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Found 7 results

  1. It is well documented that despite the successful 'D-Day' landings in Normandy on 6th June 1944, and the subsequent advance of the Allies across Europe, the people in London still found themselves having to endure the terror of the V1s crossing the Channel from various launch sites along the coast of the occupied countries. A lesser known fact is that 2 of these 'vengeance weapons' fell on Portsmouth. Whether Portsmouth was the intended target can never be known for sure. What is not in doubt is that the results of both attacks were damaging, and tragic respectively. Early in July 1944, the first V1 to hit Portsmouth fell in Locksway Road, Southsea, destroying several properties and severely damaging many more in the vicinity. Amazingly, there were no casualties. If the residents of Locksway Road were able to count their blessings, however, several of those in Newcomen Road and Winstanley Road, Stamshaw, were in no such position a few days later. At just after midnight on July 15th/16th 1944, a second V1 landed in the back garden of number 89 Winstanley Road. The ensuing detonation of the 850-kilo warhead resulted in the deaths of 15 people, and injury to a further 82. A total of 185 properties received significant or serious damage, with less serious damage to more than 1,900 others in the surrounding area. One of the elevators was recovered from the remaining wreckage of the V1 and is now on display at the ‘D-Day Story’ Collection at Clarence Esplanade, Southsea. This build came about from a combination of circumstances: Firstly, with only a week to go before the next club night, I realised that I had nothing to show! Secondly, and by a strange quirk of fate, one of the competitions on at the meet tonight is the 'Memorial Trophy', which theme this year is 'Portsmouth'. Thirdly, I had recently acquired this little kit with a view to doing a slightly different project, but the simple construction (8 pieces for the aircraft, 9 for the dolly cradle) meant I had a reasonable chance of finishing it in time Fourthly, I felt I needed a bit of a 'palette cleanser' project to preserve the mojo for the trials and tribulations ahead on my Ju52/1m build. The simplicity of the build didn't really warrant a WIP thread - it's built literally out of the box, with no additionals at all. Paints were from the Vallejo 'Model Air' RLM set for top and bottom of the aircraft, and Tamiya gun metal for the dolly cart. A good old all-over wash with Games Workshop sepia wash took the shine off that. That's all there was to it! Anyway, here are some photos of the result, which will be going into the competition tonight! Comments and criticisms as ever most welcome
  2. On June 13th 1944 the first of over 9000 V1 "Doodlebug,s were launched against London and the distinctive noise of their engine's would be heard for a number of months before their launch sites were destroyed or overan.I bought the Tamiya kit on a whim just for something quick and simple,it's a breeze to build and took thirty minutes including the trolley not everyone's cup of tea I suppose but fit's nicely into my upcoming Luftwaffe builds.Thanks for looking in.
  3. When i got back into the hobby one of the models i bought of ebay was the eastern express spitfire mk xiv... wich is the old frog rebox, and it interestingly comes with a V1 flying bomb and a stand. overall the model is rather accurate in dimentions, but there are also some glaring errors, and what details are there all need refining. Anyway, i started playing with the V1 and well once a few pieces are off the sprue there's no turning back. so first the V1 in short, overall dimentions are ok, according to plans i found online (not the ones pictured as it later turned out) but the wings and horizontal stabilizes are to far forward, so these where cut and repositioned. the pulsjet was slightly lenghtened with a bit of plastic tube. the front strut seems to reseble perhaps and interior structure of the v1 but not the swept back aerodynamic strut to this was replaced with plasticcard. the intake was also beefed up with some miliput, although i think i overdid it a little. gave it a shot of tamiya primer, the bottom was painted with a 50/50 mix of white and pru blue, and the top was a mixture or vallejo, revell, heller, and italeri paints along with some vallejo flow improver and airbrush thinner... they all play nice together, and considdering my airbrush skills and the size of the thing, i think it came out ok... And with the buzz bomb done, it was time to build the thing that'll nock it out of the sky. Because the models will be posed in flight cockpit detail will be kept to a bare minimum... well i got a little carried away... i used scale drawings from the monforton spitfire mk xvi/ix (i know not xiv) pinted to 1/72 scale, wich is tiny, but it makes it real easy to correctly position all the ribs and bits and bobs... it's mostely just a few strips of styrene really Later i realised the oxygen hose, wich is missing from most spitfire kits and wich i so cunningly added, would probably not be in stowed position, as the pilot would likely have his mask on.. maybe not as i don't think V1's came in very high, but again, i'm sure he could use it! i modified the kit figure to look a bit more dynamic, fortunately the plastic played nice. so i cut the head and pinned it with a bit of metal wire... the arms where even cut off with sprue cutters... i cut the rudder pedals from the cockpit and stuck them the the gentleman's feet, that way they'll always line up... aha! i was initially going to use the airfix mk ix or xix pilots wich actually look rather nice, but u guess having a backup takes the stress away from this kind of surgery so they have to wait their turn. i'm actually surprised how well he fits in there, his stretches arm even reaches the throttle... and this is what we're going for one of the gravest errors on the frog kit is the wing fillets wich, don't look like the spitfire item from any angle (i think i have a picture of what they looked like somewhere but i wanted to get it over with), and i can only guess how these came about... also the gull wing is lacking, fortunately there is more plastic rather than not enough, so it's just a matter of chopping and sanding everything off that doesn't look like a spitfire. since the kit radiators where to small i need to make new ones, and might just as well go all the way and represent the sunken radiators as per original it's hard to see, but i actually bend the wing near the center to represent the gull wing. and that's where we're with this one... wich reminds me i still need to finish my mkII
  4. Profimodeller ( http://www.profimodeller.com/ ) has just released a 1/32nd Fieseler Fi-103 (V1) resin kit - ref.P32279 Source: http://www.profimodeller.com/detail/p32279-fi-103-(v1)/ But not only the Fi-103 but also its Transport trolley - ref.P32280 Source: http://www.profimodeller.com/detail/p32280-transport-trolley-for-fi-103-(v1)/ V.P.
  5. Hi everyone! My name is Ben from V1 Decals, and I think this will be my first post on this site. Very excited to see some of the great work on this site and look forward to posting some of my own models and projects! Some of you may have heard of my decals and I, but let me quickly introduce myself. I have been designing and producing airliner decals for probably close to 4 years now, and have since accumulated a catalogue of close to 200 liveries from around the world (with a heavy Canadian bias). When I'm not preoccupied with flying, working, or making decals I also like to try and build 1/200 models in my precious spare time. Summer is here and I've been very busy for the past couple months working on a number of new projects including a complete overhaul of my business. Nevertheless, it is my pleasure to announce July's new releases a day in advance and wish you all a great month of modelling. Stay tuned for many new changes in the coming months. All of our decals are laser printed, available in any scale, and can be found on the V1 Decals website. Be sure to check out the website and the new catalogue on the homepage for more details. Cheers! Advance Air Charter DC-8-62C Mexicanada Cargo DC-8-71F Westjet #100 737 NG 737-800 Odyssey International 757-200 ABX Air 767-200F Amerijet International 767-200F Ansett Australia 767-300 Surinam Airways A340-300 (Available soon in 1/144 from Xotic Planes) Air Club International 747-200 Air Canada Rouge 767-300 (Re-release)
  6. Hello all, Now for something completely different! Tamiya's 1/48 V1, purchased from Mr Models at Bearwood not three hours ago. Built, painted and decalled by my 9yo son, Bradley. Enjoy. Dave
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