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Found 105 results

  1. alhenderson

    1:72nd RAF Tornado recommendations

    Evening all, Struggling with the usual questions of "what do tutorial want for Christmas". Quite fancied a Corgi die cast Tornado, but they're expensive. So, I thought, maybe a plastic kit would be a cheaper option, whilst also being more rewarding. Just wondering what folks views are on the decent 1/72nd kits on the market? I think it's want a GR.4, although proper camo GR.1s are attractive. Cheers, Al
  2. First off I should start with a BIIIIIG sorry! O.k. please guys, beware! This one is really picture heavy, to be precise, it will be almost 140 pics heavy, so if you want to get out, better do it now! I thought some time about splitting this up between the WIP and the RFI sections but since the lady is already finished I thought it even more unpleasant to make the watcher switch between the sections. Hence I now decided to turn this into some sort of crude mix of WIP and Rollout. I hope this is not far too much and that I am not breaking any rules and that you bear with me. I just finished this baby and had a one year long WIP thread in a German forum. Some folks asked me to give at least a rundown of what I did in english before letting the Tiger roll out so here we are. Some time ago I already did this Tiger in 1/48 along with the Monster-sister of the JABOG-32-wing's second squadron: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234917593-148-luftwaffe-tornado-ecr-4633-lechfeld-tiger-2011/?hl=lechfeld http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234939481-148-tornado-ecr-4629-a-monster-for-the-tiger/ This time I went and tried the lady in big, i.e. 1/32. Before I start just a little digression but wich should hopefully make sense in the end: I was one of three finalists of Fighter Bomber Wing-32's design competition which led to the design for this - as it should prove only a short time later - sadly final Bavarian Tiger Tonka due to the wing's dispandmend only a few months later. In 2011 and 2012 I had several opportunities to have some pics taken of me together with the lady as many of us like to do given the occassion. For me this Tigerlady is something very special and it is just a shame that she got shredded in early 2013. If the original can't be saved I want at least a nice keepsake as big as possible, hence in 1/32 and it needs to be something special. Some time ago another German modeller had the idea to portrait himself infront of a model, i.e. something like a 3D photo. I just found this idea so grand and original, I just had to copycat that for me. On one occassion the Tiger was covered with FODs, canopy and refuel probe open / extended but without any load and another time the Tiger was packed, with closed canopy and refuel probe and without any covers. Hmmmmm hard choice .... hence before I force myself to decide I'll construct everything as flexible as possible so I can change to whatever mood I am in and in the end it turned out as a changing amalgam of these two shots:
  3. Inspired by @general melchett and his ever-lasting GR1A thread, I got myself the Revell IDS kit and sat down with a load of after market to see if I could do half as good a job as the general. It's only my 2nd model since I came back to the hobby after a 20 year break, so I still feel a bit rusty in places. At this point, I should say that this build started a while ago. I didn't post much after the photobucket kerfuffle, so there's a lot of progress to start off with... As normal I started with the seats (am from Aries) and the cockpit (Eduard PE) ... Then on to the U/C bays again with the Eduard. I have the Aries set, but the fit seemed to be iffy, and I'm not as experienced with resin, so I opted for the PE. Hard to pick out all the detail when it's primer gray, but it's all there. Next came the correction of the exhaust port Backing the hole near the engines And assembly of the fuselage... Then came correction of the wing angle. I got an angle I was happy with, without too much gap at the trailing edge. I have @Shauns wing seals and pylons... Next, a ton of correction on the fin tip... And more assembly with correction to the nose too...
  4. Hi gang, I’m doing the 1/32 Tornado and I have the Paragon Flaps & Slats AM set. The wing glove/bag is a million miles away from the kit part and will require some serious cutting to make it fit. The instructions say replaces kit part, but this will be a tall order. Anybody previously done it, as I just want to check before I start cutting....... Steve.
  5. Gwart

    Recommendations 1/72

    Hey BM looking for kit recommendations to do :- RAF Tornado (scheme from the last 10 years)any help on payloads also would be much welcome. Finnish Hawk (in the recent 2 grey scheme) A-7E (Late 80's almost 90's).I've had a nosey on this one and it seems a toss up between the hard to get Fujimi or the Esci mould?. Super Etendard (most current scheme/variant) any help on payloads on this one too. Harrier GR.3 (Falklands maybe post Falklands).Any help on smart bomb loads would be great too. Thanks in advance Shane.
  6. After the flop with cold war gb, it's time for a new challenge for me. A real BIG challenge: a 32nd scale Revell's Tornado IDS wearing the famous 6° Stormo's "Red Devil". I really love Tornado so i decided to make a model in the big scale. Starting from the famous Revell kit: The box is for a ECR version, but inside you have all you need to make a normal IDS version, included instrument panels, bombs and cannon gun muzzles. i will build my model oob beacause i want to concentrate my efforts on the painting stage. I take some bits (the second BOZ pod, resin seats and resin nozzels) from another "unlucky" attempt to build a big Tornado. I will use airmodel instruments, master pitot tube and Tauromodel's decals to make a ol camouflaged machine with hi-viz roundels and codes. I love heavy weathered aircraft like this... I hope to start working on it soon, so stay tuned and wish me luck! ciao Ale
  7. Hi everyone this is my first post on here (I accidentally posted this on the wrong discussion earlier but haven't found a way to remove the post) and I thought I'd share my first build in years. Revells 1/48 Tornado Gr4. It's thankfully gone together with no issues, I was assuming it was going to be a headache but so far so good! Also if anyone has any tips on highlighting panel lines or weathering in general I'm all ears as I'm useless at it. Also can anyone recommend a good clear matt? Ive tried Humbrol and Mr Colour and they even after being stirred thoroughly were coming out gloss. Any info would be appreciated.
  8. Deano353

    Revell 1/48 GR4 Tornado wip.

    Hi everyone this is my first post on here and I thought I'd share my first build in years. Revells 1/48 Tornado Gr4. It's thankfully gone together with no issues, I was assuming it was going to be a headache but so far so good! Also if anyone has any tips on highlighting panel lines or weathering in general I'm all ears as I'm useless at it. Also can anyone recommend a good clear matt? Ive tried Humbrol and Mr Colour and they even after being stirred thoroughly were coming out gloss. Any info would be appreciated.
  9. Here is my recently finished 1/72 Panavia Tornado F.3 ZG798 "Faith", which served in 1435. Flight at RAF Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands in 1999. Model is made of 04375 Revell kit, which in fact is an old (late 1980s) Italeri kit with corrected canopy frame. It has nothing to do with superb Revell's 1/72 Tornado GR.1 - it's very simplyfied, has lot of mistakes and it's hard to build correctly, but it's still the best 1/72 F.3 in shape. I've used Eduard PE set, Pavla's MB Mk.10 ejection seats, some self-made parts (as flares dispensers) and decals (Maltese crosses). Painted with Lifecolor acrylics.
  10. MickE

    Luftwaffe Tornado Pylons

    Hi all Can anyone please tell me what colour the pylons on Luftwaffe Tornados in the norm 83 scheme are? It is hard to tell looking at pictures on the net. Mick
  11. Italeri is to release a new tool 1/32nd MRCA Tornado GR.4 kit in 2018-2019 - ref. 2513 Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235015790-news-italeri-2017/ V.P.
  12. Hello all. It's been an inconceivably long time since my last post. Many things have happened in this time, some good, some not so much. Between it all, some very good friends have been there to whisper words of support and encouragement to me. For this, I am eternally grateful. One of these kindly souls is a serving member of the Royal Air Force, and is also a modeller. He recently found himself in the position of being asked to provide table models for a banquet to mark the RAF's centenary, and very little time in which to accomplish this feat. Cue your's truly to aide in the fight to produce enough models to fulfil the requirement. Rather than bore you with endless photos of build logs, in this instance, I will share a few shots of the finished Tornados. Yes, there are errors and glaring omissions on all the kits, but I have done my level best to provide completed (for the most part, hehehe) subjects. Bearing in mind that I am also differently abled (I detest being referred to as disabled)I think I've done not too shabby a job. Apologies also for the photos... I have been playing with my settings, so some are not quite as good as perhaps they could've been. Without further preamble - I present to you my contribution to the RAF100 celebrations. Please, be gentle Hobby Boss 1:48 Panavia Tornado F.3 Revell 1:48 Panavia Tornado F.3 Revell 1:48 Panavia Tornado GR.4 Revell 1:48 Panavia Tornado GR.1 (from GR.4 kit)
  13. Valom is to release in 2017 a new tool 1/72nd North American B-45A Tornado kit - ref. 72120 Sources: https://dukmodell.com/Vorankuendigung/Valom-N-A-B-45A-Tornado-1-72::17988.html https://www.scalemates.com//1030608-valom-72120-north-american-b-45a-tornado Box art V.P.
  14. Hello Modellers, This is my first post in this forum. I would like to ask some advice regarding my first build a Tornado ECR TigerMeet 2014. Premise: I am realising now that building a 1:32 is a lot of work and is not suitable for the newbie. It is very likely to give up. But I have not bought this model myself. I received it as a gift from my wife last christmas. I had no idea of the existence of plastic models until December 2017 (shame on me) and now a whole new world is in front of me. I have read a lot of posts from the forum and seen a lot of videos. I enjoyed the Andyc build and now I am following the awesome TSR2 Build. I am doing small steps in becoming a little more proficient in plastic modelling. I also bought the tools scalpel, colours, airbrush, compressor, etc. When I started the build I had no idea literally where to begin. Back in January I had only 3 colours and 2 brushes. I will not show how the cockpit ended painted because it was the first part . The first advise that I am seeking for is the following: The Revell Tornado ECR main body colour is black gloss as per instructions. But to be honest I do not like it, I might be wrong but it is awful. I am planning at painting it as the first Tigermeet in grey silk matt (Revell email 371). Now I am wondering what will happen with the decals if I change the body colour. I am afraid it will become something more awful. Second advise is regarding the variable geometry of the wings. Since the model had that feature I wanted to build it as it was intended although many of the build I have seen have simply glued the wings in a fixed position. My problem is that I painted the wings before inserting them into the body since the inner part has a different colour like this. What happened is that when the wings move they friction in the rest of the body and the paint goes away (although they were painted like 3 days before). At this point I have no idea how to deal with that. I am posting a photo of the problem: You can see in the second photo I tried to cut the upper part of the body in order to create more room. I do not want to tear the model apart at this moment in order to sand the room for the wing. Any advise is highly appreciated. Thank you
  15. Jens

    Revell 1/48 Tornado intakes

    I have read numerous build threads here and elsewhere on the Revell Tornado kits, but none of them seem to show how perfect (or at least reasonable) inner intake seams were achieved, nor do they explain how. Having started my F.3 I came to the conclusion that intake covers would best be fitted to it, but with another three GR.1/4s and an IDS in the stash I would like to know if - and how - it is possible to get rid of those nasty seams. So, did any of you guys ever succeed in eliminating the intake seams? TIA, Jens
  16. Well, here goes my newest Tornado on the bench : the long-nosed one. I don't know yet which colors it'll wear, I don't like Revell's decals and the options I have at home so far are 1435th Flight, Operation Granby and RSAF. First, as experienced on my previous Tornado builds, and as Shaun (IIRC) explained, here's what you need to get if you want to minimize putty and swear words use : Ah, I forgot, it's not an Academy Multi Color Plastic repop of Revell's Tornado. The light grey plastic is from the Tornado F3 box, which contained three "C" sprues and precisely zero "A" and "B" sprues. A mail to Wonderland Models later (kudos, folks, as it was on a Sunday) and the team there had sent a request to Revell. The darkest grey is from a GR4 I scavenged, as the sprues are identical and I'll wait before slapping another Tornado together. The black is from Mr Surfacer spray primer. Now, another tip: if you want to slide the completed nose on the fuselage bottom, you'll need to saw the "rails" off said bottom from the nose to about the front of the lnose landing gear opening (the landing gear bay would get in the way otherwise). So, start by disregarding the instructions, and proceed like this: - build the cockpit, decal it, glue the landing gear bay under it and glue the lot to one forwerd fuselage half before assembling the forward fuselage. - assemble the intake ducts, glue the main wheel well walls in place then the intake ducts. - thin (lI mean it) the outer walls of the intake ducts on the first quarter inch or so. - glue the bits the wings retract into when they sweep back (don't know the word, sorry) to the fuselage walls, and glue the fuselage walls to the fuselage bottom. A bit of putty might be necessary, and the right side doesn't behave as the left. Go figure. - if you want to have the wings fully forward, you might have to cut the upper part of TBTWRIWTSB (yeah, I know). - assemble the air intakes. Putty WILL be necessary, they are a pain in the butt. - Thin the "Y" shaped part that makes the front part on the fuselage spine where the intakes are supposed to go. There's a step, you'd be better of if that step disappeared at the rear. - glue the intakes to the Y shaped part, and glue that to the fuselage assembly. - slide the forward fuselage on the "keel", some MEK or equivalent goes on the joint and hold it in place till it sets. The result isn't perfect, but I'm rather satisfied. There'll be some putty, but not as much (by quite a margin) as if you had followed the instructions. And if you go subtle with it, you won't destroy any detail. Canopy masked, windscreen masked and glued, let's give it the primer coat: And some Gunze greys later: To be continued... Cheers, S.
  17. At Sea

    Revell 1/48 Tornado ADV

    Sorry if I got anyone excited... just wondering if there was any news on this kit which is so obvously coming based on the internal frames in the GR.4 & IDS kits. If nothing else maybe a lot of interest in this thread will make Revell pull their finger out?
  18. CaptainPoulpe

    Tornado MW-1 bomblet dispenser

    Hi ! I have started assembling a pair of Revell 1/144 Tornados ECR, but I would like to assemble them as IDS with a MW-1 bomblet dispenser, though I can't find this part anywhere. Any ideas ? Thank you !
  19. Hi, I have delved into my stash of models and pulled out a Revell Tornado GR4 which I bought some time ago. I have the Aries resin wheel bays for this kit and they are certainly an improvement on the kit ones. However the issue I have is that I cannot seem to get them to fit. The instructions are basic and indicate that nothing needs removing. Has anyone else encountered this? Failing a solution for using the Aries resin I have the Eduard etched brass set for the kit but I would rather use the former. Kind regards Andy
  20. MigModeller

    Tornado GR1A best 1/72 kit?

    Hi All Just discovered my Modeldecal sheet with 13 Squadron RAF Tornado markings (not roundels and fin stripes). Only which is the most accurate kit? I read that Revell has an inacurrate nose. There are severl Airfix GR1s on that terrible online market. Talking of noses and Airfix, a badly made MRCA is part of my loft insulation! I hope my Modeldecal sheets of postwar RAF codes are still usable. I look forward to your suggestions M.M.
  21. I'll be honest from the start; This kit very nearly wasn't going to get built. I bought it on a whim with a view to building a full set of the various interceptor generations. Lightning, Phantom, Tornado and Typhoon. I was so underwhelmed when I opened the box that I just packed it all back up again and pushed it to the back of the shelf. But then I bought myself an airbrush and needed a couple of mule builds to practice on and try out the various types of acrylics that were available locally. I looked through the stash and chose a Revell Fokker Dr.1 to paint with Gunze and Tamiya paints and this Tornado to paint with the much maligned Humbrol Acrylics. First up was the cockpit. Now when I say cockpit what Airfix supply isn't isn't so much a cockpit as a smooth, flat, featureless bathtub. After their delightful little Vampire model this was a real disappointment. Rather than try to make a silk purse from a sows ear by adding detail I've elected to fit the pilot figures and build this as an "in-flight" model with the cockpit closed and undercarriage up. Even so, I think it'll need a little more than a quick coat of 164 - Dark Sea Grey to be acceptable. Airfix-Tornado---cockpit by Martin Fay, on Flickr I've also made a start on the wings, replete with raised panel lines and enormous ejection marks. How very 70's. 2016-09-09-11.30 by Martin Fay, on Flickr Much slicing, scraping and sanding later and we're getting there. Airfix-Tornado---Wing-WIP by Martin Fay, on Flickr And finally I can actually glue something! Airfix-Tornado---Wings-WIP2 by Martin Fay, on Flickr
  22. Courageous

    Tornado GR4 Afghanistan...

    Sorry if this has been asked before... Just gathering up the parts to make 1/72 Tornado GR4/4A in Afghanistan. I believe I have seen photos of GR4's fitted with RAPTOR and TERMA fitted at same time and would like to model one of these. I will be using the Revell GR1 kit with the Freightdog conversion set and would like to know a typical load-out that would be include the RAPTOR and TERMA. Over to you guys. Stuart
  23. Ludicrus Sextus

    RAF Tornado virigin - help sought

    If there is any place on the web that could help an RAF virgin then this should be it as I normally frequent US modelling sites and have only ever built US aircraft. I'm working on a 1/32 Tomcat but I have a 1/32 GR1 Tornado lined up for the next project. I've managed to get the CAM resin equipment bay set and the Aires IDS cockpit set, but decals seem difficult to obtain. Ideally the standard camouflage grey/green scheme. Any pointers, advice?
  24. LostCosmonauts

    Revell Tornado F3 1/72

    Morning all, First post in the main forum so please be gentle - posting for pointers. Sharing plodding progress on a Tornado F3 from an old Revell kit. I had no intention to buy or build a Tornado of any stripe but saw the box looking faded, battered and forlorn in the window of a local charity shop and thought I'd save it from just going to landfill. £2.99 later I have what appears to be an intact kit although the decals look a bit mildewed so it remains to be seen if they will be ok to use. Progress previous to last night was limited to figuring out the wing sweep workings and sticking the tail on. Last night I had a bit of a stab at putting the cockpit together with some limited aesthetic tweaking. Seats diverged from instructions based on an online picture of the seat - aluminium frame, olive backrest, black headrest, light grey seat pad. Added some masking tape straps and some stretched sprue ejector handles.
  25. Mutley

    Marham 100th Tornado Special

    Folks, am after some help. Have been tasked with building the Marham 100th Special Tornado and am looking to see if any decal sets are available. Thanks for your help