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Found 7 results

  1. TopDrawings 72 – Republic P-47 Thunderbolt (9788366148147) Kagero Publishing via Casemate UK The P-47 Thunderbolt, more commonly known as the Thud or Jug because of its large size (up to 8t take-off weight), was one of the USA's main fighters, and was both powerful and fast, a perfect combination for escorting bombers as well as its other role as a highly capable ground attack aircraft. It began with the XP-47A, which was cancelled in favour of the B, which meant that no A saw service. Constant upgrades due to wartime experiences saw it thought to the D model, after which was a jump to G, which was essentially a C made at the Curtiss plant. Toward the end of the D series the bubbletop design was put into service, but this book deals with the razorback, as the earlier models became known. We have kits in just about every scale from 1:144 upwards, with most major and some minor manufacturers getting in on the act, as other people's Jugs don't make money for them (there's probably a smutty joke in there, so go nuts). The TopDrawings series majors on scale plans, which is the main thrust, but also includes a little background information, some pertinent profiles, and often a bonus of decals or masks targeted at the subject matter in hand. With this edition, you get a set of additional plans on A3 paper. The book is written in English on the left of the page, with Czech on the right, which translates to top and bottom for the captions to the various drawings within. The book itself is bound in a card cover and has 28 pages, with the back two pages devoted to an ad for other editions, another thick glossy A3 page to the other books in the Kagero range, and the rear cover devoted to additional profiles of a bare-metal D-23-RA and a loose A3 sheet printed on both sides with plans of the C and D-22 airframes. The first half of the plans show the variants from the B-series prototype with and without the contra-rotating prop that didn't see service, the in-service B, C, C-2, C-5, G-1, D-23, G-16 two-seater, the D and the D-4. After this the colour profiles are printed on four pages in colour, augmented by the aforementioned two on the rear cover. After the break there is another set of plans of the D-5, 6, 10, 15, 22 and 23, with front and rear profiles of the 22. The final five pages show side profiles with the visible changes between them, and the solitary two-seater, the G-16. Throughout the book, there are numerous smaller diagrams that show cross-sections of the fuselage, weapons, prop profiles, canopies, instrument panels, fuel tanks, and engines, with an example of a maintenance ladder and mechanic for a little diorama inspiration. Conclusion These books are essential for the modeller that enjoys comparing their models against scale plans, and wants them to be as accurate as possible, with the profiles quite enjoyable. The bubbletops are dealt with in TopDrawings 50, which you can see here. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  2. Hi all and my latest finish, a Monogram 1/72 F-105G Wild Weasel built for a Vietnam GB elsewhere. The build thread is here if you're interested but to recap: Kit: Monogram 1/72 F-105G Build: Out of the box Paints: Halfords primer from a can. Revell Acrylics with a paint brush. Future, Flory Models Wash, W&N Matt Varnish Decals: Mix of kit and Superscale Sheet. Markings: 561st Tactical Fighter Squadron, 388th Tactical Fighter Wing, Southeast Asia 1972. This aircraft (S/N 63-8320) scored 3 Mig kills in Vietnam. I don't know if the aircraft carried kill markings but I added two under the cockpit. As a footnote, the last F-105 shot down in the Vietnam War was from the 561st and the squadron was the last to fly the F-4 Pantom II on ops. Anyway, some pics! Monogram F105G Wild Weasel_1 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Monogram F105G Wild Weasel_3 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Monogram F105G Wild Weasel_4 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Monogram F105G Wild Weasel_7 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Paints used... Monogram F105G Wild Weasel_8 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr She's a big 'un alright. Beside a Vietnam Navy Phantom (first Mig shootdown) Monogram F105G Wild Weasel_9 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr And that's it! For an old kit, it was a really enjoyable build and nicely engineered. I also love how the instruction sheet has call outs for what many of the pieces are e.g. 'ECM pods' or 'Drop tanks'......clearly aimed at the young builder. Maybe something Airfix or Revell might bring back?! Monogram F105G Wild Weasel_10 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Thanks for looking and enjoy your modelling. Dermot
  3. The Trumpeter kit isn't too bad. Fit is pretty good, detail adequate and the decals settle own nicely. One negative about the kit is the weapons. You get 3 drop tanks, more than a few Mk 83's, two MER's and two AGM-12's. It's is a little bit limiting as early in Rolling Thunder, thuds normally carried 6 Mk 117 bombs on an MER on the center line mount, but you get no centerline weapons mount either. For aircraft venturing into the more dangerous RP's, a QRC-160 jamming pod and AIM-9B were carried for self defense, neither of these are included. Thus I used Hasegawa weapons sets and scratch built a center line mount for the MER. This aircraft, 61-0132 was flown by 1st LT David Waldrop III on his double MiG killing mission over the Yen Vien Rail Marshaling Yards on August 23rd 1967. He claimed and was initially credited with gunning down two MiG 17's, although later on his second kill was disallowed. Waldrop would complete 100 missions over North Vietnam.
  4. a couple from the "good old days" , shot in 1980. Martin
  5. With a few builds to clear off the bench at the moment so I'm not getting straight on with this. However, here's the plan for thi very exciting GB. The kit: Trumpeter's 1/72 F105G Thunderchief. Extras: Eduard's "Big Ed" PE detailing set. Others: Hasegawa ground crew and equipment. CMK Vietnam era pilots (standing). In the group chat I heard the fin needs modifying to be accurate so if anyone knows how to go about doing this let me know and depending on how much time I have, I might give it a go.
  6. Some years ago I started building a F-105D as flown by one of the Air Force's most skilled pilots, the young Lt. Karl W. Richter. At the mere age of 23 he as "Ford 03" shot down a MiG-17 over North Vietnam. After his 100 'counters' he volunteered for another 100. Even so, this wasn't enough, he volunteered for another, third tour, as I believe as a fast FAC.. Officially credited with 198 missions he was hit on 28th of July 1967 by AAA and had to eject. Richter broke both legs during ejection and landed badly in enemy territory. He was picked up by Jolly Green 52 but died from his wounds on the flight back. Richter probably had flown in excess of the 200 missions. If he officially had, he would have been sent home. More on this page. One of my all time heroes.. So, here it is, a continuation of before using amongst others the Hobby Boss kit. It's been some years since I painted this Black Box pit, and I am still happy with it.. One of the reasons I paused before was the thinly shaped nose.. D-Molds agrees with a resin replacement.. on top of each other.. nosejob! pretty amazed by how good it seems to fit.. the ventral fin also needs some work (same D-molds set).. and that's how it fits.. fltr HobbyBoss, D-molds, Quickboost.. D-molds needs the missing parts of the HB kit, I could have done without this.. Aires wheelbay.. wing ready to accept.. should give me something like this.. the inside of the inlets have a variable duct plug. this is clearly visible.. something of an inlet channel.. made by.. splitter plates have mold release marks which are also visible.. my intakes from the top.. fttb.. Hobbyboss, Quickboost, Quickboost with a saw mark.. fttb.. Monogram, Hobbyboss, Brassin MER..
  7. Its 1965 and the USA is deeply engaged in the war in Vietnam. The F105D Thunderchief is one of its main strike aircraft, but the NVA is fighting back hard and the F105D is taking heavy casualties As well as the tenacious Mig pilots, the US Air was was dogged by the Soviet designed SA 2 'Guideline' Surface to Air Missile (SAM). This missile was supplied to North Vietnamese by the Soviets - the Vietnam War was the first modern war in which guided antiaircraft missiles seriously challenged highly advanced supersonic jet aircraft. It would also be the first and only time that the latest and most modern air defense technologies of the Soviet Union and the most modern jet fighter planes and bombers of the United States confronted each other in combat. Indeed, nearly 17,000 Soviet missile technicians, and operator/instructors would deploy to North Vietnam in 1965 to help defend Hanoi against American bombers, while North Vietnamese missilemen completed their six to nine months of SAM training in the Soviet Union. From 1965 through all of 1966, nearly all of the 48 U.S. jet aircraft shot down by SAMs over North Vietnam were downed by Soviet missile men. The Soviet Union supplied 7,658 SAMs to North Vietnam, and their defense forces conducted about 5,800 launches, usually in multiples of three. By the war's end, about 205 aircraft had been lost to North Vietnamese surface-to-air missiles. The USAF decided to counter the problem - initially with the 2 seat F105F Thunderchief 'Wild Weasel III' after a version of the F4C Phantom failed. The aircraft were armed with 2 x AGM45 Shrike ARMs and 1 x AGM78 Standard ARM for longer ranges. Eventually the USAF converted 61 F105F's to G standard. Meanwhile the RAF was going through its normal painful procurement process, whilst keeping an eye on the USAF and the ongoing war in Vietnam. Whilst eventually ordering the Harrier GR1, Phantom FGR2, Jaguar GR1, Buccaneer S2B and later the Tornado GR1, it became apparent that the Wild Weasel mission would be vital in any war against a Soviet backed foe. The RAF requested an order of 20 x F105G in late 1974, just before the Vietnam war was coming to its bitter end in 1976. However production had ceased - an agreement was made between the MoD and the Pentagon, where the RAF would send 20 crews to the USA to be converted to the F105G and trained by combat experienced pilots. As part of this agreement, the RAF would 'Lend/Lease' 16 F104G Thunderchiefs to equip 1 frontline RAF Squadron. 41 Sqn had been earmarked to move to RAF Coltishall and convert to the new Sepecat Jaguar. The decision was taken to assign 41 Sqn to the Thunderchief and the new challenge of the Wild Weasel role, based out of RAF Wattisham in Suffolk. The logic was that the aircraft should not be committed to RAF Germany, but rather held in UK ready to deploy as required. The Squadron utilised the overhauled ex USAF airframes, keeping most of the USAF equipment needed to fly them (much as the F4J UK purchase), however they were painted in the current RAF colours of DSG/DG over LAG. They operated in a similar fashion to the USAF, often working with other RAF strike aircraft; the Thuds were kept in service to cover this capability gap until 1986. But by then the airframes were worn out. The RAF lost the Wild Weasel capability, in 1990 the ALARM ARM was finally bought into service and equipped Tornado Sqns - however the RAF was never again to have a true Wild Weasel capability. For this Group Build I will build a 1/72 Trumpeter F105G Thunderchief (on its way via Evil Bay at a reasonable price), with some decals grabbed from various 1/72 RAF builds. Stencils will mostly reflect the USAF airframe. Stolen Decals that have 41 Sqn markings:
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