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Found 15 results

  1. Having just ordered Revell’s F3, I’m looking to go down the route of making a 1435 QRA example of the Tornado. To that end I have two questions for those more knowledgeable than myself. 1. Are there any decal sets for 1435 Tornados in 1/48? 2. What was the standard QRA weapons load for the F3? Many thanks
  2. Time to bite the bullet. Back in May I was asked by a friend of mine to build a Tonka for him. There was one on 56Sqn that he worked on regularly and that's the one he wants built, but could I actually do 2. 1 for him, 1 for someone else on the Sqn. "Not a problem" Said I. "What scale??" Errrrrrr. I'd like So big, Right, 1/48. Never having built that scale, this is going to be fun. I managed to track down 2 and was about to go extras shopping when the offer of the Eduard kit happened, so now, I have 3 - 1 for me! So, here we go! The last Revell I build was their 1/72 Lancaster, and I was mighty disappointed, but I had been advised that this was a good kit (and fell within budget) and looking through the boxes, I was nicely impressed with the detail and mould quality  Starting with the seats, as you do. I was quite happy until I'd finished and looked into the Warpaint book (and the GR4 at Duxford) Great Reference - Working on the cockpit, going to be the kit one. and only the one done on day 1 (as I was off to play with the Southend Vulcan) I sanded down all the raised controls on the sides and screens, because I wanted the decals provided to sit flat. Sadly, I'm not great on the fine detail, so rather than muck it up. I decided onto a flat part would be better. Hopefully its not too bad;  I then couldn't resist adding the seats for a quick idea of how it would look (Still need to be de-blacked)
  3. Hi all, Whilst my university dissertation looks at me disapprovingly for continuing to make models whilst there are a wealth of research papers on the enlightening topic of geological passive margins I will write this post as a brief introduction to the build. I bought the Revell Tornado F3 kit 3 years ago and started it around that time. Due to other commitments it has been an ongoing project for far longer than I would have liked, but in that time I've learnt a lot about airbrushing and the weathering processes primarily from YouTube when I ought to have been studying! I'm considering it as my first 'advanced build' where I use complex airbrushing techniques and oil washes to make the kit look suitably weathered so any advice or criticisms is welcome. I made several mistakes in the build right the way from sanding to re-scribing, painting and weathering not that it is all entirely my fault. There are some fit issues with the kit around the engine intakes, lower rear section of the fuselage and I still have to get my head around fitting the flaps in the down position in combination with the under-wing pylons (anyone with experience please say how you did it as the dry fit highlighted a severe issue). As a result the kit is by no means perfect but only having returned to modelling recently after a long hiatus and it being my first advanced one I am overall happy with the result so far. I am sure that some of you when the kit is done will notice the inaccuracy of a Falklands War Harrier pilot shoved in the back cockpit to act as the radar operator but he has been painted as best as possible to resemble a Tornado crewman, money on the student budget for resin figures is tight afterall. The kit is nearly done but I will post some progress photos in any case. All that's left to do is fit the final parts, leave the oil wash to dry for a few weeks, seal the paintwork and wait for the PJ production figure to arrive. Having learnt from the experience of building this kit and loving the Tornado I intend to build the GR.4 'Farewell' Revell kit as a tribute to the plane of my childhood alongside all the other kits and restorations I have on the go at present. Any feedback is always welcome, enjoy the photos. All the best, M
  4. I was going to do the 1/48 Italeri Hunter next, I even splashed out on Xtradecals to do a 79 sqn one, but for some reason I just wasn't feeling it for my next kit. After much deliberation amongst the stash in the loft, this Tornado F3 appealed. Possibly because it'll be a break from grey/green camo and blu-tack snakes! Plus I need something fairly simple before I go to Taiwan for three weeks. So, out of the stash and into the light. Being another ebay bargain, it looks like the fuselage halves come from two different kits! I did offer them up though and they appear to fit well, so it should be ok. There are three sides of tail fins in the kit too! Plus I have two from the GR1 kit in the spares bag. Any words of advice from those who've made this? I'm assuming the kit is quite old and will need all sorts of filling and extras to make it accurate, we'll see as I progress. One thing I will be doing is trying to find some cheap decals as I'm not a fan of the kit options. I don't do special colour schemes, or anonymous ones with no squadron markings at all. Might see if I can find 23 sqn decals. If anybody would like the fancy Italian Tiger Meet decals let me know and I'll post them to you free of charge.
  5. Well I did my best with this old kit, and despite my somewhat limited ability and the age of the plastic it hasn't turned out as bad as it could have done. Thanks to @At Sea for the 11 Sqn decals, superb! It fought me all the way this, ill-fitting parts, mismatched fuselage halves and big gaps around the tailfin root to name a few. Oh and terrible fitting intakes. To top it off I ruined the canopy with thinners when trying to clean off paint, so I'm waiting for Airfix's spares team to send me a replacement, hence I didn't bother adding the ejection warning triangles on this canopy. I made my own little forward fuselage aerials and a gun muzzle from bits of wire, and added that tiny aerial on the scoop in front of the fin, other than that she's oob.
  6. Can anyone tell me what the store is in the photo please? Would it have been carried by the F3 in the late 1980s? If they did carry it, could they also have had an ACMI pod underwing at the same time or did this thing replace it?
  7. Ok so over the last couple of weeks I have been finishing off projects that I started some time ago and this is one I started over 2 years ago! It is the HobbyBoss 1:48 Tornado F3 which I had given up on as the fit was poor and I got bored of it. Anyway I decided to have another go at it and this is the result. Its not bad but far from perfect but 'in flight' it looks pretty good in the special scheme. It was largely out of the box with resin seats and Xtradecal decals. Paints were Gunze and Tamiya with some Alclad. I love the Tornado F3 and am eagerly awaiting build reviews on the Revell kit which I am hoping is much better than the HobbyBoss one cheers chris
  8. I'm currently attempting to build a selection of post-war RAF aircraft (Tornado F3, Lightning, Phantom FGR2, F4(UK), but due to a combination of events I am lacking stencilling, particularly for the Tornado. I don't really want to have to search for (non-existent) decal sheets with walkways / NO STEP / Funny upside-down hooks - or rely on well-known auction sites to overpay for stuff. Is there a way to cleanly produce white stencil markings in 1:72? I'd prefer if I could do this, whilst retaining some sort of calmness, though prepared to make a bit of effort if I can see the end result. I did think that the combination of white ink / draughting pens, and a master decal sheet, I could transfer the markings to a clear decal sheet, cutting, sealing and protecting as much as I can. Am i heading in the right direction, or is there an alternative process I can follow?
  9. So here it is, warts'n'all. WIP is there : Hope you like it, S.
  10. I'm keen to model the units that an individual aircraft (in this case a Tornado F3) has been in from inception to disposal. Is there a way of finding this information out? I've sent a couple of emails to the RAF Museum at Hendon, to their heritage section, and so far nothing.. Are there any other ways to collect this info?
  11. Hi, Despite reading how bad the Tamiya F3 is, i still found myself picking one up due to stupidity/pig-headedness/nothing else on offer! I should have listened!! It starts off quite nicely, the cockpit goes together well, the wings, tail and other bits all do likewise. Then It came to putting the 2 fuselage halves together......UGH. There was about a millimetre overlapping on the top half either side, which meant tonnes of filling and sanding, which, in the end i just got fed up of and decided to leave it before i put into "flight mode" Then comes the decals. "Basic" would probably be building them up a bit too much, no RAF tail flash, very very pale colours on the roundels, and the most awkward ones i've ever dealt with trying to put on the aircraft so again a lot never made it! So in the end, i found some old xtradecal and very old airfix ones to finish it as i saw as "Maple 19" at RAF Coningsby in 1990. I was going to panel wash etc, but as there aren't really any panels of note to use, i just went for a bit of weathering on the tail!!!! I really do hope Revell/Airfix etc produce a new tooled Flickknife soon Anyway, enough of my troubles: Tamiya 1.72 Tornado F3 ZE292 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Tamiya 1.72 Tornado F3 ZE292-9 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Tamiya 1.72 Tornado F3 ZE292-14 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Tamiya 1.72 Tornado F3 ZE292-10 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Tamiya 1.72 Tornado F3 ZE292-11 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Tamiya 1.72 Tornado F3 ZE292-4 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Im sure you guys could probably get some good results with it, but it certainly tested my patience!!!!! Jon
  12. I built a 92 Sqn Lightning in that STGB, and am building 92 Sqn Phantom in that STGB, so I thought I'd continue the theme with this one. However, there was a slight hiccup in that 92 Sqn didn't convert to the Tornado from the Phantom. So, this is going to be a bit of a whif: a special scheme for the inaugural Tornado F3 to enter service with 92 Sqn in the year of the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. I'll be using the 1/72 Hasegawa kit, which apparently fits nicely but has lots of shape issues. I started by reshaping the vertical tail, which is too square on top. It's not much, but it's a start. Thank you Mish for starting this Group Build in Merv's honour. I never got to meet him, but the loss of any Britmodeller is a loss to us all.
  13. I built this back in Jan/Feb of this year but never took any photos, build thread or even and RFI up to now! So here are some photos from the IPMS Farnborough website... This is another entry in my project associated with my Father in the RAF, namely building the aircraft that were in 5 Sqn before and after he was attached to that squadron while in Burma in 1943-45 Previously I've built a Curtis Mohawk which was flown by 5 Sqn from 1941 to 43 and a F6 English Electric Lightning that was flown by 5 Sqn in the 70 up to the mid 80s. This brings the story further into the modern era as 5 Sqn flew the F3 Tornado from 1987 to 2003 Larger pic here Larger pic here Larger pic here Larger pic here This was the Italeri kit plus the Eduard PE with 5 Sqn decals sourced from elsewhere - I can't honestly remember where. The pilot figures are from PJ Productions - its the same figure but modified for front and back seat One of the reasons I do build threads on here is so I remember what I've done!
  14. Here are a few negative and slide scans from 20 years ago. These were taken on the 4th May during a large NATO Exercise 'Resolute Response'.
  15. "Italeri 1/48, resin, PE details, some srcatch" Hi below you will find some recent photos of my Tornado F3 from 43(F) squadron. I used quite some AM products, not all of them really made for this kit but with some work i could make them fit namely: Eduard interior set for the cockpit Paragon Seats Paragosn flap set Paragon wheels Decals are from now regrettably defunct Aviation Workshop/ Model Alliance I tried my skills on integrating Aires wheel bay for the Hobbyboss kit (no big hassle) and the definitely better detailed landing gear from SAC that perfectly fits the aires set. the icing on the cake where Aires new nozzles that required some surgery to the Italeri fuselage but compensate with exquisite detail. now some photos: Now I am looking forward to your comments/ critics Thanks everybody on britmodeler, a lot of inspiration and detail photos, links etc. were used! Without this great reference compendium this project would not have been so much fun!!!
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