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Found 29 results

  1. Started last year and finished today. The amount of detail that Tamiya have crammed into this kit is superb. Beautiful fine panel lines and rivets. Airbrushed with Tamiya acrylics, splash of Flory wash and sealed with Aqua Gloss. Cheers gang, Phil
  2. I started the first figure for the diorama posted under dioramas "Operation Phantom Furry" USMC wearing MARPAT. At 1/35th scale digital squares are barely discernible. I tried several methods to replicate the pattern with paint iether the pixels were out off scàle or looked too round trying to use a brush or sponge. Then I found camouflage decals from Cross Delta in MARPAT desert what a life saver! I did a few trials as putting a 2D object on a 3D object would prove to be challenging. The decals are thick twice what your used too, I applied Micro-Sol decal softener it helped the decal bend after about 2 min it became exceptional playable. Working it in the creases with a brush moistened with micro-sol it conformed like fabric. Cut roughly to the size of say a lower arm sleeve and then a second piece for the upper arm. I let it dry overnight the decal further worked its way into the underlying details I was amazed at the results. Next I noticed it was too shiney so a coat of AK Interactive ultra matt varnish took care of that giving the decal a fabric look. I am chasing that elusive "Coyote Brown" for the load bearing vest if anyone has a lead on the proper colour in Vallejo. There is a ton of work to do on this figure but for the start I am happy with the camouflage the camera changes the colour a bit. Started working on the heads and some of the other gear. Heads were painted with seven layers of Vallejo acrylic then a little 5 o'clock shadow added. Marine gear painted in the Coyote Brown- Vallejo 71.024 Khaki brown great match then washed with 76.523, 76.514 finally a coat of AK interactive ultra matt. Some Marines during the campaign maintained the woodlands camouflage pattern on vests and pouches. I did the camouflage first next ill do the MARPAT desert then add the gear, head and hands.
  3. Hi everyone. At the risk of becoming south Cambridgeshire's answer to @corsaircorp (I can but dream!), I've dragged another box out of my stash, keeping my gaze averted from the queue of kits waiting their turn for airbrush treatment. A/b time is limited right now, and the onset of autumn always seems to make me want to start a big project. This time it's one of the bigger boxes in my stash, Academy's well known Phantom, in the Grey Ghosts F-4B/N boxing. I love the Phantom in much the same way that I love the P-47: big, tough, powerful and capable. Yet I've never built one. About time I rectified that. I don't know all that much about the airframe, though, so if anyone has any helpful info, please let me know! Despite being a Gray Ghosts, only one of the three supplied schemes features that squadron. I want to build an earlier line bird and so I'm going for BuNo. 152274 from the Black Knights' 1966 deployment to Da Nang. Beautiful, eh? From what I can tell, the squadron flew almost exclusively CAS, and so any ordnance will be bomb-heavy. Academy provide Mk.82s, but otherwise I'm going after market with some Brassin napalm canisters. Different squadron, but here's a good pic of a napalm loaded F-4 with Marine CO: http://www.mofak.com/images/MooseNapeLoadRVN.jpg As Academy also provide crew, I think I'll give them a go and depict it ready for taxying.
  4. It's 1958 and the US Marines land in Lebanon on July 15th (until October 25th 1958) to start Peacekeeping duties. At this point I'm jsut a few months old. I shall try to depict a scene from images I'm collecting. This kit was originally destined for a Vietnam scene but this GB came up and I though ...... Why not! Finding a project that utilizes part of my existing Stash and fits the timeline for 1958 was'nt straight-forward as it was a relatively quiet yer otherwise.
  5. While I toiled away on my Sword Harrier 2 seater I decided to build something straightforward that actually had parts that fit, as both a mojo restorer and for some airbrush practice. I had bought this Hasegawa Wildcat some years ago at a show, it was second hand but I started, complete but bagged not in a box. Any way the build went together without any issues, out of the box other than some plastcard bulkheads to close off the vacant space in the wheel well. Decals are from Superscale set 72-287 and represent one of the aircraft of VMF-121 flown by ranking Marine ace Joe Foss ( although Boyington was credited with more victories a number of these were with the AVG in Burma before the US entry into the war) on Guadalcanal in October 1942. Painted mainly with Hataka acrylics and weathered with a light misting of light grey wash to simulate the fading that was so apparent on Guadalcanal aircraft, and some staining with black and umber washes and a spray of a Tamiya smoke. I am pretty happy with how it turned out, although I notice that the aerial wire (Uschi Rig that Thing) has lost some of its tension overnight. Enough blabber, here she is: Thanks for looking AW
  6. Hello all... I will be going for a classic jump jet here. In 1971 the USMC started operating the AV-8A Harrier, from Wiki.. "The AV-8A entered service with the Marine Corps in 1971, replacing other aircraft in the Marines' attack squadrons. The service became interested in performing ship-borne operations with the Harrier." Not quite sure which kit or markings i will be going with yet as this is technically a place holder. I will attempt to get the 1/72 Airfix kit, but I may fall back to the 1/72 Hasegawa kit. My guess is i will be going with VMA-513 as they are the only unit listed for 1971. Though I've studied both kits. Either will work but the Airfix offering has the Decal set i need. Really hoping i can find that one. Dennis
  7. Hello everybody... As the instigator and primary host of the. This was my take on Tamiya's classic 1/35th M48A3. It is built in the markings of "DEATH" from the 1st Marine tank Battalion C-Coy company 1970 C-12. I used a mixture of kit decals and Star decals sheet 35 C-1074. The Sandbags are made from baked sculpey modeling clay and were molded to the hull. I went for a heavily used tank covered with stowage, sometime in the rainy season. Sometime in the not to distant yet cloudy future i would like to make a base for this. Pose it in a section of a Firebase defensive perimeter. Questions, comments, or thoughts are always accepted. Dennis
  8. hi everyone new here got myself some Airfix 1/32 US Marines the other day thinking it would be simple but I do not use Airfix paint I use tamiya paint I have tried looking it up what tamiya paint to use for em but most evolve mixing and stuff and this may sound noobish but I dont like doing that. I have tried using converters from airfix to tamiya charts and I just dont get it. if anyone has a idea how to paint would really like to know. cheers this is the sort I am trying to do http://thepacific.wikia.com/wiki/Uniforms_depicted_in_The_Pacific http://thepacific.wikia.com/wiki/Uniforms_depicted_in_The_Pacific thanks everyone
  9. Kit - Academy 1:48. Paint - All enamels (Xtracolour). Decals - Kit. Extras - Eduard 'Zoom' set. Boeing Vertol HH-46A Sea Knight SOMS Kaneohe Bay Hawaii Mid 1980's Kit was very straightforward to bring together with only one irritating fit issue (the lower rear fuselage / sponson sub-assembly on to the upper rear), other than that it was / is excellent. What this build has done is given me an appetite to do more helo builds in 1:48 (I have a Wessex and a Bell 47). Maybe next time something a little more warlike, who can say. Hope that you like it, please feel free to post any outrage, ask any questions or make any comments. Thanks for taking the time to look. AFN Ian.
  10. Here is the fantastic 1/72 Academy F-8E Crusader of VMF (AW) 235 "Death Angels", Da Nang, South Vietnam, 1966. The kit goes together so well - an absolute pleasure to build. The only addition is PE seat belts. Have got another 4 in the stash!! I have added a fair bit of weathering as actual photos show that they could get quite dirty. Shown ready for a CAS mission with a mix of Zuni's and Snakeyes. Semper Fi. Shown with a Sundowners bird. Thanks for looking chaps, Phil
  11. Hello Everybody ... after seeing the start of the B-25 mitchell Group build. Its killing me that i cant participate yet. The B-25 is my favorite Medium bomber of the war as it was so Versatile and adaptable. I saw a few PBJ’s started ( USMC B-25 not Peanut butter & jelly ) in the group build. I had a minor Discussion with @JOCKNEY in one of the Threads. Both the build and discussion inspired me to dig this out of storage. I did some clean-up and touch ups. I think considering it was started 24 years ago its doing ok. The seams have started popping but not to bad. I started this Monogram B-25H in 1994. I had to shelve it many times while trying to dig up info on Camouflage and markings. Pre internet era was not easy to find things out. Eventually I came across Jerry Scutts “Marine Mitchells and found this the “Magic photo” that solved my issues. Sadly that was in 2001. It would take another 18 months to ultimately finish this in 2003. Yes thats right a 9 year build up until 2014 it was my longest. Sadly now #2 to my RAAF Catalina build which is 14 and growing. Well without further talk here is my PBJ-1H from VMB-613. The business end with the 75 mm. Ive built maybe 5-6 of the Monogram Mitchells since the 1980’s. This is the last survivor and my favorite. If i can get my other obligations taken care of I will be building another for the Group build. Hopefully a Revellogram but maybe another. Dennis
  12. Hello all ... Im going for a second round of questions here. The first round was in the Cold war section. Mainly because the first round was concerning early Av-8b’s and now im looking for more current USMC use. First question is concerning paint. Heres a screenshot of a painting chart from cybermodeler referencing the scheme I have questions about. The colors call out for Gunship grey over Medium Grey blue. Is this the USMC Version of the Air forces “Have Glass Scheme” ? If yes is it truly Gunship Grey or something closer to the Grey used on the F-35 ? Whats the underside color called in the scheme ? Is it Blue grey or is there an official name ? My Thanks to any and all who answer. Dennis
  13. After a year when I have really struggled to find time for modelling, I have definitely been busy over the Christmas break! These are both based on the old ESCI model (still IMHO the best 1/72 Harriers), using both decal options from one box (one of these kits came as a dirty bag of bits without decals, but fortunately with all its parts!). First up, an AV-8A of the US Marines: And then a Matador - Toro, toro, see you tomorrow my son! When you can't decide what to build, build a Harrier, then build another for luck - Happy New Year all! FredT
  14. Hello again! As promised here is my 1/48 Hobbyboss F4U-1 Corsair on its scratch built display plinth. I wanted to capture the look of a sun bleached, beaten up Corsair waiting for the next sortie.
  15. Hello mates! Here is my little blue Marine Corps Grumman Cat in 1:72. Marine Air Group 33, US Marine Corps, Pohang AB, Korea 1952. I bought this in the nineties and finished the build in 2001. I did a lot of detailing, scribing and extra stencil decals, otherwise it is straight from the box. This was a really good kit at that time, with very realistic outlines. I only changed the cross section at the rear. I hope you like it too! Cheers!
  16. Done, work in progress here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235023718-usmc-sniper-team-vietnam-135/&page=4&tab=comments#comment-2845164
  17. A small 'air event' at Flagstaff Airport this morning, attended by, amongst others, the US Marine Corps' HMLA-369 'Gunfighters' with their mix of UH-1Y and AZ-1Z helos.
  18. USMC Harrier AV-8B, pics thanks to member "Fights On" taken on board USS MAKIN ISLAND LHA-8.
  19. Hi mates, I started this build nearly four years ago, but it was one of those builds that kept being stuck back up on the shelf of doom. The Tigercat was a beautiful, elegant twin engined design from Grumman's Iron Works that was just too late for WWII, but saw combat in Korea at the hands of the US Marines. Most missions were recon, close air support and ground attack, but the Tigercat managed to knock a couple of biplanes out of the sky. I always wanted a Tigercat in my 1:72 collection, but I got tired of waiting for someone to produce a modern tooling. Therefore, I pulled out the old Monogram kit from the mid 60s and decided to tart it up a bit. Since the Monogram kit has raised panel lines, this meant a complete re-scribing. And, since it lacked detail in the cockpit, wheel wells, and engine departments, it meant I would be visiting the aftermarket section of my favourite hobby dealer. I settled on the Aires "Super Detail" set (read about it and weep over at the WIP), the Starfighter wheel well set, some Quickboost props, Aires tyres and wheels, and some Brengun wheel chocks that help keep her on her nose wheel. I ran into a lot of issues with the Aires detail set, but I finally decided enough was enough - let's just finish the thing! So here it is - all the fun details of the WIP can be found here, and if you read between the lines you'll see why I kept losing my mojo trying to finish it. But perseverance pays off...eventually. Project: Grumman F7F-3 Tigercat Kit: Monogram F7F-3 Tigercat (kit numbers 6062 and 6813) Scale: 1:72 (but a surprisingly large model nonetheless) Decals: Representing HEDRON One at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro in 1950. Stencils from the kit, national insignia, squadron modex and other markings from the Island of Misfit Stickers Photoetch: From the Aires detail set, and an occasional bit from the Drawer of Fiddly Stuff Resin: Aires Detail Set 7018, Aires tyres/wheels 7208, Quickboost Propellers 72381, Starfighter wheel wells 7212, Brengun wheel chocks 72093 Vacuform: Squadron Tigercat canopy 9118 Paint: Model Master 1717 FS15042 Dark Sea Blue, 1169 Flat Yellow; Gunze H58 Interior Green, H90 Clear Red, H93 Clear Blue, H92 Clear Orange, H94 Clear Green, H12 Flat Black, H11 Flat White, H47 Red Brown; Alclad 101 Aluminum, 111 Magnesium, 115 Stainless Steel, 314 Klear Kote Flat; Floquil 110015 Flat Finish Improvements/Corrections Detailed nacelles with resin engines and photoetch parts such as the ignition harness and plug wires. Port exhausts from Aires set did not fit, so new ones were scratchbuilt. Over 26 grams of weight in the nose, but it was just barely enough - sometimes she sits nice, sometimes not. Wheel chocks prevent any propensity for tail-sitting. Cut open the kit canopy, and used only the windscreen. The sliding canopy and fixed rear portion came from the Squadron vacuform. Detailed cockpit with Aires resin and photoetched instrument panel and seat harnesses. Resin propellers and hubs Starfighter resin wheel wells with oil and glycol tanks Resin wheels/tyres - all landing gear received photoetched scissors links Used scrap pieces of clear plastic to make new navigation lights and lenses Oil cooler vents opened up on top of wings 5" High Velocity rockets from Hasegawa F9F Panther kits Added communication antennae with 0.005" diameter Nitinol wire Build thread: Link - anyone wishing to use the Aires Super Detail Set please have a look at the WIP. It may help you when you get to the tricky parts. So on with the pictures! And some family shots: I think that last shot shows you just how big the Tigercat was. That's an appropriate picture, too, since the F7F was originally supposed to be called the Tomcat. At the time, the US Navy brass rejected the name because it promoted "female promiscuity." I guess that wasn't a problem later on after "The Summer of Love!" Cheers, Bill
  20. Hello, Here is my USMC A-4M Skyhawk II number 160024 in VMA-311 Tomcats markings around the mid 1980s. BRIEF HISTORY The A-4M Skyhawk II was the dedicated Marine version with improved avionics and more powerful J52-P-408a engine with 11,200 lbf (50 kN) thrust, enlarged cockpit, IFF system. Later the A-4M were fitted in the nose with the Angle Rate Bombing System (ARBS) with TV and laser spot tracker. The A-4M was the ultimate Skyhawk type in use with USMC. The final A-4M Skyhawk was delivered to USMC in 1979, and were used until the mid-1980s before they were replaced by the AV-8B Harrier II. The last Skyhawk retired from USMC was the OA-4M two-seater variant in 1994. KIT The model is based on the Trumpeter A-4 Skyhawk series in 1/32nd scale. Those kits are good, not at level of Tamiya/Hasegawa kits, but can be easily improved to obtain a nice Skyhawk replica in large scale. Size, shapes and construction remind me the Hasegawa’s A-4 Skyhawk in 1/48th scale… with the same pros and cons. The plastic is a little bit soft and this can be a problem with strong glue, filler and sanding. CONSTRUCTION Basically all the specific parts of the A-4M variant are in the box, but I had to improve and details a lot those parts in shape and fines. All the following parts are made from scratch: · FOD for jet intakes and engine exhaust; · Details of the rear cockpit bulkhead. The followings are kit parts modified and detailed: · All undercarriage bays, legs and wheels; · ECM/RWR antennas and bulges; · Arrestor hook; · Windscreen wiper; · Cockpit tube and canopy details and rails. Some resin and PE aftermarket sets were used too: · Aires resin set for some antennas; · Eduard PE for vortex generator rows over the wings. · Eduard PE for slates vane; · Mk.82 bombs; · Cannon barrels; Many access panels, panel lines and rivets were re-scribed. COLORS & MARKINGS Paint were from the acrylics lines of Gunze and Tamiya. For the main TPS pattern colors from top to bottom: · Gunze H306 Gray FS36320; · Gunze H308 Light Gray FS36375; · Gunze H338 Light Gray FS 36495. A black primer was sprayed first all over the model. Then, thin layers of paint were airbrushed to obtain some variation of shades. Some drops of black and white were added to the basic TPS colors to create a random patchwork of new/old paint and weathering effects. The bombs are finished with colors and stencils to represent training drills. No one made a decal sheet for Low-Viz A-4M in 1/32nd scale nor inside the kit itself. So, I collect most of the stencils, serial number and codes from many different sources. The big Tomcat on the vertical fin sides is the black one from CAM decal sheet for Hi-Viz A-4M, over sprayed with highly thinned gray paint. RBF tags were added to finish the model. And now some pictures of the completed model. CIAO! Piero
  21. Hello! This is my Italeri/MRC 1/35 AH-1W COBRA. I added some scratched details to the cockpit and crewed it with a D-Toys resin figure in the forward position and my own figure built from spares in the rear position. Other mods included detail painting the instrument panels, drilling out the cannon barrel's , adding wiring, boxes and harness's etc. I also used decals from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics to depict a Whiskey Cobra from HML/A-167 "WARRIORS" USMC. I painted it with Tamiya acrylics and for the weathering I made use of AK Interactive's panel liner washes, with some artists oils. Here are some more photo's I wanted to share with you.... Happy Modelling! Darren.
  22. I've always fancied making an all black Korea bird, or a late Vietnam Electric wizzy, wither USN or USMC. (Also used by the US Army too, but details are scarce to say the least. I suspect test aircraft only?) Can I safely assume the Sword release has been abandoned? So that leaves: 72: Matchbox or 48: Encore A choice between an old kit in my preferred scale) or an expensive one. I know there are issues reported with the fit of the matchbox canopy, and lack of cockpit detail is pretty much a given, so a rare trip to the aftermarket will be likely to achieve food results. Have I missed anything? If I stumble across a MB kit is it still worth the effort considering the lack of competition (note: whilst I don't mind basic detail I don't want to be filling trenches)
  23. Some superb diorama ideas here from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, commonly known as The Boneyard, where the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) takes care of disused warplanes and fighter jets. http://www.bing.com/maps/#Y3A9NTEuNTA2NDAxfi0wLjEyNzEwMCZsdmw9NiZzdHk9ciZlbz0wJnNzPXlwLllONjh4MjM0MTQxODIxfnBnLjF+cmFkLjgw Go to the Bird's Eye tab, zoom in, rotate for some stunning views.
  24. Tamiya M48A3 depicted as US Marines in Vietnam. The kit is from the 1970's with part of the the Legend M48 Stowage Set added and the AFV Club Indy Track (the black stuff). Weathering with MiG Vietnam Earth pigments
  25. Hovering with the “Flying Nightmares”, VMA-513 Harrier AV-8B II Plus, 165006 / WF01, VMA-513, USMC (Hasegawa 1/48th) The latest model in my Harrier build project (#19, 1 to go, can I/you believe it?) is the Harrier AV-8B II Plus variant flown by the United States Marine Corps (USMC). Now forming the backbone of the USMC Harrier fleet, the first AV-8B II Plus was delivered in March 1993. 165006 was delivered in October 1995 and was the last of the new-build Harriers delivered to the USMC, the remaining AV-8B II Plus aircraft were “remanufactured” AV-8B II aircraft that were withdrawn from service to be pushed through the remanufacturing process. In all, the USMC received 27 new builds and 74 remanufactured AV-8B II Plus Harriers. VMA-513, the “Flying Nightmares” disbanded in July 2013 as part of the transition to the F-35B. This build uses the Hasegawa kit plastic straight from the box, with just the addition of two resin Mk.83 unguided bombs. The model shows the aircraft when she was flown as the VMA-513 Unit Commander’s mount WF/01 in the Harrier Tactical Paint Scheme of Dark Compass Grey (FS36118) saddle and Dark Gull Grey (FS36231) over Dark Compass Grey (FS36320), circa 2009. She is brush painted with Lifecolor’s acrylics and I used the kit decals. The model is weathered using Tamiya powders, artist pastels and Zig brushable pens. Vallejo matt varnish was used to flatten the finish. The “saddle” is probably darker than real-life and I’m not convinced of any of the greys used – that Arizona sunshine soon fades the paintwork. The blue tail is a guess as well. What the hell, it’s only a model. This is how it turned out ... All feedback welcome as ever. LAST, but not least, from the production line is the GR.7A flying with the Naval Strike Wing as part of Joint Force Harrier.
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