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Found 59 results

  1. TranDuy

    1/35 Tiger I

    I made this Tiger long ago. Kit are from Tamiya , very nice kit, fit very well and this is my favorite tank. Enjoy guys.
  2. Among numerous projects, anounced or not announced, Kitty Hawk is reported to have a 1/32nd Northrop F-5E Tiger II. Mike Benolkin from Cybermodeller has even reported words from Glen "Kitty Hawk" Coleman saying that the 1/32 F-5E is coming in March barring any logistics problems... Wait and see. Sources: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?s=5c2ff6e68ae17012c76054379ea11236&showtopic=66843&p=886701 http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?s=5c2ff6e68ae17012c76054379ea11236&showtopic=66843&p=887578 - ref. KH32018 - Northrop F-5E Tiger II - ref. KH32019 - Northrop F-5F Tiger II - ref. KH32023 - Northrop RF-5E "Tigereye" V.P.
  3. Hi guys, here's my second attempt at model making, the Tamiya 1/35 Tiger 1 tank. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmggUQwj I initially intended to paint camouflage scheme used by panzer regiment in Italy September 1943, but couldn't perfect the fine airbrush technique for the two-tone colours. So I had to re-spray in desert scheme. I tried using Vallejo model air paint, but found this too thin to work with. The final finish was using Tamiya XF acrylic paints, which I found great to work with.
  4. Hello All, after an enforced layoff from modelling I have recovered these from the shelf of shame and completed the builds. Questions and comments welcome. Gee hope this works, not used to using Flickr after the photobucket debacle last year..... Happy Modelling Ian
  5. German Tiger-1 Ver.Early "Operation Citadel" 1:35 Academy via Pocketbond The Tiger tank was part of Hitler's obsession for bigger, heavier and stronger, which drove him to extraordinary and dizzying heights of impracticality later in the war, but in this case served him well. The goal was to mount the extremely successful and powerful 88mm cannon used in the Flak 36 in a tank with sufficient armour to withstand any round fielded by the enemy, and this was achieved, but at the cost of reliability and thirst for fuel. It also made for some interesting bridge-crossing as the finished article weighed in at almost 60 tonnes, which was too much for many smaller bridges of the day. There was a competition with only two contenders, and it was the breakdown of the Porsche designed prototype and subsequent fire that decided in the favour of the less ambitious Henschel design which became the Tiger, and then the Tiger I when the King Tiger came into being. When it first reached the front it caused panic and disaster for the Allies, being able to do almost everything it was designed to do, including knocking out tanks long before their guns were in range. Even when the Allies could get into range, it wasn't until they get VERY close that they had any significant chance of crippling or destroying the mighty Tiger. Many of the early Tigers were lost to mechanical breakdown due to the excessive strain on the transmission, and had to either be dragged off the field by half-tracks under the cover of darkness, armoured protection, or failing that, destroyed to stop them falling into the enemy's hands. The Tiger underwent many and constant changes throughout production to improve performance, fix problems and to simplify construction, but these are generally lumped together into early, mid or late productions for the sake of us modellers. If you want to get maximum accuracy of fit and finish, check your references for certainty. Operation Citadel was the German name of what became known as The Battle of Kursk. The German Army had planned an offensive operation against the Kursk Salient, however through various means including Allied Intelligence the Russian forces knew the attack was coming and were able to prepare an in-depth defensive of the area. The battle was to deplete both German Armour and Air assets. At the same time the Allies invaded Southern Italy and the German forces decided to withdraw from the action. This would be the last German offensive action on the Eastern Front. While there is some debate as to whether this was the largest tank battle ever, it is certainly up there in the top handful of. The Kit The Academy Tiger I is a middle-of-the-road kit that has an attractive price-point while giving plenty of detail to satisfy all but the most detail hungry modellers. This boxing also gives the Henschel turret, however no interior is included. Even thought the base kit have been around since the late 90s Academy have been improving it over time. The original two part split barrel is still in the kit, but there is a new multipart solid round barrel as well. Is worth noting that the new boxing now comes with link and length track instead of the previous rubber band ones. Construction starts with adding the suspension arms to the lower hull. PE fittings must then be made up and added to the lower hull as well. 8 double sets of outer road wheels are made up, followed by 8 double sets of inner road wheels , sandwiching a ploy cap between to the two wheels (inner ones only) . The drive wheels and idler wheels are made up, again sandwiching the poly caps between the halves. The inner single wheels are added to the hull, followed by the inetleved main wheels (two sets), and lastly the outer singles. Drive and idler wheels are also added. Once all the wheels are on the rear bulkhead of the tank is made up with the mud guards and exhausts being added. Next up the upper deck is assembled. Photo etch screens are provided for the engine cooling vents. Full detailed hatches are provided which can be opened, but given the commission of an interior unless you are adding crew figures most will leave them closed. The font bulkhead of the tank is also assembled at this time. The tracks can then be assembled and added to the tank. As mentioned earlier these are now link and length, however no track jig is included. Once the tracks are on the upper hull can be attached. Various tools and towing cables can then be added. Construction now moves to the turret. The multi part barrel and mantle are built up and placed into the turret sides, Smoke dischargers are added. along with stowage boxes and finally the roof; along with the hatches. Finally the turret is added along with the side skirts and a small length of track placed on the front of the tank. Markings As this boxing would suggest there are three marking options for Tigers which took part in Operation Citadel. 9th SS Panzer "Totenkopf" Yellow 921 8th SS Panzer "Das Reich" White S33 Black 211 Decals are printed in house by Academy and should pose no problems. Conclusion It is good to see Academy updating this kit as looking online the kit is quite competitive on price. Recommended Review sample courtesy of UK Distributors for
  6. Hi all, Recently picked up a Heng Long mk1 Tiger for £60, painted in Panzergrau. The previous owner was a bit hamfisted, by that I mean he put the stickers on lopsided, the wrong number on the turret and the mudflap securing clip was snapped off. So, my plan is to repaint it as "Semken's Tiger", the first tiger captured in Normandy by the Sherman of John Semken, commander of the Wiltshire Yeomanry. The tiger in question is Tiger 114, 2nd Kompanie, 101st SS Schwere Panzer Abteilung. So my question is, does anyone know how to get hold of the appropriate decals or painting masks? Found some masks online but the tank in question has two colours to it, looks like a dark red with white border, and the mask looks like only one single colour. Any suggestions?
  7. Bozothenutter

    Rye Field TigerI

    Hi, I want to built a kit as a prezzie for a tank mad friend, and my eye has fallen on this kit because of the full interior. There seems to be quite a discrepancy in the prices of the different versions, and as I'm always after a bargain, are the extra parts included in some of the other kits? I.e., can an early production Tiger I (kit 5003) be built from the others? (whichever one is cheaper?)
  8. Hockeyboy76

    H's Clutch of Mud Hens.

    I was planning on doing just the F15E with bombs but can't resist a bit of orange, so will be doing the Tiger meet too. I have the RetroWings goodies from Domi to enhance the cockpits & burners. Obligatory box shots ready to start.
  9. Engineer66

    Tiger 1 zimmerit

    Hi all, i apologise if this has been asked before but I can't find anything after searching. I'm building the Tamiya mid production Tiger 1 and have decided to attempt to apply zimmerit. I am also planning on removing some of the side 'mudguards/fenders' as damaged. My question is would the zimmerit have gone all the way down the side to the bottom of the hull side, or would it have been applied behind the side mudguards, (the ones that stick out the side) so if I remove some of the mudguards would the area underneath be covered in zimmerit or not? thanks Al
  10. GAZ-233115 STS Tiger-M SPN SPV 1:35 Meng Model Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod, or GAZ for short are the leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles in Russia, and specialise in all-wheel drive heavy duty trucks, buses and light commercial vehicles. The Tiger is a development of the GAZ 2330 4x4 that is designed as a troop carrier for police and military forces, with good offroad capability, high speed and good handling on sand and steep gradients. The Tiger is an upgraded vehicle with ballistic protection to the sides and roof, with a large two-man turret-ring on the roof to allow both a machine gun and grenade launcher to be used simultaneously. It is known colloquially as the Russian HUMVEE, and like the HUMVEE it does not provide much in the way of IED protection, other than a suite of electronic countermeasures. Its flat ladder chassis differs from the newer designs like the American M-ATV, which has a sloping hull to deflect blast away from the occupants. It has plenty of space for radio gear, the aforementioned ECM fit, plus ammo stowage and of course four troops in the rear, with a two man crew in the front seats. This boxing is for the newer Tiger-M vehicle which features a slightly revised body style and additional armour. The Kit The kit was originally reviewed here; this re-boxing from Meng is virtually the same vehicle. They have re-tooled the main body to reflect the new body style and added a new sprue featuring the up-armoured doors and different dashboard configuration of the new vehicle. Markings There are two options included in the box. One is camouflaged Russian Green, black and sand, while the other is plain Russian Green, but with large red parade stars. Their details are as follows: Tri-colour camouflage unknown unit vehicle. Russia Victory Day Parade 2016 The tri-colour vehicle is shown in five views, which with the tri-tonal camo will alleviate any confusion as to where the individual colours extend to on each side. Unlike the original boxing the instructions and camo diagrams here are only in Black & White. The decal sheet is quite large due to the camouflage material that is applied to the interior of the vehicle and the instrument panel decals, with two rows of digits, three red stars and four number plates relating to the outside. The decals in this boxing are printed in house where the originals were but cartograf, they seem thicker than the cartograf ones. Carrier film is clipped very close to the camouflage decals, which will be helpful when working in confined spaces, and the decals have been sectioned to fit each of the facets of the passenger cab. Conclusion Another classy kit from Meng, and a welcome addition to the collection of any modern Russian armour buff, or casual buyer alike. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  11. Jagdtiger - Panzerjäger Tiger Ausf. B, Serial number 305004. One of the 11 Porsche–suspension variants, it was captured by British troops in April 1945 near Sennelager, Germany where it was being used for trials. The third wheel station on the left side is missing. Zimmerit was applied to approximately 2 meters high on the superstructure and the Balkenkreuz was painted in the mid section. An earlier 18 tooth sprocket ring is found on this vehicle. Seen at the Tank Museum in Bovington as part of their Tiger collection. Pictures thanks to Dave Wardle.
  12. Now I am getting the hang of Flickr, I thought I would upload some of my earlier models, built since returning to scale modelling 8 or so years ago. This was built from an Aldi Airfix Starter Kit. I cut the canopy to open it up, I think it may sit a bit high. The camo is from the little pots, but the azure blue was more like midnight, so I used some Humbrol Enamel. It doesn't look quite so virulent in real life! This second plane is an Aleutian P-40e. It's scratchbuilt from solid balsa, following WW2 US Navy recognition plans. These plans were issued to schools to make ID models for military use and get students "air-minded". It would fail the USN tests though as it should be made out of harder timber and painted satin black. It was fun to build and all the markings were hand painted, basically to see if I could. I have a plastic kit for a plane in similar markings, which would obviously be more accurate, but would I enjoy building it as much? Cheers Will
  13. Panzerjäger Tiger (P) Sd. Kfz. 184 Elefant. This is one of only two surviving examples. This was captured at Anzio by the Americans, and is now part of the United States Army Ordnance Museum's collection at Fort Lee, VA. Currently on loan to the Tank Museum in Bovington as part of their Tiger collection. Pictures thanks to Dave Wardle.
  14. GAZ-233115 STS Tiger-M SPN SPV Sagged Wheel Set 1:35 Meng Model Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod, or GAZ for short are the leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles in Russia, and specialise in all-wheel drive heavy duty trucks, buses and light commercial vehicles. The Tiger is a development of the GAZ 2330 4x4 that is designed as a troop carrier for police and military forces, with good offroad capability, high speed and good handling on sand and steep gradients. The Tiger is an upgraded vehicle with ballistic protection to the sides and roof, with a large two-man turret-ring on the roof to allow both a machine gun and grenade launcher to be used simultaneously. It is known colloquially as the Russian HUMVEE, and like the HUMVEE it does not provide much in the way of IED protection, other than a suite of electronic countermeasures. Its flat ladder chassis differs from the newer designs like the American M-ATV, which has a sloping hull to deflect blast away from the occupants. It has plenty of space for radio gear, the aforementioned ECM fit, plus ammo stowage and of course four troops in the rear, with a two man crew in the front seats. This boxing is for the newer Tiger-M vehicle which features a slightly revised body style and additional armour. The Set This set is designed as a direct replacement for the kit wheels. Unlike some sets they replace all four main wheels and the spare. The pour blocks for the resin are cleverly designed to follow the tyre tread pattern and should be easy to remove. The casting is superb, nice and crisp with no visible defects. Conclusion This is a good update set for the GAZ Tiger if you don't feel the original rubber tyres are not up to the job, or you just don't like rubber tyres.. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  15. ScalePanzers

    Tiger Resources

    Hey Everyone, Just been looking and forgive me if I am incorrect but I can not find a Thread that contains lots of links to tiger resources, so I have decided to make a Thread here that members can post photos, links and anything else they come across over the power of the internet. I'm going to kick things off here with some very high-quality photos of the Tiger Engine. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPy94ANQVp-ZkovzQr-IIuRW3CDzu3EWo6_re3_siyGu9wuPqcxUUnr6yHPLo1qYA?key=LUY4czZkMVJsdHMxRE91cG9vUXVkd2M0dlFyRGF3 Can't for the life of me remember where I came across the link, but I thought it was useful. I apologise again if this link and thread already exist. Please share any resources you have, this can be for the tiger 1, King Tiger etc etc etc. Regards Chris
  16. Hello and welcome to my very first post There are the first 1/35 scale Tamiya models I have built and was hoping some of you would be able to suggest improvements. I believe I am fairly good at making models but I need to venture into the more advanced weathering techniques to make them look like they have been used in a war, and not like they have just come out of the factory (which can still be a cool look). So I will explain my thoughts and opinions of each of these 4 models below and show you plenty of pictures of each: Tiger I: - I am quite proud of this model as it is the very first model tank I tried to make in 1/35 scale. I was very proud of the base as it really does look like the tank is digging into the ground as it drives over the grass. One thing I think needs improving on is making the tank look more muddy (since its driving through a field), but I'm worried of spoiling it. Also I think I should add some weathering like scratches or some weathering washes, suggestions? Panzer IV - One of my favourite tanks. Again quite proud of the base which is meant to look like a narrow, dusty gravel road elevated above a grassy field. Like with the Tiger 1 I would like to add some weathering to this, I would to give it a gravel-dust effect but I'm not really sure what to use. I am aware that one of the decals has come off, no idea where it went. And also ignore the unpainted panel on the inside of the turret-surround (hard to see on the pictures anyway), I made a mistake while making it and had no more paint to finish them haha. Churchill VII - I decided to base this one from the real life tank on which this model is based (as in the real tank with the same serial numbers etc). So I did lots of research on the real one and found out some very interesting things (pm me if you're interested). So this was made to be in the Hill 112 battle in Normandy which some of you may have heard of. With this model I decided to try to add some scratches as though it had been peppered with machine gun fire or just from general wear and tear. I did this by dry brushing some metallic paint onto the model, which I don't like the look of. Again fairly proud of this tank (bar the rubbish attempt to model scratches) but the base has much to be desired, but isn't quite finished. PAK-40 - I bought this model to have a go at the Vallejo Chipping Medium technique and I am very pleased with how well it worked. It's quite a faff but it paid off. I am yet to do the soldiers and the shells. I am quite pleased with how the mud mound turned out (I wish I had continued it round to the back side), the camera doesn't show it too well but I tried to create a crater in the mound as though a shell had hit it. Still need to paint the side of the base black. (Sorry for how large the pictures turned out) So there you go. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have to offer One question, what paint would you use for bare steel? Thanks for looking Shaun
  17. Doug Rogers

    A couple of big cats.

    Been working on a couple of tank kits recently, nearly done just got some weathering to do and the transfers on the Tiger, spare track links, tools etc. They're the Italeri Jagdpanther and the Tamiya Mid Production Tiger I. Used Masterclub resin tracks on both of them, really nice looking tracks but the Tiger tracks were a right pain in the butt. They don't click together like the Panther W tracks do, so you have to ream out a 0.6mm hole on the outside of the tracks and a 0.55mm hole on the inside of the tracks otherwise all the domed inside pins fall out unless you CA them all into place! Anyhoo...should be finished in the next week or two. More soon...
  18. Hi All, Dragon's diminutive Panzer Korps series of vehicles looked interesting so had a go at giving a couple a go. The kit (2 tanks to a box) has photo etch and good detail for scale so below is the result of a bit of fun. The rubber tracks aren't though. Happy Modelling all. Ian
  19. I hope this time the poll works with the photo below... So you know what to vote what you see. Tiger I = was made in the last century 1995 Tiger II = also .....but in 2012 repaint it! Panther & Vk4502 both i made in 2014!
  20. My second colection of german tanks (WWII) And "yes" is shall post it later one by one if you all like... Maybe with a poll??
  21. Air Hockey Propellers

    Eurocopter Tiger 1/72

    Hello everyone, I started this one in a rush hoping to get it in the blitzbuild page but I didn't realize it was over. This is from an Italeri and my fifth Italeri at that. All previous Italeris have disappointed me one way or another and this kit is no different. Indeed it's the straw that broke the camel's neck. Not a single more Italeri for me, thank you. Seat was connected to the sprue in the most unnecessarily inconvenient way. The shape was also "bad". Ultra simplistic cockpit, and Italeri never bothers making gauge decals. It expect more precision from us by painting the gauges while it's kits lack precision. Gathering together all the pieces that will go the same color. I diligently painted in grey all parts to be painted in grey according to the manual. If they bothered indicating what goes in grey, why did they miss this out? To bother us, instead? That was pretty much it. What nonesense. Maybe I put the panel wrong . Maybe it was supposed to go a little back, but the detail lacking manual and all the rest of indications made it seem that the panel goes there, Was I right about the panel? I thnk so. But Italeri was wrong somewhere in the placement of the control stick. Had the same problem with another Italeri and hated it. Besides being wholly inaccurate because the Eurocopter Tiger does not have "just a whole" on the sides as you can see here, they could have bothered asking us to paint the inside in black so it wouldn't look this bad. Do something Italeri! I put that round thing confidently where it goes thanks to the indication on the plastic. Is this a ******* joke Italeri? Only the antennas had indications as to where they go. But just the indication. Nothing to help you secure them in place while the cement dries, nothing. The handles were all guess work, to be placed on smooth plastic. The horizontal stabilizer was really fun. Minimum indication and no creativity from the maker to make sure the modeler knows when he's doing it right. The little pin heads (whatever you call them)... too long for the holes the go into. After the first coat of paint. It's too bad that Italeri is so bad at this because I finding another maker that makes models like these is not easy. Hasegawa and Fujimi, the big and high quality made in Japan companies only seem to make mainstream jets and they hardly have a selection of helicopters. It is as if one has to do whatever the quality companies produce in order to have a pleasant time building the models.
  22. Silverstone 2

    Trumpeter 1/16 King Tiger

    Finally some progress on the huge King Tiger! I started this almost a year ago! But found I was getting too short on time, with commission builds:-( I've restarted it now and i'm going to see though to completion ....somehow. This KT is going to be based on Abt 503 or possibly 101 from France 1944. This will have a Zimmerit finish. Some progress pics below: The hatch mechanisms, although quite a delicate fidel, work quite well when finished. The build quality and fit on this model are very good considering the size of the molds. The 88mm L71: Dry fit to turret base
  23. Hi guys, I'd like to present you my very first tank model(s) I've ever done. Airbrushed with Vallejo paints and weathered with pastel washes and dry pastels. Some dirt+PVA glue mud applied. As on my previous diorama I've done some photoshop work to blend it with the background. Models are untouched. Here they come, somewhere on the eastern front: Hope you like it
  24. Airfix Pzkw VI Ausf.B 'King Tiger' Tank 1/76 A03310 Not done too much armour but thought I would have a first attempt using hair spray and sea salt crystals, in my humble opinion the technique seemed to work OK. Generally quite happy with this one, but as always hope to do better with the next one.