping in and out of it, so please don't expect rapid progress. I've made a start by washing all the parts and taking the wings and fuselage off the sprue's. As I'm re scribing, I though this would be more easily done as the first job. There's lots to do on the wings and it seems easier lying them flat on the desk. As a point of interest, this is my workspace. And this is the work I've done so far with the scribing, and removing some flash from around the edges. I've started on the wing on the right. I know there's been some epic Vulcan builds on here, I'm just hoping that mine doesn't let the standard drop too far.
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