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Found 7 results

  1. You would think that after punishing myself building the Unicraft Bird of Prey I would stay away from their kits, but when it is the only game in town what can you do. I have always thought that any kit is build able but this one is stretching my conviction. Anyway as much to test out migrating to Village.Photos from Photobucket, here are some pictures; I am not sure that these pictures fully show the crudeness of the parts. Anyway we will see how far I get.
  2. This kit was built during the "Blitzbuild Group Build" here on BM recently, for those unfamiliar this is where an attempt is made to start and finish a kit over the bank holiday weekend either in two 12 hour sessions or in one mammoth 24 hour session. With photos with time and date proof to show you are playing fairly. I chose to try to build the Unicraft Messerschmitt "Schwalbe" Luft 46 Resin Kit, which being the first resin kit I have ever built, was perhaps not the wisest idea I've ever had. However due to all the support and encouragement from other Modellers here on BM, it was completed within the allowed time. Started 27th August 2017 @ 17:11 Finished 28th August 2017 @ 23:12 Work in progress below This Group Build was brilliant with a really diverse range of models completed within the allowed time, normal Group Build times are months ! If you haven't taken part in a Group Build before I would encourage you to give it a go, it's a great chance to interact with other builders and often build something so deep down in the stash you had forgotten buying it Finished photos below, I still have much to learn with resin, so will not make the same mistakes with the next one, and of course take a lot more time ! Thanks once again for all the encouragement and humour during the build, it was greatly appreciated cheers Pat
  3. Ok here we go, I can't put this off any longer ! Some pictures before I started to extract the parts from the Resin puddle, the final one showing my start time. This kit is displaying all the typical Unicraft traits, i.e. Fuselage is banana shaped, wings look different sizes and you are left to decide where the parts go, as there are no real instructions or alignment points for the parts, however this may be the way things are done with Resin, I wouldn't know ! Right here we go with parts cut out and sanded a bit, but managed to mislay the missiles already ! Good luck everyone, and congratulations to those already finished ! cheers Pat
  4. This is my Unicraft YO-3a, affectionally know by its crews as the Yoyo. The work in progress thread can be found at; The YO-3a was a low altitude silent stealth aircraft designed to observe enemy troops at night without making an audible ground level sound. For more information see: http://www.yo-3a.com/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_YO-3 You can see the build thread for my trials and tribulations, but this is what I had to start with; Given that I am kind of proud about how it turned out, K'velen in fact. Next up is the Airfix O-2 Skymaster. Enjoy.
  5. This is my Unicraft Boeing Bird of Prey. The build thread for this can be found at Just to restate; The Bird of Prey, (named that because someone thought it resemble the Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey, there is some documentation that it was designated YF-118G)was a late '90 secret stealth technology demonstrator which first flew in 1996 and after 40 flights was retired in 1999. Due to its secret nature it was not publicly revealed until October 2002. For more details see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_Bird_of_Prey. Also to restate; I am sure I have built worse kits then this, but I can't remember when (the absolute best kit I have built is the Airfix A-4 Skyhawk). Not one of my best builds, but I am satisfied considering what I had to start with. Enjoy,
  6. Ok I’m the first to admit I am totally mad and this build will prove it! My work pattern has changed so I will have more time for models!!! So rather than signing up for more GB’s…or actually completing the ones I’ve signed up for on time I decided I needed a new long-term project. The Heinkel He-177Z was a long term project which I loved so instead of building the bigger one I have gone for this project which I had mentioned a few times. I love the look and it’s super cool, plus a nightfighter as well! I had received all the bits sometime ago but after a quick look at them I got very scared!! The reason for this is the add on bits from Unicraft!!! The parts may be a little bit basic which is to say they are basically lumps of resin and not much else! So the basis for the build will be Hasegawa’s 1/48th Arado Ar-234C-3 which will provide the body, interior and undercarriage, though it will probably end up providing a of other bits as well! The wings from Antares are nice and need little work to fit my build. The engines or turbo-props are barely recognisable as engine parts and as can be seen I have had to add sheet plastic to help build them up so they at least may be round in shape! They even come with an internal engine sections if I wanted to leave the engine covers open…or should I say a blob to match the rest of the engine blob! The new nose is….well more or less useless, as can be seen from the photo is much smaller than the canopy section. The mod kit is for the Hobby Craft Arado Ar-234 which is completely the wrong in the nose section compared to the Hasegawa model, it’s way too narrow! So I can either modify the clear section which is pretty well impossible or completely build a new nose section! Plus all the other bits in this mod kit are pretty well useless as well, I will have to use most of the kit parts for this build! I will either have to modify the resin bits I have or make a completely nose section, which at the moment looks to be the easiest path! So I have pretty well given myself a not so easy task for this build. Whether I complete this build or if it is destine for the box of doom is something to be decided as the build progresses. For a start I need to get these engines at least round in profile, hence the addition of card to the engine bodies and spinners. If I can get these sorted there may be a possibility this project will get going. Once the main bodies are round in profile I can work on the nose cones and props. Once these are done I can then start to work on how they will mount to the swept back wings, custom mounts will be needed for this. So this is going to be a crazily big project, nothing that will be completed in a couple of months for sure! Again I must be completely crazy to attempt this build, I had planned it for the WhatIf III GB, but given the work required it’s not possible in the time given. So this Christmas or next I’m not sure when it will be finished so welcome aboard on this crazy adventure. So welcome along for the ride, it will be bumpy and the driver will curse at regular intervals....oh and regular updates are not included!
  7. Sorry for the late arrival to this GB. All the normal excuses, work, kids etc.... The background to this aircraft is that in 1941, following early experimental jet aircraft from Heinkel, which showed the limitations of the propeller powered aircraft that were at that time being built by Messerschmitt. Dr Willy decided he too would build aircraft with jet propulsion. His first attempt was the Me163, this had some plus points, "bleeding Nora that's fast!" And some less positive point BOOM ! during refuelling if you get it even slightly wrong putting both liquids in. What you want it to have wheels to land on ? No let's try landing on a teatray with gallons of explosive liquids and a red hot jet engine behind you instead ! Now unbelievably some pilots thought this design could be improved upon, difficult to believe but true. The Messerschmitt design team while watching a repeat of "Scrapheap Challenge" on Dave TV decided to recycle a pair of tandem jet engines from an Arado 234, the swept wings from a crashed me163, and undercarriage from a P38 Lightning. The result being the Schwalbe. This design wasn't felt to be quite challenging enough, after all it was a lot faster than the me163, that already flew too fast to hit anything with either machine guns or cannons, so how can you enhance the degree of difficulty ? As you can imagine this taxed the design team for sometime before they came upon the decision to incorporate an untried and untested air to air missile system. RESULT ! This came with the added bonus of making the aircraft considerable more unstable on takeoff and the possibility of shooting yourself down with your own missiles. The end result was hugely successful for the Allied cause, as only the best pilots were selected to fly the aircraft and as the fatality rate was so high, this design hastened the demise of the Luftwaffe and played an important part in ending World War 2. A long time ago, a certain gentleman aka TrickyRich offered to be my mentor on a Resin kit should I finally grow a pair and build one. Well said pair have appeared so here I am. The kit is 1/72, but really small, probably around Me 163 size I would guess, but this one is armed with missiles ! Photos below I have never built a Unicraft kit before so any tips, on this and resin in general gratefully appreciated. Good luck to everyone on this GB. Cheers Pat
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